Saturday, April 13, 2013

Radia's Parrots See Twitter Conspiracies

Ignorance! It’s the one word that describes the outpourings of certain writers in the MSM who have absolutely no clue what Social Media (SM) is really all about. Lately, a certain Radia parrot seems to have joined the battle in concocting conspiracies and plots about the SM that can make Don Quixote proud. Vir Sanghvi is desperately trying to get back into TV studios through the bathroom window. HeadlinesToday is trying to help but like RahulG would have said: “Boss, not happening”! We will get to VS but first let’s go through some delightful blasts from the past.

Vikram Chandra of NDTV is more or less conducting an outreach programme trying to reach out to Tweeple from the Right Wing to appear on his shows. NDTV’s group editor Barkha Dutt has long held the SM in contempt. After all, she made no secret about her dislike for bloggers and Facebookers in the past. Sometime back Vikram Chandra lamented the degeneration of TV news. He stopped short of naming those responsible for it, but I did. Then there’s another guy who called me a ‘terrorist’ at an SM event and then asked me to a debate and then disappeared. Then again, remember the rants against SM by the comic duo of Rajdeep and Sagarika? Add Sanjay Pinto, of NDTV again, who mourned the social network with alarming contempt. Some of these people seem to be slowly starting to realise that SM is here to stay and may even dictate the course of discussions in the national MSM. They lived in fear of “power to the people” so far but there is an air of inevitability to uncontrollable events and technology. News reports even suggest SM may impact elections in as many as 160 Lok Sabha seats. Does that explain the sudden interest of the MSM in SM people?  

In the post “How to buy friends & influence elections” I had tried to explain why the 100Cr programme of the Congress to influence the SM may not produce the desire results. The party has already accepted not getting very far and there were reports of outsourcing the task to ‘professionals’. After the recent speeches by Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi at various events many MSM writers have been crowing about how the Congress supporters have attained puberty on the SM. There is one such writer who goes beyond that, he imagines there are organised gangs operating on Twitter. That Vir Sanghvi is prejudiced against BJP is not such a big secret, after all he is the one who originally came up with the “mass murderer” tag for Modi. He is also one of Radia’s parrots. It is his ignorance about SM and Twitter that now convinces me the man belongs where he is; in the kitchen and not in the news media. Here’s what he writes (In “This means war: BJP, Congress get nasty on Twitter”):

It has long been suspected that the preponderance of so-called Internet Hindus on social media is not an entirely spontaneous phenomenon. Thanks to journalistic stories and TV discussions, we now know that the Sangh coordinates strategy with several hundred ‘volunteers’ and tells them what the targets for the day are. This has been admitted to, on television, by the head of the BJP’s Internet wing. We also know, thanks to investigative articles in such magazines as India Today, that the BJP runs control rooms staffed by hundreds of boffins who are directed to create Twitter storms. When the boffins succeed, BJP leaders go on television to announce that as the Sanghi targets are trending on Twitter, the people of India have spoken”.

IH is not a spontaneous phenomenon? Haha! Sanghvi, the ignoramus, first uses a term coined by a CNN reporter to describe a bunch of unconnected people and then calls it a spurious phenomenon. Okay! Then he claims India Today ran an investigation to discover the BJP runs control rooms who direct Twitter storms. I always knew these MSM celebs were hollow and lacked intelligence but VS just about confirms it. I have no connections with the BJP or Congress or any political party as anyone knowing me will tell you. I have not even met any political leader of any standing at all. My limited interactions with politicians have been on Twitter with people like Shashi Tharoor or Smriti Irani who are both on Twitter. So let us educate these media morons on how topics trend on Twitter.

