Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Miracle At Gandhi Maidan

Sunday, October 27, 2013 as the first bomb explosion was reported from Patna railway station the TV news media sensed blood. They got more than they were hoping for. Then there were more blasts. Crowds had already gathered in lakhs at the Gandhi Maidan for BJP’s Hunkaar Rally. The series of blasts killed 5 people and injured about 60 odd people. Some politicians were hoping the event would be cancelled. Anchors like Bhupendra Chaube were hyper, screaming “politics over terror” when nobody even had details. NDTV was repeatedly showing smoke blowing from a spot on the Maidan. Congress “politiciser” of terror attacks Digvijaya Singh was off the mark quickly to start tweeting filth. Later Rajdeep Sardesai would tweet seeking maturity from politicians while he was tweeting like a hypocritical moron. CNN-IBN spread as much poison with the blasts as they possibly could. TimesNow was busy with their Youth Parliament; not getting into sensationalism. All of them, I repeat, all of them simply refused to see a miracle that just happened LIVE.

If you hear the Head of a team saying “We can’t do it” it is quite likely to alarm anyone. It would be like giving up. But sometimes it is because we are not quite aware of what that Head is thinking. We may have no idea of the situation that he is in. We shall see.

We all look at Sachin Tendulkar and we can immediately say he has talent. In his case we also know that this talent was nurtured since he was 5. He also practiced his related skills regularly from a young age. In a previous post I have shared the fact that skills and knowledge can be transferred. Talent cannot be transferred. So what exactly is talent? Talent is simply something a person excels in almost every single day from the early part of his life. Some say talent is natural but that is only half true. We look at Amitabh Bachchan and those who have seen his earlier movies know he has talent. We look at Uday Chopra … or we look at Sagarika Ghose… and we know instantly when talent for a given assignment or situation is missing. How do we know the difference?

It’s quite simple. You can teach someone to fight fire. You can teach them how to use an extinguisher. You can teach them how to use the water hose. You can teach them how to use a water hydrant. You can teach them how to evacuate a building in an orderly fashion. All these can be practiced, improved and excelled in. What cannot be taught or transferred is to stay “Calm under fire”. That is a talent. Even the best trained people can panic under fire. They can forget all the training and crumble. Some show calm under fire under extremely testing circumstances even if they face it for the first time in their lives. Watch an example in this video (4.20 mins):

On January 15, 2009 US Airways flight 1549 (Callsign Cactus) was hit by a flock of birds and lost both engines. Capt. Sully Sullenberger’s last words were “We can’t do it… We’re gonna be in the Hudson”. The ATC couldn’t believe what he just heard. In the Hudson? In a rare case of taking charge Capt Sullenberg was handling the radio (normally done by a co-pilot) and also the aircraft. He knew he couldn’t have made it to any airport nearby and the Hudson River in New York was the only place to crash. He drew upon all his skills and experience and did something amazing. He was flying an unpowered aircraft in a ‘ditching’ attempt and landed it on the waters of the Hudson River. The flight lasted only 6 minutes. All 155 passengers and crew members were saved. They call it “Miracle on the Hudson”. It was a miracle indeed and saved lives. Sully Sullenberger and his crew were instantly national heroes in the US. What Sullenberger showed in a situation he was never before in was “Calm under fire”. It’s a talent. This talent is the most important when lives of others are in your hands, when you’re responsible for the safety and security of others. Coupled with Sullenberger’s flying skills, this talent was the force that saved lives.

The folks in the Indian media and some political parties who couldn’t see a similar miracle at Gandhi Maidan on October 27 are either blind or extremely foolish. There was a sea of people at the ground, lakhs still streaming in and few bombs were blasting here and there. In such a case there were many who thought the best course would for BJP and Narendra Modi to cancel the event. But neither Modi nor BJP cancelled but stayed the course. A cancellation may have caused greater havoc from a disappointed crowd. They not only completed the event but at the end Modi pleaded with the crowd to disperse carefully and peacefully. He advised them to reach home safely. Amazingly, the crowd, estimated at over 7 lakhs, did not panic. They did not run amok. They did not stampede. This crowd wasn’t 155 passengers on a plane. They were estimated between 7 and 10 lakhs. The image can show one the potential for a major calamity.

