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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hunting Season - Phase 2

The origins of dirty tricks go way back to the 18th century during American presidential elections, including Thomas Jefferson. Even back then it was a journalist who was involved in the slandering. Any surprise? However, the modern-day DTD (Dirty tricks dept.) owes its evolution to Richard Nixon. Most would frown if I said the infamous Watergate scandal had precious little to with the Watergate burglary but that is the truth. The real thing was the massive DTD operation that included the White House, the intelligence agencies, the FBI and also some parts of the media. In short, Nixon corrupted the entire establishment for his political benefit. Nixon’s DTD used campaign money to destroy opponents. A part of the infamous DTD operation was called “RatF***ing”. Under this programme fake letters and documents were created to tarnish Nixon’s opponents. A famous letter being the ‘Canuck’ letter which falsely discredited Edmund Muskie who pulled out of the 1972 presidential race. Canuck was meant to be a racial slur for Americans of French-Canadian origin. All these operations were funded by Nixon’s campaign funds. Does all this ring a familiar bell in India? Here’s more from the Watergate days, something even more dangerous:

George Wallace who was campaigning in the presidential race was shot by one Arthur Bremer. Nixon & Co. wanted to discredit George McGovern (another Democrat presidential-race candidate) by planting his campaign literature in Bremer’s house so that McGovern could be linked to the shooting of Wallace. This and many other such dirty tricks are what Watergate is all about and not much to do with the break-in at the building itself. The Watergate burglary was a mere cover-up and distraction. In the end Nixon won the 1972 election but had to resign in August 1974. For a decade now, this is what is going on in India to discredit one single man; Narendra Modi. And when the chance presents itself to discredit other BJP or Opposition members. As with Nixon, the entire establishment in India is put to work for this singular goal.

So what exactly does the DTD do? A) It discredits the opponent to an extent that his supporters withdraw their support. B) Even if it doesn’t discourage the supporters it pushes them into apathy so that they don’t vote and there’s a low voter turn-out. C) Phenomenal amount of money is poured into the Mainstream Media so that they are co-opted into the DTD and gladly indulge propagating lies and D) Encourage all NGOs, Activists and sundry crusaders with money to indulge in mud-slinging and spurious court cases.
You can keep expanding this list. Where the media is concerned DTD is also used to black out important news items on corruption of the ruling party or other news damaging to them.

Almost everybody is aware of the Teestas, Shabnams, Mallikas, Tehelka Sisters, Top Cops, Rajdeeps, Barkhas, Sanghvis, Sreenivasans, Arnabs, Nidhis and assorted side-kicks who have been in the business of targeting Modi. But in the last few months, with general elections approaching, the MSM has become even shriller in this campaign of DTD. The TOI group has been leading from the front with many spurious articles about Modi starting with the “Rambo Act” story for which they apologised. Then another writer of TOI wrote nonsense about Arun Jaitley and apologised. A few days back they ran another fake story about BJP spokie Smriti Irani walking out of a programme in the US because of a snub to Modi. There was nothing of that sort. It was pure unadulterated lie. Take a look at these two tweets:

In the first one on top Smriti proves with a letter from the US organisers of the programme that the TOI report was bogus. Alright! What happens later? Rahul Kanwal allows Abhishek Singhvi to repeat the nonsense on his programme knowing well that the story was bogus but later replies to Smriti that the charge seems bogus. How clever, isn’t it? First he knowingly allows the bogus charge on his show and doesn’t call it a lie but later tweets that he is aware it was bogus. Lie BIG, Retract SMALL! That’s a rule under the DTD.

