Tuesday, April 2, 2013

MSM Prepares For War On Hindutva

The Supreme Court called ‘Hindutva’ simply a way of life. A way of life that has absorbed many in a spirit of live and let live. But as in the past the next few months you can expect our MSM to demonise Hindutva as evil. You will hear stuff like “Hindutva will destroy India”. You will hear “Hindutva is not secular”.

When the Congress party held a ceremony to upgrade Rahul Gandhi to Vice President in January 2013 they had also ferried 300 media slaves to Jaipur. They were put up in hotels, wined and dined at the party’s expense and they delivered the results. They cried when RahulG spoke. I just call it the “Badminton speech”. None of the cronies in the well-fed MSM even asked why RahulG was elevated or what practical difference his elevation makes considering that he was No.2 with or without any titles. That is the smaller part though. The slaves naturally didn’t even touch upon a more important question. What exactly had RahulG accomplished in 9 years of his political career that was worthy of an elevation? His political resume so far has zero accomplishments, poor parliamentary attendance and a long list of moronic utterances. In contrast when the BJP appointed some new national management team the entire MSM broke out in ‘Swine flu’.

People often ask me why I watch this or that channel, especially NDTV. The best answer to that question is what a prominent political observer told me: “If I want to get some idea of the Congress thinking and hints on their strategy or tactics then watching NDTV is a good exercise”. No one has the credit of evolving RahulG as much as NDTV. So what happened after the BJP announced their new National Executive or new management, whichever you want to call it? Take a look at the image from NDTV’s debate by Barkha Dutt on March 31. The usual people from BJP and there’s Shahid Siddiqui, Swapan Dasgupta and, of course, Kumar Ketkar. The title of the programme is the screen of the agenda-direction of the Congress: “Team BJP = Team Modi”. Siddiqui is nobody’s baby anymore after his interview of Modi sometime back. SwapanD said Modi is “Primus Inter Pares” and concluded his usual simple point. I think even Ketkar understood that bit. That brings us to the two Congress panellists; Barkha Dutt and Kumar Ketkar. And both of them earnestly dropped hints on the Congress tactic for coming months. Naturally, who else!

First, let’s deal with the evolver BD. Among many appointments, she mostly talked about Varun Gandhi, appointed general secretary and then had a discussion with Uma Bharati who has been appointed VP. These two aren’t the only ones, there are a dozen more secretaries and vice presidents but why attention on these two? Hindutva! BD suggests that because one of the VP of the party is Uma Bharati the BJP had returned to the Hindutva agenda. That is the line the Congress is going to take. Never mind that the party has never claimed to have strayed from Hindutva. Next BD also implies that because Uma Bharati has been inducted there may be a signal to the return of what she calls “Mandir politics”. In the next few weeks you are going to hear Ayodhya and Mandir politics quite frequently from the MSM. Get ready!

The rest of the decisions didn’t matter much to BD. That’s it for her and for other news channels too. So that leaves us with the great editor and political analyst: Kumar Ketkar. Let me quote some gems from him first (not verbatim quotes, his statements are in blue):

The BJP has been bulldozed into inducting Modi into the parliamentary board.
Hmm! Let’s translate the same statement for the Congress. KK would have said: “RahulG has been elevated to VP position due to an overwhelming demand from cabinet ministers and party workers”. It is no secret that Modi energises the cadres and other leaders but also masses who see him as a PM candidate. One could smell burnt steak in the NDTV studio.

The BJP does not look like a national party that it claims to be as there is no representation from the East, South or NE in the new management.
I’m not sure KK was analysing a political development or a cultural programme on “Folk dances of India”. Prakash Javdekar reeled off names from various parts of India to reject KK’s argument but that was not really necessary. You know, we should forgive KK, after all he’s an “editor”. For the record, Mayawati’s BSP which is largely a single-state party is recognised as a “National party” by the Election Commission. This is small trivia and should help inconvenient nonsense for the likes of KK.

India has a centrist party in Congress, there are Communist parties and there is space for a Rightwing “Secular” party.
Congress is a Centrist party? Any sincere political analyst will tell you that the Congress is nothing more than another Communist party extension. We’ll have to forgive KK again. He’s an “editor”. Nobody reminded him who inserted the word “socialist” into our Constitution. Now the clincher here is: “Rightwing Secular” party. That is rehashing the Congress tactic that BJP is not secular. In other words the media is on a red alert to start screaming Modi is not secular, is anti-minority and BJP is “communal” again because of the media’s imaginary Hindutva.

Can the BJP call itself a modern Rightwing party? Even Centrist Congress has Rightwing of its own.
I suppose there is no way that the BJP which was formed 125 years ago under evil Hindus can anyway be a modern party in any sense. Can it? Of course, the Congress and Commies who came into existence after RahulG’s birth in 1970 are truly the modern parties for KK. The Congress which honestly elects its president and office bearers by nominations and a democratic vote is a modern party for KK. The Congress which has a president for life is obviously the “modern party” for KK. Yeah… we get it!

It is nice deception by people like KK, BD, NDTV and all other slaves in the MSM to even ask the stupid question if Modi had bulldozed the party or if “Team BJP is now Team Modi”. It doesn’t occur to them that they are slaves to a party that has been a “One-Gandhi” party since Jurassic Park. KK wants representation from all parts of India? Ah well, we can ask Narendra Modi to go around the country claiming he’s a Kashmiri, he’s a Brahmin, he’s a Dalit, he’s an OBC and he’s a Gujarati. Which is exactly what some great “leaders” do and are applauded by our media, aren’t they? Whether they like it or not, Narendra Modi has reached where he has and has earned his position by sheer performance and not by being a lucky sperm. Performance? Well, that doesn’t count for NDTV or any other media outlet.

Here is something that will shock you. Not once in the entire programme did any of Modi’s critics, including BD, discuss “Muslims”. I guess they are now bamboozled with the fact that the whole theory of “Muslims are against Modi” has fallen apart. It is one more hoax that has crumbled. Muslims who are ideologically against BJP and Modi will remain so regardless of any political development. By elevating Modi to major posts and by implying he is their PM candidate the party has also sent a signal to “imaginary” members of a non-existent NDA. This also disturbs the media and they are going to lose sleep over it.

