Saturday, August 3, 2013

CNN-IBN: Fake Debates & Communal Incitement

Narendra Bhatti of the Samajwadi Party bragged that he got Durgashakti Nagpal the UP SDM suspended in just 41 minutes. He said it publicly and then claimed he was misquoted. On July 31 the foul-mouthed Azam Khan who whined for being “insulted” on a trip to the US made another hateful comment on the Durga episode. He said: "Ram naam ki loot hai loot sako to loot lo” (You are allowed to loot in the name of lord Ram). I wonder how his community would have reacted had he quoted his own religious icons. Such is the shameless behaviour of members of the SP. Perpetrate hate and play victim. We’ll get back to this story a bit later.

Once upon a time, not very long ago, you needed a license to possess a radio or a transistor. When TV came in, you need a license to possess and watch the TV. Some smart-alecs in the GOI even wanted to bring back the license system for TV. Read this:  Almost every new medium of communication or expression that has appeared since the dawn of history has been accompanied by doomsayers and critics who have confidently predicted that it would bring about The End of the World as We Know It by weakening the brain or polluting our precious bodily fluids”. Books, movies, TV and Radio shows have a history of inspiring crimes. I doubt anybody condemned JD Salinger because ‘Catcher in the rye’ inspired Mark Chapman to kill John Lennon. Surprisingly, Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster have never been tried for ‘Taxi Driver’ inspiring John Hinckley’s attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. So when a hate-channel, anchored by a hate-filled racist puts up a topic “Who’s afraid of social media” she is doing exactly what the doomsayers did in the case of Radio and TV.

This was aired by CNN-IBN on August 1 at the Ramnath Goenka journalism awards function. Frankly, I doubt the late Goenka would allow some of the people on the stage or currently in the Indian Express anywhere near him. So Sagarika introduces the topic with some choice descriptions of Social Media (SM). She tries to balance her moronery by throwing in descriptions such asinstrument of freedom” to describe SM. But her real epithets were “New gorilla in the room, bull in a china shop, subversive, destabilising and instrument of propaganda”. Aha! Imagine, one of the most hate-filled people on the SM is anchoring a discussion on SM. That’s TV hypocrisy for you. They even discussed whether SM should be regulated. Oh… when it comes to Islamic terror remember how they talked about the “root cause”? Well, you could say the “root cause” of SM is the Internet. So to cleanse the evil in SM it is necessary to get rid of the internet itself. Right?

Alright, for all the media morons who debate SM on TV, I would like to ask why when there is evidence of TV images provoking violence there is absolutely no regulation of News TV? There’s scientific evidence TV has known to provoke anger, violence and psychotic behaviour. I’m not joking. Just read my past article “Victimhood justifies violence”. People are known to throw shoes at TV or break the screens in anger across the world. Some have known to be provoked to more serious crimes. Shouldn’t TV be regulated? Never mind. And the discussion wasn’t how SM could be used more productively but “who’s afraid of SM”. Well, nobody except the people in the MSM and Govt are afraid of it and they try all they can to brand ordinary people as subversive or propagandists when the biggest subversive elements and propagandists are on TV and in newspapers every single day. One political party even wants to “hire” journalists for their campaign. Can the MSM fall any lower than being looked at as commodities?  

I have identified CNN-IBN as a communal channel that frequently puts up articles, news items or images that insult some religious group or the other. In some cases their unverified reports and hate-mongering deserve to be even legally tried. Were they different in the case of Durgashakti Nagpal? Here’s what the hate-mongering channel headlined:

Mosque demolition? Did Durga order or demolish a mosque? While the reporter screams her head off CNN-IBN puts up such provocative headlines. Is such a headline not enough to incite violence? Especially when you think of the Azad Maidan riots of August 2012 were provoked by fake images you can imagine what such a headline can do. Mind you, the reporter Marya Shakil hadn’t reported anything provocative; she was just doing her job. It’s the hate-mongering editors at CNN-IBN who should be held responsible for this provocative headline. Oh yes, the one who frequently cries over SM also happens to be a Dubiousity Editor at CNN-IBN. And who did they have on their SM debate? There was Manish Tewari who can’t complete one sentence without “anarchy”. There was Kapil Sibal who has left no shoe unturned to strangle the internet itself. These are the people adorning a “Ramnath Goenka” function. Goenka would have cancelled the event had he been alive.

