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Friday, March 1, 2013

Intolerable Acquittals

Sometime ago Digvijaya Singh attended a grand ceremony and launched the book “26/11 An RSS Conspiracy”. Post that event the author of that silly book, Aziz Burney, had apologised in his paper for his great work of research done from some sewer in his head. Not just apologise, Burney went onHe cited a piece he wrote on December 17 last year entitled, Hafiz Sayed hamara apraadhi hai, ise hamein saunpo, (Hafiz Sayed is our enemy, hand him to us). "(The piece) does not talk about 26/11 nor links the incident with the RSS." The timing of the grand launch of that imaginary “conspiracy” was December 6, 2010 (The Babri anniversary). Before and after that dubious ceremony the Congress party members have been spinning a spurious theory of “Saffron terror” or “Hindu terror”. This was their scheme to deflect attention from the real terrorists and “balance” the whole terrorism game between Hindus and Muslims.

Hafiz Sayeed is our enemy? Actually, Hafiz ‘Saab’ found a friend in Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde when he claimed BJP and RSS are running terror camps and bomb-making factories. When Shinde brought up “Hindu terror” again he was applauded by Hafiz. Since P. Chidambaram started off with the “saffron terror” theory in a more brazen manner our MSM was happy to latch on to that hoax and has since been hawking the theory in every instance of terrorism. The same theory applies to so-called hate speeches. If a Hindu makes an incendiary speech, that is hate speech for the media. If a Muslim does so, it’s mostly misguided youth, victimhood or even in a “juvenile” state of mind. The Muslim leaders can call for Jihad as often as they want but responding to them is a crime it seems.

After the recent blasts in Hyderabad, information was made available to media by the authorities in Hyderabad or Delhi with which they narrowed down the perpetrators to Indian Mujahideen. Of course, the media is wrong, as always, to speculate so much without solid reliable information. Our police and investigators are equally stupid in making juicy titbits available to the media before even preliminary investigations are made. CNN-IBN and Rajdeep Sardesai were no exceptions to the loud airings of these stories. They don’t want to be left behind TimesNow, do they? Now, if CNN-IBN is screaming IM then that’s the time for our Social Genius, Sagarika Ghose, to plunge to newer levels of stupidity. She’s like an oil prospector. If hole-1 doesn’t pump up any oil despite drilling right down to the centre of the earth, she nonchalantly moves on to drill another hole. She keeps on drilling till she hits new depths in stupidity. Amazing talent, I must say.

Remember what SG said about Ak Owaisi’s hate speech? She said his brother, Asad, was a gentleman. Yeah, why not! It’s a different matter that Asad too makes incendiary speeches, even from the floor of the parliament. Asad also has cases pending against him that are being prosecuted. But post the Hyderabad blasts he was the first panellist on CNN-IBN with Rajdeep. Quite naturally! He is “innocent”. But hey, that Varun Gandhi was a criminal from the day he was accused of some speech in 2009 before the general elections. All the channels, particularly NDTV and CNN-IBN, played his speech over and over again due to the election season. Some of it alleged to be “doctored” as well. The paymasters were happy.

So post-Hyderabad and connections made with IM, the Social Genius sends out another Bimboesque tweet. This time she has sound advice for the police. That part was fine but she comes up with another piece of mindless nonsense. “Don’t playact in some 9/11 movie” she says. Huh? What exactly is that supposed to mean? Playact? In some 9/11 movie? So what did happen after 9/11? Did the US agencies go around cracking down on Muslims all over the place? No! One of the first things George Bush did was to visit a mosque in Washington and proclaimed his now famous statement “Islam is a Religion of Peace”. Ever since Bush’s declaration, Islam is being referred to as “ROP” a lot more commonly; sometimes in dry humour and sarcasm. Another thing that did happen was that Sikh men were confused to be of Osama Bin Laden’s community and were attacked. One of them was killed in a revenge attack. Fortunately, for all the revenge attacks the US media didn’t come up with a “Christian terror” theory. Unfortunately, they missed Indian politicians and media morons who could have come up with that.