Any trend cannot be dictated by a group of people whether in a control room or in the Ministry of Twitter Affairs. Satire and cheeky tweets spread like wildfire on Twitter. Take a look at this tweet from February 24. If I recall right, it was on a slow Sunday evening that I used the tag #IfMahabharatHappenedNow for a sarcastic tweet about a media diva. Before one knew it had caught the fancy of Tweeple and they started using the tag to describe a Congress-BJP battle where Congress took most of the stick. The hashtag trended on top for nearly 2 days. Is VS suggesting the BJP “control room” invents these hashtags? If he does, he must be an idiot of the first water. Maybe VS would like to read how this happened at the Chirpstory page by @Equateall where he has listed a treasure of related tweets.

Next, when RahulG spoke at CII, I wasn’t aware of any trending hashtag. I was tweeting under #RaGaCII, RaGa being the nickname given to him by TimesNow. But I saw many tweets with #PappuCII so I shifted to that tag which also trended for almost 2 days. Even Sagarika Ghose was tweeting with that hashtag. Is she too directed by the BJP Control room dear VS? Is the Social Genius part of the BJP Twitter conspiracy? Now Pappu is not really a new name for RahulG, it has been used for him from the time I have been on Twitter and there are other tags like #YoRahulSoDumb which had trended in the past because of RahulG’s silly utterances. Is VS really crediting BJP control room with such great intelligence in creating funny hashtags? If he does, then I have to admire the party’s control room. Twitter started gaining currency in India during the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai in 2008. Most people, including me, have joined Twitter much later.

The BJP IT cell is not something new it has existed since the days of Pramod Mahajan but may have added a lot of new activities to it. The Congress too may have an IT cell but its activities are not very well known. So on April 8, when Modi gave his twin speeches at FICCI and ThinkIndia the MSM came up with a spurious theory about #Feku Vs #Pappu. Mind you, there was no Pappu trending on that day. If #Feku was trending at the top it was merely because both Congress and BJP supporters were fighting and tweeting under the same hashtag. Nothing wrong in a good fight, is there? Don’t the MSM love it? I hadn’t tweeted one single tweet under #Feku until much later when HeadlinesToday and NDTV were doing spurious programmes on this battle, which I called ‘Fekulogy’. But what was the other trend during Modi’s speech? It was #ModiStormsFICCI which started with this tweet I made while a discussion was being conducted on TimesNow before Modi’s speech when there were other tweets with the tag #TrustNaMo. Now, is VS the parrot seriously suggesting the BJP control room dictates these tags like #ModiStormsFICCI? It seems evident that VS thinks that like his MSM world everyone can be bought. No dear VS, not everyone is up for sale.

There is often a Twitter discussion on what could be the opposite of InternetHindus (IH). Some have jokingly coined IM (to imply Indian Mujahideen). Some have joked with other tags. On April 10, someone sent a tweet to me with a suggestion on the clueless tweets of some Congress supporters and a name for them. I turned it into a hashtag and started using #InternetPappus in my tweets starting with the one in the pic. Given the funny tag it naturally caught the fancy of Tweeple and became and remained the top trend for 2 days. I wonder if VS thinks this #InternetPappus is also a conspiracy by the BJP control room. I can assure you #InternetPappus is going to be used frequently. Even an SC lawyer referred to some in the judiciary as “Pappus” in another context. So the Pappu tag is not going away anytime soon till such time RahulG shows some performance or his supporters on Twitter show some humour.

While the MSM and their parrots see conspiracies and wars on Twitter I see this is as an extremely good sign. It is better for both sides to fight battles on Twitter and SM than to fight on the ground killing people, destroying property and burning furniture as they are currently doing in Bengal. This is the way ahead for political battles by ordinary people and will get refined as it goes along. The MSM’s basic fears stem from the fact that the SM is gaining influence and dictating public discourse. It probably worries them that even elections may be impacted by SM and eat into advertising share. Why is that not a nice thing? The MSM finds it hard to believe that there are ordinary people in the world who are on SM whose conscience is not up for sale unlike their own Hammam. In the meantime, Vir Sanghvi, and others like him in the MSM, may like to find a cure for their schizophrenia.

PS: The book “Social media as watchdog” is now available. You can order a copy from HERE.


