Saturday, May 18, 2013

Welcome To Hunting Season

Since the present-day FBI was founded in 1935 J.Edgar Hoover was its life-time Director. He headed the FBI all of 37 years till his death in 1972. This is quite unheard of in the US; one man holding the same office for 37 years. Hoover became the most powerful man in the country and had dossiers on every politician and public figure of his time. He had enough dirt on Presidents, Presidential candidates, Senators, Congressmen, film stars, celebrities, sportsmen and activists. Every one! It’s not a surprise no one could unseat him except death. Since then FBI directors can hold only a single 10-year term in office. In contrast, the Supreme Court called our very own CBI a “caged parrot”. The Congress party has reduced it to not just a parrot but a puppet. It has used CBI to do hatchet jobs on its opponents at will, especially in the last 9 years of the UPA. Make a wild guess on who now plays the role of Hoover in India. Elections are less than a year away and the CBI is one of the key players in the operation to neutralise enemies. No, not enemies of the nation but enemies of the Congress party. The other key players who will now do the hit jobs on opponents of Congress are from the media.

Who are these targets? They’re mostly from the major Opposition party, BJP. Of course, I didn’t forget, they have their permanent target in Narendra Modi, the greatest threat to the Congress. In some states regional politicians will be targeted, like Mamata Banerjee, J. Jayalalitha, Mayawati and partly the Samajwadi party in UP. The CPM, CPI will be spared because they are the ideological bosses of the media and a Congress partner at large. The courtesans of the Congress party in the media will assist in tarnishing reputations, bring out fake reports, rehash old issues with new meaningless sting ops and they will get lucky if the Congress, through its many “funded” NGOs, manages an FIR or two against Modi. Times Now is already on its way running a documentary questioning the success of the nuclear tests of 1998 under AB Vajpayee. This is because one scientist claims it was a partial success but the intended perception is that the “test was a failure” and BJP fooled the nation. Make no mistake about this attempt.

Lately some voices in the print media are talking about it a bit more openly. Firstpost calls it “The ‘incestuous relationship’ between Congress and media” and in another it asks “Why this secrecy over Sonia Gandhi”? These shameless morons are like a bunch of blind men who suddenly discovered coal. It was evident to even a mild observer that the media was not just incestuous but actually a security guard that protected the Congress and SoniaG all this while. This blog has written about for over three years. There is even a post on this site asking “Why is Indian media scared of Sonia Gandhi? way back in 2011. So it’s not as if these media folks have suddenly discovered their impotence. I believe they must have suddenly discovered some temporary herbal cure for it before they go back to being themselves.

On May 15 one of the born-again Congress cronies, HeadlinesToday, started to air a sting on Varun Gandhi’s ‘hate-speech’ case of 2009 in partnership with Tehelka (the specialist in stings on Congress opponents and which uses call-girls for journalism). If not for the IPL spot fixing disclosures this spurious sting claiming judiciary was duped by VarunG would have aired the whole week. Bad luck! But nothing to worry, just like HeadlinesToday brought back some spurious Gujarat 2002 sting op a few weeks back this orchestrated sting on VarunG will come back at the right time. And to aid their operations in targeting Congress opponents HT has even purchased a ‘transfer’ of Ashish Khetan, the stinger of Tehelka. Sometime back HT claimed to have exposed a major scam in Salman Khurshid’s NGO for the handicapped. It is now all forgiven and forgotten. HT is back in the good books of Congress and you can tell by the number of ‘Bharat Nirman’ and NREGA ads on the channel. HT is not the only beneficiary though. The other media courtesans aren’t missing out on the dole. I doubt anyone misses the irony of a scam-infested govt and party claiming “Bharat Nirman”. Some people jokingly call it “Bharat Nilaam”.

No reporter from Open Magazine or Outlook will likely be ever invited to any panel on NDTV. On the other hand Shoma Chaudhary, the so-called editor of Tehelka, is a frequent flyer on the channel. Both these magazines exposed the Radiagate and the involvement of Barkha Dutt and NDTV in the related scam. Calling NDTV and Tehelka as incestuous partners of the Congress would be an understatement. Here’s what Hartosh Bal of Open Mag recently wrote about the two:

As far as some media organisations such as NDTV and Tehelka are concerned, their closeness to the Congress is no secret. Barkha Dutt’s role in the Radia Tapes did not seem to point to an individual act but an institutional malaise. It is only illustrative that today a Sanjay Jha of Hamara Congress as Executive Director of Dale Carnegie Training operations can hold a workshop at NDTV for those very people who could be asking him questions on a prime-time evening show. But beyond institutional closeness is the issue of individual reporters who have covered this government over the past nine years. Access requires give-and-take, and several reporters have developed an unhealthy proximity to a number of Congress leaders. In the durbar politics of the party, where it is necessary to strike down potential competitors, the media has played a vital role”.