After 9/11 flights were grounded across the US. But far from cracking down on Muslims what the Bush govt did was to pack off Saudi nationals to protect them from attacks. This is what appeared in Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” too:

"After the airspace reopened, six chartered flights with 142 people, mostly Saudi Arabian nationals, departed from the United States between September 14 and 24. One flight, the so-called Bin Ladin flight, departed the United States on September 20 with 26 passengers, most of them relatives of Usama Bin Ladin." National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States, Threats and Responses in 2001, Staff Statement No. 10, The Saudi Flights.

So, far from arresting or even attacking any Muslims in the US, the Saudis and even relatives of Osama were given safe passage out of the US. So what crap is Sagarika peddling? I guess only her “Numero Uno” political analyst buys her nonsense. The US did get Osama in the end. In India, our govt tries to balance the real terror threats and acts by some imaginary “Hindu terror” and people in the media extend that campaign of lies and more lies. Our media celebs hate it if Muslims are caught in hate-speeches or acts of terror. They probably wish it were Hindus instead. They can’t even stand the acquittal of Hindus in many legal cases. If a Hindu is acquitted it’s like a criminal was allowed to go scot-free. If Muslims are arrested then their community is being victimised. This is the essence of “Sickularism”. Some channels have made hate-Hinduism their staple diet. It provides them with their ‘Haleem’ and ‘Hyderabadi Biryani’ for life; not to mention a generous dole of govt ads. After every Islamic terror attack, those good Muslims turn atheists as this chart floating on the internet will tell you. Those guys become atheists, so you have only Hindu terror.

Then again, when some were convicted in the Godhra train burning and terror case NDTV promptly announced that “63 were acquitted”. Yes indeed, those were “innocent” Muslims”. But when the courts acquitted 29 in the Naroda Patiya case of Gujarat 2002 they were “let off”. These 29 Hindus were, of course, guilty as hell and the courts had let them off and allowed them to walk free. Such injustice, eh? That’s the kind of hatred that NDTV breeds for justice and contempt for Hindus even when courts pronounced verdict. Just in case you forgot, these same channels called the Ayodhya verdict of the Allahabad High Court a “Panchayati verdict”.  

It wasn’t very different when Varun Gandhi was acquitted in the “hate speech” case of 2009 against him. Mayawati had even arrested him under the National Security Act which action was struck down by the Supreme Court. Now that VarunG has been acquitted in one of the cases, it is not really an acquittal. Our stupid courts just “let him off”. That’s what our media would have you believe. If it was NDTV in the Gujarat case, it had to be her colonial cousin in the case of Varun Gandhi to proclaim he was “let off”. You see, when it comes to Hindus or for that matter Narendra Modi, courts do not have jurisdiction. If they are pronounced guilty by the bimbos in our media then the court can only make mistakes and “let them off”. In September 2011 when the SC referred Zakia Jafri’s petition against Modi back to the lower court Sagarika was desperately wishing that the court should have at least passed some “strictures” against him. For the first time in 11 years February 28 passed without another trashing of Modi. These guys must surely be tired and must have found peaceful refuge in the Budget discussions.  

If you’re a Hindu even remotely connected to or even wrongly arrested in any criminal case then the only justice is if you are sentenced to prison, to life in prison or to death. Nothing else will do for our Hindu-hating media. Any acquittal is sheer injustice and intolerable.


  1. Another master piece. Hope rajdeep and the ghost who talks are made to read your articles till they really feel ashamed.
    I expect that you will pass judgement on our hindi channels too.They are no less morons.

    1. Hindi 'News' channels? No brother there is no such concept. Its Hindi entertainment-cum-comedy-cum-masala-cum-repeats of saas,bahu serials if u missed them-cum-amazing youtube videos channels with some alert of any major news with a rhyming or alliterated headline embedded in them.
      So, why should Ravinar waste time on them meanwhile keeping us deviod of reading between the lines of something we call as English 'News' channel but actually are English 'Views' channels.

  2. Another great one! I am sure, bimbos do read these articles, but they are shameless! They are becoming even more so now, as their glory days are going to end soon (hopefully).

