Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ishrat Jahan - Dead But Not Dead

As expected all the TV channels broke into a song and dance about the CBI charge sheet in the Ishrat Jahan case. The new line that every made-up anchor; Arnab, Chaubeji, Nidhi Razdan, Sreenivasan Jain, Rajdeep etc., is with a very juicy question: “Is the political establishment not responsible for the actions of the accused policemen”? In other words, once again, should Narendra Modi not hang? Please… At least Amit Shah? Suddenly, all these crooks discovered and used the uniform line that the political establishment should be responsible for actions of the cops. This is clearly a line “planted” in the media by you know who since all the channels and all the anchors asked the same question like parrots. They didn’t ask this question when the cops cracked down and killed Rajbala at the Ramdev protest in June 2011. They didn’t ask this question in the encounter killings in UP or NE and I can make a long list. By this measure I doubt any state would have a Chief Minister for more than six months and the country a Prime Minister for more than 21 days.

There was nothing in the CBI chargesheet that wasn’t on predictable lines. The only story missing was the stupid “Beard story” that Tehelka and Sreenivasan Jain so peddled. Oh yes, that brings us back to Jain. This guy discovered his “Streisand” moment on June 30. The Streisand effect as you know is the unintended consequence of a larger population discovering what was intended to be hidden. Jain had loudly claimed the HC had already accepted the Ishrat encounter as fake and then edited, deleted the relevant videos and claimed he never made that statement. The video eventually surfaced and was put up on Youtube and the lies of Jain were called. Unfortunately, that trivial gaffe exposed a bigger lie from Jain. He had also stated in the video that the CBI had claimed that Ishrat and others had gone to Gujarat to do some “Chota mota bomb blasts”. Either CBI is lying or Jain is, because if the CBI had ever made that statement (of which there is no record) then it implies CBI recognises Ishrat as a terrorist. Now you know how anchors make idiotic statements without thinking twice. They did exactly the same after the chargesheet was filed too.

Therefore, there was absolutely nothing new in any of the day and night-long discussions over the CBI chargesheet that we haven’t seen in the past many years. There were some outrageous statements though. Since the CBI usually leaks its papers to all channels before submission to the courts, as it appears, Rajdeep Sardesai grandly screamed that Modi and Shah had got a “reprieve”. Now, a reprieve is used when a known guilty person’s punishment is deferred or when he is let off without punishment. Obviously, Rajdeep’s Oxford education didn’t explain to him that Modi not being named and being given a reprieve are two very different things. The media can twist it as much as they want but the simple fact is that there is no evidence with the CBI to connect Modi to the encounter. But the Congress can claim “Mission Accomplished” since people like Rajdeep, Sreenivasan and others kept screaming Modi in trouble for the last seven days. They should sign off their “Death to Modi” campaign with the line... “To be continued”.

It’s again only Meenakshi Lekhi who made some interesting points. On TimesNow she narrated how the CBI failed to file a chargesheet in the required 90 days which led to bail for some of the accused cops. Then she added ominously that a 90-day period is enough to offer “inducements” to some of the accused to provide testimonies. She the lashed out at Arnab Goswami stating the media itself had lost its credibility by focussing on just 1 or 2 encounter cases in Gujarat while there were other states like UP with over 140 encounter cases. This is true and anyone can look up the number of encounters in India on the net. There have been at least 8-10 encounters in NCR alone right under the nose of Congress govts. In response, Arnab sermonised “No Indian can be ‘fixed’ and shot at”. Really? Guy lives in Mumbai and probably needs some history lessons, so we’ll provide him with some. Here’s an excerpt from a Wiki page on the Mumbai gang-wars and encounters:

Gang Wars in Mumbai
The Encounter Squad came into prominence in the 1980s and 1990s, when they started dealing with Dawood Ibrahim's D-Company gang. The 'encounter’, was a euphemism for a situation in which a gangster was cornered, asked to surrender, ostensibly attacked the police or tried to escape, and was shot dead in retaliatory action. As the encounters increased, so did the popularity of the ‘encounter specialist’. Daya Nayak, Valentine Fernandes, Pradeep Sharma, Ravindra Angre, Praful Bhosale, Raju Pillai, Vijay Salaskar, Shivaji Kolekar, Sachin Waze and Sanjay Kadam became cult figures, mythologised by the media… The famous killing of Maya Dolas in the Shootout at Lokhandwala bought focus on this unit for first time. More than 400 criminals from different gangs were killed by this squad… The squad was dissolved after rival dons Dawood and Chota Rajan fled India, but revived after the 11 July 2006 Mumbai train bombings.The end of the squad came with the departure of Waze and Nayak from service, and death of Vijay Salaskar killed in a gun battle with the Taj Hotel terrorists.

Many encounters of this ‘encounter squad’ have been popularised in Bollywood movies. The cops who specialised in encounters are heroes for the public. Daya Nayak (Portrayed in the film Ab Tak Chappan) alone has over 60 encounters to his credit. He was suspended from the Police force not for the encounters but for disproportionate wealth and has since been reinstated when the cases were quashed. Nobody ever raised a hue and cry then about the responsibility of the “political establishment” for all these encounters. Mythologised by Media and more than 400 criminals were killed by this squad it says. So Arnab, as usual, is just peddling a load of rubbish in his sermon. And if Arnab believes all those Mumbai encounters were genuine then he should be selling VadaPav at Valsad and not pretend to be an editor at a news channel.

So the question: Was Ishrat Jahan a terrorist? Every intelligence unit in the country, top bureaucrats, statements from David Headley and even affidavits by GOI in the courts have established her as a terrorist associate of LeT. Her family may claim she is not because terrorists don’t go around bragging to their families and relatives about their terrorist associations. But the CBI didn’t find any evidence it seems. Naturally, it would be damaging to the cause of Congress so I summarise it in a rehashed tweet in response to the news by NDTV. Nothing more needs to be said. Ishrat is not a terrorist in the limited technical sense that she didn’t actually carry out an attack. By that token no one is a terrorist unless s/he carries out an attack, in which case most terror-prevention mechanisms would fall flat. Post the filing of the chargesheet the family of late Ishrat Jahan came out in full strength to address the media. They were chaperoned by NCP member Jitendra Ahwad. First Ishrat’s sister Nusrat spoke, then her mother spoke, then her uncle spoke, then Ahwad spoke and then Nusrat spoke again. 