Character doesn’t develop in a crisis, it reveals it. That is exactly what Narendra Modi and others from BJP showed. They showed patience, courage under fire and kept a huge crowd under extraordinary control. The consequences of a stampede out of fear are unimaginable! Thousands could have been killed in a few minutes. Instead of recognising the maturity of the crowd and leadership that guided them our crony media folks were busy trying to score political points themselves. Every moron who screamed “don’t politicise” was doing exactly that. Extreme moron Rajdeep Sardesai even got Digvijaya Singh next day to heap more nonsense. Knowing the character of Diggy very well if Rajdeep still calls him to comment you know what his real motives are. And there are jokers in the media who were even suggesting BJP would be the beneficiary so fingers were pointed at them. Information so far reveals another Indian Mujahideen episode.

Nitish Kumar’s govt was even stupid enough to say there was no “intel” on the attacks. How silly can this man get?  You have Modi, the most targeted politician in India. You have lakhs of people at the rally grounds. You have lakhs of people moving around in the city trying to reach the Maidan. You have people at Bus-stations and Railway stations. Did you not expect serious security issues and threats? Are you that dumb that you claim you need an intel report? And our channels typically debated this so called nonsensical intel report. The only one to point out that in such a case no one even needs an intel report was former Home Secretary RK Singh. It’s like my guests did inform me they were coming but they didn’t tell me they will have tea. So, I didn’t get milk!

The usual morons at NDTV and CNN-IBN were discussing who will benefit from the blasts. It is only Arnab Goswami who asked the most important and appropriate question. What if the same thing had happened at a Nitish rally in Ahmedabad? You can easily guess. Headlines would have been “Attempted assassination”, “Nitish targeted in Gujarat”, “Modi must resign”, “Modi fails security for Nitish rally” and many more. Instead the scumbags and scumbaginis on channels except TimesNow were almost blaming BJP for going ahead with the rally.

Awesome truth is that Narendra Modi and the BJP leaders demonstrated extraordinary skill and presence of mind. Their own lives were in danger. They demonstrated extraordinary “Calm under fire”. Such calm doesn’t come from weak leaders and pretenders. They not only went on with the rally but ensured no major disaster with the crowds happened. Not just that, not one BJP leader even mentioned the blasts or tried to point fingers or take political advantage of the security failures in their speeches. It was passing a test with honours. It was courage under fire. Such people are the ones you can trust your country and security with. The Biharis at the Maidan set an example for the whole country to admire and follow in times of crisis. Not one media person recognised this phenomenal courage by ordinary folks. What the country really saw was a “Miracle at Gandhi Maidan”.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Top 10 Groups That Fear NaMo The Most

There’s a golden rule in the Mafia: “Never rat on your friends and always keep your mouth shut”. This is one reason why many mafia guys couldn’t be put away because no member would testify against each other. Still, when honest law officers started going after them they did manage to find some “rats” and offer them deals to testify against others. We have many mafias in India too; oil mafia, coal mafia, betting mafia, NGO mafia, political mafia, legal mafia and, of course, the media mafia. There might be some more. Thanks to all round corruption by govts and a mockery of law and judiciary. The last decade has seen a phenomenal growth of these mafias. Some of them have a reason to fear.

Rajdeep Sardesai screams his head off asking if Narendra Modi will be acceptable to Muslims. He continues to rage “Modi is hated and feared by Muslims”. All the titles Rajdeep has used for Modi or gladly allowed to be used on his channel; Maut ka saudagar, hero of hatred, Hitler, Butcher, Scorpion etc. are starting to haunt him. He’s not alone; there are others in other news outlets too. I am no pundit but the wind seems clearly blowing against their political masters; the Congress. Many of them fear NaMo being Prime Minister. It could end the life they knew so far. They could become an “average nobody” like you and me. It could be worse for some who may end up in prison.

