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While Pratap Bhanu Mehta Was Sleeping

Ever attended a sales meeting in a company? If you have, I’m sure you would have heard about reasons for successes and reasons for shortfalls. The managers who are burdened with shortfalls often come up with suggestions for the company. It usually starts with “WE should do this” or “WE should do this” or “WE should do this”. The trouble with this manager is he never says “I need to do this or I need to undertake this correction”. That’s the problem with “WE”. That’s the problem with Pratap Bhanu Mehta (PBM) too. On July 11, 2013 he suddenly woke up from a long golden slumber and found “While wewere silent” the UPA crimes had passed without notice. Oh really? His article in the Indian Express starts off with a massive blame “A story of destructive governance and citizens who did not speak out”.

Silent People?
Frankly, I am not in disagreement with the rest of the contents of PBM’s article but it’s just that he thinks citizens were sleeping. The fact is that citizens were well awake and have expressed their criticism of the criminal bad governance of Congress & UPA in many forms. This was through articles, through Social Media and even through protests at Ram Lila and Jantar Mantar. Conveniently, PBM doesn’t touch upon issues of corruption and black-money etc. Alright, doesn’t matter. He is free to choose the issues he wants to talk about and no one should have a problem with that. So he talks about the Power sector, RTE, Industrial performance and so on. Let’s pick on a few as samples and find out who was sleeping and who was silent.

First, the UPA came for the roads sector. We did not speak out.
There are many articles written on the topic. The only thing that the Congress managed is put up posters on all national highways with images of SoniaG and Manmohan Singh as their great accomplishment. Fact is these two have nothing much to brag about. But someone called Sanjay Kulshreshtra (In early 2012?) went far enough to file a PIL in the SC on roads and highways safety which brought out a stunning fact. The govt accepted that in the last 30 years 50% of the highways were built by the NDA. The case brought out some more interesting facts which can be read in the TOI report. I suppose we could call Kulshreshta a citizen, Mr.PBM?

Next, they came for the airline sector. We did not speak out.
Airline sector? What was it about this sector that hasn’t been written about in the last 5-6 years that PBM missed? I could point to hundreds of articles but let me point to one that is not only in-depth but also hilarious. This one is from a guy called @TheKaipullai. “The curious case of Vijay Mallya bail-out and another scam” from November 2011. Enjoy! It is possible Kaipullai may be from Jaffna but we can bestow ‘honorary citizen’ status on him. No?

Then they came for Power sector. We did not speak out.
It’s amazing that PBM could get past a whole paragraph on the power sector without mentioning the Coal scam even once. Reams have been written about it. Never mind. We were sleeping. How about this one that says “Congress govt ruined power sector” where Loksatta party founder Jayprakash Narayan strongly criticises the Congress’ power sector policy? Missed this one too? I guess before writing about not speaking out PBM didn’t bother to check how many have spoken out. Considering Jayprakash Narayan contests elections I strongly suspect he must be a citizen of India.

Then they came for education. We did not speak out.
Ever heard of a Twitter account called @RealityCheckInd Mr.PBM? He has posted hundreds of tweets on the negative impact of RTE. If that is not enough, I recommend you read his post “Is the Right to Education quota really for the poor?” And that is just one post I’m quoting and I suggest you search his site on the topic and you will discover a damn good “Coal” mine. There are many others too who have written about it. It is just that RealityCheckInd and such ‘trolls’ aren’t the people from your coffee-shops that you discuss India with. I think we can grant him the mercy of citizenship

Then they came for industry. We did not speak out.
It is true that the TV channels have spoken about Industry only when growth or slow-down figures were dished out to them. The business and finance channels, of course, are too busy sucking up to govt and business groups for their crumbs instead of reporting anything. But even here there have been many who have been sounding warning for many years. There’s Sify in 2008, there’s The Hindu in 2010 and there’s ET in 2011. When they play the oldies on the radio they often ask “where were you when this song was No.1”. Where were you Mr.PBM when all these reports were being churned out? And these reports are “allegedly” written by our own citizens.

There! I could go on and on and establish without any dispute that citizens did speak out while others were sleeping. Even on employment many have screamed the fact that during the NDA regime around 3-crore jobs were created and only 27Lakhs under the UPA regime. I wonder how PBM missed all this unless his entire article was meant to be self-flagellation. There is no need for that. A simple honest admission that “I did not speak out” would have been humble and respectable.

