Tuesday, March 5, 2013

India's Greatest LIE

I sincerely hope CNN-IBN does not read this post. They have this habit of creating all those “Greatest” polls and awards and an award like “India’s Biggest Liar” might get a huge number of votes beyond their control. But I’m sure some may have heard of this annual “World’s biggest liar” contest. It’s held in November every year in Cumbria, England. Contestants have 5 minutes each to tell their biggest lie before the biggest liar is chosen. Only one problem though. Politicians and lawyers are barred from contesting because they are too ‘skilled’ at lying or are “professional liars”. Not very nice, is it? However, I’m petitioning the organisers of this contest to next year exclude “Editorialists” too. If politicians and lawyers can be categorised as “skilled liars” I don’t see why, with changing times, many editors and anchors too shouldn’t fall in that category. The job of these editors is to correct the record and lies that politicians may perpetrate but in India, over the years, they seem to thrill in these lies owing to their own political persuasions. I once recommended a “lie-detector” for NDTV and with good reason too.

Indian history has many lies. Some have been corrected some still happily float as gospel truth. Let’s keep that aside. Let’s take the single beneficiary of the highest number of lies against him over the last 11 years. As it happened Narendra Modi was in Delhi on Sunday, March 3, 2013 for a BJP meet and interacted with members of the party. It also happens that Modi is an extraordinary orator and possesses an armoury of one-liners and taunts that hurt his opponents. So he called PM Manmohan Singh a “night watchman” implying that he is just guarding the crease for the prince. That upset Congress members and supporters. I wonder why though. MMS has been called ‘tragic failure’, ‘Sonia’s puppet’ and even ‘Theek Hai’ which are far worse than a night watchman who still has a very important role. Tough! That wasn’t all, given so much corruption and so many scams under the Congress govt, Modi added “BJP=Mission, Congress=Commission”. That would have really upset the Congress as also their media supporters like Rajdeep and Sagarika, in particular.

Over the last decade the Gujarat 2002 riots were used to trash Modi for anything. Then the economic development in Gujarat was trashed. When all else failed politically the chant has turned to “What about malnutrition in Gujarat?”. Rajdeep doesn’t even complete a tweet about Modi or Gujarat without malnutrition. All is fair. But unable to stomach the “commission” tag the Congress went back to a very old theme of “Rajdharma”. Who else but Manish Tiwari! Tiwari, who should be concerned about who is really corrupt from “head to toe” in the most corrupt govt in the history of India, had nothing to offer but AB Vajpayee’s “Rajdharma” comment of 2002.

Over the years, the lie perpetrated by Congress and our MSM is that Vajpayee asked Modi to follow “Rajdharma” after the Gujarat riots during a presser. That is an entirely inaccurate portrayal of what happened at that presser. When Yudhisthara, who was never known to lie, said “Ashwathama is dead” he also added gently that he wasn’t sure if it was an elephant or a man. So Modi’s political opponents picking up only that first line is somewhat understandable given politicians are “professional liars” barred from lying contests. But that’s the reason I recommend that editors of MSM should be included in that category for they too are professional liars, especially when it comes to Modi. Here’s what happened at that presser:

By 2002 ABV was starting to be frail. He not only walked slowly because of his knee problem, he also spoke in slow halting sentences. Sometimes he would speak a sentence and stall for a whole minute or more. So his “Rajdharma” comment was in response to a question by a reporter on what he would advise Modi. That is fair enough. Advising any CM to follow “Rajdharma” is sound advice and every political head should be following that dharma. But this has been turned into the biggest LIE over a decade to imply that Modi was “guilty” in the 2002 riots and therefore ABV advised him so. This is also used to imply that Modi wasn’t following that dharma. What is being completely overlooked is that in his slow, halting speech ABV also said in Hindi that “I have faith this is what Narendrabhai is exactly doing”. That is, following Rajdharma. (Watch from 1.08 onwards in the video, I have enhanced the volume for clarity)

Congress members and political opponents of Modi twisting this and continue this LIE is understandable in the context of Indian politics where honesty is at premium. But that the media celebs too perpetrated this LIE and never made the slightest attempt to correct the records would make them more culpable as LIARS. Thus, the Cumbria event should bar the Indian editors too as they should be considered “professional liars”.  

In the history of Indian politics and media, this “Rajdharma” comment being twisted and misused by the media should easily win the award of India’s Greatest LIE ever. 


  1. hi,

    i just watched arnab goswami's tete e tete with amish tripathi, author of the shiva trilogy series.

    this is what i have written to this TIMESNOW TV anchor.


    Hi arnab,

    As we Indians expected a “foreign funded “ TV anchor like you has endorsed that Lord Shiva is indeed a mortal, born 4000 years ago.

