Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lumpens In The Media - Part 2

On the evening of September 2, TimesNow and other channels carried these videos. One on the right is that of Neeraj Jha, a Congress MLA-aspirant in Delhi dancing with hired women and showering money on them. The moron had the audacity to later tell Headlines Today that he was trying to stop the vulgar dance. Nice! The one on the left is a group of Corporators in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana surrounding and beating up a female BJP Corporator in the Mayor’s chambers. TimesNow asked the question “Is there a standard of decency for politicians”? Some callers on TimesNow had only one thing to say; that the Congress party was sick and this cannot be stopped until change of govt happens. Is there a standard of decency for politicians? Good question, wouldn’t you say? Sure, we will answer that one but before that, take a look at this pic which is now 16 years old. Most of the new generation may not be aware of what led to this tragedy:

That car crashed in a tunnel in Paris killing Lady Diana and her friend Dodi Fayed. It was the 16th anniversary of her death on August 31, 2013. The car was speeding away from the ever intruding and chasing paparazzi. Given that Indian reporters have now become more and more uncivilised and uncouth in the way they cover individuals with their mics and cameras it won’t be long before such a tragedy happens in India too. Remember the time when the TimesNow crew chased Meiyappan (Son in law of BCCI president N. Sreenivasan) from the Mumbai airport to the police station? That chase was asking for an accident on the ever-crowded western express highway in Mumbai. The media crowded the police station so badly that it took a good half hour for the police to get Meiyappan off the vehicle to the police station. Decency?

For the last 10 days or so all TV channels have been chasing Asaram (who is accused of sexual assault in a Jodhpur police complaint) at Bhopal, Indore and Jodhpur. The reporters were shoving mics and cameras all around him and at him. The most aggressive were the TimesNow and IBN reporters. This paparazzi-like behaviour is now assuming dangerous proportions. So much that it led to violence between the reporters and Asaram’s supporters. Naturally, the ones with the TV channels and mics screamed they were assaulted by Asaram’s supporters. To double their media-trial of Asaram they added a new story of assault by Asaram supporters to their shrill reporting. Rajdeep Sardesai, Ashutosh and others were quick to play “victim”. But who started the fracas? Let’s take a look at some more images.

The one at the top is from the time when TimesNow did a 19 part series on Nitin Gadkari. The reporters hounded him wherever he went. The middle one is of Pawan Bansal when he was forced to quit after the Railway scam. In both cases the rowdy reporters made it difficult for the individuals to even get into their vehicle. It is sheer decency of these men that they didn’t hit anyone. A Salman Khan, darling of the media, would have certainly beaten up a few. The one at the bottom is of September 2 when Asaram was sent to a 15-day judicial custody in Jodhpur. The crowds and reporters again made it a threatening situation for the police. This uncivilised behaviour by TV reporters continues unchecked and unchallenged. News editors like Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai thrill in such coverage and then play victim claiming assault. In the case of Asaram supporters the video I saw on August 30 clearly had a reporter slapping an Asaram supporter who was pulled away to safety by others (I don’t have a link to that video which doesn’t appear on TimesNow web site). The reporters at Bhopal airport even made it difficult for Asaram to get into his car and the police had to somehow squeeze him in. Decency?

That’s not all. Asaram may well be a crook and guilty of a crime. But is there a need to hound him and witch-hunt the way the media did? There is obviously a deeper motive to this than may appear which most viewers realise. The media did the same thing with Nitin Gadkari and a quote from the Sunday Guardian (Hammer Gadkari to save Vadra and other scamsters) should underline the media scam:

Apparently, a strong word was conveyed that they should leave Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law well alone. Ministers, including I&B boss Ambika Soni, are said to have reached out to the media houses, gently suggesting that further interest in the doings of Robert Vadra and his multifarious business activities would be most unwelcome”.

That “gently suggesting” currently could well be the latest series of Bharat Nirman ads which is like a saviour to all media houses wallowing in losses, retrenchments and victim-hood. In a manner similar to the Gadkari witch-hunt, the Asaram witch-hunt was used to cover-up many other issues adverse to the Congress or the “secular” parties. These two pics should explain it better.