Prior to this, for 10 days the media was busy chasing Asaram Bapu over a molestation case. They shouted rape even when the case wasn’t about rape. The MSM desperately tried to link the Asaram witch-hunt to Modi but failed to get a connection. The witch-hunt was similar to those of Nitin Gadkari and N. Sreenivasan. We have to wonder what the media was covering up in this non-stop screaming and chasing. After that died down, on September 3 morning, Ajay Maken held a presser screaming his head off over a suddenly discovered CD which claims BJP spokie Prakash Javdekar and some other BJP members were trying to cover up prosecution of the encounter case relating to Tulsiram Prajapati. The sting was reportedly made some 10 months ago and the CD suddenly surfaces with the Congress on September 3. That took up the first part of the day and then died when another blast came up suddenly. This was accused Gujarat IGP D. Vanzara’s resignation letter complaining against Gujarat govt, Amit Shah and Narendra Modi for not protecting the cops involved in encounters.

Can you believe the media’s luck? Even on a bright day they would be delightfully climaxing if they could lay their hands on something small to target Modi with and here they had two in a day. Call it multiple…? Now, I have not known this Vanzara to be so fluent and poetic in the English language to write a 10-page resignation. Who in hell writes a 10-page resignation letter anyway? Never mind that. But it does seem that the letter was dictated or drafted by someone else and signed by Vanzara. That should be enough, even if Vanzara didn’t write it he signed it so he owns it. He also sends a copy to the CBI “for information”. What the media fails to tell you is that if Vanzara has complained so much it clearly means that the Gujarat govt or Modi are not protecting any of the accused cops or interfering in the investigations. This disproves the entire theory so long held by the Congress, the propagandists in the media and sundry bootlickers like Tehelka and others. But Maken wanted Modi to resign because the CD (made by a fake-sting specialist called Pushp Sharma who has been arrested before for such fake stings) to avoid interference in the investigations. 

Naturally, I had to tweet and ask this question that given the logic that Maken applies who should be the people who should really resign? A CBI officer wants to even examine the PM on the Coalscam but the boss says ‘not now darling’. The current DTD works a two-way street. First, the media desperately wants to slander Modi and BJP, led by the TOI group, and second cover-up all the bad news for and about the Congress party.

In the last few days there wasn’t one single mention of a Delhi court ordering an FIR against CM Sheila Dikshit for misuse of public funds in her 2008 election campaign. The Delhi Lokayukta has already indicted her for this. Yet, not one news channel carried the news or reported it. When they finally reported on September 4, the report lasted all of 2 seconds. Flash! And gone! Here is where the people get luckier. Although the court ordered an FIR the Delhi Police doesn’t want to file one. It obtained a stay against the lower court order. Oops! This is a lot like that Imam Bukhari who hasn’t been arrested for many zillion years despite a non-bailable warrant on his head. And they will tell you the law is equal for all. The justice-loving folks at NDTV, CNN-IBN, TimesNow and others don’t even have the guts to talk about Bukhari. Of course, they are scared of the swords that might smite their necks and bodies and the raids that will burn their offices down. Applause! Sheila Dikshit stays on despite being indicted but Modi should resign because every Soma, Salma, Sabrina, their aunties and uncles make allegations.

Then the other important thing that is being covered up is the Telengana mess. For over 30 days there are strikes, bandhs and some riots continuously on in Andhra Pradesh. The national MSM has completely blacked out the news. From what I hear the News Broadcaster’s Association (NBA) which I call the Union of Snakes has decided not to broadcast any news about the Telengana-Andhra agitations and strikes. Do you need a govt censor anymore? When the poodles in the media themselves decide to censor news you know they are part of the DTD and not entitled to call themselves editors and journalists. Timesnow, NDTV, CNN-IBN, HeadlinesToday and the rest only have “self-styled” editors who do the bidding of Bharat Nirman. For over a year the Thorium scam was being relayed on Twitter but no one in the MSM paid attention. Suddenly TimesNow scored it as ‘Breaking News’ with 60-lakh crore ‘Nuclear fuel scam’ and now it has been put back in the closet again. 60-lakh crores? That would be the greatest scam in the history of the world. But you won’t hear much about it any further from the MSM. Cover-up!  

