Monday, June 3, 2013

Who Is Responsible, Mr. RahulG?

I had earlier warned that ‘hunting season’ had begun. Seems the first target of the hunt was N. Srinivasan. Now that N. Srinivasan has failed to oblige our media hopefully sanity will return to people like Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai. They can lick their wounds in peace and think of getting back to hunting Narendra Modi or some other politician from the BJP. Some of them may already have had a sneak preview of the Food Security ad under Bharat Nirman and will be hoping FSB passes in parliament so that a fresh dose of BN ads can continue. So what was this first round of hunting covering up? You guessed right; it was the Chattisgarh Maoists attack on a Congress convoy on May 25. Post the disaster TimesNow, CNN-IBN, NDTV, HeadlinesToday all rushed to Chattisgarh but none reported the story from people on the ground. None held any serious debates on the killings.

It’s now 10 days since the attack and there is no sign these cowardly channels are going to seriously discuss the Maoists issue. But there is another serious issue that concerns the Congress party. It’s about fools rushing in where angels fear to tread. In an attack like the one on the Congress convoy any mature politician would have held his horses and waited for some detailed information before mindless outrage. Not Rahul Gandhi! He rushed to Chattisgarh along with mummy and at a meeting kept asking the Chief Secretary “Who is responsible?” for the carnage, which was also an indirect question to the CM Raman Singh. It’s also important to understand that this man had no business to be in that meeting at all. But you’re a Gandhi, so everything passes. And that is not all. The Amul baby even made grandiose statements like this is an “attack on democracy, an attack on the idea of India”. My guess is he has learned to parrot these lines from TV morons.

News was already trickling in that the Maoist attack was a conspiracy by certain Congress members and there were a lot of rumours floating in the territory. So let’s help the “power is poison” fellow with some more news. This is all from Dainik Bhaskar and I just quote:

National Investigation Agency (NIA) officials on Sunday told Dainik Bhaskar that four party leaders were in 'constant touch' with Naxalites on the fateful day.
 While two of the leaders are confirmed to have been were present in the convoy itself,  other two at the venue of departure reportedly gave ‘running commentary’ as soon as the convoy left for Keslur town from Darbha block. 

“We are investigation the call records which were made through the Jagdalpur cellphone tower. Four Congress have been identified who we believe provided minute-by-minute information to the Naxalites. Two of them were present in the convoy,” a NIA officer said.
At present, we think that one of those in the convoy was the mastermind who planned the strike,” he added.
The suspicion over insiders being involved in the attack was first raised by Mahendra Karma’s son Deepak, who claims that such a ‘precision strike couldn’t have been possible without ‘insider inputs’… “They cannot carry out such a big operation successfully without inputs on Congress leaders' movement. This information was provided by someone who was privy to the movement plan," Deepak had alleged in a chat with Times of India. He had even asked as to who had ‘forced’ his slain father to take the same route from which he went to Darbha, revealing that Karma ‘did not use to take the same route twice.

Our TV channels had already screamed there was intelligence failure, lack of adequate security blah, blah blah… All these normally result only in random, mindless killings. The incident on May 25 doesn’t appear to be random killing by any stretch of imagination. It seems a very well-planned attack with inside information provided to the Maoists by members from the very party which wants to play victim. I wonder if Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai will now go after Rahul Gandhi as they did after N. Srinivasan. It will reveal a lot more than the Chattisgarh attack. It will also reveal how the Congress has directly or indirectly supported Maoist sympathisers and through that Maoist killers themselves. The BJP has even directly accused Ajit Jogi of conspiracy, something political parties normally don’t do.

They need to ask the great white hope only one question: Who is responsible, Mr.RahulG?


  1. The Congis who day in and day out make comments about infighting in the BJP would do well to set their own house in order.Was the naxal attack a result of infighting within their own rank?
    As for the media, there is hardly one channel or one newspaper which has ever even disagreed with the dynastic rulers.Arnab is a very serious journo but in this respect his record is too dismal.Perhaps he would lose his job if he ever dared to!As for the comical Sardesai, I wonder if he is a journo at all!

