Friday, February 22, 2013

Our Terrorists Better Than Yours

There has been terrorism in almost all parts of India. It must be a rare state that hasn’t suffered a terrorist attack since independence. I suppose Sikkim could be one of them. By now it has become a regular facet of life in India. Since 26/11 our media has been a little more careful and sensitive in reporting terror attacks but this is not because they are any wiser. If earlier there was a race for histrionics and breathless reporting, we now have a race to claim the most “mature” reporting. Who knows, we might now even have a category of awards for “Best reporting of a terror attack” given these attacks are inevitable. It’s not just what happens on TV but also off it that produces a lot of unwanted and mindless spin over a tragedy.

As the attacks at Dilsukh Nagar in Hyderabad unfolded on February 21 there was information being shared all over including Twitter. People were reporting blood banks, trying to find info about their family or friends with others helping to relay the message. Naturally, there was also the usual chatter about Islamic terror and Hindu terror. We will get to that part but when everyone else was concerned about life and death Sagarika Ghose’s friend calls her up to tell her the area was known for its meat shops and meat retailers. Damn! How are we gonna eat beef in that area now? People from Hyderabad rejected her piece of info claiming the area was a huge market that had all kinds of things including theatres, temples and malls and bazaars. Of all the things meat shops seem to assume significance for Sagarika and she relays it. She then says “no pre-conceived notions, just facts”. I hope she runs a FTN show on how to bring the meat shops back. But I doubt anyone is in doubt what she wanted to really convey through her “meat shop” tweet. (Tweeple from Hyderabad claim the nearest meat shop is at least over a km away).

Let’s now turn to “maturity”. Oh there you are! TM Veeraraghav of CNN-IBN and his claim that his channel was the most informative, non-speculative and mature in reporting the Hyderabad attack. How does he know? He was probably watching other channels and didn’t watch his own. The downright stupidity in the manner Rajdeep Sardesai conducted himself in covering the attack is alarming. He was banging away with theories of polarisation and immediate dangers and so on. He even called in Asaduddin Owaisi to comment on the situation. Owaisi is the guy with cases against him and someone who threatened a “third wave of Muslim radicalisation” from the parliament. There was worse. What does it say of Rajdeep when even Owaisi told him “you are more of a politician than me”? I haven’t known TMV to be bombastic or indulge in moronery like his boss so we can let this off as a one-time gaffe. I suppose Arnab and Times Now put a lot of pressure on these guys. But Arnab had his own theories and started with the US handling of terror. And NDTV? I really don’t know what they did since I didn’t watch. I just hope they didn’t coin a new term “moderate terrorists” like they used for Yasin Malik calling him “moderate separatist”.

But for a while let’s put our media folks aside. We can’t blame all our media crooks for terrorist attacks, can we? This is a better time to look at our politicians. The Hyderabad attack came a day after Sushilkumar Shinde expressed regret for his shameless speech about “Hindu terror”. Zero tolerance, war on terror and all that crap is what people are being fooled with and a majority of people happily also buy the argument that “terrorists have no religion”.  The very idea of saffron or Hindu terror was created by the Congress to distract from the real challenge and the real enemy of the current spate of terrorism that India is facing; Islamic terror. As long as the politicians fake the real cause or live in denial India will never be able to combat terror and terrorists. And that is that! Simple! And for those who still live in the hogwash that we are at “war on terror” I will have to recall Allen West’s speech I had reproduced in a previous post. Here’s how the American General who has seen battle summed it up:

“...I’m sick and tired of people saying “war on terror”. There is no such thing as war on terror. In World War Two, how smart would it have been, if the United States of America said they were at war with the Blitzkrieg. Or if they were at war with the Kamikaze.......  A nation does not go to war against a tactic. A nation goes to war against an ideology, and that’s what we’ve been talking about here today....” His speech in February 2010 can be viewed on Youtube.

If one wishes to wage war the enemy must be clearly identified. Who is India’s enemy? If a majority of these terrorist attacks are emanating from Pakistan what exactly is our govt doing? They are exchanging French kisses with them and our media is busy describing the dresses and hand bags of Hina Rabani Khar. No matter what the compulsions of vote banks and agents of Ghulam Nabi Fai and other terror sympathisers you simply cannot have a diplomatic relationship with a nation that frequently attacks you and hope to win peace. This is the real problem. Islamic terror does not imply Indian Muslims are naturally terrorists. But unless the govt accepts that there is Islamic terror and the route through Kashmir, where it started, is the belief that Kashmir belongs to Pakistan because of Muslim majority they will live in denial. Instead, the Congress govt trumps up some charges against a few Hindus and then drums up the chant of “Hindu terror” to please their votebanks. And it’s even starting to sound funny.