Fact remains, Durga hadn’t demolished any mosque but an illegal wall or as other reports say warned the villagers to not build an illegal wall along a mosque. She had done nothing wrong. Real reasons behind her suspension and the SP vendetta? Let’s read the words of CNN-IBN itself: “Nagpal, during her tenure as the sub-divisional magistrate of Gautam Budh Nagar, had cracked down on the sand mining mafia. She had recently seized 24 lorries involved in illegal mining and form April to June, under her watchful eye, the mining department impounded 297 vehicles and collected a fine of over Rs 80 lakh”.

It should be clear to any observer that ahead of the 2014 elections and the threat of Narendra Modi creating an impact in UP the SP is whipping up communal passions. Durga was just about handy to appease Muslims and inflame their passions. It also remains a fact that whenever it comes to enforcing law we are now compelled by what will or will not offend Muslims or other minorities. Modi demolished 80 illegal temple constructions in and around Gandhingar in Gujarat. But he’s the one who’s “communal” and the bozos in SP and our media channels like CNN-IBN are supposed to be “secular”. This is the grave danger to this country that is being covered up by TV media. Are these channels dangerous? You bet they are. They’re not only the first line of defence for the corrupt they are also the biggest liars who place events and personalities in the wrong contexts to make a corrupt living.

In the first six months since Akhilesh Yadav took over as UP Chief Minister in March 2012 there have been at least seven communal riots. ‘Riot after Riot’ went on in UP while the media played the slave and covered up the violence and reporting of those riots. As they happened, it was people on the SM who relayed the news of the violence. I haven’t seen any channel demanding arrest of the perpetrators or seeking justice for the victims. Did you? Well, you will often find hate-mongering and fear-monger from these “seculars” about communal riots, when most of the worst riots have happened under their very nose (Digvijaya's Desperate & Dangerous Communal Call). How to engineer or get away with communal riots is an idiot’s hand-book you will have to pick up from the “Sickulars” or media channels like CNN-IBN. In the meantime, don’t let any media bimbo lecture you on SM or any kind of media. Nobody is scared of SM and nobody is scared of corrupt MSM.   


  1. Agree with you that the Ramnath Goenka award was the fascist face at its best. But Congress real face was exposed while Manish tiwari & Kapil sibal rant about Social media, introducing chinese like restricted media far from embracing the reality.....

  2. Fine article Ravinar! Good one, you expose these MSM channels that are really in the business of 'blowing things out of proportions' and in the course they flame communal passions. What suits them is the party in the Govt of that state. Had it been Gujarat, they would screaming out of their vocal chords and covering up the news day in and day out. You are doing a great job in exposing their duplicity, corrupt attitude and their hypocrisy. Thank you Ravinar!

  3. Imagine putting on Tiwari and Sibal on the same screen at the same time. Karela served with neem sauce. Are the ppl at CNN-IBN even sane? Ordinary folks can barely tolerate one of these characters w/out wanting to chuck something heavy at the screen.

  4. Unrelated to this discussion. Nevertheless, thought it would be enlightening for the others.

    Look at the past of Sreekumar. No wonder SIT is not willing to buy his theory on Gujarat Riots:

    He is referred to as SriKumar in this article.

    Madhu also mentions about his past

    Wonder why the court (of any varieties) is even tolerating/entertaining people like SreeKumar, Sanjeev Bhatt ... etc


  5. Imagine putting on Tiwari and Sibal on the same screen at the same time. Karela served with neem sauce. Are the ppl at CNN-IBN even sane? Ordinary folks can barely tolerate one of these characters w/out wanting to chuck something heavy at the screen.

  6. Very appropriate and timely blog Ravi. You have correctly pointed about the fascist group led by Number UNO and Devout Hindu. Only thing I have to say that born bas$$rds and bi$$hes will remain and no amount of shaming will affect them. Now SP and mulla Azam would have paid 5 years Manipal fee for the kid. It was funny to read a Muslim villager crying on destruction of the so called wall of a mosque. Can this Mother $$$$$$ tell us why his so called peaceful religion teaches to kill Hindus and destroy temples? The first solutions right thinking National Hindus and Indians must do is destroy the Secularist Demon.

    So called Secularist, be it Sen or Lord Ghoda Desai,all are paid by church money and ISI, and Saudis to subvert India and destroy Values taught by our Sages.

    1. 'M fully agree with you. You know India is secular country because Hindus are majority. If Majority were Muslims India would be an Islamic nation and known as Italistan, Nehrustan or Congresstan.

  7. Dear Ravinar,

    Few things are must which needs to be done to demolish "Credible" "Noise over News" Numero Uno and Unee,Scupendra, Great saviour of English and Mr Agenda, and their "sisters and brothers at Nautanki DTV"

    1. There should be debates across the Social Media if "TV Channels" give free and fair "news", without any prejudice.

    2. We should ask people to vote for the channels which they consider free and fair, put out the results and then let them defend for themselves.