  1. sanjay jha - sneaky, slimy ,sly ,shady and sorry to be out of rhyme - 'shuklay'- that is rajiv shukla like.

  2. Lets all trend SanjayJha4PM! He is the best weapon we have to throw out Congress from the centre!

    1. Dear Rohan,

      Yo bro kinda luv it dude. he he

    2. LoL ... fantastic idea and the hash tag. Even #JokerJha is cool. JokerJha is the latest popat of congress.

  3. When a person starts finding conspiracies in everything that he/she dislikes, its the sign of not just intolerance but also ignorance (though out of context but mamta banerjee is a nice example). Sir, I'm from a marketing background and hence have this habit (you can call it nature) to view things from the prism of a market. We say today that a consumer is the king. Its not just the consumer for products and services but also for the people who consume news. People have got inclined to sm simply bcoz their demand for unbiased news was not being supplied by msm. I as a consumer, get unbiased views from someone like mediacrooks more than ndtv or cnnibn and therefore to think that mediacrooks pays me money for visiting his blog site can be safely termed as nonsense. With the increase in ppl following sm and the free falling popularity of the msm, shud have sounded warning bells to msm, instead they started exploring non existent conspiracy theories. And if this trend continues for a few more years, msm will have no more significance than cartoon channels.

  4. How is this... #whatwillcongisdo after loosing 2014?
    Queen Bee will be in the Bar!
    MMS will act in silent films!
    Diggy will do stand up comedy...

  5. How many hashtags were discussed before #feku on MSM? None.
    I can draw one conclusion safely...#InternetPappus need paid MSM to dominate on SM. #Feku is mostly used for Gandhis in SM but due to MSM program, gullible people are given to know that #Feku is for NaMo and BJP used money and #InterHindus are an organised gang.
    #Internetpappus need MSM to survive on SM.

    Second, SM will remain dominated with people of NaMo Gotra because to write effectively in 140 Char on Twitter needs brain and conviction. Cong can buy brawn but not brain and conviction.

    1. Good point. I was hoping Ravinar will point out which are the usual suspects which tried to sell the lie on Feku- I know NDTV and Indian Express did but most surprising was FIRSTPOST .

  6. It is easier to manage and bribe few dozens "shameless" media personals but nearly impossible to bribe and influence millions of Social media users.

    Also Media personalities proclaim self appointed Judge and intellectuals ( and hence want freedom of speech) but are uncomfortable when common man get freedom of expression through social media. (And can nail their lies)

  7. Well said sir,
    Sharing a link from web which is a fitting reply from #internethindu to MSM and corrupt congi's and infamous Mouni Baba

  8. excellent article this just shows that how much low the kangress and their ill goten money is doing to harm society and times i feel that kangress and their leaders are part of illuminati conspiracy bent on the one world goverment theory...

  9. To call a group of pro Bjp internet warriors as paid volunteers smacks of the sour grape story. It is a clear proof that the TwitterNREGA is not taking off as expected. This name calling started only as recently as last month as i remember.Perhaps after trying every possible trick to launch TwitterNREGA and not finding the kind of value for money that was envisaged.One can pay for the Horse's pepsi, but cant make them drink.

    1. Dear Anand,

      We are not pro-BJP warrior, we are pro-Bharat nationalist warriors & simply fighting to save our culture & race. The saddest part is we are fighting it in our own country & against our own sold out Hindu brothers & sisters !!!


  10. .....
    "Vir Sanghvi is desperately trying to get back into TV studios through the bathroom window."
    "It is his ignorance about SM and Twitter that now convinces me the man(VS) belongs where he is; in the kitchen and not in the news media."

    ....I will agree with first statement that instead of kitchen VS belongs to employee's bathroom, which is generally locked from outside (not to be used by visitors) and he chose to break that bathroom window but got trapped there ..Now, what at most, he can see, do and all sh^#.

  11. Ravi,

    I am no rightie (no leftie either), but believe we need a regime change in 2014.

