Tuesday, July 30, 2013

RailGate: Bhaskar Does An NDTV

There is something sinister going on. It’s not as if information is not available but almost no media outlet wants to make any noise about it. Forget noise, they seem scared to even whisper about it. All the Shomas, Ranas, Sreenivasans, Rajdeeps, Arnabs, Barkhas, Nidhis seem to have crawled into a hole over new revelations in the RailGate bribery case. Of course, I don’t even expect Sreenivasan Jain or anyone from NDTV to talk about RailGate but others too seem to have clamped up. That’s how scary the ‘Gandhi’ name is. I have stated before that the moment ‘Gandhi’ is mentioned, our media celebs piss in their pants and skirts. That’s how scared they are. It stands to reason that there must be so much crime in the media that they wouldn’t want the CBI on their backs. Would they? Smart choice!

The RailGate bribery has taken a sinister turn after Pawan Kumar Bansal was given a clean-chit by the CBI. Imagine, someone who should be an accused is being touted as a ‘witness’ in the case. Still, when a senior BJP member, Satyapal Jain, has been putting out transcripts of the phone conversations nobody seems to even want to look at it. The one newspaper that did report it suddenly did an NDTV. We now know that in critical cases people keep screenshots of NDTV’s webpages since their love disappears overnight but the Daily Bhaskar did something similar in the RailGate episode. This was a report on the case that included the names of Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi in the phone transcripts. In other cases the spinmeisters at NDTV and Tehelka would have considered it enough to indict people as they do in the encounter killing cases. So here’s the deleted page from Daily Bhaskar from report they carried on July 28 as it appeared on 9.03am on July 29:

The original report has been deleted. There was no explanation why or if there was a retraction due to some error. Nothing! DB must have received some ‘friendly’ calls I suppose. Considering DB also has print versions in Hindi and other languages I wonder if they carried the report in print. Anyway, from the web-cache I have pieced together images from the original report as it appeared in sequence of the report:

The DB report was based on investigation and tweets of Satyapal Jain (@SatyapalJain) and I reproduce the tweet in which names of Sonia and Rahul Gandhi appear. That particular part has been highlighted and shown in the box in red:

You can read the full report of DB saved as a snapshot here as well. I recommend also read the series of tweets of @SatyapalJain on RailGate from July 28 to 29. He has systematically put up transcripts from the CBI records and the records show calls were also made to Ahmed Patel (Sonia’s political advisor) and cross-references indicate Bansal was pretty much in the know of what’s going on.

Someone once asked me if the media in India has freedom. All I can say is freedom is a choice, as is slavery. In the last decade our media has gone from crawlers and bootlickers to being absolute slaves. Those who should be putting the fear of the devil in a govt are cowering and crawling as slaves. This is what corruption does to an individual or to an organisation or an entire industry. The media remains the first line of defence for the corrupt.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Eminent Liars

“Living is easy with eyes closed… Misunderstanding all you see”: John Lennon (Strawberry Fields Forever).

That is normal for folks like us, isn’t it? We aren’t smart enough so we live easy and misunderstand all we see. But what about those who are charged with fact-checking and bringing the truth home? They don’t misunderstand they are ‘Eminent Liars’, to borrow the phrase from Arun Shourie. “Love has this nasty habit of disappearing overnight” that’s another Lennon line I like singing for NDTV; the masters at lying and deception. Their website pages disappear overnight.

Arun Nehru of the Nehru clan died at 69. He was the one who broke away from Rajiv Gandhi to join VP Singh back around 1989. So Gandhi-clan doormat NDTV in their eagerness to lick another boot produced a story claiming Priyanka Vadra’s son Rehan lit his funeral pyre. (Remember she is still a Vadra and will become PriyankaG once elections are announced). The page now shows this:

Oops! NDTV did it again! The problem is not screwing up. The problem is lying big and retracting small. No wait, NDTV never retracts and apologises. Their love just disappears. Here’s what they first reported:

Someone tells me bad financial performance forces NDTV to get rid of people and produces haste and a lack of fact-check. They can seek comfort in the fact that Times of India wasn’t far behind. They too reported PriyankaV’s son did the final rites. What will they not do to glorify the generosity of the Gandhis? After other papers correctly reported that Arun Nehru’s grandson Akhil did the final rites, some deleted their pages and some remained. But no one retracted or apologised. But that is TOI’s criminal nature after all. Put the “Rambo Act” on the front page with screaming headlines and retract 21 days later in a small corner in page 8 or 9.