There was drama too, Nusrat first spoke with a veil which is very Muslim but no good for TV and the second time around she spoke without it. Take a look, the pic on the left is from the presser itself and the pic on the right picked up separately though.The media kept feeding her questions so that she could finally nail the politician whose name they wanted to hear. She didn’t name him but is quoted as clearly saying: “Don’t want to name anyone, but any big politician involved in the murder of my sister should be killed”. Hmm… I wonder who that big politician could be. In other words, where many believe Ishrat had failed, Nusrat has innocently sent out an invitation to others to make an attempt.

A word about the CBI. They have the poorest record of successfully prosecuting any case where state machinery or politicians have been involved. In the last decade they have been faster in giving clean-chits especially to politicians of the “secular” variety. Your guess is as good as mine on how long the Ishrat case will linger too and it’s only just begun. The CBI has also promised a second chargesheet after investigating some more. They will keep trying and keep the chase boiling. I guess that should at least take till the next elections in 2014 or whenever it is. The media screamed its head off as if the filing of chargesheet by itself proves the guilt of those accused. CBI’s chargesheets and cases are known to be torn to shreds during trial. Time will tell.

One can sympathise with her family but Ishrat Jahan is the perfect poster for the Congress and NCP regardless of how the case turns out to be. Ishrat was a woman, she was young and she was a Muslim; a perfect combination for vote-bank sympathy. There is no political purpose served in proving she was a terrorist which is what CBI has avoided. She is better off dead as an "innocent" for political milking. She has been more useful to the Congress and other “secular” parties dead than alive as a potential terrorist. In all the Gujarat cases trying to implicate Modi since 2002 Mukul Sinha has been a constant thread as a lawyer. Only Teesta Setalvad has been replaced by Vrinda Grover in the Ishrat case. There have been hundreds of encounter killings in this country. Some genuine, some fake but never has a dead woman from an encounter come in so handy for political reasons. This may not be the only one though, it looks like a couple more encounters from Gujarat are the ones that will be politically most used. Ishrat Jahan is dead but she’s not dead.


  1. Congress' New Anthem:

    Sare Jahaan Mein Accha
    Ishrat Jehan Hamaara
    Woh terrorist hogi tumko
    Woh "poll saviour" hain hamaara

    Mazhab nahin sikhaata
    Aapas mein bair karna
    Ishrat ka mazhab leke
    Humko hain khel khelna

    Aise chedenge hazaaron
    Stupid issues baar baar
    Janta aapas mein ladlein
    Hum ko to elections jeetna

    Tum honge desh ke bhakt
    Hamein to desh hain lootna
    Media ko hamne kharida
    Karenge woh sach sapna

    Sare jahaan se accha
    Hoga hindustan tumhaara
    Hamein to bas din raat
    Usko kamzor karna

    Sare jahaan se accha
    Hoga hindustan tumhaara

    1. This is amazing !!! Do I have your permission to repost this?

    2. Pretty good, nailed them bigtime.

    3. Jai Ho Shashi Patil Sahib ! !

    4. Please allow me to post this on FB

    5. I take the permission given to Raghu Rao and reproduce the same.

    6. Dear MC Fans, Please go ahead and post the Congress anthem wherever you want to. The time of reckoning has come. The gloves are off and it is time for each one of us to stand and be counted.

    7. Since u have already allowed others to post,i will also post it. Good one...!

    8. Remarkable ,excellent bravo God bless you i will spread it every where

    9. Very true SK, time indeed that all of us stood for the right and the correct !! Hope this will hit the psychophants of the Queen Bee where it hurts them the most !

  2. Apparently Vrinda Grover is the new avatar of Teesta. Anyone who issues a disclaimer that he/she has no political affiliation, must be watched with extra caution.They are the real landmines planted by the pseudo secular parties.To those who quote LeT website and Colman Headley's confessions about Ishrat,their stock reply is that "since when have those sources become so divine to you"?. How cunning can anyone get.One is damned if he/she quotes LeT and is damned if he/she quotes Organiser. I think the appeasers are caught in a complex tangle.They simply want the country to ignore the outputs from revered members of their own clan like LeT,Headely or MHA(under KhanChris).The present effort is largely to downplay these inputs.When the brain goes blank they harp on the moral statement 'so what if she is a terrorist'? Gender,Age,poverty and Faith are on the pipeline to garner public sympathy. I am very cynnical yet again about the Indian public mindset.The conductors may yet go on to win.Media slaves are far too many in this nation of 90% fools(courtesy Katju mia).

    1. is Vrinda Grover converted Muslim? I saw a wallpaper of Mecca and something written in Urdu in her house when she appeared for live debate in one of the news channels.

    2. One has to admit though, she is as loud as they come. But Meenakshi Lekhi sounded her down yesterday on NDTV. Teesta seems to have vanished and so is Shabnam Hashmi.


  3. Excellent poetry above, PM will be most probably humming it from the red fort on Aug 15.

  4. Ravinar bhai,

    Just a comment on the fallout of the case.

    1. Modi, Shah not named.

    2. At least CBI was not mad enough to say Ishrat not a terrorist

    3. If IB is blamed, IB falls under PMO. So PMO should be blamed. Who headed the Central government then ? M. Singh. So check PMO call records :)

    BJP spokespersons should make maximum use of point 3.

    1. They already made it,and TV anchors had no answer for they moved to larger picture.

    2. Exactly. Involving IB is completely damaging to Congress as they formed the central government when the encounter happened in 2005. IB reports directly to the Prime Minister and the union Home Minister. And IB is completely involved in this case, as Rajendra Kumar is not some lone rogue agent. Many top IB officials of past and present are involved. So that means, the Prime Minister and the Home Minister(Shivraj Patil) as well as the Home Secretary(GK Pillai) knew fully and were completely aware of this case. The Home Secretary has claimed many times that Ishrat was a terrorist. Home Ministry has given an affidavit to that effect. So since according to CBI, IB is involved, the culpability of the UPA government - Prime Minister, then Home Minister, then Home Secretary is as much, if not much more than the Gujarat government if Ishrat was wrongly killed.