The awful truth is that in recent times the greatest governance and development work has come from Non-Congress states. KK’s stupid notions notwithstanding, modern ideology is one of governance and development. His imaginary implication that there is no Rightwing secular party is a spin from the Congress text book. It is only worn out, termite-infested parties who are still stuck in the old habits of doles and quotas. The MSM is going to declare an all-out war against some imaginary “Hindutva” agenda and paint some BJP management members as bringing in “Mandir politics”. The agenda was carried forward by KK and Saba Naqvi on TimesNow last night. Predictable!


  1. I am at a loss to realise that in the midst of all these muck hurled at BJP the top leadership of the party remains silent.But for the firebrand lady spokespersons like Nirmala,Smriti and Meenakshi,the BJP would itself have been bulldozed.These are times when 'spoken english' is the only skill set that represents'wisdom' thanks to the likes of Sashi Tharoor and others.These are times of grand packaging of rotten merchandise. The earlier the BJP realise it the better, cos the emerging constituency is largely of macaulian sheep.

    1. Totally agree Anand.
      Top brass of BJP cant sit behind fire brand spokesperson.
      These spokesperson needs backup as well.
      Also, I would like to include the name of Smriti Irani here.

    2. Guys - i dont think they have a choice. Having falied to anticipate how the Congi's will manipulate media as they have done to every institution in this country - they are now on defensive. Whatever they do, their narrative will be filtered out by the likes of Barkha and Sardesai.

  2. Oh man! I was so waiting for this article. Pathetic is the only word to describe NDTV and BDutt. They have sold their conscience and soul (if they ever had any) and will go down to any level to stop Modi. He cannot fail. We will not let him fail! Jai Bharat!

    BTW can someone throw some light on who this Kumar Ketkar is. Apart from his supremely annoying and ignorant quips on topics he knows nothing about, what are his qualifications? Where does he come from?

    1. For all those who do not know about Kumar Ketakar, he was first the editor of Times of India's Marathi edition Maharashtra Times.....under his editorship, Maharashtra Times became so unpopular in Maharashtra, sales dwindled then he was kicked out from Times group, then he went to Indian Express for their bread and butter Marathi Edition Loksatta....again he thoroughly screwed Loksatta's popularity due to his bias and unprofessional editorial policy and writing. Now he is the editor of unknown Marathi daily Divya Marathi an insignificant news paper of Divya Bhaskar Group. I am sure he will be kicked out from there also in coming future.

      As a person he is and was associated with left leaning literary/publishing organization called Granthali. After his initial grooming on left, secularist and Congressi thought at Granthali he became a chamacha of Congress in Maharashtra particularly Indira Gandhi, Then he shifted his loyalty in Maharashtra to Sharad Pawar faction of the congress. All of them ensured that he always remains in some News paper like Mahahrashtra Times, Loksatta to carryout their propaganda.

      He received Padmashree, surprisingly under NDA. In those days Sharad Pawar was silenced offering a chairmanship and ministerial status for National Disaster Mission by NDA, I have a doubt that he lobbied for Ketkar's Padmashree in Delhi during that period.

    2. He is the former editor of the Marathi Daily Loksatta. He was known to be fearless for taking on the powers-that-be in Mumbai and calling a spade a spade.
      However, his left wing leanings were pretty well known even then.

    3. You can call him Digvijaya Singh of Marathi.

      Remember Digvijaya's infamous sharing the dias with Aziz Burney for inaugurating the book "26/11: RSS Conspiracy"? (How Burney was later legally burnt: link).

      Ketkar took inspiration from them (or was it other way round?) and wrote similar phony articles in Marathi, and of course his fate was no different (See link).


  3. You're bang on target. Who cares about those idiotic labels "right of centre"! Kumar Ketkar seems to have read it on Wikipedia before he came on the show! He radiate stupidity, pettiness and ignorance with his mere presence. Such aura is too much for mere mortals. Let's beatify him!

    What matters is governance and progress. What matters is free enterprise and jobs!

    This is what happens when Chachaji's party cultivates a section of the population leading them to believe that they don't need to work, engage in entrepreneurship or the like. That they will get the basic sustenance from the govt being subsidised at the cost of others. Parasites vs Ants, sad indeed!

  4. Why do the BJP even bother to send spokespersons to these stupid panel discussions is beyond me. Especially so when the channel in question is so blatantly biased as NDTV. A comment by Anand about grand packaging of rotten merchandise is spot on. Nobody is an any doubt what kind of goods the NDTV is peddling in their glossy packing. Their packing material isn't concealing the smell of the stuff inside. Sh** covered in silver foil is still sh**, unfortunately.

  5. Ravi,
    Outstanding discovery that MSM is biased.
    What next? Pope is catholic? Seawater is salty?

    Independent thinker does not mean sikular and congi . There are many people who have no ideological attachments, and can think independently.
    I think you know it, but many in your fan base do not.

    1. @Indie

      If you believe "discovering" the bias of the media was the main purpose of this site. You are welcome to that "misbelief". Just FYI I do not consider bias such a serious offence as you would "discover" if you read many previous posts.

    2. @Indie
      On regional front, there are many many choices. Here you can be an independent thinker and not subscribe to any ideological attachments, but in national scene this won t work out. Its either Congress or BJP. You have to take sides.
      If India allows Third Front, opportunists will grab power to fill their pockets and create havoc.
      (Note: Here I don't mean BJP or Congress won't fill their pockets)

    3. Ravi,
      That was in Jest.
      Just like you, I know that MSM is biased and have their reasons for doing so. My observation is that as you, as a rightie, keep exposing faux-news channels and their double-standards. Good on ya!
      The righties tend to brand, every one, who is not right-of-centre, as sikular and commies. That is myopic thinking.
      That need not be the case. Independent thinking is possible. I am sure you know it.
      Hope to interact more in future.

    4. @Indie

      My response was in mild jest too. If you notice carefully I didnt touch upon your other comment about "independent thinkers or sickulars" etc. It's best to let readers make up their own minds on that, not my business at all.

    5. sir, its strange and unfortunate that even after writing a couple of hundred of blogs you have to explain the purpose of existence of this site

    6. @Indie

      I have been observing media & public life for past 20 years since my school days and am yet to come across a single "independent" thinker from the left of center..while there are examples galore of the independent thinking on the right end of the spectrum..

      For the left-libs everything is viewed from the "Red" tint..so they see blood on rightist hands, even if there aint any and the same red tint doesn't make them see blood on leftist hands coz color is the same..

      You name any sort of blunder, scam or crime & I will show you Congi stooges like Ketkar, Vinod Sharma, BD & RS defending the indefensible but on the same hand I can show you Swapan, Shourey et al taking BJP to task for their blunders..

