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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Wharton & The Anti-Nationals

Here’s a simple test for you. Name five Chinese brands across all categories of products. Got you thinking? Alright, let’s make it simpler. Name five American brands. I’m sure by the time I finish the next sentence you have already managed to reel off 10 American brand names. America wins. Oh yeah! What misses most of us is that each nation has a specialisation. The Chinese have come to wield enormous economic influence as a manufacturing nation not as a marketing nation. In contrast, USA has moved from a manufacturing giant to a marketing giant. There are many good things about American culture that we can borrow. But we always happen to borrow the worst things.

You see, while evil is easy to replicate; the good bits are hard to emulate. Considering the influence the Islamists and Commies have on our establishment it is unlikely you will ever have a First Amendment type law in India allowing absolute free speech. But we will happily import idiotic ideas like the worst of Hollywood movies and remake them in Bollywood. We will import silly stuff like Valentine’s Day which is a Greeting Card brand’s delight. Most American adults live separately from parents. So they have Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and have to spare a day each year to remember them. In India, even though most care for our parents all the time, we import such nonsense. Even so, all these imports aren’t harmful in anyway. There was a time when Madison Avenue creative geniuses would be recognised by their shoddy dress, unkempt beard and, most of all, a pony tail. Madison Avenue may have given up on that crap but our local geniuses now sport such creative identities. See what I mean?

Ah well, I had to chop off the face of one of them just in case he decides to sue me for defamation for using his face. We import and copy the worst of America while our establishment is incapable of borrowing the best from their culture. This is even more difficult when there are commies and anti-nationals floating as spokies for India. It is in this context that I view the “Ban Narendra Modi From Speaking At Wharton” campaign by certain Commies and Anti-nationals. Their names seem to ring a familiar tone: Ania Loomba, Suvir Kaul, Toorjo Ghosh, Shabnam Hashmi and sponsors like TV18 and even the GOI campaign of “Incredible India”. How nice! A GOI campaign supports an event that succumbs to a campaign that suppresses the voice of an Indian. And he happens to be a four-time elected Chief Minister of a state of India.

The moment USA announced Narendra Modi would not be welcome to USA or Wharton decided to withdraw his keynote address, the GOI should have cancelled all support to the event. But no, our GOI, mainly the Congress, delights in “snub” to Modi as much as the commies. Sometime back our media and commies celebrated the cancellation of summer courses of Subramanian Swamy at Harvard because of his hard-hitting article on Terrorism. Back then, commies like NDTV and CNN-IBN celebrated that moment as a “snub”.

One of the things about USA that I admire is that they consider even one American being attacked as an act against the country. Reprisal is assured. Any American attacked anywhere in the world is taken very seriously by the US govt. In contrast, the Indian GOI values Indian lives very casually It’s because the Americans shed their blood and sacrificed their lives for their freedom. Maybe we got it relatively easily. On their independence, the Americans charted their own course with their own Constitution. We did not. We just copied the operations of a tiny state called Britain.  

In the movie “Gandhi” in a scene the British Viceroy asks Gandhi “but India is a country of Hindus, Muslims, castes .. how will you handle all that?”.. And Gandhi replies: “Whatever it is, those are our problems, we will handle it our way”. Is it so? Is this what Gandhiji meant “our problems”? Regardless of what happened in Gujarat or whatever it is about Narendra Modi that should have been OUR problem. But commie NGOs, the Congress and many news channels think some institutes in the USA should interfere in OUR problems. This is the most shameful outcome of what is happening in India. Our govt and groups of commies have allowed our problems to be judged by institutions in the US. And if you need proof of how much hate our journos have for Indians this tweet by Praveen SR should tell you. He’s obviously a big fan of Hugo Chavez but what makes him want MMS or Modi to have died instead of Chavez? That’s the kind of anti-nationals floating among us.

If a ship were sinking, like the Titanic, who would Jack save first? Would he save Rose or some stranger from the Inkatha tribe? If you and I were in the same boat who would I save first? An Indian or some guy from Wharton? But no, for some commies and anti-nationals, Indians come last. They rejoice in Indians sinking merely because of their political ideologies. They would rather save Attila The Hun than save some Indian who doesn’t speak English very well. This is the worst import we made from the West. And Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi are going to speak about “Media and social change”. The Indian media like NDTV and CNN-IBN are among those that rejoice the “snubs” to the likes of Swamy and Modi. Are they Indians? Is the GOI Indian? To me, all those who campaigned with Wharton are nothing more than “Anti-nationals”. Someday, I hope they pay a price for having learned nothing good from the US. They live there and berate Indians all the time.

The Americans have marketed their institutions well. They have created bootlickers and slaves in India who will buy anything they sell. China is now a super-power because they showed the Americans their place. India, despite all talks of independence will not be a superpower as long as the establishment looks down upon Indians where other nations are concerned. We have produced fewer patriots and more anti-nationals.


