Monday, June 17, 2013

Nitish, Advani & Avarice

Consequent to the JDU pull out from NDA and parting ways with BJP on June 16, CNN-IBN anchor, Bhupendra Chaube, carved out an interesting graphic on TV. It showed that post-JDU pull out there are 163 members opposed to BJP. To put it more specifically he suggested that these non-Congress 163 members are not with Narendra Modi. There’s only one problem; these are numbers from the current parliament which is precisely what the BJP hopes to change with Modi as campaign Chairman. But Chaubeji won’t tell you that. He would like viewers to believe that with Modi the BJP was already losing the battle. He’s not alone. His co-propagandists at IBN, the Political Numero Unee, as also other pundits and punditayans at NDTV, Timesnow etc were doing a similar analysis.

In the hunting season almost every pundit seems to know Modi far better than he does. Prabhu Chawla writes a school-boy type open letter to Modi. While most of the stuff he writes would have been done better by a Class-8 student there is one line which shows up the foolishness and deception of Chawla. He writes: “But they find the new Modi’s politics a threat to democratic institutions”. Really? Prabhu Chawala isn’t the only liar. This is a lie that the hunters will spread with even greater force in the coming months. Chawla is not exactly a bimbo but he doesn’t pause to think who has been systematically destroying democratic institutions in this country. It started with Indira Gandhi and has now continued with Sonia Gandhi’s Congress. Any institution worth naming has been destroyed. Well, okay maybe not all. I think Congress has left the ‘folk-dances’ of India left untouched yet. Chawla is not the only one. The Numero Unee uses a JDU statement to call BJP a one-man show, authoritarian and imperious. For her and the media slaves the Gandhis are the ultimate symbol of democracy everywhere. They usually overlook the fact that Modi has neither sought to be CM of Gujarat nor has he ever been BJP president. His rise has been purely on performance and popularity and approval by the party. The BJP has proved that even LKA can’t dictate terms like a Gandhi let alone Modi.  

The question now returns to who propelled the JDU pull out. The answer is not complicated except for our blind media. Nitish Kumar is one of those ‘self-preservation’ politicians who doesn’t mind dumping relationships. He has dumped Lalu Prasad in the past, he has dumped George Fernandes and after enjoying the luxury of power with the NDA he has now dumped them too. And what’s his great excuse? Narendra Modi! It’s the same Modi that Nitish once supported, campaigned for and shared platforms with who is now “communal” for him. The motives don’t need further explanation nor does the hypocrisy of Nitish. But he was supported in his endeavour by none other than LK Advani as everyone now knows. Like Nitish, LKAdvani too has been driven all these years by nothing but his personal ambition of being a PM one day. To borrow from my favourite politician RahulG: “Not happening”!

The fact that the Congress and the media now find LKA a great darling tells a story by itself. It’s their fear of Narendra Modi. While Congress kept denying Modi is a threat as their own minister Jairam Ramesh inadvertently admitted “Modi is a challenge”. Both LKA and NitishK are guilty of avarice. Exceptional greed! Avarice usually backfires. In 2010 NitishK’s avarice and ego had reached such limits that he wanted the BJP to ban Narendra Modi from campaigning in Bihar for the state elections. A junior partner’s head telling a national party that their member can’t campaign in his state wouldn’t be tolerated by any party; not even a local party. But LKA and the Delhi-4 or D4 as they are known in the social media obliged Nitish. That’s when LKA killed his own party. His philosophy resembled Churchill’s old saying: “An appeaser is a person who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last”. Three years later the crocodile has eaten Advani and broken the alliance. Advani blames the elevation of Modi as the cause of the break-up. He is wrong! He is the one to blame for mollycoddling forces trying to marginalise his party.

