Sunday, September 1, 2013

Eroding Institutions: Dead Souls Can't Report The Dying

For the first time since 1984 the earth shook in India again. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke in the Parliament after some three centuries, after he was chided to speak by the Opposition. Like a hen-pecked husband who finally vented, he gave out a Howard Beale scream: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore”. True to Congress culture he blamed anybody and everybody, including the Opposition and Syria for the broken and shattered economy, the fallen rupee and everything that’s destroyed. The GDP growth for the first quarter of this financial year stood at 4.4% but he said things would be brighter next year. For the last few years MMS and his party have been dragging the people through a desert to a mirage and are now making them drink the sand to quench their thirst. And the slaves in the MSM clapped like a box of parrots like they usually do. It is impossible to narrate all the failures of this Congress govt in a short post. It will take a ‘trilogy’ of epics.

Unlike the bootlickers on TV channels the online folks were quite harsh. Tags like #PMChorHai or #ChorPM trended for the last 2 days. On a TimesNow debate when someone asked how the PM still claims “fundamentals” of the economy are still strong the answer by Congress spokie Renuka Chaudhary replied that it’s the “BJP Fundamentals” that are weak. So you can imagine what kind of brains run this govt. The most appropriate comment on the PM’s conduct came from The Jaggi. His tweet explains the exact predicament MMS is in as also his misdirected madness. It’s not just the economy fundamentals that are rotting but democratic institutions too. On the economy front organisations like LIC have been used to fund the govt without much success. Many are being used to fund parties of private companies. Banks that were exposed for involvement in handling black money and hawala transactions face no punishment.

Whenever the govt has been in a spot, the media has used distractions and diversions to cover up real issues. On August 29 they found the arrest of Yasin Bhatkal a handy tool and the last 3 days have also been a celebration of the case against Asaram as if all other issues were redundant. The ET reported on August 30 that the IB didn’t want to release the information of Yasin’s arrest as they didn’t want to alert other sleeper cells. Your guess is as good as mine on who leaked the information to the media so that they could splurge on the event. And stupidly enough NDTV in a programme by Sunetra Chaudhary asked if UPA is tougher on terrorism. Who knows how many terrorists were alerted by the leak. The IB has been compromised to meet political ends. The CBI has become a mere tool in the hands of ministers who dictate its affidavits to Supreme Court. Nobody is even sure about the RBI anymore. While searching information about the new Governor-to-be of the RBI (Raghuram Rajan) their site makes a startling revelation. There is one Rajeev Gowda, a Congress member, who was nominated as a Director sometime in 2011. Interesting, eh?

This Rajeev Gowda is a well-educated guy and is also the co-founder of the website ‘Hamara Congress’. He comes from a prominent political family in Karnataka and his late father, M.V. Venkatappa was a Speaker in the Karnataka Assembly. He is also a professor at IIM Bangalore. Do IIMs allow their professors to become Directors in RBI or in other organisations? What should strike people the most is that Rajeev Gowda is also the official spokie of the Congress party.

Gowda (on the right in pic above) appears almost on all English news channels as the Congress spokie and is also a director at RBI. The media chases everyone, like N. Sreenivasan or MS Dhoni, on conflict of interest issues but they don’t ever mention that Gowda is also an RBI director. How does an RBI director get to be the spokie of a political party? The media doesn’t care to even ask or inform viewers that he is one. IIM-B  Board of Governors lists Mukesh Ambani as its Chairman. Wasn’t it a Mukesh Ambani man who grandly said “Congress toh apna dukaan hai”? I am not aware if a political party spokesman is allowed to be the Director of RBI but it does make me wonder how independent RBI is; as we do with other democratic institutions. Next stop: Judiciary.