In the last few posts I explained how “malnutrition in Gujarat” is used as a stick to beat any economic progress or development in the state and Narendra Modi. Name any progress or achievement of Modi or Gujarat the haters will say “What about malnutrition”? That’s how Sadhvi Pragya has become. You name Mumbai 1993 they’ll say “What about the Sadhvi”? You name 1989, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and you will consistently get a question: “What about Sadhvi Pragya”? So, even now when someone mentions the Hyderabad attack being Islamic terror, the “Sadhvi Pragya” question pops up immediately. Of course, it doesn’t matter that the Sadhvi is not charge sheeted yet and is languishing in jail. This is further compounded by Opposition leaders like Sushma Swaraj also chanting “terrorists have no religion”. She has political compulsions, I don’t. I’m sorry, but they do. Most of these Islamic terror attacks are carried out in the name of Allah-Hu-Akbar, the attackers swear on the Quran and their motivators also promise them martyrdom and virgins in heaven. Remember, being at war with Islamic terrorists is not the same as being at war with Islam. No nation can be at war with a religion. It’s simply not possible. But if the terrorist’s Faith results in their action there can also be no denying that religion motivates them.

We need not go back into history of a thousand years. Even in the last two centuries religion has been the source of terrorism. Whether it’s the holocaust, whether it’s Northern Ireland or whether it’s Palestine, religion has been at the core of terrorism. The terrorism in Kashmir displaced lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits. The day our govt accepted that and did nothing about it they welcomed terrorism to our doorsteps. They created the window and kept the broken windows unfixed for permanent entry of terrorists. The so-called fight for liberation of Kashmir is no battle for strategic real estate alone. It is without doubt a battle born out of religion where the Muslim separatists and terrorists base their philosophy on the Muslim majority theory of the region. Why are we then being fooled with this “terrorists have no religion” nonsense? What exactly do these terrorists want? Unlike the Naxals, who are also terrorists, these terrorists are motivated by nothing but religion. If there is one count on which we can agree “terrorists have no religion” it has to be the application of law. Punish the terrorists regardless of whether they are Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians or even atheists. Aha! That’s where the problem lies. Our politicians even want punishments to be applied selectively. MLAs are now passing resolutions for mercy to terrorists.

Here’s something else that might shock a few. 26/11 is not the biggest terror attack in India in terms of lives lost. This is what the media and politicians have peddled to the people. The 1993 Mumbai blasts cost us 257 lives. Seven bombs in 2006 in Mumbai train bombings killed more than 26/11 (172). The Bush Doctrine at the very least laid out one honest truth. It stated that it is not possible to protect every street and corner of a country from terror strikes; the only solution is to take the offensive to the terrorists. No matter how much people and media scream it is impossible to protect every street and corner of India, especially with our huge population of one billion plus. Here’s another shocker: even before 26/11 happened, National Security Adviser MK Narayanan pointed out that were 800 terror cells in India with external support (read TOI report). That was in August 2008. The NIA, CBI, CIA, MIA, POS and all should have been busting these 800 cells and should have finished by now. Instead, they caught hold of some Sadhvi Pragya and still haven’t managed to prosecute her. That says a lot for zero tolerance. Has anyone ever asked in the parliament what happened to these 800 terrorist cells? Has the media asked? And then Rajdeep will say… Oh that information was already in the public domain and the other channel is wrongly claiming “expose”. Take that Rajdeep and ask that question.

The only way to fight terrorists is to take the battle to them, to take the offensive to them. And what does our govt do? They play dossier-dossier! They indulge in cultural exchanges. They want to show our enemies how sweet we are. Our news channels call terrorists who sleep with terrorists in Pakistan “moderate separatists”. Our Bollywood folks are short of talent in India and have to rely on enemy talent. Our commie folks have undying love for them. And our media? They’re the biggest laugh. They can’t live without enemy panellists or appearing as panellists on their show. Our ministers, like Shashi Tharoor, moderate cross-border debates on how civilians can end terrorism. That’s how you fight terrorists, eh?

Instead of acting and taking the battle to terrorists our politicians are busy researching the colour of terror. Most Congress morons shirk the responsibility with the fake argument of “saffron terror” and our Opposition too sings their song of “terrorists have no religion”. I guess all terrorists must be happy atheists. And our media has now shown progress. Some are busy informing us if there were meat shops in the place of attack. Some tell us our coverage was more mature. I’m positive that at the next attack our media will be hosting some debate: Is our terrorist better than yours? SMS reply to…


  1. And you had Mulayam Yadav calling Pakistan as Younger Brother.
    Pakistan is a creation out of Religious intolerance towards a Hindu majority India.

    So we should not expect anything from them, Francois Gautier is right, what we need is Ruthless leadership, not namby pamby kinds who only unleash terror on fence sitting Hindus.

    Two things,
    1. Yes Terror has no religion, so go after 'em ruthlessly.
    2. Since we know almost all attacks are based on a certain ideology, not the State, but we should collectively push for a national discourse on "Questioning the Radical bent of Islamic views", which no doubt needs evolution, lest, nature will select it for extinction, sooner or later.