There are those who scream “Advani built the BJP, Advani built the BJP” and they don’t tire of it, especially those in the Congress and the media. This is the stupid sentiment of most emotional Indians. LKA may have founded the party but no one can claim having built a political party all alone. It takes lakhs of workers and foot-soldiers. It is these very workers who have now decided LKA’s time has passed and he has proved himself a disgrace in not accepting such verdicts. The awful truth is that LKA has never been as popular as ABVajpayee or Narendra Modi. I also doubt anyone would miss having LKA as Prime Minister. The political life of LKA in the last 15 years has been one of flip-flops. Suddenly Jinnah is secular, he writes regret letters to SoniaG for her name being included in a list of Black-Money hoarders and has become a bigger appeaser of motley elements. It doesn’t seem to occur to him that under his leadership BJP has lost 2004 and 2009 and set the party back by as many decades as he took to nurture it. If the BJP’s stocks have seen a rise then there is only one answer. And the party confirmed that answer in Goa.

On June 15 in a discussion with Shiv Aroor on Headlines Today, the India Today Associate Editor Uday Mahurkar made an observation. He stated that he had travelled and covered Kashmir to Kerala and West to East and had seen a clear ground-swell of popularity of Modi. Let’s see that as a personal observation. But every opinion poll also places Modi far ahead of anyone else as the most popular PM candidate. The important question, therefore, is: if not Modi who in the BJP or any other party can really challenge the ruling Congress party? While it is politically sensible to say parliamentary elections in a democracy shouldn’t be driven by individuals it is also foolish to suggest that political parties win without the face of a strong and inspiring leader. For the Congress regardless of the leader the Gandhi name is the mantra. Regional parties are family-run parties or individual-run parties who stand no national chance of combatting Congress on their own. So the nonsense of Sagarika and others claiming Modi to be a “personality cult” is reflective of their own fears and nothing else.

Let me put out another blunt truth that the MSM will not: No regional leader is really too deeply entrenched with concerns about the nation or its economy or its national issues. This is not to suggest they are not patriots. But the truth is they are merely interested in protecting their fiefdoms and if a chance presents itself then get a share in the Central luxury as well. Whether you take a Bhojpuri Laloo, Nitish Kumar, Naveen Patnaik or MamataB you will see what I mean. None of them can really contest a national election as a PM candidate. They may accidentally become PM like Deve Gowda only in a broken verdict. Nitish Kumar too wants to protect his fiefdom where he senses a threat and this is also driven by his ego and nothing more. It’s only Modi who has often made noises about national interest and spoken across the length and breadth of the country and even abroad. Most other CMs or even Cabinet Ministers go abroad only for holidays or medical treatments.

The other spurious argument that media crooks put out is that NDA once had 24 partners and now just has 2 or 3. Well, fact is any alliance at the Centre is valid only when the major party is in power. Parties like DMK, TMC are/were in the UPA and they were also in the NDA. So most regional parties are mere power-chasers and they aren’t in any alliance out of ideology. Even MamataB wouldn’t have quit the UPA had she not won absolute power in Bengal. She can afford to part with the UPA because she too now has her own little kingdom. Of the BJP allies only Shiv Sena and the Akalis can be said to be sharing political ideologies with them. The JDU was never a partner of ideology it was a partner of mere power-share. Another bogus argument is that LKA stood by Modi in 2002. So what? If you are parents would you want your children to be your slaves forever? What kind of parent wouldn’t want his kids to soar to bigger heights than s/he did? This is a telling cartoon that is now floating on the net and I believe describes LKA’s backroom politics quite well:

A long time ago I wrote a post on “The Incremental Fallacy”. The political equivalent of non-incremental change is “reforms”. Major changes don’t happen incrementally, they happen dramatically. When Bengal threw out the CPM they didn’t throw it out by a small margin, they delivered TMC with a huge majority. The same happened to Laloo in Bihar. The same happened to Digvijay in MP. You cannot cross a ten-foot trench in ten equal steps. You have to cross it one leap. Advani has travelled from Ramjanmabhoomi to secular Jinnah to appeasement of forces that run down his own popular CMs. Although it only claims “sources” an article in Mid-day makes damaging remarks about his conditions on acceptance of Modi as campaign head or PM candidate. All these are incremental shifts that have brought LKA down in the eyes of BJP supporters. It is a truth that he will have to understand or he will be given that understanding like a bitter pill. The Congress and UPA are also unpopular not just because of huge corruption but also because of the same old practices of doles, appeasement and division of people through caste and religion. The parties that claim to be “secular” are usually the most anti-secular.