Sometime back the Congress party organised a meeting for all its legal cell members and other sundry lawyers. The plans coming out of this meeting is nothing short of sinister. A stray mention here and there in the print media was all this news got. There have been cases in the recent past where the SC judgements have been leaked before being pronounced. This quote of SC lawyer Gopal Sankarnarayanan from a report makes dangerous reading:

There is really no polite way of putting this. The Kabir court has seen a return to the questionable practices prevalent in the Balakrishnan era – oral mentionings of matters pending before other Benches, unexplained moving of cases from one set of judges to another, the return of the dalals to the registry and an overall erosion of the credibility of the Apex Court”.

When you read that in the context of the fact that the Congress wants to fill the judiciary with members associated with the party it has to be shocking how the judiciary is being toyed with. Here’s an excerpt from the TOI report titled “Cong to pack courts with party loyalists?” (March 2010):

Congress-leaning lawyers have raised the pitch for assignments from the government. A Congress convention, which brought together lawyers from Congress legal cells in the states, was set abuzz when populist voices were raised, with one directly asking for party-affiliated lawyers to be accommodated in various panels, and even in the judiciary. Union law minister Veerappa Moily urged the AICC's legal department headed by Abhishek Singhvi to create a national database of lawyers affiliated with Congress. ''... we can form domain expertise using their experience; we can train them in different fields and ultimately bond them into mainstream of judiciary,'' he said. The call, with Congress chief Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on the dais, led to murmurs in the gathering as it was interpreted that there will be a preference for lawyers affiliated with the Congress in the selection for judiciary.

The organizing body headed by Abhishek Singhvi demanded that an Alternative Disputes Redressal system be formed and named after Rajiv Gandhi. Government sources said there is an International Centre for ADR lying dysfunctional and the Prime Minister is unhappy about it… DPCC chief J P Aggarwal got a thunderous applause when he said Congress needed to bring its lawyers on official panels and appointments. Aggarwal, speaking at a working session on ''Human rights, common man and contemporary exigencies'' chaired by home minister P Chidambaram, said it was found that lawyers who were with the Congress were ignored at the time of selection for various panels. ''Why will they carry your flag?'' he asked, making a forceful plea. At the end of the day, Singhvi assured the meeting that the law minister agreed with the demand made by Aggarwal and steps would be taken in this direction in future.

Hmm! Abhishek Singhvi is the AICC’s legal head. Is that a surprise? The Singhvi sex episode was completely buried by the MSM till Singhvi’s videos got posted on the internet for the whole world to see. The media dismissed that as a “private and consensual affair”. The affair may have been private and consensual but were any favours promised in return? Not just that, Singhvi demanded that the Alternative Redressal system be named after Rajiv Gandhi. Why don’t these people just rename the SC “Rajiv Gandhi Court”? That would be cheered by all the cronies in the Congress and media. One at least hears about the big institutions that have been eroded. No one knows how many smaller ones have been gobbled up.

The media willingly and deliberately covers up all acts of the govt that are eroding important institutions. They willingly accept a party spokie without disclosing full information about the positions he holds. They witch-hunted N. Srinivasan of the BCCI for a full 21 days as if BCCI was the Watergate of India but when it comes to the killing of democratic institutions they couldn’t find even one day to report or discuss the terrible dangers of such destruction. With the introduction of Bharat Nirman-2 ads which will run till the elections more cover-ups can be expected. NDTV will sell you passionate stories about Yasin Bhatkal. CNN-IBN and TimesNow will continue mindless ranting over Asaram and cover-up inaction of Ashok Gehlot. HeadlinesToday is running a stupid satire on Modi’s dreams of PM which are being smartly destroyed by MMS and Sonia Gandhi. Of course, HT won’t dare to report on the destruction of democratic institutions.

MMS recently applauded the media as a watch-dog. SoniaG said the “the media made the political class uncomfortable”. Both are wrong. The MSM is not a watch-dog. It’s just a bunch of lap-dogs who are comfortable in their studios with crumbs thrown by the govt and the Congress party. I have said it before and I say it again; pet poodles who survive on crumbs are unlikely to have the nose of a blood-hound. Collectively, the MSM is another institution that has been destroyed. Naturally, dead souls can’t report on other deaths.  