    1. Bimboo will be busted ;-)

    2. There is nothing like Hope these days, when money can buy Hopes. It is only our actions in the right direction that will change this country's destiny. Let's Get the Right Governance and not "a Rich Govt."

  3. bull's eye , often people of india wonders whats wrong with the media in this matter and the answer is here ,

  4. Hi Ravinar,
    Great post!!
    I have worked in RSS and know exactly what social responsibility they fulfill. So, likes of Aziz Bruney and their propaganda don't even bother me.
    Also, please analyse these two information and come up with some reference of it in any of your following posts:
    1) http://www.scribd.com/doc/127775572/Gulbarg-Society-members-send-notice-to-Teesta-Setalvad

    2) http://www.firstpost.com/topic/person/a-raja-h117-rahul-mehta-on-government-servant-subramaniam-swamy-a-video-x3af_6A-jd8-61846-10.html
    Rahul Mehta's facts and logic make sense too. Please help clear the confusion with your in-depth analysis.
    I know its asking too much from your schedule but at least if you can consider this request from a fan of yours, then please let me know.

    1. Yes Ravi,

      I have unlearnt many things I have learned so far........

      Please relieve us with your analysis on subramaniam swamy.........
      I doubt he is another kejriwal.narendra dabholkar..etc

    2. i am shocked by listening to him but still not completely convinced that Swamy is funded by MNC.
      and at least EVM machine issue is solved and swami actually won the case in that and before 2014 election it would be used.
      and also what he talk about by filing case to chidambram gandhi parivar getting benefit is not true...When he is maligning PC, sonia and rahul all so it does not make sense...
      He is politician first and he admitted that he will not file any case against any BJP member as he is in support right now...
      Point is he himself does not seems corrupt and can use the law power to damage any body as almost all others are corrupt...
      got really confused after watching this video..
      Still hope to see Modi as PM in 2014 and swami ji getting some high cabinet position...

    3. To add to my previous comment.
      He has always opposed FDI in retail since beginning, so how can one claim him to be agent of MNCs.
      also in his many video he has shown supporting Hinduism and trying to make ppl aware of it but still critics calling him supporter of missionaries.
      Indira Gandhi did good things but does it mean one can ignore and i think he became strong after emergency...
      He is talking about case against sonia..at least he has brought this in front of many ppl and why he himself(Rahul) or any other can not file case against Sonia..
      also one can not forget good he has done to country...
      Again i am novice and if someone like Ravi can put light that will be better

  5. Nice read, but on the issue of Hindu terrorism, let's call a spade a spade, at least here on the internet.

    Hindu or Saffron terrorism is just a façade and a pathetic attempt of the leftist class of our country at creating an equivalency with Islamic terrorism, lest they have to go through the rigors of tackling, at an intellectual and pragmatic level, the scourge of exclusivist, expansionist, and supremacist tenets of Islam, which has been sending shivers down the collective spine of Western democracies and which is posing a very serious existential threat to the very idea of our nationhood, given the large adherents, mostly impoverished and uneducated, it has in its fold.

    ‘All religions have black sheep’, ‘Terrorism has no color’, ‘A terrorist has no religion’, et al – these gross attempts at generalization by the political and academic class, ably supported by the media, reeks of a clear attempt to escape from the arduous task of sifting the good from the bad, the bad from the worse, or at least creating gradations of badness so that the problems may be tackled at the logistic, strategic, and ideological levels. Acts of terrorism, especially those kinds that are found to be as sustained to be regarded as dangerous to the society, are ideologically rooted or motivated. Islamic terrorism, whoever perpetuates it in whatever form, has an ideological backing – Islam seeks to recursively divide the society into us versus them and victims versus aggressors, until one of the warring divisions survive the Darwinian struggle, and the vicious dis-unification further continues unto death, thereby perpetuating a perennial victimhood mentality under the garb of justice-seeking. There is no peace even in the vast swathes of lands where the religion of peace holds absolute sway.