The last line in the above quote is really the key: “striking down political competitors”. Let me just say: Hunting season has just begun. We are headed into an election year. NDTV, Tehelka, Headlines Today, Hindustan Times, CNN-IBN, Indian Express, Times of India, Aaj Tak, ABPNews will all be already preparing their spurious attack schedules. Every Opposition leader will be targeted, except Arun Jaitley. I guess Arun Jaitley will be spared because he is quite “friendly” with Barkha Dutt and heeded her request not to bring up Radiagate in the parliament committee. Apart from running the VarunG video of the hate-speech case over a 1000 times during the election campaign of 2009 NDTV went a step further. In April 2009 Barkha Dutt conducted an interview with Priyanka Vadra sitting on the lawns. If you ever wanted to know what a “suck-up” interview is just search and look it up. Oh yes, during election times Priyanka V also becomes Priyanka Gandhi. Barkha gloated then that PG could even use words like “epiphany”. I swear some school the lady must have attended.

And Sanjay Jha is giving management lessons to the propaganda artists at NDTV? Nothing can be more laughable. The man himself is the Congress whipping boy on media panels when things go bad for the party so why would people at NDTV need lessons from him? People at NDTV are bigger masters at cover-ups, distractions, reactionary mud-slinging whenever Congress is in trouble and, of course, “saving the tigers”. It should be Jha who should be taking more lessons from NDTV on improving his cronyism and propaganda management skills. Hartosh Bal wonders how these people could be taking lessons from a man they could be questioning on prime-time. He is wrong! They are all “durbaris” and the workshop probably relates to preparation for hunting season.

Hoover had a principle of going after bigger criminals and making a big show and point of it. He disliked going after petty gamblers and liquor smugglers. In contrast, the Delhi police chief, his deputy were on all channels beaming over the IPL betting racket. Betting and match-fixing are two different crimes. Betting is legal in many countries but match-fixing is not legal anywhere. While bigger criminals are getting away in Delhi the PC and his deputies seem to spend a huge amount of energy on the betting racket over multiple state jurisdictions. I am confident that except for the players being banned nothing much will come of it. But when it does come to chasing others the CBI typically spends a lot of energy on opposition party members. The best example is the case against Amit Shah. He has been given bail in a case where he has been accused of murder and in every hearing the CBI case and claim has been torn to shred by the courts. Arun Jaitley also pointed out that the case against Shah was meant to lead to Narendra Modi. Consider that with the case of Pawan Bansal where the CBI was quick to give him a clean-chit immediately after his resignation. Your guess is as good as mine on how many cases may be filed against Opposition leaders in the run up to the elections. Hunting season is ripe.

Shockingly, channels like NDTV, CNN-IBN, Aaj Tak, Headlines Today, ABPNews who scream their heads off over corruption never had one word to say about the most corrupt state govt in India. Andhra Pradesh is being looted for a decade and is in shambles. Not once have Rahul Kanwal, Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Arnab Goswami and their poor cousins in Hindi channels ever shown the guts to talk about the massive corruption of the YSR govt. In chasing Jagan Reddy with CBI for breaking away from Congress what turned up was that over a dozen ministers in AP are corrupt and should be prosecuted. This report says it all. By the standards of our TV channels, all these ministers are angels. Is it any surprise than that our media is the defender of the corrupt and corruption? There is a massive incentive and reward for all this as Kanchan Gupta tells us. Even in 2009 Swapan Dasgupta mentioned a 400-crore bail out for certain media channels.

In the near future we are likely to more “manufactured” stories constantly being played out on TV and in print. Rift in a practically non-existent NDA. Few more attempts at filing FIRs against Modi funded by none other than his detractors. More Gandhi propaganda from NDTV and tears from Sheila Dikshit on some channels. The little sidekicks like Ashutosh and Wagle will heap mindless abuse on Modi. The documentary on Sonia Gandhi which portrays her as a widow and saviour of India will be played endless on your screens. Like before every election someone will release a new book on the great life of Rahul Gandhi. NDTV’s “sources” will multiply in peddling unverifiable reports. There will be endless stories of infighting in BJP over PM candidate. CBI may come up with some more cases. SC will be littered with petitions against certain political leaders. And most of all, there will be huge chorus of “communal” in most of the TV channels and newspapers as will that of “saffron terror”. If by accident the shoe is on the other foot, time out will be called, some joker will come up with some betting scam for entertainment. Elections are around the corner; Delhi, Rajasthan, MP, AP and India. Welcome to hunting season


  1. Once again.. you are bang on target and ahead of others.

    I am sure, this time, public of India will not get fooled by MSM.

    I keep preying that UPA-3 should never happen. If UPA returns to power.. then certainly definitely.. BHARAT NILAAM.. will be the single agenda of UPA.

    Hoping against hope for some save our great country

  2. I have come to believe thar Arun Jaitley.. yeah the BJP superstar of yesteryear has become a dalla of late.. and seems has placed everything above nation and party.. even cricket..

