Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In The Name Of The Father, The Daughter & Grandsons .. Amen!

Just a sample: “Rajiv Gandhi Breakfast Scheme, Pondicherry; Rajiv Ratna Awas Yojana, Delhi; Rajiv Arogyasri Health Insurance scheme, Andhra Pradesh; Rajiv Gandhi Computer Literacy Mission, Assam; Rajiv Gandhi Bridges and Roads Infrastructure Development Programme, Haryana; Rajiv Gandhi Vidyarthi Suraksha Yojana, Maharastra; Rajiv Gandhi Tourism Development Mission, Rajasthan; Indira Kranthi Patham Scheme and Indira Jeevitha Bima Pathakam, Andhra Pradesh; Indira Gandhi Niradhar Yojana and Indira Gandhi Landless Agriculture Labour Scheme, Maharastra; Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Vivah Shagun Yojana, Haryana; Indira Gandhi Calf-Rearing Scheme, Andhra Pradesh”. The sample is from A. Surya Prakash’s “All in the name of the Nehru-Gandhis”.

So when the Supreme Court asks the GOI and State govts to explain why it spends crores on political ads paying tributes to their leaders it is responding to a PIL that only partly addresses the issue. "The political parties in power are blatantly squandering taxpayers' money to highlight their achievements and to glorify their leaders of present or past. Such a practice is either aimed to avail unfair advantage in elections by political parties or to assert loyalties towards the political leadership of the party in power. This wasteful and wholly unnecessary exercise cannot be justified in any manner" the petition said. But if one adds up all the people in whose honour the ads are released I doubt the number would be very high. Most of these ads naturally come from the Congress which pays frequent homages to members of the Nehru-Gandhi family.

Surya Prakash’s article mentions over 450 Central and State schemes and projects named after the Nehru-Gandhi family. Yes, even Sanjay Gandhi has projects or monuments named after him. That article is over a year old and it is safe to estimate this would have crossed 500 schemes by now. The PIL in SC addresses only the ads related to birth and death anniversaries of political leaders but if one looks at the ads for various schemes “branded” with names of political leaders it is a much larger pie. This is how a political establishment is created. This is how the media is co-opted into the branding exercise as the biggest beneficiary of the doles (Also read The Gandhi Septology). And we are not even getting into "paid news" in the discussion.

People have seen small posters at shops where consumer durables are sold; these are commonly called POPs (Point of purchase). Not everybody who walks into a store looks at these POPs or reads the messages. So who reads them? It’s the shopkeeper and his employees who cannot help reading them day in and day out. They have no escape. As they read it frequently some of them internalise the message. Now imagine, that there are millions of people working in all the Nehru-Gandhi projects, they read the messages every single day. There are media house who are beneficiaries who read the messages every single day. There are the beneficiaries of the scheme; the poor, the villagers, the farmers and they read the messages frequently. Consciously or unconsciously all these people are bought into the establishment by the branded schemes, projects and ads. The beneficiaries are hammered the message into believing “This scheme is brought to you by the Nehru-Gandhi family”.

The babus and other employees who work on these branded projects slowly become the victim of the belief that their employment is brought to them by the “Nehru-Gandhi” projects and they would otherwise be in some other job or at worst jobless. The biggest cash-beneficiary is, of course, the media. It’s a tap that turns on the cash for them. Why would they even complain about it? Apart from these “branded” ads the GOI holds the power to dole out other ads like for PF, ESIC, Customs which may not have the slightest relevance to the time of the release (see here). The PIL also overlooks another issue. Most of us live in the belief that these “branded” ads and birth and death anniversary ads are the only method used by the govt. This is a fallacy.

Supposing I were a Minister and my friendly channel called me up seeking sponsorship for a frivolous event what would it take to dole out a favour? A contractor who handles large contracts worth thousands of crores for the govt wouldn’t really mind shelling out a few lakhs or crores on various events in the media. Take a little trouble and check on who sponsors all those “Indians of the Year” or “Indians of the decade” awards and shows. You might find that some of the biggest govt contractors shell out money for events which are totally unrelated to their business. Take HindustanTimes Summit 2012 for instance. Most of the sponsorship of the event came with your money. Most of large sponsors of the event are giant PSUs/Govt companies. Surprisingly, some of them don’t even advertise in the normal course of life. 

Given all these doles and generous lifelines who do you think the media is going to stand by in their reporting? You? Fat chance! They will support the propaganda and stand in defence of the hand that feeds them. It’s now widely recognised as the ‘Politico-Media complex’. On his 20th death anniversary there were 11 Rajiv Gandhi ads in Hindustan Times alone, there were 9 in the TOI and 8 in Indian Express. That’s just three newspapers and you can imagine the count for the rest (Reuters)

Take a look at the first ad on this post. Twenty years after his death Rajiv Gandhi is still fulfilling the dreams of the urban poor. For all you know he will continue to do so for another hundred years. There must be someone else who is doing his or her bit for the rural poor and the semi-urban poor. A small handful of people have been turned into the “Mai-Baap” of a country, with your money. It is not improper to say a small thanksgiving prayer… In the name of the father, the daughter and the grandsons… Amen!