    3. Invite MSM celebrity journalists to debate with the SM journalists and if they have guts telecast it live on their channels.

    I think time has come when people's eye needs to opened what's going in the name of being politically correct. Your views are well accepted across the SM media and this war needs to out on a much larger scale. Only the scale will force them, and their ad agencies to rethink what they are selling.

  8. Media bragging on Durga Nagpal now forgot the treatment given to Mr. Khema on Robert Vadra properties in Gurgaon, who was also transferred overnight. Media is selectively choosing to suit election year propaganda. The fact that Judges are priced including Chief Justice of India (Supreme Court). Every fabric of govt is corrupt or the Heads are decided based on their party orientations.

    1. "the treatment given to Mr. Khema"

      It is Khemka

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  10. Ravinar,
    Regarding the issue of Illegal Mosque's wall demolition by the brave IAS officer.

    1. Even if violence was expected, should the Govt be coy about following rule of law and in this case supreme court's order.
    2.Assume the mosque itself is illegal and has come up in the middle of the road, should the Govt of India for secular reasons keep away from demolishing it.
    3.If there is fear of even demolishing merely a wall of a mosque today, tomorrow these hooligans will paint everything green on the side of the road and every house which is illegal and claim victimization and danger of communal riots if they were demolished.
    I wonder where are we going as a country, even Pakistan seems better in this regards.
    4.In relative to mosque's wall demolition, hundreds of Hindu religious structures are demolished in India without a whiff of protest. Though there are protests of illegal demolition of Hindu structures, they are few and far between.
    5.Imagine we want to build a huge road infrastructure and where most of the illegal religious constructions crop up near the roads (it is a tactic to occupy land under the garb of religious strucutre) or a grave yard in the middle of Major national highway, what would they do.
    The secular nonsense has been taken to ridiculous levels.
    6.Tomorrow any upright officer will be framed using this demoslishing illegal structure stories and even upright officers will be a)afraid to take up illegal strucutre demolition issues. b)Knowing they would be dragged into communal issues, they would better server their terms as Political lackeys to the Government.
    6.Yesterday a mulism leader in NDTV was dragging Narendra Modi and Gujarat in an issue which is least related to him to browbeat BSP MP and others to submission. This is the level of discourse we have ended.
    The MainStream media is just a consequence of it. As I read in Centre right, when the system itself is deformed, it incubates deformed intellectuals.

    1. there are many mosques in Hyderabad which are located on road center, inspired by it few Hindus also learnt the art of building make believe temples, infact both are illegal but the municipality is scared.... result expect accidents to happen at these locations for they at locations which a speeding vehicle rarely can ever imagine......

    2. To add one more point.
      Yesterday in NDTV's debate about IAS officer's suspension. A debate broke out on the incidents of communical riots in UP and BSP MP was only quoting incidences where muslims lost their lives and adding more description and detailed story of the orgy that happened. He has completely avoided quoting where Hindus were dead due to communal incidents. Ours perhaps is the only country where majority lives like minority and minority as majority.

    3. Looking at this RBI's NEFT holiday list for the year 2012-13 one would think that Hindu's either don't exist in India or don't observe any holiday. :)

  11. Poor Ramnath Goenka. Remember Guru Dutt's film 'Pyaasa',people who used to make fun of and hate the lead character, who was a poet. The same people,after his death (perceived),made him a hero and started making money from his poetries.

    All out and ugly fight between Goenka and Indira Gandhi/her son Rajiv, is well known. Now the same congress ministers,who once upon a time were calling Goenka- the enemy no.1,are feeling elevated by participating in the discussions, in his memory. Also, pro-government media-houses and journalists are advertising that they have received the Goenka award, they do not bother to tell that he was anti-establishment.

  12. Arun Jaitley made a very good point.If Twitter and other SM were there during Ramnath Goenka' era "Emergency wouldn't have been imposed"!
    That shows what respect R Goenka had as a true democrat.
    S.Gupta asked some "irrelevant"questions which was answered "irrelevantly"!
    Arun Puri and Madhu Kishwar hardly spoke,in fact,it appeared they were deliberately sidelined.Bimbo aka Social Genius was her true self........shrieking,mumbling,yodeling.
    And,these TV Journalists are our "Fourth Pillar"of Democracy! That's cracking now and as 2014 closes in more of these nonsensical stuff goes on and on and on...........