    1. Nah, you must give him a benefit of doubt. Just imagine you are from a team who media bashes lately and you got no money to feed them like ruling party, this is the best way to get favor and demand favor. He knew even if he raises issue in parliament, nothing will happen. And he is political enough to lead that position of being the head of opposition in Rajya Sabha.

    2. I would say, it's late understanding, jaitley was dalla even when he was law minister trying to change law on foreigner becoming a PM.

  3. Dear Ravinar,

    A timely and nicely-written article, I must say. It very correctly highlights how MSM has supported corruption and has shielded the corrupt. I also sense a feeling of helplessness in your article and I share the feeling.
    I do not know what can be done to stop this MSM malaise from spreading.
    If there is something that can be done and within my reach, I am ready to contribute.
    Nimesh Parmar.

    1. Nimesh, One thing you can do to contribute, SHUT THE TV (switch of off permanentally), like we run "SAVE THE EARTH" Campaign and we switch off the lights for an hour or so, just run a campain SHUT THE TV from 8pm to 11pm, everyday, with a message to all "SAVE THE NATION". BY The way, i had shut this TV years ago, its an idiot box, and now its proven by these idiots appear on it everyday, every hour, on every channel - "FOOL THE NATION",SINCE "BUCK STARTS HERE" FOR "DEVILS ADVOCATES"........

    2. I used to watch Arnab because I thought he was slightly more credible than the others. That too I have stopped now. So, yes. I have barred corrupt journalists from entering by drawing room and hence my mind!!!
      But I think we need to do something more concrete. I have witnessed many elections come and go and this is the common thread that I have seen across them all: The politicians ask for votes from those in the lower economic spectrum of society in lieu of sundry favors. The rich finance the politicians' election campaign, seeking in return, some tangible favors. So the politician needs the poor and the rich.
      I belong to the middle class. I have NEVER, EVER witnessed ANY politician begging for my votes. This is because the middle class has stopped mattering to them.
      I think THAT is where the problem lies. It is this very middle class that supplies this country with white-collar workers/professionals/small-time businessmen etc and honestly pays taxes and it this very middle class that refuses to get up from its deep slumber and provide the much-needed swift kick of the backside of non-performers.
      I think this is the strata of our society that needs to wake up and bring about a change. The extremely impoverished are going the Naxal way (watch the movie Chakravyuh). The extremely rich can oil the machinery and be happy.

      The middle classes can adopt neither of the two above. So, a third way has to be discovered.

    3. The third way is activism. To be very focussed in ones goals and be unforgiving on corruption, injustices, pollution, inflation. To fight against it relentlessly at all times and in all forums. To be aware and make others around oneself aware . And be weary of distractions

    4. Dear Nimesh,

      I will tell you the real problem with middle class.This class have values inprinted within them but they waste these values by talking & giving sermons to others. The middle class expects a perfect system to deliver them with best service but is not ready to fight over it on streets. We should remember that one who do not help himself by standing tall is never helped by anyone else either.

  4. Dear Ravinar, Hammering as usual! I was sad missing your blogs as you were vacationing in the middle of some lake may be Mt Abu or Nainital. You have come back with a bang! BJP as the main opposition and an alternate to the Cong nationally have not come up with any strategy since 1999 to counter the corrupt/paid MSM. They too had given 'doles' to the MSM to keep them happy but the result was BJP received a 'googly' and was declared out in 2004. They could never win since then exceptions are MP, Guj, Chatisgarh. I would suggest that BJP should have a sound strategy to counter all these 'Molatov Coctails' thrown at them by MSM and bring about some real change in the future. I hope that a level playing field to be there during the election campaign in 2014, a hope that can be realised with BJP reactions in countering this corrupt/colluding MSM aka NDTV/CNN-IBN/HT/TOI and their Hindi cousins.

  5. An excellent hard hitting piece once again, we shamelessly call ourselves as democracy with free media. Even during that draconian emergency days there were many publications that had the courage to stand up against that mother of all evils, but today all of them had been sold out shamelessly which will put even the yesteryear Russian news agency Pravda to shame. These media hyenas will even sell their moms, kids and wives for the sake of crumbs thrown @ them. More than the CON's these media hyenas are the most cancerous to the nation.

  6. great article,,,abssolutely true....

  7. Ravinar, the police likes betting rackets because they get protection money from these rackets. So, the rackets prosper in normal circumstances. When a large scam is exposed, the police like it even more because they first get an opportunity to raid the betting dens citing orders from above, and they get to pocket any cash lying around in the dens, AND they then get to fleece the bookies to let them go. So, the reason Delhi police is interested in this crime is the same reason they are interested in shutting down businesses by 11 pm. They get money from people who want to do business outside the 'law'. Anyone with contacts in the police can verify this.

    Unlike many other scams, this one is going to end up making a lot of money for people AFTER it has been uncovered.

