Friday, March 15, 2013

RT If You Agree - Part 1

You finish the day’s work. You walk back into your house. A handful of people there are mourning around a dead body. That dead body is YOURS. What are they saying? Are they saying good things about you or are they whispering bad things and saying this was a terrible man and it is good he died? If you want those mourners to say good things, you have the power to do those good things right now. That is the essence of the chapter ‘Begin with the end in mind’ from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits. Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) is most famous for inventing the Dynamite. He was also the owner of Bofors which is quite infamous in India. In 1888 a newspaper wrongly published news about his death and wrote his obituary. His obit was titled “The merchant of death is dead”. Hmmm! That sounds familiar? So you know where “Maut ka Saudagar” comes from now, right?

The only problem was that it wasn’t Alfred but his brother who had died but Alfred Nobel was shocked to find this is how people will remember him; as the “Dynamite man” or “Merchant of death”. It shocked him so much that he decided to do a few things different. When he returned home he assigned a huge part of his wealth to an endowment to honour people who have contributed to a better world. That’s now called the Nobel Prize. So Alfred is now remembered not for dynamite or as merchant of death but for the Nobel Prize. If you want people to talk good about you, then do good things. A lesson the Congress and the GOI don’t seem to ever learn.    

In January 2013 during the ‘Chintan Shivir’ at Jaipur the Congress decided they had fallen way behind on the Social Media (SM) and have to do something about it. They decided it would take an expense of 100 Crores to combat what they determined was “propaganda” on the SM. That’s starting on the wrong foot by itself. When you decide to “combat” something you are in “defence” mode and not in proactive mode. In a response to this campaign plan by the Congress I wrote a post “How To Buy Friends & Influence Elections”. Among other things, I had suggested people like Digvijaya Singh or Kapil Sibal are the wrong people to lead any campaign on the SM. I had suggested Shashi Tharoor, instead, would be the right man. He is admired by even those who don’t like the Congress party and he absorbs criticism quite well. Looks like the Congress listened and put the man in charge. But since then, it has been downhill.  

Even the soft-tweeting Gargi Rawat of NDTV couldn’t help noticing how far behind the Govt really is. Actually, she meant Congress when she said “Govt”. She tweeted about the Indian Express story that laid out the Congress plans. So the Congress, like Alfred Nobel, discovered people weren’t saying nice things about them. So they brand them “propagandists”. That’s the first mistake. So why aren’t people saying nice things about the Congress? Umm.. let’s see! Endless scams, attacks on women, Gangrapes, frequent terror attacks, misuse of 66A and other such laws, caning sleeping protesters at Ramlila, banning cartoons, arresting cartoonists, defence of all the misdeeds. Remember the classic Manish Tiwari statement? Here’s what he once said about protesters:  “.....consists of "armchair fascists, over-ground Maoists, closet anarchists...lurking behind forces of right reaction and funded by invisible donors whose links may go back a long way abroad".

If you describe your critics and opponents with such hatred and contempt you can’t expect to go back and make friends on the SM. Can you? And in the IE article the Congress notes that people like Manish Tiwari have become active on the SM. Welcome! The servantile MSM will absorb and pass such nonsense for sound-bites, the SM won’t. This same Manish Tiwari who is so brazen and contemptuous in the MSM is so scared of the SM that he has locked up his Twitter account when I last checked (@ManishTiwari08 – which appears to be his account). He’s the I&B Minister. Is this how he’s going to communicate with the general public?

Another tweet by the same Gargi Rawat is stunning. MoS RPN Singh claimed Narendra Modi lifted the line “secularism means India First” from his profile on Twitter. The SM was quick to expose the fake claim of RPN Singh in no time. Mr.RPN must realise that the SM is not his backyard called NDTV or CNN-IBN. Now are these SM guys propagandists and armchair fascists? Unlike the MSM where lies are peddled as news or gospel, these will be exposed very quickly on the SM. So if people like RPN Singh are going to dish out silly stuff, the SM will be unkind and not drool like NDTV. This is the difficulty for the Congress which is long used to a slavish MSM which will bend, crawl and fall at its feet anytime. But I did point out to Gargi that it’s not just that people are ahead of the Congress in terms of online space but that they are far ahead in putting out facts and truth. Facts and truth are now largely incompatible with the MSM

People opposed to the Congress were blanked out from the MSM. For long they didn’t have a voice in the establishment. Technology sets the truth free as well. All the lies of MSM are now being exposed on a daily basis by people on the SM. Unfortunately, because Congress happens to be the GOI and MSM their slave, they are facing the brunt of these exposes. The other thing that the Congress overlooks is far more serious. They forget that among the large population on SM there are people who are far more educated, far more knowledgeable. They can any day beat the likes of campaigners like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Ashutosh, Nikhil Wagle and many more with their sheer knowledge and capabilities in articulating their arguments and articles spectacularly. I can name more than a dozen sites that are far superior to MSM propagandists any time.