  1. Okay I am laughing my guts out just having finished the first para- the line about chopping the face off was just brilliant.

  2. One of your best work. Why just the US, we have plenty to learn even from china if we want to. Their discipline and work culture is exceptional. But as you have pointed out, we tend to adopt the negatives naturally. I don't mind saying, I always wondered the americans celebrating father's and mother's day but this logic that you've pointed out never crossed my mind. Thanx for the article and for sharing. Cheers

  3. The Nehru-Gandhi propaganda has been successful in highlighting the non-violent movements. On the surface it seems that Gandhi fasted, and finally British gave independence. History hides the facts about the beatings taken by ordinary citizens, the hanging of great patriots.
    Unless our History is appreciated, Indians will be on destruction by self-abuse mode.

    1. Dear Vijendra,

      That's the sickest part of our freedom history. The British were so weakened during WW2 by continuous German onslaught that they took the decision to abandon India after the Navy rebellion. But unfortunately they thought thay might be able to re-capture India within a few years. Hence left India Partitioned & with a weak prime Minister & the Macaulay education system. Nehru & his brand of anti-Hindu & corrupt politics for last 60 years have brought this country to the brink of permanent destruction. We must see rise & opposition to NAMO in this context. These Leftist, Islamists & corrupt congi landlords are sensing their end.

    2. Not only that the British owe their lives to us.From 1900 till independence we paid the interest of their $200 million/year debt.At that time that much money was huge.We paid their debt and what we got in return?Everyone praises Churchill as a great statesman and tall leader of UK.What this tall leader had done?He deliberately starved 4-5 million Indians to death in the 1942-43 bengal famine.For him a brown man's life isn't worth to live.He is no less a Hitler.

    3. Agree. These Britishers were rascals of the first order. And look what we are all doing. Still communicating in their language, copying their customs, way of thinking, etc. Whatever value Churchill and others have for England, they are all looters and exploiters of India.

  4. I could actually visualize the resentment emanating from you. I wish I too could translate my displeasure so eloquently into words. Keep up the good work, thankfully 2014 is not too far away....

  5. Amongst us we are 5 & 100. But to an outsider we are 105. This is one great lesson from Mahabharata which we never learn. This lesson is a must whether it is from Mahabharata or present day America.


  6. Wish Praveen SR is reunited with his dear Chavez-ji wherever he might be.

    1. Praveen SR should know that it was Chavez who after assuming power in 1999-2000, began to influence OPEC members in a huge manner and got the oil prices touching the sky. I wish Chavez had died atleast 10 years ago so that we wouldnt have to pay such unusual high price for diesel and petrol today.

    2. And remains united there with Chavez forever and doesnt come to be born in our motherland!

  7. And now that I am done with the read I am angrier at this unholy alliance of the establishment for belittling India. Not for NaMo (who does not care two hoots) but at how a university can be allowed to snub millions of Indians who vest their faith in a man. It is a snub not to Modi but for Indians who voted from and will vote for him. And the anger we have is not against the misled Americans but against the Indians who still in this day and age pitch an Indians against Indian using foreign influences.

    1. By saying snub to Modi or Indians you are equaling Wharton to India or some nation.I would say it's a slap on Wharton's face.Here neither Modi,India nor Indians have lost anything.The sore loser is Wharton School of Business Mismanagement.

  8. @Ravinar,

    awesome as always, but i wont comment on that.

    i carry as my biggest achievement of my life of having been enough privileged to have few my contributions published on this blog. need no more satisfaction. mortal like me having articles on a blog that takes to cleaners media crooks of India. I have got my bharat ratna :)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. My comments in this post were the same as you see in next, I deleted because it carried my identity which I came to know later that doing so is prohibited in this blog.

    2. @Rutwik

      You are not allowed to disclose ID of others. As for your own ID, you are free to choose.

  10. Very Well written indeed! Congrats. Once again I would say we don't know our real history so we aren't proud of ourselves in any way. By 'we' I mean a large number of INDIANS and this can be attributed to 60 years of Congress rule post 1947. Even today, JNU pseudo-scholars dominate public space; public debate and enjoys the status of mainstream thinking process in India. Until this status-quo is cracked, nothing mush can be expected. Left Liberalism going to an extent of anti-nationalism & bashing of Hinduism is a real threat we confront today. Your blog can potentially counter that, for this I congratulate you and wishing you more & more penetrating and prolific writings like this.

  11. Our Foreign Minister was ecstatic on the latest event. He claimed that it proves Modi is not acceptable in large parts of the world. And I thought he was Foreign Minister of India.

    Anyway, who will save Congress from the bombshell during India Today Conclave?