The one mistake that separates Modi from LKA is that LKA wanted to be a darling of the fake “secular” forces and the media. In the process his politics now stinks of avarice. Modi presents that dramatic change and not an incremental one that LKA was trundling all along. While LKA was quick to blame the JDU pull out on Modi’s elevation he has also openly objected to it. It requires him and the BJP to realise that the country doesn’t want any more of the LKA type of politics. Avarice won’t pay for LKA and it won’t pay for Nitish. People want dramatic change and they want it fast.


  1. Common People are having Faith in Supporting Narendra Modiji,Faith Comes from Actions which are trusted and tested during the time.
    It is a rare feeling and I could understand Modiji has been left on his own in times of difficulty by People But as he followed Vivekananda words He had Faith in Good Work.
    What I could understand after listening/Studying Modiji for Long Hours on youtube is , He has realised "Mantra of Geeta" (Karmayoga).
    Actions without Expecting Fruits, Action for Service to Society with Knowledge.

    It was amazing to see Narendra Modi inspiring Corporate World in 2009 where there was fears of slowdown.
    Commenting to Nitish and Advani Episode, Both had chance to became Hero and Partner in Success ,the way they have reacted made them look like selfish public sentiment.
    It the Era where Modi supporters are accepting falsehood from Media, pseudo Secularist , dirty tricks Dept of Congress etc , one by one everyone is getting exposed.
    I believe Common people slowly starting to understand the pseudo political war against Modi which come from Hiding behind something else and attack modi on emotional issue.

    Today I feel that Modi is reincarnation of Freedom Fighter + Sage .
    He is Saint from Within (ready to give up anything) and strongly Patriotic from outside.
    He will serve Mother India it doesn't matter that he will PM or Not !!!
    When I first time heard about his views of "Development as Mass Movement" I said ok but i was not having confidance that it will work.
    Surprisingly it was giving amazing results. Slowly i started understanding that There is India and Bharat , Modiji understands both.

    There is no Stopping to Modi Movement, it will fill people with Full Faith that india Can.

    Looking at recent Election results in Many indian States , it is learned that voter attitude is to give clear to Mandate Government.
    My political Understanding says , Today's Situation is exactly same 1995-1996. It was the
    time when Narsimha Rao Goverment was stuck in many Corruption Charges , it started reaching to PM . The Result of MMS will be same as Narsimha Rao ( Good Work -- credit to Gandhi Family , Bad works blame on PM)
    That time Vajpayeeji emerged as single PM candidate whome Common people wanted. Political Senario Turned Vajpayee vs ALL.

    Sekularism ke Khiladi will come together and resist Modi at Most , it will be very vicious war, all the rules will be Broken and there will be no level.
    Mother of all efforts will be done to stop Modi , Modi VS All.

    There are unimaginable thing Hate-Modi camp has done till now and will be doing ... even if it requires compromising on ANYTHING.

    Shankarsingh to go Cong.
    Keshubhai to make secret pact with Cong.
    Left leaning Media creating Sympathy for Advani, ( Urdu Daily praised Advani again Modi ... same Advani whom they blame for 1992)
    List is never Ending ...

    Fact is Nitish needed only 4 MLA so he wanted to be Sole CM without BJP and was finding different reasons since 2010 to break Alliance. Now that he succeeded to ditch BJP crying Secularism.
    His clear strategy come from his speech while breaking alliance where he says that "No one can form Govt at Center without Support"
    that means same Modi hater for Muslim votes is now dreaming of Becoming Deputy PM in Modi Govt.

    Most importantly Modiji should have to aware of traps Laid by Friends More than Enemy !!!

