Monday, April 8, 2013

Disturbing Bee-haviour

Unlike those who call themselves journalists, ordinary people can see misfits immediately. They are able to spot silliness instantly while the so-called journalists thrive in bootlicking the most absurd.

There is a movie called “Lamhe” from the 1990s with Anil Kapoor and Sridevi. There was someone else in that movie; Deepak Malhotra. Now Deepak was a top model of that time and very successful but in an emotional love scene in the movie he fondly calls Pallavi (Sridevi) as “Pallo” and that one utterance was the end of his career. His utterance of “Pallo” was so comic and laughable that Deepak totally disappeared from the media, never to be seen again. In recent times Priyanka Chopra’s boyfriend made his debut in “Love story 2050” and people could again spot a dud. It’s not only Harman Baweja’s movie career that ended but also, unfortunately, his relationship with Priyanka Chopra. Love’s unkind, you could say. But what does it say about our media morons who still crow about Rahul Gandhi’s greatness? What does it say about our political analysts, the ‘Numero Unos & Unees’ who still can’t accept that they couldn’t spot a dud?

In this one, let’s just stick to one group: the wiseguys from TV18. And the best place to start is Rajdeep Sardesai himself, the “Boss” of CNN-IBN group. Youngsters at their first jobs are entitled to a fair bit of latitude. They are allowed to make mistakes and are expected to learn from those. So Rahul Gandhi enters active politics at age 32 which must be at least after an 8-year stint in some other domain. Right? RG probably entered politics partly out of his “DNA” and partly because he must have bombed at his previous endeavours. Because the Congress won 22 seats in UP in the 2009 general elections CNN-IBN bestowed upon him the “Indian of the year” award. Here’s what they said:

So Rajdeep the “Boss” had concluded back then that RG was IOTY material merely because Congress won 22 seats and then had to realise the horror of UP in 2012 under the same campaigner. So who lacks “vision and insight” Rajdeep or Rahul? The citation in the pic erroneously says “CNN-IBN facilitates RG” (instead of felicitates). I know it’s an error but it seems quite appropriate because that is precisely what Rajdeep & Co. have been doing all this while: “Facilitating RG”.

Many ordinary men and women (and I dare say that may include Congressmen), including yours truly, have seen absolutely nothing in RahulG’s words or actions that merit anything less than the #PappuCII trend that he got on April 4. Remember, if there is real substance it is not easy to deny and those who lie will be exposed. And political astuteness? Where did CNN-IBN find that in RG? He has not shown being involved in any decision making, any policies, has not confronted any opposition or agitation and doesn’t speak of anything except in vague terms and Rajdeep sees “astuteness” in the guy? Every time RG has opened his mouth he has only demonstrated more comic genius than political astuteness. So once again Rajdeep sees some non-existent first principles in RG’s CII speech on April 4. Facilitating? Even a regular economics panellist like Surjit Bhalla had to ask Rajdeep which principles he’s talking about.

The so-called “journos” are being fooled very badly or maybe they genuinely are. Here’s another one from the IBN group. Ashutosh found RG’s speech brilliant, very modern and introspective. This guy is dumbness personified and it will remain an eternal mystery how he became a journalist. Or is that the norm? I guess nobody taught Ashutosh that it’s not possible to trend topics on Twitter unless a whole lot of people join in. Trends by ordinary people are not a conspiracy against RahulG or anyone at all. They just reflect the instant reaction to an event or incident. In this case even international journals have recognised that the speech was without substance and the “beehive” was a major gaffe. If Ashutosh, calling himself a journo, finds it brilliant it is only possible if he is a die-hard Congress supporter. He doesn’t stop there. When others point out that he’s being silly he claims they are “paid supporters” out to demolish RG. Ashutosh doesn’t realise that by making such comic allegations he almost confirms that he himself is a “paid media” supporter of Congress. It never occurs to the likes of Ashutosh and his gang at IBN that if RG had indeed turned out a good thinker, leader and politician then even his most trenchant critic would have to admit he has talent and skill. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