PS: The book “Social media as watchdog” is now available. You can order a copy from HERE.


  1. there is a rajiv gandhi yojana in mumbai municipal teaching hospitals where public taxpayers money is used to fund patients which by itself is indeed noble, but the manner in which the scheme is relentlessly flogged by bureaucrats who follow their political masters and who have introduced punitive measures if 'targets' are not met with is appalling.reminds us of the 'targets' set up by a certain sanjay gandhi...

  2. Excellent post you are changing the way we look at these news agencies...keep up your good work...This is your service to the Nation...I salute this passion...

  3. Coming Soon in a Congress State Near You:

    Rajiv Gandhi Public Toilet
    Indira Gandhi Scrap Yard
    Sonia Gandhi Trash Disposal
    Nehru Toxic Waste Facility
    Rahul Gandhi Brain Museum
    Priyanka Gandhi Drainage Authority
    Robert Vadra Rotten Eggs Storage

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  5. And Rajiv Gandhi is the Killer of Sikhs!

  6. Replies
    1. pretty much soon After 2014 elections .....we will see Sonia Gandhi's scheme-" The great Sale of India with 100 % discount" to Vatican......

  7. As long as this Italian clan is present in Delhi, these things are bound to happen. Undo them O Hindus or perish....for there is nothing in between.

  8. Indeed, what you just shared is a bitter truth, I wonder how this twisted philosophy via crooked historian (they had not even spared our elementary school's text books boasting their legacy)and corrupt Netas, has tried to forced this into the blood of our new generation.

    Mind you MSM, do a google or buy some good world history books, these crooked MSM will be fainted seeing the corrupt practices and back stabbing practices of this dynasty.

    Who can forget that when Nehru how Nehru become the 1st PM (by hook or crook)..

    Ravinar, just re quoting "Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future" and I'm sure it gonna be very dark for them.

    1. Dear Dev,

      "De di hame azhadi bina khadga bina dhal, sabarmati ke sant tune kar diya kamal". The lies dosen't start with Nehru but with M.K.Gandhi. This ill fated nation of ours has been raped to death by Jehadis, British Imperlist & Congress for past 1000 years & what we are taught in schools is that such evil was easily defeated by a lungi wearing kafir ! I am not a Nazi admirer but still have to thank Hitler for attacking England during WW2 which ensured British leave India with a couple of years.

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  10. Even the Worli Sea Link is named Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link!!
    I mean what the heck. The Project was started in 1999 when BJP Was in Power but UPA as usual named it after another Gandhi Family member.
    Can't they give any other name to the bridge other then Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty?
    I can give you 1000 names of freedom fighters and people who died in the pride of this country, but who cares to listen to common man.
    The lady rants in 70's about "Gareebi Hatao", but Gareeb aur Middle class ki situation ye Pseudo Family kya samjhegi.
    The Internet has exposed this lies and damage done by this so called dynasty.
    Thanks Ravi, you have nailed it.

    1. +1.
      The erstwhile 'Sena - BJP Govt. had passed a resolution to name the sea link after 'Swatantryaveer' Vinayak Damodar Savarkar but the Con.gee govt overturned it to name the bridge after Rajiv. The same thing happened with JNPT.
      In 1985/86 the populace of Maharashtra including the con. men were in agreement to name the 'Nhava Sheva port after the great admiral Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre of the mighty Maratha navy of Chh. Shivaji. It is said the plaque was also ready but in walked the newly crowned prince Rajiv and in one stroke declared the name of his grand father during the ceremony. There was huge protest and hue and cry raised in Maharashtra but the loyal con. men didn't utter a word.

  11. The enlightenment brought about by you about GOI and MSM makes one more and more and more frustrated..... frustrated because there is nothing one can do about it....such a helpless situation in so called largest democracy.... Please keep the service you are rendering. It will definitely push people to push the right button on IVM...

  12. I agree with most of what you have written.
    But a question out of curiosity.
    Do you claim to be neutral, anti-congress, pro-bjp or other?

    1. People like you don't even deserve to comment here. Just have guts and check the given facts. Do you need to visit a zoo to find out details of these schemes? On what ground do you question the integrity of Author for this blog. Are you Rs. 100 Crore Scheme's employee?

    2. I am not questioning the integrity of the author and I said I agree with whatever is being said here. (and many of the other posts on this website)

      What is wrong with my questions?

      I just want to know should I expect articles which always criticize one of the sides or should I expect articles which criticize both sides whenever required.
      And FYI, I consider myself somewhere between neutral and anti-congress.

    3. Found answers of some of the questions I was looking for here

      And in words of Ravinar himself “Yes, it is good for media houses to wear their sympathies openly. I consider that a lot more honourable and honest to readers and viewers instead of falsely claiming to be neutral or independent.”

      That is what I was looking for even about this blog.

    4. Agyaani, Ps has said that he agrees with most of the article. So, Ravinar must be writing something reasonable.

      Also, he is not questioning author's integrity. That means he genuinely believes Ravinar's honesty.

      He just wants to see some criticism against BJP (even when the BJP is not wrong).

      He/she has a simple question, let me try to answer it.