    1. majority of public is made fool by power which want to control public mind but congress survival on muslim christian vote bank and hindu bashing so they are winning thorough corrupt money and swissbank a/c,majority of india are busy in day to day meets to meet both end,these bastard mediamen of power befooling common public thorough sold channels shameful,i presume india is walking towards civil war,no one respect,trust any one,this situation is emerging out of confusion,delugion and lack of clarity among ruling elite

    2. @tiger
      I am agree with you.I found this link regarding Swiss a/c -

  2. Ravi,

    No words of appreciation for your article. This is really spot on. I can feel the anguish & pain in the article and I can relate to myself. While reading I feel like, I am reading my own mind again.

    Why beat around the bush when we know that Pakistan is engaging a proxy war (Jihad). You are absolutely right when you mentioned that terrorism is one of the many ways the Pakis are waging the war and trying to destabilize India. Fake currency notes, producing illegal medicines in the name of Indian pharmaceutical brands, peddling lies about Kashmir and India in the international community are some of the methods.

    Worst thing is, day after day this country has experienced grave terror attacks but still not able to deal with it.

    It looks funny when politicians make statements like "We will nab terrorist in 24 hrs", We will curb terrorism with iron fists", We will not spare terrorists and we will bring them to justice", and last jewel statement is "It is an act of cowardice".

    As you have pointed out in your previous article, " It is not terrorists who are cowards, we are cowards to name them and curb their activities".

    Keep up the good work.

  3. What else can be expected from a Party which to garner Muslim votes blatantly went ahead to bring a bill to overturn the Supreme Court judgment on divorce. Remember Shah Bano

    Appeasement of Muslims was a favourite pass time in Congress since Mahatma Gandhi, since then Nehru, IG, RG, SG and all other big Gs (this time big G is for a hindi abuse) of Congress and sickulars have maintained the tradition.

    Rahul Baba tutored by Diggi said nonsense about Hindu Terror to foreign diplomats (remember wikkileaks) and every congress man will ensure that his statements prove that Rahul baba was a visionary to have uttered this

    Yesterday saw a running item that PM has condemned the attacks in strong words and said that the culprits will not be spared. Now I am sure they have template for terrorist attacks. Didnt see MMS making statement on any channel.

    Ravi - By the way great article

    1. Vinnet,

      Didnt see MMS making statement on any channel.

      5 crore lottery for those who have seen MMS making any single comment on any channel in the last 8 years.

      Please educate me If am wrong, he never ever spoke to media.

      Only some press conferences perhaps or not even that.

    2. Sumanth - Good One - Ha Ha Ha

    3. MMS is PUPPET of congress.

  4. Great Article..Now I believe the citizens of India should also leave this Political correctness and should demand the ban on the Islamist's who quote Radical Islam...

  5. Just for your info, today when most channels were discussing the blasts on prime time, ndtv was discussing "aadhar"

  6. pagalika is sick. such filth in mind.

  7. If Sagarika Ghose was meant to claim the area as Meat Bazar...then she probably conveys that Terror Attack was brought by people of particular religion!!!!!!

    1. I guess your observation is spot on. Either it was to endorse home minister's saffron terror statement or to give it a twist in that direction or a proactive defensive tactic to say not only Hindu were killed

    2. Might have been the trick to bring in "Saffron Terror" connection by implying that Hindus would have planted bomb near Muslim meat shops

    3. the place where the blasts took place are famous for fruit market. I am from hyderabad and I still have a lot of relatives living there. I can assure you there are no meat shops there. It's just too costly to operate a meat shop there. Pagalika is infact contradicting her first tweet with the second.

  8. hi,


    after a wife swapping session , the couple is driving home.

    so the anxious wife , ( who was a bit too wild and loud ) , tells her husband " ours is better then theirs "

    -- and they nod and find cold comfort.

    capt ajit vadakayil


  9. Wish post 2014, Modi saheb as PM can declare a war on the sick ideologies of the previous regime & also the blanket appeasement of religion of peace at all costs - alienating the majority Hindus.

    Spot on Ravi - as usual always. Am a big fan of your blog & await each of your posts every morning (now it comes every alternate night).

  10. they called owasi just after the blast to the studio. he first said please correct its cyberabad and not hyderabad. and the doormat channel like nDTV started playing the same tune.

    how does it matter if its cyberabad or hyderabad. its in india isn't it.

    thats how sick they crooks are.

    and to add to that. suddenly porno hero manu singhvi is the expert on terrorism on every channel. why does minakshi leki even bothered to answer someone who is caught literally pants down.

  11. and to add to that!!

    where are the uncle and aunties who were busy signing mercy petition for convicted terrorist against their hangings.

    i would really like to hear their version on this latest unfortunate attacks.

