Friday, May 3, 2013

China, Pakistan & The Cowards Of Our Country

Many people are or have been in some job or other where circumstances and demands of the work compel them to put their mind over their heart. But ironically, whenever an employee needs to improve the employer or the boss generally doesn’t say “use your mind”. The advice or encouragement usually is “put your heart in the work” or as they say in Hindi “thoda dil laga ke kaam karo”. In other words, the suggestion is to put some passion into the work. Sunetra Chaudhary of NDTV would be very different on TV if she were allowed to use her heart. She doesn’t get to do that so she writes in DNA. There was that case over a year ago when she wrote about sexual harassment by a UPA minister which NDTV buried. Recently she wrote another piece from her heart called “Why desi netas will never charm the English media” in DNA. It’s a simple but one of the most honest pieces I have read in print. Sunetra mentions how the nonsense of Salman Khurshid’s “Acne” comment about China’s incursion in Ladakh hardly raised any eyebrows in the English media. She further writes:

So even when he stooped to the level of street fights by saying things like: “I’ve been made a minister so I work with a pen but I can also work with blood,” some of us stepped in to explain to the rest-of-us-language-culture-impaired folks that his words were actually a ‘figure of speech’ and by getting offended by Khurshid’s words, we were just exposing our own lack of sophistication”. You see, all the suave Anglais types can say anything and people are ignorant or lack sophistication if they don’t get it. But if the desi guys say the same things they would be called uncouth, misogynists, uncivilised etc. If Khurshid had made a comment like “a love affair worth 50 crores” that would have been considered poetic but Modi saying “50cr girlfriend” is obviously tasteless. This is how the English media conducts its discussions by licking the feet of those who can speak fluent English, throw a quote or two from English Literature and make a mockery of national issues and national security.

The survival of the Congress party is detrimental to the progress of India is what I wrote in my previous post. A day later, Salman Khurshid, Manish Tiwari and Shashi Tharoor offered more evidence for it in their pronouncements on Sarabjit Singh and other issues of national security. Collectively, these people heap insults on Indians but they do it stylishly in English so it all passes. After his moronic “Acne” remark Khurshid followed it up with stating India is like Muhammad Ali, the great boxer. He was trying to imply that like a boxer India can take a lot of punches and beating but will come out the winner in the end. Meaning Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, Maldives and all their uncles and aunties can keep screwing this country but India will take the blows and come out a winner. Quite heroic, eh? What Khurshid doesn’t know about his idiotic comparison is that Ali always claimed he had a pretty face and never a scar. He floated like a butterfly and the song says “Im Ali.. Catch me if you can”. In contrast every neighbour seems to have caught India by the scruff of her neck and wringing it at will. Khurshid is a coward who is trying humour in a crisis that is debilitating to the self-esteem of Indians.

History has it that most land encroachments and theft of our territories has happened under Congress watch given they have been in power for most of our 65 years of absence of the British. Let’s catch up with history though. Here’s what Rajinder Puri wrote in November 2011 about the Congress and he was being kind in seeking a reinvention of the party:

In 1976 in violation of a unanimous Parliamentary resolution that still stands, forbidding any truck with China until all territory illegally seized by it is recovered, in violation also of a policy decision that unless China agreed to the Colombo Proposals hammered in an international Asian conference India would not talk with China, Mrs. (Indira) Gandhi nevertheless went ahead and established full diplomatic relations with China. She betrayed the memory of her father and the national interest. Why? The only explanation appears to be that around that time America under President Carter was on the point of clinching the process of normalization with China initiated earlier by President Nixon. Like a puppet on a string Mrs. Gandhi somersaulted and went against declared policy and the national interest”.

So Indira Gandhi violated a resolution of the parliament to appease China. Don’t be surprised if China becomes a permanent guest in the encroached land and also makes incursions in Arunachal. Before you know it Mr. Khurshid, the current Mrs. Gandhi may also forget the sins of the grandmother. And Manish Tiwari would happily say NDA did nothing about Indira Gandhi’s appeasement of China. Coward! Hardly floating and stinging like Muhammad Ali, is it? This is the same manner in which Congress appeases Pakistan for vote-bank politics after each of their crime gets bigger and worse.