    SM can exert some influence( but 160 seats is pure BS)among the youth and educated class, helping to swing the votes in close calls.

    MSM will be forced to mend their ways, sooner or later.

    Great work as usual!

  12. Nice article as usual, well thought and well researched. But is certainly not worth your while to even talk about worthies [?] like VS, MSI, RS, SJ, RS, VS, Ms RC, or their likes. They are what they are "Open Stooges", hollow and dowright drunk on arogance their own. Least said the better. K R Vaishampayan

  13. Mr Ravinar, if you visit Vir Sanghvi's website/blog, you will find a question & answer page, indicating as if VS is a level headed political pundit. Obviously, he chooses questions (most releated to food and hotels) and asnwers those that suits him. I tried thowing him some questions to determine whether he biased or not and perhaps he knows he cannot answer them impartially and hence did not mind to bother about those questions of mine.

    As always, this post also one of your best.

  14. The book is too costly. 325 for a bunch of compilation that can be easily printed off this site is too much and downright greedy.

    1. Bro ek Harry Potter kitab 1000 rupayon me bikta hi. Aur tum log muh band karke khareed te ho. Lagta hi tumhe printing ka costs pata nahin hi. Isliye aise kah rahe ho.

      Nam badalke ' Pessimistically Optimistic ' rakh lo :)

  15. @Ravinar...good one.

    What is your take on the "Big Fight" (lol!) by Chandra, with Feku/Pappu as a topic. Some panelist actually demolished the way MSM was trying to spin this. All the Congi panelists went back to the nonsensical "You are rude. All of you abuse..." line.

    Now, what I did not understand however was, the three panelists who seemed to be anti-Congress and pro-Modi in their views; did not sufficiently try to distance the vast majority from the outright abusive tiny fringe.

    Not everyone calls MSM as whores/prostitutes. Those who do may share our same anti-Congress views (albeit extreme), but does not mean we are all so homogeneous to the point of being exactly the "same".

  16. I feel sure that the editor of the Aajtak channel has lost his mental balance. For the last 4-5 days they are only showing news on Modi e.g. Modi Vs Nitish, Modi's brother,Modi's mother,Modi,Modi.....and Modi.Please pray for him (editor).

    The other observation is, after they foolishly removed Wily and experienced Ravishankar Prasad, BJP's media team is suddenly looking weak and directionless.They could not pursue an important issue of government intervention in the coalgate inquiries.Weak opposition means we are heading for the UPA-3.

  17. Yesterday, I saw Big Fight by Vikram Chandra....but he squarely avoided discussion on why the rant on SM is against MSM. Somebody on the panel said that MSM has become an abusive word. But Vikram deliberately kept the discussion away from this point.

    Vikram...If you really want to change the perception, you need to change yourself and be upright.. Do not hide behind the objectivity and favor congress. Do not put onus on the twitterati and SM people to prove that your are not paid.(How about discussing RADIA).

    1. Vikram Chandra even went on to say that if proved that MSM are paid media house...He will take "Sanyas"...

      I think he didn't heard Modi's answer to Ragav, that NDTV runs on 200 Crore they got it from govt for Save Tiger Project..

  18. Good one Ravinar! I have been introduced to your blog site a month back by one of my friend and since then I have become an ardent fan of your writings! I am not a BJP follower but the way MSM has evolved since late nineties (1999 onwards) I was awaken by their biased reports and was not believing each and every news shown by them. I had these doubts during the coverage of 'Kargil' which might have indirectly helped the Pakis and the same went on during 26/11 tragedy. The hue & cry they made during 'Coffin Scam' and paid sting ops 'tehelka' episode exposed their loyalty during 1999-2004. They have started 'wagging their tails' after UPA came to power. They have conveniently forgotten all the scams and give much more space to Manish Tiwari, Kapil Sibal, Digvijaya etc, etc, where they show their 'arrogance' as if they were in power with absolute majority and the whole country have given the mandate to them whereas the poll % was around 55% and out of that they had a pie nut share and boasting that they have been the only choice of people of India.
    I am relieved now as the burden of my thoughts has been shared by many like minded people and it is great on your part that you have come out to expose them in the manner the MSM deserve it. Thank you immensely!