    7. @MediaCrooks
      You owe no explaination dude! Period.
      Obvious not Obvious does not matter.
      You put facts without leanings & emotions. That matters!
      More power to you.

    8. @Indie Something is there on left of centre that isnt sickular and commie ? wow. So, what next ? A 'secular' right of centre ? Please tell me you are smoking whatever Ketkar is smoking :) ?

  6. On second thoughts, after repeated reference to BJP as a communal party or as a hindutva party right on the face of their leaders, I am amazed that they keep on digesting it without even a hiccup. Why not the BJP leadership take a stand to reffer to KhanChris as a pro islamic party in all its references.But no,they want a share in the secular pie also. In any case BJP cannot count on minority votes. Why not make best use of an opportunity for spreading awareness among Hindus ,what the KhanChris stands for?How long are they going to let the pseudo siculars off the hook.? Except NaMo I dont see any one bold enough to fire on all cylinders and do so in the most effective way.It is a do or die battle and half hearted efforts at sickularism is not a paying propostion. But they have not learned their lessons after the last two reverses.

    1. Dear Anand,

      The Problem for BJP is simple. Unfortunately they do not have a political stature in 3 major states like Andhra, Tamilnadu & Bengal. Believe me if these three states moves towards hindu consiousness, then BJP can move to single party rule in India with additional 100 seats. Do you think these 3 states shall vote to BJP in 2014 by Spreading awareness among Hindus on what the KhanChris stands for ?

    2. @@@AbhijeetApril 02, 2013 11:19 AM@@@

      Highly unlikely!

      Andhra is Congress friendly with chunk of Muslims and Reddys along with TDP. Politics in AP is dominated by major castes like the Reddys, the Kammas and the Kapus. I see very little chance for even few seats for BJP. But if BJP wins (overall), they can count TDP as their ally.

      Tamilnadu is ruled by Regional parties, even congress cant make a dent, while Kerala, despite 50% Hindus has poor BJP show. Kerala is all about CPI Marxist, UDF, LDF and congress.
      Karnataka is fifty fifty.

  7. The thing to be really worried about is this: By harping on Modi and his primacy in BJP and such issues, NDTV and other Congress owned outlets have been revealing their real agenda, probably handed to them by the Congress itself. Try to get the leaders in the BJP to fight amongst themselves. The tactic was used very well in the previous Lok Sabha election. It is the classic divide and rule tactic, used to excellent effect by the Congress to get different castes and religions fighting among themselves.

    If they succeed injecting the BJP with this virus, there will be sufficient internal disputes and distractions within the party. There will be no way they will be able to compete with the Congress, which will look like an organised and united party to the electorate and potential allies.

    The morons in the BJP need to start thinking of the nation and the party first if they want to win. But that may be too much to ask of some people. And that is the crack NDTV wants to exploit.

  8. @indie,

    I don't quite agree that Hindutva folks brand those not to "right of center" as sickular or commie. First of all Hindu thought is synthetic and does not believe in this left-right bifurcation in political or religious or economic aspects. It is the left that tried to brand itself and branded others in its own image - making Hindutva a right wing. So the sooner this idiotic terminology is given up in India, the better.

    1. @@@SkandaApril 02, 2013 8:55 AM@@@

      Correct, as our Supreme Court itself has said Hinduism is not a religion, its a way of life, so this legal statement should be exploited by all and sundry (Hindus)to their advantage.

      Hindutva is a congress invention to malign Hindus.

  9. I am convinced that Kumar Ketkar and Katju is related somehow. Watched him blabber some incoherent Marketing Management Funda about Modi in Karnataka on UndieTV last night. He is right. Modi has to campaign in every state that goes to election. Just like how Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi do it ;)
    Atleast we don't get to see any new CONgi faces among Panelists on NDTV - Barkha does that for them better than even Rahul Gandhi errr.... Sanjay Jha the real ClOwNgress man

  10. @Indie 8:14:

    @@@@@The righties tend to brand, every one, who is not right-of-centre, as sikular and commies. That is myopic thinking.@@@@@

    One man's junk is another man's gold. Many men many minds. Bias is inherent in everybody's life, one who says he is void of bias is lying.

    There are tale tale signs that Sickulars/pseudos/commies people give away while talking and debating, and it is not all that difficult for discerning mind to analyse it.

    Myopia it is NOT.
    Trust me.
    I am a sheep in sheep's clothing.

    1. Unknown,

      No one is bias-free.

      But I make a hard effort to think rationally. I am proud that I have succeeded to a very great extent, and ensure that my biases do not cloud my thinking. Like Ravi, I believe in cold, hard facts.
      Now,not every independent thinker is debating BJP, daily, on primetime TV. Also, most of the people I see on TV are open about their biases.(I admit I don't watch TV regularly)

      "Either you are with us or against us" is dangerous.

    2. Indie 11:04 AM:

      We dont know you whether you are successful or otherwise, the issue of your success is hardly warranted here, all we know of you is a keyboard tiger, like all mouse charmers here putting forth their few cents worth of (their) thought process.

      You were on the borderline of brag n boast stuff here with the key word "success". Now where is your rationality part vis a vis this?

      Therefore, in the light of above, I have to conclude that, your debating scales fall little short, imprudent.

      You are a day late and a dollar short.


    3. Manav,

      You are free to hve your on beliefs and conclude that I am a braggart.

  11. All said and done...problem lies with BJP representation on channels also. BJP becomes too modest & defensive when attacked in fashions you described above. Articulation of confrontation is what lacked by current BJP reps on channels. Media is already playing important role in building perceptions...if BJP fails to counter effectively..loss will be to BJP & ofcourse scores of Indians.

    1. Dear Sachin,

      I fully agree with you. It's counter-productive if the BJP panellists shout & throw insults on everyone else to prove their point. Smriti & Meenakshi are doing a very good job by not being apologetic on Hindutva but focussing on Government's Corruption, Price -rise & putting BJP's agenda of Development, Governance without getting either nervous, over excited & using shrewd arguments which take the fight to opponents camp.

  12. @Suresh - Who can forget Sanjay Jha! He peppers his English with an accent, not sure what part of the US he is from! Comes across as a total joker. It is impossible to keep a straight face when that guy is on shows, rattling off his nonsense in a put-on accent!

    Hamaracongress.com... LMAO!

