Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Fiberal Lie-sense

Today, February 12, marks the 3rd Anniversary of MediaCrooks. From about the 8 or 9 lines I first wrote under “Time to rein in the Indian media” in 2010, I’m happy to be still here and writing. This is as good a time as any to take another look at our Fiberals.

I came across this unusual article by one TCA Srinivasaraghavan in the Hindu Businessline titled “Narendra Modi — India’s Nixon”? This appearing in a commie newspaper like The Hindu must have been an accident. TCA’s article is a well-directed missile against the so called liberals but he gets it a bit wrong when he equates Modi with Nixon and about India’s so called liberals. Let’s read a bit before we go further (edited excerpts in blue).

Few Indians today remember Richard Milhous Nixon, the 37th President of the US. He broke US law by obstructing justice and was forced to resign in 1974, halfway through his second term. Probably true but I have studied the Nixon story very closely and both Watergate and Nixon have frequently found mention on this blog, so I can claim not to have forgotten. Richard Nixon spent his last days in office 'covering-up'. Modi has been voted four times to office and is not busy with any cover-up.

Indeed, the utter illiberality of the liberals is one of the greatest paradoxes of our time. Academics have pondered long and deep over it and failed to come up with a solution. They seem as helpless as when trying to explain the depravities of the deeply devout… What happened to Nixon is very similar to what has been happening to Narendra Modi since 2002. In a nutshell, the American liberals had decided that Nixon was unfit to govern the US and went after him… In exactly the same way, the urban Indian liberals have decided that Modi is unfit to govern India. And they have been going after him, prepared like the Americans in the 1970s, to accept incompetents instead… This illiberal face of the liberals is seldom commented upon in India because if you do, the pack labels you as illiberal. That is their power… So who is a liberal, then? A liberal, by my reckoning, is a person designated as a liberal by other liberals, usually on a single communal sub-criterion. As a result, the most liberal person can be labelled illiberal by liberals and the most illiberal as liberal.

When Richard Nixon, a Republican, lost to John F. Kennedy in 1960 there were suspicions of ballot bungling in Chicago but he chose not to make an issue of it. (Oh incidentally, who do we relate ballot or EVM bungling with in India?) Then, remember, despite the liberals hounding Nixon (as TCA suggests) he won two elections and came to office in 1969 and 1973. It’s what he did towards the end of his first term that is known as the Watergate scandal. The Watergate burglary itself was just a cover. Even the reason for the burglary has many theories. While commonly accepted theory is that the burglars wanted to bug the Democratic HQ at the Watergate building, no bugs were found. So the other theory is that the burglars may have wanted to recover a damning tape, of a sex racket, that involved a top official of the Nixon administration who was also sentenced in the scandal. Nixon himself wasn't known to have anything to do with the Watergate burglary.

What the Watergate scandal did expose was the massive operation to re-elect Nixon through misuse of campaign funds and defaming opponents. The well-organised campaign to plant fake stories about opponents, tarnish their reputations, manufacture lies and scandals was internally referred to as ‘Rat-F*****g’ (RF). Now, it’s members connected to the ‘CREEP’ (Committee to re-elect the president) who were involved in these covert operations and not liberals. Our commies are carrying out exactly the same RF operation for over a decade against Modi, aren’t they? They’re not really the liberals as TCA suggests.

The covert operations included marginalising various govt bodies including FBI and various other institutions of the govt. In India, with whom do you associate the marginalisation and misuse of CBI, IT Dept, ED, Judiciary and other govt institutions? That wasn’t the liberals in America doing that operation, was it? In contrast who is doing the RF operation against Narendra Modi and other opponents of Congress in India? Not too hard to guess eh? In the end Nixon was damned by his own tapes that he secretly maintained at the White House. The other erroneous mistake that TCA (and many others) make is that they equate “liberals” everywhere. The liberals or liberalism in the US has nothing in common with those calling themselves liberals in India. The first and biggest difference is freedom of speech. The US First Amendment provides for complete freedom of speech, the Indian liberals will never subscribe to such a freedom for anyone but themselves. When Obama won the recent elections our commie idiots celebrated as if the “liberal” win in the US is equivalent of a Congress win in India. In reality, neither the Congress party nor our so called liberals have anything in common with American liberalism.

