Friday, May 31, 2013

Multiple Organ Failure

The last major political leader from the Congress to die of natural causes was Vilasrao Deshmukh in August 2012. While Deshmukh seemed quite active in the months prior to his death it was a surprise to find he was ailing so seriously and a last minute liver transplant was also aborted because the donor died before the operation. Other than the scams that he was accused of Deshmukh was quite a popular leader in Maharashtra. Final reports on his death indicate he was suffering from liver failure which led to kidney failure which led to lungs failure and all of these led to heart failure. That sounds like total chaos, a lot like the Congress and UPA which are suffering multiple ailments. 

For 16 consecutive days now our media has been soaked in the IPL scam with just a pause for minor news items like naxal attacks or ministers resigning in Andhra. All of them just want one thing; N. Srinivasan to resign as BCCI president. TimesNow has gone a step beyond NDTV, CNN-IBN and HeadlinesToday, the channel is now calling it “Crusade for Cricket”. When George Bush used the term “crusade” after the 9/11 attacks for the war against terrorism he quickly withdrew that term and settled for ‘Operation enduring freedom’. I hope the liberals and Islamists don’t attack TimesNow for carrying out a “Crusade” for Cricket. All of them want Srinivasan to resign on moral grounds. It’s a fair demand but the political leadership from which most morals flow in public life has long dumped morals. The last time morals were seen in Indian Cricket was when GR Vishwanath recalled Bob Taylor for a wrong dismissal in the 1979-80 Golden Jubilee test. Well, Taylor went on to score a century and India lost the match. Since then it has been “law will take its course”. But the IPL scam reporting was helping bury many a Congress-UPA crime but when organs fail, they are bound to give a rude shock. The Chattisgarh naxal attack of May 25 was one massive heart attack to the Congress, BJP and the media.

Now that more details of the Maoists attack trickle in it seems quite obvious that the attack was a conspiracy hatched by a politician or a group of politicians. The Maoists seemed to know who will be there in the convoy and sought out specific politicians as targets and killed them. Their main target was Mahendra Karma, who supposedly founded the Salwa Judum, but they allowed Kawai Lakma, a close associate of Ajit Jogi, to escape. Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Manmohan Singh all rushed to Raipur. Amazing! 14 Congress lives and 7 security personnel were killed. I’m quite sure these three Congress heads didn’t rush to Raipur for the security personnel killed.

At the Governor’s meet over the incident, where neither SoniaG nor RahulG had any right to be present, RahulG kept asking “who is responsible”? Funny, isn’t it? A man who is responsible for nothing and to no one in this country asks that question. A man whose own constituency Amethi has failed on most development index and who is an “Eid ka chand” in parliament talks about responsibility. This was the guy who was partying after 26/11. This is the same Pappu who said “Congress supported BJP during Kargil”. Responsibility? Chest-beating at best! Never mind! And Minister Jairam Ramesh screams “we will win the war against naxalism”. How he proposes to do so, nobody knows.

Contrast all the drama of the trinity from Congress to the deadly attack on CRPF and Police personnel in April 2010. 75 were ambushed and brutally killed. SoniaG, RahulG or MMS didn’t rush to Dantewada. It seems only when their party men are attacked that wakes up politicians. This must make the naxals feel that targeting politicians pays better dividends. The moronery and hypocrisy of MMS and his party wasn’t more visible than in the fact that in October 2009 he grandly stated naxalism “is the greatest internal threat to India”. Well, what has he done about it? We don’t know. Hundreds have died since then. That statement by MMS wasn’t made at some security meet it was made to reporters at a function of the National Centre for Performing Arts. Very artful indeed! The horrible fact is that the GOI has no clue, no policy on how to deal with the naxals. And they reward convicted Maoist sympathisers like Binayak Sen with positions in the Planning Commission.