  12. Classic! Anti-nationals, we do produce!

    The English MSM perfected the "look" and "accent" before anything. They get away with a lot of this is because, most common people, including educated ones like say doctors or engineers cannot readily comprehend the subtlety of certain biases which maybe be obvious to us on this forum. No one has the time nor the inclination to sit through something to analyze its tone and tenor. Even on those rabid debates, most viewers may not even realize that it blatant Congress propaganda and that they are all mere congress stooges. It is because a lot of people have "real work" to do, as opposed to these "journos" (god i hate that word) who have no "real" work whatsoever.

    The "look" is so critical here, that it will make your guts harden to realize that it substitutes for "knowledge" and "talent". I dont think it is a coincidence that all these MSM bimbos are dressed in Khadi kurtis, just like a lot of the guys are dressed in kurtas, to accentuate their "Indian-liberal-intellectual" look. Throw in a pair of glasses with unkempt beard and a ponytail as you said, we have another unbearable clone of Aakar Patel. It will be Arundhati Roy minus just the beard (or maybe not,you guys know best...lol)! But they do "let loose" in the night and go partying in the best clothes! They do have a social life! Those poor South Delhi/Doon School/St. Stepehen's gems; so desperately trying to show the light to us hillbillies.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. These people forget the various riots in India sponsored by Congress and the Genocide in the North East. In fact the Congress has a rich army of criminals on its roll; Orissa incident recently was just a sample of that where a lady officer was molested in the streets till some local goon who was humane enough rescued her.

  15. Very true , Good work Ravi .... keep going.

  16. Thanks once again for the lovely piece...First para was hilarious, you must have choped that pony tail to hide that identity....Gr8 anyway.

  17. brilliant as always...you should someday release a book with compilations from blog posts

  18. China is opening up CONFUCIAN Institutes across the globe to spread Chinese culture , language & traditions . What does INDIA under CONgress do ? Kill India's identity by killing its history, traditions, values, culture , religion , lifestyle ....the list can go on . Unless we wake up to this reality , we will have no identity after a few years!

    1. Life Enthusiast,

      IMHO this is not necessarily a prerogative of the Indian State.

      The Indian Nation however must do so.

      All the mess in the name of Religion and culture esp from West and Middle is is because of Religion/Culture as State policy, which should not be so.

      We the people and with our culture who form nation should do this work, and it is happening, has happened from ancient times too, just that its not a State assertion, it never was in our history (Ashoka was a rare exception).

  19. Who is this Praveen who want everyone from MMS to Modi die? Is he a drug-addict? How you came to know about him?

    1. I was shocked too. ie until i read Ravinar's twitter feed and found that he is a reporter at the Hindu. And then everything fell into place. You dont get to work there until you are convinced that some in this country and more equal than, you know, hindus.

      And if you have observed the stuff coming out from their Bangalore edition , vardabhai is a conservative comapred to the folks there............

  20. Readin ur blog and since u are talkinf about the US, I remember this line by Abe Lincoln which said something to the effect that America will never be destroyed from the outside...if they falter and lose their freedoms it will be because they destroyed themselves. Like u mentioned the anti-nationals we have are enough to destroy our unity from within - thank god people like Modi exist!

  21. My question is, do fiberals, commies, respect india as a nation ?

    1. I don't think so. Look at the bogus: there are multiple Indias, India and Bharat BS they keep peddling. Which country in history at a juncture of development we are at right now, has not faced income inequalities!

    2. Not at all. Its part of their religous beleif that class identity is bigger than identity as a nation. They dont care India splitting into peices as long as Hugo Chavezes rule each peice

  22. Speaking of Commies and Anti-Nationals, the two seem to go together as far as India is concerned. These Indian commies went around the UK during the Indo-China War of 1962, in support of China! Jis thali mein khate hain, usi mein ched karte hain.

  23. Dear Ravinar, was waiting for your take on this issue , brilliant work , you have put the words so beautifully , wish you had a news channel or some way your voice could reach to every Indian .

  24. It is amazing how you bring out something, which after reading seems so apparent and obvious. I would never have thought about it that way. I must say your blog is really helping me make understand the whole messed up MSM much better.

  25. Main Stream Media and left leaning Indian Intellectuals and commies in US are Jaichand Rathores.

    The History is repeating.......Indians/Hindus better be prepared for 2014 battle.

  26. Dear Media Crooks,

    Having followed your blogs and tweets for a year, the breadth of your picture amazes me. Like you, I am not a big fan of the current Central Government, and definitely not the electronic media, namely NDTV and CNN-IBN.

    All nations that became great or powerful, by self proclamation or by acknowledgement of others, did so with an active and constructive participation of The Fourth Estate in the endeavour. The electronic media has become the lagest and probably the most powerful constituent of the Fourth Estate, particularly in the 21st Century.