  8. Brilliant is all I can write. Cheers

  9. In Africa there is an annual movement of antelopes from One direction to other during one particular seasons. Huge number of antelopes walk across the continent and at one point in their journey, reach Nile river which they have to cross.

    A very large number of crocodiles lay in waiting for the kill and it is often shown on Discovery and National Geographic.

    Our MSM is not much different from these crocodiles waiting for the hunt.

    Gujrat Government view on Maya Kodnani was discussed threadbare but no one thought it prudent to discuss about special fast track courts for Muslims arrested by police - statement by Shinde.

    May be it is a given in this country that human rights of Hindus come last.

    Ravi - Great job as usual

    1. I think the animals that cross the river were called wilder beasts. There are not that many antelopes in africa.

    2. Agreed sir - didnt remember the name.

      Thanks for the correction

    3. Wildebeest are also antelopes :)

  10. At critical moments for KhanChris,MSM used Arushi Talwar murder news, of and on for the last 5 yrs as a get away. This IPL scam has come as a God sent opportunity for MSM that was yearing for a diversion from the hotting Delhi shenanigans.Arushi Talwar murder news was getting to bore even the MSM newsreaders.As for the ineffectiveness of BJP morons on media that are hostile to them anyway, how long are they going to bank on throwing muck at the already stinking KhangChris.?How long will this negative campaign work anyway.Negative campaigns are tangible only to the informed ones of this nation.The ones who matter are those who are worried about their next meal.Like Arushi Talwar episodes, the public will ignore these out of sheer attrition. Why not have a single point positive program of polarising the electorate.That is the only light for them at the end of the tunnel. BSY got a lot of Hindu votes in Karnataka by his pro Hindu actions in favour of temples. Why cant BJP make Liberation of Hindu temples from the clutches of 'sickular govt' their single point agenda for 2014. I know that it was on their agenda in 2009. BUt pls push this issue harder this time around.NaMoji's power of the gab will do the rest.Have programs to channelise temple funds for all hindu communities. Start educational institutions,scholarships,hospital and free treatment for Hindus from their temple funds.Include all SC/STs and OBCs.To hell with minority votes. Let us see how the secularists oppose this action plan without exposing their hypocrisy.

    1. A very good suggestion. Hope the BJP will heed to this

    2. Yes. Very GOOD IDEA!!!! Will The Hindu power be sanitized by these cheap propagandists thro TV!!!! Rise for Hindu power is due. Even GOD will not stand in the way.

  11. i have a serious doubt over the capability of hindus. i wonder why they can not think what is better for them. How msm can befool them ....god knows what is the capability of hindus. last mein kahna padta hai Congress ko hell mein pahuchao...

  12. i have a serious doubt over the capability of hindus. i wonder why they can not think what is better for them. How msm can befool them ....god knows what is the capability of hindus. last mein kahna padta hai Congress ko hell mein pahuchao...

  13. Great... simply great... Ravinar my friend, u r absolutely spot on... and for those who observe Indian media and politics very minutely, would agree that same Congress / Media nexus influenced public opinions in 2004 & 2009.... I was in UK & my heart cried out when Vajpayee lost... I had told then, that INDIA HAS GONE TO DOGS... same happened.. I wish I was able to put my thoughts in words (as nicely as yours) but I just cant do it... but hats off to you.... & don't let your campaign stop till the LS elections now... keep exposing these NEECH LOG...

  14. Hi Ravinar,

    Thanks for quoting Andhra Pradesh, at least by now i believe one of these paid channels should high light this. In the past 10 years, AP got looted and we will be worse than what bihar was 10 years back.

    With the faded economy, congress is trying to woo the BPL with all freebies. God can only save AP with the kind of political situation prevailing now because YSRCP, TRS and CONG

  15. There is urgent need for the BJP reps in media to take on these anchors. Invariably the anchors divert any topic to something that happened during NDA/BJP rule.
    Lol these guys go on defense. They can dismiss them with smile and stay on course of main debate. Farooki of SP simply says "we can take it up in another discussion".
    Piysuh Goel and Meenkshi Lekhi are trying it some extent. But somehow they are provoked easily.

  16. Simply Brilliant. Great Ravi, well done!

    But can not you all see WHORES written on the faces of these MSM journos! You can not expect them to change as today money is more important to these MFs and FFs. They all are fullfilling dreams of their parents, who sent them to Convents and Missinary Schools to get the best(?) education and earn heaps of money, which they are doing by selling the country. Why should they care about the country, aam aadmi like you and me? Imported beef, foreign drinks and a night or two with call girls, are their life. Do you expect any thing else from one, born out of WH$$es? But, MSM Wh$$es must remember Karma catches up sooner or later. This is true for the Queenbee and her bees as well. Just waiting to see them being eliminated, one by one.