    The so called Hindu terrorism, if ever such a thing exists, may at best be a dénouement of the state and society bending over backwards to accommodate Islamists and their perverse divisive tendencies. While it will be debatable to call the reaction of fringe loonies from the Hindu community as terrorism, there is no doubt every intended violent reaction must be neutralized permanently. It still doesn’t take away from the fact that Hindu terrorism, if ever such a thing exists, can’t be compared to Islamic terrorism, which has an ideological, scriptural, and financial backing like no other forms of terrorism.

  6. Great Ravi. Another feather on your cap!
    Just returned from Kumbh. What I saw was Bharat, Bharat and Bharat all the way. Millions of Hindus helping each other on the bank of Sangam, great spiritual and humbling experience. Love my Bharat! Terrorists from Top to Toe as Manish Tiwary would call them, and UPA and SP Government left wondering why these terrorists are not being blown apart or killing each other!

    Two comments, I make.
    1. All Congress Party members are are anti-India, anti-Hindu and there should not be any ambiguity about it. They are produce of same crop which Coward MK Gandhi was?

    2. Devout Hindu wipes the c$$p of beefeater every time. She lives in c$$p, breathes c$$p and coated with it. Do you expect any sense from her?

  7. Hi Ravi,

    Another great article as always. Advanced congrats for your 2Million milestone. Keep up the excellent work and let more & more eyes be opened to the current state of affairs.


  8. Superb read! This writings on this blog get getting better and better all the time.

  9. HaHaHa,so true.If Barkha and Rajdeep are leaders there are so many others also. Javed Ansari (Headlines Today) has 'serious ideological differences' with 'hindutva forces' (he seems to be a fan of Akhilesh Yadav).Vinod Sharma and Shekhar Gupta believe in 'secular values'.Karan Thapar, Vinod Mehta believe in 'secular model'.Sameer Jain (TOI) says he is into the advertising business (and obviously Govt of India is a big client).This is an endless list.

    "Barbade gulistaan karne ko bus ek hi ullu kafi tha ,har shaakh pe ullu baithe hain anjaame gulistaan kya hoga?" (but no doubt there are some good journalists still there who never get publicity and fame they deserve).

  10. It is waste of time criticizing media crooks. They can't be corrected as our leaders are beyond repair. Their mind connections are loose. Only God can repair if he has any capacity to do that.
    Ravi it would be better if you use your mighty pen, which is very smooth filled with passion, in educating people of India.

    1. Dear Pradeep Shanker,

      Ravinar IS educating people of India with his mighty pen ! He has given voice to atleast a few millions in our country. But yes if you want God to repair everything then may be you have to wait.

    2. Ravi is already angry over my comment. Though I don't know why. In fact I have seen very few writer as such passionate as Ravi is. I meant no bad comment. I feel if he use his pen in some other area, he can create revolution because these media person are really beyond repair as I have dealt in my 40 year carrier & still dealing media even after retirement.
      Again I would like to clear I meant no offence & wish best for Ravi and his blog

    3. @Pradeep

      You are wrong. No one is angry. Fact is you pointed your comment to me on Twitter and after reading your comment I had to surely point out to you that if you consider it a "Waste" of time doing what I do, then naturally my question was why you're wasting your time reading or commenting on it.

      Secondly, you dont get to decide how and where I use my pen and for what purpose. I have chosen to do something and you are welcome to read and comment. The issue is you werent just making a suggestion, you wrote that Im wasting my time. Well, it happens to be my time so it doesnt cost you anything and you dont pay to read it. If you are not getting what you want, you must sensibly search for it somewhere else. That's a simple adult thing to do.

      FYI you also mentioned I must "Educate" people of India. I think someone has already answered that Q. Now the other point is if you're not getting some education you want here, again you must seek it elsewhere.

      Lastly, I dont like all the big talk of creating a "revolution" and so on. The ideal thing to do would be to leave your comment and try not to seek special attention to yourself or your comment. Unless I consider it absolutely necessary I do not comment on any comments whether good bad or ugly. People who write in the public domain get all kinds of comments, they are used to it. Do keep that in mind next time.

      And next time, I suggest you keep your comments to the topic instead of indulging in a prolonged and protracted conversation on Twitter or here. That will save your time.