  1. Ravinar.. a wonderful eye opener as usual.
    I am not a pessimist ...but the misdeeds of this government make me shudder...I do not know, however good the next elected government might will take years to set this system right...and god forbid if we were to get UPA III or hotch potch set up...then even god can't save this country.

    1. This is not a reply but providing the correct link to readers for the first link on many PSUs being used to fund "Private Parties" in the second para. The correct link is given below:

      HT Summit - PSU funds to sell leadership

  2. Even the god is saying "You deserve it!"

  3. Immaculate

    Article Kudos to you Mr Ravi for writing such an article & Making us realise everyday that the world we are living in is so Plastic

  4. I rate you among always.

  5. Bravo Ravi, another brilliant article about our MSM. I can't wait for the 2014 elections, by that time this bunch of idiots will run this great nation of ours in ground. It's a duty of all logical thinking
    people to go out and VOTE for BJP and NDA so we can start building our nation back again

    There is no hope from MSM or any other political outfits. Watch the latest episode of The New Laundry and you will understand. Here is the link

    1. It's a satire with less quality than news content , they did not touch the reasons behind diversions and no real attacks against Barkha for letting Manu rant against Tavleen Singh

  6. Unless we completely overhaul with a fresh look on political setup of India, politicians will keep killing India brick by brick.

    Parliamentary democracy as it is today in India is the culprit. Wish, I see it in my lifetime that it is done away with.

  7. Words were created for Ravinar to string them into powerful weapons! Kudos!

  8. Dear Ravi, I am perturbed after reading your SUPER and enlightening POST!!!! But how to educate the masses who are going to be pampered with all freebies in next couple of months!!!!


  9. "Naturally, dead souls can’t report on other deaths." says it all.

    Simply superb !!

  10. Man you are really talented at writing articles,job well done.will recommend it to my friends

  11. An excellent article Ravi as usual.
    I have been following your articles for quite some time. I am amazed to see the flow of the language that you have been using and the great service that you are doing to the nation by exposing real crooks in the media.
    Keep it up Ravi. We are with you.

  12. Carpet bombing by the congress lobby through their lap-dogs in the MSM and eNREGA trolls against Asaram Bapu is sickening.Yesterday, I heard Kiran Bedi on CNN-IBN saying that the quality of the FIR complaint shows that any of the men can be trapped any time with such allegations. I don't know the truth but this over-the-top behaviour of channels is difficult to understand.

    1. Terry I have been curious to know abt u. R u the erstwhile cartoon mohd? I read ur posts on newspaper blogs with amazement at your mulla knowledge.Wish u see u more often on MC.

  13. isn't the MSM & the online folks like you are keen on en cashing the trending stories?

    if not, why would nobody care to screw JD(u) & the home ministry for not extracting the best from bhatkal's arrest?

    the media plays dead doggie on cold stories. i didnt see any national media coverage on 7lakh govt workers going on strike for the past 30 days in Andhra.. protesting against telangana announcement.... lakhs of people coming onto road for 32 days & there is no mention in MSM on the same...

    not even a single news channel mentioned that the lone telugu CWC member (happens to be from Telangana) opposed the formation of Telangana + the congress chief whip (happens to be from telangana) opposed the formation of Telangana....they just covered the arrogance of Diggy...

    1. Really? Which part of this post "encashes" trending stories? Beyond the opening introduction, the post is mainly about institutions being destroyed. Rajeev Gowda or Judiciary being manipulated is a trending story?

      As for JDU not taking custody of Bhatkal, do read the previous post. It deals with it.