What passes off as the liberal view in India is essentially the Communist view. Whether it’s text books, history books or the mainstream media it’s the communists and not liberals who have populated these areas. The commies suffer from a severe disease of intolerance of any view that does not match with their ideology. The Congress is pretty much a communist party which is why it gets on better with the CPM/CPI than with any truly democratic, liberal party. Given years of oppression and suffering of masses, most Indian political parties have a communist and socialist ideology. Consequently, the word “Socialist” was inserted into to our constitution.

One of the fundamental principles of a liberal is that s/he is strongly in opposition to monarchy and dynasty. Are our liberals anything like that? Those who call themselves liberals are mostly slaves of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty and other political dynasties. So TCA is wrong to even tag them as liberals. I call them Fiberals, which is far more appropriate. They pretend to be liberal and fib all their lives because they possess the lie-sense. So it’s not true liberals but commie Fiberals who are hounding Modi. Just look at the campaign by the likes of Aakar Patel and Ram Guha. Theirs would qualify to be categorised under the ‘RF’ operation during Nixon’s re-election campaign.

I had mentioned to Newslaundry that if I were to criticise Modi and Gujarat I would have been a panellist on many channels. It will surprise many that this blog doesn’t criticise any CM or any state. Isn’t that how Aakar built his career? From ranting against Modi in some ordinary rag he is now a regular TV panellist and to add to his Modi-hating resume he now runs a dedicated series on Modi in DNA newspaper. If that is not RF, what is? Look at the headline from NDTV. A separatist is a “moderate”? By what liberal measure is any separatist a moderate? It’s pretty much a communist idea that Arundhati Roy, friend of Yaseen Malik and Maoists, will agree to. In the US you may not be prosecuted with speeches that Yaseen gives but if he were to act and invoke people to secede he would be prosecuted for treason and sentenced to death. But for NDTV this guy who hangs out with Hafeez Saeed, a terrorist and enemy of India, is a moderate. And why is Malik with Saeed? To protest the hanging of another terrorist, Afzal Guru!

Who’s the likely beneficiary of the hate campaign against Modi? It is obviously a party that runs more like a monarchy which should have been the natural enemy of liberals. In India, the liberals are in love with this monarchy which is why the term “liberals” is a fake tag. Fiberals is the right tag. Let’s have some fun. Let’s see the definition of liberals by the Fiberals. There’s Rajdeep’s tweet about Salman Taseer, the Pak politician who was killed. Isn’t that a perfect definition of Rajdeep’s liberals? Sure I’m picking funny tweets but Rajdeep isn’t really joking. Umm… that’s the general definition of a liberal by our media standards. Wine, women and…RF?

Next, the other thing that a liberal believes in is absolute freedom of speech. S/he either responds to such speech or ignores or switches off speakers that don’t suit the liking. But no, our liberals want others to simply shut up so that they can have their monopoly on crap everywhere – On TV, in print, on Facebook, on Twitter; everywhere. And when they don’t like it they go to the extent of calling them trolls, uncouth, violent (on Twitter?). They want these trolls to shut up when they can very well use the block button as suggested. And, of course, these TV morons will complain about anonymous accounts on Twitter or FB but will gladly follow many anonymous accounts themselves. They wallow in this nonsense. Hardly liberal!

The biggest sign and identification of these liberals in India is their badge of hatred for anything Hindu or connected to Hindu culture. Hindus, Hindu icons, Hindu rituals and practices are all fair game for hatred for these Fiberals. But hey, mention the Religion of Peace or Christianity and they will all crawl under some stone. Their mouths and pens get zipped. The sword scares their pens! So TCA in The Hindu got it a bit wrong although his article was well-intentioned and technically correct. Those hounding Modi are NOT liberals. They are commie slaves to a monarchy. That’s what they are flanking and protecting. And they do so using the RF technique which involves heavy-duty lying. That’s the reason I call them Fiberals with a lie-sense. Some of them are paid, and showered honours too, for their services. 


  1. Ravinar,

    Hearty congratulations on the third anniversary of Media Crooks blog and kudos to your tireless efforts to expose the ILLEBERAL MEDIA.

    Thanks for educating us on watergate scandal and Richard Nixon.

    I would like to add one more point to the liberalism in India. The so called liberals revel in bashing Hindu Culture and Customs. Nothing wrong in that if they treat every religion equally like Bill Maher. They take pride in making comments like, 'is Lord Ram a divine encroacher?' and to ridicule every practice of Hinduism. Can anyone dare to make a single comment or host a one hour show on Prophet's child marriage, polygamy in Muslims (allowed in India) or child sex scandal in vatican?