    Why There is Sucess to Modiji -->
    Reason --> He was truly working to Serve the Nation, not only from 2001 but long befoure he left Home at 17, almost 30-40 years he worked without being recongnised. For him recognition did Not matter till the time he was working for intrest of Country.

    Today the support Modiji is getting in his words is " Election results are simply By Product"

    He will get what all politicians wanted most.

    1. @anand108
      Whilst both this article and you are along the lines of reason and truth, the happenings of the past few days have added to my pessimism. And per me whilst BJP has handled the nitish issue in the right way. On the advani issue they have not been astute. It was a good opportunity to cleanse the party of problem childs , but now they have chosen to carry along rotten apples for some more time. And these rotten apples will cause more damage. I had written in one earlier response as well - BJP should have dealt with the episode far more ruthlessly.
      Notwithstanding the shameless lies the mainstream media perpetrates day in and day out , they have reach and influence . They are following the adage 'a lie spoken a hundred times by different voices at all times gets legitimacy of truth'. And congress is already in campaign mode with its Bharat Nirman ads and misuse of CBI/judiciary .
      I very much doubt the capacity and competence of the average voting Indian.

      And so BJP needs to redouble its efforts and be weary of spoilsports from within. I also wonder how BJP chooses its spokespersons and why they continue to attend debates over non issues . One of the better responses to the events of the past one week would have simply been to 'trivialize' the matter . Elections are not announced as yet , so why participate in debates on who will be PM candidate ? And even on the CBI initiated witch hunts , the more appropriate response would have been along the lines of the previous article of Ravinar ( exposing the bluff thru basic facts ) .
      Anyway, I do hope that my pessimism is proved wrong and India votes in Narendra Modi in (as a whiff of fresh air )in the upcoming lok Sabah elections ; otherwise I expect massive civil unrest in the next 3-6 years as those directly impacted by corruption, inflation , adulteration , unemployment will take to streets / join the naxals and hasten the complete breakdown of the system .

      It is not going to be easy even for narendrabhai ( even if he gets a decent mandate ). The system is completely rotten and hollow from within . The congress , upa , pseudos have destroyed this country thru a combination of corruption and mediocrity . And in blatant disregard to this truth , the media is busy discussing / debating petty issues and banal perspectives. They are but being foolishly selfish . Because if the cause of the country is lost , everything is indeed lost . Even as such the credibility of mainstream media is at its lowest.

      What none seem to realize nor understand is that country needs a fresh air ( change / fresh approach ) to reinvent and rejuvenate itself just as the human body requires oxygen to prevent itself from rotting and extinction. The more one harks on petty issues , the more farther one moves away from the critical issues . As a nation , we are cutting a sorry figure . And if we ( as a nation ) continue this way , the day is not far when we shall be completely destroyed from within.

    2. @Anand108 @VijayraghavRao

      A small request... Please keep comments crisp and preferably within 2 paras. Not a rule but just a suggestion...

    3. Sizewise, these two comments look like main articles but the way they have been written, I do not think any one will read them! At least I did not.

    4. right! please keep the comments shorter...

    5. @vijayraghav rao,
      Completely agree with this point: India votes in Narendra Modi in (as a whiff of fresh air )in the upcoming lok Sabah elections ; otherwise I expect massive civil unrest in the next 3-6 years as those directly impacted by corruption, inflation , adulteration , unemployment will take to streets / join the naxals and hasten the complete breakdown of the system

  2. You catch the pulse of political happenings like no one else!!
    I also think that this is also a class/caste war in the bjp and the 'right' class is winning !!! Keep at it and don't let up.

  3. NiKu is at best irrelevant and at worst a nuisance. In bigger scheme of things he won't matter.

    LKA is the real trouble maker. The adage - "The most heinous crimes are done with best of intentions" suites LKA the best today. He is Jaichand++

  4. "Bachcha Bachcha janta hai, Nitish ne har Bachche ko thaga hai"

  5. Rightly pointed by you Ravi.....D4 would had shown the spine and refused then this butt kick could have been avoided. Advani should relax and give chance to others....after all BJP cadre had shown the guts that it's not a one men (aka family) party.