Here is something even more dangerous that is not being reported or discussed on any news channel. A serious election roll fraud was being perpetrated with fake lists and ID cards. This is in Delhi with the elections just around the corner. The report was carried in MailToday which is a foreign-collaboration outlet. This is a pic from the article that summarises the scam:

It’s not just Delhi but we are nearing a general election. The question is why are these electoral or document frauds happening in Congress ruled states? Our media is not interested in finding out who is behind this fraud and who should be resigning. Ajay Maken obviously won’t ask that question. Surprisingly, even the Opposition is not making any noises about it. This fraud is prevalent in many states where illegals are being given ID cards, passports and legalising their citizenship. The MSM covers up these crimes. Money can buy anything now; it can buy fake allegations and witch-hunts and it can buy silence. There’s another thing about DTD. One must not miss how the language and terms used by the MSM are indistinguishably uniform in nature. “Self-Styled Godmen”, “Letter-Bomb”, “Fascist”, and more! This is called “Dog-whistle politics”. Under dog-whistle politics the terms are handed out to the media to repeat over and over again till the wrongful perception is entrenched among the masses. Keep calling the BJP “communal” every day is a message handed out to the MSM and you can see the usage and the effects. Keep repeating “Self-styled Godmen” as a campaign to tarnish all Hindu spiritual leaders in one stroke, even if only one or a few are accused of wrong doing. Don’t miss this “dog-whistle” trick.

Vinod Mehta writes in Times of India (where else!) in defence of Sonia Gandhi: “I have not in the last ten years at least, witnessed one individual being subjected to this kind of concerted assault”. Really? This big Luknowi Moron must either be blind, deaf or stoned. In the history of India there isn’t one single politician as vilified, maligned without evidence and held guilty without any trial as Narendra Modi. This is what slavery does to “Self-styled” judges in the media. Hunting season has entered Phase-2. Welcome back!

Note: In case you missed ‘Hunting Season – Phase1.


  1. Dear Ravinar,
    Thank you very much for your deep research and bringing in this superb piece on crook media. Here is one more recent fiasco from NDTV:

    NDTV converts "Muslim Paedophile Gangs" to "Asian Men" trying to "secularize" a news from Europe.


    1. Good comment !! Shows how sick these sickular NDTV journalists are.

  2. We havnt heard a word from MC about the recent SC advisory on charge sheeted criminals entering politics and the subsequent ganging up of all parties to shunt this.This has not been a KhanChris exclusive.Let us have a balanced view on issues of national interest.Just like the MSM downplaying this issue I found MC joining the ranks.

    1. @Anand

      Just because some particular issue has not been mentioned here doesnt mean it has been "played down" as you wrongly suggest. On the contrary, because the SC order involves "all parties" it has been covered quite extensively in the MSM. Please do watch the MSM closely to observe what they cover and what they dont. Your claim is plain nonsense. And I will be unkind to commenters who pass silly comments as "intelligent" observations.

      And I suggest, next time, keep your comments restricted to the topic of the post.

    2. umm...disallowing charge sheeted folks from politics sounds like a good idea. Although, I would also ask for police & investigating agencies to be freed from pol control before we implement this, else this could become another weapon in the hand of a rogue regime like UPA to corner political opponents. Just manage to get your caged parrot to file a charge-sheet, let the case drag in court for decades...job done. Ge the drift? In any case - that particular news made it to MSM, got due coverage...so why should MC cover it? He is not here as a commentator on everything under the sun, but plays a media watcher role.

  3. Anand:

    MC is not a site to comment anything and everything under sun. For that there are enough "Great" people like Mahesh Bhat.. LOL

    MC is purely a media watcher and points out the lopsided, one-sided and manipulative reporting of Paid Media..

  4. I simply do not know how to get relief from TIMES OF INDIA's excess and peddling of false news. Only naming and shaming them on social media is not sufficient.