      That is why I think we (BJP) can use this case to our advantage. We just need to keep harping on these points.

      We should also talk about how UPA government is playing with terror. They declare a person as terrorist till 2009, and suddenly as it becomes politically convenient to change their stance, they do so as well.

      Also, BJP should attack the media directly. Media is no longer just a "messenger" as Arnab put is an involved party. BJP spokespersons should directly question the involvement of the media...we should ask them directly : how much did you get from the Congress ? How many crores were given to you through Bharat Nirman and other ads ?How can we trust you to be an honest arbiter or as just a "messenger" when Congress government is directly taking care of your top line as well as bottom line ?


    3. (continued)2/2.

      No more pussy footing will do. Everybody knows the media is an enemy of the BJP, it is time for BJP to recognize this as well. Dont play by their rules anymore. Attack the media. Expose the media. Expose the people who are trying to "expose" us.

      Meenakshi Lekhiji took the first minor step last night, when she directly took on the obnoxious Arnab..he has no answer to her. It is time to take the battle not only to the Congress, but also to the media. Mock the media just the way they mock us, attack them just the way they attack us.

      The war has just begun, and there are no rules in this war. Why should our side follow the rules and be nice ? Lets take the fight to them.

      And please - only field aggressive, articulate and intelligent spokespersons who are capable of taking the fight to the opposition and who will not buckle down like Meenakshi ji, Nirmala ji, Smriti ji and among men, Rajeev Pratap Rudy and the wonderful Piyush Goyal. Only these 5 people should do the talking to the English media. For the hindi media, Shahnawaz Hussain and Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi will do. There are a lot of ineffective, weak spokepersons - they should be kept out.

      It is also time for Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj to do their bit. They have to forget their differences if any with Modi and join the fight. This fight for 2014 will be brutal. It is no longer just about Modi, but it is about all of us - 1.2 billion Indians.

      UPA 1 and 2 have done extraordinary damage to our economy, job security, national security as well as general society. Our image at the internation fora has become a joke. UPA-3 will sound the death knell of India.

      Making Modi the PM is no longer just about Modi. It is about all of us and our collective futures. We need to understand that. It is no longer just about Congress-BJP politics. It is about each one of us, our economic and social security and well being. UPA-3 will be a disaster - nothing will be sacrosanct. Already yesterday Government has issued the highly inflationary, gargantuan and wasteful Food Security Bill. More such "Rob Peter to Pay Paul" schemes are in the offing. Such schemes work only as long as one section of the economy is productive enough to subsidise the sustenance of the non-productive sections. But this productive section is being over-taxed and over burdened. It wont hold out for long. Already 4.5% GDP growth rate is the new normal.

      In UPA-3, we will have Zimbabwe type 10000% inflation, large scale failure of banks, bank runs, food riots, water riots, break down of law and order, complete anarchy.

      We have made huge mistakes in 2004 and 2009. Somehow God saw to it that we are still holding out in spite of our mistakes. If we repeat our mistake in 2014, even God will have had enough of us. Fun and games are over. War fto safegaurd our and our children's future has begun.

    4. Dude fully agree. That #perennialModihater mukul Sinha said on TV that any encounter by police cannot happen w/o the political leader not knowing. One should ask that pathetic excuse for life if it applies to the 436 encounters outside Gujarat (2002-7)

  5. Modiji has to take full advantage of this Ishrat case. We all know how Modiji can talk. He just has to take the bull by its horns. He has to spell out loud and clear how Sonia Mata is using the CBI to destroy the country, how Lashkar terrorists are given a free run, and how the security of the country is compromised. He should also directly attack the media for being complicit in Sonia Mata's plans. Its no holds barred now. Modiji should do something now. Its all upto him.

  6. Maybe the security surrounding VIPs should not be allowed to carry guns! After all how can they shoot any attacker without first getting the approval from CBI and various courts!! One can always take criminal action against the attacker once the attack is carried out! Let us hear what VIPs and their chamchas want to say about this. :)

  7. According to one source hindu population is already below 50% & muslim population is well above 20% as congress is hiding this fact for electroral purposes, also people from backward classes will never vote for BJP due to their deep hatred for hindu community, congress's only fear is of loosing muslim votes due to devolopemental politics of BJP.congress no longer care for hindu votes as they are divided among themselves.
    So, they will go on harping on the same issue until 2014
    I am pretty sure of the fact that with the help of this cast politics congress has left very little hope for BJP in 2014.
    Congress has transformed India into living hell where people while voting no longer care about the candidates persona.

    1. "also people from backward classes will never vote for BJP due to their deep hatred for hindu community"

      What nonsense ? Backward caste hindus are the main supporters of BJP. Which caste do you think Narendrabhai belongs to ? Which caste were 99% of the Kar Sewaks made of ? Please dont try to divide hindus.

    2. Backward castes are also part of Hindu fold. The Secular regimes have tried, though with some success, to wean away some of the backwards from Hindu community citing imaginary torture. They try to showcase that backwards liked Islam/ Christianity and converted due to free will.

      BJP should be smart to ensure a decent majority of Hindus (upper castes, OBC and SC/STs) go out and vote for them and work very hard on the local level booth management. 29-31% votes will sail them through

    3. Prashant Naikawade's assessment about "Backward castes" is absolutely false and in line with the propaganda of Judeo-Christian supremacists. However, Hindus will not be divided this time because destiny has willed it that way. Aware of the imminent outcome of elections in 2014, maybe Khangress will panic and use the Air-Force, Navy etc. as advised by its overseas corporate warlord masters to crush the 1 billion Indian masses under a virtual emergency vide Communal Violence prevention Bill. But come what may, Hindus will either sail together or get exterminated together.