  6. Ravinar!

    Pleople in villages still sell their votes for money and liquor.
    And only money and muscle power allows you to contest in elections.

    Iam from AP and talking about a stupid called jagan. He has looted lacksh for crores when his fahter YSR (samuel reddy) was cheif minister. And a started a new channels and daily news paper. He is preading his lies like something using these.

    The funny thing is, i tried to talk with few of his followers and really shocked to their arguments.

    You know what they say? "Who is not thief? What if he has looted? Who didnt loot?? .... We still vote for him caz his father was good :( "

    even gods of all religions cant save this country!

    Lets hope NaMo can!!!


    1. These people are irrelevant.
      There is a big section of people, mainly from middle class, who make or break the final tally. We know that it is always the swing of 5% people which is decisive. These people have over times supported Congress in the aftermath of Rajiv and Indira's killing. These very people rejected Rajiv and Indira after Bofors and Emergency. This time the middle class is pissed off with Congress and unless economy improves magically, these people will vote against Congress and in support of whoever they feel has the best chance against Congress. This is an election for the BJP to lose if they don't project a strong leader.

  7. All I can say is, Jai Bajrang Bali !! Jai Maha Kali !! Narendrabhai Aage Badho, Desh Tumhare Saath Hain !!!

  8. by merely projecting modi as compaign chief BJP can win maxim of 180 seats & combining its alies akali dal & shiv sena it wil reach any where around 203...but if nithish is part of this alliance NDA coul touch 220 mark.................with help of JAYA & MAMATHA BJP can wasily form govt & congress will be out of power for ever after 2014.................. as ravinar said sonia is affraid of losing this privileges............thats y congress did a trick with LKA to bring negative shades to bjp first & it clearly planned & brought NITHISH KUMAR out of allies................there fore congress is Clear ly playing Mind game with Media & its trying its level best to restrict BJP& NDA to be less than 170 so that by supporting from outside after 2014 elections congress can remain in power for 1998 elections also BJP had same situation..........LKA merely was reluctant politician making misleading comments......he was not a wise thinker ............... PRAMOD MAHAJAN & VAJPAYEE did bring More alliances to NDA & thats y they remained in power more over they had 188 NUMBERS were merely ahead of congress which had 149......................... Now Every thing depends on NARENDRA MODI....He should work like PRAMOD MAHAJAN................He should compagn through out india & Garner atleast 190 seats Alone to BJP & bring BJP back to Power.....................Guys like Jaitely,sushma,Advani will merely bring negativity to the party., they can do their best is to affect the chance of party's win in 2014 elections..........................only modi can bring back india to developmental path....................

    1. Polarisation is the only way forward and Modiji must use a generous mix of development and Majority community issues to gain an edge. I have often felt that Liberation of Hindu temples from Govt endowment boards and the benefits it brings to the Hindu community must be central to the BJP manifesto.(it was a footnote in their last manifesto).Imagine how the secularists are going to counter this without antagonising the real Hindus( sans the asinine secularist hindus.The point where the D4 fails, is in their policy of attracting minorities.Not even a crass lunatic can imagine getting minority votes in the face of a whole battery of secularists around the beehive.That is what is the negative energy that destroys NaMo chances.

    2. Anand jee, modi has better trump card than polarization...(apart from development,nationalistic agenda) OBC card ..which will be played in the climax.

  9. I think this blog is becoming a one sided affair as far as the readership profile goes.The responses are a pointer to that.It would achieve greater purpose if there are, the ones who hold the contrary opinion and if a healthy debate ensues.This is the only way the tentacles can be spread into the society on the basis of sound arguments. Knowing the electorate of this country the vast majority are not even fence sitters but mere floaters who can be blown in any direction since they hold no opinion on anything under the sun.Most get some moral gratification by playing secular saints,and political correctness which costs nothing in terms of effort.This is where the secularists give them elbow room to achieve a few seconds of fame with thunderous applause for their political correctness.They fall for it.One can see examples of it where kins of the well connected congregate into studio rooms as debate audiences and seem to take the moral high ground when Q/A session starts and enjoy.I wish all readers of this blog share this with those who hold a different viewpoint. Otherwise we will live in an Alice in wonderland cocoon and the same fate will befall us as in 2009.