Rajdeep Sardesai had vowed not to tweet on politics after being trashed on Twitter. Well, can’t keep the “Numero Uno political analyst” off politics for too long. After Sarabjit was butchered to death he came up with the lamest statement indirectly justifying his killing claiming he was calling “a spade a shovel”. He tweeted that while talking about Sarabjit we shouldn’t forget under-trials in our own prisons. I had to remark that this was the equivalent of saying that because the crime of land encroachment is widespread in India it justifies China’s encroachment and incursion in Ladakh. Such is the stupidity of Rajdeep who has a twisted sense of justice that even in a crime by the enemy he wants to find faults with India. I guess he is what Arnab Goswami referred to as “Pak apologists” on the Newshour on May 2. Sadanand Dhume explains to Rajdeep that an equivalent would have been our butchering of a Pak prisoner. I wonder if Rajdeep gets it. We actually treat our foreign prisoners like royalty. Feed them endless biryani and allow them to go home to even vote or celebrate Christmas. The coward that Rajdeep is, he won’t see this and will keep drawing wrong parallels.

Rajdeep is the Oxbridge guy. If he had said the same nonsense in Hindi or some Indian language the whole media would have butchered him verbally. While at it, how can we forget another Oxbridge type? This one is probably the biggest hypocrite floating around in India and he goes by the name of Shashi Tharoor. Like Manish Tiwari he asks why no govt had done anything about Sarabjit earlier. He even recalls, as a patriot, the incidents of Kandahar and Coffingate over the Sarabjit murder and how sick he feels. This is Congress moronery at its best. For the number of times the Congress recalls Kandahar not one Gandhi-slave from the party has ever mentioned how he would have handled it differently. The Kandahar episode was in a difficult terrain across two hostile countries and saved lives. In the case of Congress Indians are being killed or beheaded when there was abundant warning. Tharoor talks of Coffingate. This is another lie. The Coffingate scam was investigated and even George Fernandes was cleared of any wrong doing. And then stooges like Manish Tiwari and Tharoor will scream “let’s not politicise it” but that’s exactly what they do.

It has become a trick for the Congress and their channels like NDTV, CNN-IBN, Headlines Today that when the Congress failure is exposed they will scream “let’s not politicise” when in fact they will politicise everything. Mr. Golden Spoon or Mr. Pappu or Rahul Gandhi as he is also referred to, rushed to Dalbir Kaur’s house to hug her and put up a drama for the cameras. Till Sarabjit’s murder RahulG didn’t have one word to say about him or to the Pakistanis. Pappu usually doesn’t have anything to say on anything, so he is a consistent coward. But death is such a great opportunity for the Congress and the media to scavenge. The simple truth is that this Congress and its spineless PM have more Indian blood on their hands without a shot being fired than any other govt in the past has. This very Shashi Tharoor was moderating a debate on “Aman Ki Asha”, with Paki journalists, a day after the LOC beheadings in January 2013. That’s the concern and sympathy he has for soldiers killed in defending us. There isn’t one sweat that drips off the brow of Tharoor that isn’t filled with hypocrisy. I have called him the “Happy-tongue Hypocrite”.

Slammed by everyone around him, Tharoor finally explains that his remarks were because Narendra Modi blamed UPA for the killing of Sarabjit. All that Modi said was that it was an extra-judicial killing because prisoners sentenced to death are kept in isolation and not with other inmates. And why shouldn’t the UPA be blamed? What exactly is the UPA responsible for in this nation if its foot soldiers are going to blame the NDA or BJP for all its crimes? I would sort of agree. The UPA is the most irresponsible govt we ever had.  Fact remains, despite all their so-called education Tharoor and Rajdeep are in reality a Laloo in English. That’s the only difference. Their moronery is now well established and beyond compare and instead of facing up to the truth these cowards peddle BS all the time. Naturally, I am tempted to call them the cowards of our country.


  1. Superbly written.expose this Tharoor thoroughly until he stops thinking himself different from the cattle class.

  2. and you forget to mention oil for food scam where our darling of media is blacklisted and did not got that UN post.As now i feel morons of our media who worship dawood as a hero and calls him a patriot required a big kick on their ass. Now what sort of man or woman or monster would stroke a centipede we have ever seen? And here is the good big centipede! If such a man exists, I say kill him without more ado. He is a traitor to the human race

  3. In Hindi there is a term "Namak Haram", SK, ST, RJ, Pappu and other Congi are NH.
    Look at the face of our country head MMS, I never seen him standing on his feet firmly....wondering how he would talk tough.
    Not sure if you had the chance to see our Home Min stmnt on National TV on Sarabjit's Killing, "Hamey Dukh hai...." a lame duck talking....I am sure these fixer (MSM and Netas) will never unite when there is a time to unite and take the war across the border.

  4. Sirji, What a piece of article sirji! I would sequence the cream of this article as follows: -

    1. Pappu usually doesn’t have anything to say on anything, so he is a consistent coward'.
    2. Khurshid is a coward who is trying humour in a crisis that is debilitating to the self-esteem of Indians.
    3. This is how the English media conducts its discussions by licking the feet of those who can speak fluent English, throw a quote or two from English Literature and make a mockery of national issues and national security. (There are many but I would put only the top three in my view).