    The Fiberals cannot even answer the question if anyone points to shah bano case.

    This is the fate if Indian Fiberalism.

  2. Ravinar,

    Congrats on the Third anniversary of Media Crooks..Now Your Blog is Must Read for everyone...

    Actually these Fiberals/Dynasty slave are actually the enemy of freedom of speech.. They are afraid that once Modi came at center there shops will be shut....Thanks to Social Media ..We will counter them

    1. "once Modi came at center there shops will be shut...." and they will be selling bananas on the roads/ streets sure..

  3. Excellent. Could not agree more on Fiberals. They are nothing but vermins, and need to be destroyed by all means. No more tolerance for these intolerants.

    Anti Modi clouds are gathering on horizon. They will try, In my personal view, to kill him if he can not be stopped. Congress has history of killings anyone who threatens the Dynasty. Lal Bahadur Shastri, Scindia, Pilot, Prasad and many were just victims. There are enough guns for hire for that. I am sure all Fiberal Lumpens, old Hags, Boilers and IOS will be competing to get the first gun or bomb.


    1. And heartiest greetings on completing three years, serving the Nation, Mother India.

    2. SP is right. I am sure there are many fiberals and their masters who may be toying with the assassination option. With so much riding on Modi alone, a fiberal's favourite wet dream is likely to be seeing him dead. Modi should quietly build up a competent team to make any such attempt meaningless.

    3. Yes, its very much possible that Cong might try to assassinate Modi....If at all Modi becomes PM , waitress will have no option but to flee the country along with amul baby and his sis.....

      Out of curiosity , I just googled for astrological predictions for Modi becoming PM in 2014....While most sites predicted he will become CM this time too(this was before Dec 20th results) , none of them predicted him becoming PM..apparently he will have a tough time ahead and there could be danger to his life too....

  4. Really like the last point "Some of them are paid, and showered honours too, for their services". Burkha, Teesta, Rajdeep with padmashri and Shekhar Gupta with Padmabhushan are some of the examples.

    Would like to know who else got awards?

  5. Congratulations for completing 3rd Anniversary of Mediacrooks.
    I am regular reader of your posts and could clearly make out how News media is trying to subvert our democracy by not doing their duties responsibly.

  6. Though the content is top class but articles are too "pro-Modi" and totally against media establishment of the country..........however I may be wrong........ btw heartiest congratulations for completing successful 3 years!!!!!!!!

    1. Well if truth happens to be on the side of Modi , whats wrong????
      Btw is there anything factually incorrect in the article??

    2. "totally against media establishment of the country" - and this surprises you on a site called media crooks....Rahul pakda gaya...Rahul pakda gaya....

  7. Awesome!!!
    In my opinion, you are one of the erudite scholars of our time.
    May your group increase..
    Hearty Congrats on the 3rd anniversary of this blog.


  8. Happy Birthday mediacrooks and best wishes

  9. congrats and best wishes . the tremendous increase in the number of responses to your articles as compared to when the blog was in its infancy is testimony to your expressing the thoughts of so many which they themselves could not express elaborately and expressively. you have touched a chord somewhere..

  10. Dear Ravinar,

    Congrats for 3 yrs !!!!!!! By last one year of writing, you have become my alter ego :) :)


  11. hearty congratulations for completing 3rd year and best wishes for future.hope u will be enlightening and igniting our mind and thoughts-always.

  12. Mediacrooks, Congratulations on completing 3 years. My best wishes to you for all your future endeavours. May you continue to expose all fiberals till they discontinue their nonsense and mend their ways.

  13. Congratulations for completing 3 years of *facts* and truths! Best wishes for many more successful years!

  14. Congrats on Media Crooks on 3rd anniversary... wish you many many more returns of this day!!!!!

  15. Ravinar,
    Congratulations. May GOD bless you in your endeavours.

  16. This is what Kevin Rudd said during the Copenhagen Summit on climate change – “those Chinese fuckers are trying to rat-fuck us”.
    Today the MSM is trying to do the same with us. But, they just don’t get it.
    Congrats. In three years you have played havoc.

  17. A smart alec once wondered: Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac? Replace the 'you' with 'me' and imagine our great custodians of the national discourse (read journalists) mouthing those words.