The Muzzafarnagar communal riots is just another instalment in the over 50 riots that have happened in UP since Akhilesh Yadav took over as CM. And till the time of writing there hasn’t been one word, I repeat not one serious report on the FIR ordered against Sheila Dikshit over a long-running corruption case of misuse of public funds for her election campaign. The Delhi Lokayukta had already indicted her for this scam but no action was taken against her (remember the witch-hunt of BS Yedurappa over a Lokayukta indictment? But SheilaD is the media angel). Of course, the Asaram witch-hunt was also useful to cover up the severe economic crisis. The headless chickens of Congress are running around thinking of selling Hindu Temple gold or rationing petrol. Even if so called “God-men” are to be targeted it is singularly Asaram while other Mullahs and God’s agents get no coverage at all. I suppose the media has preferences in rape cases.

That is true; the media does have preference in rape cases. They carried on the Delhi Gangrape discussions for nearly a month while the recent coverage of the Mumbai Gangrape was done with and over in 2 days. Does it have anything to do with the religion of the rapists? You bet it does! In their coverage of the Mumbai Gangrape the media foolishly screamed she was a “photo-journalist”. That itself was enough for many to narrow down the identity of the victim. Decency? And then TOI reporters even crowded the residence of the victim to interview her mother. Shameless people demanding decency of others? So while Rajdeep and Ashutosh claim their reporters were assaulted this video (2.09 mins) which is only part of the whole episode does not really corroborate their nonsense:

The video shows an Asaram supporter bleeding. I am not suggesting that reporters weren’t injured but I do not believe that violence was provoked by the supporters. The sheer bad behaviour of reporters and their filthy line of questioning is enough to provoke somebody to push them away. After the HC judgement terming the BCCI IPL-Scam probe panel illegal the TimesNow reporter was badgering and screaming his head off at N. Sreenivasan as he was getting into his car. A frustrated Sreenivasan finally told him “if you stop shouting I can answer your question”. And Arnab Goswami wants to teach decency to everyone else. It says a lot for the media that they dare to crowd, shove, push everyone else while they don’t dare to get anywhere close to Robert Vadra. Take a look at the pic on the left. This is the same TimesNow that is filming Vadra from a good distance like thieves stalking a bungalow that they plan to burgle.

When the inquiry into the crash that killed Lady Diana was concluded the French authorities held seven of the paparazzi guilty of chasing her. They courts didn’t hold them responsible for the crash or the deaths so they fined them a token 1 Euro and let them off. However, they did make sure that this dirty seven were named and shamed as this report shows:

That’s right, reporters who get too close are guilty of invading a person’s privacy. No matter how criminal a person maybe, reporters are not entitled to push, shove and badger their target. That’s the first lesson in decency that reporters and media must learn before they lecture others. While Arnab, Rajdeep & Co. play the moral brigade they would do well to teach some decency to their own ground reporters. Right now, there isn’t much difference between the indecent politicians and journalists. At the moment, in most cases it is the media that is behaving like lumpens and someday a serious Diana-like tragedy might indeed happen. An independent watch-dog is needed which should outlaw any reporter getting within 10 feet of any person he or she wishes to report on. An interview or sound-bite should be sought only if the target agrees and not be forced. Till then, the most indecent public figures are mostly on your TV screens, posing as journalists.

PS: If you’re wondering why this is ‘Part-2’, you can read Part-1 here.


  1. Nowadays Media people have turned into media players . Each channel is playing the file which suits them irrelevant it may be to the audience.

  2. Dear Ravinar,
    You are absolutely right.These so called moral brigade in the media take great pains to maintain a safe distance while interviewing persons belonging to congress & their ilk.No wonder Vadra does not need barricades,police ring around him.The media itself does that.Shame on these iumpens in the media.

  3. Why the Gandhi family doesn't have to face any press interview, questioning or participation in any debate?

    Sonia is again went for med checkup why congress party or media doesn't wanna talk about it? I don't think she is having HIV+ or something though nobody wants to say anything about her mysterious illness.

  4. Wah wah....If you ask Arnab he will tell you that they are only doing their job. I would love to see that Jurno's KRA if it carries the words "get news at all costs". Also Arnab will say don't shoot the messenger and when he says that my blood boils because messengers are only supposed to carry the message not open it and interpret as per the convenience of the hand that feed him.

