Sunday, February 10, 2013

Narendra Modi V Proxies

In a private chat with a Muslim lady I was asked a question: “Is it possible to succeed in politics in India by ignoring the biggest minority”? My answer was a simple no. I added, though, that biggest or not, you can’t ignore anyone in politics but at the same time you have to choose if you wish to merely appease the biggest minority or help them with progress of their choice. The question from her was not merely curiosity. It was partly an assertion that appeasing the “biggest minority” is the only way to succeed in Indian politics. AB Vajpayee tried that route in 2004 and failed. When some members of the media mafia tell you that the Gujarat model will not work across India, this is exactly what they’re telling you. Why shouldn’t the Gujarat model work across India? Is there some evil curse in that model? Is that model funded by the Gambino family? Is that model importing sand from Africa and Arabia to fill the deserts of Kutch? Does the Narmada water in Sabarmati flow only under some bridges and not all?

In the 2008 election campaign Sarah Palin was asked in an interview about her views on the “Bush Doctrine”. Palin, who is as learned a scholar as our Rahul Gandhi or Sagarika Ghose, paused for a few moments and then asked “which part of the Bush Doctrine”? When our media morons refer to the Gujarat model they are asking a similar question. You see, there is no such thing as the Bush doctrine. It’s a name given by the US media to set of foreign policy principles of George Bush such as “you are with us or against us”. But instead of acknowledging her ignorance, Palin asked “which part”. The Gujarat model is something similar. It has not even been defined in any manner whatsoever by anyone. Basically, when our MSM refers to this model, the real question they’re asking is: Can Narendra Modi succeed without appeasing Muslims? Narendra Modi’s unnamed doctrine is “Justice for all and appeasement of none; minimum govt, maximum governance”. As simple as that! Now, if the Gujarat model is being referred to so frequently, what exactly are its elements? It’s simply, good governance, good infrastructure, good power supply, empowerment and jobs instead of subsidies and doles and so on. Now, why should such a model not work anywhere in the world, let alone India? How far the model is successful is determined by the electorate, as they have done over and over again in Gujarat.

What the pundits and the media mafia are pointing out is that unless Narendra Modi does what the Congress, SP, JDU, or BSP do, it’s not possible to succeed at the centre. They’re only avoiding adding massive scams and corruption to the list. And that he must also give free TVs, washing machines, laptops and tablets to succeed at the centre. Does the MSM mafia really give a damn about Muslims or Dalits or anyone at all? Laugh till you drop! They don’t! What worries them is that the Gujarat model also does not include appeasement of their mafia. It does not include huge doles in many forms that our media currently gets from the centre. It may also not include frivolous awards and honours. Modi may not celebrate the births and deaths of all his ancestors with full page ads and TV ads. Modi may not facilitate dubious sources and hawala funding of this mafia. This is what bothers them. Otherwise, if the Gujarat model is meant to signify development and growth there is no reason why the model shouldn’t work anywhere. The only difference will be the local natural resources and available skills. Even in that respect Gujarat is hardly a state that is blessed with great natural resources. And one of the most important elements of the Gujarat model is that it also, to some extent, delivers freedom from the nuisance of govt. So why complain about all this? Because Narendra Modi challenges the existing order of the establishment; an order under which some media mafia members have become extraordinarily wealthy and influential. The thought of losing this power bothers them.

So the entire clan of media celebs with their also-ran columnists, historians, propagandists, bimbos, acrobats, tin soldiers, carpenters, masons, rat-catchers, lion-tamers, snake-charmers, grave-diggers, scavengers, snake-oil salesmen are now once again busy trashing Narendra Modi. Keshubhai Patel famously said “there is fear in Gujarat” and lost. It’s fair to now say “there’s fear in Delhi and the Delhi media mafia”. The first episode had started with, of all things, a speech by Narendra Modi to students of Shri Ram College in Delhi on February 6 and then his meeting with EU representatives. So let’s see what burned our media folks.