  17. your ability to connect the dots and present the large picture in a precise way is commendable. I hope more people are reading this or getting wider circulation.

    Keep up the good work

  18. Dear Ravinaar

    As usual A master piece , I somehow feel that we may make noise.hue & cry but everything will fall on deaf years ,since people who vote don't think above money & people who do not vote only think of everything else except going to the polling booth on voting day. Next big concern is the unity amongst Hindoos U can pick the History on our country and it would be clear that Hindus have never been able to unite themselves ever. & thats the reason why we were Ghulams for ages first by Moslem Rulers then by English Rulers ,then by English educated Morons like Nehru, & their Ilk. Today we have now become a country that gets whacked by Tiny winy island like Maldives & Nepal& nobody's bothered .
    The Media is the biggest failure in all this they have failed to keep their ethics & sold their Soul to Gandiii parivaar .
    I somehow feel that 2014 election will not be able to throw away the UPA ( may sound Pessimist but i feel so )reason being the principal Opposition Party has made a mockery of its own by indulging in day to day slug-fest ,Their Leader Advani is the biggest culprit in this whole chapter, the so called Parliament Board of this party has no body who can manage to win a single Election on his own ( Sushma,Advani,Arun Jaitley,MM Joshi, Vemkaiah Naidu, Thavarchand Gehlot,Gadkari & even Rajnath Singh ).

    Yeddy Was corrupt but not from Head to toe he was not even castrated by the courts for this charges. but had to leave due to Politics of these Armchair Rulers of Opposition.

    I somehow feel that advani will have to make choice as it was said in one of the Batman movies."You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain".

    Viraat singh

    1. Dear Viraat,

      I would not completely agree with you because remember its not Mr Advani's job to lead BJP to victory single handedly. He tried that in 2009 & failed miserably. Infact the Media feels that Mr Advani can be manipulated & hence we see every statement made by Advaniji given undue coverage by Media.It would be a Media's dream come true if thay were able to create enemity between Mr Advani & NAMO. We should not get frustrated with Mr Advani but instead realise that the Media is trying to manipulate him. The BJP is unitedly moving in right direction & the Media is hating it.

  19. @ravinar,
    An insightful summary on the decadent state of affairs of our media. And nothing less than a revolution can overthrow and overwhelm this decay that has engulfed .

    There are glimpses of this revolution but in fits and starts in isolated pockets and individual efforts( like this website). These efforts need to unite and consolidate and every indian needs to become aware and work towards a single point agenda of a regime change. A tall ask . It seems more like early 1850's ( in terms of the freedom struggle) and so a very long way to go.
    I am not being overtly pessimistic. This is the reality. The urban indian, youth still follows cricket, movies,parties and is callous about corruption, inflation, economic mismanagement. The rural indian is shortsighted, narrow minded, parochial, casteiest, religionists, linguist. Then there is also the gender based divides.
    If msm is peddling lies, fallacies and distractions because nobody is challenging and hurting them. And they are also making money.

    And with bjp not even making efforts to spread awareness and lead the revolution. ( for example, i am not sure what they are doing to prevent split of hindu votes in states like maharashtra; and then what they are going to do about aap, baba ramdev - no idea ).
    So let us not be overtly emotional about the state of affairs of this nation or what awaits us in the future. This is democracy in divided nation of mediocre entities. The outcome will always be sub optimal. It is not to say that we give up - but will have to be reconciled with modest successes and painfully slow progress. Or a few game changers like bhagat singh's, mangal pandays, subhash bose, nathurams etc will have to arise and many times over to fast pace the change. Otherwise things will take their own time.

    At the end of the day, those that have done well in these times will vote for congress/upa. So too those that are lazy,lethargic, clueless, confused.
    All the msm will fight for congress as it is the matter of their survival and livlihood. And the nationalists / patriots will also have to become smart if they wish to win this war. They cannot expect god, ideals, good people, conscience of people to work any wonders for them. One will have to make decisive , determined, calculated efforts/moves to make things happen.

    1. Fully agree with you Shri. Vijayraghavrao! It is a Himalayan task but hope and will power make even the mountains look small. What is sown in this period would be reaped by those! Look at Saddam, Gaddafi, Hosni Mubaraq, etc. Had any body thought they would end up like this during the peak of their regimes. So hope people will bring about the needed change in the future.

  20. @sridhar, thanks. But that is my moot point? Why would people bring about any change when they have been benumbed, desensitized, rendered zombiesh? So it could take a long long time. And the more aware, nationalists will have to make calculated, deft, determined moves to make things happen and unite the indians. Yes. We have to be hopeful but also very action oriented and smart. And not get disheartened by setbacks. This is a task which could take beyond one lifetime

  21. To defeat the congress , its first line of Defense , #paidMedia has to be broken down.

    Division among them is the key, they are into it all together because of the Ads money and funding from Sources which are in common interests with the Congi regime.