Someone accurately pointed out on Twitter (I think Vijay @centerofright) that had it not been for the social media a few reporters closeted in the CII hall would have splashed headlines all over the place calling it the “speech of the century” and how RahulG was ready to lead India to being a global super-power. This is the same reason why Rajiv Gandhi was awarded the ‘Bharat Ratna’ despite the Sikh genocide under his watch. If social media were around back then the lies of MSM around many events and individuals would have been exposed quite badly. And the fun is never over until the ‘Social Genius’ certifies herself as “neutral”. I think she has already forgotten her gluttony tour of Gujarat before the elections. She is truly the jewel in the crown of the IBN group. And I doubt whether Congress or BJP really want her endorsement at all.

In the ten years that RahulG has been in active politics he really has had nothing to show but frequent silly utterances. It’s even possible he’s a good guy and his cronies are forcing him to play a role he definitely doesn’t want. In politics, all that RahulG has demonstrated so far is ‘Disturbing Bee-haviour’ but cronies like Ashutosh or Rajdeep seem unwilling to see it. The obvious reason for this blindness is not such a big secret. There is someone disturbing the sleep of the MSM as much he is making the Congress burn midnight oil. Don’t take my word for it. It comes from none other than Pallavi Ghosh, who is CNN-IBN’s embedded reporter with the Congress party. That’s what disturbs Ashutosh and the rest in the MSM too.


  1. I remember old story of King not wearing clothes and coming to darbar in birthday suit and his sycophant darbaris appreciating King's new clothes. At last a child recognizes that King has not worn any clothes ( Recently this story was enacted by child artist on Zee's talent hunt show). Our MSM is Congress sycophant darbaris. They can not see obvious.

    1. Truth will always come hard constipation one has :)

    2. Here Ravinar is that child

  2. You hit the nail on the head... Watched the sermon on Youtube and was left scratching my head... What a comparision... India is a beehive... Well for all I know bees that live in a hive have one and only one purpose... To make sure that the Queen bee lives protected and in comfort... Even the honey that the bees make is for their own consumption (there is no common good here) the worker bees do not matter in the larger scheme of things.. It is a closed society where no one from outside is welcome... India that I know is far from being a beehive... yes if RahulG was talking about Congress, I would concede that he was right...
    Poor Rashid Alvi did not know that he was acting the soothsayer when he made comments about a man on a bull (buffalo). When the end is near people do start seeing the Yamraj in everything...

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    1. @AshishSinghal

      While I appreciate your enthusiasm, please keep comments relevant to the post or close to it. The content you are posting has been posted many times over and half of it is not even verified. So I request please stick to the topic.

  4. In the aftermath of that so called 'brilliant speech',it is noteworthy that KhanChris is making best use of its freelance support system comprising the likes of Sanjay Jha or Tehseen on media. These morons are doing an impossible job and taking all the muck on them perhaps for a price.The advantage it offers is that any goof up by them can be passed off as an individual fan's jingoism and insulate the party from any flake.It offers a wait and watch period for the party honchos to measure public reaction. If it does not arouse positive public reaction the party can play down the whole issue and neither the media nor the party stands to lose. I wonder why the other parties have not appointed free lancers so far.Many of the party luminaries are forced to sometimes speak their mind after announcing that it is their personal opinion and not the party line.The KhanChris henchmen never had to do this dual role anytime in their careers.

    1. Sanjay Jha is doing a great job indeed! It requires lot of Sense to defend "the Family".Every logical question is answered by him (which for a sane man is illogical) through twists and turns. He has mastered that art of confusing both the pros and cons of any debate! He has a sixth sense perhaps, Non-Sanse!

  5. Difficult job for slaves yesterday one slave trying to clarify beehive and comes up with some wierd explanation....and some how they got some relief then another bless come from UPA team the gentlemen want to pee in dams to solve drought lets see what explanation now slaves come with this Pee thing....I feel that these slave do prayer to their god that today these congresses should shut their mouth because when they open their mouth they only vomit Goo and jokes which make the life of slaves difficult....I somehow feels that how these slaves face their children every day...shameless ppl ..thanks to social media now ppl can see through these issues...One other hand we have TOI daily peddling lies on RSS and RSS exposing their lies again and again....I feel these days media has no credibility thanks to these slaves...