    1. @Anand

      Let me correct a few points in your comment. It's not as if the "other" side doesnt read posts on this blog. It's just that they don't comment because their point of view is already being carried by the MSM. As @Broadwit points out this blog is not into a fake exercise of "monkey balancing" as the MSM does, it says it as it sees it. Lastly, rest assured.. every major politician and media celeb reads this blog site. Don't expect them to react or respond. I know this from insider sources. So nothing to worry.

    2. "Healthy Debates" cannot come at the cost of accurate reporting. Healthy debates are desirable if a genuine controversy exists between two competing points of view. Cases in point: A debate titled "Will Modi get 180+ seats?" will require a healthy debate because there are cogent arguments either way. But something like "Has Rahul Gandhi evolved?" requires no debate because the answer is obvious. The media is using this mirage of "healthy debate" to provide a platform for their bosses to inject propaganda. There is really no "healthy debate" if it is being conducted to surreptitiously prop up party mascots or prop down opposition mascots.

  10. Anand,
    I don't agree with you at all; you are peddling the same arrant nonsense of political correctness just because you want to have some fake debates and multiple viewpoints! We lost in 2009 because no living creature including single-cell Amoebae could get enthused about a one LK Advani; LKA is a disaster and a complete disgrace!

      Pls see an example of 'freedom of speech' when Bhagwan Goyal is applauded for his view in the very opening statement he makes in the above NDTV video.

    2. Anand
      Please accept the truth even if it is one sided, for it can stand on its own legs than those like Congress standing on borrowed or brought legs of media. If you really know the economics & finance costs of running a media channel then you must be knowing that TNS & NDTV should have been buried deep underground, but for $ $ $ flows from unknown Congress sources.

  11. looking into frustration,inflation i hope modi alone willbe able to get 200 to 220 it can form next govt with jaya,memta,navin,,who are always anti congress will never support sonia any way,,so we are sure next govt will be of modi,,media need to create confusion and create ambiquoty to confuse voter with cocked stories as dictated by foreign interested group now whole public has made their mind and modi is good face of development,so goood luck to modi,,,,whole paid media is totally busy spreading lie,telling lie become truth,,,nitish will out of power soon,,

  12. When BharatNirmaan ads started boomeranging they were stopped on TV media..But we suspect invoices are being raised and payments are being made by DAVP....

    if we can find out this using RTI...!!

  13. Ravi...what can one say about the Pygmies of Indian Politics or MSM who keep talking non-stop on non-issues? They are once again at the same old tricks, and I earnestly wish them good luck, because while they wallow in their own pipe dreams...let someone like NaMo do what is necessary. The sum and substance is: The revolution of sorts in the offing and it is bound to drown doom sayers. Thanks yet again for a faultless, logical analysis and comment.

  14. incompetence breeds incompetence..A smart leader is one who gets smarter than him/her working for him/her and LKA and D4 failed miserably. They could have tagged along NaMo and be the change Bharat is looking for but very disappointed it is otherwise. I pray NaMo goes for the kill in 2014 and gets a clear mandate. We don't need puppet govt anymore who are spineless because of coalition at the center.

  15. I do not see the reason why NaMo should be worried by the attempted mud-sling by media, congress lobby or regional parties, all the time.Rather it would polarize votes on the basis pro-Modi or anti-Modi views but every body would take a position and go for voting.I feel,this is applicable not only for the bigger cities but for semi-urban areas also.Interior villages may still go to vote for caste,a bottle of liquor,money or diktat from strongmen in the area.

