Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back To British

It is hard to believe that it took 28 years for India to get rid of the British after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre of 1919. Actually, we didn’t even throw them out. They left on their own accord after cutting India to pieces. I sometimes wonder how Indians gladly joined the British police force and fired upon and lathi-charged their own countrymen. MK Gandhi even supported (as did many other Indian leaders and Muslims in general) some stupid Khilafat movement for far off Turkey. MKG even condoned the Moplah violence against Hindus in the name of rebellion against the British. The British and the Congress party have a shared history of hatred of Hindus. Anything in Saffron that moves is worth their loathing and condemnation. The instances are many and now our modern day media is part of that bandwagon. Take a look at this pic by AajTak:

The headlines seem to glorify Azam Khan, who has been said to be the instigator of Muzzafarnagar riots. On the other hand it shows Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev’s mindless detention in London airport as “London me Lafda yog”. Chronic liars Digvijaya Singh call BRD a “thug”. It’s because such nonsense is being allowed to pass all the time that members of the “fake secularism” brigade has become more like the British.

Two years ago on Gandhi Jayanti, a funny hashtag #BritishRajTweets on Twitter, had a dose of tweets using current political leaders and public figures and what they would have tweeted during that time. In June 2011 after the cowardly attack by Delhi Police, on the orders of the Congress govt, on a sleeping crowd of agitators led by BRD (which resulted in the death of one woman) our PM could only say “Police action against Ramdev was unfortunate but inevitable”. The man is indeed a tragic failure. Naturally, I tweeted what I estimate he would have said about the Jallianwala Bagh too. Had the Congress been in the govt Jallianwala Bagh may have still happened and they would have defended it. When the woman (Rajbala) who was fatally injured in the attack on BRD died, the media didn’t make much noise about it. It was fine with them because… isn’t it obvious? She died exactly this day two years ago. Here’s the reason I suggested then:

Despite all his weaknesses and cases of poor judgement MK Gandhi still remained a patriot at heart who loved India. I cannot say the same for the Congress or some parties similar to it that are keen on destroying the very freedoms we fought for. In the last Bihar elections Nitish Kumar demanded and got a ban on Narendra Modi from campaigning in that state. The BJP foolishly even agreed to please Nitish’s ego and inferiority complex. Someone else wasn’t allowed into Bihar a long time ago too. The reasons, he was told was he would “disturb the peace”. Watch this video (4.39 mins):

If that shocks you then the worst is yet to come. The JDU govt in Bihar has threatened to arrest NaMo if he enters Bihar. On what grounds? The threat of disturbing communal peace? This is the nonsense that the British peddled and our “sickular” parties are doing the same thing. Long back the same Bihar govt under Lalu Prasad had arrested LK Advani during a yatra. Rajnath Singh and other BJP leaders were stopped from entering Muzzafarnagar after the recent riots. However, SoniaG, RahulG and MMS were grandly allowed to enter with cameras to show their “sickular” credentials in sharing tears of only Muslims and not Hindu victims. Gandhis are alive and well!

That’s not all. There is some joker in Tamil Nadu called M. Elango of some New Era Trust (Sounds like a Jesus or ROP Trust to me) who petitioned the Madras HC to ban Narendra Modi from entering Trichy for the same reasons as the British cited against MKG. (NaMo is scheduled to address a rally at Trichy today). Fortunately, the Madras HC rejected this nonsense outright but lately you don’t even know if courts will stand up for freedom. This guy Elango is a Congress member. There seems to have been no brains whatsoever in the Congress party to stop their member from indulging in such frivolous nonsense. Why would they? After all, anything against NaMo is welcome.

We are nearing another Gandhi Jayanthi. The Congress and other politicians will carry out the usual routines of singing praises to him. MKG wanted Congress disbanded after independence but that is one advice they will never heed. The British left but the Indian “suits” took over and we are now experiencing another British Raj. At least the media was patriotic during the freedom struggle. Now they too are full of Macaulay putras and putris who are no different from the British. They rejoice in the ill-treatment of their own citizens by the British and other countries. MKG wanted Congress to die. I have said this before “for India to progress, Congress must die”. They and similar “sickular” parties have taken us back to British Raj.


  1. To praise your posts has become a boring and challenging exercise. Boring because... well ... you know... it's has become so-repetitive; you are bound to do it. But challenging as well because my lexicon is exhausting to find new words in praise your posts. Your snapshot depicting Azam and Baba Ramdev tells it all. Kudos to you Ravi...

  2. Bang on once again MC, for India to progress Congis have to die and we all as responsible citizens must ensure that they die. Like NaMo said yesterday, this battle will be fought not by congis but by CBI. Hope people realize this and the way these folks are dragging the country to the gutters. The only problem being the so called 'minority' have been polarized to vote against NaMo come what may. Just wish better sense prevails over folks and vote NaMo to power in 2014.