  6. I am shocked at the Ashutosh tweet, how can someone have such a view amazes me....are personal interests and biases more important than India's interest....How can the Indian "intelligentsia" still support one party and their fools, even after all the loot of this country that has been perpetrated....If, even after Madhu Kishwar's article, they hold NAMO responsible for Gujarat 2002 and If, he does not become PM because of this vile propaganda campaign then the loser will not be Modi, it will be India. If the loser is India and if some people worked against the interest of the country to project the village buffoon or his party to rule, in my eyes it is TREASON....If the 1984 genocide can be forgiven, despite not a single person being held accountable for it, and the party responsible is projected as the ruler by a pillar of democracy as against a man that even the highest court of the land has exonerated of any wrong doing in the riots of 2002 and who has visibly transformed a state and has such specific and clear vision of what can be done within the existing system of this country. TREASON, and I sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that NAMO is a vengeful person because if these people are allowed to get away the cancer of the village idiot and his party can and will relapse.

  7. We are now enjoying watching NaMo's shows live on all channels. It has now become compulsion for MSMs to stream his shows live. They started with SRCC in anticipation that they will be able to expose Narendra Modi's (wud be PM candidate of BJP) world of Hindutava, hatred and personal attacking style of speech..etc to the world and expose him. But they did not realize that he will so pin drop popular, and now they are compelled to show him or risk loosing viewership to other channel. And when they can not stream exclusive live events of NaMo's (e.g. IT Conclave) they are coming with exclusives of their own. ThinkIndia is another one in this non ending series. I saw, whether u guys noticed that day or not, on Google BigTent day nothing was shown or discussed on NDTV channel on GBT...but as soon as NaMo was live on GBT ..they started beaming him live on NDTV channel and stopped once he was done.

    MSM hates him, MSM (never) loves him ..but MSM cant stop showing live him ...and Stockholm syndrome is gonna take place sooner or later :)

  8. Excellent post. Did someone read sunday-guardian's article "Congress youth brigade will counter online attacks?" Mihir Sharma says "Social media has a bias toward the affluent and the techies. Both come under the BJP constituency." It was reported that Shashi Tharoor would lead a 35-member team to improve the party's social media quotient. However, that plan is yet to take off and is likely to stay that way. The party has also been considering outsourcing its social media initiatives to the private sector. Interesting, no? One tweet pointed out that @JhaSanjay (or was it someone else) had tweeted that RG's speech and interactions was excellent even as RG was half-way through his speech. Sardesai's use of 'facilitate' is very appropriate.

    1. Sorry - in the first line, read 'anyone' instead of 'someone'

  9. Excellent post. Continue please. Paid media almost now. It is a money growing tree for. No social commitment at all rather than money.

  10. Tavleen Singh in Indian Express-7 apr 13
    "Let me begin by admitting that I wish I did not have to analyse Rahul Gandhi's first major address to the nation. It feels too much like kicking a helpless puppy."

    I think that takes the cake

  11. Now the real problem is not will Na Mo win the 2014 or not but the P-R-O-B-L-E-M is whether the EC implements the SC directive to give a printed feed back to the voter. It has been proved time and again that the Electronic Voting Machines do no good for the Democracy. Watchdogs of Democracy totally in dark about this, EC wants to help CONs again, Public Opinion is to go down the drain again. With the Elections round the corner EC has little time left to prove its credibility and its respect for Democracy. All the major parties and the newly found parties have little respect for Democracy. If BJP, AAP has any intention to keep the democracy alive, can they start a nation wide campaign regarding this, there are many out there to support. The question is will BJP leaders come out of cozy AC rooms? This should have done by the Media, we now have realized their stand as they want the Dynasty to rule the country by Hook or Crook.