  13. Personally to me Smriti Irani comes across as the most level-headed and forceful commentator from the BJP. She seems to grasp the MSM/Congi BS agenda very well. Her retorts often cut deep into the Congi panelists. You can include Meenakshi Lekhi and Nirmala Seetaraman in the same list.

    Problem is with the way these anchors try to cut them off from their points, and often are downright contemptuous. It is almost disgusting the way these ladies are treated on their shows. There is an assumption on the part of the anchors as well as panelists like KK, Vinod Sharma of some feigned intellectual superiority over them; that they think somehow legitimizes their absolutely detestable manner of debating with them.

    Talking of clowns - Renuka Chowdary anyone!

    1. nobody dare challenge the pitbull renuka!

  14. Wow!Hey Ravi,you missed one awesome moment on NDTV made by Smriti Irani which irked Nidhi Razdhan at 26:00.Link is here

    I loved the moment when she said how to become Media advisor to PM pointing the congress sycophancy by Pachauri which elevated him to PM media advisor. It made my day!

  15. @@@@@Sachin TereApril 02, 2013 9:26 AM@@@@@

    The BJP forgets that the attack is the best form of defense, it should therefore unleash, de-bullshit, destroy Khangress/MSM attack in a synchronized manner to get a bigger bang from their buck. By not so doing this, in daily matches like these, the BJP goes home wicketless. Every war has its price tag, BJP shying away from tough fight is akin to throwing the towel in the ring, something the second most powerful party of India should resist.

    BJP ought to be more resilient and spring back to its glorious days of Atal & Advani combo.


  16. @@@@@kctataApril 02, 2013 9:45 AM@@@@@

    Blessing in disguise for us. On this clueless dimwit Congressi clowns, I would say the following:

    The more the merrier.

    He is rocking the congress boat without him knowing so.

  17. and then there is a weird nutcase called PRAVEEN SWAMI!!

    1. Exactly. I was wondering why that article in firstpost was for. Now i understand. Pathetic. I was giving him the benefit of doubt after that last rubbish about Indian Army.

    2. @Praveen, He is your namesake ;).

  18. You could see BJP earlier being cagey and actually believing what Congress/Commie sponsored channels/experts were dishing out. May be somewhere last year or the time when SIT gave Modi the clean chit, you could see them getting a bit agressive. And then Modi took on the "Family" head on.

    BJP would have realised by now that people want to see an assertive BJP. Gradually they are coming around to the same thing.

    One more thing they have to add to the armoury is to make fun of "off record" briefing. For starters they can say for Ketkar that off the record his colleagues say that he is biased and unprofessional and Congi to the core etc etc.

    It will just take the wind out of "off the record" sails of armchair journalists

  19. This is the first instance in India, where a Muslim terrorist a la Abu Salim is shown leniency by no other than Attorney general Goolam Essaji Vahanvati, also a Muslim, presided by our Judge Aftab Alam, a Muslim too.

    God bless India.


  20. Barkha Dutt and MSM you always preach of secularism, but have you ever imagined that what will happen to you if you are born in say Pakistan, or Afghanistan, Iran, or for that matter in any Muslim country? Do read a biography "Not without my Daughter" of an European woman who married to a Muslim doctor from Iran. You will be required to move around in Burkha and not with the boy cut you flaunt. Forget about boy cut, you will not be allowed to go in the school.

    This fact is often told that apart form Muslims there are other minorities in India like tiny Parsi to Jains, Sikhs and they have no problem with Hindu majority at all. In fact some of them are partners with BJP. Only Muslims have problems. Why is it like that?

    Now let us take the Kashmiri struggle of Muslims. What is the main issue with India ? Why do some of them want to join Pakistan? Only because it is a Muslim majority state. Otherwise, India is much more prosperous and no comparison to crumbling Pakistan on any parameter like law and order, security, booming economy etc.

    When Narendra Modi is not offering anything special to Muslims our secular MSM have a problem. Why? If all other minorities are in peace with majority and do not expect any special favor, why only Muslims need them? Simple answer is, they want to bargain their votes in exchange of favors and Islamic laws. Last 65 years the secular morons and Congress have taught them this. Narendra Modi and BJP has challenged this and therefore they are hate figures to MSM and Congress.

    In Gujarat many Muslims have realized this and now are getting elected on BJP's ticket and supporting non Muslim candidate in Muslim area even without any special favors. And this is the problem for MSM and Congress.

    MSM, If you have the guts, you will have to take these questions head on before talking about Hindutva.

    1. Despite 2002 riots, which is a history, the meschievious MSM, over and over again, bring forth this cantankerous cognitive content in order (only) to malign Senior Modi and somehow connect the dots of malfeasance with him. Well, Nationalists and rational thinkers, should not stop here alone and deliver the benefit of doubt to MSM's doorstep by thinking it is just flogging the dead horse, leave it. People should be aggressive enough to point them (MSM)out that, look, dont bring this unnecessary topic here because its a history, but if you persist, we would bring back issues of Somnath Temple, the Ghauris, the Ghaznavis, The aurngzeb, the akber and what not.

      Because, what is the sauce for the goose should be the sauce for the gender, right Muhatarma Burqa Dutt?


  21. Hey guys,
    IMHO, if anybody wants to see BIGGEST IDIOTS of MSM, then he must watch NDTV. Fultoo chu$$yagiri....specially BD & Abhigyan(Actually AGYAN) Prakash.

  22. Slave media .. i love it will like to use it with your permission. You must have seen last night #LRC too . Loved it when Manishankar tried to riducule Swapan that SDG is dreaming of becoming Media Advisor of PM Modi and he would not become one then Smriti Irani said that all SDG has to do to join ndtv to become one .One could just see the expression of Nidhi and how she reacted .You summed up well .. Hindutva is new strategy after 2002 riots, malnutrition failed .After malnutrition it will be chant Hindutva but It will fail too. Slave media like Aarti Jerath always comes with same lines given by congress--gujrat is not India..Modi has not been tested outside Gujrat.Modi is divisive figure..allies will not come with Modi whereas Chandrababu Naidu is promising Gujrat model for Andhra. BJD recently said it has no issue with Modi and can give support to any who has more numbers. Paid media talks of inclusiveness from Modi and BJP but they have not been able to include BJP in their system and i hate to imagine that how they demean indians who have voted for 116 or so MPs .How easily they blame Indians as fascists and communal who vote for BJP like they attempt every now and then to demean Gujarat and Gujaratis. I am waiting for that stick of God which has no sound and when will it struck all these slave media. BJP will do well if it keeps away spokesperson like Prakash J from TV channels and have people like Smriti Irani who can give as good as one gets ..Will like you to be more cruel to slaves .They deserve to be shredded to pieces.