      Not just Telengana, the MSM ignores many important issues. To someone else Assam or Uttarakhand may be an issue. That is why this blog brings some of it to attention, though it may not cater to individual "flavours"

    2. Bullabbai! you are nothing short of an idiot, obviously MSM is screwed up and damaging the intuitions as Mr. Ravinar is continuously exposing them. Well you say national media is silent on Seemandhra, but I believe you are happy as local Telugu media is shouting from top of the house without any logic and reasons. Where were you people when all political parties begged votes by promising Telangana, you thought just Telangana is a political feed, and nothing will happen, but when suddenly Congress decides to fulfill its 9yrs pending promise you are yelling on others...hope you are aware that after political consensus Telangana was decided..people of Telangana compelled congress to stand on its promise.. go and ask Telugu media which is running 24/7 show, relying on school children who are holding meetings on main roads. If you want to know why Seemandhra movement is not heard in national TV's, go and ask TDP Prez CBN, Congress CM Kiran, PCC chief, drama actor & minister Chiranjeevi and all who begged votes of Telangana on the promise of forming a state, demerging Andhra Pradesh and restoring it to old Telangana ( Hyderabad state) and Andhra State..

      Bullabbai! the current seemandhra movement is purely against decision of Hyderabad will be capital of Telangana...these same Seemandhra tried for Madras in 1952 while seperating from them Madras state.. seemandhra people were kicked out by then CM Rajaji..he said Seemandhra people should leave madras within 24 hours as he was well aware of cunning politics of seemandhra...

    3. @bullabbai-say thanks to God for you have wrongly criticised ravi bhai here only.Had it been on his twitter account he would have smashed you upside down with all the might.

    4. Totally incorrect to equate author to MSM. In fact they are both opposite.

      I think your angst against MSM for not covering AP agitation, (which is quite massive, if one watches Telugu news channels), made your write the stuff above. It also bothers me and hurts me that MSM just doesn't show any thing on AP agitation. It is baffling, that a movement of such proportion is totally sidelined. Made be feel, MSM is deliberate in not covering it. So the thing is, how is the feedback going to reach SG that there are a lot of people unhappy and being highly inconvenienced with her decision. In my opinion, AP agitation deserves far greater attention than Asaram Baapu. But that is how things are, unfortunately..

  14. I would say the two & half/three year period led by CJI Kapadia was an aberration.Judiciary has been browbeaten/coerced/induced to fall in line since mid 70s. Remember how A N Ray was made CJI superseding Justice Shelat & 2 others?

  15. UPA has become an Idiom for inaction,Imbecility.No one knows who runs this Govt.Evening pub talk begins with price rise of fuel,grains and ROI on Housing loan.Eventually everybody settle down and say this Govt must be ousted.Even hard core congressmen are embarrassed to take questions on Governance.Economist PM has become a Nominated PM!
    Targeting religious leaders based on FIR and tv going ga-ga over it and pronouncing the verdict as 'guilty'! Whereas Farooqui goes without a whimper for what he said about Yasin Bhatkal ! No media debates,character assassination or vilification for what he said.
    Now,targeting Temple Gold ! Breaking India..........yes Rajiv Malhotra's Book is vindicated.There is a pattern to it.Don't be surprised in the coming days ED or IT starts hounding Baba Ramdev.
    If MMS is a real 'Man" and the'bachelor boy' has b***s,then let them bring back black money now!
    Will they dare do it.Why is BJP silent on this matter? They could've raised this issue,which actually would have been an advantage to expose UPA!But they didn't.Sometimes,Wonder whether Congress has a 'B' team in the main opposition? Pub talk also echo the same!
    KickaUPAoo Now or never!
    Sold Car at less than 1/2 rate and now 2 wheeler is the option,Hope this Govt goes out sooner the better.May finally end up cycling or hitch-hiking!Bankrupt the People,You bankrupt the Nation!
    UPA Sucks.........................!!

  16. Congress has corrupted all insitutions. If you are not with them, they treat you as against them. Very few in the bureaucracy like Vinod Rai or Khemka swim against the tide

  17. If Rajeev Gowda is a professor in IIM, Bangalore, he is a public sector employee. He is not supposed to take part in politics. What action is being taken by IIMB?

  18. This great expose.Compliments.But we wonder what BJP's leadership in Delhi is doing about all these?MSM is certainly the lap dog.Main opposition party too has joined the ranks?
    Was that the reason why the verdict on LOKAYUKTA in Gujarat was given on the last day by the retiring CJC Kabir?

