Saturday, March 2, 2013

While The Cattle Burned In Godhra ...

Some myths take time to get busted; but they do get busted. This is a pic from the Slutwalk in New York in 2011. The poster a woman is carrying may shock you. At the bottom left corner of the poster is a self-caricature of the man who is often credited with inventing modern-day pop music. Yes, “Woman is the nigger of the world” was written and sung by John Lennon who also founded The Beatles. When the song was released it naturally sparked a controversy but those who protested realised quickly that it was a very pro-feminist song and not an insult to women. At other times, using the word “nigger” can have serious consequences across the world. In due course, the US Organization for Women awarded Lennon a "Positive Image of Women" citation for the song. After Christopher Hitchens, who lampooned Mother Teresa’s missionary work, there is lately another research by Canadians which states she was anything but a saint. It suggests that Mother Teresa was a “media-created saint” (see TOI report).

One such myth floating around is Shashi Tharoor (ST), the Honourable Minister, as an “intellectual”. I first closely observed Tharoor during a debate he had with Christopher Hitchens on ‘free speech’. I believe that was the first time ST too ran into a “real” intellectual and was schooled by Hitchens. I summarised the work of Tharoor, the happy-tongue hypocrite, in a post 3 years ago. Nothing has changed since then for me to assess him any differently. I was naturally curious when my Twitter friend Utsav Mitra put out this tweet on March 1. I guess ST was just furthering the Congress agenda of the TwitterNREGA programme when he started following people he would otherwise never have followed. These are a few Congress supporters on Twitter. Remember all the gaffes of ST? His “Nehru’s moral running commentary”. “Saudi Arabia as interlocutor” for Indo-Pak issues and most of all the “cattle class” remark, are all legends. In short, all of these would suggest ST is nothing more than Sushilkumar Shinde in a suit and speaking fluent English.

All his utterances plus his IPL misadventure cost him his ministerial job earlier. So ST in his second innings as a minister found the ultimate tactic to survive in Congress politics as a minister. And that is to frequently write about Narendra Modi and tar Gujarat. Now, as a politician ST is entitled to criticise and rubbish Modi as much as he wants and also proclaim Modi is unfit to be PM as he now writes in some papers. Nothing endears a politician to our media and the Congress party like a man targeting Modi. ST has learnt his lessons well. But when it comes to talking about riots and Jihad, ST proves he is not very different from Teesta Setalvad (TS). TS and ST! Let’s deviate from Mr.Happy-Tongue a bit. Let’s find out what Teesta is harvesting.

A report in DeshGujarat, and in many other news sites, has reproduced a letter written by residents of Gulberg Society in Ahmedabad to TS. The letter accuses TS of having collected over 1.5 crores for some purpose in the name of the Gujarat 2002 riots victims. After feeling fooled by her for all these years, the residents have now demanded the amount be distributed among them and the victims of the riots. In a separate letter, Gulberg residents have also asked the Police Commissioner not to allow any NGO crooks near them anymore. You can read the whole story in the link provided. There is hardly any doubt left that TS was a scavenger who enriched herself playing the saviour for riot victims. She’s not the only one many others too have enriched themselves. Some of them are prominent media celebs whose faces you see on your TV screens or newspapers every single day. Most of them have also received many awards, including Padma awards. The TS tactics of success are essential for progress under Congress and “Sickular hypocrites”. Any surprise why ST pays more attention to Gujarat and Narendra Modi now?

So in response to a query over an article concerning Narendra Modi ST sent out this tweet on February 28, 2013. This is line with the TS School of Success in Politics programme. This also partly borrows from the Digvijaya Singh School of stupidity, Asad Owaisi School of radicalisation and Sushil Shinde School of excuses for Jihad. I wonder if ST got a call from Hafiz Sayeed yet. If not, he will find praises from Hafiz ‘Saab’ pretty soon. Remember, both Digvijaya and Owaisi maintain the Babri demolition was the first advertisement for Jihad and Gujarat 2002 the second. We now wait for Owaisi’s ‘third wave’. Let’s forget that Jihad has existed and killed millions for 15 centuries across the world. Let’s forget that Pakis have promised a “1000-year Jihad” against India decades ago. It is futile to ask people like ST to see sense.