  13. I don't get worked up these days. Because, politics and media are private enterprises and therefore are entitled to make money the way they can. The major stakeholders in these firms are behind the scene and those deployed at the front are their back-yard servants albeit English-like, Economist-like, CFO-like and Desh-bakt-like. Why not, if Shatrugan-likes turning a villain somewhere, hero someplace and their dialogues look real for a few lakh rupees, why not in the case of these media-men and politicos. We shouldn't grudge, they are in an unenviable position licking the boots, sarees and what not for a sizeable 'Gandhian Currencies' and "Washington Cents".

  14. NEVER EVER seen the face of the FAMILIES of those burnt inside the TRAIN in Godhra station or the face of THOSE HINDUS WHO WERE KILLED IN THE COMMUNAL RIOT IN 2002.

  15. NEVER EVER seen the face of the FAMILIES of those burnt inside the TRAIN in Godhra station or the face of THOSE HINDUS WHO WERE KILLED IN THE COMMUNAL RIOT IN 2002.

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  17. Is it legal for any news media to have an Op-Ed over any issue.? Who is an editor to give an opinion to the readers? Are they some form of representatives of the aam aadmi.? This privilege is at the root of all paid media actions.The role of the media must end with the dispensation of authentic news and let the opinion part be left to the general public.Press council overseas the veracity of the news but why is the editor given the right to propagate his views.? Is this not the gist of all the problems>?I have seen obituary of news reporters being aired on MSM channels as if they were national heroes for the public.

  18. I am very much in favour of going to court against these media channels, for instigating communal violence through rumormongering and misinformation.
    In fact I am ready to contribute in lawyer's fee, if needed.

    To protect the fundamental right of freedom-of-speech, we must oppose those who blatantly misuse it, thus jeopardizing the whole concept.

    (reposted due to spelling mistakes)

    1. Courts & its judges are all for sale. Did you not notice in when Subbramaniam Swamy with all evidence confronted the sessions judge in Chidambaram case, however, it the case was dismissed. Kapil Sibal background activity when not seen in media channel debates. Only people needs to be awakened.

    2. Yes!!!! I second your proposal. We have to contribute to fight this national enemy!!! I am sure Mr. Ravi will start doing the needful before it is TOO LATE!!!

    3. Save India

      I too Follow your proposal
      Mr Ravinar Please do something to save our bharat

  19. On the issue of sending a forged letter to Obama, Bhupendra Chaube asked JayNarayan Vyas, ‘Is the BJP keen on taking action against Md Adeeb because he is a Muslim?’
    Just an example how CONgi mules in CNN IBN make a victim out of a crook and communalize an issue.
    Yet strangely, nobody from the BJP takes legal actions against such channels.

  20. Akhilesh,his cricket team of "SP Uncles",Congress,Left all are worried about "polariser" - They all want 25% or less Muslim votes.Muslims are turning out to be hard nuts to crack and Hindus are laughing at their "sickular" antics.They have no where to go.Expect Sagarikas to cross all SAGARS to lambast us all.

  21. Injustice to Durga Nagapal has become very important for the nation. Is it really so? No, she became handy to divert the people from another misadventure of UPA. First UPA chose Telangana issue and so-called national channels spent big time on it. This helped divert month long Modi-centric debates (which anyway backfired miserably). Once again thinigs did not really go well. Announcement of Telangana created fissures in AP congress and violent movements resurfaced in Bodoland and Gorkhaland. Even dormant Vidharbha demand revived.
    In this background Dugrashakti Nagpal case, incidentally a righteous one is debated for hours together on all channels.

    1. It was a welcome news event for Khangress..... same media channels stopped reporting the Mr. Khemka case who raised the illegal transactions of Mr. Robert Vadra in Gurgaon region.....

  22. today all the news channel websites, none can express his views, unless he submits his DNA + Adhaar card + PAN card + contact details ....etc. so that govt agencies can start harrassing you and police can send its staff for beating them at will (like the case of mistaken motorbiker who was killed by police).... India is no more a democratic state, it is worse than dictatorship

  23. Now Indian Express reported that SP leader Narender Bhati himself gave contributed Rs.51000 to get the Mosque built. It was well planned and a village of 80% muslim population was purposefully chosen to create a scene. I wish our politicians use the same cunning brain against enemy countries who are responsible 90% times in creating communal tension in the country.

  24. Thank you Ravinar for the work you are doing. God Bless you ...!!!

  25. From the day Modi's elevation in BJP, hundreds of debates took place. Everyone including some 'sickular' sections of BJP called Modi's style autocratic.
    Four days ago SoniaG took a decision on Telangana and told, I repeat told, the party men from AP abide by it. None of these media crooks see autocratic behavior in this.

