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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bansal & Bed-ridden Media

In an article somewhat critical of Manmohan Singh Rajdeep Sardesai now finds his silence a curse. In June 2011 the MMS made an extraordinary promise that he would meet the press every week. He started off the first with a private, closed-door meeting with five hand-picked editors who were practically Congress spokies in the media. I had called it “friendly fire”. Nobody really knows what questions were asked and what answers MMS had offered. And that was that. Since then MMS hasn’t spoken to the media again except in his flights. A few months prior to June in February 2011 MMS had held a televised meeting, again with hand-picked editors. While Rajdeep writes “Silence as a curse” in his home paper of Hindustan Times I wonder if he ever reads the comments on his article. When I last checked a few days ago the following comments were on top of the list:

The third comment says Rajdeep is actually covering up the Himalayan deficiencies of MMS. The media had hailed an ordinary babu and a puppet as a great economic reformer and architect of the reforms. This is a lie that the entire Indian MSM, Rajdeep included, has peddled all these years. The Congress party had wiped out Narasimha Rao from their history because he was not a “Gandhi”. But people are indeed slowly starting to realise that Rao was the real architect of the reforms which were also triggered by other compulsions. MMS was just a senior clerk implementing these measures. It is now also widely known that far from being a free-market supporter, MMS was a socialist more suited to the large govt and doles philosophy of the Congress. And silence? That is precisely the reason Sonia Gandhi chose him as PM. To keep his mouth shut, to bury his conscience. Simon Denyer was more direct when he called MMS a “tragic failure”.

The first comment in the box drives home an important message. “Any journalist who is soft on ruling party is corrupt” it says. I cannot help agreeing. This describes the Indian MSM perfectly. They are slaves to the Congress and the ruling UPA. Rajdeep is nothing more than an English speaking Laloo who is a slave of the Congress party. Time and again, in every scam, in every crisis his channel and also other media outlets have spent their time finding faults with other parties instead of keeping a watch on the ruling party. And then Rajdeep gets upset because people question his “integrity and credibility”. Rajdeep forgets that all his staunch critics were also his one-time admirers. Frankly, if Rajdeep is such a moron that he still believes all the myths about MMS being honest, a great economist or reformer, then he’s not a journalist but a bed-fellow of the Congress. He is just another Mulayam Singh or Laloo Prasad. They support the Congress for the same reasons that Rajdeep defends the crimes of Congress and MMS and washes their sins with clever words.

Being an embedded reporter has its own problems. You soon become the team or the party. This is what CNN-IBN reporter Pallavi Ghosh frequently shows in her messages. When Pawan Bansal’s nephew was arrested in the bribery case for railways appointments she tells us how earnest the guy is. Surely, corrupt people don’t wear a badge do they? None in the media wants to ask how a nephew can effect senior appointments in the Railways Board without the connivance of a top minister. Secondly, the men who were paying such huge bribes are certainly not fools to pay these to a person unless they were certain he can deliver results. This was a deal running into crores and cannot be anything but a national racket. But CNN-IBN and their sisters will tell you “Pawan Bansal is innocent”. HeadlinesToday reported that his nephew, Vikas Singla, was a frequent guest at Rail Bhawan and was always closeted with Bansal. Ah well, I guess they must be discussing what to cook for dinner in the night or who to invite. There’s a reason I keep repeating that the MSM is the first line of defence for the corrupt.

What about CNN-IBN’s sister channel NDTV? Both are members of the unholy trinity that includes Hindustan Times, which is their mother-paper in print. When people from NDTV and CNN-IBN find time, you can usually find them in Hindustan Times. NDTV is now famous for giving clean chits to the corrupt, providing platforms for the tainted to shed tears and often quoting “sources” to plant stories in the public. By now almost everyone knows who their “source” in their cabinet is. A few days back NDTV put out news about Army’s proposals to the Cabinet on dealing with the Chinese incursion in Ladakh. You have to be a bed-mate of the Congress to be getting such leaks from the highest levels. I don’t think anyone needs to be an Einstein to guess who these “sources” are. And as with PallaviG of CNN-IBN they also claim Bansal is not connected to the bribery. The trick is to attribute the remark to some unverifiable “source” so that the channel can pass it off as “news” and not as their personal defence of Bansal.

The other trick NDTV employs is to always describe any crime or scam by the Congress or UPA as an “allegation”. They are all innocent, aren’t they? And some people are just making allegations. Take a look at this headline from the Bansal bribery case:

It is a report by Sunetra Chaudhary and another. It screams the bribery is an “allegation”. Wow! The CBI catches Singla red-handed with cash of 90 lakhs. Books him for bribery and arrests him and on May 4 he was presented in court. He is an “accused” with some serious evidence. But for NDTV, this is mere “allegation”. This “source” and “allegation” trickery of NDTV is now a joke on the social media. You sleep with someone in an illicit relationship you are naturally going to defend that person at any cost. Wouldn’t they? That’s what NDTV frequently does.