    That in essence is the genius of Barkha, Rajdeep, Sagarika and the like. Anyone who does not agree with them is a troll. They don't like being subjected to adverse public opinion of them on a two way communication medium like the internet. They are happier with a one way medium like television, where they can mount their own hate campaigns and decide who is a hero and who is not, with few questions asked.

    And ofcourse, they zealously guard the freedom of the press, but are not quite sure about the freedom of expression of the general public. After all, they believe that they are the best judge of what kind of expression is appropriate and what is not and are the only ones who can use it in the right manner. The public is too stupid to be allowed to misuse such freedoms. That divide between the haves and the have-nots that they would love to create, also gives them a sense of power, and a sense of being 'special'.

    That feeling of being above others is what drives most religions, castes, sects, coteries, cliques, groups. It drives journalists also. And when that feeling is threatened, they fight back to retain that rush of being above the lot. Most journalists come across as arrogant in general, but put them in front of celebrities and watch them transform into puppies. Especially Indian journalists. On many occasions, I am surprised I don't see them get down on their knees and...!

    That Feeling is increasingly being threatened by the internet, I am afraid. And naturally, they are fighting back.

    1. Another thing i observed: Rajdeep, Sagarika, Barkha and their likes are more active on twitter than FB. If I'm not mistaken, these jurnos are not on FB at all!
      Twitter again is a one-sided medium like TV and suits them, i.e. they can keep telling crap and re-tweet only those replies that suit/agree with them. FB is more open where others can comment.. result - Vadhra had to flee from FB.

  18. Happy birthday. May you have the strength to write the truth fearlessly as you have been doing all along.

  19. Congrats for completing 3 years...
    Wish you all success for future as the fight with paid media gets tougher and tougher. As more news channels and newspapers turn into paid media.

    We are lucky to have you around.

  20. We are entering in dark age because truth is finding it very difficult to make itself seen.
    Indians/Hindus/Natives are being overwhelmed by lies and this is called brainwash of a whole generation. Ripple effects in next generations.
    Who is the enemy? Pakistan/ISI,Religious fanaticism/Terrorism/Fundamentalism, Media, Fiberals, Dynasties.

    Yes, truth is under massive attack!!

    Ravinar, India needs you and ppl like you now more than ever.

    Keep it up, may your breed be the fittest.

    Jyoth se jyoth jala te chalo....

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  22. great article Ravi.
    Also a hearty congratulations on 3rd Anniversary of Mediacrooks.com.

    btw Ravi kindly look at the following Debate on ibnlive tv:


    it is one of the worst propaganda I have seen in recent time.
    They have called the youth to deliberately slash them by vomiting against Narendra Modi.
    Also no where Modi has called himself Brand Modi but this Rajdeep Sardesai crook trying to spread the fake rumor around it.

    He literally lied about the Verghese Kurian and Modi.
    Never ever Mr. Modi mentioned that white revolution was because of him and not because of Verghese Kurian. this is outright lie this Sardesai vomited on National Channel.
    Also look at how he is giving more air time to the Modi Haters..
    Ravi I sincerely request you to don't stop at any cost.
    My blessings are with you buddy.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Not everything is explicitly said, the meaning between the lines hold more information than anything else. I have not seen this video but have seen NaMo's SRCC speech in detail.

      NaMo did exaggerate few things(There was nothing new for me in that SRCC speech, have been following him closely for over 8 years now so I know that he does that regularly), and there was some implied meaning like " phone kaun laye, mere papa laye" types...having said that, I'm totally fine with NaMo playing to the gallery, apart from good governance he also needs to win elections...when he wears his politician hate he goes in such mode and that is absolutely fine, rather important in current times.

    3. thank you for the link.
      Indeed it was another hate debate against Modi.
      Youngster who were supporting Modi been projected as Ignorant.
      Rajdeep Sardesai will surely get Padma Shri for all his chamchagiri of Congressi Sarkar.

    4. @PBS
      NaMo is in a position to exaggerate because he has numbers which shows his vision.
      Youth needs a vision which NaMo knows it pretty well.
      So yeah is he is great speaker and has a confidence which youth, middle man of this nation wants to see.

      but Rajdeep Sardesai said from his own mouth that NaMo said White Revolution or we say Operation Flood was because of him and not because of Kurian.. He never said that.(point me out if any).