    As far as Advani issue is concerned, it may well hurt their chances because the voter would feel- why to waste the vote when they are fighting amongst themselves.

  16. Dear Ravinar,

    I thank heavens for ensuring exit of Advani & Nitish from further blocking BJP's March towards electorial success.
    It would have been more self inflicting if these two scums had waited till december. Now its NAMO all the way. As far as Nitish exit is concerned "Vinash Kale Vipareet Buddhi".

  17. Superb article MC once again.........I have a question. LKA who was once considered the great man, the strong leader who can take Bharath to new heights has now fallen to great depths......what I can't understand or will permanently remain unresolved in my mind is Was LKA really the strong man as projected the BJP & right wings throughout or did he only wear a mask & was something else from inside....? "from Ramjanmabhoomi to secular Jinnah" how could this really happen. would be really grateful if somebody can point me towards the right answer.

    1. Dear Maheshwar,

      We all have a hero & villian amongst ourselves. Advani did not have anything to loose when he embarked on Ramjanmabhoomi yatra. He himself may not have imagined such massive response from Hindu nationalists. His strong Hindu leader image was not his creation but Media's which hounded him for taking up Hindu cause. Unfortunately after 6 years in power & exit of Atalji, he lost his ticket to Power which brought out the evilness in him. We must forgive him & move forward.

    2. Advani has never had to face the wrath of politically inspired media propaganda and the ensuing misled mass hysteria, the way Modi has had to. The media propaganda continues unabated to this day even after the lies were exposed in every forum including the Supreme Court. Modi has shown character and exceptional courage in dealing with every crisis and has only emerged stronger. Anybody less tenacious would have buckled long ago.

      If Advani had the qualities attributed to him, he has never displayed them. The only quality that sets him apart from the current breed in other parties is his ability to develop second tier of leadership instead of promoting his family members.

    3. Advani was the man all that said about him only until 1996. Iron Man, clean and clear anti-congress, pro-nationalist. The change begin in 1996 when ABVP got the opportunity (13 day government). He tried his best in 1998 but was not acceptable to NDA. Just like Modi today. By 2004 he thought he can be PM if he can emulate ABVP and become ACCEPTABLE face. Instead of strengthening BJP/NDA he chose his own agenda. Built his own coterie. By 2009 he became acceptable face in 'secular' politics. Unfortunately he offered nothing to voters. Who naturally rejected him.
      Now he is in his own dream world. Assuming people will reject congress and BJP is natural alternative. In BJP he is the only acceptable face to other parties.
      This dream shattered in last 8 months.
      Today he is suffering as well as hurting BJP. No! not owing to senility but he lacks the grace of his age.

  18. Small people like LKA and D4 must realize that if Modi loses in 2014 they will be largely to blame. The BJP will not get a chance again for a very very long time. Do they care or not? Is their ego and self interest bigger than the party like Shankersinh Vaghela and Keshubhai?

  19. We should thank Advaniji for having expressed his discent against Modi's elevation, and that too within hours of the decision. But for his resignation of party posts, and subsequent withdrawal, Nitin would never have gone for exit from NDA this early and would have waited till November at least. Now within a space of just 8 days, Modi has been able to get rid of two big baggages in his bid towards PM candidate of BJP. That also gives the party good time frame to work out the strategy.

  20. I wrote it several times before and i will write it again and again that these regional parties are mostly created by congress to split anti congress vote and ensure that anti congress vote can not accumulate in BJP. They are just moles and ready to betray when their parent ask them to do so as a desperate measure to weak BJP when congress is totally back footed on every front. In west bengal too i have seen just for the sake of muslim vote mamataB started to say BJP as communal and shamelessly apologised to muslim community for supporting NDA before 2011 assembly election. I don't know when people of india will be freed from such betrayers(such politicians and media) but i hope positively.

  21. I was wondering how NDTV gave Nitish Kumar one of those "Indian of the year" awards; I got the answer for that!

  22. Why people is raising advani issue time and again. Problem resolved so just leave it. Needs to contineously raise or expose MSM only. They and judiciary are the real culprits of India without owning any responsibility. Even Congiies has to answer after five years to people but msm and Judiciary have not to answer. Bring them under control.