    Sadly for India, at the turn of the century as we were beginning to realise our power, within and outside, we were gifted with "media crooks of a crooked electronic media. (The first two words are not aimed at you, I know you understant, but, still the disclaimer). Also, in the name of "consolidation" as more and more channels, both news/information and entertainment, try and come under single ambits, the power of a single media house becoming large enough to hold the country at ransom as looms as a threat. The increase in owner ship of news media, both print and electronic, by politicians is not helping any cause at all. The Radia tapes, if nothing are a pointer at this pitfall that we are headed at.

    My take away from your writings, in the past and this one, we the Indians, have to sensitize ourselves about the evils of a reckless electronic media and form our opinions on our own judicious assessments rather than on what we see and hear out of their very biased cacophonies.

    Just can't resisit signing off without my name.


  27. Ravi,

    The irony is that Americans are listening to a bunch of commies.

    1. Dear Keshav,

      The americans don't give a hoot about some silly Wharton Conclave. The Wharton listened to these far leftist Indians because of hidden support from Govt of India.

  28. Ravinar,

    You mention of CNN-IBN rejoicing such snub and of Anti-Nationals...

    Let me refresh the memory of your readers how both marry well at match fixing studios like CNN-IBN.

    The present Deputy Editor of CNN-IBN Sagarika Ghose was then (1998) working for Outlook If am correct. She then wrote a panic piece "Rational Vs National" - See http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?205725.

    Some background on that piece, NDA had just come to power under the Charismatic Sri Atal Behari Vajpayee, a National party for change had taken over Delhi Sultanate (we were ruled by a Family or Leftists Anti-nationals otherwise).

    Now coming to this "Rational Vs National", Arun Shourie in his book "Eminent Historians" as well as in articles such as these "http://arunshourie.voiceofdharma.com/articles/19980627.htm" stripped apart these Journo and other Left intellectuals Bunch of Lies on the street, yet nobody apologized for this bunch of Lies, no “rational;” coverage of this expose.

    Now the key thing to notice in the "Rational Vs National" debate is, whilst the accusation made by Sagarika Ghose (and Vinod Mehta being the Editor) was wholly false, keeping the false accusation apart , the crux is see the panic !

    These Anti-Nationals cannot even take the word National!! For them their Leftist knowledge, Rationalism is above Patriotism, they swear by their Moscow Ideology more than by being an Indian.

    Moscow Ideologues first, Left coterie next, Indians Last could have been a better title for this piece of yours perhaps. Or recommend you to write one such piece with this title.

    I take this opportunity to exhort All your readers to Read these two books without fail. Read them as Holy text of Truth, for better understanding of these “Left Intellectuals”.

    1. Eminent Historians: Their Technology, Their Line, Their Fraud – by Arun Shourie
    2. Invading the Sacred: An Analysis of Hinduism Studies in America – by Krishnan Ramaswamy, Antonio de Nicolas, Aditi Banerjee

    Again would love to see a piece on “Moscow Ideologues first, Left coterie next, Indians Last”

    1. Thanks Sumanth, As I am an avid reader of Ravinar's blogs and as suggested by you, I will surely have a look.
      People like you who give out some extra information with valid proofs in the comments section always attract my view.

    2. Sumanth,

      Thank you very much for sharing the URL's of both the sites.

    3. Thanks Rohit.

      What we all PTs need to learn/imbibe from influential Patriots like Arun Shourie, Sri S Gurumurthy, Dr Swamy, Prof Vaidyanathan etc is that what it takes to "criticize", is a thoroughly researched work with ample proof on the table.

      In the recent Southern Region Patriotic Tweeples Conference, Dr Swamy urged, write in Strong language, but write responsibly.

      I think this is precisely what people like Ravinar, SandeepWeb, ShadowWarrior and many such others have been doing.

      For ex: Vicky Nanjappa has been relentlessly behing the movements of Jehadi terrorism. Depth on matters is another aspect.

      We need to develop this.

      Not merely pen from the heart, but put in some effort and some substance. After all there would be zillion facts available if you care, we are dealing with Lies, they stand no chance just if we care to dig in, especially in this era of Data explosion.

      Once again your little comment re-doubled my conviction to hold back and write with proof and write something that makes sense.

      I see a lot of PTs commenting Good work Ravinar, I appreciate that.

      But then Swami Vivekananda once said "This life is too short to be exchanging compliments" !!

      We need to really complement such work by doing some of our own, and not typing in mere complements.

      I hope more of us take a leaf or two of the efforts of PTs like Ravinar, and move beyond just typing in compliments in comment forms.

      Having said that will I blog ? Well needs lots of commitment, will give a shot though. Certainly will attempt comment such that it adds value or with corroborations, rather than mere God job stuff.