    1. File defamation suits of 100 Cr for each false news..Apne aap line pe aayenge..

    2. "The question is why are these electoral or document frauds happening in Congress ruled states?" Why is BJP not following up on scams and prosecute for false news? Other than a few leaders, the rest in BJP seem to be asleep, indifferent or clueless

    3. Unfortunately, peddling of fake news by TOI seems to have become the benchmark. TOI is making a lot of money therefore other media-houses are following the same herd-mentality to out-do each other in touching new lows.

      One thing I do not understand that when the government was trying to bring these channels under regulations or when they were bringing these jokers under the lokpal, why did the BJP in Delhi oppose?

  5. Good Insight MC, From last one year or so stopped reading ToI, watching news on TV, can not take it anymore. The more you lie about Modi the more he get stronger, example of Manipur Municipal election win.

    Anyway the dirtiest Election is about to begin

    1. Sandeep, while I share your disgust for the media (specially the no.1 paper TOI), unfortunately a personal boycott wont help much. We need to spread awareness online & on ground regarding the discredited media we have today using concrete examples tailored to the target audience we are addressing. I am part of a voter reg drive #VotePuneVote and am giving away free copies of MC book 'Social Media as Watchdog' to every society we go - asking the people there to read & circulate. More such on ground activities are needed - even if 5 people got together and held a dharna for 30 min on few of the biggest LIES in last 1 week in MSM, it would help discredit the media in eyes of aam junta

  6. While reading this, I was reminded of 'Animal Farm' by George Orwell. Nicely written.

  7. Brilliantly put down the vicious game of Media and Congress to vilify Modi and BJP, although with help of some BJP insiders. The Phase 3 Hunting Season would be the worst in the history.

  8. I am impressed with Ashok Malik statement.He said people are already made their mind on Modi and nothing can change the perception on him anymore,how true it is.

  9. Someone expecting Media Crooks to comment on everything that happens under the sun is a testimony of this place :-) Congratulations! It only means MC is trusted more than Media. And I bet that guy is a fake identity of some CNN-IBN Staffer (This is wild allegation, but more often than not, turns out true)
    Next he will expect all Budget Analysis, Psephology, Rape cases and yes "Ask Teesta Aunty" column here. (Shobha De, move over)

    1. I guess ur salvo was aimed at me. See all my posts in the earlier editions of MC and decide for urself if I can be a CNN-IBN staffer.MC has a certain credibility in my scheme of things and I only wanted it to extend its arms as far as it can.I take time out to spread the MC views in all my real time conversations with one and all. But I dont want to be caught napping on certain issues and be found to be a hypocrite like our MSM.May be my expectations were too pre mature and too high.Anyway everything is done in good faith.

    2. I am very fond of her! yes,Teesta! Where is she? The Shrew! Did someone 'tame her'? And,Shobhaa-the plagiarist! lol.......!!

  10. good one by MC Applause! Sheila Dikshit stays on despite being indicted but Modi should resign because every Soma, Salma, Sabrina, their aunties and uncles make allegations.

  11. Truly hunting season.
    I had read your first hunting season article and then saw the "Rambo" article in TOI few days later. The co-incidence was unbelievable. It is just amazing to see such blatant lies in TOI, especially their laughable "Times view". I remember that laughable "Times View" placed on front page with the Himalaya mall story.

  12. I am really proud of the MC (I see in him my favorite Lockheed Blackbird bombardier), who is so merciless in killing enemies that they run for cover when a new article appears. Mediacrooks articles have such a flowing-effect rhythm that it feels you are reading a Shakespearean story, no break till you get to the climax. MC has become a BP control pill for me. I wish and pray to God, the supply remains unbroken.

    1. Manish i 100% agree with you coz its happening to me...every day i open this page 3 to 5 times and see if there is any new article. Amazing analysis....I really thank one of my collegue who had come to Germany and he told me about this website..I am really happy..

    2. Long post warning :)

      Anand, Manish,

      If there is one singular, personal message and take away for me from Ravinar's effort (MC), it would be that, having good intent and passion/emotion is just not enough, you have to back it up with "Action" and "Quality" and "Timing".