  12. Spot on sir.....You are always.

    I can not understand stupidity of Rajdeep Sardesai of calling Owasi the first person to react on a bomb blast in Hydrabad. Rajdeep, do you really feel, we are stupid not to understand your evil designs. You are a terrorist in gentalman's clothes who wishes to provoke Indian society. From which angel you felt Assuadin Owasi who declared third wave in parliament a secular for his first reaction on your filthy channel. Can you give us the idea of your secularism. By now we have understood it through your programs. You secularism means bashing Modi and Hindus and french kissing with terrorists and anti national is secularism. You go on doing it, we have understood your mindset.

    Ravinar, I do not know, whether you have seen the ugly program yesterday late night on Times Now by our plain idiot Arnav. He invited some two Admirals from Pakistan and they happily used his Aman Ki Asha channel ranting anything and everything against India. He called India such a country that even Hafeez Saieed can kick it at will. And the anchor just said "Admiral this is provocation" That is all our wise and frank Arnav could say. You should have seen Arnav's body language. He was so dispirited.

    I do not know why they call these Pakistani Generals, Admirals on Indian TV. From Musharraf to this yesterday's admiral each and everyone of them have understood that Indian English Language Media is their best friend and is always on their side and they can use this platform to rant any garbage against India.

    Another important point I wish to bring to notice, within 24 Hrs of the blast Times Now was the first channel to declare that the blast has got the Pakistani Angle. Who told them? Not even the intelligence agencies are saying it today immediately. And which is that breaking news saying the blast has Pakistani Angle? We knew this information? What is the news in that? Or do they want now to forget their much publicized and ridiculed Aman Ki Asha? Do they want now to project themselves as most anti Pakistan than other news channels? Either way we know they are plain stupid.

    Great article as always.

    1. Vishnugupt,

      Yes, Arnav like never before looked nervous and dispirited.

      No logic can make sense why he calls morons from Pakistan, it is a country who creation was due to their hatred against natives of India.

    2. Vishnugupt,

      And the Pakistan link was because, I think Delhi police named a suspect, and Arnav stiched that with Viky Nanjappa's (rediff) analysis.

      Vicky Nanjappa was on the channel and spoke at length, so it was obvious why the Pakistan link was discussed.

      NDTV and IBN are getting better pay package from UPA so they do not talk this so soon, and Headlines Today was busy Breaking story on missed opportunity in letting of a terrorist in Kolkata, you cannot have two big stories you see.

    3. Sumanth...On one hand this Times Now channel's print version Times Of India promotes Aman Ki Aasha and and on Times Now is hurriedly declaring Pakistan as main culprit in Hydrabad blast. I can not digest both things happening under the same management. It is not without reason. They were conclusively proved stupid in Aman Kis Aasha and therefore they want to correct their image, and therefore this hurry. Nothing else.

      As far as other channels are concern, their stupidity and biases are exposed by Ravinar n number of times.

    4. Vishnugupt,

      I think this could be perhaps a wonderful double game, and some hideous sponsorship angles.

      Do we have enough data on the 'men behind' this Aman-ki-Tamasha' ?

      Just the way Arn Shourie did a comprehensive analysis of the various Eminences and paraded them nude in his 'Eminent Historians', this work here (By Ravinar) in Media crooks and elsewhere in many other honest Media watch efforts, a similar such book or effort would be nice to bring forth to highlight their double games and scandals.

  13. Ravinar,

    Congress and its media is playing a dangerous game with Hindus. Everyone knows that it is the book that is inspiring the terrorists even to blow themselves up to get to the heaven.

    Congress is political and they don't like to offend religion but why media has to be that way?

    Media houses are like tobacco companies. They make money and don't care about people.

  14. Everything is so predictable.Anchors at the start of the debate scowl at BJP spokespersons and ask them not to politicize (means- warning:not to be critical of the government),why do they call politicians that too from the opposition parties then. An obedient panelist is expected to say the following-- "Terror has no color","we should not stop people to people contact","we cannot change our neighbor","all political parties are to be blamed for this" etc. then the anchor would give a spin-"but during the NDA time.....,so you have no moral right to question the government". Justice Arnab Goswami as usual try to deflect all the attention to Pakistan (its like not locking your house and go on holidays and later on curse the thieves when you come back and find nothing).I am curious to know who is this Mr.Hillaly from Pakistan,who in every discussion gets humiliated and insulted by Arnab and still he comes back next day smiling.(I suspect he is a small time bollywood actor who pretends to be a Pakistani).