    5. @Tarak
      I'm totally with you, don't get me wrong. The only thing I'm trying to say is, NaMo has mastered the art of making statements which are open to interpretations, and that is why he does not suffer from foot-in-mouth syndrome unlike other guys out there.Give you the same example.
      He said something on these lines...
      NaMO: mai guaranty ke sath keh sakta hu ke Delhi mai jo aap dudh pi rahe hai woh Gujarat se aaya hoga( Similarly for tomato etc)
      What people interprets:
      NaMo fans: It is most likely that what milk you are having in Delhi has come from dairy from Gujarat.
      NaMo Haters: All the milk from Delhi comes from Gujarat.

      Getting my point. :)

      This has been/will go on because, as you mentioned, Modi has facts while haters have nothing to show and to stay relevant they have to spin everything.

  23. Proud to be a MC regular. Keep up the good work; Happy Birth Day !

  24. Dear Ravinar,
    Congratulations on the third anniversary.

    Really these fiberals and their Media are are at their peak of highly polarizing public opinion I would say. Today's headline in The Hindu discusses about the delay in delivery of letters to the family of Guru. It is a clear attempt to stir the emotions of people and add to the victim-hood claims.

    I only wish that the growing sense of helplessness of the majority fanned by these irresponsible media along-with their master's appeasement policies doesn't lead to a communal backlash like situation.

  25. Congratulations on the 3rd anniversary!

    This is one blog I eagerly await reading every new piece!

  26. Congratulations and wish you a very Happy 3rd Anniversary.....

  27. Dear Ravinar,

    I have been reading your articles since 2010. Although I am nowhere of your calibre but have sincerely tried to assist you in any way possible through my comments supporting you. Infact I am so charged by your writing that I visit a lot of news media sites & use your logic to counter the MSM lies. Congratulations for being the "Chosen One". May you keep the fire alive for a atleast few decades before our common enemy is completely eliminated & India rise to become Global Guru.

  28. Some of them are paid, and showered honours (RE: MOOLAH) too, for their services. exactly! look at the ITDC ad running umpteen times on NDTV.....there are many such 'doles' being given to the dahling TV station of the Dynasty!
    excellent piece sir!
    you go Ravinar!!

  29. Hey Ravi,
    I think you should watch this interview of Thomas Sowell on youtube discussing his book "Intellectuals and Society":


    What drives many of these so called liberals is not pursuit of truth but vulgar will to power.

    And let's not get caught up in this liberal/illiberal terminology. These terms are perverted by their extensive abuse.

    Our culture was focused on pursuit of truth, sincerity, honesty and the like. Nothing cultured or sacrosanct about holding fast to a political ideology.

  30. I learn lot from your blog than what i had learnt from my history classes. Thanks.

  31. Congrats ravi....every Day I see this blog atleast 3 times..to know if new thing is posted...for me this is the mostly eagrly awaited blog...Good Job...I Don't have anyword to appreaciate other than saying...YOu are too good at what you are doing....

  32. Happy Birthday to Mediacrooks. You are doing great service Ravinar. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

  33. Congrats on the 3rd anniversary of Mediacrooks!

    What I liked about the TCA article was the last line:

    "What? Who did you say? No! You can’t be serious!"


  34. Hello Ravi, hearty congrats on your 3rd anniversary. May God bless you to carry on your yeoman's service in exposing these uncouth media crooks who, according to me, are a more serious threat than a terrorist or a corrupt politician.

  35. It was a great article to read. Liberals, the lesser talked the better. Sir, I (as a normal admirer) of yours would request you to take us through this journey of these three years (through one of articles). Actually I was looking forward to reading some in this one. I'm sure you must have had tons and tons of hate messages and mails for these so called, self proclaimed liberals. And I'm equally sure that your twitter handle must be blocked by 90% of our msm journos. Request you to share your experience. Regards and god bless.

  36. Congratulations...Raviji...3 and writing like 30...keep the heat up

  37. best wishes on 3rd anniversary. Watched today a program on NDTV by Barkha Dutt about Afzal Guru's hanging. Looks there's some sinsiter motive behind that. Feel that entire program is a like laying a foundation for something what congress has in mind. Would like to read about that from you sir.

  38. Ravinar.Been reading your site for a month now and becoming progressively impressed with each successive post. Just a general question have you or any reader complained to NBA. It claims to be a regulator of news broadcasting.

    Your whole blog can be submitted as evidence i think. Look forward to your response.