  23. look forward to daily insults being heaped on BJP everywhere in newspapers, in news channels.. paint them as communal.. malign them.. by hook or crook.. just read any newspaper and u will see the subtle and at times open insults bestowed upon bjp leaders.. cartoons of modi, 'correspondent' news citing their 'sources in BJP have told us' line.. just forget about all the Corruption and riotings and what not by congress because the media is the bootlicker of this party. they will do their best to stop BJP. evry second of their time will be spent on making new schemes and plots to defame Mr Modi.. defame bjp and to show that BJP is a curse on india.. i dont now what is the BJP strategy regarding this and considering the fact that almost 90% of media is pro congress..

  24. BJP should question the credibility of MSM in those shows rather than replying to every stupid question. If they are wise enough, they should have strategies and make MSM get the taste of their own medicine. If not possible, just not showing up at shows will also do good. Exposing media should be their goal.

  25. anyone who followed the 2009 elections would know how this works. The entire election was turned into a media campaign against the aleeged Varun Gandhi hate Speech below is the sequence of events as I had documented back then and had argued instead of Varun Gandhi, NSA should be applied on the MSM for fueling communal passions by running an unverified video 24 X 7 ....

    1) Varun Gandhi makes the alleged hate speech at a Pilibhit rally attended by a few 100 people, apparently the speech is recorded by someone. (we have no idea about the identity of this "someone")
    2) For the next 12 odd days things are as normal as they always have been in Pilibhit and the rest of the country, no signs of communal disturbance reported or attributed to Mr Gandhi
    3) Suddenly a CD appears which is directly sent to the main stream media by "someone" (Now this "someone" can be the same "someone" referred to in point 1 above or can also be "someone" else, the identity of any of the "someones's" not yet known.
    4) Now every one in the country can see the alleged speech 24X7 , and it is played and replayed over and over again by our active Media.
    5) Now instead of one of the "someones's" mentioned above the EC asks the media for the CDs.
    6) In a couple of days the EC assumes the role of the judiciary and pronounces Varun Gandhi Guilty.
    7) Varun Gandhi courts arrest in Pilibhit and by now thanks to the media everyone in the world has heard the speech, and there is a show of support for Varun Gandhi , also there are reports of rioting.
    8) The UP govt declares Varun Gandhi a threat to the Nation and charges him Under NSA.

    From now until 2014 elections. The MSM will lookout for a single slip of toungue to turn the whole election into a dangerous Hindutva Agenda by the BJP as has been brilliantly explained by Ravinar

  26. msm is rattled and that is an understatement. the congi apologists like aarti jerath, kumar ketkar and others were trying very hard to debunk modi as a 'polarising' force and worried themselves sick about whether modi would overcome even the internal bjp 'machinations' before taking centerstage. modi has advanced despite the best attempts of these armchair 'pundits' to stop him.now even the great didi 'momata' seems rattled. the windowpane effect.modi is an irreversible force now. for once the bjp looks like it means business. now for the swarajs, jaitleys etc...

  27. as much as minority(!!!) vote by appeasement and venom against Hinduvta, as much as backward class(!!!) vote by introducing bill after supreme court declared present law illegal regarding promotion in quota, some votes by the old tonic of secularism(!#*@$) from other part of the society and split anti congress vote between SP,BSP,CPIM,CPI,AIDMK,DMK,TDP,JDU to collect later in the name of secularism(!!!). have you noticed any thing else in congress party's strategy Mr.Ravinar.

  28. MSM have stretched the Secular in Secularism to ridiculous extremes anyways. They talk of Secular parties, secular people, secular space...soon will be secular jalebi and secular biryani. What you wear will have to be secular, what you eat will have to be secular; the car you drive, the movies you watch, the music you listen....Yes you got it right! It's gotta be secular!

    I hope someone challenges these illiterate MSM people to at least define what Secularism means in Constitutional terms or otherwise. We need people who can surprise them, question them out of the blue on their own pathetic shows. Ask them if they know of the various Christian denominations in Europe warring for political hegemony in medieval Europe; to where the concept of state secularism can be ultimately traced back to.

    Sanatan Dharma has always accommodated difference. We don't have competing sects but rather divergent philosophies, which largely complement each other and form the entire rainbow of Indian philosophical thought.

    Sad to see the intellectual abyss to which so called "Nehruvian liberals" have fallen into. At least in Chachaji's days, they had a tad more SME on what the hell they were talking about.

    Wearing Fabindia kurtas making you Indian, is as idiotic as saying drinking Bombay Sapphire makes you a Shiv Sena/MNS sympathizer.

    1. You have missed out on the most embarassing questions for the sickularists. Why temples are controlled by the so called sickular govts and why isnt hindutva money so tangy for them.Why r they silent on the act of BSY to release some temples in karnataka during his reign? R they worried about opening a pandora's box?Why isnt BJP morons not raising this issue although they had this in their last manifesto.

  29. Dear Ravinar,

    I personally feel the Congress Chamchas has done a great service to Karnataka by challanging NAMO to come to save Karnataka BJP. I really feel if NAMO seriously uses all his resources, workers & young voters, he can definately add a few dozen more seats to BJP's tally. Infact the Congress chamchas like Kumar Ketkar & Saba Naqvi must have thanked. If in today's scenario the BJP was to win about 50 seats & by Modi effect & ground swell it could touch about 80, it will still be enough to destroy Congress dream of getting to Power in karnataka on its own.

    1. Man first ask the BJP to keep the RSS Brahmans out.Then we will see what Narendrabhai can do.These Brahmans are the root cause for Karnataka BJP's state today.They milked Yadeyoorappa dry and then stabbed him on the back.Now by appointing a fellow Brahman as state unit president they have taken complete control of the party in Karnataka.A classic Brahmanshahi.