The MSM was forced to reluctantly report the Chattisgarh killings only to return to the IPL scam all over again. One fails to understand why this obsession with a betting and fixing scam which is relatively petty when compared to other issues of importance. Let’s not complain too much. In between there were some other issues too. RahulG, continuing his moronic utterances, made a grand statement to his partymen “My mother is lenient but I am strict” he said. Very nice! And following this stupidity NDTV held a debate on who is the tougher boss, SoniaG or RahulG. I’m not joking, take a look yourself. For NDTV that’s a serious issue to be debated as it is a serious concern for voters.  

It also helps that the IPL scam coverage helped to completely ignore the indictment of Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit by the Lokayukta. She has been indicted for misusing 22 crores of public money for promotions and has been asked to repay 11 crores. And while the IPL coverage was on and was brutally interrupted by the Chattisgarh disaster the Congress continued to run Bharat Nirman ads. Irony! In the commercial breaks while reporting the deadly Maoist attacks TV channels were running a “minority appeasement” ad under Bharat Nirman. The ad claims 1.65 lakh crores worth of loans/scholarships to 65 lakh minority students. I wonder how they arrived at these figures. In another ad the Congress claims having started 27 new central universities in print and 11 of the same in the TV ad. Why these differences? Media usually doesn’t debate content of commercial ads as a policy. But the BN ads are not mere commercials. They are govt and political ads whose content needs verification and analysis. The amounts involved are far higher than the IPL betting scam. The BN ads on TV and in print have conflicting numbers in many ads and our media won’t verify or question it. Why should they? After all, they are the beneficiaries. There must be a warning from upstairs: ‘No negative news about Congress, else no BN ads for you, so behave’!

Amidst all this the Telengana issue has started to burn again. A senior Congress CWC member, Keshav Rao, has quit the party in support of Telengana and joined the TRS party. I guess the politicians will push Telengana to a stage where it will create more Maoists and then will sit and discuss strategy. RahulG will ask “who is responsible?” and our media will be happy to show sensational scenes of riots and self-immolation. And while the Chattisgarh attacks happened our Home Minister happily extended his stay in the US. His reason for extension was an appointment with an eye doctor on May 28. Sushil Kumar Shinde’s casual approach is quite reflective of the failure of the Congress party and its govt. So while there is tall talk by the Congress on its achievements it seems the Indian colleges, hospitals and doctors are simply not good enough for their party members. It’s always US or some foreign country. (Read An Idiot’s guide to Bharat Nirman) Remember, during the December 2012 agitation over the Delhi gangrape Shinde famously said... let me just quote him:

"It is very easy to ask the Home Minister to go to India Gate and talk. Tomorrow if any other party's demonstration goes on why should not the Home Minister go there. Tomorrow Congress and BJP will demonstrate, tomorrow Maoists will come here to demonstrate with weapons,"… Shinde said the people should understand the government's role and the government should not go anywhere. This will happen tomorrow, for any government. Why should the government go anywhere"?  There, that should tell you how Shinde views Maoists but it proves that MMS, SoniaG and RahulG wouldn’t have rushed to Raipur if the Congressmen weren’t killed. And today, May 31, when Shinde did manage to visit Chattisgarh he again made the most moronic statement: “This Maoist attack is worse than any terrorism”. The Congress didn’t feel so when the 75 jawans were killed in Dantewada.

The latest to play the victim is Aruna Roy. She has quit the private durbar of SoniaG called NAC because she is unhappy the govt is not implementing policies for the poor (that she wants?). In short Aruna Roy is telling us: Govt bad, SoniaG good! Surprising, since the Bharat Nirman ads claim they have done a lot for the poor. Congress has even given a darshan of Metro rail in Delhi to village bumpkins. What more do you want? In a chat with NDTV (who else) Roy mentioned she would now like to work from the “outside”. Really? When exactly was she working from “within”? The NAC is not a part of the govt so she was anyway an outsider in SoniaG’s coterie trying to legislate for the parliament. So like it or not even a Darbari from SoniaG’s coterie is not happy with govt’s work for the poor.

In conclusion, one has to make the sad comparison between the final days of Vilasrao Deshmukh and his party itself. It is now a party and a govt that is suffering multiple ailments of a serious nature. Many critical parts have failed beyond repair and it makes a bad picture.