The problem for the Congress also is that even the 100Crs, which is being jokingly called #TwitterNREGA, cannot buy these people. They may get hired hands but not the knowledge required to separate facts from fiction. This is the tough challenge that Shashi Tharoor faces. Thus, the newly joined campaigners for Congress on Twitter create far more comedy than any genuine communication. Congress has a plan to mass-RT anything that their leaders or campaigners tweet. That RT bit can easily turn into comedy. In the second part we will look at quite a bit of that comedy.

To be concluded


  1. The KhanChris high command itself is a model of the kind of feudalistic media policy that the party follows down below. Honchos are not answerable to anyone and at best are used to reading out one way commands to the psychophants in the party or the MSM.There are no press conferences or interviews given by the High command.If at all there is one,no Q&A allowed.This is being brandied as a virtue of class insulation while in reality it is the fear of coming face to face with their limitations.As of now their supporters being untrained in facing questions from the public are feeling the heat on SM. Hence, as always it is hoot and scoot policy even on SM.How long they can sustain it remains to be seen. The 100Cr will soon go up in smoke.SM is anti feudal and for that reason Sashi Tharoor will find the going tough.

  2. Very true Ravi. SM has given voice to those who are far brilliant and very high on integrity, who are otherwise not favored by the boot licking media mafia. awaiting the next part eagerly for some hearty laugh.

  3. fantastic writing,Ravi.Your pen is as sharp as ever.One of the best bloggers i have seen on net

  4. Brilliant! And despite even many Twitter Stars on the either side of the divide shouting from rooftops, that Twitter/Technology doesn't win any Electoral war, I agree with Kapil Sibal when he said - 50 people on twitter tweet something in the morning, by noon it is picked up by Television and by next day it is all over in the newspaper. So control the source of discomfort a.k.a Social Media.
    Shashi Tharoor was great when he tweeted just for the sake of expression, today he has a target akin to a job. We know what happens when you do something out of passion and when you are on a job - accuracy and relevance gets a go by and you simply churn out something to meet your target. Read Shashi Tharoor's tweet last night where He quotes a 6 year old, Classified ad, article (which itself was not original) and shoots on his feet - Innings defeat for Narendra Modi, he claimed. LOL!
    Eagerly waiting for Part -2 I just RT'ed you

  5. Ok, quench my thirst, bring the second part on my table! Cheers :)

  6. your every blog is laced with so good information & knowledge that we learn something new. You are too good. I wish if Rajdeeps, Barkhas, Arnabs and Sagarikas of the world would spend few minutes everyday to read your blog and understand your views.

    1. Rohan sir, AG, RS, SG's MSM world is nearly over..SM is taking over very fast everywhere...if they loose battle on SM they will be lost in history. No one is going to watch people fight..rather people want to participate live in this fight ..and that they do with SM.

  7. SM is like Stinging Mosquito in congress pyjama. It don't let them sit quiet and they cant bare open all.

    1. Well said. Had Alfred Nobel been a member of the opposition, congress and main stream media (MSM) would have exposed the 'communal' Alfred and harped eternally on dynamite only. The nature of congress is akin to a scorpion - leg pulling and poisonous in character. If congress is really sincere about counteracting 'propaganda,' will its president and vice-president speak out the 'truth?'

    2. Hahaha!"SM is like Stinging Mosquito in congress pyjama. It don't let them sit quiet and they cant bare open all."
      again Hahahaha...Now I know the reason why Rahul Gandi said "Politics is in our Pants" LoL!

  8. By MSM do you mean Mock Social Media?

  9. Excellent as always, keep up the good work.

    One question: Whenever i post your blogs link to facebook page i have to go through the SECURITY CHECKS, never understood why ? But it is not the case when i post some other web links.

    So strange but ture !! anyone have any idea why ? or had similar experience.

    Please feedback.

    1. I had the same experience two days back when I posted mediacrooks link., interesting observation .,

  10. Very gripping and informative writing as always Ravi!
    Addicted to Mediacrooks now, it is the first thing i check in the morning, waiting for the second part to this.