Is that all for the week? No, not at all, we just got lucky. There’s this Eminent Politician allegedly called Amartya Sen who seems not too happy with Narendra Modi and seems to have made some uncharitable remarks about him. Why the surprise? When the others got tired and needed a break, they just sent in an old clown. Matter not! So it seems in retaliation Chandan Mitra of the BJP not only asked for Sen’s Bharat Ratna to be withdrawn but his party branch in Gujarat came up with something more. Some alleged Gujarat BJP Facebook page allegedly put up a nude pic of one alleged Nandana Sen who is allegedly the daughter of alleged economist Amartya Sen. That is bad, eh? That is hitting below Sagarika’s brains.

Delighted as they were some media morons jumped in joy to again find something to beat the BJP with. Among the “eminent” ones who latched on to this was S. Varadarajan, alleged editor of The Hindu. You all know I fondly call him Varadabhai. You and I misunderstanding is normal, we are made like that. But what does it say about a paid editor who tweets like a moron to slam the BJP citing a fake pic of Amartya’s daughter. What is Varadabhai paid for? To misread and misunderstand? Oh you see, when it comes to BJP fact-checking is not part of their job. They are licensed to LIE. The site that put up Nandana’s pic was a fake site and probably the property of the dirty-tricks department of eNREGA. And moron’s like Varadabhai gleefully fell for it. Varadabhai didn’t bother to cross check with any BJP office, which is part of his job. The BJP IT cell then put out this letter:

But Varadabhai wasn’t the only fool. We had another ‘Eminent historian’ (this time a direct quote from Shourie) allegedly called S. Irfan Habib. Indian History’s lies and inaccuracies owe a small debt to the likes of Habibs. So another Habib joins the battle too and slams the BJP and “Modi Bhakts”. If I were you I would take anything this bimbo says with a truck-load of salt. (I was corrected and told this Habib is different from that Habib). Now another Irfan Habib has been recorded to have introduced a plagiarised work of history by a writer in Arun Shourie’s book “Eminent Historians”. So to say that guy is a “history-sheeter” would be apt considering he’s a historian. Not just that, this Habib is also one of the gangs of “eminent historians”. There are those who provided testimonies in the Ramjanmabhoomi case where all just quoted each other with no first-hand research and with no supporting evidence. The Allahabad High Court trashed them too. Says a lot for this Habib’s sense of fact-checking and history, doesn’t it?

All is not lost and all is not bad. If Habib can spread untruths there is someone who is always there to beat the whole lot hands, legs and feet down. There’s our Category 5 moron who unfailingly wades into anything that can help her hate BJP or hate Hindus or hate Hindutva. Oh she doesn’t have to fact-check either because she is allegedly the Deputy Editor of CNN-IBN which has a reputation of hating anything or anyone connected to Hinduism. So there! It wasn’t a bad week after all. There was the Rs.12 and Rs.5 meal nonsense. There was the “Tanch Maal” by Digvijaya Singh which our media concluded was a “tribute to a woman”. There were toilet-cleaner-liquid bottles thrown outside Manish Tewari’s residence in Chandigarh. And everyone slammed the Planning Commission for its definition of poverty. But the winners this week were clearly the eminent liars, who lie big and don’t retract.


Friday, July 26, 2013

The Batla House Deception

Yesterday evening, after the Batla Encounter verdict, Congress spokie Abhishek Singhvi came out and stated the verdict should not be politicised. Ahem! He demonstrated the hypocrisy of his party like no one else could have done. For 5 years some Congressmen have done nothing but politicise it. Digvijaya Singh called the encounter fake many times and even visited Azamgarh to rake up the issue politically. Salman Khurshid during the UP 2012 campaign said there were tears in SoniaG’s eyes on seeing Batla House images. All of them thoughtlessly tarred the reputation of a police officer, Mohan Chand Sharma, who was killed in the encounter. This continued even after former Home Minister P. Chidambaram maintained the encounter was not fake and even NHRC (National Human Rights Commission) shared their agreement on it.

So let me lay out the story which I presume the hacktivists and professional agitators would have us believe. On the fine morning of September 19, 2008 Mohan Sharma and members of his Special Unit were at their station chatting over tea. For days they were idle with nothing much to do. One wiseguy suggested “why don’t we go kill some people, we need to test our guns”. Another guy said “we haven’t got medals for a long time it’s time we did something”. So they wrote the names of 5 localities with some addresses in pieces of paper and one of them picked the lucky draw. Well, the unlucky winner in the draw was ‘108 Batla House’. So the guys strapped their guns in the holsters and drove up to Batla and stared shooting and killed a few and some escaped. They were smart not to arouse suspicion this was a fake encounter. So Mohan Sharma took his gun, stretched and turned his arm 180 degrees and shot himself in the back; twice. This is the story the hacktivists would have you believe. The only change they offer is that another cop shot Sharma. So you have two options on how Sharma died.