  39. A suggestion: Use and popularize the term "Leftist" instead of "Liberal". In India, Leftist != Liberal. This will put them on equal footing as their objects of hate on the Right. And it will liberate "Liberal" for referring to the true liberals. --Dr. M

  40. Brilliant!!! and a well deserved accolade filled 3rd Anniversary. I am sure it would go on to complete centuries of anniversary even beyond our times. As much as it is fighting against destructive influence of Paid Media, it is also about the educational value that MediaCrooks brings in that makes it adorable. Congratulations and wishing you and Mediacrooks a phenomenal success!

  41. teesri varsh ganth par badhai. ishwar aapko shakti de, swasth rakhe inhi shubhkamnaon ke saath


  42. Congratulations to Media Crooks on the 3rd Anniversary.

  43. congrats for third year. your in-depth knowledge of media and its crooks is beyond doubt. but your article on indian judicicary and liberals are certainly not up to the mark at all. dear ravinar i could give you many many examples, incidents which will oppose to your beliefs and ideas about indian judiciary and US freedom of speech. but as i have found you a voracious reader i hope you will find yourself on the wrong side of truth if you go into little deeper with those.

    i have enough proof to prove that indian judiciary is as corrupt as media and about US freedom of speech - your freedom is welcome as long as it does not hurt the interest of US industrial lobby (which controls so called US democracy just like ours), specially arms and weapon lobby. go deeper into history of US politics and then analyze my words.

    1. @Toofan

      You are seriously mistaken. My posts are about what the Law is, not about how it is used or abused. Whether Judiciary is corrupt or freedoms are abused is not the purpose of these posts. If you think the law is bad because there are law-breakers everywhere and corrupt people everywhere then you are talking about prevalent practices which are not sanctioned by law. It seems you are unable to see the difference.

    2. as far as my knowledge(it may be wrong) our parliament enacts law and courts interpret those. now chidambaram,kapil shibal, a.raja, kanimohi (you know the list is endless) and .....who enact law. my question to you is - do you think these people will enact such laws which will go against them or against those people who helped them to go to parliament(election funding is no secret thing anymore). you know the answer. law is enacted such a way that it can be manipulated by these people to do whatever they want to do but with a 'legal' stamp. just for example - a case against chidambaram's election verdict is pending and his term is almost over. and he has done it 'legally' . people like vijay mallya, ambanis, sanjay chandra, k.p.singh just looted our treasury - and you know their fate. recent conversation between sanjay chandra and a.k.singh just proved my point one more time.so it is not a question of law breaking rather it is a question of law making. and believe me i am talking from my personal experience in several incidents. it is not about bad law or good law. i just want to tell you that if you go by provisions by provisions you will realize how nicely 'law' enacted in favour of those i mentioned earlier. if you still call it law then i am really sorry to disturb you. in my opinion your point is right only when there exists such law which acts to the spirit of law - 'justice delayed means justice denied'.

  44. Dear Toofan Chatterjee,

    I would only submit that let's not get into Judiciary & US Freedom because that's not what this blog is about. Although if dug deeper their would definately be whole lot of stink & dirt in every sphere of life anywhere as suggested by you. We must focus on Media crooks & how their hidden agenda's affect the common & poor of this country. The readership of this blog must increase exponentially & that is in itself would be a mammoth task!

    1. you are absolutely right. i have mentioned those because mr.ravinar mentioned earlier in a context as an example. so i thought to express my view because in my opinion a wrong example leads to wrong conclusion and does not help to develop healthy ideas. but anyway thanks for your opinion too. hope to share in future.

  45. Just brilliant!!

    I have seen Vikar (real name Aakar) Patel on so many debates. He never has anything new to say. He goes in the same ranting about Maya Kodnani and Amit Shah. How is he a thinker, put aside a writer? He looks drunk, and he always ridicule other penalists' statements with 'bogus' and 'nonsense'! He must be thinking, that he looks cool saying that, but he looks complete idiot (that he is)! He talks as if he knows everything about Gujarat being a Gujarati, but he doesn't a damn! Such people should never be invited on any debates for the show's TRP's sake!

    1. Some where i read as "BEKAR FATEHAAL" :)LOL

  46. This storify captured @dhume01 interaction that you alluded to.


    SM is ending the control over the narrative which the establishment had, but they are not going to go down without a fight...

    Also please unblock.

  47. Congratulations.. Truly remarkable effort... You are making a huge difference with your blog... Hope your blog get more exponential readers and message gets spread

  48. Ranvir I don't know how history of modern journalism will be written but if at all anyone will, specifically of India, you & your blog will be worthy of a full chapter . Just love it.