  19. hi ravinar,

    you had accused me of seeking publicity, in your blog site.

    i made the mistake of thinking that you are a patriot.

    you were punch drunk in the belief that your site's 2 million downloads in 3 years , is ze greatest thing.

    check out yourself-

    punch into google search WORST JOURNALIST .

    this is the subject in which you revolve and rotate on -right?

    it will yield 54 MILLION POSTS.

    i am on page 1 ahead of you.

    just to show -- that i dont need your BS publicity.

    i cross 2 million posts in few days -- not years.

    and i have dedicated the last para to you , in my post WORST JOURNALIST VADAKAYIL

    read it-- learn from it.

    PERSONAL ATTACKS must be with your address and picture-- IF YOU ARE A MAN.

    capt ajit vadakayil

    1. @Vadakayil

      I dont know you from adam and I am not into petty pursuits like what results Google shows up. Even so, results for related searches place MediaCrooks very highly on the first page itself. The second thing I dont understand is your jealousy. If your blog is getting 2 million or 2 billion hits every week I wonder what you are doing here. Learn to be grateful that I allow you to post comments with freedom. I wonder if you allow commenting freely on your blog or allow comments only with moderation. When you dont have the courage to even allow commenting freely try not to moralise others.

      And what exactly are you calling personal attacks? I have not commented on your blog or commented anything about you except asking you to keep your comments related to the topic. I suggest you take your ego elsewhere and keep it restricted to your blog. It is silly of you to think that I am bothered what Google results show for your articles.Frankly, I dont give a damn.

      Lastly, while your comment is off topic and belongs to the spam category I would advise you to ease up on this vicious hatred. I am in no rivalry with you and dont consider it worth the trouble. Even in your nasty comment you are still seeking publicity for your site by asking people to punch into Google and search for you. Doesnt that seem odd that you contradict yourself? You are free to write whatever crap you want to write about me, if you think that makes you feel more "manly".

      And I do recollect correctly that none of your comments in the past were about the post or the topic of even this site. It was just about your ego and asking people to punch into Google and visit your site. Once or twice is fine, but unfortunately you remain a spammer who seeks publicity for his site. Nothing more.

    2. @Capt, being one of the many who visit your blog as well,I am of the belief that both you and MC are on the same page as far as ur ideology goes.Both are fighting the same forces who spread venom among the citizens to safeguard their own private citadels.Though you are more into the historical perspective,MC is more into current affairs. I view both these sources as complementary. I dont see any reason to treat MC as your adversary by any means.You have been posting your comments here and they are hardly ever relevant to the topic in question.It would be great if you join issues with MC.BUt as i said before you are more into the historical perpective and I dont know if MC can fit into your scheme.However that is not enough reason to oppose someone of the same wavelength and undermine the larger interests of nationalism.You will be playing into the hands of our detractors.

    3. @mediacrooks, I think you should stop allowing this guys (don't even like to take his name) comments on your blog. TROLL is his NAME.

  20. you cannot buy orignal thoughts

  21. Off Topic:

    This award ceremony is not like any other you would come across in the country. These sportspersons were in for a rude shock - before collecting their state awards. In a ridiculous move by the Rajasthan State Government - sportsperson asked to produce affidavits ensuring they have no affiliation with Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) or Jamaat-e-Islami, before receiving their awards. Vishal Singh, sportsman, said, “This is taking it to the extreme step, stating that if you belong to such organisation you cannot claim your award.”

    How come this has not been discussed or debated on MSM?

    1. If this act of the govt is un-constitutional the RSS must take them to court.One of the reasons these nationalist organisations do not get the desired backing from its supporters and cadres is because they dont muster the courage to take on the establishment.We heard so much of un-consitutionality in Muslim reservation sikularism. But why didnt BJP take the issue to court?one must learn cadrecare from insignificant parties like CPM. If their cadre is involved even in a daylight murder the party honchos from top downwards will defend the culprit and fight his case with the best available talent in the country.They will not stop with a 'law will take its own course' statement.