    4. Yes Sumanth,
      I agree with you and would like to add a few things.

      As you said that some people just compliment Ravinar for his blogs and you justified that we should put in that effort and do some research. I agree. This helps in not only making a solid view point about an issue but also help us in explaining it to others while we are confronted or blamed for mindlessly following some person or some beliefs.
      But then, some are not so good in putting the words of their hearts on paper. So, they just compliment a person who does this job well. It again helps as they spread the word. It also boosts the morale/conviction of the author to keep on writing just as my comment did to you. I am humbled for that recognition also.

      Next, you very well said "we are dealing with Lies, they stand no chance". This brings to my mind, a bit Ravinar's trademark style, the dialogue from my all time favorite courtroom comedy movie 'My Cousin Vinny' where Vinny tells his cousin Bill that the prosecution is building a case just like building a house wherein they will show you the bricks from a very special angle which will seem like a brick but is actually having no thickness just like a playing card. The link for that particular scene is below.
      Please do watch if you haven't watched this wonderful movie yet.

      This is what is flooded to the people by the paid and biased media. They build lies around a person and 2002 events while thankfully our Hon'ble Supreme Court and SITs are not some mindless audience of these news channels who have to type a "Y" or a "N" and send it to some fancy number and decide the outcome. They have tried and tested every evidence and came clean on the democratically elected Hon'ble CM of Gujarat.

      Lastly, people of this nation are awakened. We must thank the 9 years of corrupt rule which kick started us otherwise such an opportunity came to us in late 90's but we were easily disillusioned and gave up so early that we went back to Congress. We should have given Mr. Vajpayee and his comrades a chance. After all, the dirt and filth of the previous 50 years of rule takes time to be cleansed. These last 9 years have taught us well and hopefully we will reproduce the effort in the results of 2014 and more years to come.

      Till then I will be happily waiting for more info from your side and wish you all the best in your foray into blogging. You have already booked a reader. Thanks

  29. Apparently this guy Praveen WHATEVER has removed this tweet. How insensitive of him to have written it. At least sense prevailed.

  30. But Ravinaar

    As far as i remember IIPM Wallah has written good things about MODI in the Past


  31. Have you ever thought..why India is producing more anti national recently than patriots? Are we a target of big brothers? Is this Glasnost,Perestroika version of India?

    1. Chandra,

      In short its lacking in pride in our National ethos.

      So those who get to the top has been carefully hand picked by Nehru, and the coterie has been built like that.

      Could as well type in a longer response, gotta go now. Will pen my thoughts hopefully later in the day.

    2. is the same happening in Civil Services Exam as well?

  32. @ Ravinaar ,Have U noticed this

    1. Brother it is a link of a clip of ndtv hindi in which nidhi kulpati ask one of the panelist to defend congress.it has been removed by the youtube on the ground of copy right claim by NDTV group.

    2. :) @Ravinar... I liked it, I liked it... Good that u deleted both the comments... Both were egoistic... :)

  33. Today almost every TV debate, whether it is politics or economics, is an excercise in spoken english high on rhetorics and low on content. Anyone with greater depth of knowledge but poor english has no space.Every MSM channel is full of such low esteem west bound morons.More importantly these macauly puthras and puthris are programmed speakers,meaning they have a huge cache of sentence banks for all occassions. They are not instinctive speakers like a TSR subramaniam,Salman Khurshid or Abhishek Singhvi. The difference is there for anyone to see.As for the others,the better the diction the poorer the analysis.To trade ones own national interest for the upkeep their phoren image is the worst form treachery.This nation has a psyche that is still far from free thinking.

  34. Did you see the news in NDTV today. Delihi is Number 1 is Malnutrition. Now our MSM has to find somethign else to target Gujarat.
    What about Malnutrition question is out of the window

  35. Each country have given something or other to this world, like
    Britain gave Etiquette and manners, America gave marketing fundas, Japanese taught us discipline... and India, yes.. we have given world Ayurveda, but sadly today China manufactures more Aryuvedic products than India...

  36. we have produced many patriots ravi ji. its just that those patriots dont have space on tv and debates. and so you should not count these traitors on news channels and say that patriots are less in number.

    1. @thedoc

      Agreed. What I meant was patriots in the "establishment" .. there are very few.. The post is mostly directed at the "establishment" and not ordinary people. Your correction is welcome.

  37. Thanks for one of the best article i have read in recent memory, i stay miles away from Wharton and there are few of my friends planning on showing our displeasure to Wharton commies of what they missed.

  38. I would doubt it, 98% Indians are neutral and doesn't bother what happens to Nation,their nationalism lies in supporting crorepati cricketers and film actors,else how can you justify the 65 yrs of rule by congress.. after so many scams,congress is getting re-elected in many states. Do you think any patriot will hand over his nation to these corrupt and communal congress? I guess its because of lack of awareness and our indifferent attitude towards Injustice and corruption.