A good place to start is always with some tools. So let’s start with the Karan Thapar show called “Last word”. It’s in line with the studio-created battle that’s lately going on at every channel. If after so many years in media KT has to ask a stupid question like “Rahul V Modi: Who is a better leader?” then you know how many years KT has wasted and learnt nothing. The awful truth is that lately Modi’s stocks are going up and RahulG’s stocks have been plummeting. This has been rattling our media folks for quite some time and they have, naturally, tied themselves into a knot over this. What is at stake is their own future, not that of RahulG. Now KT’s opener is from Ashok Bhattacharya (AB) who is the editor of Business Standard. Must be a very educated guy, right? So despite knowing the topic he lands up on the show as a very indecisive “leader” of a newspaper. When you’re given only two options, the obvious task assigned is that you weigh both and make a choice. But our editor from Business Standard does neither.

Here’s what AB shoots: “As a short answer to it – it’s neither of them… Can’t measure Modi only by economic performance and RahulG is a commodity who has not been tried. He has not done much, he has not said much. He is like an absentee landlord… had the opportunity of doing things but he kept aloof from action”. Now, a person describes RahulG like that and admits Modi has economic performance behind him. What does logic suggest a choice should be? And yet AB says “neither”. It should be obvious that this guy who’s an editor doesn’t seem to make sensible or logical choices. To him RahulG is clearly a non-performer but Modi? Oops! The only reason for not choosing Modi is pretty obvious isn’t it? So why do TV channels even call such indecisive people? Well, they need to balance the nonsense by saying “no to Modi” even when the reasons to choose him over RahulG are compelling and clear. If our Air-force is to go into dogfights in the air and AB is asked to choose between an experienced Top Gun and a rookie; guess which he will choose? Neither eh? Not surprisingly, AB is the one who used some bogus statistics on Gujarat’s economic growth in May 2012 and had to correct it within 24 hours when Tweeple pointed it out to him. That’s a long story.

We have to see Narendra Modi’s growing stature in light of the “larger picture”, right? And who else sees the larger picture better than flaky Nidhi Razdan of NDTV (Is Modi's international acceptance growing? February 7)! In one of the most idiotic discussions on NDTV, among the many things that Nidhi came up with was and I quote the essence of her statement: “Modi now talks about development and governance and not about temples”. Oh really? As far as I know Modi has always talked about development and governance no matter how one may measure him on that count. But temples? The temple comment is obviously being made with a few mentioning Ayodhya and Ram Mandir at the Kumbh Mela. But when has Modi ever waded into the Ayodhya issue since he became CM of Gujarat? This is not to suggest that he is not in favour of the temple but he hasn’t been vociferously campaigning for it. Fact: Under Modi many Hindu temples that were built illegally on encroached public land in Gandhinagar were demolished in October 2008. Yeah, 80 temples were fully or partly demolished (read TOI report). Now, is that consistent with his policy of “no appeasement” and not allowing illegal constructions? Can Congress or some of the parties I named earlier take similar action against illegal Muslim structures? So that’s another load of rubbish that Nidhi and her channel churned out. NDTV is consistent in their garbage.

Then it seems Narendra Modi forcibly invited himself to a lunch with representatives of the EU. He had a meeting with them in Delhi and as their “guest” he was the one who hosted a lunch for them. How nice! The guest hosts the lunch. After UK the media’s worst fears came true. The EU has more or less removed the boycott of Narendra Modi and Gujarat and may be doing business with the state. UK? Doesn’t matter! EU? Doesn’t matter! The media now claims the US has still not lifted its so-called ban on Modi. When the US too falls, the media can always claim that Jupiter has still has a ban on Modi. So Arnab The Apologist predictably started screaming and asking if Modi had apologised to the EU for 2002 on TimesNow. And that stirred a whole lot of dormant “apology-seekers” into action. There was Rajdeep Sardesai who is the default Minister of Apologies for 2002.