SoniaG, MMS, RahulG, Ministers, Policy paralysis, foreign policy failure, economic sluggishness, corruption of media, never-ending number of scams, low morale of army and police, and it goes on and on and on. When Deshmukh died he must have at the very least left a fair bit of assets for his family. Each failure of the Congress results in worsening shock. When the UPA2 dies, the nation will be five years older and deeper in debt and our media friends will still be chasing Srinivasan. Cause of death: Multiple organ failure


  1. yes a multiple organ failure indeed excellent


  2. Dear Ravinar,

    Congress Party has been selling our Baharat-mata for past 100 years. India dosen't have any strong political leadership since demise of Lal-Bal-Pal.Instead weak & soldout leadership have been forced upon Bharat for past 100 years. Hope this black period under Congress ends with a Multiple Organ Failure in 2014.

  3. At this juncture, to ask any media house to publish this blog, will be hoping against hope. Still wish it be placed on FB.

  4. I think the brain should have been avoided in the graphics. Brain failure is the end game and hence, ultimate death or even a miracle recovery(considering the 'mature' indian voters) would have been appropriate at the time of elections.But some efforts are on to save the situation with Direct cash transfers for a handful,Food security etc.But till such time the ever reliable life support system called Media will keep the comatose system alive.BTW they have discovered overnight that 60Million go hungry every night hence the Nirman program is to woe them.Make a virtue out of poverty while the numbers are still sizeable.Although Aadhar includes memberships of empty chairs and fake fingerprints.Meanwhile do not mix sports with politics,terrorism with politics,Natural calamity with politics,border dispute with politics,weather forcast with politics and what have you. Keep politics separate as pastime without subjects.

  5. MOF, good one! From where you get these?! Excellent! Hope a MOF hit the MSM especially NDTV,CNN/IBN, TOI, HT, etc., and so that would be a great relief to the Indian masses.

  6. did any of the MSM channels report Gujarat Youth Congress, NSUI workers joining the BJP & not just a few men it was a mass exodus in least according to me this is a historic moment, a true Congi supporter would really wet their pants......just imagine for a moment had this happened to the BJP, the likes Barkha, Sagarika & Rajdeep would have done a 100 day episode on the event, would have relentlessly hounded the BJP leaders....

  7. Good article Ravi.
    I am also angry on this shitty Bharat Nirman Ads which appears daily in newspaper.
    What the hell they are thinking?
    But it is not their fault, It is our fault because we are not doing anything. I know this corrupt govt. will try to suppress the voices of people but even they have a limit, even they have a breaking point.
    Actually I never thought of this but I strongly believe that Congress is somewhere responsible for our backwardness and poverty.
    After all this years of Independence we are still a third world backward nation.
    Seriously, the delusion this Congress has created in the minds of people has to be researched and should be used the same technique to expose the real nature of Congress goons.

  8. Why the national media is baying for blood of only Mr.Srinivasan when the same logic apply to the PM and dozen of his ministers is not difficult to understand.

    Recently I was passing outside the police-commissioner's office of my city and outside the building on the footpath there was a TV reporter standing in front of the camera in style like Rajesh Khanna and reporting probably on some idiotic news related to the actor Suniel Shetty and the pedestrians passing were just enjoying,smiling and ridiculing him. Some were discussing if Suniel Shetty is also involved in the IPL.

    The media may have made money but where is the respect?

  9. You have said it like it is. Even a juvenile (pappu excluded) can see that its hit job on srinivasan (though he deserves it) carried under the italian mafia's orders. But you have hit the nail on the head of the paid and pretentious media in your inimitable style. Its a pleasure to read your blog which lifts the veneer of the crooks in media. What must be galling for the crooks under your relentless attack that you are not for sale unlike some SM blogs that were masquerading as upright souls. God bless you MC for you to continue your exemplary work. as an aside, I cant help but wonder even a tenth of your clarity is not there with BJP worthies in their dealings with media.