  3. Narendra Modi said the same what you have mentioned about MKG!
    Devils Advocate : 26th Aug 2013
    KT asks Arun Shourie ':... to sum up,Dr Manmohan Singh stands very low In your estimation'; Shourie replies-'unfortunately,yes'.
    KT : so you lost respect for him..
    AS: ...a Good Man turned out to Good-For-Nothing-Man'
    KT: That's a damning indictment'
    AS: well,that's what the situation is'
    And, that's what the situation has been! That tells what kind of Govt is functioning!
    The Media never questions the Administration. Nothing at all to date. Both NDTV and CNN_IBN have not done one investigative story for a very very long time! Their 'mind-set' is wired and sealed for ever!

  4. Now that is something very powerful; the vintage "pen is mightier than sword"!

    Jai Ho!

  5. A great one. Hats off to Ravi

  6. Fantastic post! British created this so called `educated', `elite' class to use them as their stooges. These people are living the expectations of British. So the problem is with our education system. There will be no change until and unless we replace it with indigenous system. For that we require a `nationalist' Govt and not a carbon copy of British. If people really want a change and want to survive as `Indians' they should throw the congress out of power.

  7. Britishers were clueless about MKG, Macauly putras and purtris are also clueless about NaMo. Nice comparison.

  8. If communal violence happened because of the idiotic cat Nitish Kumar running away from the Lion Narendra Modi, Nitish Kumar should be put behind bars. The people will throw him out of power in the next election and then his condition will become like a despicable worm. Bihar has been one of the most crime prone states, Nitish Kumar himself being accused of murder, a case going on in the Patna High Court since 20 years now. It has become the den of terrorists of late and the terrorists have accepted Bihar as their safe haven due to communal Jihadi politics of Nitish Kumar. His own party member has openly accused him of accepting money from hostile nations. He also has visited Pakistan without any specific reason just to appease the Muslims and maybe also to import some terrorists from Pakistan to Biha

    1. NItish and Lalu both went to Pakistan for what? Ensuring ISI and Islamic money flows into their bank accounts, is my take.

  9. Modi's rise is about the worst nightmare the Congress party has had
    since they eliminated Subhash Chandra Bose some 60-70 years ago. Here is a
    man who can speak for the people of India and unite the country. The
    only way the Congress has been able to remain relevant is by using
    muscle power, and under the table deals bribing smaller parties and
    threatening them with extinction if they don't accept the bribes. There
    is every indication that even these underhanded tactics are likely to
    fail against Modi. Yes, it is true, that many corrupt parties are likely
    to gather under one umbrella, but when even that proves insufficient,
    the corrupt and treasonous within our polity will have no place to hide.
    The only alliance they will be making will be with their jail cell or a
    noose around their neck.

  10. I am sure that Dogvijay went to attend Namo's meeting in Burqa and seeing the seaya of people attending ran away!!

  11. Gandhi was a Andhi which destroyed Bharat. Gandhi was great manipulator. Only Hindus fell in his trap, while Muslims took another path.

    There is no need to celebrate his birthday. How can be forget Moplah, Noakhali? Forget about Gandhi. Celebrate Lal Bahaduri Sastri's birthday. A man who united and fought for India.

    1. @SP
      Totally agree with you.
      The same Andhi gave his sur name to Indira other wise she has had been known as INDIRA KHAN and thus RajivG as Rajiv Khan, Antonia Mano as Antonia Khan, RagulG as Rahul Khan...

    2. At the core these so called gandhis, are actually KHANS..that's why so appeasement for Muslims..!!

  12. Folks,
    Any idea about this:
    I also would like to purchase the NAMO smart cell.

  13. Ravi you are close to the 4 million page views mark…I sincerely hope that NAMO is a reader….If not, anyone who reads this post and also has NAMO ear must direct him here for material for his Bihar speech.

    Imagine NAMO thundering from a stage in Bihar

    " Doston mujhe aaj apke beech annese roka jar aha tha… yeh kehkar, ki yahan ke shanti ko khatra hai…lekin mai is baat se garv mehsoos karta hoon…Ek aur Gujarat se aye hue desh bhakt ko is Bihar ke pavan dharthi se nikala jar raha tha…. Yeh kehkar ki yahan ke shanti ko khatra hai….Unka naam tha Mohan das Karam Chand Gandhiji…..Aur sarkar thi angrezon ki....Doston muje sharm se kehna pad raha hai sarkar ke Chamdi ka rang badal gaya lekin sooch wahi peeche chod gaye. "

  14. NaMo is is covering the whole South India now. After his rally in Hyderabad, today it will be in Kerala then in Tamilnadu and soon in Bangalore. He is doing his job and Congress is behind Modi to malign him by false allegations. Yet Modi comes clean. Communal congress has no idea what's happening in the nation !

  15. "At least the media was patriotic during the freedom struggle"- NO. once "The Statesman" praised Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose"l. noticing that He replied "I must have done something terribly wrong". it is just one example. there is plenty. sycophancy is not a new word and a section of educated(!!!) Indians(!!!) was always expert in that. new generation sycophants are in front of everyone now. so i don't need to mention them.

    as a large section of Indians(!!!) always betrayed "Hindustan" and continuously doing so, media was not at all insulated from that. and today media successfully transformed itself into middleman of lowest category. i think readers of mediacrooks will realise what i want to mean by"middleman of lowest category".