  5. Spot on.Can anybody teach morality to cheats and thieves.MSM in India was never impartial and independent. What they resort to is yellow journalism. They blackmail and preach otehrs to be honest. How sad

  6. slowly but steadily this system has been developed by our respected "Netas(male political leader)" and "Netris(female politicial leader)" with the help from "intellectuals", "activists", "social workers", "businessman/woman, and a considerable portion from "educated class". in return those helpful persons just secured their position, made money(actually looted) and living a luxurious,comfortable life(which is gift for their sycophancy).and i am again repeating, these all are not any recent phenomena. started before independence, led by our "Mahan Atmas" and their followers. today what we are observing is just the ugliest(may be) phase. i believe that - "night is darkest before the dawn" but if people fail to realise actual reasons behind the making of such a horrible system then "the day" will end very soon.

  7. The last edition of We The People of NDTV was an Asaram exclusive. There was one confirmed rationalist on the panel Gauhar Raza who after much rantings was asked what he thought about the incident of Ganesh Idols 'drinking' milk in the year 1996.He cleverly dodged the issue by saying that enough was explained in the media during those days. While many were still insisting that he reveal the scientific reason for it, 'Bakra dutt' switched over to another issue and let him off the hook. If any MC reader remembers the reason forwarded by media of vintage 1996 for that phenomenon kindly publish it.Or better still send request to let the rationalist explain his stand. As far as journos provoking accused ones are concerned, the most famous incident was of the Imam Bukhari chasing a journo and beating him up for asking an inconvenient question. Not much was covered by the media then.

    1. ..By the way,what is your point of view on Ganesh Idols 'drinking' milk? You seem to be a kid with too much of free time to waste on NDTV and Barkha.

    2. After reading my post,if u have got no idea of my ignorance about 'drinking milk'I can only pity ur understanding.As for watching NDTV,our border security forces watch the movements across the border with their binoculars. It is not bcz of their love for the neigbouring country.

    3. Binoculars are not politically biased. Your analogy is wrong!

    4. I am not talking about any bias.Just bcz someone is watching a channel, does not mean that we endorse whatever nonsense they yell.They may be happy with their TRS and are foolish enough to believe that all those viewerships are their ardent fans.The best way to deal with an enemy is to keep an eye on it.Otherwise they will catch us by surprise.I think u missed the point.

  8. Media is a double edged sword, it harms the person who uses it.
    Srinivasan, Meiyappan, Lalit Modi, Shilpa Shetty were using the media to promote WWF like IPL and earn in crores. Same media, when they get a chance to increase their Television rating, cast them as villains.

    Media behaviour is not decent. But what about the accused?
    Meiyappan drives around in 16 crore Bugati car, at that time, he wanted media to publicise him as CSK owner and his car and show him as a celebrity. But when match fixing happens he wants media not to screen him and media should write he is just a good fan of CSK team and not its owner. Good luck with his wishes.

    Diana was to put it mildly cheating on her husband and running around with wealthy businessmen. But she cleverly was using the media to generate public sentiment in her favour and project her husband as worthless. Same publicity killed her.
    I wonder if anyone will cry for another ordinary woman who cheats her husband and gets caught with her lover while coming out of their hotel stay.

    1. @AAR

      I can understand the hypocrisies of celebrities may anger many, be it Shilpa Shetty or Meiyappan. If Diana has an affair it may not be to the liking of some people but it certainly does not merit paparrazi chasing her to death. Similarly, even with an accused or a criminal, the media has no business to push, shove or threaten physical harm. They should maintain a safe distance and breaching that cannot be justified by the character or crime of the target, his/her extra-marital affairs.

    2. Ravi, as you have been cautioning every now and then, this MSM misadventure is a no holds barred game. The pushes,shoves or physical harms were invited and abetted by the celebrities when it suited their merry making. Political authority encourages it to push their opponents down on the mat. There is no stopping the MSM now, rapacious to make their cash registers ringing, trampling the innocent too in this melee!

    3. @Ravinar:
      Live by sword die by it.
      Live by media die by it. You cannot avoid it.

      Dhoni comes into our home through media to sell 20 brands. Shouldn't we use the same media to ask him about the match fixing.