    You have lost millions of your well wishers, like me FOREVER..

    And be aware that you are now part of this vicious conspiracy against Hindus and of hurting the sentiments of 1 billion Hindus..by converting a revered god to a sex starved mortal.

    You turned out to be a DESH DROHI, having told again and again on TV that your endorse Amish Tripati’s vivid imagination.

    And you also wanted a signed autographed copy.


    Are you any better than Barkha dutt? — NO, you are worse than her.



    Capt ajit vadakayil

    1. Salutes Mr.Ajit vadkayil........

    2. Mr. Vadkayil
      I have gone through all your blog posts

    3. Hi Mr. Vadakayil.

      Why are you talking that book in a wrong sense ? Rather take in this in this way - that this is another validation that Lord Shiva actually existed.

      Christians say Jesus actually existed, Abraham actually existed, Moses actually existed. Does that make their religion any less valid ?

      No, infact those scoundrels use that to say , see our Son of God actually existed, what about your Gods.

      I say look our God too existed.

      Also what is wrong with sex ? Sex is divine in our religion and let us be proud of it. Let us not give into Abrahamic framework that considers sex as sin.

      IMO this is much ado about nothing.

      - A guy who wears Hinduism on his sleeve, literally. (I have a tattoo of Lord Shiva's trishul on my back). Har Har Mahadev !

    4. hi karthic,

      i dare JOSHUA PROJECT 2 , FOREIGN FUNDED amish tripati to talk about allah this way.

      har har etc and a trishul -- will NOT make you understand hinduism.

      punch into google search PROUD TO BE HINDU PROUD TO BE INDIAN VADAKAYIL

      shiva is a part of the DWAITA route of sanatana dharma, where a trishul is involved.

      the original route was ADVAITA -- a scalar energy field called brahmAn.

      i close this subject here.

      capt ajit vadakayil

    5. Sir,

      He being Hindu, he is writing in a positive way about Lord Shiva.

      I could not see anything negative in what he wrote. Infact he has written only positive things about our great civilization and all my friends who have read it have only become more believing and proud of our great Hindu civilization and not as you say.

      And what is wrong in Dvaita route ? Please let us not go down the Abrahamic intolerant path of deciding what was original and what was fake.

      My mind is sane enough and I have enough belief in my faith to see the positive things in what he writes and discard things that as you say are insidious.


    6. time to cramp arnab goswami's COCKY style a bit--

      here is my sounder to him -- cockiness is always on 2 way street

      Hi times now TV ,


      After UPA is voted out in 2014, arnab goswami will be asked to explain how he has procured CLASSIFIED documents from sensitive ministries and agencies, again and again.

      Who is his mole?

      Is such information being bought by “foreign funded “ bribes, to do endless rabble rousing ?

      A comprehensive list is already made—all flashed by him in various newshour video clips .

      His chickens will come home to roost, soon enough.

      Capt ajit vadakayil

    7. That is true you don't need to listen to crackpots like Vadakayil to convince you and reassure you. The stories in Vedas are all fictional and before Sanskrit there were many Indo European languages. Vadakayil can only fart in his blog without proving anything. There was no word Hindu mentioned in the Indian ancient religious scripture. But rising nationalists and Hindu fundamentalist like Ajit Vadakayil are taking India back to dark ages of superstitious retards

    8. You Stuid .. We know who you are.. a member of JOSHUA project .. a rabble rousing anti national possibily from Muslim fanatic clan or christian clan ... not a patriotic muslim or christian who accepts his hindu ancestry and places his natinality above his religion.. a agent from the foreign funded and foreign controlled media.. that author book must be banned and he should thrown out of the country.. we tolerant peaceful hindus always respected foreign religions unlike them which converted people by sword or sops .. even jews who were persecuted all over the world never got harrassed or slaughtered here .. we gave them home a 1000 years.. such is greatness of this people.. Sanskrit and vedas are best in providing scientific knowledge and spiritual thoughts.. hindu is name given by foreigners.. original name of way of life is SANATHAN DHARMA..

  2. I know i'm going off at a tangent, but speaking of this Greatest Liar contest...

    You say that lawyers and politicians are barred. Why, that would make Munish Tiwari, Chidu, Sibal, Abhisex (and even Jaitley!) twice damned. They're politicians AND lawyers.

  3. Your hammering of the lies is indeed awesome! Her Majesty's Most Malleable Servant (MMS) should indeed be proud of having the truth spoken about him. MSM has no sense of shame. Sincerely wish your exposing of MSM lies could somehow reach people without internet too.

  4. Ravi,

    until I have read this article, I was also swept away by this "Raj dharma Lie".

    Thanks for letting us know the truth.