  2. One doesn't know how much honestly the investigations would be carried out and how much truth would come out, but these MSM morons would start their own 'spinned stories' quoting 'sources' and their 'trials' and finally they would drag BJP into each and every debate to equate the sins of Congis/UPA with that of the 'Bechara Janta Party'. Let us hope some sanity would prevail with D4 coterie in Delhi to take the Media morons by their horns and expose them. Ms. Meenakshi Lekhi, Ms Smriti Irani and the likes should debate in TVs as they're known to give back to the morons in those 'Angrez' channels. A hope and pray that a new govt would form in 2014 and the MSM roles in all the scams also be probed thoroughly including 'Radia tapes' and real trials begin then.

  3. Rajiv Gandhi was killed with the help of congress and DMK. Hope the saga continues till this cancer congress is wiped out completely

  4. why none of the mainstream medias are not reporting this news??

  5. jab tak ho rah bharat nirman u wont find any other exclusive news on MSM

  6. Dear Ravinar,

    In between the 20 days IPL vacation, the MSM seemed to come back to office only when Mr Advani praised Mr Chouhan & compared him with NAMO. It's interesting that the MSM could pick up this small tid-bit out of other million stories which actually effected common voters whome they neglected ? This news was enough for them because it gave them a chance to mud sling against NAMO & BJP. Even whores must have better sense of duty compared with the Indian Media.

  7. The enemies of the Congress Party are their own members indulged in day in day out fight among themselves resulting in ACTS like this happening in all states since there are inflight among the cadres of congress... BJP should be a mere on looker in this episode and should not make any press release or participate in the idiot box debates!!!!!!!! Never thought this will lead to such kind of informers thrive inside the party!!!!!


    Lady who could PARDON killers of her husband fumes over the death of party men. Politics over family?

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  10. I guess this massacre too is a part of their "idea of India" ,what ever crap that means.In recent times one has often heard this so called 'Idea of India"in every secular discourse.May I know the key features of this idea.?I guess minority appeasement is at the very top of the list.If what has been promoted by the pseudosecular gang of Khanchris Gandhis and its off shoots are any indication, this idea will be the pied piper that will lead Indians into the pacific ocean.BTW the idea of the nation today is that If a Khangressi and a Maoist is seen together in public, aam aadmi will first go for the neck of the khangressi.

    1. Psuedo Gandhis are known to kill, any one who opposes them or their dogs., like Ajit Bhogi and DoggY Singh. Did not Indira got Lal Bahadur Sashtri killed? How did Pilot, Scindia and Prasad die. For the whole khanChris clan that is the way. Either you follow like sheep's or get bumped off.

      Hope sooner than later, the whole KhanChris also get bumped off. That can only save India.

  11. Noticed the color photo of neha and ankit chavan in front page of times of india. This group pained their viewers for two weeks on ipl fixing . And now is also advertising the marriage of one of them on front page. Bloody mediocre hypocrites. Devoid of standards as also sense.

  12. Would really like to know if Govt is paying for "Bharat Nirman" ads , who is Madam Gandhi in the govt to feature in the ads. At least MMS is the PM. Why is our money used to show ads promoting Cong party leadership?

  13. Directly Responsible:
    Ajit Jogi & Co
    Chattissgarh Congress Local Leaders

    Indirectly Responsible:
    Sonia Gandhi (stopped Operation Green Hunt against Maoist Terrorists)
    Manmohan Singh (same as above)
    Sushil Kumar Shinde (Could not provide security to anybody in India)

    Now, you have the answers RahulG. If you have any guts take action against any of the above.

  14. I don't think these journos would do any such thing. Even now they are worried about the MSD's investments and conflict of interests


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