Our news channels, particularly CNN-IBN and NDTV, have gone far beyond being embedded reporters and channels. They are sick and termite-infested like the Congress and UPA. They have now extinguished any semblance of reporting or journalism from their menu. They are as bed-ridden as the conscience of Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and the Congress


  1. indian Media is smarter than Al-capone in conducting their business. India's biggest mafia is indian media ,expert in extortion.media is last refuge and lawyer for hardest criminals.

  2. excellent piece ..regualar to ur articel on mediacrooks who often shares it on facebook...

  3. Well written again!

    For Congress to die, these channels also need to die!

    1. 100% agreed.These channels will have natural death as soon as 2014 results are announced.

    2. Not sure and nope.Still urban middle class peoples are sleeping or uses election day as national holiday for vocation.See voting is just 52% in Bangalore urban.This shows these lazy peoples are only post comments on internet and never turn up to vote.Disgusting...

  4. I hope people in MSM read your blog and do some introspection. Probably, the unholy nexus between them and politicians have made them thick skinned too.

  5. Dear MediaCrooks.com,
    You're doing a great job by bringing truth about corrupt Indian Media and its people!! I will make sure that each of your article reaches to the maximum people or at least to the people I know.
    Jai Hind!

  6. I am attempting to recollect European history I studied some 45 years back. How did Le Monde, still in existence,report on escape of Napoleon from Elba? I write from my recollection, not the exact phrases.
    Escape- Bandit at large
    Reaches Cannes-Napoleon arrives on the French shore
    On Paris trail-Delirious crowds cheer Bonaparte
    Arrives in Paris- Emperor returns.
    Raj deep is just doing that.

  7. In an optimistic turn, mediacrooks declared the rise of new media made it easier to fight back against the mainstream media, and the old argument of “you don’t get in a pissing match with someone who buys ink by the barrel” doesn’t apply in the new media era.
    mainstream journalists have thin skins, and they “wilt” when challenged. That is why “they need to be called out” and “their organizations need to be called out.”

  8. I am forced to applaud the saintly ndtv and 18grp because of their degree of honesty towards the govt.They are such breed of dogs to defend the indefensible.If one is not following the social media then they would be forced to the View that PK B is not guilty.

  9. Excellent article! You should have exposed the names of NDTV's core group for everyone's benefit. NDTV has this unholy nexus with Cong even even before UPA came to power. They were so critical of the NDA govt during 1999-2004 and the Godhra incident followed by the riots have made their lives. They feasted on the Guj riots ever since and still minting money by their partisan news/articles/blogs etc about Guj and NaMo. How long they are going to get through like this? I hope there will be a day when these crooks are brought to justice and make them pay for their deeds i.e. damage to society and for bending people's minds with their planted/biased/crooked/staged news.

  10. Modi often says that he wants a Congress Mukt Bharat, lets go a step further and say we want a MSM Mukt Bharat

  11. Very well captured the tricks of wordsimths in MSM. I was really surprised with "allegedly" when Bansal's news broke.

  12. We say we want free India from all vultures , who have brought all the miseries to citizens of india now
    lot of water has flown over the head , time to kick out all the selfish netas from active politics , send them to ashrams now
    Jai Hind

  13. Has anybody observed that NDTV/CNN IBN always calls parties of 20/35 MPs opposition parties but very reluctantly calls BJP as the main opposition despite Sushma Swaraj being official leader of opposition. They call 30 MP's Communist party as main opposition but not BJP as main opposition. BJP is always just a BJP. They even do not give BJP opposition's space.

    In yesterdays Big Fight somebody pointed out that there are three four oppositions in the parliament. Some are government sponsored oppositions like BSP/SP. To me NDTV's favorite opposition is Communists.

    Ravinar....Some day you should expose family ties of NDTV with Vrinda Karat's Communist party.

  14. for TOI its always 'tainted' ministers or 'weak' govt or 'scam' or a law min who 'vetted' the coalgate report. Amazing manipulative psychology at work on their pages!

  15. Good Analysis Ravi.
    It is also surprising that Manmohan Singh has actually NEVER won an Election.
    He was chose as Rajyasabh Member by the legislature of Assam.
    Haha look from Assam lol :O..
    this is the same place where continuous riots are happening.
    But nobody dared to question this to Mr.Mackmohan.
    This guy has never won an election, don't know the root cause of diversity and problems of India got highest position in Cabinet.
    Despite of his so called economic liberalization poor people are suffering. Gap is widening between Rich and Poor. so is it really his success as Economics Master?