So here are the Top 10 groups that I estimate fear the rise of NaMo to PM the most. This is not a prediction. This is an estimate based on an analysis of facts already in the public domain. In some of the groups it may be a few controlling individuals who may face the heat more than the group itself. There is no ranking, these are listed alphabetically.     

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

What does it say about the supposedly premier investigative organisation in the country when the highest court in the land calls it a “caged parrot”? There may be many officers in CBI who will feel happy if NaMo becomes PM. It’s the rogues and doormats who have the most to fear. Who will nail those rogues? It will probably be the good guys who will come forward to speak and testify. Along with them there will be “rats” who will testify against criminal officials who used fake testimonies and witnesses to witch-hunt their targets. The criminals among the officers are also those who let off other criminals either through political favours to their masters or monetary favours.

Congress Party:

No single political group has more to fear than this one. NaMo doesn’t appear to be stupid. I imagine he would have learned lessons from the Janata govt of 1977 who botched up the prosecution of IndiraG for the crimes of Emergency. He is also not going to be an appeaser like AB Vajpayee of the NDA and overlook crimes. However, it is unlikely he will hound any of the Congress “family” members and relatives and gently allow law to prevail. The disadvantage for Congress if NaMo becomes PM is that he never talks about fallen opponents. Thus, they may not generate any sympathy for themselves like IndiraG did. The fallen ones will have to do it for themselves. In particular, the life of the Gandhis which has been like “there is no law for us, we do what we want” may come to an end. I can’t predict what the extended family of Vadra will do but they have much to fear too. Sonia Gandhi will be spared but I don’t see any luck for RahulG. The added problem for Congress is that they don’t have any other leader worth the name. Not at the Centre, not at the State. Regional parties will score at their expense.


The term Establishment covers a very vast group of people who are usually the foot-soldiers of a govt. However, in this list we will limit our understanding of it to mean the ‘Babus’ and assorted ‘Top cops’. I have seen some of the men and women of this Establishment in action. Err... no, not at their offices but at other privileged places. Some of them sit around and gossip and constantly plot their next haul of the “loot” or “luxuries”. These are the criminals who delay files, manipulate files and even make files disappear. You know, like the ones in Coalgate or the CWG scam. The honest ones (who are rare) who are suffocating under the current Congress govt will be happy. The rest will find the life they knew is over.

Lobbyists/Power Brokers:

Niira Radia was probably the tip of the iceberg. Since lobbying is not legal in India these “pimps” parade as PR agents. Deals like Agusta Westland may not go the Bofors way. Deals like Jet-Etihad will come under renewed scrutiny. All the brokers may not face prosecution but their business will be dented in a big way. They will not go out of business either because no govt survives without these lobbyists. The visibly illegitimate deals will face a threat, including some brokers who are in the news media. The only difference between now and if NaMo becomes PM is that national interests will acquire priority and not private coffers.  


These criminals and their “useful idiots” face a grave threat if NaMo becomes PM. My estimate is most of the groups will be wiped out. It is essential. Under NaMo the govt may not pussy-foot on action against them. At best, there may be one last option for dialogue and that’s all. NaMo will perhaps not hesitate to use the full force of the Army all the might of the State to end this nuisance. Of course, the Maoist sympathisers will run all over crying “human rights” but it’s not going to deter NaMo. It has never been the case that the State doesn’t know who these groups are, where they operate, who their leaders are and how they get their weapons. The IB officers will certainly not be talking to some Pappu types in changed circumstances. The Maoists have survived only because of foreign funding, supply of weapons and exceptional sympathy of the Commies within India. Most of this menace will end.