    Honestly, my heart is aching to see all these happenings in our country and the reaction of our leadership. In testing times it is the 'leadership' that would take the country forward and take the people along with. Alas, the present leadership taking this nation to where?.... everybody's guess. Shashi Tharoor has never been an Indian and he would never feel like one and so his feelings are 'putrid' and rightly mentioned as ''Happy-Tounge Hypocrite".
    Rajdeep Sardesai may be aiming to get some awards (like padma awards) from Pakistan for his contribution in building good ties between the warring nations and like wise BD, SG, RK, etc.(somehow Arnab missed this boat). If the Govt is erring in many issues then the 'MSM' is unforgivable for its kowtowing the Congis line. MSM should have ripped apart this govt's mishandling of various issues (the list is quite long) but instead they 'wag their tails' for their masters.

  5. Let us not beat around the bush. Nehru harmed India, followed by Indira Gandhi and her family and cronies till date. Congress traitors must be punished. There is only one way and the army must take over and shoot the traitors if India has to be saved. It is too late already.

  6. कंधार के बारे में चौथी दुनिया के इस लेख से हुए खुलासे पर क्या कहना है ?
    इसी साईट पर कोयले घोटाले का खुलासा हुया था करीब तीन बरस पहले !

  7. What a brilliant write up Ravijee.
    I do not believe that Sashi T, Rajdeep S, Barkha D, Manish T, 72 lakh Salman are doing anything other than expected out of them. They are paid to do that and will keep up with their anto-national activities. The only way to stop them is death by firing squad.

    Late Indira Gandhi was both morally and ethically corrupt. She was bribed by Chinese, through American Chinese investors who were promoting business in China. She allowed millions of Bangladeshi, because her Muslim L$$$r demanded. That was her.

    With MFs like Mulayam Karat, Karuna, Naidu, Nitish and FFs like Maya and Mamta there is no one to save this country from going down the drain but NaMo. Even BJP, as party has shown that it is full of mediocre people not charismatic leaders. If it fails to nominate NaMo as PM candidate, it is doomed for ever and so is India.

  8. Greetings and compliments for a spectacular writeup.
    Thank you and keep it up, lest we forget and relent.
    The nation is under a serious siege from many sides, outside, inside ...


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  10. great article. keep at this great service to Mother India

  11. I think I have finally understood Khurshid's comparison of India with Ali: it is the Parkinson's part... With so many punches being thrown at the country, this debilitating is a certainty.

    Also, on behalf of Laloo. I object to the comparison with Tharoor and Rajdeep with him.

    1. LoL!!! Perfect Suresh... It's an insult to Laloo to compare him with Tharoor & Rajdeep... They are in a totally upwardly league of fools, where very few can fit...

  12. I have said this before.The MSM debates today on any issue, is an indoor match in spoken english.Full of rhetoric and no substance. Morons who have spent a lifetime mastering only spoken english, take on the mantle of intellectuals,lecturing to the nation.Sashi Tharoor started off as an intellectual, as would anybody with english articulation be rated in this nation of desis.Then came the offer of an MP seat in Kerala and soon the Mallu language became a necessity for subjective reasons.But having feigned ignorance of his mother tongue even while in his own state,he made a dramatic transition from a pauper to a pandit in a matter of months. First it was an occassional mallu word in an english sentence.Then it became two and then three.If anyone with even a desi knowledge of english can closely follow his english articulation ,it wont be hard to realise that most of the sentences that he speaks are fitted with ornaments to lenthen it and seemigly look very fluent. But substance is sadly low.It might sound good articulation to those who think that speed of a spoken language is fluency.Instinctive speaking is a different ball game. I would give it to Khurshid on this count that he is more instinctive.But a nation cannot be run on proficiency in spoken english.That is the curse of this nation with the mindset of its low esteem citizens.

  13. Talking of liberalism of the Nehruvian variety, It is strictly designed for those who are parnoid about their actions.Nehru portrayed his failures as deliberate acts done out of magnanimity.If for example,he could not prevent Chinese from annexing thousands of acres of our motherland he could convince our people that the those were waste lands and he has a big enough heart to excuse them anyway.If he could not prevent muslims from engaging in riots he blamed the hindus for not behaving at their best.So goes the stories of Nehruvian liberalism. The leftists of today are the living examples of his legacy.Rajdeep is just one practioner of this dieing art.

  14. If this disgrace called Tharoor really feels for the Kandhahar incident, let him answer Jaymin Panchal's questions

  15. Do the congressis like Shashi Tharoor, Manish Tiwari, and Abishek singhvi and their media counterparts like Rajdeep Sardesai take a course in perverse logic or does it come naturally to them??