    1. Biggest democracy in the world (mis)ruled by a person who NEVER won an election, for 10 yrs and he is lookin for 3rd term...is it a JOKE which none in MSM understands?..are we fools???
      never in 65 yrs of post-Independence , were we rules by anyone from Rajyasabha, those who're made PM (if not a member of LS), within 6 mnths fought LS election.

  16. Rajdeep is an English speaking Laloo. Ravi, you have hit the nail on the head!
    Coming to the article when Vajpayee was PM, Gingee Ramachandran a Min of State for Finance Personal PA was arrested for similar alleged malpractice but Vajpayee immediately secured his resignation (The minister was from MDMK and not BJP). The media people won't ask these questions to Congress but only ask BJP about their Gaps.

  17. hello sir. thanks for bringing the point about mms and pvnr. i've been saying it for ages but no one either believes me or listens. your saying this will certainly make a difference to people who follow you on this blog and on twitter, you are certainly taken a lot more seriously than me. sir this line of yours "media is first line of defence for the corrupt" is absolutely golden. i remember you having tweeted it around a couple of years back but with each scam the essence of this sentence gets stronger and stronger. you know sir, this contamination of our msm has a specific reason and a thing in common if you observe closely. i'll discuss it with you on a somewhat more confidential platform someday. thanks for the post, thanks for sharing. cheers.

  18. Rajdeep still supports MMS and calls him honest, please look at the below lines from the article(I read it on Firstpost)... His only motto is to make PM address the media, so that he can continue supporting MMS with his own interpretations and meanwhile he can also gain some TRPs...

    "Yes, he still admirably keeps his family away from the charmed power circle and is perhaps the only Indian prime minister who can seriously claim that no one in his immediate family has gained from his being in high office"

    Ravi you are doing a great job...!

  19. Precisely for these reasons , I stopped watching these "Partner " Channels, I am not calling them as paid channels. It is well known fact that these 2 channels and papers like HT are being funded by the CON's as an equity partner. So, it is quite but natural that these channels will always beat the drums for the CON's and will fight to the hilt to save them because they know very well that if the CON's gets chased away this time , not only their existence is in peril but most of them lock,stock & barrel will end up testing their numerical abilities @ Tihar and many other jails across India!!

  20. Paul Beckett's analysis of MMS appeared in this article last year http://blogs.wsj.com/indiarealtime/2012/12/27/what-went-wrong/

  21. Nicely written.. In future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of our nation . . Media houses/corporations have been enthroned,collateral damage of whole system, an era of corruption in high places exists all around, and the money-power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until the wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed till then our media celebs will forget they are the fourth pillar of democracy where we can pick up bones and ashes of journalism.

  22. Funny thing is when TMC had Railways, the ministry was not creative or innovative. As soon as CON MAFIA took over, no creativity, no innovation and SCAMs started.

  23. Bhagavad Purana, the 12th Chapter (Skandha) has the following description of Kaliyug (in which we are living) which , seemingly , has a striking resemblance to the prevailing conditions in India: 

    " As the Age turns to evil (that is, when Kaliyug begins) every virtue decays and vanishes : honesty, forbearance, kindness, memory and strength disappear. 

    Wealth replaces a noble birth, character and conduct. Might becomes right, for might alone determines dharma and justice.

    Trade and fraudulent practice become synonymous. 

    The law will favour only the rich, and will have no regard for justice. He that can curse and swear best will be considered thefinest scholar. 

    Poverty will be sufficient cause to establish guilt in the eyes of the law, while wealth and ostentation will be indices of character.

    Rudeness and brashness of speech will be equal to dharma. 

    He that maintains his family by the foulest means will be considered respectable. Dharma will be observed only for exhibition.

    Whoever is strong and daring will become the king, and will rule like greedy lustful bandits, with plunder and rapine of their own subjects, who will often flee such tyranny and seek refuge in forests and mountains. 

    Exhausted by cruel taxes, deprived of rains in lands from which true dharma has fled, the people will subsist on wild vegetation, roots,flesh, fruits, flowers, etc.

    Kings will become mere robbers, and men, driven by despair and poverty, will become thieves, liars and murderers.

    Men will become bestial and perverse-- miserly, ruthless, greedy and vindictive for the flimsiest reasons. 

    Arrogance, hypocrisy, deception, dishonesty, sloth, somnolence,cruelty of every kind, delusion, terror and wretchedness will rule.

    Brigands and robbers will rule the land. Kings will all be tyrants.
    People will espouse gluttony, lasciviousness and venality of every kind.

    The vilest men will become the foremost traders, making cheating and thievery the common practice of the marketplace. Even when they are not threatened with any danger, men will take to forbidden means to earn their livelihood, and pride themselves on it. 

    Relationships between parents and children, brothers, friends and relations will not be valued.

    Seated upon the sacred thrones of great and holy gurus of yore, men  that are masters only of vice will expound dharma to the gullible populace.