  12. @Ravinar...Brilliant. I was hoping this Pappu fiasco would not end with just one article from you. I don't know who takes morons like SG and RD seriously anyways.

    I however, and I could be completely off the mark here, thought that Arnab was probably the only guy with his integrity intact.He did 3 successive shows: one about Pappu's speech - which was criminally hijacked by the baboon Sanjay Jha (and Arnab lets it happen); there was one about Modi's bid for PM - again that dumb Gujarat Congress woman takes it back to 2002; and a final one whose title is scandalously suggestive "Counter Attack or Insecurity" - Sanjay Nirupam gets away with a load of garbage.

    Now picture the scenario, a Gandhi parivar bootlicker cum malishwala calls Modi yamraj, and BJP responds back. I am appalled at how "street" these MSM folks can be when beaten into a corner. All the fake Stephanian/London snobbishness vaporizes and their talk degenerates to level of a common hobo. Most of them don't even refer to Modi as Mr or Shri Modi, no respect for at least the age and experience of the man. Anyways, I doubt Arnab's integrity and credentials now, please correct me if wrong.

    Another question on a slightly tangential note. Given the fact that most of the MSM needs corporate funding, and given the fact "editorial independence" is a joke in India; why can Modi not turn the tide against him. Surely it should be possible, with clever behind the scenes deals. No harm in having a friendly MSM. Beats me! Any clarification is highly appreciated.

  13. Hi

    This is what Economist had to say about Rahul Gandhi

  14. read this article. an amazing take on rahul's speech and its quite fair.

  15. ravinar,
    have you noticed that almost all the msm have ignored the slap on subramaniam swamy by supreme court.

    quote from first post" “Who are you?” the Chief Justice asked Swamy, who said he had moved the contempt application. “I am asking you, who are you?” the judge responded. “I am sorry you are not an advocate. You have no right to appear. You have no right to argue. What will happen if any person on the road comes and says I want to argue. You might have done it earlier, but we will not allow you.” In a nation where “Do you know who I am?” is the ultimate assertion of power, that’s pretty much the mother of all insults. But Kabir wasn’t finished downgrading Swamy. He went on to order him out of the front row, which is “meant for lawyers, not for litigants. You have no right to sit there”.

    i didnt read this in times of india or ibn or hindu and not even in your favourite ndtv. if the same thing had been done by these msms for rahul gandhi i am sure you would be crying your heart out.

    but since it is 2g fame swamy (who infact has taken all the credit for the good work done by gopikrishnan)i think 'media crooks' has kept quiet.

    i am sure you would have already made up your mind that justice kabir who spat on swamy is the next katju.

    when you started couple of years back you were good. now it looks like you are no longer a site criticizing media but just a modi supporter. nothing wrong with that. just change your site name.

    i am not sure whether 'media crooks' still has the right to call indian media as crooks even though they are one.

    1. firstpost reported it and many papers reported it too(online).

      As far as ravinar is concerned he is keeping his context to MSM.

      It is you who are biased here,nothing more to add.

    2. @K Rahman

      I have noticed that in some of the recent posts you have been making some very "prejudiced" comments. Where does such prejudice come from? Now, if the SC has slapped Swamy.. you might want to celebrate but it has nothing to do with what I choose to write. Please do remember, SC and Swamy are not topics for me. In a given context I choose what is the most current and appropriate topic with relation to the media. So keep your comments relevant and calm down with your prejudice.

    3. its surprising that you who criticizes media by calling them as crooks can neither take or accept criticism in good faith. kindly note that anything in the public domain is subject to an opinion and that includes what you choose to write and not to write in your site.

      most important principle as you said - "WHAT is written is more important than WHO writes it". it seems that you yourself has not followed it in this case. MSM can also say that they have chosen to support rahul and writing against him is off topic for them.

      if the entire english media network deliberately choose to ignore an angry comment by a SC judge against a prominent personality there is certainly something fishy down there. and if a media watch site also choose to ignore this,
      i dont know why as a reader of the site i should not point that out.

      i think you should sit back and take a long hard opinion on whether you are truly and consistently being fair in pointing out the errors/malpractices of media.

      if all that you want is bouquets i can see that there are lot of people here to give you that.
      i rest my case and there would be no more comments from me hereafter.