  16. Tehseem poonawallaha is another english spokie full of hot air or... bullshit; to be accurate

  17. A leader needs moral fibre to take a stand on a tough issue. The guys who are leading this country lack any such thing. Whatever there was has been corroded and rotted off by constant stealing from, and lying to, their countrymen. Tough luck, India.

  18. Well Pappu Gandhi (aka Rahul Gandhi), is such a big hypocrite that he is waiting for such opportunities to show the people that he exists. Has he ever managed any portfolio like defense, home, finance, industrial development or anything like that? How can he become the PM of India?

  19. Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai - they are like the idiots found in Indian society, Indian colleges, Indian offices...who think that just because they can speak rampant senseless English, they can fool around with anyone.
    Where are other reporters gone....Barkha Dutt, Nalini Singh, Saeed Naqwi etc

  20. Dear Ravinar,

    I simply hope that this Govt is the like the darkest hour before the Sunrise. Its now or never !

  21. Salman Khurshid has never had anything substantial or specific to say on any matte. His standard response to anything and everything is that he is looking into the matter, will set up framework , mechanism is already in place or some such gibberish-no specifics no concrete responses ever- it is frustrating to hear him speak esp in times of crises- the chap is totally clueless!

  22. GOOD ANALYSIS ON THE ENGLISH SPEAKING UNION. While the ideas emanating from the brains of Tharoor and RS are similar to an English laloo prasad, those of Madam Sonia is like Italian Rabri Devi with mono syllable and one liner. But SLAVES as we are of PHOREN WHITE SKIN we accept every NONSENSE FROM THE MOUTH OF EVEN AN ILLITERATE 'PHOREN' FOOL as 'Music to the EARS'. We are so slavish to these PHOREN that these MORONS EVEN SPEAK THEIR OWN MOTHER TONGUE ( say HINDI) LIKE THE WAY A FOREIGNER SPEAKS. Speaking English with accent is 'one upmanship'

  23. Dear Ravinaar

    Time has indeed come to throw away these Scums of Indian soil into the Deepest Ocean but somewhere i believ that we as a nation have failed in our duies & reponsibilities .
    Like The father in general teaches all good thing to his children only to make them a better citizen we have somehow failed miserably to take care of our own country and care for it in the same manner.

    As i have suggestd earlier we need a revolution of sorts to change the Political Dimensions of this country & this can happen only & Only when we ( all the Eduacted Middle Class People ) people come out and Vote for the MODI.

    I hope We as a Citizen do not fail this Time.

    Viraat Singh

  24. Sir, how I wished this post was a part of your book.

  25. My advice to Indians is majority of the English speaking Indians are idiots. Why they become idiots? There entire creative energy is lost in learning foreign language. This is not me but Gandhiji said in in Young India 1-00-1921:

    "The foreign medium has caused brain fag, put an undue strain upon nerves of our children, made them crammers and imitators, unfitted them for original work and thought, and disabled them for filtrating their learning to the family or the masses. The foreign medium has made our children practically foreigners in their own land. It is the greatest tragedy of the existing system. The foreign medium has prevented the growth of our vernaculars. If I had the powers of a despot, I would today stop the tuition of our boys and girls through a foreign medium, and require all the teachers and professors on pain of dismissal to introduce the change forthwith. I would not wait for the preparation of text-books. They will follow the change. It is an evil that needs a summary remedy."

  26. First of all, to take any tough stand on matters of China & Pakistan, we need a true patriot in our leader unlike the slave PARROTs - MMS & others we have at centre. A person born in this Indian soil could only have such patriotism. It is least expected from these Gandhi-slaves who ritually worship that bitch Maino and lick her feet as a symbol of 'prasad'. Patriots like Vajpayee, Narendra Modi, Sushma Swaraj, Subramaniam Swamy are required in such situations to keep our national interest over vested dynastic interest. The Congress idiots should learn from US - which treat an act against any of it citizens across the world as an act against the country and ensures that perpetrators are awarded exemplery punishment.

    It has been highly unfortunate that this bastard party has ruled our country for 65 years and our Indian citizens have to face such situation which makes us feel a coward within. Modi rightly said in one of his speeches that nation need to be awaken to get a congress-free India.

  27. Ravi,

    This is fantastic write up. Excellent work. " For the number of times the Congress recalls Kandahar not one Gandhi-slave from the party has ever mentioned how he would have handled it differently." Very true.

  28. great article sir .... i also would like to point out that isn't it a bit coincidental that when there was a threat of riots due to the acquittal of Sajjan Kumar , there is a diversion created by Sarabjit (R.I.P) and Chinese incursion news .

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