    Depleted by dreadful taxes, tormented by drought, starved, owning none of the bare necessities of life ...homes, clothes, food and drink, a  bed, a bath, etc. men will seem more like bhutas and pisachas.

    Over small matters, members of the same family will fight their own blood relations, even unto death, forgetting all ties of affection. 

    No one will bother to look after their old parents any more, they will only live for themselves, and will neglect their own children. "

    --Bhagavad Purana- 12th Chapter.

    Is this not a glaring reflection on the condition of Indian society today ? And this was written two thousand years ago !

    Truly, our ancestors were men of great vision, who could see two thousand years into the future. 

  24. Hmmmmmm....The CBI who couldn't write its own reports till yesterday has suddenly grown brass balls to raid the Railway Minister's nephew....I for one don't like the smell.....Also I am watching the exit polls on Karnataka....seems that the Cong's will be back to loot...Shame on you Karnataka for allowing this.

    1. ya i think modi magic will not be there in 2014.. bjp is wiped out from karnataka..

    2. Congress was the least corrupt govt in Karnataka. It was a tough choice and I had to pick the least corrupt one. :(

    3. One man responsible for bringing down BJP regime in south and that credits goes to Santhosh Hegde...

      When this guy submitted his resignation from post of Lokayukta, BJP should have allowed him to go but BJP's stalwarts Advani pursued-ed him to stay back, he even praised him on his blog and see now he absolved all wrong doing of congress and blamed BJP for all the corruption that took place in Karnataka.

  25. Ravi, your blog and Kapi Sibal made my day. After reading your blog I found news item in Toilet of India that Minister Kapi Sibbal has declared MSM, TV channels as corrupt, no less than his own mob. Wonder what will the Beefeater, Devout Hindu Wife, Monkey Kanwal, Langur Goswamy, terrorist Burqa Dutt, Paid Troll Karan T, confused Vir will have to say? Now they all are painted in same colour. But like good servants they all are used to get whipped, kicked.

    As for Bansal, product of Chandigarh mafia, led by no one else but Mr. Poodle Singh, one must
    Say that though he his caught, nothing will happen to him. You can see that murders like Tytler and Sajan Kumar are roaming free. There is complete anarchy in Delhi and Durbar.

    What we need is a complete revolution and change in constitution. The present cut and paste copy of British constitution does not suit India.

    1. Correct.There is a need to rewrite our constitution according to dharma and virtues.Also our country dont need colonial racist enterprises like Commonwealth etc and should withdraw from it.

    2. "Congress was the least corrupt govt in Karnataka." Now that's and oxymoron if ever there was one.

  26. Excellent . These channels are good at manipulating news. You have hit the nail on the head as usual Keep up the good work

  27. Only one sentence sums up the situation of both media and government,'Andher Nagari chaupat raja'.

  28. Outlook covered a story on how corrupt MMS is


  29. I have read the article written by Rajdeep Sardesai and feel that he has been pretty much unbiased in it and still you call him a congress bed fellow. By the same standards don't you think you yourself are a BJP ass-licker?

    1. .... enter InternetPappu .... TwitrNREGA .... "Welcome to the blogpost" .... hiding behind a loooooong classID .... CON-gress (opp. of PRO-gress) sycophant, slave, bedfellow. You are welcome to share your views .... buddy ..... but don't spam .... as it auto-deletes from posts. But MC is no BJP ass-licker ..... fact check all that you type in. MSM WILL die a cool death .... every regional SM & SMS are reading these blogs for political awareness.

  30. Off topic...........
    Received my copy of book yesterday...

    yet to start reading....

  31. On Sunday morning Rajdeep tweeted :May the best of the worst win.I tweeted back and asked "Do you hold the same for the General Elections 2014",Answer : Tweeter account-Blocked !!!.He cuts a very sorry figure.

  32. Sonia Gandhi Congress cannot tolerate and withstand any other party coming into limelight with bigger Scams. Congress was riding high on Scam wave with 2G Spectrum Scam , VVIP Helicopters Scam, and Coal Gate Scam etc. But the TMC marched ahead with Bengal Chit Fund Scam, albeit with Congress participation with Chidambaram through his wife. But it felt so much ashamed that TMC got more limelight and it created another own Scam Rail Gate.

    I think this is very similar when Pakistan was disappointed that none of its citizens are not directly involved in Boston Bombings.

  33. Just now saw Nirmala Sitharaman on NDTV L,R & C Program there she told Sonia Gandhi's conduct in parliament that Sonia pulled someone shirts collar during NDA's regime...Tried to find out on internet but couldn't find it..

  34. On Firstpost there is an option to read comments by "Newest", "Best", and "Oldest". Next time sirji please take a screenshot of the "Best" comments.. in this post you took screenshot of the "Newest" comments which were fun to read but the "Best" comments with most numbers of likes would be killer to read and would give you more material to thwart this alliance of Chors.


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