    2. Dear Anand,

      I completely agree with you that the BJP must take care of its ideology & Cadre welfare. But I do not see that happening till we have media friendly chamchas in BJP such as Swaraj & Jaitley. These two are stooges of Advani who is hell bent on stopping Modi reach Delhi power circle. Advani, Swaraj & Jaitley do not have any mass base or Cadre base support & rely heavily on Media for their political progress unlike Modi. If the BJP leaders do not stand tall with their Cadres it is mostly because of such leadership at Centre.

  22. Ravinar, may be an off the topic one, May I ask you whether you have covered the awards the MSM give to themselves. I do not see 1 related to that. If you have writen about it, may I ask you to give me the link? Consider that as my ignorance. Else, would you comment on the year on year MSM awards and how are they fit or unfit for the best of the reasons? Thanks.

  23. रविनार
    तुमने इतिहास लिखा है !
    we are proud of you!

  24. Another example of how media guys wear their political affiliations on their sleeve....

    I was pretty aghast at reading the blog posts of the ED and CEO of Radio Mirchi, Prashant Pandey!

    Every single post is somehow turned into an anti-BJP diatribe. He writes incessantly once every few days and eventually lambasts the BJP and its politicians, without necessarily giving any back-ups or logic.

    To each his own and he is welcome to hold his views, but the point is, being a media person, isnt one supposed to be politically neutral?

    1. Dear Ravindra,

      This poor fatso prashant pandey is simply repaying the debt of his investors. All he ever has to do to remain CEO is to keep writing his funny anti-BJP articles. Believe me its that easy when you sell yourself, your conscience & Motherland. Crime Pays well, ask Teesta !

  25. Dear Ravinar,

    Sorry for diverting from the topic but have to ask this :

    Which of these scenarios seem more realistic ?
    Scenario 1 :
    A consenses is almost visible on Advani's name as NDA candidate for PM as a delibrate strategy of BJP to initially push NAMO for getting young voters & middle-class support & then finally agreeying on Advani as a consenses in NDA for muslim votes ???

    Scenarion 2 :
    It is indeed a ploy to stop NAMO from Gate crashing delhi & all anti-Modi leaders from within BJP & NDA seem to huddle up to stop him.

    1. Whilst your question is to Ravinar , I am nevertheless sharing my perspective on this . I had shared this with bjp / rss long back - but not sure whether they even learn any thing or whether they can even do anything about this .

      The media is tiring out bjp and bjp sympathizers.
      Congress does not have to do much. Just loosen its purse strings and there are volunteers ( Sanjay jha, kumar ketkar, shah rukh khan and many others ) and the mainstream media ( Ndtv, times, zee, Ibn, Indian express, dainik bhaskar ) that do the rest. And though Namo and bjp may seem to be getting a lot of publicity and limelight - the fact is it is forced to disclose its cards.
      Bjp is cornering itself even as congress is successfully able to distract attention from corruption, inflation, stagnation,pollution and degradation .
      Bjp has lost yedurappa, Nitin gadkari, Karnataka ; there are fissures within NDA and also BJP ( one cannot underestimate the destructive capabilities of lk advani, sushma swaraj, yeshwant sinha, jaswant Singh , and now yedurappa and perhaps a few others) .
      What has congress lost ? DMK - but it has found two more mayawati and Mulayam.
      Even as thousands vent their time and energies in SM to keep the Namo front alive - it takes much much much more than that.
      Bjp lacks strategists and tactical players. Whilst I admire a few firebrand bjp spokespersons like nirmala, smriti, arun, meenakshi etc but there are also many naive javadekars and rudies . And even these aggressive spokespersons lack the macheiveli of a kapil sibal or a Manu sanghvi. ( bjp does not know how to put congress on defensive and picking up the right battles and completely follow thru till victory ).