I remember a scene from the movie “Analyse That” where the shrink asks the mafia wiseguy how he got out of jail and what happened to the strong witness. The wiseguy explains to him: “Oh the witness, he was frustrated… he stabbed himself in the back, twice, and then threw himself over a bridge into a river”. Yeah, frustrated people do stab themselves in their own back, not once but twice, and jump off a bridge. Quite plausible, isn’t it?

Arnab Goswami, in his usual style, let out a tirade against certain Human Rights hacktivists on their wrongful defence of potential and actual terrorists who shot dead a cop. On Times Now Ravi Shankar Prasad made an important and startling comment. He stated that some Delhi cops of the special unit mentioned to him that if Mohan Sharma hadn’t died they would have all been in jail because of the highly connected HR hacks claiming fake encounter and the Jamia Milia agitators. Does that shock anyone? It is probably true if you can see shades of the Ishrat case where the cops are in jail or on bail. Yes, if Mohan Sharma hadn’t died the cops would have been charged for a fake encounter by certain activists, bounty-hunting lawyers and political bitches. That is the level and reality of how the Congress-UPA has brought the country’s fight against terrorists. And they’ll scream “don’t politicise” when they have egg on their faces. It’s a very dangerous sign.

NDTV, true to their profession, were asking if encounters were justified and if the Batla verdict would impact other encounter cases pending in courts. This was a programme by Sunetra Chaudhury in the evening on July 25. What particular case could NDTV be referring to? Umm… Let’s see! If I were to make a wild guess I’d say the Ishrat case on which another political campaign of the Congress and assorted hacktivists rests heavily. The Ishrat verdict is not likely to come any time soon so Singhvi can hold the “don’t politicise” Ishrat verdict for the future. On TimesNow a certain Mrs. Ramalingam, another of those HR hacks, screamed “What about the rights of the common man”? Well, even if there are police raids I wonder if common men pull out guns and start shooting. I tweeted stating I would rather see people like Shahzad dead. They are not common by any stretch of imagination. If terrorists shoot and are caught the courts exist to deliver justice and it doesn’t go by the frivolous opinions of these HR morons.

Now, since the verdict held Shahzad, the lone captured terrorist, guilty of killing Sharma the hacktivists and his lawyers started a new tune. They claimed the court did not judge him as an IM (Indian Mujahideen) terrorist nor has it judged the encounter to be genuine. Okay, weeping venals, we will get to that part soon! There is something shocking that I learned only yesterday. It seems ANHAD (Act now for harmony & Democracy) the NGO run by Shabnam Hashmi and Harsh Mandar had filed a petition in the SC through lawyer Prashant Bhushan to seek a judicial probe as the Batla encounter was against a particular “Community”. Wow! So hate-engineer Shabnam Hashmi thought terrorists shouldn’t be countered if they are from a particular community. The SC naturally dismissed this bogus petition and even admonished the gang for trying to link the case to a particular community. They didn’t say it and the SC didn’t say it but ANHAD is clearly implying the Muslim community is being victimised. I call ANHAD: “Act now for hatred and disharmony” and I make no bones about it.

Now that the verdict is out the hacks, the defence lawyers and sundry agitators from Jamia Milia claim the court had neither judged Shahzad to be an IM terrorist nor has it called the encounter genuine. This is the deception that they are peddling to fool the nation. Here are a couple of tweets that @Spread_Law made on the case:

Mind you, I am only quoting SpreadLaw, a helpful handle which tweets on legal issues and provides clarity on judgements, and it is not part of any debate or controversy in the Batla case. So the question is why would a court pass a judgement on whether Shahzad is an IM, LeT or JuD terrorist when there was no such specific petition and no one asked the court for such a judgement? The case before the court was whether Shahzad killed Mohan Sharma in the encounter and the circumstances leading to it and not the flavour of his terrorist connections. Secondly, there was no petition in the court challenging the genuineness of the encounter except probably in the defence of Shahzad by his lawyers, so the court also did not have to adjudicate on that. The murder of the cop was the key issue in the prosecution. So the claims that the court did not pass judgement on these issues are frivolous and meant to deceive the public. Fact is there was no legal challenge on the encounter being genuine and therefore the court does not need to rule on it.

Courts usually rule on the petition before them. They don’t have to rule on petitions that were never made. And until someone specifically challenges Batla as fake, as the hacks have done in the Ishrat case, the encounter will stand as genuine. Period! As SpreadLaw points out, the court has made an “observation” which is substantial but even that was not necessary. Shahzad is indeed a terrorist of IM and the encounter is genuine unless someone legally challenges that position. If Digvijaya Singh felt the encounter was fake he and his gang should have challenged it in the courts. They did not because they too know there is no merit in their claim which is only for “political” gains.