  5. Ravi
    one suggestion
    can we put lie meter (just like TOTAL Page views) for each english news channel on blog. so every body can check /updates lies of MSM on daily basis. And sure we will award monthly trophy to the winner..."Biggest liar of the month"

    1. There shoud be meter for trues they speak because they speak truth in rare cases.........

      It would be easily calculated

  6. Add this lie as well: There are three days between 28th Feb to 1st March in 2002. LOL!!!

  7. Thank You Ravinar for setting the record straight.

  8. Raviji lets for sake accept MSM and CONgress argument that ABV told Modi to follow rajdharma after 2002 riot. Atleast he asked his CM to do what is right but can we say same thing about MMS. Under his nose UPA government indulge in one corruption after another. Did MMS told his ministers to follow RajDharma and be honest towards people of India...

  9. Congrats Ravinar on a fine article. I have started following your blog recently and I have to say the it reflects the inner thoughts of several ordinary people or "right leaning demons" as MSM would put it, like me.

    I am waiting to hear your take on the latest Wharton-Modi episode. It is as blatant a violation of freedom expression as any that can be found anywhere. It is illogical, unfounded and is a complete travesty of even the lowest common denominator of whatever consitutes "western" liberals today.

    I wonder how rowdy elements like the Pakistani Anjum Chowdary can be called on talk shows, where they ostensibly spew the most highly concentrated venom. While a democratically elected leader, with no FIRs/chargesheets or any of the like against him gets vilified to an extent where it makes anyone ashamed of the first principles of our nation.

    This is a very very dangerous precedent in two ways:

    1) It shows that the so called left/liberal/false-secular block consisting of the Congress and MSM, do not or worse will not recognize the fairness of the due process of judicial system in the country. Their selectivity shows that whatever happens, they will continue with their vitriolic propaganda and vilification.

    I am almost looking at a point in future when all the so called secular parties will form a block and can in effect compromise the very independence of judiciary in our country. It along with the EC are the only two institutions I believe have kept our country together. It is however, not an unrealistic possibility that the Congress will cry 'judicial overreach' to clip the wings of courts, worse even bring under the central government.

    If they manage to do the same with the EC, the country we once knew will cease to exist.

    2) Second point:In a situation where the judicial process is on and trials are underway, the only objective barometer of public acceptability should be the election results. What twisted, perverse logic can explain that 235 signatures constitute a definitive opinion against 2.5 crore people (rough estimate of gujratis who voted for Modi this time). Who constitute "civil society" or "people of eminence" or for that matter "intellectuals"? One can concretely define an Engineer or a Neurologist or a physicist, but the extreme vagueness of the previously mentioned categories bothers me. What worries me more is that this vagueness is more convincing to a stellar institution like Harvard as opposed to genuine common people who voted Modi in.

    I am saddened that MSM in its desperation has expanded the hatred to Modi to include all Gujaratis. Aakar Patel's saying that Gujaratis are communal by nature is so sick and wrong at all levels.

    We have to reclaim the intellectual space in MSM, and only Modi can save India in 2014. Jai Hind!

    1. @kctata
      IDIOTS in "Wharton" have got head hitting response from many sources...So now they are scratching their heads.. they are total looser.

    2. @kctata
      Aakar Patel = BEKAR FATEHAL

    3. Yeah agree! I wonder what great "economic insights" people like Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi bring to the forum. How pathetic!

    4. I think this threshold was crossed once Congress collaborated with the missionary-muslim lobby in US to deny Modi a visa. Involving a foreign country to settle local political scores is how all this started even back then, in Battle of plassey.

  10. Dear Ravinar,

    Your analogy of Yudhishthira uttering "Ashwattama hatah: kunjarah" is relevant when we compare the almost inaudible uttering of ABV about NaMo's conduct. But in the overall context it was a telling moment of Mahabharata, where, when faced with dilemma, Yudhishthira's acted against his conscience (though for Dharmic forces to prevail in the war) which is not the case with ABV. OR WAS IT??? There is a theory that it was LKA who was instrumental in preventing ABV to act against NaMo.


    PS: Did not mean to do nit-picking.

  11. Thanx for the video..Whenever I see Atal Ji video..I get tears in my eyes, For India is indeed unlucky and deserving to get UPA. HE was and is the best prime minister India had till today..This comment is not abt this topic but just to remind my fellow readers what they lost in 2004.

  12. I would encourage all to read Dr. Gautam Sen's article:

    Narendra Modi & India's future



    1. Thanks for sharing the link . Good article .

  13. Media Crooks,
    Nice article as always. I have a bone to pick with you, like the MSM, which you rightfully criticize, sit in the ivory tower and pontificate to us mere mortals. Why don't you interact with people who follow you on twitter? You act all sanctimonious and reply to only those in your coterie. If you want people to buy your book, you should be more accessible to your readers.