  11. Internet and social media is full with garbage since it's invention. But the real stuff with TRUTH, Honesty, knowledge and intellectual argument survived on Internet and made difference to the world. Shashi Tharoor's "Cattle class" remark itself was a garbage and he paid for that and lost his his initial acceptability and appreciation. Intelligent people like Raviji will gain respectability on Internet not the congress TwitterNREGA SM activists . Until now this voice was suppressed by slavish Main Stream Media as mentioned by Raviji.

    Eagerly waiting for Part II

  12. Hi Ravi,

    Always lacing in with piece of history yet making it so relevant, your blogs are such a delight to read. They are like sugar coated capsules containing sour medicine. Bang on again.

  13. As usual, awesome article Ravi... Kudos to your "Alertness" and seeing the things, that some of us may overlook, and expose the "Top to Toe" Corrupt Congress!!! I pray to God that, He help the People of India to rid this Cancer called CONGRESS(I).

    I hope this won't be taken personal:

    "Among other things, I had suggested people like Digvijaya Singh or Kapil Sibal are the wrong people to lead any campaign on the SM. I had suggested Shashi Tharoor, instead, would be the right man. He is admired by even those who don’t like the Congress party and he absorbs criticism quite well. Looks like the Congress listened and put the man in charge."

    I believe, you are well above the rotten Congress & it's sycophant MSM... You know better than anyone else, how popular your Articles are and it has happened only because of the quality of your writing and the Genuineness of reporting... The very same "Truth & Facts" that you have pointed out above... I think it is an insult to your persona, for you to tell that Congress listened to you...

    I understand and respect your intuition that Congress may have done what they did, due to your suggrestion... But, just felt that, does it really matter???

    Just speaking out my mind & not to offend you, I hope this will be taken in true spirit...

    I am following your blogs since your PageViews were 200K, and will follow you for time to come...

  14. Serventile MSM is to GoI and GoP...actually for people of country they are serpentine...

  15. My worry is GOI restricting SM in the name of National security.

    In my opinion, there is < 1% of India, who is connected on the internet and even lesser who understand the nefarious designs of this govts, ndtv and ibnlive. I still don t know if there exists one fair newspaper. If i have to read news, I goto timesofindia, ndtv/firstpost or ibnlive. The ad spends by GOI and these companies make us normal user believe that these are the most popular websites.

    Imagine, if this blog has 2+ million views (several people check once every day, to read another masterpiece).. how many of us are actually connected with the reality. I'd say, about 20,000 people.

    Is there a way, that this and other blogs channelize these energies to voters, in conjunction to what Arvind Kejriwal is doing..

    1. That remains my fear too. My fear is that we may remain only as a cult. A counter cultural in an environment of mainstream perceptions about Nation,Religion,Media and of course politicians. Lets hope we are wrong, and there is sizable number of people who understands the machinations of this paid main stream media.

    2. Dear Mr Mathur,

      Let me put this straight. Do you or anyone else see Arvind Kejriwal on any News Channel in past few days ? Answer :No. Do you know why ?
      Because Mr Kejriwal chewed more than he could digest.He received Media spotlight & rightly so till he was non-political & part of Janalokpal movement ( remember timesnow effect !). Unfortunately he showed true colours by parting ways with Anna, forming a political suicide party & target people at high places just to catch eyeballs. He is nothing more than a laughing stock & at best a Congress puppet to cut into BJP votes. Believe me AAP will suddenly receive focus in Media only during Delhi elections to cut into the opposition votes. The Corrupt Media is only an Effect, the real Cause is completely Corrupt & Anti-Hindu successive Congress Govts for past 60 years.
      The only real alternative to anti-Hindu & corrupt Congress party is NAMO lead BJP.

    3. Abhijit,
      Point 1, tell me frankly, where did AK go wrong? He exposed many big shots, but its not his prerogative or responsibility to take them to justice or prove their guilt/ innocence. I'd say, he is doing what wikileaks did.
      Point 2, parting ways with Anna was the right decision. Infact I have a serious doubt on Anna. He had no vision, no symbolic strength of his own to start a movement or bring change. It was AK and team, which were guiding/ puppeting him. They were the back bone of the movement, and once AK left, the movement fizzled out.
      When I read, Anna went for a detox session, or Anna went for a 1 month body clean up session, do you think his pension pay s for it or do you think Aam Aadmi would be paying for it or do you think his left over group is paying for his treatments... However I'd stop ranting over here, because i don t have any basis to speak on this matter. This is my hunch and thats it.
      On your argument, AK would cut into BJP vote. Yes and that's the biggest problem. But, have you thought what is BJP minus NaMO ?
      There is no question, no argument about NaMo's capability vision etc etc... and I would standby by him anytime.
      For me, if BJP declares NaMo as the prime ministerial candidate, I'd trust them, and vote for them for central elections. AK is the best possible regional solution, till he does nt take the center stage.