  30. Modi to sue CONgress leader:


  31. http://www.indianexpress.com/news/charter-for-muslims-to-be-implemented-before-ls-polls-azam-khan/1094875/

  32. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/Core-sector-contracts-2-5-in-February-worst-performance-in-decades/articleshow/19326692.cms



    1. Hindustan Times – Shobhna Bhartia, owner and editor-in-chief of Hindustan Times is a Congress MP from Rajya Sabha.

    2. Vinod Sharma, HT Political Affairs editor, is essentially a Congress spokesman on all TV panel discussions, because once his boss’ term gets over, he will be looking out for her RS seat next
    3. Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi, famous Congress stooges (and intermediaries for UPA allies) who were exposed in the Radiagate scandal, and are virtual Congress spokespersons in their capacities as electronic media personalities, are the ones who write opinion and op-ed columns most frequently (once every week) on the editorial pages of HT. In return, Barkha and Sanghvi are rewarded with Padma Shris and other monetary compensation by the Nehru dynasty or Congress party.

    4. NDTV’s promoters are Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy. Radhika’s sister Brinda Karat is a famous CPM leader (well known for anti-Baba Ramdev views) and Brinda’s husband Prakash Karat is the CPM Politburo General Secretary (well known for preferring Congress over BJP). And Prannoy Roy’s first cousin is the famous far-leftist pro-Maoist-Naxalite pro-Kashmiri-terrorists “intellectual” Arundhati Suzanna Roy.

    5. NDTV’s Barkha Dutt’s reality has already been exposed IN RADIA TAPES.

    6. NDTV’s Sonia Singh is the wife of Uttar Pradesh Congress MP, Union minister and ex-princely state ruler, Mr. R. P. N. Singh, who is one of the fastest rising stars in the Congress party. If you remember, Sonia Singh is a very high-profile anchor on NDTV whose pro-Congress anti-BJP bias is legendary.

    7. NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan (high-profile anchor of Left Right Centre) is the current girlfriend of J&K CM Omar Abdullah (after Omar recently divorced his wife of several years and mother of his two children, Payal). Nidhi Razdan is also famous for her legendary pro-Congress and anti-BJP bias.

    8. CNN-IBN : Rajdeep Sardesai’s wife and co-promoter of CNN-IBN, Sagarika Ghose, who anchors Face the Nation and is famous journalist of CNN-IBN (well, her hubby is the owner-editor-in-chief after all) are famous Congress stooges.


  34. 9. Sagarika’s father Bhaskar Ghose was a famous sarkari babu and was made the chief of Prasar Bharati (Doordarshan) during Indira and Rajiv regimes.
    Bhaskar Ghose was well-known for personal loyalty to the Nehru dynasty, and now his daughter and son-in-law are rewarded with their own channel to do Congress propaganda.

    10. In fact Sagarika’s extended family even consists of her aunts Ruma Pal (former Supreme Court justice and a close friend of the Nehru family) and Arundhati Ghose (former diplomat and Indian ambassador to various countries, predictably, under Congress regimes).

    11. Let’s now come to another famous CNN-IBN media personality who also writes columns frequently for Hindustan Times — Karan Thapar. What you may not know is that the Nehru family itself is related, through blood and marriages, to the high-profile Thapar family. India’s Army chief during the 1962 debacle against China, Gen. P. N. Thapar, is brother-in-law of Nayantara Sehgal, the daughter of Vijaylakshmi Pandit and niece of Jawaharlal Nehru. Gen. Thapar’s son is pro-Congress journalist Karan Thapar. Gen. Thapar’s sister is Romila Thapar, a famous “top” typical JNU Nehruvian communist ideologue historian, who gets to write our textbooks and pollute them with pro-Congress Marxist propaganda.


  35. 12. The HIndu – The Worst – N. Ram, owner and editor-in-chief (till February 2012) of The Hindu, was once a vice president of the Students Federation of India. SFI is the students’ wing of the CPM.

    13. P. Sainath of the The Hindu (acclaimed journalist well known for his, again, unsurprisingly, typical left-wing Nehruvian communism ideology), is the nephew of Congress politician V. Shankar Giri and the grandson of V. V. Giri, ex-President of India and famous Congress politician. Giri was especially known to be one of the first few staunch loyalists of Indira, and whom Indira fielded for President elections against her own party’s Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, and who ultimately became the cause of the first high-profile split in the Indian National Congress into Congress (O) and Congress (I) — almost all the pre-independence regional stalwarts split away to join Congress (O) or form their own state parties, and the rest including Giri (all the loyalists of the Nehru family staying on with Indira).
    Or even what about little known News24 Hindi media channel? Owned by ex-journalist and editor Rajiv Shukla, famous Congress MP in Rajya Sabha, Union minister, industrialist, BCCI vice president and IPL chairman.
    Or even what about little known Lokmat (and IBN Lokmat) that is Marathi newspaper (and channel) in Maharashtra? Owner and editors-in-chief are the brothers Vijay Darda (Congress MP) and Rajendra Darda (Congress MLA in Maharashtra, and minister in state govt).
    Or even the other bigger and smaller media houses, such as The Times of India and Indian Express, where the Nehru dynasty has managed to infiltrate its loyalists such as Dileep Padgaonkar and Shekhar Gupta, who are essentially paid stooges of the Congress party.
    The Congress (in fact just the one single family — the Nehru dynasty) has been in power for 56 of the last 65 years of independence. This matters a LOT. Personal relationships have been built, blackmail-worthy secrets have been spied, monumental wealth has been accumulated … all by the one single Nehru dynasty (and its family-business-cum-political-party aka Congress) that helps it maintain its tight irongrip over not just the entire Indian mainstream media, but also deep into our bureaucracy, our governmental institutions, and even our journalism and mass media colleges and grad schools.

  36. We have probably not even scratched the surface of the network of family and personal relationships through which the Nehru dynasty has completely dominated and controlled the entire intellectual, historian and journalist landscape of India. And we haven’t even talked about the monumental wealth or the blackmailing secrets. All because the one single dynasty got to rule over India for 60 years uninterrupted. As I said, it matters a LOT.
    The typical JNU Nehruvian communist left-libbers ideologues have really perpetrated some kind of stranglehold on India’s journalism, media and intellectual space. Almost all pro-BJP (or even centre-right ideologues) journalists have been slowly thrown out of their jobs due to pressure from the Congress and the Nehru family. Even the great venerable Ramnath Goenka, frustrated and broken by repeated I-T raids and ED investigations ultimately had to fire Arun Shourie twice from the Indian Express, which was once the best Indian newspaper in the 1970s and 80s. That was the team — Goenka the owner, Shourie the editor, and S. Gurumurthy the fearless journalist, that brought political heavyweights like Indira Gandhi down on her knees and even took on corporate honchos like Dhirubhai Ambani. (Ramnath Goenka inspired the Mithun Chakraborty character and S. Gurumurthy inspired the R. Madhavan character in the Ambani biopic “Guru”.) But very few centre-right ideologues are left in India’s media space today, that too in minor publications like The Pioneer. Almost all the mainstream media houses have been thoroughly infiltrated and coerced into towing the Congress’ line, sometimes just through ideology and relationships, and not some money power.