    4. Its my mistake but I wanted to tell that some ambedkarwadi classes are being brainwashed for this purpose

  8. Sreenivasan Jain's shoddy journalism is shown here in the link below. Check out 5:34 where he claims "High Court has already declared the encounter as fake". Just white faced lies!

    1. Sorry dude. I think u r a decendent of Rip Van Winkle.

  9. Dear Ravi - it was expected and you delivered !!!

    It was like a lot of pre-marriage ceremonies like ladies sangeet, feast etc going on for days culminated yesterday into an unholy CBI marriage.

    It may have slipped out but Congress has brought in an Ordinance on Food Security Bill and will try to drum it up before elections. They may be wanting to look at an early elections rather than 2014. Winters might be the time.

    Why cant BJP wallahs just read Mediacrooks, Niticentral, Firstpost, Centreright or look at twitter and go for debates. Some of them should be banned for going to TV debates. Congress is bringing in youngsters (howsoever stupid) with a few eye catching ones (thought catching ones are beyond them) to showcase that youth prefers Congress.

    Anyone in BJP (not including Advani) - please start a course for those going for TV shows. They should not look weak and stupid.

    1. +10 Vineet. I thought Kirron Kher's yelling non-performance in Rahul Kanwal's show was quite disturbing.. She needs to recuse herself as a spokesperson (if she is that) for the BJP.

    2. Dear Vineet,

      Your ststement " It was like a lot of pre-marriage ceremonies like ladies sangeet, feast etc going on for days culminated yesterday into an unholy CBI marriage" was really hilarious & on bull's eye.

    3. Yes they need more like Meenakhi Lekhi's and Nirmala sitaraman's.

  10. The same Rajdeep, Arnab, Rahul Kanwar, srinivasan jain , Barkha will be a laughing stock the day 2014 elections results are out.Unfortunately for the viewers, India doesn't have a single TV channel which is not anti Modi and BJP. Hope things change post 2014 elections.

    1. I usually watch Sudershan channel. I feel this is mostly unbiased and sometime biased to BJP. I believe either due to low viewership or not being pro congress, they don't have long ad breaks like other channels. Their programs & debates are really good as compared to shouting people's(Arnab etc) debate. Try it.

  11. " Why are you on the back foot"
    " The BJP is looking worried today"
    " The BJP is extremely nervous today"
    " Why are you getting aggressive"
    " That's right shoot the messenger"

    Are just some of the rhetoric statements used by Arnab. It is very clear and I can challenge you that the other anchors hate NAMO on behalf of the congress but this guy or his boss just hates NAMO period ( it could have something to do with his NAMO interview) which didn't go as per his script and NAMO f'd him. Due to this hatred, TN has decided that NAMO will not be the next PM and hence they just spit their venom night after night since the Goa meet with a lopsided panel. To add to this the BJP idiots send the weakest link's for this moron to shout down.

    Last night Meenakshi Lekhi and Jethmalani smashed his face in right at the start and he was like a bowler hit for a six on the first ball of the over and who bowls the rest of the over defensively. My blood was boiling last night and my BP would probably have hit the roof with his direct charge of cold blooded murder until I saw his bloodied face.

    You BJP idiots especially Jay Narayan Vyas your line of argument should be.

    The court has not decided that the encounter was fake, so you as a news anchor need not unless you have a vested interest

    The CBI has concocted a cock and bull story on behalf of its master and filed a charge sheet, but what evidence they provide in court is another thing.

    No crime can be proved until the motive is clear here that is absolutely missing

    Let us assume that that the encounter was fake for a minute, there, are thousands of encounters in this country which could be fake but why this hulla and attention for a few dead terrorists ?

    1. Don't take the MSM words seriously and spoil your health.Just focus on spreading the right information to your neighbor friends,family etc about these crooks and their mountain lies.I am doing the same.

    2. Buddy these are some of the standard replies from pseudo secular anti nationals

      Q.Sir what about encounter in other states?
      A: We condemn any encounters anywhere.

      Q:Sir you talk only about saffron terror,what about islamic terror?
      A: All forms of terrorism must be condemned.

      Q;Sir u are whipping Togadia for his hate speech, what about Owaisi.
      A: Whoever engages in hate speech must be acted upon under the law.

      Q:Sir u r appealing for Sanjay Dutt's pardon from imprisonment.What about the others?
      A: All those who have suffered must be pardoned.

      Q: Sir you are fighting for reservations to Muslims what about other economically backward people?
      A.All economically backward people must get reservation.

      This is the KhanChris culture that is rampant today and the Media and the masses have started taking these replies lying down.

    3. I can sense your anger and anguish having seen the stupid show yesterday, especially the highly irritating ones by Arnab and that 'stupid mouth anchor of HT'! I too felt in the same lines like you and you are 100% right, most of the BJP spokespersons are defensive instead of taking the MSM anchors by horn and that only leads to stupid media morons sermonizing. One more irritating thing noticed as always was 'volume of BJP spokespersons mikes are reduced drastically whenever this B@$^ard Arnab shouts' that was most irritating.

      Hats off to Meenakshi Lekhi as only she had the guts to give him back the bitter medicine.

  12. By 6th July ..this blog will have 3 million page it means world is reading and watching ...rap dance on dead bodies!!

    Ravinar jee, please also have "Most Beard(weird) Journalist" category this time for annual poll. And am sure Jain sahab will win it with big margin. :)

    1. "Most Beard(weird) Journalist"... nice idea, LOL

  13. Very timely Ravi. So much hulla-gulla over killing of a terrorist cum Who$e. God knows what would have been had she been a student with no history of who$ing, a pious Muslim girl.

    Get rid of Queenbee. Smoke her out! She is the root cause of terrorism in India. She supports Naxals, LeT, Al-Quada and SIMI.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. unlike the MSM, please don't remove comments from anybody. Everybody is free to raise his opinion unless & until one uses foul language.