    4. @K.Rahman

      The fact is, I have noticed that in previous posts too you have alleged certain stuff which I have allowed to pass. Since you ask, no the entire media has not ignored the Swamy-SC incident. So even there you are wrong. The issue is not material here so once again, I advise that you stick the topic if you wish to comment. I do what I do, and Im not guided by anyone's opinions, especially not prejudiced ones. So let the issue rest.

      Making nonsensical comments like I have concluded that "Kabir is the next Katju" most certainly reeks of "prejudice". I hope you will learn not to make such mindless inferences. Keep your comments to the topic without vague grievances.

    5. @Ravinar, I am a great fan of yours.But I am disappointed with your brash response to a very valid question from a secularist.It is true that most of the MSM did not report the said event as expected.It was not the most parliamentary way to shut him out. There were enough logical avenues to silence him knowing your vast repetoire of arguements.These are minor issues that would undermine an otherwise great blog that u are popularising.

    6. @Anand

      I dont usually respond and allow free commenting. But when I observe that a person frequently throws wild insinuations I do make it a point to respond. In this case, brash or not, I will be harsh on people who make wild inferences. If you agree with the nonsense of the inferences of what the commenter has pasted, you are welcome to it. This is a blog, not a a newspaper site, where rubbish can continuously pass unnoticed. And nobody has "shut him out". His comments are very much there. So you too need to be a little more in tune with the precision in writing that this blog employs in its posts.

    7. @rahman Media also ignore him when he achieve something (almost in all his case and public gathering)...may be they are too sacred to take on Swamy as all corrupted are...
      Ravinar i think would write (i am no one to judge), where he would feel something is biased or facts are twisted because they are paid or pressurize..
      In Swamy case if they did not print, it does not say about their biased or paid nature...

      same way mediacrook will not necessarily write if some media is doing good, as not his business...

    8. @ Rahman/Anand:

      This is from a Ravinar fan, who actually checks Mediacrooks as first task of day, even before seeing any news or reading any news paper. I certainly wish to respond here.

      1. You have to understand the content of blog and which specific area it has it's focus.

      2. Regarding your claim against Modi, then research on Modinama and Madhu Kishwar. Go beyond and you will understand how Media portrayed one person so negatively and still trying by fake lies. Coming to your mention of Firstpost, then check FP daily and how they publish articles on Modi everyday just to sell and receive huge comments. It's actually your MSM which highlights Modi not Ravinar. If we assume for a moment that a week MSM will true to it's mark then I believe there won't be any update on MC site.

      3. Regarding Subramanyam Swami, FP was one of the few papers who highlighted the news. But where was your same FP or perhaps any other news channel when Subramanyam Swami won the case against National Herald? Do you even know that he won the case?

      4. @ Anand, thanks for educating us that anyone who raises Modi question is a secularist.

      5. @ Rahman, before advising Ravinar to sit back, I think, it's time for you first to think that are you first in position to advise someone on MSM/Politics and do you know or have researched enough to throw any blind allegation. Point is, do not deliberately try to point out flaws by throwing a stone with a hit or miss chance.

  16. U could have made a mention of the case in question.?Only then can an average Indian guess why exactly the MSM blacked it out. As it is the KhanChris is banking on fading public memory about the umpteen cases against it,to make a mark in the elections.They have stopped denying their wrong doing as it is a foregone conclusion.No govt has received as much flakes from the SC as the incombent dispensation.The most famous one being the appointment of the CVC.There was the cancellation of hundred plus 2G licenses. I dont think the court was patting their backs as they pronounced the verdict. Neither did MC nitpick them.Can u imagine an attorney general forwarding a request to SC to pass a Muslim reservation prayer just bcos 350 minority students are awaiting selection in premeir institution forseeing a favourable verdict.It is the credit of the judge concerned that he did not fall dead out of laughter.That was a great moment that Media Crookes missed.