Fact of the matter is that all this while our MSM was obsessed with BJP, their infighting and their PM candidate. Most of all they were and still are busy on how to put Narendra Modi out of the political spectrum. They are guilty of gross negligence where keeping an eye on the Congress-UPA performance is concerned. This includes the Indian Express which was touting Army-movement stories and filing defamation cases. In a previous article titled “The third way out” PBM writes about the negatives of both national parties and that the third front may not be all that bad. On what scientific or historical basis did he come to this assessment? NONE! The Third-Front (or Federal Front as they have christened it now) has elements like SP, JDU, TDP, BJD, TMC, CPM, CPI. I wonder if PBM ever analysed that all these are more or less Congress-UPA allies and as similar to Congress as Siamese twins. 

A very reliable "Source" had another story to this sudden burst of criticism from the IE. You know, IE has been more or less a slave to the Congress for all these UPA years. So what woke them up from their slumber? Well, it could be "Friendly fire" as the source puts it to get a bit more at the negotiating table of doles. Appears PBM may have walked into that trap. Seems far-fetched? The one who fed me this bit is pretty well-informed about the media in Delhi. But let's not read too much into this.

Regardless of his opinions PBM remains a much-respected “intellectual” and the article under discussion shouldn’t cause him any damage. It’s not that citizens didn’t speak out. It’s just that Pratap Bhanu Mehta and his entire clan in the MSM were sleeping. Next time Mr. PBM, please care to listen

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  2. Please see my tweet yesterday --

    Vagrant Vagabond ‏@jjuvekar 13h
    @surnell The fact that it was published in the Indian Express and not some blog. May be BharatNirman tap is shut 4 IE.

    5:28 PM - 11 Jul 13

    == Sort of summarizes the situation!!

    Please dont be so harsh on the man. He probably means well.

  3. For once I have to disagree with the author.Can a country of our size claim to have raised our voice against near daily incidents of herculian misgovernance this govt has exhibited over the last decade.?Save for the minor uprisings in Lok Pal and Delhi rape issues I cannot recall a semblence of resistance.These are just storms in the tea cup for a country as massive as ours. Can we claim anything of the kind that is now happening in Brazil, for purely economical emanicipation. Or even in Egypt or Turkey for governance issues.The population is totally disjointed on scores of other issues and this is exploited to the hilt by those in power.For eg: Calling Baba Ramdev a tax evader for justifying their own loot in swiss bank,charging Anna Hazare corrupt with a pedestrian charge of a 2 lakh rupee misappropriation or even Kiran Bedi's air ticket issue.There are takers for all these comedy acts in this country.Though one must hail the ones on social media for the lone whimper that one can hear.But again for a country of our size is that significant to make a difference.These are the prices one has to pay for the much taunted 'unity in diversity',a quality stamp that is so benign to the corrupt rulers.

    1. Dear Anand,

      The volume of the protests, were definitely small, if we use your measure.
      However, I would request that the context of comparison be analysed in greater depth.

      1 - For the majority of our independence, we have had a largely illiterate population, under 75 % as of 2011, still much lesser than global averages. It was less than 50 % when we started on the LPG path in 1991.

      Consider than literacy is a very basic entry point. Compared to the population, with the drastic number of dropouts somewhere around middle school, we had a miniscule number of people who understood their fundamental rights.GO to a village, and they still believe whatever food or transportation is provided to them is a blessing of 'mai-baap'.

      2 - Absence of communication - Till about 2-3 years back, most semi-urban (small to large towns) and below, depended largely on the television for information, which limits severely the knowledge of individuals of the going on at the national level.
      For a regular observer of media, it is apparent, of well known news channels being mouth-pieces of a particular political party.

      3 - When many people correctly point out, that the middle class is protesting, the underlying reasons are ignored. The middle class now have an understanding of their rights, better than previous generations, and have means of communications to collaborate.

      As an example, a lay person like me today knows that the sitting judge on the Ishrat Jahan case happens to be related to Chief Minister, Virbhadra Singh, mainly because of social media.

      So instead of being an end, what we are now seeing is the igniting and beginning of protests and fights for rights, which I believe will extend the world over.