  39. The way this whole propaganda is carried out, young indians in the age group of 10-12 years will get the impression that after 1947 only one riot has happened....ie in 2002.

  40. hi,

    it is high time people of india understood that this nation does NOT belong to WTE ( waitress turned empress ) and her pseudo secular hindu hating poodles.

    the first step to control the "coterie" is to abolish the rajya sabha.

    slimy mani shankar iyer is cocky enough to believe , that he can always brown nose his way into parliament.

    he can never win an election.

    so what?

    rothschild's choice manmohan singh came in via assam quota .

    punch into google search ABOLISH THE RAJYA SABHA VADAKAYIL

    capt ajit vaadkayil

  41. Brave of you Ravinar.

    Very exact and insightful.

    What is the reason behind us producing anti-nationals ?

    Has it got something to do with our educational system?

    Or, is it, that these quislings hog the entire media limelight, and patriots are left at the sidelines with difficult questions of 'running the family' sapping them of their motivation to think about the nation and it's people?

    Or is it the pattern common across the entire spectrum of Third-world countries?

    Whatever, i feel good that Indians have started asking the right questions.
    Solutions will follow in the meantime.

    Ravinar, more power to you and the ilk of patriots willing to devote their precious time to nation-building.

    1. @shant

      We as a nation have more anti-nationals and many in positions of strength because of crass individualism and survival instinct
      People are more than willing to barter their religion , nation , public good , soceity , virtues for their individual private well being and survival .
      people change religion for money
      People indulge in mass hooliganism and riots for money
      Some take this a level lower by even bartering an intangible like Integrity / patriotism for money.
      There is no incentive for being honest and a person of integrity . You just need to take a look at the wealth , power , influence that the anti-nationals enjoy by bartering their souls . Why would anyone not want to be on their shoes ?? After all what does a satyendra dubey , Anna hazare , baba Ramdev get even in terms of basic respect and mass support ????
      Whilst this site has its loyal followers and there are many such champions carrying out their lone battles ( purely driven by ideals ) - it is no match to the reach and expanse of mainstream media and government patronage .

  42. "...But commie NGOs, the Congress and many news channels think some institutes in the USA should interfere in OUR problems. This is the most shameful outcome of what is happening in India. Our govt and groups of commies have allowed our problems to be judged by institutions in the US...." ---- what say GOI and proxy mc when kashmiris (OUR PROBLEM)say they want US to mediate, or want UN for that referendum(OUR PROBLEM) -- will it be a subject to US judgement. Why GOI did not call US when USA wanted to help India counter so many blasts (OUR PROBLEM) by "the religion of peace". PS: GOI= current UPA-II, who have lost all credibility of governance.

  43. Whatever has happened, in the ruckus Warton had a great free publicity due to our beloved Naamo.

    somebody did a background check on the Facebook friend list trail of the idiots who were opposing.

    and the outcome is not surprising. All are familiar faces on daily timepass debates on crook channels.

  44. Marvelous is the power which can be exercised, almost unconsciously, over a company, or an individual, or even upon a crowd by one person gifted with good temper, good digestion, good intellects.......Anthony Trollope and it is always Mediacrooks for right minded patriotic people!

  45. Its great to see so many people having fantastic ideas! Howeve the fiberals, the MSM, the Joshua Project/"Dalit" anti-hindus, the jihadists all are extremely well funded and have a clear cut plan.

    It is not enough for us to identify the problem and discuss it amongst us. I would like to hear what views we have on reclaiming the MSM, the polity and our country at large. All said and done, in today's world the good can triumph over evil only if it has sufficient resources (money) and clear plan.

  46. I agree with Sumanth when he meant that we need to comment with some value addition.
    I stopped seeing NDTV and in general, all TV News since many years as i could no longer bear their Anti-national, Anti-society propaganda. It was hurting me on daily basis. I stopped and I started mouth to mouth propaganda against these TV & Print media (Mainly TOI). Now only recently i came across Ravinar's site and development in Tweeter. It was a huge sigh of relief for me personally. so now i again started watching TV news to catch their lies, spins, double standards and put it on Tweeter whenever i see them. This has given me a kind of empowerment and satisfaction that there is a powerful medium where you can write your opinion which is read by large public.

    like NaMo said in recent BJP Conclave, The Only thing presently required by all the Bharatiya is to finish congress from this country. "Aur kuch nahi kiya aur ye kaam kiya to bhi Jeevan dhanya ho jayega!"

    Annihilation of Congress Culutre is a MUST to save our great Nation and Sanskriti.