  19. Ravinar, I wonder you did not mention about Prof Vaidyanathan who is also a professor at IIM Bangalore and member of committees of Unit Trust of india, National stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange and around 5-6 more government bodies. He is also part of the BJP and comments regularly on their behalf. He has been part of the BJP task force to talk about black money.

    I wonder why you are only sticking on to Prof Gowda. I was student of both Prof Gowda and Prof Vaidyanathan and with a high respect for both of them.

    You know Prof Vaidyanathan and you follow him on twitter. This is not expected from you that you hide this information.

    1. @Alok

      On what basis have you claimed Prof V is part of the BJP? Have you checked anywhere? Has any channel claimed he speaks for or represents BJP? Do not spread untruths. Unlike you, this blog has the habit of fact-checking and not making loose comments.

      Secondly, every person has his political sympathies. But being an actual member of a party and being its spokie is a very different thing. Prof. Vaidya appears on TV as an independent panelist on finance and economy issues. So I suggest you check before you write about an individual. There is nothing wrong with Gowda being a member of RBI but there is everything wrong in him being an IIM employee and spokesperson of a political party.

      I am not aware of Prof V being part of any task-force but being in a task-force is a limited venture and does not amount to becoming a member of the party or representing the party. Political parties use a lot of specialists and consultants and there is nothing wrong with that. But there is something wrong in being RBI director, IIM employee and an official political spokie. I hope you will see the difference.

    2. >> Unlike you, this blog has the habit of fact-checking and not making loose comments.

      Alok --> I don't make loose statements and made this on the basis of facts.

      You can watch this video where Prof R Vaidyanathan appeared on behalf of BJP Economic Cell

      Also I am quoting this from news report where Advani created this cell.

      Quoting relevant portion
      "During his address, Advani said the BJP will form a task force comprising experts to prepare a strategic document for India to recommend ways to get back the national wealth stashed away illegally by corrupt politicians, businessmen and criminal overlords.

      One of the names he mentioned in the task force is Professor R Vaidyanathan, Professor of Finance at the Indian Institute of Management, Bengaluru."

      Irrespective, I am uncomfortable with both of my Professors having such a political presence.

    3. And you can read this full report that mentions Prof Vaidyanathan by name in BJP Economic Cell report.

    4. @Alok

      Your quotes dont make any difference. I have already stated that being part of a task force is fine because all organisations use professionals for specific "ventures". Firstpost or any other media quoting such task forces does not make Prof V a "spokesman" for BJP. Rajeev Gowda as Dir RBI is fine, but it is his appearance as official spokesman of Congress that makes the difference. So you're yet to understand the point the post is making. Prof V is also involved in Govt related work as you say. Does that make him a govt spokesman? That's the difference you need to realise. Prof Gowda as IIM Employee and Dir RBI is fine. It is his appearance as official spokesman of a political party that is the problem.

    5. I am surprised that you are suggesting Prof V's presence on a party platform even though he is a govt employee sounds good to you.

      Next time don't complain if army chief works for defining a cong led army policy.

    6. @Alok

      You are dragging the point. First, dont compare Army with IIMs. IIM Profs accept consultancy work from various orgs with permission. So Prof V is entitled to participate in any task force with clearance. Next, a specially crafted task force does not mean a political platform is being participated in. Are you suggested every "specialist" used by political parties become part of that party? In which case you are wrong. Politicians/parties use many experts in their activities, not all of them are party members.

      Yet, you still dont address the simple issue of an IIM prof being an official spokie of a political party and you keep dodging the question.

      Now heres a final test for you. Since you claim you were a student of both, you would do well to go and check with IIM-B whether Prof V's activities were cleared by the institute and if Prof G's status as Congress spokie is cleared by them. That should solve your problems.

    7. Ravi,

      You are not getting my point. I don't approve of either of them.

      I am just not so easy on Prof V's case either.

    8. @Alok

      Its not important if youre easy on either of them. Your point was that I was deliberately hiding information on Prof V. Now, that you know it's not true and that Prof V is not an "official spokesman" of any political party I expect that you acknowledge that your claim was false. Besides as their students, it is open to you to check with IIM-B if they are in approval of Prof G's representing a political party as "official spokesman".