News Media:

This group need not fear for survival and overall can expect prosperity. But there are definitely certain criminal elements that have been protected by the govt so far who will face the music. Collectively, the criminal elements in this group have hounded NaMo for over a decade but they can rest assured there will be no witch-hunt and no actions for “revenge”. The few things that will definitely happen are  new regulations on transparency in reporting, funding and such rules will come up. Ownership patterns of media outlets will have to be disclosed. Some media celebs who have so far lived the life of “power brokers” may have to find new avenues to earn their luxuries. Those involved in power-broking and lobbying will face prosecution as the SC has already taken up the case and CBI will not be allowed to issue “clean chits” without fair action. The life that some scumbags and scumbaginis lived in the last decade may be over. Some may even retire or leave the country. Expect some mergers and divorces too.


Without the slightest doubt a large number of spurious “businesses” under this category will wind up. Not just because of NaMo but changed govts usually dry up funding for many. It is quite possible that temples which were being looted by govts so far may benefit by a certain level of freedom to be managed by Apex bodies of Trusts rather than govt. The most worried of this lot would certainly be the missionaries funded by vested interests from abroad. They will be hit not only for stricter funding laws but some of the “religion-businesses” may suffer because NaMo may bring about an anti-conversion law that he has already enacted in Gujarat. There is a definite threat to operators like Teesta, Shabnam, Harsh Mandar and the like not only for sources and use of funds but also for certain other activities.  


Certain organisations in the public sector will have to shape up or get out to make way for new management. This is not only a fear that PSUs have but also an economic necessity. Air India may not continue to get the doles for non-performance. That Ratan Tata has already made statements showing willingness to take up Air India should be an indication. And people are aware what Ratan Tata thinks of Modi. Insurance and oil companies will be under greater scrutiny on their pricing and spending. The CEOs of PSUs who used their companies as “private yachts” will have to undergo some weight-reducing exercises. There are those who have funded “private parties” like the Hindustan Times Summit or the “Indian of the year” nonsense on some channels. These CEOs may be spending time in some rural areas doing some more constructive work. Reforms and disinvestment may return.

Scam-accused politicians:

This is a group that is not going to be “targeted” as such. Not one bit! Remember, after all NaMo too is a politician and no matter what, sharks don’t eat sharks (except Congress). However, those already in the dock and named in scams will be investigated and prosecuted faster. This is one group that should not only fear NaMo but this is a case where NaMo should fear people as well. If NaMo does not bring certain scam-accused politicians to justice it would be a major failure in the fight against corruption. The “go slow” agitation by CBI and other investigators will end and accused like Raja, Kanimozhi, Marans, Kalmadis and the whole gang will face justice faster. I guarantee, no matter what Manmohan Singh will not be prosecuted for Coalgate or any other scam although he may have fears. MMS will be allowed to lead a peaceful life as a former PM.

Terrorists & their sympathisers:

This is one group that has the most to fear NaMo. It is ironical to say that terrorists have “sympathisers” but it’s an unfortunate fact. The terrorists on the borders, especially J&K and some NE States, will have the most to fear because NaMo is almost certain to give the Army a completely free hand to deal with the menace. The other “verbal terrorists” who act as sympathisers may also fear NaMo because he may bring in new laws that will prevent the kind of speeches that Genocide Suzy and her types indulge in. The separatists in Kashmir will not be molly-coddled as they have been in the past. Men and women in the in the Anti-terror squads may find greater protection under new laws that safeguard them from wanton slandering and court cases. Cases already in the courts may see a faster closure one way or another.

That is that! I have always been fascinated by the Mafia and the Crooks since my school days. Their lifestyle, their codes, their oaths and their “ethics” have always impressed me. For instance, there is an ethical practice in the Mafia: They never kill their targets in front of wives or family members. They could never get Al Capone for murders; they got him for tax-evasion. Some of our Mafia members in the above groups may face a similar fate. While I remain fascinated, I do like and desire endings like these for the Wiseguys and the Crooks. And the narration of the Rat, Henry Hill, in the end scene of “Goodfellas” (a true story) says it all (2.30 mins):

For some members of the groups I’ve listed, the life they knew will be over. Some will disappear. Some will turn rats and receive mercy as State approvers. Many will become average nobodies like you and me. They will have to wait in lines like you and me. Some will end up in prison. But most of the crooks are guaranteed to live the life of a Schnook.