    4. As Abhijeet mentioned, apart from other things what Ravi's blog is doing is to educating the people (hmm lets say making people become more informative rather) .

      If Ravi is angry on ur comment then it may be because you are thinking this blog is to correct the MSM people .... nope it is not .... even they(MSM ppl n Sickulars) know that they cant come out of the crap they are in because of their commitments (and my sympathy to all of them) ....

      I read this blog to properly educate my self , to know that there are lot of people who share the same feeling (that there is some thing wrong about "Secular" India).

      My appreciation to this blog should in-directly give message to the "Secular" intellectuals and MSM people the era of hit and run(to hindu sentiments), with out having to give an explanation is ending and now either they have to refrain doing it or take responsibility to what ever they speek.

      Hope you get wat I am trying to say , (ya I feel you meant no offences by the way).

      Good work Ravi, Keep it up. :-)

    5. Who said Ravi is trying to correct MSM folks...they wont coz their swiss accounts are getting bigger and bigger by the day , thanks to the crumbs thrown at them by Cong....

      Ravi is indeed educating the masses...why do think Cong keeps winning over and over again despite monumental corruption....Its because poor vote for them for some freebies and middle class still votes for them becuase of the propaganda campaign by MSM..Muslims will always vote for any anti-India party.....

      If ravi can "enlighten" atleast some of middles class and root out Congress its a big win....

      Are you that naive that you dont get it???...you seem to be secret supporter of MSM....

    6. Please permit me to add a couple of sentences. AA made an immaculate statement, his (mediacrooks') efforts are not directed towards repairing the media. Mediacrooks is a street smart person and he knows jolly well that no matter what he does, its going to have no impact or effect over sagarika or barkha. what can happen is that we change our perception of how we look up to people like sagarika and barkha. Secondly, i think the word used by my friends "education" is not correct, the right word i think would be awareness.

    7. I have no inclination to criticize anyone because I don't find myself qualified enough for such thing. If anyone read again what I said then it will be clear that I was not criticizing Ravinar for whom I have lot of respect because I find him a prolific writer with great insight. I never said Ravi is wasting time. I quote "It is waste of time criticizing media crooks" I never said Ravi is wasting time. In fact he is doing best by bringing wrong doing of these media persons. I wish him best for his efforts as I have already said on Twitter. More over I replied his 2-3 tweets as I have no intention to engage anyone on twitter even if he does some thing wrong. And her Ravi has not done any thing wrong.
      I wish him best in his life. I believe if he engages himself in writing any book he will be a great writer one day.
      Best of luck again.

    8. Pradeep, I guess you missed the part where "Ravi it would be better if you use your mighty pen...." which followed your waste time. Put them together and see how the whole things comes out. Given the amount of interaction we do socially it is imperative to see how words are put together.

  11. Looks like Rajdeep did tweeted on 28-feb

    "This day 11 years ago, the gujarat riots began. More than a 1000 people lost their lives. Prayers for the families"

    1. Ritam ji, Expand his said tweet and see how he replied to one Hiren Soni while he was conforonted with a genuine question. Seems like logistics again came into play.

  12. Yeah in total agreement.. Media is responsible for partiality & communal divide

  13. another super read! thank you.

  14. @Ravinar -- The way I read this, are you not endorsing Varun Gandhi's acquittal? Varun Gandhi's speech is(was) no different from that of Owaisi's recent speech.

    And to be honest, I had never imagined a day when one could commit a crime, have it recorded on camera and still walk free. Such weak prosecution shows that accountability and righteousness just do not exist in an unjust society.

    By not questioning a) how come video recording is not a sufficient proof, b) why did all witnesses turned hostile, and c) his acquittal, are you not putting yourself in the same shoes as Sagarika et. al.?

    1. @Code

      Im sorry, its not me, but rather you who is in the same shoes as Sagarika and other media goons. Remember, I neither filed the cases, nor prosecuted anyone. I am going by the court verdict. It seems you are the one still disputing the court verdict. Varun Gandhi's speech, video or evidence is not the issue here. It is how the media portrays acquittals of Hindus and Muslims that is being discussed. No matter what your arguments, if you cant accept a court verdict you are subscribing to the same behaviour as that of Sagarika and others. If you want to call it "let off" like they do, you are welcome to that choice.