After the meeting the only statement EU ambassador Joao Cravinho made about 2002 was that “We were pleased that he was able to tell us that because of a number of changes that he has introduced that such events could not be repeated in 2013”. Any CM would naturally assure anyone that riots would not happen again. Where does it say anything about an apology? Besides, Modi has proved in the past 11 years that there have been no riots and it’s enough proof of his commitment. What the cottage industry built from 2002 want is that Modi should somehow apologise despite petitions against him and a massive industry of scavengers wanting to hang him as guilty over the riots. Sorry, not happening. And Modi will say and do what is right and not what these proxies of the Congress party, like Javed Akhtar, want him to do.

Then there are the likes of Ramachandra Guha. I call him an “Eminent Distortian” even if he parades as a historian. This guy is not a Modi critic; he’s a Modi-hater. He and Aakar Patel would make a lovely couple. He even uses a heavy dose of lies and distortions to vent his hate. In 2011 when this guy visited Ahmedabad he could write about nothing but sign-boards that said “Mahatma Mandir”. That is how stupid the man is. He couldn’t see Ahmedabad, he couldn’t see roads, he couldn’t see the 24X7 power supply and he couldn’t see Gujaratis and other people living in the city. All he could see was one sign-board and he wrote a whole school-boy essay about it. And he continues with more lies about Modi in his latest distortion titled “The man who would rule India” in The Hindu (February 8). Fear seems to have groped Guha all over. He misleads the public by claiming Modi had banned the movie “Fanaa” and other one called “Parzania”. This is not a mere distortion but outright lie. Although the movies faced protests there was no ban whatsoever. Mr. Goofer doesn’t care about facts; he is one of those historians who has a license to lie like many other of his gang. SandeepWeb (Guha Gargles Goo Again – February 9) has called his bluffs for the 50th time. That’s a Golden Jubilee of lies, distortions and bluffs

Is there anyone else? Sure, the woman who passes as the Social Genius and the biggest Modi-hater of all is so burned with Modi’s rising stocks that she couldn’t help ending up in a massive orgasm of hate. In my previous post I had explained her moronery on legal issues. Now she demonstrates her moronery on Modi. In what I count as hate-write titled “Modi’s ‘strongman’ image echoes an Indira Gandhi era” on Firstpost, Sagarika Ghose, the journalistic-bimbo vents her mindless rant over everything connected to Modi. She says “Anyone on Twitter or Facebook who dares to voice a single word of criticism against their ‘Beloved Leader’ is vilified for days as a “Congress agent”. Isn’t that written like a victim? Come to think of it, it’s not those who speak against Modi but those who speak in his favour that have been vilified by both the Congress and the MSM, including Rajdeep and his Dubiousy Editor Sagarika. Amitabh Bachchan, Ghulam Vastanvi, Anna Hazare and many more have been vilified by the media. Some have been forced to withdraw their favourable comments on Modi. Ghulam Vastanvi lost his job because of his favourable comments. Madhu Kishwar is being targeted by Congress supporters and the MSM for her change of views on Modi. And idiots like Sagarika are worried about Twitter and Facebook? And Modi is like Indira? That’s the depth to which a Modi-hater has fallen.

Indira Gandhi hated freedom in business and in any form. Modi is the exact opposite. IndiraG cemented the policy of appeasement and votebank. Modi is the opposite. IndiraG was unchallenged in the Congress as President or PM. Modi is neither president of his party nor an unchallenged PM candidate of his party. That is enough said. Only immature bimbos can equate Modi to IndiraG. The Macaulay Putras and Putris who live on the crumbs of the legacy of Nehru and Indira Gandhi cannot stomach that a home-grown desi like Narendra Modi has come to centre-stage in such a dramatic fashion. What they are unable to fathom is that the guy who they thought they had successfully buried post 2002 has risen beyond their comprehension. He has outsmarted, outwitted them and played his own game and never bothered what these idiots say.

So whether it is Rahul Gandhi or Renuka Chaudhury who is the PM candidate for Congress they aren’t the ones who are really fighting a battle. It’s only their foot soldiers, cronies and poodles in the media who are currently fighting the battle. Modi doesn’t feed them crumbs. These are the proxies who are scared of Modi. Very very scared! That’s the only reason they hate the Gujarat Model. It wouldn’t exactly have been surprising if the Congress had put out a ‘disclaimer’ stating the hanging of Afzal Guru has nothing to do with the rise of Narendra Modi. Maybe members of the media mafia need to put out such a disclaimer too, just to hide and camouflage their being proxies of the Congress.