    It is extremely important that everybody eligible Votes in 2014c(or 2013) elections. Because ultimately that would be the decider. Unless BJP (NaMo) comes to power and unless He enjoys the Majority, we can not expect major & quick positive changes.

    I may look weird but I must state here that Islam & Christianity or even Buddhism could not wipe out Culture of vedas (Hinduism as it is called today) because Our Nations entire existence was till recently based on SPIRITUAL POWER. IMHO These is the power which has protected us from annihilation and it is my firm belief that this the only power capable of protecting us in future. So It is my appeal that Spirituality is never removed from our day to day lives. When there is a Ramadas and pure life of Jeeja-mata, a Lion like Shivaji comes and protects Hinduism & righteousness from Islamic onslaught, When there is Ramakrsihna, Vivekananda is made who can inspire Millions and a generation of freedom fighters, When there is pure lives of Parents & society, a Sardar Patel arrives and Unites India and there will be many such examples. There will be thousands of Spiritualists who must be doing Spiritual penance in Himalayas or in many other corners of our nation-far removed from any public knowledge and They all lend their invisible but Most crucial support to our country & culture. However, we need our general public life also properly balance by Spirituality and not leave only on to those great souls.

    Jay Maa Bharati !!!

    1. Dear Utpal,

      Very Beautiful & Soulful. All we really need is a proud & strong visionary Hindu leader to become PM for a few decades & most of the rot & social problems created by Congi goons, Jehadis & corrupt will be finished along with the anti-hindu Media.Jai Maa Bharati !!!

    2. Dear Utpal,

      Totally agree.

      I recollect an incident in the Life of Sri Ramakrishna, one of his Lay disciple asked him, How to overcome Lust ? I have tried so hard but thoughts do not let me free.

      Sri Ramakrishna replied (not verbatim, I you do not want to head west, do not bother about West, head east, you will make progress.

      Likewise as you suggested Annihilation of Congress culture is a must, but that should happen as a consequency of demonstrating an alternate culture which is rich, demonstrating its utility and it should be strong enough not to be undermined by detractors and should occupy the centre stage of the national discussion.

      This is was the attempt of Jan Sangh, whether BJP is upholding as much is another matter.

      But assertion of the alternate political culture is the only way out.

      Exposing the "dark" side of Congress of course will come handy, and this is picking up in recent times, especially with Media V 2.0 i.e. with the advent of Internet.

      We need to demonstrate alternate and correct ways in every sphere which is corrupt.

    3. Dear Utpal,

      Although i agree to most of your points on Namo, media and congress, i beg to differ on one account. The part that says no other religion can anhilate Hinduism/ sanatana dharma.

      At one point of time the rule was based on the same value system in Modern day pakistan, Afganistan and possible deep inside of middle east and also the peripheral states of the Pakistan. You might check the writings of Mahabharata and/ or historical map empires during Kushan, Maurya or even old Nanda dynasties.

      But we have been systemically got wiped out from there, pakistan Hindu percentage has dwindled to low single digits. we are seeing systematic wipe out/ conversion in Bangladesh. The same happened to Hindus and Buddhists in Indonesia/ Thailand and many far eastern countries (pls check historical demographics of Malaya, Sumatra, Burma, Jawa).

      I hate to break this to you, unless a serious radicalization, union and intolerance (or Govt measures like Fixed offspring count, banning of religious conversion, Hindu state declaration)is inclucated into the entire Hindu community; we dont stand a chance on a smaller but united-radical ISLAM. The fact that even the Monotheist Christian community in its current form is under trememdous pressure from ISLAM in its western strongholds is being accepted in multiple political proponents and forums.

      Lets discuss the Darwinian philospohy and the concept of "Evolutionarily stable stratergy" to put things in persepctive. It proves that with multiple ideas (religion/ gene/ music genre.... you name it) once the point of inflection is reached, it can go only in one way. Say it goes in the way of ISLAM at X% of population (i am sure it is not more than a mere 30% given the deep fundamentalism and the ability to jusify any heinous deed by drwaing parallel from Sunnah/ Quran), once it reaches that point the ones who resist it will be punished and punished bad. The same evolutionary principles apply. Hindus might not go extinct, but can come to the level that of Afganistan in a few decades. Thats how much the balance is tilted towards ISLAM. Thats how much balance will always be tilted towards a superiority driven, justify all sins, promising unbridled power, promosing heaven for all and any kind of sinners of "in name of ISLAM" will always have towards a benevolent, fragmented,ultra tolerant, ultra submissive Hinduism/ religion.

      We have already seen the inflection in Kerala, parts of Bihar, eastern UP and parts of Assam where Hindu is already a second class citizen. Heck, we cant even stand our ground to not so fundamental Christianity in North-east.

      We shall see the inflection in other parts of country soon, and soon the time will come to decide whether this Hindustan will be called "Muslim land" by the likes of Anjem Choudary. I believe it will, in our life times,when the last place a Hindu will stay is in USA or stronger by law country of the west or east.