      As of now things are happening per congress plan ( or 'create confusion in Indians' plan ). The public discourse in india is no more about corruption, mismanagement, delivery on committed manifesto , inflation, economic downturn .. It is about beehives, feku, modi model ( or criticism of it ) , decade old communal flash points ( congress is successful in keeping this alive and even use it to instigate and cause split in NDA ) . And all thru its money power at work. And why not ??? Where is the incentive for any patriot or good Indian citizen? Whereas it is wellknown that many people do get paid to create confusion,distraction and keep Indians ( even internet Hindus and SM divided ) .

      So from a 40000 feet view .. Msm is united in its objective to keep bjp tied in inanities and distracted .
      The sm and even Hindus are kept distracted and divided.
      There are more divisions being created shiv sena vs MNS, modi vs others in bjp, bjp and its allies within NDA . And more would come as we move towards the elections .
      Whilst activism by committed individuals will help put up some resistence and aspire towards a regime change - but then I do not see BJP being ready for it or seem picking up the gauntlet. It will have to win even in Karnataka ( because where does the sins of yedurappa stand or compare to the daylight robbery of congress in various scams.????)

      But then alas the grassroots reality is different. BJP seems reconciled to loss of Karnataka and this is just one example of success of congress strategy . To keep bjp clueless and divided . It will continue to use many pawns and foot soldiers to derail the modi juggernaut. And on top of all that there is the biased ECwith the suspect EVM. I am not sure whether BJP even thinks thru all this or works out electoral numbers at assembly and panchayat level ( barring Gujarat and MP ). I am not being negative or hyper critical . Bjp has lost Uttaranchal, Himachal and now possibly Karnataka . And did not redeem itself with any glory n Uttar Pradesh as well..

    2. So one has to get real. And there is a lot of hardwork, strategizing, aggression, combat to be done on many fronts for bjp / NDA to come to power . And time is running out. Neither should bjp or Namo sympathizers should put all eggs in one basket . It will just take one or a few judges to spoil the party !!!!!!! . Bjp lost it when they allowed UPA to come to power in 2004. And even then they lost because of media wanting them to be secular as per their definitions ( refer to many a foot in mouth assertions of jaswant Singh , advani, vajpayee, Fernandez then ) . Even now the same thing is playing out modi is forced to make appealing speeches .. And every speech that endears him to some section would estrange him from some committed followers .. And all the while congress continues to get respite from its misdeeds as bjp cuts itself thin.

    3. You are correct. Their so called central leadership, (Advani,Sushma etc.) have lost their flair whatsoever and they are not performing, somebody should ask them to leave their seats for better persons.

      Instead of being scared all the time from the crooked media and parties not worth 25 paise. They should rather focus on their job whatever be the election results.

      I say all this not because I rate the BJP very highly but this country seriously need a change and at the same time the change should not be any third front with third class corrupt politicians.

  26. Dear Mr vijayraghav rao,

    Thanks for your reply. Let me put it very simply. If the Delhi based BJP leaders(Advani, Jaitley, Rajnath & Swaraj) are allowed to call shots in BJP, then its a lost case. I feel somehow these clouns are firmly playing their politics using Nitish Kumar. Remember even during the Ram Janmabhoomi movement it was the sheer determination of grass root cadre which took the BJP from 2 to 160 within a decade. Mr Advani might have taken a Ratha Yatra but all the hardwork was undertaken by Sangh Pariwar. The RSS clearly realize this & hence have brought Modi into central parliamentary board. But I sense he might feel cornered with various fake clouns surrounding him. Unless he is immediately declared as the candidate for PM position, the Right wing shall not get its act together & launch a final attack. Their is no point in waiting for Karnataka elections as People realize that the state elections is not about Modi's governance although Congress & Media would like to link it with NAMO.

  27. Folks.. what about this HashTag..?
    #IdiotOfTheCentury ...... @SanjayJha..?



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