      With the powers using strength to control communication, it will be a history defining few years now.

    2. You are absolutely right. But then MediaCrooks wants us to believe that these whimpers of protest and disclaimers are all that we 1 billion are capable of and is sufficient to force change. His leanings and political philosophy maybe stopping him from direct action. For the rest the only option is to take to the streets in support of AAP the real voice of the common man.

    3. AAP has neither demonstrated competency nor clarity. It barks like a dog with a leash in the hands of Congress. Sorry can't buy the AAP is a real voice for aam admi snake oil. It doesn't work.

    4. Either you are extremely naive or extremely insecure as a BJP supporter to believe this. AAP has been getting results, something the BJP failed to do in Delhi. I would love to see AAP come to power in Delhi this year and BJP at the center. As Modi said, there must be criticism and debate in a democracy or its not a democracy - but we need people capable enough to debate in our law making houses first.

    5. AAP being the Party of the common man is an illusion. The way Kejriwal is going on, he appears to me the most populist leader of all. God save the country if his party comes to power. It shall be a disaster much bigger than the TMC in West Bengal.

      Good governance is not about being a populist and a rabble rouser. It is about taking tough decisions for the well-being of the nation even if unpopular in the short term.

  4. "We did not speak out" is correct if Mr.PBM meant "We" means "MSM". The ordinary citizens have done whatever possible in their capacity using Social Media, Blogs, YouTubes, Letters to print media etc. Instead of blaming citizens, he should have admit this blame on him as well as the MSM.

    Neverthless, the points he raised on UPA failures are all valid and easy picks for opposition to pin Congress.

    1. I totally agree with you. MSM deliberately ignored these views to suit congress agenda. They are equal partners of Congress. Now this PBM writing these things might really have the inside story of Bharat Nirman tap. Let us see how they continue with their editorial policy with the tone of this article set by PBM. In fact Indian Express has tied itself in a knot. If now they sing the tune of Congress, we will certainly smell fishy. Now they cannot claim "We did not speak out".

  5. Thanks for bringing out the duplicity of PBM. His article is doing the rounds of e-groups as an intellectual masterpiece and as a wake-up call. However, after reading your blog and revisiting the article, it is clearly evident that there is a catch.

    For example, PBM never points to the right alternative - BJP under Narendra Modi. Or the fact that it was NDA under ABV that created a momentum for growth in the country that spilled over to the first few years of UPA 1 and for which UPA 1 took undue credit. Little did UPA 1 realize that the results of all their flawed policies and corruption will start showing up sooner or later. That tragedy for the hapless people of this country is now unfolding.

    Either PBM and his ilk are trying to get into a good bargaining position vis-a-vis the vile party or are seeing the writing on the wall that the grand thugs' party will be eliminated in the coming polls and want to cosy up to the opposition (where too they want a 3rd Front as that is bound to fail sooner than later and the frustrated people would go back to their darling party).

    It is the aam aadmi and a sprinkling of sincere journos who are taking a stand and whose alertness has exposed all the evil designs of the party in power. They need to be complimented for taking the "Dirty Tricks Departments" of Congress and MSM head on.

  6. Bulls eye!

    PBM claims, "While we were silent"
    Nah he was not silent, he was shouting; but from the other side of the divide unfortunately.
    When 'citizen' were crying at Jantar Mantar; he scold, "anarchist"!

  7. Kudos! A real rip off ! The truth is that the citizens were awake and protesting while PBM and his ilk were sucking up to the powers that be, and were more concerned in framing NaMo anyways!

  8. Dear Ravinar, though I enjoyed reading PBM's article in IE (through internet only), your's is a eye-opening criticism of his take on 'while we were sleeping'. In fact, it is the MSM which has been sleeping since 2004 UPA I & II and may be PBM's 'WE' meant the 'MEDIA' and not citizens. Good one Ravinar!

  9. I have sent this article to Pratap Bhanu Mehta. hopefully He'll be genuine enough to correct his fundamental mistake of putting blame of sleeping on clooective "WE" and admit that it was HE who was sleeping all these years. as usual, great article.