      Am reminded of the 3 H's that Swami Vivekananda mentions ,

      1> Heart to feel (Always the first necessity)
      2> Hand's to Work (this is not easy coming most times, we stop short)
      3> Head to think.

      Even if the first two we have, those who attempt whatever they do in their own way, do not combine the 3 in right measure.

      IF we can do this each of us, individually in our personal lives, we can make an impact as Ravinar has successfully demonstrated through his MC success story.

      Also, as Swami Chinmayananda used to say Patriotism, Spirituality cannot be part time or pass time. If you have to achieve results, if you are serious about something, then you have to back it up with zeal and take it to it's conclusion.

      Anyone in which so ever field does that, they ever fail to inspire.

      A long post for "one" singular take away eh !!

      || yOgaH karmasu kaushalam ||

    3. TYPO - IT was "they never fail to inspire"

    4. (I anticipate a forgiveness from Ravinar, for discussion on his Page). Thank you Sumanth for your eye opening comments. Action is always good than talking, but everybody cannot fight on the front, some use to supply food, some just monitor enemy trails and some just encourage by crying 'Vande-Matram'. All these three 'works' are also a part of the same fight. Every body can't be king or queen in the game of chess.

  13. Brilliant article! Agree with you 100%. MSM have sold their souls long back ... its a pity that the game that they are playing will make irreversible damages to our present and the future.

  14. You have outdone yourself here Ravi....Wow can it get any better ?

  15. Dear Ravinar,

    It is not the first time, nor the last time, that such dirty tricks are deployed. Way back in 1977, Congress tried its best to discredit JP and he was dubbed as CIA agent! In 1989, when V P Singh challenged Rajiv Gandhi, all sorts of accusations and lies were spread about him in Telegraph, HT and state run Doordarshan. But we all know what happened in 1977 and 1989. First of all, common man, irrespective of social status is far more smart that what morons from MSM and Congress would like to believe and second, everyone is greatly hurt by constant price rise under congress/upa, that will weigh heavily. 2009 was not actually won by Congress, rather BJP lost the plot, when instead of sticking to its progress oriented agenda, it tried to ape congress and 5 years of growth under UPA-1 (an outcome of policies of NDA) alongwith MMS so-called firmness on Nuclear Deal (which was actually a BJP brainchild) and BJP hara-kiri on same ensured that middle class moved away from BJP. NAREGA and Farmer Loan waiver never won votes for Congress, it was middle class, that deserted BJP. It is same middle class, that is now moving away. I have seen 1989 elections very closely, these dirty tricks may boom-rang on Congress.

  16. Debonair Man Vinod Mehta had held the same line of argument last week on Times Now.
    Mr Mehta has suddenly found 'virtue' in Sonia Gandhi.This 'crawler' doesn't question why Sonia nor her moron puthra does not give any interview nor any interaction with the press. But,'informal' breakfast meeting with select editors is their way of interacting with the press.
    In western countries top leaders including the Head of State interact with 'the press' on a daily basis on any damn issue right from the sperm to the germ !.Thats how democracy should be.
    Freedom of Speech, freedom of thought and the wisdom never to use either is the hallmark of these journalists!Cocooned leaders defended by Conned Editors,what an irony!
    Journalist like Vinod Mehta and 'rest of them' never ask this of the leaders! Will they dare?
    Pathetic Hypocrites.Slaves of the ruling party.

    As days goes by NaMo is obviously getting stronger and stronger.This fact is not easy for the MSM to digress.
    Along with Dr Swamy, the press has no other option but to hang onto tit-bits like Vanzara.

    This quote from Mark Twain aptly sums up- "Get your facts first and then you can distort them as much as you wish."And, ""Honesty: The best of all the lost arts."
    Mental_Floss-Mark Twain School of Journalism based on his Satirical quotes on Journalism !

