Saturday, September 21, 2013

Communal Lies

(This is a MaxiPost)

Christianity has many denominations that aren’t so widely known. There’s Jehovah’s Witness who believe the world is rotten and has to be destroyed and God’s Kingdom will be established here. The JW’s don’t celebrate any holidays or any festival, not even Christmas. It’s almost like they’re in permanent mourning. An even lesser known denomination is the Amish community. This community lives isolated from the modern world without any modern technology or tools. They still use horse-drawn carriages and not cars. They don’t use electrical gadgets or tools for their work. They have a nice tradition; when a couple gets married they build them a new barn. Watch the video (2.25 mins):

That’s a clip from the Harrison Ford movie “Witness” (1985). That’s the first time I ever heard of the Amish. In the movie, tough-cop Ford hides himself in an Amish community to protect himself and an Amish kid who is a witness to a crime. While he’s there, he mingles with them and becomes one of them. The Amish are a very tiny community who believe only God is their judge. Their way of life is often laughed at and ridiculed. But the Amish were made more known for another incident; a terrible one in 2006. A gunman Charles Roberts took hostages and shot ten girls (aged 6–13), killing five, at an Amish school in Pennsylvania, before committing suicide. Roberts used to deliver milk at the school.

Wiki: “The emphasis on forgiveness and reconciliation in the response of the Amish community was widely discussed in the national media… On the day of the shooting, a grandfather of one of the murdered Amish girls was heard warning some young relatives not to hate the killer, saying, "We must not think evil of this man." Another Amish father noted, "He had a mother and a wife and a soul and now he's standing before a just God." Jack Meyer, a member of the Brethren community living near the Amish in Lancaster County, explained: "I don't think there's anybody here that wants to do anything but forgive and not only reach out to those who have suffered a loss in that way but to reach out to the family of the man who committed these acts”. Such extraordinary forgiveness doesn’t come easy and is unknown in the world we live in. The shooting makes great TV but their forgiveness doesn’t. The Amish are a very tiny minority. They are “different”. Nobody told them or made them feel “different”; it’s just their way of life. And a very peaceful one! Back home, our politicians and media keep telling one particular community they are “different” (while screaming they are “equal” citizens) and molly-coddle them and appease them and overlook all their violence.

One of the most widely read posts on this site and one which resonated with a large number of people is “Delhi’s Broken Windows”. The simple essence of that post is that if small hygiene routines in crime-prevention aren’t carried out at regular intervals a major epidemic is likely to break out soon. Ignore sexual harassment of girls and allow illegal buses and other vehicles on the road, incidents like Delhi Gangrape are bound to follow. There is enormous wisdom in “a stitch in time saves nine”. The Muzaffarnagar riots too started on August 27, 2013 out of an eve-teasing incident. The brother and another man assaulted the Muslim guy who harassed a girl. The Muslim guy died. So the Muslims attacked the Hindus in revenge and killed those two. Then it became a bigger riot by Muslims and finally the Jats retaliated severely. That is the story being mostly reported by most news agencies.

The media took it seriously only when one of their own, Rajesh Verma of IBN, was killed on September 7. If the media that endlessly moralises on such issues had reported on many communal incidents in UP maybe things wouldn’t have come to such a pass. But it has been a tradition with our criminal media to remain silent and even cover-up when Muslim mobs go haywire. The Muzaffarnagar riots were hardly the first since the Akhilesh Yadav govt took over. But before we get to all that let’s see how “sickulars” deal with communal violence. This is a statement by MoS Home RPN Singh in LokSabha:

This was on May 7, 2013 even as many “chota-mota” incidents were routine in UP. What was the media doing? Post the killing of that IBN journalist many news sites put up a history of communal incidents in UP. Here’s one from FirstPost (and even this may not be complete but shows major incidents):