  10. I did laud PBM's IE article on Twitter and as MediaCrooks points out PBM could have protested much earlier!

  11. I think the foreign countries USA and Europe have lots of stake in India and Khangress being their agent already sold India to them. One expects to see lots of money flow in this elections with Khangress desparately trying to be in power at whatever cost. It is time for the true and patriotic Indian to be on alert and vote for BJP.

    1. Do u really think that congress needs any help frm europe or usa to fight election ? According to u where did all the money frm coal gate and 2 g gate go. Its in 10 janpath's secret vaults.

  12. Dear Ravinar,

    I would ask a hypothetical question. What if Anna & Baba would have not protested & so many bloggers & SM not provide any platform for injustice, would BJP as a party be able to push the UPA this far ? Probably not considering NDA was headed by Advani, Nitish combo! We now have this situation where the slave Media, CBI & Congress have been forced to accept their follies & face a determined BJP under NAMO. Although citizens of this country have expressed their anger, earlier they lacked the political leadership with BJP under Advani.

    1. Congress & BJP are the two sides of the same coin. The only difference is that Congress spends 30% & eats 70%, whereas BJP whenever they got chance spent 70% & ate 30%! However a "Modi-led BJP" can do a real difference. Let us wait for that day!!!

  13. Hahaha,you have disrobed this guy, PBM but one should appreciate that atleast he gathered some courage to write something relevant at times when by and large the MSM is morally dead.

    Nobody would be surprised if the Indian Express stop publishing Mr.PBM's articles from now on.

  14. I tend to disagree... Social media is restricted to a few. Go out on the streets and see for yourself. The article by PBM is more of an anguish...And i think hes right. we were sleeping. Writing posts on FB and blogs and outraging over twitter is not protesting. It is couch protesting if i may call it.. What happened to the protests at Jantar Mantar?Fizzled out. How many people genuinely came out in support of Kejriwal and Anna Hazare? Did anyone protest the treatment meted to Baba Ramdeo? For a country of our size and the way we are being looted by the Gandhis, we as citizens are doing nothing but sleeping. And i include myself amongst these citizens too...
    All said and done, in my opinion, Modi cannot lead the BJP to a majority. Unfortunately, support on SM does not translate into support in the polls. Majority of our country is poor and those folks will vote only for the Congress, the party which they know and which provides them with free food which helps them survive.
    UPA 3 will be even more blatant and brazen with their administration and corruption. It will be a miracle if the country survives till the end of their tenure...

    1. Dear Lord You know who,

      Thanks for the frank opinion. I would tend to look it as a glass half full than empty. Believe me we as a Hindu community have million differences within ourselves & if we were a united community, would have never been under foreign domination for millenia. The fact remains that Congress party took over the divide and rule policy of British to effortlessly rule this country & is been doing so as we we discuss today. That explains why we as a society never come forward as a unit. The question which Ravinar has been asking to Media is more relevant because the Media was supposed to enlighten us & use the public anger to bring pressure on Govt. Is it doing that ? Now who is suppose to tell this to PBM ?

    2. @Anand @Rain @Voldemort

      I seriously wonder if the 3 of you even grasped what this post was all about. PBM's article wasnt about 1 billion protesting or screaming. It was about "We did not speak out" .. implying that people remained silent. So the post explains that people werent silent and many did "speak up". Now, when it's a question of speaking up all forums.. Media, Twitter, SM count. So dragging in street protests or 1 billion protesting as the only measure of "speaking up" is a faulty measure that you have applied.

      Hope you now read the post in the right context. PBM didnt ask why people werent on the streets protesting.. He accused "Citizens" of being "Silent" which is not the case. That is what this post establishes.

    3. @Ravinar, I have again read PBMs article as suggested by you and I still maintain that my understanding of it is no different. He does say that we did not speak.But it does not imply that feeble individual voices were not raised.I understand that we as a society did not react big time.

    4. @Anand

      I think you got me wrong... It wasnt PBM's article but this post that I wanted you to read again... but doesnt matter.

      Now tell me.. you call it "feeble" voices.. JPNarayan is Political leader. I have quoted Sify, ET, The Hindu, TOI.. Are you suggesting these are "feeble" voices? Then God help you...

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  16. In any business there are two kinds of unhappy customers ones who complain and the one who never comes back.