  15. Conveniently after any incident that causes embarrassment to the Government, our Media almost always fails to reach them and get them on their shows. And get spokespersons of other parties and ask Politicians not to talk politics akin to asking these very News Anchor not to discuss News. And there is a pattern here too. After a cool 3-4 days some Renuka Chowdarys or Manish Tewaris come and sermonize on a comment that other "panelists"would have made on the earlier shows. Where is their response on Terrorism or Blasts? Conveniently skipped. Rant against opposition for their statement (many a times they deserve it, why don't they keep away?) Ultimately Renuka Tewaris (deliberate double whammy) make out that the post Blast comments of BJP was the reason for the blast. Retort from their Motor mouths to ours.
    Unless we take the bull by its horn and fix these terrorists of the Media, we can keep hearing more of these fireworks. Nett result: "Renuka's Witch laughter, Tewari's talking while Eating his Teeth, for our entertainment. It is here that MC is invaluable!!! A hawk eye on these celeb terrorist of Media and stripping them nude for public view. That infamous and insensitive "Friend's Meat" Tweet from Sagarika (no pun intended) was not as innocuous as it seems. There was an obvious mischievous intent and it had nothing to do with aphrodisiac or performance powers.

  16. There is no dearth to sagarika's stupidity. Tweet after tweet, she has the solid way of showing her stupidity. But this "meat tweet" which she made on the day of Hyderabad blasts left me in surprise for few minutes. I myself belong to HYderabad and know Dilsukhnagar well enough to say what it is famous for. I started thinking where do we actually find meat shops in that busy area??? This is the level of mis information and spin these anti nationals like sagarika and Barkhas put on line .

    Mediacrooks is doing great service to the nation by exposing Indian media and now I.m sure most of the guys out there know whats the credibility of any news which is shown by these 24X7 jokers of all channels. Another amazing article, thoroughly enjoyed reading it and sharing it on my FB and twitter TL.

  17. If such soft stand by govt. continues, the day is not far when there would be no safe place to leave, for sake of vote bank politics congress has allowed Muslim population to go rocket high, Every state will face same issues what Assam is facing today(courtesy of Congress rule).. If India failed to bring Mr. NaMo to power in 2014, then Hindus will be digging their own grave..

  18. George Bush had said "Whatever mistakes have been made in Iraq, the worst mistake would be to think that if we pulled out, the terrorists would leave us alone. They will not leave us alone. They will follow us..." Similarly GOI thinks that peace with Pak means terrorists will leave us alone...they haven't and it's time the GOVT does not engage with Pakistan!

    1. Aparna,

      Could not agree more, Pakistan is a state that was made on Anti India philosophy and still lives on the same hay.

      Only solutions are Arabian Sea or India recovering its lost land.

  19. This article is a gem of its kind and shows the real picture which no media channel or intellectuals are afraid even to talk. I was hearing the debate of TIMESNOW and talks of NCTC, they said we already have a centralized agency NIA and then they say it has terrible record. It means either NIA doesnt have good folks and brains which I cant buy other reason that the govt used NIA as CBI to snoop on the opponents and play dirty politics as always. What can any force or law do when Sonia Gandhi goes to Azamgarh and cry for the terrorists? When UP govt tell the court to withdraw cases from all the suspects who are convicted in various terrorist activities. I dont agree that terrorism doesnt have colour its RED in colour and Terror does not have any religion but terrorists have a religion and needless to say which one. Why one religion is creating havoc from Iraq to Afghanistan to Pakistan. When this vote bank politics would end in India. They always have a name Sadhvi Pragya to counter any terrorist activity, dont these politician think once before encouraging Pakistan by such statements, UN and FBI has clearly suggested the role of LeT in Samjhauta Blasts and our politicians will cook some other story to buy dirty votes. Learn from ABV who declared all out war against Pakistan in Kargil, had strict laws like POTA to counter terrorism.

  20. Thanks for that another lovely piece of writing...Lots of hat's off to you.

  21. With three out of four pillars of our Democracy is a sham today. Highly divisive politics is being played.
    We are in for major crisis and in helm of cliff. Unless people like us not only just sit and comment but also go and show some veto, we can only cry on paper and can bring no change. We are torn like papers, govt is pelting stones and putting scissors among people.
    Never ever had felt more helplessness than today for the Nation.

  22. Jab Sonia Ji ki Aankhon mein Terrorists k Marney Par aanso bahatey hain

    Toh waht else you expect from th Khangrressi Neta's

  23. What a great article Ravi..
    Indeed no need to say that this government is better gone now.
    Vote bank politics has went to over the limit now.
    India is pretty much democratic country because it has Sanatan values which is atleast 10000 years old.
    The votebank politics has led to extremism in every field be it politics, movies, festival etc.
    I am of a point that if Muslims are insisting on Muslims than I guess Hindus too now have to Insist on Hindus to save the democracy.

    Let me save this article before it gets removed by congress lunatics..

    1. Varun,

      Gone, where, who will come in UPA's place ?

      Just because you or me think this Vote-bank cesspool is not good, it will not change the Raj.

      Change will come when we break the vote pockets of Congress and reorient them to national ethos. Congress deserves to be duped in a trech deeper than the Marin in Pacific.

      But, it takes time, we have to break the institutions they have created to preserve them. They have usurped Investigative agencies, ballot systems, ICHR, Education and Economic policies.

      Long draw battle, bo short cuts, we have task cut out.