    2. And a typical response from a Indyan Musalman. What else can we expect from a guy from Jami Humdard madarsa.

  15. Trust me, this hasn't passed yet, the Main Stream Media (esp NDTV and CNN-IBN) are probably concocting some dreary idea to put blame on Hindus and somehow link in Modi, so watch out for some more sh*t on stick episodes coming from Burkha Dutt, Sagarika Ghose, and Rajdeep Sardesai.

  16. Awesome post - accurately captures the pulse of Hindus in this country. However,totally disagree with this bit :

    "For the first time in 11 years February 28 passed without another trashing of Modi. These guys must surely be tired and must have found peaceful refuge in the Budget discussions."

    For some reason, Ravinar is too soft here. Apparently the italian mafiosi of Gandhi clan have decided that there is no more political mileage to be imparted from repeating Gujarat and have instructed their dogs in media to stop barking - to avoid further limelight on Modi perhaps ?

  17. Quite apt analysis Ravinar.

    The fine difference between 'let-off' and 'acquitted' is one that does not immediately grabs our attention, but does make a huge difference in the way the news has to be passed off to the masses.
    This RoP is being mollycoddled now.
    But it would have it's own implications, and we Indians are no stranger to it, after so many bomb blasts.
    I only hope there remains self-motivated individuals like you and Sandeepweb who are ready to expose the lies of these paid media handlers.

  18. Well said Ravi,
    I am sure all paid footlicker media fellows deserve a coutless slaps on their bums. God, pls. give them some wisdom or Bhagvan Vishnu will take an another Avataar to kill evils.

  19. I hope you are aware that the CDs of Varun Gandhi speech was handed over by our very own hammam boy! He called up late in the night saying he had certain CD which had the hate speech.

  20. Most Hindoos are peace loving, though not born in ROP, practice and breath peace. But the biggest threat Hindoos are facing is from half baked enlightened Hindoos, be it UR anantamurthy or Digvijaya singh RAJA, or our brave heart SHINDE. Australia declared clearly, u have chosen to come here, we did not invite you. You have to necessarily follow our christian state. But still they are facing problems of late from those chose to migrate to australia. France is clear in her thoughts and excercised the human values than the outstyled and outlived barbaric laws of some. It is right time India shd set aside all sensitivities and declare India real democracy, kicking the Secular word stealthily put in to our constitution. And though we protect smaller religious group, side lining larger majority will surely going to play a decisive fragmentary approach for the country at a later date.

    1. Fully agree! Hinduism facing threat not from other religions, not from politicians, not from media people. Yes these half baked intellectuals lost between both the worlds and pulling others into same confusion in the name of secularism.

  21. Forgot to add, Hi Ravinar, One of the nicest reads. A real difference in usage of words for hidoos and others by MSM... Request you to hight light plight of Sadhvi pragya and arise the Hindoos against the absolute injustice.

    best regards and hope to see all your writings as a collection in a book form ASAP

  22. I just came across this video (worth watching, it's with captions for people who can't understand Gujarati):


    I am not sure, but I don't think any CM has ever addressed the state like this to keep calm after an incident that would cause horrific riots! And these media whores have been ranting continuously about NaMo's alleged negative role. And this is the real and positive role he attempted to play, which is never discussed!

    And look at this also, about so called Human Rights' advocates, who are nothing but frauds:


    Somebody here even posted the pictures of actual copies of the notice served in his comments.


    More and more people need to be made aware of what's going on in Indian politics and main stream media.

    Ravi is doing a great service to the nation here. Please keep this up, and also let us know how we concerned people can be of help in our whatever limited capacity.

  23. Actually Ravi(SUN) is the source of energy

    Here Ravi is the Source of illumination which kills the ignorance...

    Hats off! You are living up to ur name.........

  24. I have been reading your articles for sometime now. You write absolutely amazingly and hit the facts...bang on. You've actually given a new meaning to sarcasm and shown us the importance of the so-called "reality check"...in literal sense. Excellent! Thanks for this great article.