      Good luck to all of us, soon to be second class Hindus. Soon to be extinct.


    4. Dera Chittranjan while you said "we have been systemically got wiped out from there, Pakistan Hindu percentage has dwindled to low single digits. we are seeing systematic wipe out/ conversion in Bangladesh. The same happened to Hindus and Buddhists in Indonesia/ Thailand and many far eastern countries "
      You forgot to mention our own Kashmir from where most of the Hindus (Kashmiri Pandits) have been driven out and the are forced to live like Refugees in their own country. If any body talks about their plight he is termed as Communal.
      We cannot blame anybody. We ourselves are responsible for all this.

  47. Now that the latest figures about Malnutrition is out (2010-2011) and at the very top is the national capital and some of the worse performers have been KhanChris ruled states,the new tune in the MSM debates is that Malnutrition is not a governance issue. Some even feel that the figures are not correct. What goes for the goose does not seem to go for the gander.

  48. I have never been a right wing hindu, but i just got back from Dhaka today. Over the last one week the Hindu minority community in Bangladesh is being targeted for no known reason. These stories are on the front pages of every newspaper in Bangladesh.
    The American Government has put out a statement saying that is unacceptable for such violence on minorities to take place. What surprises me is that there hasn't been a peep from the Indian Government as yet.Of course our President Pranabda was visiting Dhaka last week and perhaps did not want to mention such minor irritants lest he was not served his favourite Hilsa.
    The Indian media has completely ignored this story, while it makes sure in case Muslims are targeted in Burma , timbucktoo..etc its breaking news.
    One really wonders whats going on, have we as a nation lost it completely? Is is a crime to be born a Hindu in India today? The media needs to be accountable.. this agenda driven stories need to stop .

  49. @Chittaranjan...

    You hit the bulls eye with your post. Most of us Hindus are passive to this problem. The fact that we don't have a pan-Hindu identity but rather divided in castes makes it even more challenging.

    There are numerous historical examples to show that places which were cradles of the Sanatan way of life have now become virulently anti-Hindu. Take Pakistan and all of East Bengal.

    However, I do have a point to make here. ROP did not purely spread by the sword in India. It never could have. It was Sufism that attracted a lot of common masses. With its firm emphasis on some form of monotheism and a "love" for god as opposed to "fear" of god, it was found attractive to vast sections of society who felt left out in Hinduism. That these Sufis were hardly learned in Quran or Hadith to intelligently speak on the religion is another matter. They sang and radiated mysticism from their very presence; which needless to say attracted a lot people in the "pre-technology" era.

    Now it is another matter that Sufis themselves practiced Bida'ah and not the pure Salafi version, whether knowingly or unknowingly. So many great populations that embraced ROP was because of the charm of the Sufi mendicants. I see this as a perfect strategy. You initially attract people with Sufism, so Sufis work as perfect agents. When ROP has gained a firm base with generations being born muslim, begins the Arabization. All the cultural aspects which were acceptable till then become "un-islamic".

    Its Hotel California, but you can neither check out nor leave!

  50. Ravi, don't you think it's time for India's Worst Journalists 2013 edition? Bhupendra Chaubey, Pallavi Ghosh and Padmaja Joshi are itching to break into the top 10. Let us oblige them!

  51. Wharton or Farton, Modi doesnt give a damn. But I feel now Modi should be very alert and should not agree to such hopeless universities invitations. He has lot many good things to do still in Gujarat and more in India. All Gujaratis in USA know how good Modi is, majority of rest of the Indians too know about Modi's capabilities and credentials over media and leftist buffoons. I dont think Modi needed Wharton platform for any good. He should be talking to youth of the nation. He should ask his team of dedicated youth (known as Modi Trolls on fora)to organise some grand webinar on leadership, development, governance etc and Modi and some others should talk in it.

  52. When do we will learn to be honest with our own country, congress have ruptured the nation since the beginning. An still many of us so called highly educated are very happy with brands, money, fat pay checks. None of us care the bad influence we are getting from Western Culture.Lets join hands together to care for India with Indian values.

  53. IMO, the Wharton issue is not about Modi but the cockroach mentality of Indians who relish in pulling down their own and ultimately hurting and demeaning India in other countries.

    It might be Modi today but it could as well be Sonia, Chidambaram or Kamalnath tomorrow. If similar attempt were to be made against Bush, you can be sure all Americans, Democrats or Republicans, and the might of US govt would be up against such a move in contrast to what happened at Wharton when GOI and its sponsors were celebrating the humiliation to Modi.

  54. I would like to agree with you had most of what you said wasn't biased tripe. But since it is and that contrasts with my sense of logic, have a good day.


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