What ST forgets is that his tweet dangerously paints the Muslim community as a thoroughly violent community capable of no civilised response to violent events. What ST implies is that Hindus must and are capable of tolerating all kinds of atrocities and remain peaceful despite grave provocation. Okay, fine! But what he does miss is that he insults the entire Muslim community by implying that the only response they are capable of is Jihad. He confirms that Muslims are incapable of responding to communal riots with anything other than Jihad. By his own twisted logic Godhra was advertisement for the riots that followed. That’s your intellectual in a suit. That’s what brings me to ST’s cattle class nonsense. Remember how he justified it? No? Alright, we’ll get there.

Since Akhilesh Yadav took over UP CM there have been at least 9 communal riots as reported by CNN-IBN. So what did CNN-IBN do? They nominated him as “Indian of the year”. ST would agree since in most of those riots Hindus were victims and the media kept quiet. Er… Hindus didn’t see the advertisement. Hindu houses were burnt and razed to the ground sometime back in Deganga. Hindus all over talked about it, media supressed reports but Hindus didn’t get together and declare “jihad”. Oops… they didn’t see the ads. Recently, there have been communal riots in Canning (Bengal) and yet again Hindus were victims. Oh, they didn’t retaliate, they didn’t see the advertisement. Incidentally, Hindus are again being killed in Bangladesh but I’m sure Hindus in India or ST didn’t see any ads. Did they? Muslims have been so misguided and misled by certain leaders that they have been led to believe that the only way to respond to even events unrelated to India is through violence and jihad. Remember Azad Maidan? That orgy of violence was based on fake images. I believe ST would justify those images as “advertisement for jihad”. ST stereotypes them by implying Muslims are incapable of any other response. And Muslims gladly suffer such insults to their community and to their intelligence. It is leaders like ST whose utterances permanently keeps Muslims on the edge and leads them to believe Jihad is the only answer.

The stupid justification that ST offered for his cattle class is that he has lived abroad for 30 years and it’s a common joke for the way airlines treat passengers. Should I say, swell? I doubt ST had the gall to refer to anyone as cattle class while he lived abroad like John Lennon had the guts to call a woman a nigger in his song. In each case Mr.ST the context is important. Your cattle class is airline economy class, in India cattle class would be S-6 in Sabarmati Express. Even if it were a ‘western’ joke, the context in India is vastly different. India is a country where a huge majority has never flown in an aircraft much less experience bad treatment from airline companies. I doubt ST has ever travelled on Indian Railway train. Has he? I don’t know but let’s assume he has. If he has indeed ever travelled on an Indian train he wouldn’t have missed the fact the second class and general compartments are packed with people like they would normally be packed with ST’s cattle.  Even in reserved second class compartments there are crowds during a day journey. During the night there are encroachers who sleep on the floor.

So all that ST has done is join the huge gang that sees only Muslims having died in Gujarat 2002. It’s a very rewarding industry as a retired judge or many NGO crooks will tell you. For all these people, the 59 people who were burnt alive and were roasted to death were just cattle class who were stuffed in a train compartment. ST probably wasn’t in India when Godhra happened. In all probability those 59 who burned to death invited their deaths by advertising the name of Lord Ram by their chants. Right Mr.ST?  I haven’t seen one tweet from Shashi Tharoor about the Godhra burning when he mentions Gujarat 2002. Well why should he tweet about that, he has nothing but contempt for holy cows, doesn’t he? 


  1. We quickly gauged ST and TS, but still grateful to Media Crooks for writing their cattle class qualities Rajsthanies are proud of many things including their cattle.But not of this category.

  2. The art of fooling "The Fool" the prince charming is to make him believe he is smarter. compared to others. ST has some dreams for future and has to better his image within CONgi ranks and hence has to deliberately act as a moron. But we always know that he is one.

  3. who's next???????

    I would be happy if it is subramaniam swamy...............

    1. While it may or may not be true that Swamy is a stalking horse for you-know-who, the serial (and, one might say, not very successful) litigator in him sure reminds one of Oliver Wendell Holmes's remark that a man who argues his own case has a fool for a client.