  15. Justice Arnab was no match for Meenakshi Lekhi yesterday. He had to yield and defer to her. She played spoiler.

    1. Interesting!! Can you pls provide the link to the video?

  16. Why no MSM is bothered to check with then IB director Ajit Doval? Yesterday I listened to his show in NWR live where he clearly mentioned Ishrat was a terrorist.As per him it is a clear case of political victimization.
    A low level officer's(Sanjiv Bhat) bitching about his "alleged" presence in the meeting was very convincing for the entire MSM. Now no body is even bothering to ask the presiding IB Director during the encounter.
    Crook is a far too lighter word for the MSM.

  17. Imagine this.
    Osama-Bin-Laden is killed by Navy Seals hence Republicans asks FBI to investigate.. OSama's family asked to appoint investigator of their choice by FBI.. Court says "don't investigate whether he was terrorist but investigate whether he was killed in cold blood aka encounter"... FBI publishes chargesheet that he was indeed killed in Fake Encounter w/o trial..Osama's many Burqa claden wives appear in CNN and FOX screaming Osama didnt get justice and the big politician (OBAMA) must be killed...

    This is what is happening in India.

    1. Yeah, Osama's family could a build a good case using the caged parrot's logic. Poor guy was unarmed. Wasn't carrying out hostile activity as he was sleeping during the attack. He hadn't even loaded his gun. He was cowering behind one of his wives. Fake encounter!

  18. Very good Shashi. Just imagine Barmaidjee hoisting Congi flag with Amul baby, Poodle Singh, Doggy Singh, Benu, Randika Choudhary, Kapi, Kurhsee. PC Lungi and Ahmed Patel singing this Anthem.

    1. Your response to Shashiji's anthem is equally witty and hilarious.

  19. If Ihsrat was not a terrorist and other three were terrorists .. then what was she doing with them in Gujrat.....? Surely business of prost$$$$ion....!!!! If not then going to some university to deliver speech on pro$$$$$$$$$, as she was college student...? and all IB folks were to attend that...right...?

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. I don't understand when Media can trace lawyers those who represent terrorist why cant they locate Kamal trivedi who represent Gujarat Govt?

    Big blunder so far committed by Guj Govt is that they changed there affidavit, which Mukul Sinha points out very smartly on all TV Channels...And no BJP guys are in position to defend state govts this action why they changed affidavit saying it is Fake Encounter?

    By changing Affidavit Guj govt put onus of fighting case of police officer on them instead of standing behind there Brilliant officer, if they would have stuck with there first version of affidavit, this would have made opposition very weak against Guj govt and state police officer.

    Now fight is something like that: -

    State Govt VS Terrorists (Israt, Sohrab and etc.,)
    Police officer VS terrorists (Israt, Sohrab and etc.,)

    Looks like at some point of time Modi Govt thought of getting rid of encounter specialists feeling that state is getting bad name because of there action who are sole responsible for maintaining law and order in the state. This is what backfired on Modi at large...

    Another point what is not understandable why cant Modi govt say to court that they want there police officer back on duty for maintaining law and order, curb crime instead of allowing them to rotten in jail...Show to court that there is scarcity in the number of officer on duty...release them on bail.

    The Way IB chief stood by his officer is very good example of Team Work...

    "United We Stand, Divided We fall"

    1. @Jaykumar,
      IB had sent inputs to the state and the affidavit was changed in Ishrat Jahan encounter case by IB, not by Guj Govt.And FYI IB comes under the control of Central Govt.

      Ministry of Home affairs had in an affidavit claimed that Ishrat was a LeT terrorist.We want to know what motivated the MHA to change its own statement...?

  22. in our country not even a hardcore terrorist doesn't the right to declare himself as a terrorist, it's only the Congress & seculars that can decide who are terrorists & terroristas....Ishrat jahan can be found with guns & grenades, with Paki nationals, with satellite phones, has been referred by other dreaded terrorists & their motuhpieces but still she is only a young, college going innocent perfume seller murdered cold bloodedly but people like Sadhvi Pragya are terrorists & languishing in jail for what ?? carrying a needle I guess.....

  23. Ravi,
    As usual very timely and hard hitting article

  24. @Jaykumar,
    In June 2013, the Intelligence Bureau chief Asif Ibrahim told the office of Prime Minister and Home Minister of India that the Bureau had enough evidence to prove that Ishrat was a part of an LeT module which planned to kill Narendra Modi..

  25. @Ajuba
    Next time if same issue is debated on News channel, try to concentrate on what Mukul or Vrinda will say in between the debate and this is what I mentioned in my para 2...moment he speaks this all BJP wala gets cold. BJP is not in position to blast Satish Sharma on any of the debate who happens to be member of SIT and he filed affidavit on behalf of SIT in court saying encounter is fake.

    For this one reason I made point why Kamal Trivedi is not made visible to public by BJP who knows in and out of this case?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Satish Verma : His name was suggested by petitioners in the case, Ishrat's mother Shamima Kausar and Javed Shaikh's father Gopinatha Pillai...So his job is to prove that encounter was fake...!

      It's another matter that how BJP folks handle him in debate..!!

    3. Do you expect these morons like MS to speak truth...?

      MS: contested Gujarat Assembly elections in 2007 from a Muslim dominated seat called Shahpur in Ahemdabad, but got just 200 votes & lost his deposit.

      In 2012, he changed his constituency to Sabarmati in Ahemdabad & again lost elections securing just 1860 votes!

  26. Ravinar

    This may be off topic, but perhaps you can throw light on some also ran channels like NewsX. I have been observing this also me too in the picture channel for some time. It has few pathetic news readers , but I often find it extremely bizarre and vehemently anti BJP. It is almost as if the channel is trying to grab Congress crumbs by trying to grab attention with its anti Modi/BJP headlines.

    Most of our focus of ridicule has been the big moronic four Timesnow, NDTV, CNNIBN and Headlines Today.

    I find certain channels which were respectable few years ago Like AAjtak, ABPnews (erstwhile Starnews), now completely pathetic in news coverage, but some of them still Anti BJP.

    Regular visitors of your site like myself would be interested if you cracked a few of these media outfits for their bizarre stances.