    Why is there not one attempt to expose the Source of Funds of media channels by BJP or others

    + Timesnow (Arnab ) has enough grudge against Barkha, Rajdeep and co.
    + Rahul kanwal getting the share might eat into the shares for NDTV
    + Rajdeep is not far behind

    Why not target the MSM first who everyday with its mindlessness is manipulating the minds and hence the votes of the public

    I think also people are too harsh on the BJP because they simply do not have the money power to fight the bloody media. If they build sufficient money look at what happens to Yeddy.

    Middleclass is too moralistic in its methods , hence the failures like in the Karnataka

    One has to use same methods and give it back to fight the enemy to have a level field

    Mediacrooks is way ahead of his times because he is targetting the media and we should follow suit. All budding young next generation journalists are already influenced by the book, running away or switching the TV wont help , what is needed to change the discourse

    And The MUSLIM vote bank of the congress should be split for any chances of nation moving forward, otherwise we as a Nation are doomed.

    This could mean emergence of a Muslim party which could eat into the Congress vote bank

  22. When the Modi comes to power, the tables will be turned... Mediacrooks will become a Modi apologist & Barkha will assume the role of an investigative journalist... & so the game of musical chairs for power will go on in loop.

    1. Dear Troy,

      Projecting BJP to be equally corrupt as Congress is what MSM has been trying for many years now. Its like equating Vajpayee with Manmohan singh or NAMO with Rahul Baba. You seem to have gone one step ahead by equating Ravinar with Barkha ! If you do not realise the difference I would suggest take an IQ test.

    2. A typical ad hominem response from a right-winger...
      Your choice of words betrays your own intelligence, my friend.

      Barkha & Ravinar maybe very different in terms of reach but they are essentially, two sides of the same coin when it comes to Spin.

      The tagline of Medicrooks is "Indian Media Watch.... Crooks & Liars in the Indian media are the greatest danger to our democracy" & Ravinar describes his intentions as "Facts, Truth, Logic should be the real bosses at Media houses. My Principle: WHAT is written is more important than WHO writes it".

      So is MediaCrooks an Independent Media Critic or is it Media Critic trying to promote Modi's agenda?
      If Mediacrooks is a Modi sympathiser then it should say so on the blog instead of its tagline being "Indian Media Watch".

      How is Mediacrooks different from NDTV which also claims to be "independent" but covertly promotes Congress agenda?
      Mediacrooks also claims to be independent while covertly promoting Modi's agenda.

      As for Rahul Vs Modi in 2013-14, for me its more like... Idiot Vs Murderer... not much of a choice there!

    3. Dear Troy Kode,

      Ravinar have many times in past answered the same accusation on he being a Modi propoganda machine.

      As for me personally, any ugly news or bad event related with Hindus, Hindustan is a direct assult on me & my home. So mess with Hindus & Hindustan & you will get the reply from me.

      BTW, Ravinar has never received any bogus award from Gujarat Govt, he does not work for any Media house & neither is he looking for any Rajya Sabha seat from Gujarat. If tomorrow he does receives any of this then you might stand vindicated but till then you should avoid your silly comparison which is nothing but defamation.

    4. Calling people 'right wingers' is NOT ad hominem attack? who are you trying to fool?

      NDTV, CNN/IBN, HT and their anchors claim to be 'journos' nor PR agents for Congress. That IS the Gist of the article. Read again.

      b.t.w who made you 'God' to pronounce any one murderer? You arrogate yourself to be the judge, jury. That is a fascist tendency and not democratic. People like you and the entire Congress Establishment did not find any evidence against a person to be Charge sheet-ed let alone tried.

      Still Goebbels propaganda continues.

    5. @Troy Kode

      What you do miss is.. that if the media had not witch-hunted Modi so much with lies and fake reports then probably Modi wouldnt have figured so much on this blog. Not just this blog, Modi wouldnt have figured on many other blogs on the SM. And as some one points out, Barkha & Co. are paid for their propaganda. Most anti-Modi propagandists have earned millions. I gain nothing, I have no incentive to do propaganda for anyone. In contrast, every word you hear Barkha and others speak is paid for by someone and most of all by YOU as the viewer.

      And fact is, you dont pay me to read what I write. It's free, so I can ask you to go write your own blog condemning Modi in whatever words you choose like the MSM does. Next time you call him a murderer, remember you do talk like the corrupt MSM. First make sure youre not one of them. You make the silly assumptions on what will happen if Modi comes to power. This writer doesnt write articles based on such assumptions. If you want to see what happens, make sure you're still around without your prejudice.

    6. @Tory, you have no business to name a person as MURDERER. All idiots know that the courts have found nothing like what you blabber.. Don't expose yourself as promoter of the coterie!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. @Ravinar

      1) Don't get me wrong, I'm a great fan of your writing as far as exposing Congi Media is concerned but not beyond that because I feel that you are whitewashing the sins of Varun Gandhi & BJP. I know that Sonia Gandhi, Pappu & clan are utterly corrupt and that NDTV & Tehelka have an agenda against BJP but a crime is a crime.