  16. As i write this piece of comment, NaMo is on a visit to Kerala. Over the last 2 weeks,virtually all Muslim organisations under the aegis of the communal IUML which in turn is an ally of Khangress is threatening the govt to allow child marriage for muslims girls.They claim that their prophet married a nine year old girl and that it is their duty to follow in the foot steps of the 'most perfect man' ever created by Allah.The last time I heard of this prescription was from Nigerian and Somalian jihadi groups.As of today none of the secularists or Human rights have uttered a world of dissent.Neither have the MSM made a passing reference to this issue. The Kerala media is full of debates on this. I sincerly hope NaMo makes a mention of this in one of forthcoming rallies. This is the only way to expose the MSM.NaMo is the only common's man source of info about the undermining of the nation that is going on.

  17. I have come to a conclusion that - The Congress has an anti-Hindu agenda since Nehru's time or even before.
    Lokmanya Tilak was sidelined.
    Vir Sawarkar did not get due respect, instead he was branded "British Agent" after being in British jails for 28 long torturous years.
    Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was probably left to ROT in some jail in Russia for years after 1947.
    The true "Father of Nation" Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, who did the near impossible job of merging 500+ kingdoms was never appreciated and given due credit instead the title was conferred on totally undeserving M K Gandhi.
    Mr.M K Gandhi was venerated in spite of being demonstrably anti-Hindu in his ACTIONS!! Khilafat,Naukhali aftermath speeches etc.
    He gave us 3 Monkeys who see No Evil, Hear No Evil ,Speak No Evil ; whereas we had a Vedic prayer --
    ॐ भद्रं कर्णेभिः शृणुयाम देवाः । भद्रं पश्येमाक्षभिर्यजत्राः । ........
    which means Let us HEAR good, SEE Good and so on.

    When you tell a person NOT to think of "Pink Elephant" ; you have "planted" the idea of a "pink" elephant ! He starts thinking - can there be a "pink" elephant? If yes Where ? How big or small ? So the original of "suggestion” NOT to think of Pink Elephant is negated.
    Similar case with the "Suggestion" of MKG regarding "EVIL" In my opinion the Vedic prayer would be more effective.
    Power of Positive Auto suggestions is recognized in recent years by Western world, whereas Vedic period PRACTICED it.

    Even a book on the Sins of Commission & Omission of Congress, will not suffice.

  18. The British did not left India on their own. The actions of Indian National Army (Azad Hind Fouj) led by Nethaji Subhash Chandra Bose and the consequent revolts of Indian soldiers in Royal Indian Navy, Air Force and Army made the British to leave India.
    Sir Stafford Cripps, spoke in the debate at the British House of Commons.
    "…The Indian Army in India is not obeying the British officers. We have recruited our workers for the war; they have been demobilized after the war. They are required to repair the factories damaged by Hitler’s bombers. Moreover, they want to join their kith and kin after five and a half years of separation. Their kith and kin also want to join them. In these conditions if we have to rule India for a long time, we have to keep a permanent British army for a long time in a vast country of four hundred millions. We have no such army, and money….”
    And the reason why Indians joined British Army is simply poverty and unemployment.

  19. A nice post as always.
    Indian people do not understand that freedom doesn't come easy as just by agitating all across the country... Britishers gave damn about MKG's agitation. Besides Vir savarkar and Netaji SB' efforts, there was a world war too which weakened the economy of Britain and made it hard for them to retain control on contries like india. MKG should have opposed the indian soldiers fighting in the world war and getting killed on behalf of English army. But he just did as per his mindset which unfortunately was against the nation, and so are today's Gandhis. And i would agree with Ravi on the media in those days. It has lost its true essence these days. Bashing NaMo and debating mindless topics are the only they are doing today. Such a disgrace. And ya, Indira Nehru was not 'gandhi', she married a Muslim, then how come their descendants are 'gandhis'?
    I guess priyanka gandhi's son too would be called 'Robert Gandhi jr'!!!!!!!!

  20. Great post.

    I have stopped seeing those Congressi channels long ago. So I dont bother what is shown there. I believe all editors of appx. all news channel's are converted to either muslim or christian for money so no wonder in such news. A human being can do anything to earn money but these idiots are forgetting that there is a future in which their kids and grandsons needs some identity to live with. I wonder if their kids ask them "Dad, what religion we actully belong to ?" and that time I can imagine how will they react. Totaly ashamed and confused too.

    Its really high time that we should stop these morons from damaging our unity as a India and as a Hindu.

    Keep the good work on..!!

  21. Also Ravinar, As I had suggested previously you should start this blog in different regional languages so that more and more people come to know about MSM tacts.

    There is a huge potential to reach to core of India and spread the awareness about MSM and Congress. I would suggest to start this blog in regional langauges ASAP because elections are at door and people should know whome to choose and whome to throw away .

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  24. "I sometimes wonder how Indians gladly joined the British police force and fired upon and lathi-charged their own countrymen" ---

  25. All these crooked foxes will become unite against NaMo.


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