  4. When Shashi Tharoor had joined congress, I was happy that such an "educated" and "capable" man had joined politics and congress. With due shame, I admit that it painted a more favorable picture of congress in me. And the cattle class comment by Tharoor was taken by me in "good humor".
    But subsequent showings of Tharoor, because of factual 50 crore GF, licking up of clown prince and his recent utterances on Modi are plain absurd. With his justification of Jihad in India, this ST climbs quick ladders in the Hall of Shame. The damage these crooks are doing to the fabric of India will take long time to repair.
    Mediacrooks has deftly pulled this guy for a sixer. He would have no face left to even reply to this article. What a fall for this fellow !

  5. media crooks you dont know 'cattle class the goods trains which carry cattles in wagons is cattle class if therefore shashi tharoor wants to travel by it do book a wagon with unwashed/unbathed cattlegroup as copassengers let him have that experience ohhh missed those cattle owner should be jihadi dont forget that

  6. "This also partly borrows from the Digvijaya Singh School of stupidity, Asad Owaisi School of radicalisation and Sushil Shinde School of excuses for Jihad"
    wow what a hard hitting words ...! take a bow.

    sir, one thing we must remember is, ST, TS, MSM, MK, and many more fiberals needs to praise dynasty, write against modi, sing sickularism song to be in power and its no surprise.....ST is just one among them.
    beautifully crafted article
    thank u for speaking our mind.

  7. Brilliant, as usual!

    Here is an eye opener about Twista :

    And another good one with full of lies :

    She seems to be a mental case!

    ST is more or less like her, except it takes watching the whole videos to realize what he is in the end. Twista is strikingly moronic within few first seconds!

  8. The real truth lies in his tweet that what exactly congress believe about Indian Muslims. If ST suggest Jihad as retaliation to any anti-muslim activity in India then congress must declare all Muslims as Terrorists. Shame on his interpretation about Muslims and Islam. And it would be more shameful and unfortunate if any muslim support his argument.....

  9. It brings tears in my eyes when i think of unbearable sufferings those 59 Women & children would have suffered when their bodies were burning...My heart cries, My eyes are full of tears rolling!!!! If their "chitkaar" will not start the end Jehadi Islamic terror of 1000 years, then this world will not be living place for Hindus!
    In my tweet y'day, I wrote that I have no respect for Shahshi Tharoor - He is a Cyber coolie of a Dynasty! To hell with all his degrees, sophistication,UNO connections and all those eye-wash. Many years back when he was trying for UNO President ship, I came to know that He is the writer of Biography of Nehru (The Father of Most Himalayan Problems of our Nation), my interest in him took a downward plunge! I made a conclusion then that He must be a Polished hypocrite like Nehru and subsequent events & utterances have vindicated me... Thank you very much Ranavir for writing article after article to expose such Polished Demons who are unfortunately born in Hinduism!


  10. Hindoos have suffred a lot due to ages of in-carceration we have ultimately become race of "dhimmi"
    Anybody who tries to show us are revered glory get branded as an religious fanatic.

    Ravinaar Ji

    I believe this problem is also due to years of sustained Education that Indian Education System has provided to us .which immediately accepts and everything from English is good and nothing is great about the Indian Sanskriti.

  11. Hi Ravi,

    I have been going through a series of comments from a post where someone is scolding kejriwal and I could see a tsunami of responses supporting kejriwal............

    Till recently even I was a fan of AK.......I really feel sad for them.......

    I want to shout it loud...........please follow

    I am providing that posts for reference.....

  12. All the crooks in media & politics have been repeatedly exposed by @mediacrooks but they still shamelessly continue their SICKularism. Only a Pervert will think of making money using Riots. Its worse than stealing from a beggar. Just for some money they will do any thing. But the end is near for
    Traitors/Sycophants/DynastyBootLicking #PaidPervertedPress are

  13. No wonder why the budget session was on 28th Feb, the day Godhra Train incident happened.
    Well said.

  14. look what congress does to u! hes gone insane.

  15. In the 70s and 80s, he used to be a big critic of the congress. Strange what power does to you.

  16. ST s election from a so called politically 'mature' state like kerala,on hindsight is a herculian blunder by them.When he landed in India as a UN diplomat,for months he pretended to know, not even his mother tongue.He prided himself in being so.Suddenly when he was given MP ticket he started speaking Mallu like how any conman would.Starting off with disjointed sentences and as the election approached,became almost flawless.Any mature voter would not have missed this fraudulent act.But that was when I realised that Kerala was just another gullible state in the country.