2 June, 2012:Mathura Four killed at Kosi Kalan following a dispute over drinking water outside a place of worship. 4 June, 2012 Muzaffarnagar Two women and 18 men were wounded in clashes.23 July, 2012:Bareilly Three killed over loud music near a place of worship in JogiNavada. Curfew re-imposed on 12 August following fresh violence. 16 Sept, 2012 Ghaziabad Six killed in clashes after alleged desecration of a sacred book.  24 Oct, 2012:Faizabad One killed; curfew following a dispute during Durga procession. 6 Dec, 2012: Azamgarh Violent clashes injure 11. 16 Jan, 2013: Lucknow Two killed, seven injured in bloodshed between two sects in Old City. 6 April, 2013: Meerut Several injured during protests against an incendiary Facebook post. 26 July, 2013: Meerut Two killed in clashes over a dispute on use of loudspeakers during festival. 27 Aug, 2013: Muzaffarnagar Three killed after a girl was harassed in Kawal village. 31 Aug, 2013: Amethi Dalit homes set on fire; man killed over construction on Gram Sabha land. 3 Sept, 2013: Shamli One killed, 10 injured in conflict between two communities over dumping of garbage in Tisara. 7 Sept, 2013: Muzaffarnagar Nine killed in violence after Mahapanchayat in protest against Kawal incident.

So FirstPost lists about six riots in UP for 2012. No, I’m not expecting them to list all or be accurate with these numbers. They have more important things to do. But when RPN Singh made that statement in parliament which I referred above he also provided an Annexure of communal violence incidents across India for the period 2010 to March 2013. Take a look (if the table isn’t very clear, please open the link I have provided):

Interesting, eh? So our Mos Home says there were 668 communal riots in 2012 and 171 till March this year. Okay! Let’s put aside figures for 2010, 2011 and stay close to 2012 and 2013.
Now some important questions! Take a look the first red block I’ve marked for Assam. It says “zero” communal riots in 2012 and 2013. Assam had the worst riots of 2012 in July-August when the “tyranny of distance” and “lack of OB vans” prevented Rajdeep Sardesai from reporting on it. Who generates these numbers being given to parliament? The second red block I’ve marked is Gujarat. The table says 57 incidents in 2012 and 20 incidents in 2013 till March. Really? Assam had zero in 2012 and Gujarat had 57? Is it possible? Even if there were group clashes between stray dogs from two streets in Gujarat, that would have made 38000 headlines in the media with another 50000 “Blows to Modi”.

And the red block at the bottom is that for UP which says 118 for 2012 and 24 in 2013. I may sound harsh, but if a journo had been killed in any of those initial 118 riots of 2012 in UP  many other riots may have been prevented and lives saved. Nobody knows the numbers. Neither the media nor the Home Ministry! And to tackle all this there was another delegation by Muslims (led by KamaalYasin Batkal was arrested because he’s a MuslimFarooqui of SP) to demand the Communal Violence Bill.

Let’s face the truth. No law has prevented murders and rapes. They never will. Even the most alert cops may not be able to prevent murders and rapes inside private homes or buildings but they surely can prevent these crimes on the streets in public. Communal riots don’t happen in private homes; they happen on the streets. It’s not as if there have been no sparks in Gujarat either. There have been cases of stone-throwing at Ganesh processions in some places but they were nipped in the bud. That is what is expected of Police and politicians. Of course, our criminal media tends to ignore and cover-up crimes by Muslims for obvious reasons and, like in UP, this may end up in more tragedies like Muzaffarnagar. They leave the window open for riots to escalate. And when rudely woken up, people like Rajdeep, Barkha, Arnab, Kanwal etc. will all start sermonising the world and do stupid sting operations and claim credit over each other. These are the real enemies of peace and harmony. Watch this stupid self-righteous aggression by Rajdeep (2.51 mins):