  10. .....most importantly "they are brain-dead" on ventilator and its matter of few months,coffins almost ready ! R.I.P

  11. People see movies knowing that they are UNREAL. They do betting on stock markets which are manipulated a lot & frequently. People bet on companies performance which are also manipulated. People enjoy being manipulated and stolen of their wealth. So what is so great in media obsession of IPL event, for it is known to every one that it is pre-fixed like in European soccer tournaments. Appears that there is someone interested in the post retirement posting in such cricket organizations and enjoy paid world travel. All this is possible by Congress only.

  12. indians dont fight with others. we fight with each other. middle class has no options but to invest their future in education and caste reservations are thwarting these very aspirations. why should we care about happenings to a nation where some castes are not eligible for admissions in their own country. to hell with politics. to hell with all the problems that you have stated in your article. what will the middle class get even if we point out mistakes of the present govt. even if modi becomes PM, he will not have guts to even remove this utterly nonsense OBC quota.. let aside any other quota.. every party will continue to play divisive politics and the middle class persons are left to fight for education and other stuff forever. earlier india used to produce nobel prize winner regularly at 6-10 yrs interval..and now due to this nonsense admission framework, forget about nobel prize we are in shambles at every nook and corner. indians are biggest hypocrites. you think that by pointing out mistakes of UPA, it will be ousted?? you are wrong ravi ji. remember, 49.5% people vote for congress as it has given them quotas. and it is a hugely huge percentage. and it will never budge no matter how much you invest you time exposing them. i am afraid but that is what the reality is. UPA will be back in 2014.

    1. You are wrong about your presumption that Modi and OBC quota. There are many ways to provide equal opportunities and reduce tensions among communities. Remember when caste politics crook V.P.Singh started Mandal OBC reservations and the Indians fighting with each other, the BJP and RSS started Ram Mandir movement which helped to halt the caste war created by V.P.Singh.

      Then again, the great visionary P.V.Narasimha Rao, who knew the touching the reservations is a very bad idea politically has smartly opened Indian economy thereby reducing the state's role in jobs and made private sector play main role in jobs. Modi is smarter too and will use his brilliant brain and killer instinct dedication to provide equal opportunities to all Indian irrespective of caste, religion, language or gender.

      Modi is the only hope that we have now. Either Modi or more destruction of India.

      Disclaimer: I belong to a caste with no reservations and my family is middle class.

    2. @thdoc
      You are totally wrong. In fact if reservations would be removed, upper cast would be in trouble, coz they have 50% reservations. I personally know many upper cast idiots, who don't deserve post of even a PEON and are holding post of 2nd grade officers.. why..? coz 50% reservation and hypocrisy of KHANGRESS...!

  13. So media makes a big issue that Srinivasan should resign. Why? Oh, because his son-in-law was involved! Reminds me of another infamous son-in-law. But his ma-in-law is lucky: she has nothing official to resign from.

  14. While it is imminent that the Sonia Gandhi Congress going to lose in a big way due to multiple organ failure, the real question is whether BJP will be able to capitalize on that? BJP has its biggest enemies within. Aging and selfish leaders who stopped thinking about the nation and party a long time ago are trying their best to damage and destroy Modi and BJP. BJP without Modi as PM candidate is nothing but Congress Team B.

    When you have egocentric people like Advani and Sushma Swaraj, BJP doesn't need any enemies.

  15. Ravi, Telangana movement is a farce movement started by the drunkard KCR since he was not satisfied with the portfolio given by TDP to him. There is support for him in a few constituencies for a separate state. However, 2/3rds of the people would oppose Telangana within the region.

    1. Chenna Reddy moved out of Congress(I),started separate Telangana movement during 70s, showed his stregth, rejoined same Cong(I) and became CM of Andhra and Telagana was forgotten instantly! Telangana movement is simply a game of power politics and if successful, the leaders now quitting Congress simply re-join Congress again alongwith others. Don't be surprised if a Rayalseema agitation starts later.