  27. Vrinda Grover, Did you guys look how she talks? It seems that she has taken the course of English Speaking and gone under the course of Personality Development and Public speaking skills. Every Noutanki of her seems a big drama. Almost any right minded can see that she is doing acting and speaking every word a big lie.
    But our English Viewer will not understand that. Humm!

  28. Ishrat family is also behaving in dubious manner. If you see Nushrat and uncle interview with Rajdeep, Uncle was constantly trying to manage Nushrat and Nushrat was also replying like puppet and when Rajdeep asked rare difficult question, she said you cannot ask us about that. (I think question was what was Ishrat doing in Gujarat). So family is definitely dubious and being used by politicians. It looks they are getting money from congress ncp etc.

  29. wow!! both mommy and beti wearing designer glasses... what a loss to the family and our society.. a 2nd year college girl who could both study and support her family.. must be quite a tough job.. who was the employer by the way?

    a call to all secular fashion designers.. please come up with a burka which covers everything except the outer edges of the eyes. here we can see some skin, which should not happen in future..

  30. Hard hitting Ravinar, my blood too was boiling yesterday after having seen all these 'tamashas' in the Eng News channels. The most irritating were: -
    (a) Live telecast of the 'so-called shahid by LeT/ terrorist by MHA and validated by Headly to FBI' family
    (b) Arnab's ranting and height of all rantings was that of 'Stupid Mouth Anchor of HT' I think he's Chaubey
    (c) As usual&expected gloves-in-hands NDTV & CNN/IBN's show

    By the logic of these stupid MSM, had 26/11 terrorists were challenged before they had carried out their mayhem then they should not have been killed in encounter. Had that happened then the Police/Special forces might have been tried by CBI and MSM would shout in top of their voices 'fake encounter, innocent muslim youths have been killed by police in Mumbai'. MSM then would go on debating about 'cold blooded murder, no one can take law in their hands even though the youth are terrorists, they must have been sentenced to jails and should have been fed well wasting crores of tax payer's money,etc.

  31. Another murderous scam which the MSM refuses to touch is the allegedly deliberate demolition of marginal bund embankment of Yamuna river in Panipat region allegedly at orders from the highest echelons of power to save the allegedly scandal-tainted Commonwealth Games Village High-rise apartment complex(built by MGF-Emaar) and the Yamuna bank metro station which have been built right on the river bank in Delhi in contravention of sane advice given by environmental bodies. The bund near Panipat was allegedly breached by design on purpose in the rainy season just before the Commonwealth games and now again during the Uttarakhand cloud-burst disaster. On all of these occasions the Yamuna had filled up to above the danger mark, and the allegedly deliberate breach became a quick-fix solution which saved monuments shamelessly built on river bed in vulgar defiance of nature by corporatists in delhi but flooded many villages in Panipat area. Only that it caused loss of so many lives from toiling farmers and laborers' families in Haryana villages. The scams merit through police investigation and those responsible (?govt
    bureaucrats/ministers/party bosses)deserve to be handed down the penalties for premediated calculated cold-blooded murder if convicted.The MSM gloating over Pakistani terrorists' killing in Gujarat is shamelessly blocking tweets about this important issue on their site. Because those who perished from the perhaps man-made flood mischief in Haryana villages were neither Pakistani terrorists nor mini-bar boozing self-styled propah-English moralists but rather rank-and-file Indian villagers abhored alike by the super-capitalists and Maoist-communists.

  32. Guys..Guys..If you haven't already read this, please do for fun and having some Good time.

  33. I understand Mukul Sinha is a Bihari, and so is Ranjit Sinha. They both are supported by Nitish. Is there a sinister Bihari link here? Need to investigate.

    1. I understand Mukul Sinha is a BHiKhari, and so is Ranjit Sinha. They both are supported by Nitish BHikHari...:)ROFLMAO

  34. ‎#FACTS
    1. Kasab was a handsome young boy & Ishrat Jahan an innocent little girl. They weren't terrorists but just Lashkar Enthusiasts
    2. Congress Leader & Himachal’s CM Virbhadra Singh’s daughter Abhilasha Kumari, is the Sitting Judge in Ishrat Jahan encounter case. Ofcourse this is a mere coincidence & Congress link has no bearing and there is no conflict of interest in this case
    3. CBI is completely unbiased and Supreme Court was out of mind in calling it a caged parrot. Hence the investigation is fairly neutral. Calling CBI a Congress stooge is something Modi’s PR agency is behind. Otherwise whole of IB is lying. David Headley is lying. Jamat-u-Dawa is lying. Former Home Minister and his secretary is lying. It is all a conspiracy to malign CBI and establish a non-existent link between Congress and CBI.
    4. Ishrat Jahan was teaching Gandhigiri to 3 deadly terrorists (2 of them Pakistani) at 2 A.M in the night, hundreds of Kms away from her home.
    5. Congress Minister Navin Jindal DOES NOT HOLD 15% stake in NDTV. Hindustan Times Media group Chairman is not a Congress MP from Rajya Sabha. The Radia Tapes with Barkha Dutt, Vir Sanghvi etc which showed links between journalists and congress were forged. All this must have been a malicious campaign of Modi’s PR agency
    6. Media always talks about 1984 Sikh Genocide and how everyone escaped Judicial scrutiny. Media is equally vocal in highlighting Nelile Assam massacre (In which 3000 Muslims were butchered in less than 2 hours). And what of 1947, 1969, 1992 and 2012 riots? They are shown every now and then in every other news channel. Newspapers are filled with articles as to how the culprits escaped punishment and whose government was in power. But sadly no mention of Gujarat 2002 riots in which only around 250 have been convicted so far including a state Cabinet Minister. Media doesn’t show anything on 2002 at all, in which so many investigations happened and SITs formed. Media never talks about how Narendra Modi took as late as 24 hours to control the riots compared to others which were controlled in just 15-20 days
    7. And what a perfect Media, which does not show that more than 50000 preventive arrests were made to control 2002 riots and Modi’s action saved lives of tens of thousands of muslims and prevented 10 other Naroda Patiya type massacre to happen. Clearly these abusive Modi followers are Idiots. Probably they don’t understand ENGLISH and hence can’t see that these things are shown in Media every now and then
    8. Finally Media gave 100 times as much coverage to fake encounters in Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra
    9. Modi is so communal that he provides electricity to Muslims just 24 hours a day instead of 240 hours a day
    10. Modi can’t see the progress of Muslims, otherwise Muslims in Gujarat wouldn’t have been limited to just being the richest muslims in India (Gujarat has highest per capita income for muslims among all states). Clearly Modi is a bigot. If he worked for welfare of Muslims, Gujarati Muslims would have been richer than Prince of Abu Dhabi
    11. Modi built so many roads in Gujarat and improved the Bus Transport system (which won International as well as National awards) just to put some taxi drivers out of business, some of whom would be muslims. How Communal
    12. So many muslims joined BJP in Gujarat. BJP swept many muslims regions with 90% + Muslim population in Panchayat elections. So what he gave 0 tickets to Muslims in Assembly elections
    13. 25-35% muslims voted for Modi in last CM elections. Definitely Modi had set up spy cameras in the polling booths and was personally monitoring each and every muslim vote. No wonder almost 1/4th of them voted him, OUT OF FEAR
    14. So what if Modi got many temples demolished which came in the way of Development, he is a pro ‘Hindutva’ leader