Disclaimer: This is a work of estimation and not to confused with “definite” prediction against any of the groups mentioned or individuals.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Commie Media's Anti-Hindu Poison - Part 4

(Links to previous parts: Part-1,  Part-2 and Part-3)

One of the tricks that commies like Yogendra Yadav, Suzy Roy and Ram Guha use is to hammer in new phrases like “Idea of India” that have little truth and even lesser relevance to discussions. Their idea is that India didn’t exist historically but was cobbled together by the British or by political leaders after Independence. Many years ago an applicant wrote a hilarious essay in an IAS exam on the “Indian cow”. Fortunately, he stopped short of saying India is a cow. Unfortunately, he also passed the exam. Fortunately, we do have a wizard who also finds India is a beehive, a computer, a river, and a bouquet and you never know what he might turn India into next. Unfortunately, there are media morons who recognise this as Rahul Gandhi’s “vision for India”. Frankly, in that essay only one cow was tortured. With this wizard an entire country is likely to be tortured.

Someone sidekicks must have realised that RG simply doesn’t have the knowledge to talk sense so it is best he talks silly stuff and emotional stuff. It’s somewhat like Amitabh Bachchan in Deewar who has never been to a temple and when he finally goes there he doesn’t know how to pray except lash out. So lately the RG story is more about “my mummy, my daddy, my grandmother, my grandfather, my great-grandfather” and even mosquitoes. Err… correction; the grandfather never appears in the story. This is then laced with great anger against everyone and everything and how you can’t eat roads and airports. How else do you explain this absolute moronery that RG delivers repeatedly and unfailingly?

Even by his stupid logic, if airports cannot feed people at least they get used. What are the chances an Agni missile will be used in the next 10 years? Why make them? The media then discusses this man not for the joke he is but whether he will be the next PM when every editor in every TV channel and newspaper should be declaring him a confirmed disaster. But what do the media end up discussing? Whether RG has changed the agenda to “Secular Vs Communal”!  You can’t eat airports and roads, but for the Congress it seems the poor can surely eat secularism. That is the typical Commie trickery. In the absence of any real performance or plan that the Commies can offer turn the discussion in to mindless nonsense and the media will drum up the fears of communal violence where there isn’t any. There are slavish idiots like Kumar Ketkar who actually felt RG’s “mosquito and ISI contacting Muslims in Muzzafarnagar” was a diplomatic statement (on CNN-IBN). No wonder even Sagarika Ghose is getting awards.

The question that even observant writers ask is how is it that the Commies who numbered about 60 odd in the previous parliament and about 40 odd in the current parliament dictate the national agenda so much with empty rhetoric. This is because they refuse to recognise the Congress as the biggest Communist party in India. Is it any surprise that CPM, CPI and other Commies always support them? It is not stooges of CPM who have infested institutions like JNU and many other govt funded bodies. It is the Congress that has been infesting them with commies. And like a mafia-wife the media carries out their agenda through propaganda and fear-mongering. Muslims are good, Christians are good, Buddhists are good, Hindus are communal villains. How did this commie nonsense start? Here is something from history that should tell us how:
That sounds like a passionate speech, doesn’t it? Well, that is a part of the great-grandfather’s or Jawaharlal Nehru’s speech to the INC in 1936. Strangely, the author who is paying a tribute to Nehru has “cleansed” the speech. In other words, he has used the Commie technique of “Shuddho” in the specific part that he uses. Now here’s the para that Nehru actually used:

The full para on socialism is, naturally, quoted by the Marxist site without any “Shuddho” since it promotes their ideology. The portion underlined in blue is a very historically significant statement by Nehru. In comparison to RG, Nehru was definitely more educated and possessed better thinking skills but even back then Nehru just glossed over the mass killings in Russia with a mere “disagree with” and then says “I am convinced that, if some world catastrophe does not intervene this new civilisation will spread to other lands”. Well, catastrophe did fall upon the USSR and it now doesn’t exist. What was experienced was mass killings, extra-ordinary poverty, political unrest and even long queues for bread. That then is the foundation of the Commie ideology of the Congress which is fashionably practiced as “socialism”.  