  16. Dear Ravi,

    1) I don't know if u have seen it or not, I had sent a twitter message saying exactly what u thought of the Naxal Attacks. Post the attcaks, immediately Mr. Jogi, was the first person to demand President's rule in the state within hours. When I was speaking to my friends in Raipur, they said many people are alreday talking of this conspiracy theory and how anti- Jogi leadership in Congress was eliminated in a single blow. There is a lot to ponder on the same. That was the only reason for centre not imposing President's Rule too. As if in investigations it gets revealed that someone internally was involved, it will be very embarassing situation for Cong.

    2) About Telangana- My friend Kiran has correctly pointed about KCR. But how many people know that KCR himself is not from Telangana (he is originally from Srikakulam dist. coastal Andhara). He just wants to use it for his political advantage and aspires to be CM.

    3) About the BN Ad's, if so many new initiatives have been taken by Govt and have reached to the masses, then why didn't they put up the AD's telling people to go a start getting the benefits at the launch of these programs, why now in the election year. This shows Govts intention.

    Well a lot can be said and debated and we may fall short of words, but you rightly pointed that "Multiple Organ failure" is the way to sum it up.

  17. keshav rao's issue is really big as congress is badly hit in AP,after his exit its really hard for congress to get even 5 seats in loksabha elections,,MSM missed this

  18. DO not underestimate KCR and Telangana movement. After Dec 9 announcement there was dramatic change in sentiment. TRS has some shortcomings though. 4 districts in southern Telangana do not trust KCR. TRS does not have strong cadre to convert sentiment into votes. But there are high chances of TRS gaining from the four way contest of TDP, YCP, Congress and TRS.

  19. Ravinar,
    I think the Media game has not been caught by you.Srinivasan was just a red rag and also an innocent rred rag. I donot think he swallowed money from IPL but he indulged his son in law who was a spoilt child of the rich AVM family.I also feel he just did not have the intelligence to understand the various games being played against BCCI by vested interests sitting in UK,Dubai and ofcourse Karachi.It started with spot fixing by some unknown low level dropouts in some team in IPL but what is intriguing is that the ICC anti corruption cell warned orally Gurunah Meiyappan but not BCCI through proper channel. Why? The agents of vested interests in UK,dubai etcc are the Indian english Media who have an interest in killing the clout of BCCI in ICC.the UK cricket board just could not stomach the Indian clout especially as its players were not getting the Moolah unlike the Australians.The IPL has ensured Cricket is being played in Dharamsala,Ranchi with modern stadiums and more being planned. It has a following which used to go to the Matnee show.the crowd love the cheer girls and their dances.the moral brigade was roped in to criticise the IPL but then IPL is not test cricket.The Dubai shiekhs were even using their hit squads in India to target the Stadiums conducting IPL. They killed Cricket in Pakistan by attacking the Sri Lankan tteam and wanted to do it in India so that they can conduct the Indo/Pak cricket in dubai,Sharjah and use betting comfortably.Unfortunately guillable Indians cannot see this game.India must not allow BCCI to be usurped by some accolate of UK or Dubai.

  20. AFter the May 25 incident a Asst commdt of CRPF have been slained in the same area.

    No News of that eh!! Life of a trained soldier is so cheap for them.

    Only time will tell that trained soldier is a very expensive asset of the country!!

  21. Even before BJP coming to power, its organ has started failing.
    Ram Jethmalani's letter to Advani openly accuses Arun Jaitely of being corrupt.

    You personally know that Arun Jaitley and Police Commissioner Neeraj Kumar are thick friends. You know Neeraj Kumar and the arch criminal Abhishek Verma are thick as thieves. You could not have forgotten your public denunciation of him and the defamation complaint filed against you and its attempted sordid settlement.

    Arun Jaitley is no less an offender than Vadra. He has a cosy relationship with him and his mother-in-law. He never speaks of Congress corruption, the black money case and the dacoits responsible for our poverty. He raises inane issues just to show he is some kind of Leader of Opposition."


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