      Based on my experience with this blog, the author is truthful, anti-corruption, pro-development and disgusted of paid media and liars.

    5. I do not know why there is always need for some morons to be impartial as if they are judge for the society. I think these people are undecided and can never decide what is good and what is bad. They even do not have consistent view on many subjects. They will change their opinion every day. I call these people Indian TV Smart people. Do they believe in their own thought process?

      What ever is said on this Blog is Ravinar's opinion. You may agree to it or you may not. But you need to take your own decisions. The choice is yours.

  13. Probably W. Shakespeare should have been alive to to rethink on his quote . "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet". - (Act II, Scene II).

  14. Excellent one Ravinar! I have gone through those hyperlinked old posts of yours as well!

    Simply Superb! I am extremely happy that there are scores of people whose eyes and mind are open and you are doing an outstanding job! Thank you immensely! The nexus Congis-Media-establishment-executive would have to reap what they are sowing now! There will be a day where this nexus would have to pay for all their deeds!

  15. Very Educative - a must read for all students of Journalism on how Media is made to dance to Political Master (Read Congress - not seen too many schemes dedicated to other leaders) tunes. Also had an opportunity to listen to A Suryaprakash in Jan who spoke about this Unholy Communion and also linkage to reservations.
    Great job!!!

  16. Let me take the liberty to answer a doubt someone had. It indeed is a genuine question that PS asked but apparently looks like, repeat looks like, drawn a wrong conclusion (I could be grossly wrong too). I assume because of using this line to conclude "I consider that a lot more honourable and honest to readers and viewers instead of falsely claiming to be neutral or independent.”

    Go through each of the pieces in this informative blog... You would find only one thing common. Forget BJP, CONgress or whatever. It is that critical analysis of the Media Role. Replace any party and you would find no word need to be changed by the author. So

  17. Please wait till JULY 13. There are schemes coming to bribe people monthly which is another way like the DMK bribed the people for votes!!!!!!! These will be continuous payments unlike one time at the times of voting. GOD BLESS THE NATION?

  18. While it is pathetic that the whole landscape of india is being used for Gandhi branding one must admit that the BJP in the states that it rules, is not so pro active to respect its own clan of leaders.One glaring example of that, is the name Ahmedabad.Who is this so called ahmed and why does he deserve to be remembered?The Gandhi Nehru naming spree has gone to such absured levels that there are multiple institutions in some states that bear the same name.Imagine asking a friend to meet at jawaharlal nehru stadium in India or Indira gandhi airport in India.It would need further qualifications to get home the point. The name loses its very intended purpose of indentity.While one hears of 'People's stadium' and 'Workers stadium' in China, one wonders where real democracy is in practice.When will this country really think of democracy.

  19. Congress party's latest media partner, headlines today is yet again doing the same propaganda against Modi for the Gujarat riots. It would be interesting if somebody find out the size of the deal occurred between congress and the channel.

  20. How people of India can leave with this reality, where there is no place for father of nation, but morons from Gandhi family are running the show without even slightest work for the people of India. I guess Its high time, educated lot can come forward and contest election to change the system,change the monopoly,change the Hippocratic,change the autocracy..Amen..

  21. Educated people cannot have the resources to contest the elections nor the people of the locality will be able to choose and elect their choice in the present conditions cause one cannot fight at two fronts. The main enemy of the people who is being discussed here should be first eliminated!!!!! Then either the politicians would wake up or we will have only one other bad party to fight. Educated people should address to the local people RIGHT NOW. repeat. RIGHT NOW by going dor to door eosing the enemy and we can hope so thing to happen in few years!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Maya within 5 years converted entire UP with her statues while still living. Just visit tamilnadu where everything is named after various Kazhagam leaders and so also the schemes.Just give Shivsena or MNS an opportunity and see how Maharashtra will be transformed. And every worthwhile city has a MG road. This is an interesting way to know the politics of a country. I think Supreme Court has said that respective government publicise their state's schemes or country's schemes posting the achievements of the state with the larger than life photographs of the leaders.Election commission must take note of these things. Not to forget Mulayam's laptops.Actually I am not bothered either way. Whats in a name?

  23. I have become fan of the writer only because of the analysis and proper justification being given for each things, Hats off to you buddy may God bless you for all the good you are doing.
    One more thing to answer one of the person who wanted the answer for bias used I hope the person understand some political outfit is running 90% of the time from independence and raping people day in out which believe me as big physiological effect on common people mind to believe that a particular family as done big favors to them (I know my grand parents used to prayer this S***ers because of this brain wash which as child I never understood, So my point is the comment should know that the author as so much to write on particular part bec. they are ruling for 90% of the time with all the crooked thing. Finally I wish to say that analysis on your own do your check with common people surrendering you u will come to know actual reality.

    One more thing I please request all the reader here if you really want India to come out of the slavery than please don't keep this to your self but educated alt east 10-20 rural people with this facts which will be a small but a great contribution from you to the Nation. (In turn they can educate other about it. Thanks

  24. Sometimes names are changed after the project completion.I remember how the name of IT Park in Chandigarh was appended with Rajiv Gandhi's name before the inauguration in 2006.Sucks


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