Subramaniam Swamy rightly points out that Hindus cannot be constantly put back. They cannot endlessly suffer the extremists within the minority community. If Rajdeep wants reconciliation has he gone and talked to any Muslim group? Has he ever condemned any Muslim group directly for violence? The media morons even swallowed the fact of their property and people being damaged and injured at Azad Maidan. The rioters at Azad Maidan molested female cops, burnt vehicles, destroyed a Jawan Memorial and the cops just watched. What moronic reconciliation is this man talking about? If your sister or wife is harassed by anyone I doubt anyone is going to say a prayer. If your religious procession is stoned frequently, it is bound to enrage people. If you burn 59 people in a rail coach for no particular reason it becomes impossible to hold back passions. And what’s their anger? Even reasons like somebody burned their holy book? Fine, if someone burns the Gita or dumps it in the garbage I would consider it silly. It will not offend me, but even if it offends and enrages me I am certainly not going to pull a gun or a sword and start killing people. Muslims need to learn that. Category 4 moron Ashutosh wonders if he would be considered a “nationalist” if he were to criticise Islam. This is his sly tweet to Hindus. No, you won’t be a nationalist, but chances are you’ll be dead.  

The extremists who create such fears have made it impossible for anyone to talk reason to them. Their extremism is not restricted to India, it’s universal. They are in conflict wherever they are, in Britain, France, USA and even Marijuana-legal Netherlands. Forget these western nations; they are in conflict even in the purest of pure Pakistan.  Terrible fact is that Hindus are increasingly being called “cowards” in various forums for tolerating a lot of offences. Hindus are not Amish. The media can’t stop crying and screaming Muslims aren’t being allowed to get into the “mainstream” Indian life. But do they want to? Swathes of towns and villages in UP, Rajasthan, Maharashtra. Bihar and some more States have more or less become “Islamic” towns. The 3rd wave that Asad Owaisi promised in the parliament has already been in operation for many years, he said nothing new (Read Tavleen Singh’s article). And what are Congress, SP, JDU, RJD and similar “Sickular” parties telling the Muslims? They’re telling them ‘Look, you people are different. Look you people are pathetic victims. Look you people can’t make a living on your own. Look, you need us or you will die’.

Special courts, special subsidies, reservations, pilgrimage subsidies, separate marriage laws, instant divorce laws, no alimony for women, Islamic banking and on and on. And what’s the outcome? In places like Kishtwar, the attempted ethnic cleansing was completely blacked out by govt and the media. And who is to blame for all the miseries of Muslims and the communal violence? Of course, Hindus! As if Hindus have nothing else to do in life other than indulge in violence against Muslims. This is what the media morons tell you. The Central govt conveniently blames States for all this but they don’t even have accurate statistics as RPN Singh shows. Pathetic! Among the media folks only Gaurav Sawant had the guts to speak the truth. I had to jokingly tweet back to him to get Z-plus security.

Let’s face it! As long as there are different laws for different communities and “sickular” politicians and media-politicians like Rajdeep, Ashutosh dividing the country there will be communal riots. As long as there is appeasement of Muslims there will be communal riots. It’s an unfortunate fact of life. Lately, there are reports of an Islamic University being set up and constructed at Tirupati, one of the holiest towns for Hindus. This is not prevention, this is further invitation to communal disharmony. This is mindlessly breaking a window that isn’t broken. With the University will come up a lot of residences and supply stores. With the university will come up a lot of mosques. A mini Islamic town in a Holy Hindu town is likely to be created. There are plenty of towns where this university can be created but choosing Tirupati is not without its own motives. The Islamists wanted to create an Islamic centre near the disaster site of WTC of 9/11. It was protested and suspended. The Tirupati Islamic University too needs to be moved. Not because it is bad but because the very nature of India’s appeasement policies leads to disharmony and violence. Stop appeasement and the feeling of victimhood, being different will slowly dissipate or it will last for eternity. 

Muzaffarnagar is a clear case of provocation and violence that seems to have backfired on the rioters and some politicians. The Jats retaliated only as they would be expected and are known to do. They are a lot like proud warrior clans and are not going to tolerate offences like some other Hindu communities. Our sickular political parties and liars in media live in denial of some fake “communal harmony” and “unity in diversity” dream. As long as there are different laws, appeasement, intolerance of the majority community these communal lies will only lead to more disasters. 