  35. 15. Modi offered 24 helicopters in UK disaster. What a cheap publicity gimmick! Rahul Gandhi delayed flagging off relief material which would have cost thousands of lives. But A Secular Death is anyday better than a Communal Lifeline. It was actually good that those victims died
    16. Modi got himself to call Rambo and spread false news that he saved 15000 people. So what if he didn’t claim any figure, definitely his PR team was at work. Telling 15000 instead of 5000 was a huge sin and worst of all he got himself called RAMbo which is a communal name due to the 1st 3 alphabets, should have chosen a secular name.
    17. Modi is not a globally accepted leader. Even if he has good relations with Japanese, even if EU and US Congress meet him, he was denied US visa 10 years back. Yeah the same US which we criticize for gross human rights violation in Guantanamo Bay, Iraq, Afghanistan and for death of innocent civilians in these regions, we should definitely support its policy when it comes to denying Modi a Visa
    18. And what if Modi has turned around Gujarat so much, has worked tremendously on social indicators, he still lacks secular credentials. So never vote for Modi, vote for Congress which is the epitome of Corruption, vote for Maya, Mamta, Mullayam, Karunanidhi etc which despite having country selling selfish agendas are much fitter to lead the country

    19. Worst if you feel Modi is the only choice and other options are bad, do not vote at all. Yes you may ignore the GAME THEORY and ignore the fact that your decision to not vote would not affect voting rural areas, which would vote for you know whom. So you can claim to hate all parties alike but still play a pivotal role in getting the Congress regime back, accidentally if not intentionally
    20. Lastly criticize everyone, ignore facts, wear a blindfold, say things like Congress = BJP, Modi is a murderer and become the Cool Dude by taking a ‘different stand’ and do not care for hypocrisy. Just follow your pre conceived notions

    To these Left Liberal Fascists & Communal Intolerant Right Wing Fanatic Bigots, the only thing I want to say is
    Modi is not perfect but he is the best Man to lead right now. Remember everyone has shortcomings and so does Modi, but as an overall package he is the best possible choice. Researh & Analysis Wing (RAW) founder B. Raman who was a staunch Modi hater for his life, said this about Modi just before he tragically died: “My message to those who read me: Back NaMo for PM. He may not come up to expectations, but he will be refreshingly different” And I agree to what Raman said, NaMo will be refreshingly different and definitely deserves a chance. Please understand, the darkest corners of Hell are reserved for those who take no/wrong decision at the time of Crisis and we are in a Crisis, political, economic and Social

    1. Yogesh's succint write-up aptly describes the 'Hang Modi' tirade of the KhanGressite Mafia (and its media surrogates) remote controlled by the worst and most powerful and cunning overseas enemies of the Indian civilisation. Also, the importance of choosing Modi as PM at this critical time of multi-faceted crisis looming over us 121 crore Indians cannot be overemphasized because the alternative:-UPA 3 is unthinkably frightening. But I would like to clarify something. In the prime of his career, B Ramon was a previliged member of the club of media crooks like Srinivasan J. in that he shared their characteristic traits of unprofessional wilful dishonesty and lustful love of lucre that makes one trade ones uprightness and soul for doles. Like the media crooks, he betrayed the trust of the nation and committed sacriligeous treachery against the responsibility to uphold at all costs truth and personal integrity that comes with the previliged position he enjoyed, while spewing patently false venom against Modi and the Guj gov.Apologists for the gang of media crooks shrewdly deceive us when they attribute its immoral failings to a malaise supposedly rampant on a diffuse scale in society:- that of the tendency to succumb to greed for power, money and prestige. But the truth is that these crooks are in a minority, their lustful character is peculiar to them alone rather than being shared by society at large(its they that have 'weak flesh', not the masses)and society is the victim rather than the spawning fountainhead of their lack of integrity.
      Like other crooks that manage to take about-turns and blow with the wind at the appropriate moment, sage Ramon proved that at best he was an opportunist. He has attempted weaving a larger-than-life clout over people for himself in his last days; but certainly the Indian masses know better than to take his sermons for gospel truth. One billion Indians are with each passing day getting to better appreciate Modi for his service to the nation not because Mr role-model Ramon said so, but because they are intelligent enough to be capable of evaluating his work on merit on their own.

  36. Dear All,

    Please realize few things.

    The main objective of Congress party is to deflect the attention from Uttarkhand disaster & NAMO's governance agenda. By simply using the CBI & Media bark against NAMO the Congress have brought shift in National discourse. Hence I feel we need not get so worked up so easily. Believe me this is just the start. Their will be many more Ishrat's stored for future use for diverting from agenda of Governance & growth. Let's try & understand the crookedness of Congress.