  17. but day by day it is getting clearer that Sri Narendra Modi has a long fight not only with his political and a-political(!!!) rivals but also with some prominent leaders(!!!) of his own party. actually in politics(which is a form of war) people generally follow one basic theory - if you can not strengthen yourself do your best to weak your opponent( America's favourite policy). congress and its secular(!!!) allies have started this long ago. and in that process some moles from congress intruded in BJP(the process is on till date). they are holding prominent positions in the party now. more the election day will approach, their activities ( which will actually give weapons to congress and MSMs ) will increase. recent parliament session has given that indication. congress is now distributing some issues to its allies(!!!) so that they can utilise those issues to gather anti congress vote (later they will deposit their seats again to their "maai-baap" ). surprisingly BJP's parliament body helping congress in that process too. they are doing exactly opposite to Sri Narendra Modi's perceptions which everyone has received from his recent speeches and attitude. this will certainly not favour NaMo. it will be interesting to watch how NaMo tackles this. hope he will be able to overcome the situation arising out of this type of sabotage before any major damage.

  18. Hi Ravinar,

    Am sure you have noticed this.
    Posting so that your readers see as well.


    1. Sumanth the page has been deleted already....it may be congress

    2. //Sumanth the page has been deleted already....it may be congress// ya ya its the congress only. hehehe...

  19. Dear Ravinar,

    It pains me everytime I read your article. Although we have millions of poor, hungry dying & begging masses, the only ideology of Congress Party is to get back to Power. The Congress is destroying every Institution of this country to suit its agenda of returning to Power !It cannot get sickler than this.
    We really need a revolution now to oust this demon called Congress. NAMO seems to correctly analyze this demon & plans to stay ahead of the curve. Next 4 months are extremely crucial for our country. We must be well guarded, close our ranks, keep vigil on enemy within to fight back for any surprise attack. NAMO BHARATMATA.

  20. As always, you have been relentless in making note of the shams and communicating them across with good analogy.

    The equivalent to asking Modi to quit, the pic-tweet you posted is just perfect.

    Also, thanks to this piece of yours, the Thorium scam and EC suspecting rats in electoral rolls had slipped me, thanks for continuously educating.

    Am sure, this relentless effort is applying pressure in its own way.

    Just like MRV's book Decade of Decay, you blog is a great Charge-sheet document against the "All the President's Men" (Media).
    Just wonder, how this can be (or idf this can be) translated into actionable charge-sheet.

    As Tavleen Singh keeps reiterating, Modi represents a strong departure from the Delhi Durbar culture, that's what scares these Media morons to the hell, even more than Congress.

    If Congress loses one election, they have shown ability to come back sooner, but the Media is hell scared of Modi because he will uproot the 'goodies' they are used to and eventually may change the equations for good.

    Sorry for the off-track link posted in earlier comment, wanted to share another well written post on Modi witch hunt on livemint. Interestingly isn't it a Network 18 business ?

  21. Dear Sir,
    This is my first attempt in commenting at your blog, hopefully it is not out of topic.
    This is regarding "EC smells voter scam". Sometimes in 2003-04 , TOI under Sri Varda was investigating such voter list fraud with particular emphasis on BJP-held constituencies . With respect to TOI report on Lucknow ,I wrote a letter to editor asking a question .Though my leeter was neither acknowledged nor published in any edition, within a week , after one or two more report , the TOI stopped pursuing "so called voter-list scam".

    I would like to recall that.
    (1)The report cites only H households as having abnormal numbers in the voter list thereby implying fraud by H.My take is that , H have lost their numerical majority substatntially and to hide this fact,people not sympathetic to H, are padding up the voter list / census data, thereby making H numerical majority on papers only.
    (2) In support of hypothesis [ proof of pudding is in eating] pointed out that voting percentages in areas like Nagaland or Kerala where officially H are insignificant is more than 90% , but in areas where they are "imaginary majority" like Bihar / UP voting percentage is never more than 60% .[ Of course more lies to explain such a wide difference ]
    (3) Assuming non-voters as non-existent H then 70% H actually reduces to just 50% H. My question is "Do you really expects politicians to listen to H who may just constitute 50% of population".