  9. The Main Stream Media in our country always been slaves of the Congress Party. do you all Trust these Journos atleast I don't imagine their Rozi-Roti is Running on demonising one person from last 10 Years as result all these so called fake Journalist are enjoying on the Tax-Payers Money. Anand has rightly question that no Coverage when Bukhari was chasing Journo to Add their Secularism is so Weak that Modi Refused to Wear Skull Cap What about other side How many Muslim Leaders Apply Tilak on any Hindu festival or any Occasion. To Remind all the MSM that its not only Hindus who have to Carry the Load of Secularism. Here in India Opposition Party (Only BJP Rest all so Called Secular Parties anyway are with the Ruling Alliance)have to face the Real Opposition of the MSM whereas MSM should have been Highlighting the Failure of the Ruling Alliance. To me they are not Journalist they are Fixer. Where their Morality has Gone when they were caught on Famous Radia-Tape, Another Channel Betrayed the People of this Country by not showing the Cash For Vote Scandals there are even in Print Media also. All they can say that Food is available in Rs. 5 and Rs. 12 and They want all the Luxury in the World a Bungalow in Lutyens Delhi, Cars + Free Petrol + Free Telephone + Free Ration + Free Gas Cylinders Any Number + Z PLUS SECURITY COVER with India's Best Commandos to Serve them.

  10. The matter of Asaram is now sub judice. But the nauseating media trial goes on relentlessly. He may well be guilty but a fair trial is now impossible. Media is now inviting other victims to come forward but many blackmailers and publicity mongers will surely surface too. The media hounds tried to somehow link BJP and Modi into it. I tried to point this out on MSM but was, unsurprisingly, blocked.

  11. On 30th July CWC announced its support to bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh. The people in 13 districts of Rayala Seema and Coastal Andhra were upset. There is an agitation going on against the bifurcation for last 34 days in these 13 districts.
    Agitations for Gorkhaland and Bodoland were revived in the view of separate Telangana.
    There is no coverage of these agitation in National media.
    Last week I called NDTV over phone and asked why the channel was not covering the agitation in Andhra Pradesh. The lady at reception said that the National Broadcasting Association advised against coverage of these agitations. She further said that the agitation in Andhra Pradesh was communal.

    1. Thanks for informing about this agitation. If it were happening in a BJP ruled state, the so called National Broadcasting Association would have had a very different stance.

  12. Don't you guys think news channel anchor are now a days behave like self called god-men like Asharam Bapu. Like god-men they also preach to their viewer through debate on their show or via their twitter account. Like god-men they have holier-than-thou attitude. They are never wrong and whatever they say is like gods words.

  13. The only way out is giving back similar treatment to these media. Not just in terms of physical hounding - but also by putting their private lives under microscope. And even that will require a 24 hour channel at ones disposal. Some of the topics which could put them on the backfoot - a continuous focus on the sources of their revenue, their investers, their lenders; their religion , religious beliefs and their names ( they should be forced to change their names in line with their religion ), openly invite people who worked for them and who have had not so good experiences with them and provide airtime to them. Offense is the best form of defense. Laathon Kay bhoot baaton say nahin maantay'

  14. Ravi bhai,
    One more case that you missed which happened recently where these guys shoved the mike in front of the arrested terrorist and got a bit that blasts are common.

  15. This is the height of beastliness. It can come only out of self interest and not self esteem [ of reporting truth].These fellows appear more like paid hirelings of a mafioso.Other day they had Asaram.Today they have Vanzara.They will keep on chasing trivialities and Modi/BJP/RSS to shield Shielas,Sonias and their ilk.
    Is it possible to report TRPs for these channels? How many are watching them? I am not.Have checked with many.They are not.

  16. Wow, wow, super article. What you have mentioned here is absolutely true and it is good to read someone articulate the series of events in such a line. Kudos Ravinar, Keep it up...

  17. Namaste ,
    Thank you for analyzing Scenario perfectly . Just to add an important point for all the intellects reading your article -
    Asharam Bapuji is innocent.
    His followers are simplest of the Spiritual persons , however how would one react when fake media from all around is barking @best to make sure Bapuji is arrested that too without any evidence .
    After all why the followers of DHARMA will keep quiet when they witness ADHARMA and why they should tolerate attack to their innocent Guru ? It does not make sense from spiritual and humanly perspective both if they don’t give back !

    Can anyone tolerate such vulgar allegation on his/her father or mother ? I don’t think so .

    Ask the Media goons , how much they have been paid by missionaries to defame the devout Culture of Hinduism and Bapuji (with 60 million followers)

    The Story is not new ,it started 10 yrs ago , All saints defamed by media ,later on proved innocent .
    Sad part is no Power support the innocents ! These traitors have psychologically influenced even good men too.

    #SaveSaintsSaveHinduism – Twitter trend seen few months ago !


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