  1. Ravijee, you are simply brilliant again.
    Just to remind the Nation that when NaMo was serving tea to Jawan, traveling in trains to go to war front, our beloved Indirajee was sharpening her dagger to eliminate LBS. that is the difference.

    When NaMo was doing work for the poor and downtroddens, madam jee was trying to seduce a prominent politicians from Assam. That is another story.

    And for Paid MSM, there is another set, like Bar Freeze set, what I call IOS (Instant Or$$$m Set). For them few dollars and bread crumbs are enough to get that.

    What is India is going through today is all the creation of Madamjee, who for her power and se$$al lust destroyed India. She was corrupt from top to toe in all aspects of her life.

  2. Well said Ravi. Waiting for this article since two days when you have announced on twitter that you would sum up the whole issue on your Sunday article.

    No words for the praise. Apart from congratulations, I feel that the MSM esp bimbo are rattled that there is a virtual consensus among BJP and it's supporters that Mr.Modi is their P.M candidate. Unable to digest the sequence of events such as E.U ban, SRCC event, VHP and RSS support and a strong voice withing BJP they are emitting the crap in the form of bimbo's firstpost article and Guha's OpEd in Tha Anti Hindu.

    If you observe the sequence of opinions on Modi.... modi is communal, divisive, Gujarat model will not work, not able to get allies like ABV, not giving hard hitting interview (Nidhi R) finally it is the phase that they all are agreeing that Raul Gandhi is dumb and in efficient to lead this country but they advise us to dump both. What a great logic.

    Wait for the slew of OpEd's in the coming season in The Anti Hindu, and all other MSM english dailies.

    As someone mentioned in twitter that he felt you were extrapolating when you predicted that by the end of 2012 Modi will be equated to Kasab. As your prediction turned true he was ewated with KASAB. Hats off to your political acumen.

    Keep up the good work. Expose the pseudos.

    I am predicting that your blog will cross 10 million views by the end of 2013.

  3. Brilliant and hilarious as hell. :-)

  4. Brilliant and hilarious as hell. :-)

  5. "...What worries them is that the Gujarat model also does not include appeasement of their mafia."

    Bull's eye! This line of yours says it all.

  6. I beleive you are Anirvan, going by that newslaundry article. Well, whatever, this is just an awesome piece. As more and more people realize that a "home grown desi" is all that stands between a dignified life and a dystopian future, the echo for Narendra Modi as PM will only get shriller. These paladins of the stifling nehruvian consensus can no longer ignore the death rattle. The pied piper cometh. Be afraid, very afraid. Yes, that's you crooks in the media.

  7. Guyz,

    Please take time and watch the following NaMo video on youtube. He has repeated the same vision and idea for Gujarat. Of course this speech is no different from the SRCC speech but the vision and idea are same.

    Please watch his comments on Secularism and it's change of definition from 35:00 to 37:00 and make up your mind.

    He is quite different from other politicians who cannot keep the promises they have made to the public.

    Bimbo Sagarika cannot fathom his SRCC speech. Sitting in an A.C studio she cannot understand the real world problems such as agriculture. Can't she comprehend the innovative idea of soil health cards. Isn't that innovative? Coming from an agriculture family, I know the problems of the peasantry community.

    Friends, please take time and check out the 625 comments she received for her stupid article in firstpost.

    Thanks to MSM, I am updating my vocabulary by the gratitude of the the new jargon they are coming up to describe modi and his supporters. Gestapo, trolls, lumpen elements, progrom, fascist, Nazi, Internet Hindu, etc...

  8. Madhu trehan had asked Karan Thapar "Does he have Pak Handlers ? " I feel this Q should no longer be wished away in jest. the consistent support of Pak by our media must be examined.. Media wont do it .. u must do it

  9. Awesome man but I am just curious to know on whom do you plan to write when these media people are jobeless next year?