  14. While we are on msm, it's time to get rappy...
    After long their lies are making me happy...
    Taking me away from the more negative, snappy

    Nowadays every time they get yappy
    It's no more energy sappy
    My feet go tappy tappy

    Cause they have converted me and many more like me, previously weepy...

    After all it is only their anti-NaMo talky
    That has made me and more like me love these paapees...

    Nowadays every time they get yappy
    It's no more energy sappy
    After long their lies are making me happy...

    Let's raise a toast to the MSM's BAR therapy
    May their (dia)tribe increase !

  15. Too much credit is given to Vajpayee. His foster son-in-law Ranjan Bhattacharya was one of the worst corrupt character in previous NDA regime.

  16. A suggestion to RaviNar ji
    Please switch over from this comment style to Disqus, as there in firstpost. As a matter of fact, I, and I guess we, come to your blogpost many number of times a day, either for an article or a comment. Disqus makes it much easier to share comments and discuss. I feel it would become much more interactive after having it here, as the firstpost experience suggest.

    1. And please enable mobile site as well. Browsing full site on mobil is time conshming and tests patience.

  17. i saw some muslim speaker on DD channel.. he said modi has wiped out muslim name from gujarat and he said that as an example look at amitabh adverts on gujarat where no mulim place is shown.. is it me or anyone else who also experience anger and pittiness when such comments are made in so called debates and discussions?? i wanted to ask him is he not proud of what is being shown of gujarat?? or does he need a picture of mosque to be satisfied.. and tht anchor lady was also saying yes yes and agreeing with him.. what tha hell is happening in this country.. already there is no news regarding alarming draught situation in maharashtra and hundreds of scams in our country and these paid media channels are concentrating on Wharton lecture news like it is going to decide the future of India.. i sometimes believe that this country is going straight to hell.. ONE TIGHT SLAP is really required for these traitors..

  18. Another lie which keeps being perpetrated is that..Modi deliberately waited for 3 or 4 days before calling in the Army.

    Conveniently forgetting that February has only 28 days......

  19. Good article. Interesting to note that Vajpayee said those words “I have faith this is what Narendrabhai is exactly doing” after Modi kind of prompted him by saying "This is exactly what I am doing".

    1. One thing is clear. In BJP, except Narendra Modi, (including ABV), no one properly deals with Media. ABV, here could have stopped after RajDharma. Unwanted lecture on Rajdharma before media morons..

  20. Indian media's attention and memory lasts as long as the last sound bite.

  21. The problem is with the way English media journalism has evolved in this country. The himalayan incompetence of these "journalists" is for everyone to see. They know zilch about economics, constitution, law or anything relevant. They are just "play acting" on those tv shows.

    Looking good and speaking in the Indian upper-crest accent is no qualification. It is so blatantly obvious the way MSM tries to put down people like Yatin Ojha and Jay Narayan Vyas on those mindless propaganda debates. These people can speak very coherently, but like I said do not have the accent of a "Stepanian". This automatically makes them a "vern" and a part of the "other" India (distinct from Chachaji's progeny).

  22. Read this link and go thru the comments . The comment of one satyam Sharma( and those who support him) is to be read to believed


  23. "The Hijacking of Wharton" by Rajiv Malhotra dissects the issue from an American POV quite well.


  24. You know, you and I generally have the same view on most things.

    However, in this case I think you are wrong. Vajpayeeji was clearly upset with Modi. Think from his perspective. He could not possibly have just asked Modi to follow 'Rajdharma' and be done with it. While Vajpayeeji is elaborating on the 'Rajdharma' principles, Modi clearly prompts him with a forced smile saying he is indeed following 'Rajdharma'.

    It was to acknowledge Modi's prompt that Vajpayeeji had to say the next line where he says he is sure Modi is following Rajdharma.

    The grin on Modi's face while Vajpayeeji was saying all this can't have been because he was laughing at Vajpayeeji, or he was happy at the admonishment. It was to hide his embarrassment at the PM's comment.

    Modi has 'evolved' since then and learnt not to react so obviously. But unless you have some solid inside information on this, that video clip is quite telling. And Vajpayeeji was a good enough orator to ensure that his message got across in whatever he said. And here, Vajpayeeji is clearly annoyed, even angry.

  25. the article by''ravinar'' about ''hatemongers'' is very impressive.just taking an base''cousin'' good narration was done in a very simplfied way to understand the ''contest'' of the episode.many more are invited of this tribe.

  26. It’s held in November every year in Cumbria, England. Contestants have 5 minutes each to tell their biggest lie before the biggest liar is chosen.www.liedetectortest.uk/


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