  25. though out of context but....2 million is in a striking distance

  26. I wish MediaCrooks devote one of its posts exclusively for the venom spewing Tehelka, While many of the MSM have toned down their diatribe against Modi and the majority community as a result of the exposes on the SM, the tehelka seems to get more and more radical in its islamic jihadi co- inhabitation policy.The lastest call is to discount IM from the Hyderbad blast.

  27. Malsi, the elephant: http://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2013/03/01/comment/columns/elephant-in-the-room/

  28. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    2. Typical MSM response. Why not highlight what is pro RSS? Can you refute the list of terror attacks and responses?

    3. You should be more open. You should have called it "UnIslamic" post.

    4. so what?Is the org banned?And you pro-what.....?

    5. And a typical response from a Indyan Musalman. What else can we expect from a guy from Jamia Humdard madarsa.

    6. Jamia Hamdard is not a madarsa it's a university, so sad about his half knowledge.
      Just want to say that I'm a proud Indian Muslim.

    7. These people have a zero knowledge about Islam, but they act like as they are scholars.

  29. On a lighter side do announce some reward who ever hits the 2000000 hit He he he !!!!!

    I hope you keep expozing the true face of Indian MEDIA with your thought provoking article's.

    My Best Wishes

    1. @Viraat: Refresh your page to reach the count to 2 Mil. You can too win the award, on a lighter note !!


  30. Ravinar,

    I cannot stop discussing/sharing your articles during lunch time. I really wonder you have an algorithm to collate all data in the world on a topic and put it as an article. The way you touched up on Gujarat riots article,SG tweet, VG article, Burney etc really awesome..keep doing this..

  31. Dear Ravinar,

    Although out of context, but I am seeing a shift in Media policy in regards with choosing the panellists. Earlier their used to be JNU sickulars but for last few days the MSM is choosing younger & cuter panellists to discuss their propoganda. Its most likely to do with countering the SM & Modi's command on young voters.

  32. Have you seen Rahul Shivshankar on Headlines Today? I wonder whether his program was to discuss Arun Jaittley's phone tapping issue discussed in Parliament or to grill Devang Nanavati for some affidavit filed by Modi hater Arjun Modvadia a congressman and leader of opposition.

    It was clear....clear......clear evidence of sold out media. Rahul Shivshankar's intention was not to discuss but to aggressively shout down Devang Nanavati. Devang Nanavati was trying to tell him there is no complaint of that sort in Gujrat except this one. You can not generalize everything, but no Rahul was on the Job assigned to him by his paymasters.

    Ravinar, how much Rahul Shivshankar or India Today has earned for this particular show? Or does this comes in a package deal till 2014 elections?

    Great Article as usual. Ravinar, I am tired of praising you.

  33. Well, what could be expected of these shills. The speed at which they had suppressed Nira Radia's case was amazing. They said sorry for trying to mold public perception by lobbying pro-Radia stance. Then back to the same old story? Really shameless people.

  34. Raviji u have a very uncanny knack of expressing! I followed u when page views were 2lac+;now inching towards 2 million!! MSM had a free pass till now and they are worried! Young aspiring Journalists have a lot to learn from you.I have seen the trend and in future MSM has to be classified Pre-mediacrooks.com and Post-mediacrooks.com !! Keep going sir! salut!!

  35. Dear ravinar,
    Just when it seemed that the SM and the ST/TS class has no counter,you have brought hope and lighted my depressed heart..I am grateful to you for your superb defense of democracy, Hindutva and Hinduism..
    Keep up the good work
    Prakash kotker

  36. Hi Ravi, just a curious question .... do u read all the comments written to ur blog .....

    Ok any way I will know now LOL :-)

  37. It is appropriate to call crooked media as HHM (Hindu Hating Media) instead of MSM (Main Stream Media)?

  38. How do you find the time to do this, with such intensity?
    I thank you for doing what you do, with such coherence!

  39. Brilliant!! Just amazing piece of article. You have got it in you brother.

  40. Another gem. Bombay blasts happened because of babri demolition hence justified.But godra should not cause any reaction


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