  1. The blatantly incorrect statistics being presented in Parliament is just mind boggling. Why didn't the BJP challenge the Min?!
    Even to a layman like me - Assam (2012) and Gujarat (all 4 years) jumped out before I read your comments!
    Shame on the BJP MPs too for sitting quiet.

    1. Your observations are true. Except for Modi, BJP appears to be a listless image of the congress

  2. It needed so much of guts to speak like what Dr.Swamy has spoken in the clip & the same amount or more guts needed to write facts like your article above. We need to capture the media to stop the propaganda, propagate our own & for everlasting peace.

  3. I am amazed that the BJP didn't challenge the data provided in the Parliament by RPN Singh. And i am sure 5 years down the line Tirupati will be the epicenter of communal riots.

  4. I cant believe an islamic university is being set up in AP will become communal too!!!

  5. As always truly wonderful article. Ravi it is pity that a man of your caliber in not the Editor-in chief of some big media house. No one can do it better that you. Kudos.

    1. If that happens, there would be a lot of additional obligations, clash of al, Ravi sir is doing what he loves and what he is good at.. we must support him by spreading his words and encouraging discussions. Good that these MSM eat crows everyday, a big thanks to him for this..!!


  6. Y Shame on BJP MPs.
    its a shame of Indians who r never united against wrong deeds.
    We always differentiate between our-self in language & region.
    Some Hindus vote for BSP becoz they are dalit. Some vote for lalu as they are yadav. some vote for pawar as they are maratha...
    There is no unity.
    & at the end BJP realizes no Party can rule india without Minority Support & pseudo secularism .. so now started pleasing them :(

  7. Fantastic observations and convincingly articulated. Well done.An unabashed admirer of your writings. Ashish Khushu

  8. Excellent as always. Amazed to see such blatantly misleading data in government records. It seems NOTHING is RIGHT related to this government

  9. Shocking to see no mention of causalities in Assam, but not least surprised to see fake information about Gujarat.

  10. Even ex AP CM YSR Reddy wanted to bring in a church in tirupati premises. You might call me superstitious but that person was killed in helicopter accident after some days bringing that propasal

  11. sir i plead u to write something on the persecution of hindus of western UP by SP govt. even after so much bawaal the govt. is continuing its appeasement and partiality policy, now they r literally persecuting hindus nd there is no one to yalk for them. SP has no votebank except muslims in western UP that is why they r pursuing a policy of gross insenstivity towards hindus. medias role is to act as a monitor so that no govt. could try to violate human rights nd differentiate between its people but in this case the national media has given open hand to UP govt. it is the SP govt. who is solely responsible for the riots, everyone here is convinced that SP govt deliberately tried to organise riots. but it can happen only in this secular country that the main culpurits were given clean chit by national media nd on the basis of allegations by the culpurits themselves the media is blaming BJP, mahapanchayat, social media etc. it is a crude joke that the culpurits themselves r deciding who has to visit mujaffarnagar or not. they have put a complete ban on the visits of leaders by other parties. they r now targetting only BJP legislators who has no major role in anything nd making them bali ka bakra. they r helped in this by national media who did not take care of facts while reporting nd blindly following the govt. the legislators would come clean after some time but the sp govt along with the media would succeed in showing to the country that BJP is responsible for riots. to appease so called angry muslims nd to stop them from drifting away the govt decided to do anything. they r taking gross one sided actions on the violence harrasing hindus while protecting the muslim rioters. but no one in national media is reporting this. we feel very helpless and dejected by this system as we have no one who can speak for us. local hindu leaders r silent nd in fear as the govt is implicating anyone in the riots who can protest against it. riots have given SP govt an opportunity to violate human rights.