    It is said that the ones who complain, care, or need the business for their selfish purposes. They are identifying the problem area for the business to rectify itself, so that the customer can continue doing business with them. However if problem from the business still persists they move to the other category.

    The other category of customer just doesn’t care, he has other better alternatives. They are far more dangerous due to the loss of business they cause and if the numbers in this category go up, the business has to shut down.

    “We”, the silent sleeping majority of Indians are in sufficient numbers now; trust me Mr. PBM unlike you we shall not come back.

  17. Bang On. sir. It is the MSM which remained silent and party to the crimes of the UPA. Citizens have been vocal thro all possible foras. MSM's stated job is to be watchful and critical of the ruling govt. They have long abandoned this for the doles and crumbs. Mr.PBM must write a new post "While MSM was silent in the conspiracy...."

  18. I must say this was a shocker of an article by MC, I kind of felt that MC would write on PB Mehta's article on Indian Express but thought it would be full of praises & would only further upon what was written........Oh well, so wrong was I in both my prediction of MC & also about that article.. got to reread the whole thing from a new perspective now........Thanks once again Sir.

    1. That means u r willing to be a zombie.Good or bad have a private opinion buddy.

    2. having a fixed opinion is more zombie like, I'm ready to accept my mistake & correct it, zombies don't do it....get that first buddy & that "Thanks once again Sir" was meant for author of this article & not you.

    3. Maheshwar, your views are correct. One should be open to see several sides of an issue. No need to be defensive.

  19. Then they came for states. They looked at all states in the country and found out that they have pockets where they got their maximum vote share. They liked retaining them so much that they decided to break them down just on the eve of elections to maximize their gain and minimize the gain of opposition. But we are not speaking out. After all, what was India but a loose amalgamation of over 600 princely states unified into one.

    Then they came for national security. They looked at all borders and neighbors of the country and told themselves that non-alignment is just another name for inaction and chose to take no decisions at all. But we did not speak out. After all, who cares about national security when personal future is not secure without any dependence on government.
    It should have as well mentioned Taxes & Interest Rates. Our 10% inflation + 14.5% vat + 5.5% service tax= 30 % of inflation is where we are living. Our Bank interest rates are so high, that if you buy/build a house, you work rest of your life paying off your debt. Rest of the world doing & achieving greater things starting enterprises, and we are still stuck in fulfilling our basic necessities.
    Then they came for those who decided to speak out. Lathis & water cannons were used on students who protested the brutal rape of a young girl. People who requested a LokPal Bill were hounded into silence. One corrupt minister replaced another in the cabinet - with utmost disregard for people's faith in democracy. They mistook our patience as powerlessness. After all, they know a lot of us have a very short-term memory & they will prevail come 2014

  20. The first thing Modi should do when he becomes PM is he should ban foreign investment in print & TV media, and also should stop political leaders owning TV channels.

  21. Dear Nileshwar,

    Appreciate your frustration but Banning this & that will not completely solve the issue. The most important aspects for Media is an Independant Regulatory Body outside Govt control, Bringing the Media under RTI & closing down the Govt ads for Celebrating aniversary of Dad & grand dad & Mausi & Chacha, etc with public money.

  22. For those who are ranting that people should go out and protest and writing or tweeting is not enough ... Please remember, PB Mehta is also "writing". He is not out on the streets protesting. Therefore, responding to a writer by writing is the right & fair thing to do. Not every battle of communication has to be fought on the streets. This a fallacy that some need to come out of.

  23. Dear Ravinar,

    I have a very high regard for you and have almost invariably agreed with your views. But in this article that I too liked just as you did, I think you have been very harsh with Pratap Bhanu Mehta.

    It was not he who was sleeping but we the citizenry that has been sleeping. He was nominated by Manmohan Singh on the so called Knowledge Base Committee and he did resign when he didn't find it doing any real work. After that he has been writing occasional articles criticizing the Establishment.

    And there is a time to write and publish articles. This article of his has appeared almost at the right time (if the elections are advanced) but I think a better timing would have been December 2013, 4 or 5 months before the General Elections.

    I have written this message/comment after debating in my mind for the last two days whether or not to give my opinion.

    Best and regards,

    Amarnath Wanchoo

  24. "First they came" words have a context..
    There is this poem attributed to pastor Martin Niemöller

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.
    Then they came for the socialists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.
    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak for me.