In the 55 odd years that the Congress has ruled India that flawed vision of Nehru and the continuing practices have neither resulted in “Garibi Hatao” nor education for all or food for all. Even today, the same “right to everything” is being peddled as major accomplishment rather than performance. That isn’t all; the Commie ideology has created monsters like the Maoists who want to overthrow the State through insurgency and violence. The one thing you will never hear RG or any Commie talk about is how much employment they generated or how much employment their future plans will generate (this includes disguised unemployment through schemes like NREGA). Instead, you will hear bombastic nonsense like in 5 years there will be a lot of development and your children will go to America for a better India. Where’s the account for the last 5? RG even lied that Congress built more roads than the NDA did in 5 years. His own govt has acknowledged that 50% of national roads were built under NDA in the last 30 years. Not one media channel questioned it.

A nation thrives on aspirations. The poor want to get out of their misery. They don’t want endless doles and hand-outs; they want honourable employment and the power to purchase food and their needs. They don’t want free food. China is technically a Communist country but they have undertaken more reforms in the last 3 decades than India has. They are now an economic super-power while India claiming to be a democracy still languishes. Our reserves are down and prices are killing people. The largest foreign holder of US debts is China, estimated at $1.2 Trillion. China holds $3.6 Trillion in foreign reserves. We are still struggling with an anti-reform commie model that has failed everywhere in the world. The Chinese reform story is available in many pages that can be easily found and understood. I recall NDTV screaming about FDI Retail as a “Big Bang reform”. Nothing came of it because the investors don’t trust the economic climate. Even bribery-accused Wal-Mart has backed off.

We are not only burdened with a failed Soviet ideology but the Congress also uses their old techniques to stifle dissent and opponents through dishonest means. The Emergency is a vast story by itself. But even today the misuse of CBI, the IB, the CVC etc. are indicators. The IB seems to be giving private briefings to Dr. Rahul Gandhi. Well, it seems the “Gandhi” name entitles him to anything. Brother in law Robert Vadra has extraordinary security and wealth-accumulation. For all of the problems brought about the Commies there is only one evil to blame; Hindus and Hindutva. These Hindutva forces are enemies of the nation, you see. The Commies will say it and the media folks like Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai will rake up nonsense about the “Communal” threats. They will talk about 2002 when the worst communal riots in our history have been under the Commies (and I include Congress in Commies). The media simply won’t even touch upon 55000 people killed in Bengal under CPM (mentioned in a previous part).

In the run up to elections in five States, there will be more such anti-Hindu poison by both the Commies and the MSM. Cleverly, the MSM now uses Arvind Kejriwal’s party in debates as an “arbiter”. His party doesn’t run any govt so has nothing to its credit and no failures but he and his Commie gang can freely accuse every party of crimes. Take a look at this:

Kejriwal & gang put out that grand statement on Muzzafarnagar without the slightest evidence. When caught lying they silently deleted the page. The hunt will continue. It is not just Narendra Modi or Amit Shah. Where required, officers like PC Parakh will always be hunted as is being done in Coalgate. Ashok Khemka is being charge-sheeted because he exposed bad deals of Vadra. Not all the “angry old man” comic speeches of RahulG can change the direction. The Commies have nothing to show for performance. For the ordinary man it is a road to nowhere.

PS: In a major change at The Hindu, the management sacked Varadabhai for unhealthy editorial practices. The management says many “stories” were passed off as “news items”. Varadabhai says it was the same during N. Ram as editor. I see no reason to disagree. I see every reason why it is the same for most media outlets in the MSM.