    The Congress party essentially owns and controls every single mainstream media house in India, including Hindustan Times, The Times of India, NDTV, CNN-IBN, The Hindu, Tehelka, Outlook, etc


    1. And the majority of them are Brahmans!

    2. Yes, I am brahaman and I love my teli OBC leader a Chawala to some and I support him by heart....

      Just like Aseefa and Jafara Sareshwala.

    3. @inceptor & @vishnugupt

      I always wondered and thought about the Caste system in India. Then console myself saying, there were never so many Castes in ancient or pre-historic India. Somewhere down the line the system created so many Castes. But then the skeptics around used to comeback and say, even pre-historic or Vedic India also had Varnas, which is nothing but a polished caste system. There were 4 Varnas viz., Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaisya & Sudra... And we all know, what the pecking order was... Brahmanas --> Kshatriyas --> Vaisyas --> Sudras... I always wondered and was never able to fully understand how such a superior-inferior demarcation was allowed in a supposedly learned ecosystem like that of a Vedic Period...

      According to Samkhya system in Sanatana Dharma, Nature operates in three Gunas (trigunas in Sanskrit, meaning 3 qualities or modes):

      1) Tamoguna (Being ignorant, Being in Darkness etc..)

      2) Rajoguna (Being Passionate. Rajas is responsible for energy, action & preservation, there by upholding Tamas & Sattva)


      3) Satvaguna (Represents Purity & Wisdom. A Sattvic man lives with no expectation of recognition or reward in turn of any activity he/she does)

      Among the above trigunas, Satvaguna is the most rarefied, but more importantly no value judgement shall be entailed as they are all mutually qualifying.

      All living beings are subjected to these trigunas. Thus, a person acts according to the mode of nature dominating in him at that moment. At any given point of time, all of us are influenced by one or any combination of trigunas. When we are influenced by Satvaguna, we have qualities of a "Brahman" (not to be confused with the caste Brahmin. This is Brahman!!!), under the influence of Rajoguna we behave like a "Kshatriya", under the influence of both the Satvaguna & Rajoguna we posses qualities of a "Vaisya" & under the influence of Tamoguna we possess qualities of a "Sudra".

      It doesn't matter, which caste or clan we are born to, we are all subjected to these trigunas and we all possess these qualities. So, essentially Varnas are nothing but qualities in all of us, where one of them becomes dominant depending on the context. So, we are all Brahmanas, Kshatriyas, Vaisyas & Sudras.

      Now, if one doesn't fall in any of these 3 gunas or combination there of, he / she is classified as "Animal"!!!


    4. Guru....

      This is not at all related to the Ravnar's post. But I will have to answer this because inceptor's comment was not that innocent. It has nefarious designs. And so should be dealt with firmly as Ravnar does it for MSM.

      I am aware about all this what guru has said and I do not have any different opinion on that. I deliberately gave a short answer to inceptor because he will immediately understand what I wanted to say in those few words. He is perfect representative of current OBC and Maratha movement in Maharashtra which is the most castiest and destructive in nature. They will perfectly understand what I have written.

      Today, all the power centers in Maharashtra are in the hands of either Maratha's or OBC's. The complete administration is in these people's hand but still they want to blame Brahamans for their mis-governance and hide behind anti brahamanism. Brahamans in Maharahstra have been systematically removed from the political scene in Maharashtra because they are not more than 3.5% (very much loved percentage by these so called OBC/Maratha/Dalit leaders). The younger generation of brhaman has migrated to US and now they do not have any influence over any educational system , political system or administrative system. After 65 years of anti Brahamnism why do not we see any improvement in the conditions of poor OBC's Marahta's and Dalits ? (says Shri. Sheshrao More another Maratha/OBC/Dalit gentleman and a thinker)

      Present Congress leadership, NCP leadership and Dalit leadership is not facing these questions squarely. They want to hide behind Anti Brhaminism.

      Inceptor commented on my cast because, I criticized their leftist ideologue Kumar Ketkar who always instigates these morons.

      You will have to view my comment to inceptor on this background. And I know he has understood what I wanted to say.

      I repeat here " Yes, I am brahaman and I love my teli OBC leader a Chai wala to some and I support him by heart....

      Just like Aseefa and Jafara Sareshwala."

  37. USD one trillions lost!!!!


  38. http://www.niticentral.com/2013/04/02/cag-raps-delhi-government-for-loss-of-rs-2310-cr-in-taxes-61036.html

    Sheila dixit - the cheat.


  39. Phone tap reveals Raja told Radia PC got ‘a lot of money’



  40. http://www.niticentral.com/2013/04/02/media-blames-modi-for-swine-flu-60790.html


    1. @Unknown/Manav

      While I admire the enthusiasm, the series of info youve posted is already in the public domain. Some are verified and some are not. Therefore, please do not post any more comments in continuation of your series because the info does not directly relate to the topic of the article. The extent of lengthy unrelated comments also makes it difficult for others to read comments relevant to the current post.


    2. many people use the platform to express all their anger on congress... But BJP supporters are helpless as they never be allowed to express their opinion openly only on MSM. So sometimes Ravinar becomes the shoulder for those people to sit and shout on congress, anti-Hindus and anti-BJP gangs...

      The same thing I also did... I am sorry Ravi.

  41. Karnataka waqf board embezzled 40 billion USD. I think India would become a Muslim country after 100 years.
    No wonder Salman Rushdie once said, Indian Muslims are working meticulously on population Jihad/love Jihad to make India totally insolvent.


    1. ....India would become...? Man it already is.And We can't do anything 'bout it.Frightening isn't it?

  42. Hey

    You should read this article
    Tavleen also talks of how congress is hoping to get 180 seats by scaring BJP not to elevate Modi as PM candidate
    The new strategy, according to my sources, revolves around Modi. And, one aspect of it is to spread the rumour, far and wide, that if the BJP declares him their prime ministerial candidate nothing better could happen from a UPA viewpoint because it will ensure that the Congress Party comes back as the single largest party. The objective is to frighten the BJP’s senior leaders into declaring someone else as their prime ministerial candidate and in pursuit of this objective is also being spread the rumour that the BJP led NDA (National Democratic Aliance) will unravel if Modi tries to become prime minister. Legion are the number of Congress leaders these days who point to Nitish Kumar in Bihar and say that his objections to Modi are shared by every other NDA ally. So successful has the Congress strategy been that there are many senior leaders in the BJP who openly oppose the advent of Modi on the national stage.