    Looking for answer / correction of my perception.

  22. The other thing was, am not sure if this point has been captured directly or indirectly in your posts (I must confess am not regularly reading them). Am sure you would have caught the lies etc and provided proof.

    In couple of posts and I think in one Tavleen Singh's conversation, its coming out quite clearly, that the MSM has hardly ever done a real "on the ground" reporting about Gujarat.

    But, perhaps a post that showcases how superficial the reporting is, in fact, Arun Shourie, Madhu and Tavleen have been saying this quite a lot that today the Media just packages same "sound bytes" n mutiple ways and hours of Air time is dedicated to side kicks (as you would say) and morons debating and arriving at pre-decided conclusions.

    Wondering if A charge sheet, that shows that media especially in case of Gujarat has done no ground level reporting, and in general, Delhi media is far from the ground reality, if it can be places and the MSM can be challenged ?

    Am sure there have been bits and pieces, but a if any such charge (explicit) exists that would be good, and if someone can bring it to the notice - great.

    The sad part is, the current Media, may not even feel hurt on such charges, they have stooped down too far.

    Worth an exercise though, if done already, then I must have obviously not noticed.

  23. one important thing that i forgot - from your article it is clear, who is the real master of UPA,MSM and other anti modi organisations.

  24. Very Well Written Ravi !!

    Anyone with two eyes or even half and IQ a shade over RG/Sanjay Jha can see what would have happened. Tired by long wait in Jail and in frustration Vanzara would have seen the fig leaf from Congress Bureau of Intimidation and lo behold you have a 10 page resignation letter which reaches every nook and corner of the world.

    These buggers are shameless. Sanjiv Bhatt's utility has long expired so a new "insider" had to be found.

    You keep up the good work..

  25. if a certain politician or party is alleged of a scam or is accused of misdemeanor when that doesnt take away our faith in politicians as whole, then my question is how can MSM saying self styled godman NOT "hindu" godman changes the situation .. why does everyone make it religious ???

  26. 1. Amit Shah did not become the Home Minister of Gujarat until December 2002, nine (9) months after the riots. But Vanzara's letter says Amit Shah was the Home Minister during riots. Can a Police Commissioner doesn't know who was the HM at an important time like that?

    2. When a case is taken up by CBI, the state govt cannot provide legal support. Can a senior police officer like Vanzara wouldn't know that?

    3. It is the likes of anti-national NGOs Teesta Setalvad, with the help of a Muslim judge Alam and Congress support, that they took this case out of Gujarat to Mumbai. Perhaps Vanzara's suffering is due to the behavior of jail system in Mumbai.

    If anyone reads the resignation letter, they will easily know that it is not written by Vanzara, but by congress. Look at the points highlighted, underlined in the letter. They are exactly the phrases used by Tehelka, Teesta Setalvad, NDTV, Rajdeep Surdesai, Congress spokes persons like Kapil Sibal, Manish Tiwari and Digvijay Singh etc.,

    1. Sumit,

      Interesting point that you make in 1).

      As per letter, Vanzara says
      "I have been observing right from the year 2002 that Shri Amitbhai Shah as a MOS, Home, had been completely mismanaging a sensitive Department like Police which would have been handled more carefully in the context of Godhra train burning, post-Godhra riots and resultant rise of Jehadi Terrorism in Gujarat."

      Now, I tried looking up, where in would you find the official dates of Amit Shah's turn as Home Minister of Gujarat, and if indeed he was not HM in 2002, what was his posting ?

  27. Rumour has it that Sonia Gandhi is suffering from cervical cancer and has about 8-10 months ( as of August) The DTD of congress is likely to seek a long drawn schedule of elections accordingly . And yes , it is Rahul Baba that is front runner for PM ( who will be propped up at that time) And this ( politics of invoking sympathy ) has worked for congress in 1984, 1991 .
    Whilst the disgruntlement of people is indeed very high ( against the government), not sure how the majority of Indian electorate will react under sustained media coverage of her death - and a look at all recent promotions of congress which is positioning all the recent bills to her credit , gives an idea of what the DTD thought process is.