  12. Dear Ravinar,
    The concluding remarks of your post are the most important:
    1. the very nature of India’s appeasement policies leads to disharmony and violence.
    2. As long as there are different laws, appeasement, intolerance of the majority community these communal lies will only lead to more disasters.
    This line of argument must be used and spread by every true nationalist Bharatiya as root cause of all communal problems in this nation.
    Non-discrimination on religion, creed, caste and language is the key to resolve the problems over the period. Of course it is a long term solution, as lot of damage is done in the last 60 years, which will take a long time to undo the malicious effect.

  13. The fake riot stats placed before the Parliament since then have been publicised by entire MSM. Most readers must have wondered like you about Assam and Bodos.
    Major reason why NaMo has become popular is because of this violent assertiveness of lay Muslims and meekness of secular parties.Also reason why MSM has not only become unpopular.It has become laughable now.Their days are numbered.

  14. brilliant as usual. I must say, it requires a lot of thought process and guts to put out an article as this with the truth. I am sure 99% of us stop ourselves to document our thoughts this straight in public domain. It's not necessarily out of fear, but most of us have friends who are Muslims/Christians/Other religions and we fear any hostility that may develop between us ....

    nevertheless, it saddens everyone looking at this appeasement politics. Any criminal must be punished without even looking at what community he belongs. If only media had covered Muzaffarnagar right from the start, the riots could've been reined in sooner. Swamy may have put it grossly, but I would say: as long we DO NOT inspect and point out the exact problem as being between Hindus and Muslims unlike saying one-community and other, analyzing the specifics is always important. Sad that the complete Media section along with all affluent people, both politicians and the elite: are simply morons ...

  15. All this happens because cowardly Indian Hindus sit and talk about how proud they are of their different castes and how they'd rather kill their offspring eloping with a Hindu of 'another' caste rather than become united, elect someone like Modi and Dr. Swami and rid the country of communal terror at the hands of the so-called 'victim, innocent, poor' minorities.

    As a person of Indian origin living abroad, I feel ashamed to call myself Indian because of the cowardice called 'secularism' shown by Hindu Indians in the country and turn against their own culture.

  16. well said ...We need more assertive majority ....You missed one point probably you might have written about that in your previous articles...Protest by muslims in kolkatta for the war criminals of 1971 war in Bangaldesh ..stating that islam is in danger in Bangladesh...

    this video will help



  17. I have seen a lathi charge video of a political meeting in Kerala. The rampaging policemen were exempting all jihadi dhadiwalas in the crowd and they were not even running.SOme of them were guiding the police.

  18. Yet another hard hitting post! I am an avid reader of your blog and may I make a suggestion... Many of the videos embedded in your posts do not show up on the iPad. Would it be possible To correct this? Thank you.

  19. Personal Message to you Ravinar,

    Please connect the dots in the following events :

    1) Gujarat court hearing Isharat Jehan Fake encounter has said that it is just sufficient to prove that the encounter is fake & whether the killed persons are terrorists or not is immaterial.

    2) Supreme Court bars convicted MPs, MLAs from office after axing protection - based on Lily Thomas petition.

    An important extract from the SC ruling :

    The court, however, said that its decision will not apply to MPs, MLAs or other lawmakers who have been convicted and have filed their appeals in the higher courts before the pronouncement of this verdict.

    3)Election Commission has welcomed the above ruling of SC.

    4) L. K. Advani said that anointment of Narendra Modi as Prime Minister candidate would be a "disaster". Did he know what is going to happen ?

    5) First conviction after SC verdict, Rashid Masood set to lose MP seat on a very old case dating back to 1991-
    Masood, Minister of Health in the VP Singh government between 1990 and 1991, was held guilty of fraudulently nominating undeserving candidates to MBBS seats allotted to Tripura in medical colleges across the country from the central pool

    The conspiracy is unfolding - Narendra Modi would be the next one to get disqualified from PM candidate, as he would be convicted on the Isharat Jehan Fake encounter case. CBI will make a case with statements from Gujarat Police officers.
    Is Na Mo prepared for this ? What is BJP's back-up plan ?