  17. These MSM ppl really have guts, just think how tough it would be for them to defend such a mindless speech. But really scary at the same time because most ppl watch/read them and think same :(.
    'Tavleen Singh' in IE rightl said analyzing RG's speech is like kicking a helpless puppy...

  18. Sorry If I sound repetitive. I will highly appreciate any insight into the question I had posed earlier. To me the it is very mathematical:

    Modi/BJP = Corporate Friendly
    Congress = Crony Capitalism (Corruption, worship us to get the license etc)
    Corporates "Own/Control" media.

    By inference, why can the English Delhi-based MSM not be turned in Modi/BJP's favor? I don't exactly predict riots if Congress poodles like BD, RD, VS, KK etc were fired. Who cares? They might shout from the aisles for a week, but it will eventually die down to nothing.

    Again, "Editorial Independence" is just a joke in India. These MSM idiots might not even understand the term.

    1. Its money power.....BJP does not have the money power nor the covert network required to turn these MSMs fellas forget pro-BJP , not even neutral....

      Congress in the last 60+ years has prerfected a system where every institution that you can think of is infilterated with Congi chamchas , all for the crumbs that Congress throws at them.....

      BJP can do well to do some investagive journalism and expose links between MSM and Congress , money trail that is....Again its easer said thanm done....

    2. You actually have to research well for your questions. The problem is, there is no single place or source like wiki to reveal the information but it's scattered across internet. Some activists have even exposed MSM people with document proof on how they get money and how they get involved in fraud.

      People like BD or RS wont be fired. They have reached that position after showing how crony they can be when it's against people, democracy and system. If BD wasn't fired for RadiaGate then it shows the management itself isnt concerned and support of negativity. And BD ka bhi boss hai, Boss kamaye bina chamchi nahi kama sakti.

      Coming to your party sponsorship of MSM media, then first start researching on party fund of each of the parties. If assume Congress has 100 Rs, then BJP has 10 Rs. This is the difference. MSM demands money for everything. Congress has huge budget, mastered it and have deep networks. They support anyone who goes against their opposition like Rajiv Shukla for example or the recent Gujarat elections where ineligible people were given election tickets.

      They oppose BJP/Modi coz they know once Modi comes to power, he will end their money laundering dreams and illegal activities.

      And good joke, Corporates control media. Research well, who controls who and what. Ambani owns part of network 18 and MSM never go against Reliance. They ensure nothing is highlighted bad against them. For example, research on BCCL, BCCL - HDFC etc. This will explain you the corporate and MSM connections. Now also explore how money is generated. Then explore ownership of channels and their relationship to politicians.

      Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost...!!! Uper wale ki marzi ke bina yahan kuch nahi hota, just find who is this Uper wala. Everything sells here.

    3. @Verma...Thanks for the response. I agree I am a greenhorn in the whole dissection of MSM and their relationship Congress. I am still learning and fine tuning my opinion. As a matter of fact, if it were not for this blog, I may have overlooked the entire nexus and be left wondering on the reasons behind the blatant and often crass anti-Modism in the MSM.

      Now, what I do know about is investments in India, how private sector is growing and how it is impacting GDP growth. Let me present something here (already available everywhere online):
      1) Adani Group : HQRS in Gujarat. Grew substantially from humble beginnings to be a mammoth conglomerate. Q3 results for year end 2012 were fantastic (can be found online).
      2) Reliance Petroleum: Biggest refinery in Jamnagar. Major revenue engine for Reliance.
      3) Torrent Gorup - major gujarat presence
      4) Zydus Cadila - major presence in gujarat
      5) Tata Motors, including the Nano plant and other foreign players, including Ford. They are coming up with a major auto hub.

      The list is endless. All are heavyweights, not fly-by-night types. Brings me back to my original question. Why can the corporates not be "cultivated" to be favorable to BJP?