  23. Dear Ravi,

    Good Article... well a similar wave of BJP was coming more than 2 decades before when 1991 Gen Elections, unfortunately the assasiantion of Rajiv G happened and then rest is history..... Hope this time BJP gets its act together and get a thumping majority.....

  24. a beautifully written article by Tavleen Singh. its a must read.

  25. Nitish reminded a scene from the popular TV serial 'Chanakya'. Vishnugupt unhappy with surrender of Ambikumar to Alexander goes to Magadh and seeks Dhananad's help. Dhananand responds arrogantly saying protecting borders is not duty of Samrat.
    Of course Vishnugupt and his disciple Chandragupt did not fight Alexander. But they threw out Dhananand and built very progressive empire.

  26. I think, success of BJP in 2014 depends on how efficiently they can brainwash people that any vote against BJP is a vote for Congress. They need to mix it with Modi's clean administration image & no-nonsense approach.

  27. LK Advani as a Home Minister has proved pathetic and disastrous in AB Vajpayee's NDA government. Under his watch happened several Islamic Terrorist attacks and Maoist Terrorist attacks including Indian Airlines plan highjacking and attack on Parliament in daylight. How can such a person eligible to become Prime Minister of India? Advani is biggest liability and enemy of BJP. Advani and his family are in collusion with Nehru Gandhi family and Sonia Gandhi Congress to destroy BJP and Modi. Shame on these political crooks.

  28. I think I was little harsh on LK Advani in my previous comment. I want to be nice to him and have wonderful idea for him to become PM.

    It is best for Advani to resign BJP and join JD(U). He can become PM and Nitish can become deputy PM very easily with the support of JINNAH and SECULAR votes. I think Pakistan's PM Nawaj Sharif will be willing to campaign for Jinnahwadi Advani and Pakistan friendly Nitish.

  29. Nitish has exposed secular politics like non one before. Thanks to him

    'Modi gotra' politics is unstoppable because Indian people in general are determined folks and work in unison if India is at stake.

    Cong is way out forever because no one understand why COng is in politics now, especially educated, aspiring and knowledgeable young generation.

  30. Shashi Tharoor cites a great secular act by Sardar Patel. During some riots in Delhi Patel performed Namaz to send signals of communal harmony. So Tharoor think Modi cannot inherit Sardar's legacy as he did nothing similar during 2002. But what he has not said is no signals of communal harmony were sent by IndiraG during 1969 Gujarat riots, RajeevG during 1984 Sikh massacre*, SoniaG on sabarmati burning and latest Assam riots.

    * 1984 was not riots but one-sided killings.

    1. Dear What_is_not_said, you said exactly what is not said by Tharoor!

  31. Replies
    1. I have this question too. I know for sure, Sushma Swaraj is one of them.

    2. I know three
      Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley and LKA...don't know who os 4th one :(

  32. Dear Ravi,

    Read this on NDTV..amazing one

  33. By quieting the BJP post portrays the frustration of the BJP senior most leader LKA.It is not sin to nurse an ambition.But the fulfillment of such an ambition can only be achieved by creating a conducive environment in which a person has to perform throughout his life.Sadly LKA failed to create such an atmosphere in the BJP. In a nutshell, he is neither with the hawk nor with the doves. He should have read the writing on the wall in case of Modi's appointment as the head of the election campaign panel.LKA wants to sail through the storm merely on the strength of his age and seniority.

  34. LKA knows in his heart that now due to Modi factor BJP will win with thumping majority. So he is trying desperately hard to fulfill his this very last chance of becoming PM at the cost of Modi. But people of India will vote for BJP with Modi as PM and not LKA. LKA has spoilt his image at this age is saddening for him.

  35. Chaubeji chale Chhabbe(six be) ban ne ... Aur Dubey bankar rah gaye..:)LOL


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