    9. Hi Ravi,

      Let us agree to disagree here. From my perspective, the only difference between the two is that degree of involvement of Prof Gowda is higher. However, both are known for active political engagement on differing ideologies. Prof Gowda launched a political entrepreneur course in IIMB while Prof V has been organizing patriotic tweeple conference with a distinctive BJP/RSS touch to them.

      For me becoming member of BJP's economic cell task force is a crossing a big red line by Prof V for me and the same is true for a rather more aggressive step taken by Prof Gowda.

      We also have our dean of IIMB Prof. Trilochan Sastri who is the founder of Association of Democratic reforms (ADR) and our own Director of IIMB Prof Chandra has been part of that group although not actively now. ADR classic PIL has been responsible for mandatory disclosure of information by candidates during election. Prof Trilochan Shastri infact roped-in Aamir Khan when he was shooting 3 idiots in the campus to bring out his clean politics advertisement before elections in 2009. Prof Sastri has also confabulated with top leaders of both parties on this regard.

      Prof Sastry in fact runs a course on Social Entrepreneurship which is wildly popular with students. One of his students was Sridhar Pabbisetty who also was COO of centre of public policy at IIMB and then became a candidate of Jansatta in 2013 Karnataka State elections from the Hebbal Constituency. Surprise - Sridhar used to manage the political entrepreneurship courses as COO, that was launched by none other than Prof. Gowda.

      Summary - So if you are looking that IIMB would have granted some kind of approval, short answer is that IIMB campus had been politically active for quite sometime.. However, active political partisanship of Prof V and Prof Gowda has been relatively new.

      I do not want to continue on this topic as I have very high regard of all these four professors as they are stars of my campus and alma mater. I rather look up to all of them being the intellectual giants in their field.

      However, all these pieces of information is just to apprise you of historical background of political inclination (open or otherwise) that I have been aware for a long time.

      I would just say that you should not have highlighted Prof Gowda in isolation, from an argument point of view,

    10. @Alok

      It is very convenient for you to drag the topic for long and then say let us agree to disagree. I dont buy that. Why are you telling me history of what goes on in IIM-B? That story has no relevance. The only point of relevance was Prof V and Prof G. It seems you have too much ego to accept that you made a wrongful claim. Learn to accept that you're point was invalid. I have rightly highlighted Prof G because he appears and is shown as Congress spokesman by media. You have no evidence Prof V represents BJP in anyway in any forum. His being on a task force as a finance expert does not constitute political representation. Learn to accept your mistake instead of dragging the argument.

    11. Hi Ravi,

      I told you the backgrounder because you wanted to know that if IIMB has approval for such activities. I am sorry that you failed to appreciate that nuance. Irrespective I stand by my assertion on you being selective on Prof Gowda. Your argument about Prof V would convince only faithful and nobody else.

      Even after I gave you evidence, your argument comes across like clergy hitting back on Gallelio and insisting earth was middle of universe because they believed so. :-)

      Anyways, this is my last post on this subject.

    12. @Alok

      I had asked you to go find out if IIM-B approves of Prof G's appearance as Cong spokie and to find out if Prof V's work as approval. If you cant do that, dont try to play a saint. You goofed up with your false claims and so now dont try to play holy. As simple as that. You can continue commenting as long as you want. It doesnt alter the fact that you made a bogus claim.

  20. Ravi,

    You are too good a writer. You have lots of information and in-depth study on vivid matters. You have the capabilities to prove the wrong as right in a logical manner.Hi,it is a laurel. I like your posts regardless of merit or otherwise, because basically you are intelligent and I like you.

    Why ain't we all think in terms of commissioning a new English Channel TV. You should be at the helm of affairs. I am ready with a cheque of Rs 10,000/ any time. Knock out the guys like Arnab, Barkha, Nidhi, Rajdeep, and Rahul from Headlines today. Will you?