    1. These media celebs would be selling BANANAS on congi roads... Ha Ha Ha..!!

  10. Dekho dekho kaun aaya, gujarat kaa sher aaya

  11. You made my sunday worth getting up early!!!

  12. Wonderful and truthful.. But how to kill these insects?? What is the future of these insects if Modi becomes Prime Minister??? It will be really very interesting to see these insects will become Pests or Honeybees for Narendra Modi in future...

  13. The top brass of a few Congress loving English mews organisations are seriously worried that Modi might choke their supply of dubious funds, as vendetta for their constant attempts to destroy him for the past 11 years. And it is a serious enough cause for worry. They are used to the unlimited free perks, doors that swing open at the word 'media', lavish helpings of party funds through various channels. Life is good. And the 'Media Model' may not work anymore if Modi ends up in charge.

    The good thing is, a lot of incompetent journalists will probably have to try their hand at real work, perhaps at a construction site in Delhi.

    And therefore, their constant attempts to bring Modi down include attacking anyone who uses a single positive adjective for him. Except for the corporates ofcourse! It is interesting how the MSM has not gone after any of the corporates cheering Modi on in. Scared of their financial overlords? Instead, they made do with attempts to compare Modi to Hitler. Hardly works. Hitler's horrible crimes had not affected India the way invaders coming from all over the world did.

    And now that all of these 'embedded' (in the news organisation, not the army) journalists are all in with their freedom to hate Modi, they will have to give it their best shot to destroy him. Wait for the media to try and dig up more and more stuff against Modi, while trying to project Rahul baba as the product of an immaculate conception in what is sure to be the second coming of Jesus. Or Digvijay Singh could claim that Rahul baba is the latest avatar of Lord Krishna. Won't that put the Gujjus in a big quandary!

    1. Now or never.
      After this election first thing should be cleanup the houses of media brokers with dubious fund and dis appropriate asset of some of the leading journos.

      Media 3rd pillar of democracy. A weak pillar should be demolished and rebuilt.

  14. Dear Ravinar

    If only all of you Blog Readers or visitors ,by the tome i am writing this comment (1803756 )and loads of comment makers can come out of their house along with their family and vote in the Next Genenral Election ,will v b able to Make this guy our PM.

    Dear All

    Just writing comments would definetely not help we all have to come out and vote enbloc enmasse to make this one single nationalist our PM.

    1. @ViraatSingh

      It is dangerous to make such assumptions and lecture people. There is no need to assume people who write, read or comment on blogs don't go out on vote. I would rather choose the benefit of doubt and believe the more well-informed people seeking change will vote all the more. Recent elections have consistently shown higher turnouts. So your assumption has no sound basis.

    2. But Isnt it true that Much of the Khangress Vote is Being bought for a plate of Biryaani and 1 Bottle Of Tharra And I might be wrong but there are possibilities that the Well informed Electorate may not move out of their house on poll day and on the other hand you will find long Q's in the Congie areas . A person like Jagmohan who did such a great job in Removing Illegal enroachments and making the ITO Virtually Slum Free could not win his South Delhi Seat in the Next Election .

    3. My point is simple.. Don't apply stray cases & assumptions to a large mass, at least not on this site. This site doesn't operate on "assumptions". Therefore, it's just a friendly suggestion to you. As for voting patterns, the recent turnouts, as I said, provide evidence that more people are coming out to vote.

    4. Mr Ravinar,
      I happen to agree with Viraat Singh that 'Just writing comments would definetely not help'. More awareness should be created among all people of our country. I am from Tamilnadu and in the last assembly elections I felt that there was a silent fury among voters and that the infamous 'Thirumangalam formula' of M.K. Alagiri (in one bye-election some years back where voters were showered with money and other means for weeks and their votes got purchased) would not succeed. I was proved right. Not withstanding huge amounts spent for bribing the voters, then ruling DMK and its alliance partners were drubbed by the angry Tamils.
      I can sense the same kind of fury among the Indians against the UPA 2 at the centre. Sonia and her slaves are in for the worst and, perhaps, the final shock in the general elections whether in 2014 or earlier. No money or DBT scheme of PC will win them votes.
      I still want your articles should be more widely articulated somehow.
      Someone with resources (money, manpower and time) should do this work.
      - Thiru

    5. @Thiru

      You may want the whole world but when you yourself ask that "someone else should do this work" I suggest you wait. In the meantime, those who come here and want a translation can use the Google translate feature.