    2. Gone to Italy or Swiss Perhaps that's where they belong.
      Yes it can change the Raj just see the Gujarat Election.
      Nobody there care to submit themselves in the name of minority appeasement. that's what it was always in India.

      We gave Shelter to Jews who were massacred throughout the Europe. We even allowed them to preach their religion freely in India.
      Same goes for Zoroastrians.
      But they have all respected the Humanity and Philosophy of our Sanatan Dharma.
      But this Islamist Extremist who gets money from Middle East wants to create a cult like in their country where non Muslims has no right what so ever.


  24. Ejaz Haider, a Pakistani journalist, writing in a different context as to how the Pakistani people are being hoodwinked by their government wrote the following anecdote. It is also very apt in the present context of CONgress trying to befool the people of India.

    A cooking contest was held in Pakistan and Michelin starred chefs were invited to participate. Being the host country, a chef from Pakistan was also invited.All participants were told to bring their own raw materials and utensils, as only a table and gas burner would be provided. Came the day of reckoning and all chefs properly attired reported. The Pakistani chef came in his tehmed and banian.

    The rules were announced and they all were told to cook a five course meal in two hours. Sharp at 10 a.m they were told to begin.
    All the chefs went into a flurry of activity, chopping, mincing, frying etc.
    Our Pakistani friend put a huge < degchi> on the gas and put in a kilo of curd in it. He turned the gas on low and with a ladle kept stirring it every 5 minutes.
    A few judges ( one Pakistani, and all other foreigners) had also been inducted to see that every thing is above board and there is no spot fixing. After one hour one foreign judge seeing that the Pakistani chef was still on to stirring the curd asked the Pakistani judge to find out what he was doing.The rest of the conversation is in Punjabi

    Pakistani Judge : Shah jee tusi kee bana rahe ho. ( Sir what are you cooking)
    Pakistani Chef : Looked up with a smile and said < Phuddo> ( making an idiot of you).


  25. Dear Ravinar,

    I am sure the Hindus especially in Andhra Pradesh must be extremely angered by the terrorist attack. But I sincerely believe the Hindus must actually thank the Jihadis because we would never have progressed as a community or stood as a community if not for the such terrorism. Imagine, a thousand year old festering wound & rape at hands of jehadis but we still cannot vote out the Congress because of our dis-unity. Jai Ho !

    1. Dear Abhijeet,

      Please pardon me for what am going to write now.

      You made the most insensitive comment.

      Thank them for what ? My foot.

      We have been beaten so many times in 1200 years, what more do we need ? This logic holds not forte, if nothing positive comes out now, then by the same yard stick, we should wait for another attack and thank them again ?

      The need is resolve.

    2. Dear Sumanth,

      Are we not just doing that ? Imagine if after 1200 years of murder & rape we behave as if we still need more attacks to throw out Pro-Jehadi Congress party, what does it tell about us as a society ? btw thanks for sharing my pain.

    3. It tells us that much of us are self serving, insensitive to the larger unit called society or nation, convenient-mongers.

      We get what we deserve, our predisposition is such.

  26. Another well written and incisive post. Hats off to you and hope you continue with these analyses. I do hope that more and more people get to read this and understand the situation (if they have a different read of the situation).

    Best wishes

  27. Thanks for a great article.(and for posting it before people started showing withdrawal symptoms :)

    Its time to admit and openly, that terrorism now is predominantly Islam inspired. Anyone who has studied Indian history and applied their brains to it will know that the reason that so many religions could come in and find refuge in India is because their people (pretty much only hindus back then) are inherently secular. A hindu child automatically accepts that there are many religions following different paths to the same goal.. Hence, it is because of Hindus and Hinduism that India largely remains secular to this day. Shinde's Saffron terror comment hence is not just ridiculous, it is plain unpardonable [Why the BJP let him off the hook so easily is best known to them!]

    In a country where psuedo secularists have perpetrated a "secular=anti hindu" mentality, expecting any action against Islamic terrorists is futile. This Govt will NOT take any action. They've had nearly 2 full terms that they wasted. I don't think they're about to start now.

    Congi out, Modi (anyone else in BJP doesn't look promising either)in is I think the only way if we don't want to see things go from bad to worse.

  28. I commend you on the article, but you too fall short while naming the enemy. The enemy is not Pakistan, it is Islam, plain and simple.
    Pakistan is just an instrument of Islamic terror, it is not the conductor.

    1. Alok,

      Our predisposition comes even before Islam, we have let them hit us.

    2. Couldn't agree with you more.....

  29. One more reason for the 'Kashmir problem' is that India liberated Bangladesh, so Pakistan wants to 'liberate Kashmir'. Tit for tat.

    1. Chak,

      Are you kidding, sorry to say, please go to school and study.

      Kashmir problem was Nehru's creation, 23 years before Bangladesh's liberation.