  21. Islamists have destroyed Egypt and Somalia. Our homegrown Congress party of Indira and her Bahu have succeeded in destroying India. Who needs Kayani, Nawaj, Bhatkal, Saeed when we have Digvijay, Barkha, Rajdeep, Arnav, Choubeyjee, Devout Hindu wife, Manish, Chiddu and Manmohan strengthening hand of Bahujee.

    India is doomed. Let us have a drink.

    1. Dude:

      Be confident. 2014 will see boom of India again. Silently, lot of muslims will be voting for BJP. This is what I gather when I interact with Auto Drivers who happen to be Muslims. Irrespective of Cast Creed Race Religion - everyone is fed up with Congress and UPA.

      Don't be disheartened. Wait for the voting day and show your might.


      Ramesh N

    2. Wish I could agree with you! India is fully covered by Money Jihad. Modern Jaichands like Mulayam, Laloo, Nitish, Maya, Karuna, Mamta and Pawar will come to help the Gandhi Dynasty. After all Congress can throw money and all the above jokers will fall for it. To them money is more important than their Chaxxis.

  22. Dear Ravinar, It feels like an eye-opener to read your blogs.It sends shivers down the spine when I hear and read about the deteriorating condition of our country.

    Eye-opener in the terms of:
    1. How the very fundamentals of our country are getting sabotaged
    with each passing day.
    2. Political parties are just small part of our constitution, but
    occupies maximum power and trying to destroy every institution
    of democracy.
    3. Judiciary is another part of constitution which has powers to
    bring justice to people, and thus restore faith in our
    constitution. But that too is being used for political ends.
    4. Bureaucracy has been made totally spineless by the Legislators.
    5. Media, Print and TV are totally in the hands of Moneybags and
    Political parties and thus acts as a voice for someone.

    For all this mess, I only consider "The flawed nature of our Constitution which gives too many powers to our MLA/MP". Does our constitution give so much "Discretionay" power to an MLA/MP ?? Why she/he must be treated differently than an ordinary person ??

    This "discretionary power" of MLA/MP brings all the corrupts to attach to any political party representing some ideology. Thus however good a political party be, however good its intentions corrupts remain attached to it. And when the "Boss" of the political party is "total corrupt" you get parties like Congress and Many other Regional parties whose only purpose is to loot the country.

    By very nature, Truth is Silent and Lies are Vocal. True nationalists will have to find ways to "tear apart" this cloud of Lies and Deceit. Yours is an excellent effort in this direction. We need more representation and voice to reach the masses. You should train the guys to write the truth in all the regional languages. In India nothing goes as forcefully and meaningfully as with Regional Languages.

    It is in these terribe times that powerful leaders and need of the hour.

  23. it is a duet. congress and its allies first made the courts as extended party office and then created laws so that people like ambanis, mallyas can purchase anything anytime from their 'dukan'. take my word, that if Modiji becomes PM then his main opposition will be 'courts'. congress has already made 'laws(!!!)' and interpreters(courts) to disturb anyone who will dethrone them. because congress party or any of its allies has not a single person who can give leadership or politically counter anyone who is even less than 25% capable of Modiji.

  24. While every drop of my blood has only contempt for congress and almost all of its members, I want to give one certificate to this Prof, Rajiv Gowda, for his general knowledge.

    I remembered him well, from the day he appeared in Siddhartha Basu's Master Mind Quiz on BBC several years ago..Though he didn't make it to the final, just to participate in it is a great distinction. I remember his specialization in one of the rounds - "history of raastra kootas".. The same can not be said of the other co-founder of hamara congress...the great Jha....He is at the opposite end of the spectrum. Also has been decent in debates unlike other CONs.

  25. I am not sure, but I think even members of Election Commission cannot be members of political party.

    I once met a woman whose husband worked for the Election Commission. She, once wanted some info from the internet, and wanted me to mail to her husband's email ID....strangely the email ID domain was of Indian Youth Congress (

  26. Truly left the part about how all the governors are controlled by congress


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