      Corruption and Crony capitalism will involve taking bribes/kickbacks (Quid Pro Quo) or windfall profits through arbitrary allotments. But, it is advantageous to cultivate a friendly media. It is not corruption, but is having the media on your side. No need to exchange money/deprive the common man.

      If it is has not been done until now, now is the time to start. No point in just cribbing that Congess has been in power for 56 years and they own all the media. Politics is as much about shrewdness and acumen, as it is about dharma. Not every kaurava was slayed in a textbook dharmic way in Mahabharata. It is about the greater common good. Isn't it?

    4. @kctata blame it on RSS...BJP's first school. They dont teach this crony methods of favors/cultivate corporate..
      Looks like u miss Pramod Mahajan.

    5. Mr iitianway, It's like saying Blame my Grand mother for not teaching me J2EE.

      What's RSS got to do with this? It's for BJP to learn what it takes to Win and stay the right way. That no way RSS domain.

      RSS of course will have its say on what Economic model is in larger interest of the Nation, but the intricacies of handling the Business community is for the BJP to master.

    6. @sumanth There are ways other than CONways to be successful and lead in this world..and mother nature will teach them(BJP) one or two..

  19. Rs100 crores Diggy fund seems to have started working in SM.

  20. Hi sir, trust you're fine. Thanx for sharing this article. Read it yesterday, wanted to comment but due to paucity of time couldn't. Sir, professions can be really cruel and penalizing on professionals only if its not politicians and politics. Deepak malhotra's example you've sited is very well placed. I'd like to add a few, remember chetan sharma, who's last ball attempted yorker went for a six at sharjah, poor chap his career came to a full stop. Pity nobody remembers his hat trick in the world cup against the kiwis. Now this one I'm not sure of (namewise not eventwise), colombian footballer hihuita (if I remember correctly) was shot dead because of an error in a world cup match. But our politicians don't just make mistake but commit howlers making obnoxious statements but go unchecked, be it the yuvraj, be it diggy, be it beni prasad or be it this new kid on the block pawar. You have an entire team ready to explain and at times almost justify the content. Punishment certainly is not a word to be found in the dictionary of politicians

  21. Sir, now I remember his name it was escobar and not higuita. Correcting and apologies

  22. Am Surprised Sri Surjit Bhalla did not get the First principles part, it's so obvious, every one on the street knows it.

    He is a Gandhi Tag holder, the first and only principle.

  23. Dear Ravinarji!
    It has been a month long since I was introduced to your blog site and I honestly admit that I am mesmerized. I do check your blog in the morning, a/noon and evening and before going to bed. My doubts about MSM have started during 1999 itself that they are paid crooks and they were in congi payroll even though Cong was not in power during 1999-2004. Can anybody forget? how they have brought down the NDA into its knees with their 'kandahar' hijack episode/drama and the blot of 'Jaswant Singh' escorted the terrorists has taken the wind out of NDA/BJP thereafter. How they were a detrimental factor during 'Kargil' episode, how mean minded they were during 'coffin scam' and their hue & cry along with Congis during 'Tehelka' sting ops and the aftermath.
    'Paid Media' or as you have aptly put 'Media Crooks' have started flourishing during that period itself. Only difference was that they were critical of then ruling coalition govt of NDA and after UPA came to power they started 'wagging their tails' to their boss. Any sane person could have made out their biases and loyalty to whom, their leniency in news reporting about innumerable scams etc, etc. The above #PappuCII drama is the top notch that has exposed the MSM. In TOI 'Rahul (fake)Gandhi has positioned himself as an outsider to the system and questioned the system' and his speech was ............ blah, blah, blah. In HT and other news dailies it was the same story. Nauseating! I have watched his speech without any 'prejudged' view and found it laughable. Nothing to say more! I am grateful and thankful to your blog that it has relieved the burden of my thoughts that 'How come people are not seeing into the ploys and dramas of these MSM and especially Eng Media with the likes of BD, RD, SG, AG, etc, etc..
    Thank you once again Ravinarji!


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