  30. a fresh-new rocker by Mr Ravinar.......i eagerly wait for your new posts
    these inbred macaulayite cretins know nothing about their profession they are in, every time they open their mouth they sound like idiots unaware of realities and instead peddling false propaganda, lies etc
    we must feel 'obliged' that she dint straight way accused SAFFRONITES for targeting beef eaters.
    gone are the days when journalism was meant to render social service and political education of masses; editorial positions were adorned by intrepid patriots daunting all threats.

  31. Another usual rant is that all religions preach love and brotherhood.I would say all religions do it except for one.It was Baba Ambedkar who said that the universal brotherhood taught by a certain religion of peace is not the universal brotherhood that we know of. It is unfortunately between the believers of the cult and nobody beyond that.

  32. the bombings in india are pretty much like gun related violence in USA ! unless the core of the problem is addressed it will not go away ! unfortnately, it takes political will and a strong leader to tackle this problem head on and I don't see any one except Modi to be even remotely capable of handling this !!!

  33. Dear Ravinar
    Given the viciousness of the establishment, it is quite likely that they will try to clamp down these direct messages and truth, and more importantly the freedom to express. I suggest you plan for this (given your posts, I am pretty sure you would have already done this). I also want the readers of the is blog to provide and distribute this link to your range of friends and connects.

  34. Fully agree with kravijp. This website and articles should be distributed widely among all Indians in India and globally. These articles and comments should inspire and propagate the message of free, better, corrupt free and just India to youth. I have already posted these links in other good sites like, etc.

  35. Couldn't agree more, the threat of Pakistani proxy war has been severely underestimated by our ruling class. For Pakistani, it is a situation of sadistic pleasure to see India fail in it's democracy, and the Pakistanis have their fingerprints all over this latest Hyderabad bomb blast.
    I say first step is total opening of India Kashmir to all Indian citizens regardless of ethnicity, religion and caste. Secondly a purge of all separatists in Kashmir. Thirdly BOYCOTT Pakistan at all levels from diplomatic dialogues to economic ties to sporting levels, it's sickening enough to see us having to deal with this backward nation of Pakistan.

    Neither BJP or Congress are capable of ensuring the security of India, hence time for people to take direct action, mass anti-Pakistani protests (look at what the China and their Anti-Japan protests), all Indian businesses should stop doing business with Pakistanis, all Indians should NOT receive any Pakistani visiting India, all NRIs should boycott anything Pakistani overseas, etc.

    1. Dear Koala,

      Agree to most of your comments except one.
      "Neither BJP or Congress are capable of ensuring the security of India" is the Congress propoganda theme. We must not fall prey to that. Believe me its a rocking achievement if even after 60 years of Congress Government we have a strong nationalist opposition in BJP. We may not agree completely to a few of its political ideas or decisions, but atleast its the best option available for nationalist Indians.

  36. No one expects Pakis to be benign towards India.We have an elected govt that is expected to protect the citizens at any cost.It is not for finger pointing or passing the buck that we have a govt in power. It is like the CEO of a company pointing to unethical business practices of his competators for his own failure.Only our public sector companies work that way.The govt too is toeing the same line.I dont think any share holder will buy that argument.Unfortunately this country which is so full of naive people are sympathising with a govt that has proved its corrupt and communal vote bank credentials.

  37. Ravinar,

    When the terrorists themselves say that they are doing it as it is their religious duty, how can anyone not give religious color to it?

  38. 1) The law has to be enforced, which is now controlled by politicians
    2) Judges fall for at the feet of politicians for post retirement benefits
    3) Similarly for Police staff, whose postings are at whims & fancies of politicians
    4) Indira Gandhi / Congress has encourage goondas to become politicians and India is suffering from it since then.
    5) So the lines between law, enforcement and law makers is blurred
    6) To this kitchdi add vote bank politics and unemployment
    7) Plus instead of investing projects which generate employment, we are giving free subsidies in return for votes
    8) So india does not have a will to fight nor has resources i.e. even defense establishments are starving for funds to buy basic clothing or shoes for our soldiers.

  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


    You have posted around 20 spam messages on this blog with extremely abusive language and repeated your comments on various posts. Please note the following:

    Your Blogger ID is 14929661016504957143
    Your IP address is: Secunderabad (AP)

    This is a warning. Should you post any further abusive comments on this blog, a police complaint will be filed against you and you will be prosecuted legally. All your abusive comments have been saved for records.

    1. Way to go Ravinaar !!! I was wondering how come no body gave a fitting reply to this Animal

    2. Ravi ji looks like your website has come under the scanner of Congress' Social Mafia Goons...
      they have started to shown their real dirty games of abusing and spamming.
      Be careful Bro.

    3. really wanted to see what he had written

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. According to contemporary French philosopher Marcel Gauchet:

    “Modern society is not a society without religion, but one whose major articulations were formed by metabolizing the religious function.”