  25. I Protested and writing and participated in T.V. Debates where people are Just called to Clap for the Panellist stop going there. Always telling the people How Congress MisGovernance Ruining our Country. Right From Nehru To Sonia Gandhi. Still not been able to understand the so secret of this family' s Educational Qualification. The Main Stream Media was busy Covering Up all the U.P.A.'s Scams, Terrorist Attacks, Price Rise. Enough of all this. People should decide now and throw this Corrupt Congress Led U.P.A.Dr Subramanian Swamy Lone Crusade Against Corruption Of this Congress Government. I Warned People not to Vote For Pseudo-Secular Parties Like SP,BSP,NCP,TMC,JD(U),JD(S),LJP,RJD,DMK,AIADMK,CPI, CPM A VOTE CAST TO THESE PARTIES ARE CAST IN FAVOUR OF CONGRESS. WE HAVE GIVEN ENOUGH TIME TO CONGRESS TO IMPROVE THE GOVERNANCE OF THE COUNTRY IN RETURN WHAT WE GOT TERROR ATTACKS, RIOTS, ILLITERACY,NOW ONE CAN SEE THE ECONOMIC REPORTS OF NDA. REGIME COMING OUT WHICH WAS ENJOYED BY THE CONGRESS LED U.P.A. THE FALSE PROPAGANDA OF ENTIRE MAIN STREAM MEDIA.HOW CAN WE SAY SOMETHING NEGATIVE ABOUT BJP WHEN WE HAVEN'T TRIED FULLY. WHO SUBVERTED THE CONSTITUTION AND DEMOCRATIC INSTITUTIONS CONGRESS JUST FOR THIS FAMILY. PEOPLE SHOULD COME OUT OF THEIR HOUSES THIS TIME IN BILLIONS AND VOTE FOR BJP.

  26. I am fan of MC here. And i enjoyed all your Article. Abt this one i think, writer PBM is being mostly sarcastic abt being silent. I found his article also very good. As a loving fondness of sarcasm myself, I find that article full of it. anyways, these are my personal opinions.
    Keep up ur good work my friend.
    vande mataram

  27. Dear All,

    Wanted to caution all the Nationalists & supporters of ongoing NAMO revolution that the Media seems to pushing the agenda into Hindu/Non Hindu argument with blessings from Congress General Secretary & Minsiter of I&B. Although NAMO has stated himself as a proud hindu nationalist, his followere must not get into the trap of a Media Frenzy for an ideological argument on our ideology which the Media wants us to drag into. Let's put forward the following as our argument " Yes we are proud to be Hindus but the national election agenda is Corruption, Leadership & Governance". Hope the BJP spokepersons too dosen't get carried away into this Media frenzy. We will only be able to get him more votes by spreading his message of development. Please be aware ! Jai Hind

  28. Dear Ravinar,

    It looks like you totally misunderstood the article by Mr. Mehta and his words. With words "While we were sleeping...", according to me, he wanted to highlight that people kept on voting for Congress in various elections. He has definitely mentioned about protests in the same article, and that itself means that he was well aware of anti-government wave. But still, he mentioned that "we were sleeping" only because all such protest and anti-Congress wave didn't affect the Congress electorally, where it should have affected if people were really awake and concerned about the country. His words "While we were sleeping" should be taken in ONLY that context. Once you see the article from that perspective, you will realize how nicely that article is written. I give full marks to him for summarising and reminding all UPA-misdeeds in one article. Let's take the article positively and "awake people from their sleep".

    1. When I say that protest and anti-Congress wave didn't affect the Congress electorally, I only mean that Congress was still able to win some elections, as in HP, U'Khand and many seats in other elections, while considering the strong anti-Congress wave seen in protests, Congress should not have been able to win even a single seat. But Congress didn't get such heavy punishment that it deserved, and that is what I mean by "...didn't affect the Congress electorally."

  29. @Ravinar a small correction the guy u mention as jaffna is from Tamil nadu Kaipulla is a name of a popular character in a tamil movie acted by a popular actor who goes by the name Vadivel.In the same site u can see his articles abt tamil nadu kudankulam nuke issue please correct it.For a guy with good amtt of knowdge u misreading this is unexpected.PLS CORRECT IT


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