    1. @ Abhijeet Rightly said that one big aim of KhanChriss Mafia is to deflect attention from the under-reported yet unresolved humanitarian crisis of maybe 3 lakh deaths in Uttarakhand. But the Mafia dynasty kills many birds with one stone. The chief objective of the pretty-babe-ishrat propaganda which had already began much before the unfolding of UK tragedy is to REALLY get to have Narendra modi tortured like sadhvi Pragya singh and hanged after mock-trial like Saddam Hussein. The overseas string-puller masterminds who advise the scantily educated Queen-bee on every little move, have already decided that the biggest threat to their hegemony are the likes of Narendra Modi and his circle of patriots who firmly believe that only with compassion for society in one's heart can one usher in revolutionary social change to transform India into a prosperous nation with justice and equality for all. The foreign global plotters realise the significance of the fact that it has taken indian society 200 years of penance to evolve a NaMo and one Ramdev. They now want to make a horrible example of them as a deterrant to all capable potential leaders. Nevertheless, though mindful of all this, Narendra modi and Ramdev remain undaunted and continue their uphill task of peaceful and informed true social revolution with super-natural resoluteness,openly and without secrets, because they know the stakes involved for india's future and in their reckoning betraying the peoples' cause even in these trying circumstanes amounts to desecration of their holiest deity, Bharat Maa.

  37. Dear Ravinar- a very good one. It is really a sorry state of affairs with all our news channels. You might have probably noted (but not mentioned in your above article)how Times News was repeatedly flashing pictures of Modi and Amit Shah again and again and again so many times while showing the dead bodies of the 4 persons killed in the encounter. It was a blatant attempt at creating an impression in the minds of the viewers that these two people are responsible to their deaths. With news channels stooping to such dirty depths to support the people in power, it is only internet websites like yours which many people like me refer to to get the correct news and perspectives.

    Thanks a lot.


    1. Creating wrong "perceptions" (without explicitly saying as much) by innuendo and other subterfuge including body language of the "actors" is a very powerful( sucessfully tested upteen times across the globe)tool of the super-corporatist controlled MSM media to drive propaganda into the minds of viewers on a large scale and social-engineer their collective psyche and morality into a "virtual-reality matrix".Perfected by Western military psychologists during the cold war. With zero hazard of defamation suits. This applies not only to their "news" shows but also to their soap serials and entertainment/ educational programmes. In India the gargantuan endeavour is on a war footing because this is seen as a giant civilisation waiting to be "harvested" and "digested" by imperialist foreign corporate cannibalism.

  38. Thanks Ravi, for the amazing post, as usual.

    Asking all our readers here:

    Does any one have any captures or proof on the Jamat-ud-Dawa (LeT) website post on Ishrat being a shahid? Please share if you do. This webpage reportedly disappeared very quickly once these terrorists understood it could damage her image and weaken the court case in India.

    Now NIA reportedly says there is no documentary evidence on Headley's information on her being a fidayeen, and that it is just hearsay.

  39. please somebody tell that new news aunty ayyub to stop,

    she is the new cacophonix.

    she was called and there was menakshi lekhi on that show. she had a hard time with lekhiji, lekhiji practically grilled her. what ndtv did next day. Lekhiji was not called.

  40. CBI has not been able to crack an "open and shut" case like the Arushi murder case where four persons were present in a house at night- two dead, two claiming they have no knowledge of who/what killed them. What can you expect from them.

    Congress has not only undermined the investigative agency, it has promoted to the top inefficient and corrupt persons like the current CBI head who is a "caged parrot" but who has demonstrated that he can break the cage for vindictive action against his colleagues.

  41. Every time Modi has been termed guilty as soon as some thing happens.
    Modi is guilty because CBI said its investigation is yet not completed.
    Modi is guilty because CBI is likely to visit Modi
    Modi is guilty because CBI has issued a letter to Modi for a meet
    Modi is guilty becuase Modi has said the letter is not received
    Modi is guilty because as per media Modi should see CBI immediately not at the date given by CBI
    Modi is guilty because CBI has met him
    Modi is guilty because CBI has not put Modi's name under the list of accuse because CBI has not given a clean chit
    Modi is guilty because SC has said there is no case against Modi, but SC has not given him a clean chit
    Modi is guilty because CBI has submitted its report to SC
    Modi is guilty because CBI has said it would supplement
    Modi is guilty because there is a mention of beard in the report.
    Modi is guilty because beard man gave a nod. Southern nod or Northern nod?

    Ramkhilavan said on his respected neighbor’s nod he kidnapped the boy for marriage.
    Any third party can say anything. What is the legal position? Whether a fake encounter is legal or not?
    If the fake encounter is illegal, then who has executed the said encounter?
    Was there any order for fake encounter? If yes, who had given that order and what was the mod of giving order?
    Was a written order or a verbal order? If order was verbal, then an officer is not supposed to obey the order unless the order has been given in writing.
    If order was a written order for a fake encounter, then the person gives the order and the person executes the order both are guilty.
    If the confirmation of the illegal order has not been obtained in written, only the officer who obeyed the order is responsible if has not conveyed and not put on record that he had received verbal and illegal order.
    Further what was the text of order? What was the interpretation of order? The order cannot be misinterpreted.
    What has been happened in the case of Shah Commission report? Indira Gandhi had given even written orders which were illegal. The interpretation of even her government submitted before the court was that during emergency all RIGHTS were withdrawn including the right to live. Thereby government machinery had liberty and power to even can kill a person. Despite of having evidences on the interpretation of the orders, even on the line of the behavior of Indira Gandhi, what had happened to that? Government said that it was the confidential matter cannot be disclosed.
    It is better to reopen the Shah Commission and punish those all guilty at those are alive. First come, first serve if at all the court of law wants to charges upon itself about discrimination.
    As for Narendra Modi and fake encounter case, the CBI has already examined Narendra Modi and all other related officers. CBI has not included Modi’s name under culprits. Now suppose the CBI would act like parrots, under political influence, the CBI itself would be in trouble.

  42. An attempt by stupid sagarika -


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