      If you or BJP will not condemn it & rectify it in time, you will just be like Sanjay Jha or any other Congi apologist who defends the indefensible & accuses the opposition.

      I'm definitely not going to vote for Congress in the next two elections but I or many independents like me may not vote for BJP either if there's no differentiating factor between the Congress & the BJP.

      2) I have a bad feeling about Modi & Amit Shah... and that feeling emerges from unanswered questions about Haren Pandya's murder, Encounter specialists arrested in Gujarat & of course the 2002 riots.

      Like you said in your post about Sonia Gandhi in 2011...

      //In management there is a principle that is often accepted as a starting point to analyse failure: “The bottleneck is always at the top”. Yes indeed, figuratively and literally. Extraordinary levels of corruption do not come to pass without the participation of top management. Remember Satyam? Remember Enron? Remember Bear Stearns? Remember AIG? Well, it is no different in the government too.//

      When Dr. Subramanian Swamy alleges that TDK got Rs. 60,000 crore as bribe in 2G scam & A Raja is being made a scapegoat... I'm willing to believe him based on the the same principle but doesn't that principle also apply to 2002 riots, Haren Pandya's murder & the arrested Encounter specialists?

      You will say that the SIT has exonerated Modi in 2002 riots but SIT goes by the evidence available & we all know how a party that has been ruling for an extended period of time can destroy evidence... we have seen that in 1984 riots.

      Modi is very knowledgeable, has great leadership qualities & his oratory skills are exceptional but his dictatorial streak & opaqueness regarding certain issues are off-putting.

    8. @Troy Kode

      Stick to facts:

      1. What sins of Varun Gandhi have been washed? I dont even think his speech counts as hate speech. Merely saying that if there are hands that threaten Hindus they will be chopped off doesnt even constitute hate speech to me. Thats my position. Regardless, he has been acquitted by court.

      2. What sins of BJP have been washed? You simply dont get the idea that if there are sins of BJP the media amplifies them far beyond necessary levels so it doesnt even need me to do anything. In contrast, the MSM covers up Cong crimes thats why I consider the media a criminal mafia. And that is why this blog is being written. Get it?

      3. If Swamy says something and you believe that it is not my problem. I dont go by what you believe or dont and I dont apply your logic or standards to my writing. Where Swamy's allegations are concerned I might have at best stated that SoniaG should respond thats all. You cant say you believe Swamy so I should apply that silly logic of yours for my articles. Thats why I said write your own blog and apply your logic and reasoning there. Nothing stops you.

      5. There is no remedy for "bad feelings" except psychological treatment. Also, having bad feelings is not a sin but you cannot make it the cornerstone of your allegations against those who write based on some behavioural evidence and I do that in respect of the media. And I do so mostly with facts and reason and not by my "notions or feelings".

      6. Lastly, I think you write with the notion that I am a BJP member or something. I am not, so get that out of your head.

    9. @Ravinar

      1. Replace Owaisi with Varun Gandhi... then even Owaisi supporters can say "I dont even think his speech counts as hate speech"... & with regards to your "Regardless, he has been acquitted by court" statement then even P Chidambaram has been acquitted by the Supreme Court in 2G scam then why does BJP keep asking him & PM to appear before the JPC & keep saying that P Chidambaram is involved in the 2G Scam?

      2. All I get from your statement is when Congressmen are involved in Coalgate its a scam but when BJP Ministers are involved in Coalgate its a propaganda by the media which is a criminal mafia... Yes I get it.

      3. Forget Swamy, I'm applying your own Management Principle... "The Bottleneck is always at the top" for Congress corruption on which you wrote a long blog post on how Sonia Gandhi is responsible for all the corruption and I'm applying your own management principle to Haren Pandya's murder, Encounter specialists arrested in Gujarat & the 2002 riots.

      You sound a lot like Barkha when she's cornered & is not able to reply with facts...she says get out of my Timeline and you are also asking me to get out of your blog & start my own blog etc.... Well I thank god, folks such as you & Barkha who are intolerant to free speech do not own Blogger & Twitter...

      4. When you cannot reply with facts you start making personal allegations like Barkha does... as I said you both are two sides of the same coin.

      5. Even Barkha is not a Congress member then why do you keep troubling her by calling her a Congi stooge every day... same thing applies to you too... you are a Modi sympathiser & just because you are not a member of BJP that doesn't make any difference.

    10. @Troy

      1. I dont care what Owaisi supporters say. He did make the statement that he given 15 minutes without police he would wipe out Hindus. So you are free to make your inference.

      2. You are wrong again. Where in any post of mine does it say a BJP minister involved in any scam is a media propaganda. You use your own imaginary nonsense to peddle stuff which is not written here.