    4. BTW, I don t stay in Delhi or own allegiance to any party. For me, India is most important, than any human being.

  16. Really enjoy the manner in which you inject virus into them-knife thru thawed butter.Admire the way you build up initially with facts which are very informative :)Truth can give unending energy and courage which can be seen again and again in your write-ups for they come from your heart.Bless you!!

  17. Dear Ravinar,

    You say "They can any day beat the likes of campaigners like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Ashutosh, Nikhil Wagle..."

    You are too kind. They can beat the living daylights of these crooks any day or night. After all, what is the IQ of these morons, more like high school dropouts.

    It is just as somebody said - the able, the competent, the honest, simply didn't have a voice. Now they are being heard via SM.

  18. Big question is why nobody raised the question as to from where Congress will get 100 crore rupees to improve their so called Goodwill on Social Media which is shattered by their own scams and policies?

    They want to invest 100 crore for their own selfish greedy agenda?

    Instead they could have given that much of money to poor people or invest in a scheme which could benefit People, they would have automatically get the publicity which they wanted.

    Who has 100 crore lying around to give away to Congress just to suppress the critics of their bullsh!t policies and scams?.
    Probably I think there will be another scam for sure.

    CAG Vinod Rai please expose this scam also.

    Ravinar as always great post. Don't stop at any cost!!..


  19. Dear Ravi

    Excellent waiting to see the RT Part 2 , there are few right things with the congress and winnning or dominating SM would require throwing Sonia and Rahul out first , so Congress vs SM is the perception war that Congress has decided to fight with loot of tax payers money.

    A pondicherry congress worker whose 3 generations have been some karyakarta gave starling information

    1. Congress bribes goes all the way down to keep the network
    2. Even then Congress workers are totally against the whole thing but cant say it out otherwise such payments will stop
    3. There is a feeling that the inflation and price rise coming out of the Loots is far bigger and sucks all bribe payments they receive. Even the loot has become too big to sustain at a party level
    4. Congress should not come anywhere near ruling or opposition for next 10 years for India to start moving towards prosperity
    5. He is still a congress worker until 6 months back


  20. You are the latest addition to my favourite list of journalists (Cho Ramaswamy, Swapan Dasgupta and Arun Shourie), whose writings I cherish like your favourite bar of chocalate, when you dread approaching the last bit. i am now impatiently waiting for your book so that i can add your favourite authors list as well. Great going and God Bless!!!

  21. Excellent as usual.Truth and facts are the real strength of SM

  22. Thanks to mediacrooks...i have begun my own tirade against main-stream media...nothing too great but would be glad if you people check this out

  23. I am sure, you are going to make fun of @HydYouthCong in your next post. He was a real fun for us and a huge embarrasment for cong last week. You may end up popularising that first official #TwitterNREGA employee. Poor fellow, he cant take so much weight.

  24. Perfectly said!!! there are so many examples of asses who are tweeting such nonsense that other than laughing you dont even pause to think abt what they are saying!!! ST has a huge task ahead of him but he faltered too right in the beginning with the crap tweet abt Guj and Ker!!! They do not know how to handle criticism, they are only used to yes men since that is exactly what they have been. We need to be careful since getting into debates with them will be unfortunate - as a wise man once said - dont argue with stiupidity, they will first pull you down to their level and then beat you with experience!!

  25. the suspense is as good as breaking bad ...

  26. Brilliant piece,as always.I just understand how things are going in political circle through your blog.So much to learn..waiting for the next part.

  27. MSM and newspapers in the name of democracy and freedom of speech actually dont allow another view point or truth a major casuality. MSM and Newspapers are monologues as it is written/telecasted with their own twists and turns. But in SM, its interactive. You tell a lie, you get caught with pants down. This interaction is causing problem as MSM are not able to digest the fact that they can not suppress the view points which are not in sync with them. Moreover, their lies and rumours get exposed. As you rightly said, SM has many excellent writers and bloggers like the author who are far superior than most of the MSM. This is mainly due to the fact that these SM bloggers have got truth and facts with them just like yesteryear newsmen Chitra Subramaniam and Arun Shourie. This is the reason they were able to reduce a party from 425 out of 534 to some paltry 100 and odd. See now, MSM has journos who does not have truth by their side but still goes on propagating their view than news. Classic example their sinister and scandelous campaign against Narendra Modi.
    No doubt, this has made Chidambaram realise the importance of skill development and allotted 1000 cr.


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