  26. Hi Ravinar,

    Did you notice this ? You may want to add this piece to your blog.

    " The wall of a mosque in Kadalpur was not the first religious structure that was razed by Greater Noida authorities. On July 19, eight days before IAS officer Durga Shakti Nagpal was suspended, a temple was demolished in Beta 1 sector, just seven kilometres from her office. " - Source:

    1. Namste Sumanth ji...

      Its true....the payed media always like unning dog behind the vehicle....they stive hard to catch but they fail....truth cannot be stopped...any way it comes out...
      payed media cannot hide it...

  27. These FAKE DEBATES and COMMUNAL APPEASEMENT will hog most of the time on such cheap trash as CNN-IBN,where Ftv dumbos parade as anchors and take discussions to a filthy low.Such brazen attempts to paint 1 party and religion as evil will back fire eventually,for any sane person with common sense can see through this charade.These crooks need to be EXPOSED and brought to the ground soon for the better of INDIA

  28. I am sure the media and the congress party must be working day and night to find out if they get any similar 'masala' from Madhya Pradesh or Chhatisgarh to dilute this issue.

  29. People should Understand ILLEGALLY CONSTRUCTED WALL if Law Officer will not uphold the Law than who? Why Azam Khan played victim in USA when a Immigration Officer was doing her Jobs. Boss that is USA not India where You can Play Your Secular Cards (Behind the Scene actually a Communal Cards). Where was OUR MSM WHEN THE SAME AZAM KHAN CALLED AFTER THE KUMBH MELA HINDU KUTE KE BACCHE.

  30. this episode reminds of the 90 movies where sunny deol would be good doer and suddenly he falls into the trap of villians unknowningly.
    I am surprised by the events actually, what did we really expect ?.
    Asamajwadi party yadavs would pat durga, well done ??
    congress/bjp doing protest ?
    and least of all, ppl coming out in streets to protest(at least from greater noida).
    Indians are insects who are just happy to be living.
    We are just expecting too much of ourselves.

  31. Hi Ravi,
    You started you public addressing from b'lore which you had planned to take on media, but you didn't put any schedule on your blogs.

    Following your twitter is not possible for those who don't have access to SM's in there office premises, and we may miss important tweets.

    so it would be good if you update it on your blogs as well.


    1. Hi Ravi,

      Jaykumar is right. It would be great if you can mention in your blog too about your future talks. I study in IISc and missed your talk because I didn't know about it.


  32. See how Ram Jethmalini handles Sagarika. It is funny the way Sagarika quotes "High & Mighty" and convincingly states that she (press) is the Conscience keepers if this country:

  33. sir, as you have earlier also pointed out that these news channels are constantly involved in distortion & hiding the real facts,cleverly, news channels have already started it showing as fight between central & UP government.
    Marathi news channel ABP news was reporting it as like Durga directly demolished the mosque(instead of she was following the order for demolishing illegal wall).
    Also ABP hindi abruptly cut short Amar singh's interview who was pointing out that there were more roits in many places & SP gov is taking action selectively.
    In one debate on ABP marathi one congmen was alleging of Modi's involvement in riots & also asserting that it had been proved. Also, anchor was stressing that Modi should apologize for roits.
    Believe me that most of maharshtrians easily fall for this lies on Marathi news channels

  34. Your last line in the blog post is ---
    "Nobody is scared of SM and nobody is scared of corrupt MSM."
    it should have been more appropriately
    "Nobody is scared of SM and perhaps everybody should be scared of what the corrupt MSM passes of as NEWS."

  35. Ravinar,

    Presume you did look at this as well.
    (Durga didn’t demolish wall, helped reclaim land: Waqf panel)

  36.  1947 Bengal riots,
     1969 Gujarat riots,
     1980 Moradabad riots,
     1984 anti-Sikh riots,
     1983 Nellie Assam riots,
     1989 Bhagalpur riots,
     2012 Assam riots and more than 18 riots, all of which occurred during CONGRESS rule

  37. IAS officers can be suspended as per their service rule only provided when the allegation against which the suspension contemplated finds prima facie resulting termination of his or her service. It is because of this reason the officer who opened the pandora's box over vadra issue was transferred to Rajasthan. But the rogue SP government has set a bad precedence. Moreover, the tout officer who prepared and served the suspension order at mid night on the dictum of his patron under whose patronage he is in service despite an appeal against his conviction is pending in apex court did not scruple for his floundering the marked guideline which he cannot be unaware of


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