      3. That SoniaG is responsible for massive corruption as Top management flows from the mere fact that corruption in her govt has been rampant in every ministry and policies are participated in by her. To make a spurious comparison to riots or murder in the same vein is silly. By your logic there is no CM in this country who shouldnt be in jail be it from UP, Delhi, Assam.. where ever.

      4. You can call me Barkha or whatever you like out of your frustration. My suggestion that you write your own blog was because you expect that I apply your silly logic to my writings. If you have grand ideas of Modi being a murderer then I state quite firmly that your logic is stupid and doesnt belong on this page. That's the reason you should be putting such nonsense on your blog.

      5. What personal allegations have been made? In fact youre the one who made allegations and it has been allowed to pass. You were the one who called me propagandist for Modi and such nonsense.

      6. If youre upset because I call Barkha a Congress stooge then you should be more upset because NDTV & Co. have been called "incestuous" as quoted in the article.

      Finally, I have allowed you to hurl your nonsense long enough out here. Now you can hold your disagreements and move on. Do not attempt to turn this into some kind of personal battle. It's not worth it. So move on. And if you dont see any difference between me and Barkha, then I suggest watch Barkha. You dont have to suffer both. This thread ends here.

  23. Only solution I see, to control this corruption infested so-called fourth estate (specially TV channels)is a PIL by some sane person and get a stay order on the public money being thrown into the black hole. I am sure once Rs 1000Cr.get digested these channels would once again go back to the congress scams. This is a kind of blackmailing legalized.I think the politicians are themselves to be blamed for creating a monster which is threatening their own existence. If its hurting the BJP and other opposition parties, why they are not publicly opposing it? Aren't the state governments playing the same dirty games? Here, the sad position is, the ruling party is rogue, opposition is not ready to open their mouth probably because they have skeletons in their closets.

  24. Delhi lobby of the BJP foolishly thinks that being mum all the time or talking over diplomatically like a bureaucrat in the foreign ministry will make them the statesman. They forget that it also shows that either they have their tails between their legs or they are in collusion with the ruling party.Mr.Jethmalani tried his best to explain them the same but he was heckled by this gang.

  25. Well, am glad you raised the AP YSR's fraud issue and how media never highlights it. The guy YSR was a big crook who was about to sell the sacred Tirupati land adjacent to the main temple (google for this shocking story, check for how congress is on land buying spree in Tirupati and do check for Naidu's role). Surprisingly, no channel takes up this issue. On other hand, Jagan's media channel was busy showcasing about college girls and how they drink and party bad (they took a clip from a private account in Youtube and modified it).

    Coming to the fact that many people call opposition spineless and scared from media, well guys, nothing is free, pity them, they didn't got enough money to feed the media, they didn't got enough cash to have an ad daily in the name of a Gandhi and at times when the opposition comes to Hyderabad for watching an IPL match then they got no option and like everyone they have to get down at Rajiv Gandhi Airport, take Nehru Express Way to reach Rajiv Gandhi Stadium.

  26. Two observations:

    1. Elections are 4-5 months away:
    Immediately after Karnataka win we see now BN ads are being aired to influence voters and buy media officially. It is clear indication that elections are not far away as no political ad campaign has life span of more than 4 months... and if these ads go on for a year ...people may do suicides out of irritation and frustration. So, along with Assembly elections in DL, MP, CG, RJ we will have elections for Lok sabha..that is around Oct/Nov..i.e. 4-5 months time.
    But before that they need to come clean and get rid of all black

    Another sacrifice on 21st May after 22 years:
    21st may, the modern shaheed diwas, one more sacrifice will happen in the name of Man Mohan Singh(MMS). With this sacrifice he will take away all the sins of congress in return for giving him PMship for 9 years without any qualification. A news which reported by SM as self goal by MMS ( will turn out to be well planned fixed goal by Sri Mati Sonia (SMS) to unseat/get-rid-of MMS without any charge or something tangible blame. All scams, wrongdoings, anger..etc will also go away with him without any noise...and congress(SMS) will again come clean. Only change they will have to do is small image change in their BharatNX ads of replacing image. Otherwise we dont see any better opportunity for congress to get rid of all black spots in the name of MMS without any power struggle, noise and such ease.

  27. I think we need an S&P like rating agency whose ratings are put up next to each article they post. The agency will receive complaints, adjudge and rate the news agencies. This could be either a formal statutory authority or a popular website.

  28. As you predicted, one statement by LK Advani,which by the way was not at all wrong, has been blown out of proportion to reflect a huge schism in BJP over their face in 2014. This happened within a fortnight of this article. One can only expect these events to occur more frequently over the course of a year. If our people again get carried away by these incestuous people's wave of pseudo intellect and vote congress then our country is doomed forever. Not even BJP can save it.

  29. Brilliantly written article, Shows how shameless these MSM are, they are successfully misguiding people. This article is eye opener in many ways. Great work.


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