    By just few months, I have come across your blog and first time, came across you as person in NL's article. Gujarat is perhaps one of the first state which is 'right to center' in India and you must have got very conducive environment there to do your noble work.

  49. In the latest Helicoptor scam, it looks Rajdeep,NDTV and some other channels are crookedly trying to shift blame on NDA or atleast establish that everyone is equally guilty looks so hopeless when they say the tender was prepared on 2006 and order issued in 2010.the airchief marshall by trying to shift the blame is cutting a sorry figure.

  50. The MSM bringing more and more modi baiters to the program and they interestingly mouthing the word 'Pogrom' rather than 'Riot'. Its insane that not a single panelists object leave alone bimbos this is very alarming.

  51. Hi Ravi ,

    Congrats on successful three years , may many more come ,power to you.

    1.The lie-berals or fiberals what ever u call them are actually leftists ,communists . They should never be called anything near /rhyming with liberal which is self conferred by them.

    2. Never in history of the World they have been liberal infact just the opposite- fascists , Nazi sympathizers and their fellow criminals. Oppressors of Human Rights where ever they have ruled . Iron curtain and iron hand. War mongers .
    Communism is against the very idea of Democracy ideologically and have no part to play in electrol politics .They are more interested in propagating Maoism ,Naxalism and weakening the Country as Islam does by Jihadi terrorism to capture and convert it.

    2. These commies with help of congress since independence have stranglehold on all institutions that matter for education ,media ,its policy making & remotely related to propagating their ideology.Its a mutual backscratching helped by initial Russian influence after 1947 .

    3.The commies are basically atheists who believe in no God and One Book praisers like Islam and Christianity so are ideologically opposed to Hinduism from where comes the distortion of our written and taught history ,education policy etc. It suits the congress vote bank politics to propagate these lies which is masterfully executed by the leftists.

    4. These leftists, from their university education to job to all comforts are dependent on crumbs thrown by govt. hence on payrolls of congress since independence which ruled most of the time, fulfilling their own ideology and helping congress, enjoying a symbiotic relationship since decades.

    5. The fight is a bigger one, that of ideology. The crumbling of soviet bloc has intensified it and few places where they have stronghold will also give way sooner or later.(hence hate and lies for Mamta in MSM).
    With SM picking up pace ,the MSM will fast loose its importance and propaganda power along with revenues etc .
    Also with USA ,EU focusing more on India ,they will soon realize this commie presence here and support the side that can drive them out.

    6. They are called 'left' because they are never 'right'.U have made some of them in MSM quite a laughing stock so now we all should call them "LOLs" (Left-O-Liberals / Laugh Out Leftists) and trend it in our posts and tweets as acronym for them.

    Regards ,Godspeed

  52. Congratulations Ravi on the 3rd anniversary of Mediacrooks. May your tribe increase! There is a desperate need to remove the country and the Congress party from the clutches of the family. We will all have to do our bit to aid you in your efforts to end the duplicity of MSM and the Congress.

  53. @Ravinar,
    Congrats for successful THREE YEARS ..!!!
    May god give more power to you...!

  54. you're anti-hindu part is right on target

    Sitaram Goel on Nehru (excerpts from the last chapter, “Nightmare of Nehruism” of his book “Why I became a Hindu”)


    Sitaram Goel’s summary of “Nehruism”

    “Today, I view Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru as a bloated Brown Sahib, and Nehruism as the combined embodiment of all the imperialist ideologies Islam, Christianity, White Man’s Burden, and Communism that have flooded this country in the wake of foreign invasions. Pandit Nehru was no more than a self alienated Hindu, and Nehruism is not much more than Hindubaiting born out of and sustained by a deep seated sense of inferiority vis a vis Islam, Christianity, and the modern West.”

    lots more at: http://projectcfi.wordpress.com/2013/01/26/were-we-are-we-worshiping-a-false-god/

  55. http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/news/why-this-muslim-majority-town-in-gujarat-voted-for-modi-s-bjp/264910?video-mostpopular

    Please see here why Muslim town became fan of Modi: Development. This is what the PAID MEDIA is afraid. The emancipation and empowerment of people. The MAFIA, DIEnasty and PAID MEDIA can't stomach it. No more appeasement, no more welfare politics and no more avenues to swindle money


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