    1. Dear Vijayragjav rao,

      You have hit the bulls' eye !

  28. The Thorium Scam or Wasted was Pointed Out by the CAG at the Time of Nuclear Deal again which was rigged in Parliament and by the Channel suppose to be Telecasting the Cash-for-vote No Channel covered that CAG Report Now People should understand why they Wanted a Nuclear Deal so that They Can Loot Indian Natural Resources with the Help of Foreigners. I don't agree with the People who says Opposition specially BJP never takes up Important Issues concerning Indian Interest. People should see the Arrogance of the so Called Pseudo Secular Brigade + Congress that anyway they can Enjoy the Power its like Khrbooja (Melon) Churi(Knife) pe Gire ya Churi Kharbooje per katana to Kharbooje ko hi hai.All this Pseuod -Secular Brigade have achieve the Optimum Level Of Incompetency. This time in all the State and General Election All the People should Come out and Vote in Numbers and Throw these Corrupt Governments of Congress Ruled States. Until and Unless People don't go for change everyone in this Country will Suffer and there will be no Change. And all these while The Gandhi-Nehru Family Rule is Considered on Emotional Ruling and of course Country don't Govern on sentiments has to be Govern Professionally. Lot of Congress Leaders says that its difficult to GOVERN SUCH A BIG COUNTRY THEY HAVE ACCEPTED THE DEFEAT THERE AND SHOWS THAT THEY UNFIT TO GOVERN THAN THEY SHOULD SIT AT HOME.

  29. Congress has already bitten the dust in Andhra region. The agitation is so strong - including 5 lacs of people gatering at one place - a small town like Jangareddugudem, West Godavari district. Have you ever heard of such gaterings in one small town ? People have asked leaders not to participate in any of the gaterings, meetings. Just watch the fun of congis licking boots in the near future in this region.

    1. Dont get carried away - this has been anticipated in advance. Jagan reddy is expected to capitalize on the agitation and after elections support Congress in name of 'secularism'...

  30. The media in AP is covering each & every detail of the massive agitations crippling across from villages to the cities. There are lacs of people participating right from the school students to the old pensioners. Issue is about Hyderabad, Andhra people have lot of stakes in this city, be it property, education, jobs, business etc. Recently, RJG & IG's statues were vandalised due to the ire of people. They don't want to listen to anybody in this matter. Politicians esp. Congis are not being allowed to the meetings or any gathering. No wonder the national media blacked out these events. Some gatherings have been unheard in the small towns numbering upto 5-8 lac people.

  31. With your [probably] meager resources,you are able to generate so much.How is it that BJP's Delhi media unit or BJP's Delhi leadership is unable to counter all these? They all seem to be only reacting and not proactively nipping things in the bud.
    If only we can have TRPs for these channels- for sure they must be falling.People are smart enough to read between lines.

  32. I am not disagreeing but the sheila dixit report on usinggovt funds and number of illegal voters in delhi report were shown on NDTV but in too little and no space. All the news channel care about is "Modi farted", "Modi didnt wear the topi", it just looks so sickening that news channels go over board to report anything on modi. These channels wshould get a life. If they cant report the 23000 scam in forest tree plantation and robert vadra's sca, at least they should not irritate ppl with their soap opera like stories.

  33. The Hindu published Vanzara letter on first page. It reminds me of their newest ads "We have changed you".

    They ought to re-phrase it as "Vardabhai have changed us "

  34. Look at this..http://www.upworthy.com/a-boy-makes-anti-muslim-comments-in-front-of-an-american-soldier-the-soldiers-reply-priceless?c=ufb1

    it would be interesting to do a similar sting on indian media..just look at their reactions after planting a false news which implicated bjp or others and contrast it with their reactions otherwise


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