    1. More importantly, The bench hearing Isharat Jehan Fake encounter case includes Abhilasha Kumari, daughter of Himachal CM Virbhadra SIngh. Bench is fixed

    2. Yes, this is something that has been bothering me for some time. I hope NaMo and his team are prepared for this

    3. I said a day before, today is Vanzara related news of Haren Pandya Murder case. The witch hunt was well planned months before. Now Sonia is not in the country, just to show that she is not behind the plot.

  20. Apparently those Assam Riots have eloped with the files of the Coal Ministry with Arvind Kejriwal being produced as the secular progeny.

  21. I don't know if others also took a note of media suddenly started referring to Muzaffarnagar riots as one between Jats and Muslims, replacing the word Hindu. Obviously the agenda is to keep non Jat Hindus unconcerned by giving riots the color of a caste conflict, in which other Hindus must not get concerned about their security and safety.
    They use smallest of means to divide Hindus. Its impossible to assess the slyness and skulduggery of MSM. Can a person or a group be scheming 24x7 again a particular community with a motive or incentive? All I can holistically think is that they are sold out or compromised by foreign agencies of enemy states.

  22. Its very interesting you mentioned Amish killing.What was amazing was around same time there was a shootout in Montreal where a 28-year Kim Gill randomly fired in a College killing a student and ultimately shot himself also dead. His parents were horrified and begged the dead girls parents for forgiveness for their son's act. But they point blank even refused to meet them.
    On the other side the Amish incident was more horrific but the Amish community prayed for the perpetrator and promised to support his family(the man actually used to drive milk trucks in Lancaster).

  23. Ravi, what an opening paragraph. I also admire Amish people and their convictions. But, again they live in a more civilised and caring society. The same can not be said about India, where Bahus and Bêtis are sold to get money, people are victimized for asking for their rights, where most of our political leaders are Goondas.

    Talking about MSM likes of.Number Uno, Arnov the obnoxious, Karn the Tool, Burqa,, Nidh the kept, Priya the 3A$$ lady and Devout Hindu Wife, are not able to see what A particular religion is doing to the world. The reason is clear. They are paid by local Imams from money that comes through Hawala from ME Sheiks and SE Asian Sultans.

  24. Editor in Chief mr sardesai ..
    this is aa aa aa totally incorrect aa aa aa on your side ...... I am the aa aa aa chief editor aa aa aa of IBN aa aa aa. :D

  25. Sir Dr Subramanyam Swamy - Hatts off to you.

  26. Even if there were group clashes between stray dogs from two streets in Gujarat, that would have made 38000 headlines in the media with another 50000 “Blows to Modi”.

    Simply Awesome :)

  27. The Hindu voters in all states especially TIRUPATI should extract an undertaking from BJP that they WOULD NOT ALLOW ANY MUSLIM UNIVERSITY TO COME UP IN TIRUPATI

  28. Dear Ravinar,
    I have been a regular reader of your posts, this is perhaps the first time I am commenting on one.
    "Bihar and some more States have more or less become “Islamic” towns." Where does this perception arise from? True that some of sickular parties are active there, but in my opinion Bihar would be among the less Islamized states, at least when compared with its neighbours and other southern regions like Andhra, Maha and Kerala.

  29. The day Hindus form a vote bank by ignoring caste, regional differences will be golden day of development. Libtards and pseudo seculars are afraid of this day and will keep spewing venom against right wingers.

  30. Ravi,

    You do sound harsh but unfortunately the events in UP vindicates your opinion.

    Ganesh R

  31. Till such time appeasement of one community or religion to another religion or community is not stopped riots will go on. Y the uniform civil code is not yet implemented? Muslim rulers always constructed mosques near famous Hindu temples is big cause or heart burning how you can live peacefully? We advise separated brother to live a block away to remain more harmoniously.

  32. Communal crooks: Bangalore Police.
    There r few muslim majority areas in Bangalore where in the shops are open after 11pm but the same excuses are not given to the shop owners out of this areas. R the bangalore police so scared to make those shops shut at 11pm


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