  17. Folks - please understand - we in Kerala are used to commie 'intellectuals' ( oxymoron I know). Compare to that creed, Shashi Tharoor is gem.

    But seriously, anyone who has read any of his books and still think him as an intellectual ought to have their head examined.

  18. Tharoor is not an intellectual. Neither is any of of the media mafias around. But, nor is your writing discoloured. You betray your bias fairly easily, and I have nothing against that.

    I feel the problem is religion. Islam, Hinduism, Christianity, the whole lot. Out with it, and we'll be a much better, safer society. In this context, Hitchens was absolutely right - He lambasted God, religion, and a man he once admired - George Fernandes - for joining a Hindu right wing government. In fact in the debate b/w him and Tharoor, he does mention the Jan Sangh contemptuously, Full marks to him for that. I wish he were alive.

  19. by the way, remember allegations of Shashi Tharoor thinking aloud about Telangana "militants" behind Dilsukhnagar Bombing in Hyderabad. Just for the sake of elongating his record contribution..and not to forget his face(read otherwise) saving arguments about Lokpal in Congress-BJP debate.

  20. Must saythat SASHI THAROOR is learning the tricks of trade very fastly after fumbling the first time.

    And, I must say that he is quite fast in undoing what he learnt in US all these years.

    RAVI it's just one more Jackass in the business.
    Won't be able to stop the Modi the jaggurnaut.

    Oh, Modi is being endorsed by BJP senior leaders too.

  21. @ankit kandpal- bandhu, problem religion me nahi hai,problem is soch me hai ki dusre ko bhi apna religion kaise manva diya jaaye. Kam se kam sanatan dharm ko anyo ke saath mat lapeto.

    1. Sanatan Dharma koi dood ka dhula nahi hai. Han aj ki duniya me ye sach hai ki Islam maximum nuksaan kar raha hai. Par iska matlab ye nahi hai ki Hinduism koi safedposh hai.

      In dharamguruon ne desh ko, samaj ko loot diya hai. Kisi bhagwaan ki alochna nahi kar sakte is desh me, kaisa freedom of speech hai yahan? Nari ka apman is dharm me bhi bahut hua hai. Sunderkaand ma aise alfaaz hain jo sharm se pani pani kar de kisi bhi sahi dimaag vale insaan ko.

      Jab tak ye dharm rahenge, inko manne vale, aur inke liye apni jaan dene vale bewkoof rahenge, tab tak ye desh apne kshamata se kam hi paega aur neta aur guru aur maulvi milke maze lootenge.

    2. @Abhishek ....
      Leave it dude .... waste of time replying to him .....

      Great work Ravi , keep it up :-)

  22. He wanted to become secretary general of UN...

  23. great article Ravi..
    this Modi praisers are still living in blasphemy lol.
    btw have you read today's DNA Article written by Aakar Patel?
    it was front page news.

    just read and you won't stop laughing.
    he says Modi has his poster everywhere but I see only Ms. Sonia Gandhi's photo everywhere in any scheme, meeting, rally etc.

  24. By ST's logic, 9/11 was an ad for whole Christianity to turn terrorists against Muslims! Similarly, ethnic cleansing out of Kashmiri Pandits from J&K was an ad for them to turn terrorist and kill all Muslims! Did it happen like that?? NO!! What's then so special with Jihadis that they read "ads" out of any event?

  25. st to me is no more than a brainless wonder

  26. BTW, Mr. ST, what's with so many bomb-blasts in Pakistan? Who is running ads there? For whom?

  27. At this time in India & specially after 2002 Media and all other political parties licking Muslim's feet. Everyone trying to show that they would can get justice for them and not uttering any word to critize them nor asking for displaced Kashmiri Pandits and hindus since 1947. And a result of all these some muslim leader becoming arrogant and taking disadvantage. They are forcely demanding (blackmailing)to fulfill all their demand whether it is right or wrong. For example Kamal Hasan's film "Vishwaroopam" there is nothing wrong or anti-islam in the movie but still they made big HALLA and get the result in their favour. Is this justified by ST? Terror attacks are growing in India because of by these Crooks not for 2002.


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