    Michael Burleigh aptly observes in his book ‘Sacred Causes’:

    “The 11 September attacks were not the first, or the last, terrorist assault nominally directed against western interests and values, for the victims were not solely diplomats, spies or soldiers, nor always ‘Western’, but people engaged in such threatening activities as dancing in a tropical discotheque or shopping in Nairobi, Madrilenas reading on a train entering Atrocha station, or writers and film makers. Although the later are single individuals, the ways in which religious fanaticism reached across legal systems to kill them is indicative of a broader trend as well as of the paramountcy of religion over localized jurisdictions. This is worrying as it also demonstrates that these ulterior loyalties are evident among second- and third-generation immigrants, suggesting a conspicuous failure to integrate them into host societies. When young Muslims speak of their brothers and fellow countrymen, they sometimes mean not their neighbours in Barcelona or Bradford, but people in Chechnya, Iraq or Palestine. Bizarrely, many of them have managed to combine radical Islam with street culture that owes more to Los Angeles than to Islamabad, with their booming stereos, hoods, sweatshirts and trainers.”

    1. for your kind info............sept 11 was the conspiracy of mr.bush.......

  43. Dear All
    What about this..?

  44. the only solution for kashmir problem is we should not visit kashmir as visitors for 2 yrs

  45. Folks! The Hyderabad bombs were planted by the same folks as Mecca Masjid blasts. The cunning ITALIAN and her poodles such as Digvijay, Chidambaram, Shinde decided to implicate Hindu terrorists to create Safrron Terror campaign and released all the arrested Mecca blast culprits and even paid them Rs 3 Lakhs as compensation. Ha Ha Ha Ha! Mother India! Be proud of our moronic Indian rulers and idiotic people who can't see their games.

    The Mecca terrorists might have felt so glad that they thought they can do it again make another Rs 3 Lakhs. They must be thing thinking "If we killed 10 people near a masjid and idiotic Hindus pay us Rs 3 Lakh for each of us, what would make if we can 5 times that number near a Hindu temple?"

    Simple Math question! Isn't it?

    Now the CON MAFIA can't admit that they implicated Hindus for political gain. So they are creating the bogey of LeT, JuD and even throwing empty bags in Delhi to cover their tracks.

    You have to admit that this CON MAFIA knows stupid Indians too well. May God save this country!

  46. I agree with most of what you have written.
    My only doubt is why should government appease 13% Muslim & anger 80% Hindus? Isn't it easier to appease Hindu's and get the votes? Even if they manage to appease 25% if the Hindu's they are home safe.

    1. Excellent question! Are the Hindus really a majority? This questions presumes that 'Hindus' are a single entity, united at least in some common sets of beliefs, maybe even ideologies that they hold a great value for - maybe even willing to drop all conflicts and differences to present a common front for. But is this really true? or a concoction of someone's imagination?

      To my mind, its like the 'Rest of India' team that plays the Irani Trophy in cricket - Mumbai (the Ranji Champs) versus the Rest of India - a 'team' cobbled together to challenge the best team in the Ranji Trophy, the winners. Its a different matter that ROI thumped Mumbai recently ;)

  47. Found this somewhere. Hilarious

    Muslim suicide bombers in Britain are set to begin a three-day strikenext
    Monday in a dispute over the number of virgins they are entitled to in the
    afterlife. Emergency talks with Al Qaeda have so far failed to produce an

    The unrest began last Tuesday when Al Qaeda announced that the number of
    virgins a suicide bomber would receive after his death will be cut from 72
    to only 45. The rationale for the cut was the increase in recent years of
    the number of suicide bombings, and a subsequent shortage of virgins in the

    The suicide bombers' union, the British Organization of Occupational
    Martyrs (B.O.O.M.) responded with a statement that this was unacceptable to
    its members, and immediately balloted for strike action. General Secretary
    Abdullah Amir told the press, "Our members are literally working themselves
    to death in the cause of Jihad. We don't ask for much in return, but to be
    treated like this is very unfair."

    Speaking from his lean-to in the West Midlands town of Tipton , where he
    currently resides, an Al Qaeda chief executive explained, "We sympathize
    with our workers' concerns, but Al Qaeda is simply not in a position to
    meet their demands. They are simply not accepting the realities of
    modern-day Jihad in a competitive marketplace. Thanks to Western depravity,
    there is now a chronic shortage of virgins in the afterlife. It's a
    straight choice between reducing expenditures or laying people off. I
    don't like cutting wages, but I'd hate to have to tell 3,000 of my members
    that they won't be able to blow themselves up."

    Spokespersons for the union in Newcastle, Middlesbrough, Essex and Glasgow
    stated that they would be unaffected, as there are no virgins in these
    areas anyway.

    Apparently, the drop in the number of suicide bombings has been largely put
    down to the emergence of the Scottish singing star, Susan Boyle. Now that
    Muslims know what a virgin looks like, they are no longer so keen on going
    to paradise.

  48. HI I have seen many comments....

    Can any of you or ravi himself throw some light on this

    I really could not understand what kind of person subramaniam swamy is????
    Please help me ..



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