    This Hindutva harping by MSM is clearly part of the same propagand. I am just amazed at the level of coordination between INC & MSM. Even Goebbels would have been proud of this

    1. Dear Lakshmisha.k.s,

      I would like to comment here that the BJP's new team was infact a tight slap on Media's face. Induction of Modi, Shah, Uma & Varun is an evidence of toughness & grit of BJP's central leadership & also how much importance the BJP gives to Media's wishlist. The Media might call them Hindutva faces to cover its own failure of not been able to destroy these faces in public eye. As far as Nitish is concerned, he has lost the plot & is extremely over-rated by Media.

    2. Even the imaginary rift between the BJP and Nitish is media creation and a ploy by the Congress to weaken NDA. I would not agree that Nitish is over rated by the media. He has been the leader of an efficient state government since the last 7-8 years. The JDU is one of the oldest among the current BJP allies. It is just that Nitish's statements like the one about 'a secular face for PM' have been blown out of proportion by the media, who project it in a way to suit their own vested interests.

    3. I completely agree with both of your points about the imaginary rift in the BJP and between NDA Allies. It seems years of propoganda has created a kind of myopia among the celeb political pundits and Elite power circles in Delhi.
      You could sense the state of deniel they are living in, believing in their own mythological constructs.
      Like Naseer Taleem in his book "black Swan" writes about how the turkey keeps believing that life is going to be good forever (and never expects the day it is going to be killed) Congress & Media celebs are living in their own fantasy worlds.
      My gut feeling is come 2014, they will all be shoked with results and fail to explain the"momentous results" even if it seems logical and evident for the rest of us

  43. All I noticed keenly in that interview is the dirty face of Barkha whenever she utter the Holy word Hindutva... I can feel the anger and hatred she has on Hindu concept and her inner soft Jihadi mentality. Someone should ban this anti-Hindu news channel. And Ketkar the anti-Indian is a "Moron" who think that congress is the only party which can rule India and think India is at its best performing under the Corrupt rule of congress.

    The people who watch NDTV for the sake of knowing what's cooking in congress party should now start ignoring the channel and can listen to stupid comments of Digvijaya Singh and Beni Prasad the dirty pigs are real mouth-piece of congress who always speak the mind of congress.
    Salman Khurshid and Rashid Alvi are sweeter versions of Digvijaya and Beni...
    How could we became so used to listening such hatred on Hinduism and do nothing???

  44. Thank you Ravinar for this awesome post.
    Barkha Dutt and NDTV have lost all their credibility, They Have been trying since long to make "hindudtva" a bad word,. They want to induce a feeling of guilt into the conscience of the gullible young hindu populace.why does the BJP not counter their propaganda more aggressively?

  45. NIRA RADIA tapes are of very explosive nature. Various persons could have been framed by now, had it been the US. But alas, its India, where you can not prosecute people on media reports, not even inquiries conducted.

    This lady, who is a national security threat, one who earned 300 crores in short span, did not pay any tax, when called by ED, she just gave her own version of explanation (or me be bribed officials) and got away. But not only that, now she has came back from UK with a bang, and in a brazen style, opened her own consultancy - and takes only SELECTIVE jobs.

    This lady is well entrenched in a political den of Delhi as well as well connected with business honchos in India a la Ambanis & Tata.

    She can work like Abhishek Verma and is capable of selling Indian secrets to foreign espionage agencies for a fee.

    She knows supreme court means nothing, while she carries CBI in her pocket owing to strong connections in cabinet.

  46. Ravi!!

    You have made me intelligent. I can now predict the lines on which a debate on cnn ibn and ndtv is heading. Thanks for educating!!

  47. The , LIKES OF NDTV( Barka Dutt) CNN IBN pseudo seculars COMMUNAL CROOKS are the real problem in our country. They accept LOOTERS like Sonia, MMS, Chidu, VADRA, Shiela Dixit etc They love them ,glorify them and find NO FAULT in their Faults. They will HUG HATE SPEAKERS and HARDENED MUSLIM COMMUNALS LIKE THE OWAISI of MIM party. They give their HEART OUT to Seperatist, SEDITIONIST and TRITORS of J&K, THEY MAY EVEN WEAP FOR OSAMA. These are the MORONS who SPIT ON THEIR OWN PARENTS and shed tears for some criminal. These morons ,slaves of congress are having Nightmare at the reality of NAMO's LARGER THAN LIFE image, public perception and ACCEPTABILITY and an image that directly challenges and SHAKES the VERY FOUNDATION OF THE sinking image of "the CURSE ON INDIA" viz the NEHRU/ GAN*U FAMILY.

  48. The Congress, especially when Sonia Gandhi took over has made it like a sin to be born as a Hindu. Anything and everything that Hindu says or does is communal. Whereas even Terrorist acts committed by non Hindus are SECULAR. Only BJP and Narendra Modi represent true religious equality. Time for all Indians to support Modi for integrated development of all Indians including but not limited to Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and other communities.

  49. Can we ask for edit button pls.

  50. Congress knows that they have no agenda to target BJP on , and also they cannot say why vote for congress :), so the media houses are asked to do the following to tell people why they shouldn't vote for BJP. Three main action items for media these days -
    1. Keep shouting that there is internal fight in BJP, so don't vote for BJP.
    2. Keep shouting that RSS is communal.. and then keep shouting that BJP is nothing but RSS.. so BJP is communal, so don't associate yourself with BJP.
    3. Another not so obvious they are doing is to shout that if congress is bad, BJP is no different, so you have got another option - AAP so that anti-congress votes get split, not all go to BJP, as well as some BJP votes go to AAP and congress gets benefited.

  51. I have entered this blog quite recently and boy! am i late ! This is an amazing site. Quite busy reading old posts. Congrats, Ravinar. It is few people like you who make this nation proud which at present is in the hands of charlatans and hate mongers . BTW, there is another lackey called Hardosh Bal who as his name suggests should have his moth stuffed with his name. Normally i do not use strong language but the pent up anger in me is bursting at the seams. Thanks yet again, Ravi


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