The fake claims of the hacktivists are equivalent to claiming Al Capone was never a bootlegger and never a murderer because no court has ever pronounced him so. He was sentenced to prison for tax evasion which is the case the prosecution brought against him. That’s the nature of law. But everyone knows Capone was a mass murderer and a bootlegger. The campaign of lies and deception by the HR hacks and some politicians is not out of any sympathy for the likes of Shahzad. It is a larger design to weaken the country politically and compromise its security for enemy forces. These people and their deceptions are as dangerous as the terrorists themselves. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

At Your Feet, Obamaji

Thus spake Rahul Gandhi while addressing a two-day media conclave of his party members on July 22: "Keep the level of debate dignified; don't let the language or the attack be below the belt. We are the party of Mahatma Gandhi". I safely assume the warning was only for language and not for actions. Even as he was speaking some of his Youth Congress goons forced a restaurant in Mumbai to temporarily shut down. Reason being a hilariously sarcastic footnote the restaurant owner had printed in his bills to protest the luxury tax on AC restaurants. It read:  As per UPA government, eating money (2G, Coal, CWG scam) is a necessity and eating food in an AC restaurant is a luxury”. Sarcasm like this is bound to offend and there are thousands of other cartoons on the Congress-UPA scams. There are also reports that clearly indicate the order to shut down the restaurant came directly from Delhi. I guess it’s exactly what the Mahatma would have done. Right? This is how our media, like a box of parrots reproduces what the Gandhi man says without questioning.

MKGandhi neither wanted Congress to exist nor would he ever be a supporter or sympathiser of the present Congress. The current Congress also has no connection to the INC but they simply usurped that name without anyone objecting. This is Congress (I) as it has been since the days of Indira Gandhi. So a truthful statement by RahulG would have been “We are the party of Indira Gandhi”. That would be justified because this Congress respects democracy as much as IndiraG did. In comparison to another deed by some of his party colleagues RahulG’s Youth Congress act of shutting down a restaurant would seem a smaller offence which is in line with the party’s usual conduct. The other act borders on treason and anti-national activities. 65 MPs of different parties had written a letter to US President Barack Obama in November and December 2012 to maintain their policy of not allowing Narendra Modi a visa to enter the US.

This appeal to Obama was placed in the public domain after a public appeal by Rajnath Singh to restore Modi’s visa during his trip to the US. Rajnath’s public appeal was a silly thing to do and he should have just talked to US officials and lawmakers if he wanted to press for Modi’s case. The letter and the appeal was an initiative of an independent RS member named Mohammad Adeeb and signatories include Abhishek Singhvi, Asaduddin Owaisi, Sitaram Yechury, MP Achutan and quite a few members of RahulG’s party. The most idiotic explanation offered on TimesNow (On July 23) by Adeeb and another guy called Ali Anwar Ansari (on the right corner of the image) was that they wrote this appeal to Obama as “Journalists”. That should tell you how brainy these people are. Regardless of whether one is a journalist or a street dancer, the letter to the American president to act against an Indian citizen, especially a constitutional head like CM, is an outright anti-national act. The letter shows it wasn’t written as some private citizen even. A copy of it being circulated on the net shows official stationery of an MP with the national emblem on it. Maybe idiotic journalists get to use such stationery too.

As usual TimesNow was holding a nonsensical debate on an issue that deserved nothing but condemnation and seeking of legal action against the erring MPs. Now, why do these MPs need to be legally prosecuted? There are some very compelling reasons. Though some Congress members have shown public delight in the US revoking Modi’s visa the official GOI stand is that it has protested the US move. The Indian foreign Secretary is also on record discussing the issue with Robert Blake then US Ambassador and objecting to the visa revocation. Therefore, the action by these MPs amounts to interfering with the official foreign affairs business of the GOI and going against the official national position on the issue. If legal action seems excessive then certain a resolution in the parliament condemning this act must be moved so that such acts are not repeated. The list of signatories being circulated reads as under:

Sitaram Yechury claimed he had signed no such document although his name and signature prominently appears on it. As for the real reasons for the US revoking Modi’s visa, I have already explained it in a previous post. This has precious little do with the riots and there have been hundreds of communal riots since 2002. The MPs who did sign the petition have actually acted against India’s national interests and it should worry everyone that we have such people in the parliament. Political differences and political fights need to be fought in the Indian political arena. Going to another country to beg for action as these MPs have done is a dangerous precedent. Tomorrow some MPs might even write to the American President or the British PM to intervene and take over an Indian state because of failure of law and order. What will the Congress do then? What will the parrots in our media do then?

No less than the Supreme Court rapped Teesta Setalvad for attempting to take the Gujarat riots issue to the UN in an attempt of misadventure. Independence and freedom never course in the veins of slaves. So what next? We remember one Congress member releasing an ad with the headline “At your feet, Madamji”. These 65 MPs just reaffirmed their slavery by indirectly stating “At your feet, Obamaji