      Despite all your good intentions, there is currently no plan to publish in various languages. There are many reasons for it. I hope that ends the discussion with this.

    6. Mr Ravinar,
      Allow me, please, to express one final thought on this subject.
      An honest retired professor and Christian lady from Tamilnadu, now, residing at Vadodara has been waging a courageous lone battle against the corrupt Cong and mediacrook N.Ram at least since late 1990's: Vajpayee's 13-month first term at Delhi. I had the opportunity to read her letters to the editor column, unbelievably honest from someone from the religious quarters not favourably disposed towards BJP. It is through her 'Hilda Raja's Blog' that I came to know of your site.
      From your site I became aware of Janamejayan's blog, and now 'Sandeepweb'.
      And the 1.8 mil(Does 1.8 mil total pageviews mean 1.8 mil individuals?) frustrated and like-minded Indians. I feel all these people should be united by, preferably, a dedicated organization with necessary resources. Because a movement like this should not be confined among internet using minuscule individuals considering the 65 crores of Indian voters.
      Regarding my 'wanting the whole world': I want only our country. In the right hands, of course.
      And I am willing to wait as you suggest.
      - Thiru

    7. Dear Viraat,
      Your observations are absolutely correct. Every contributor to this site who is in favour of NaMo ,should, not only educates at least TEN citizens(Voters)about the dire necessity to bring him at the centre, but should actually comes out & vote.

  15. Wish some could translate this article in all languages, post and distribute in hard copies.
    - Thiru

    1. Thiru there is a translate option available in the top right..
      Worked in tamil just fine... Pls Try it

    2. Yes, google translator can do it in Hindi [or any choosen language from a good list], in a second.

    3. Mr MN,
      I tried 'Google Translate'. The translation is crude and horrible, really. The 'translation' needs further translation.
      Thanks, anyway.

    4. Yeah, Google translator sucks for Indian languages.

  16. stark fear about the loss of their 'crony mediaism' is making these professional modi haters shake their fists impotently against a ceiling that is slowly but surely coming down on them . fear talk is what they are indulging in.

  17. Thank Ravinar! I am addicted to your blog now. :)

  18. Good Work MC.... Modi is the only hope for this country when all other party leaders have fallen into the abysmal ditch of vote bank politics and favor a few at the cost of many. This has to end.. and people like you and us have the responsibility to make it happen.

    Loved your blogs.

  19. can somebody post the sandeepweb article? when i tried to access i got the msg-"The URL you requested has been blocked as per instructions from Department of Telecom(GRG). URL ="

    1. @hope2014
      Most probably your service provider is blocking it.Use public proxies(search in google ) to access the blog.

  20. It is true that this is read and appreciated by people who are not significant in numbers. This has to reach the general masses. Only then can we see real change in the average voter.

  21. Great post, as usual.

    On the Afzal Guru matter:

    Right after you tweeted (around 1pm Saturday): "Dear Arnab @Timesnow .. You are now starting to look very stupid in your exchanges with Javdekar... please pick on Swamy... LOL!" (and since i was tracking your comments as well as watching Timesnow), guess what happened - Arnab squirmed and stammered right (went on for about 5 seconds) after Swamy pointed it was Priyanka Gandhi-Vadera and Sonia Gandhi who were also to blame for delay in hanging of Rajiv Gandhi's killers. Arnab changed the subject and moved the dialogue away from Swamy (away from the Dynasty). He did not pick on the point that NAC members were signing mercy petitions..... I was actually hoping you would pick that up and tweet or maybe write a post on that... :)

    The same evening Barkha Dutt and Renuka Choudhary (the colour of her face changed and she was her sober best) justified Sonia Gandhi (on the same matter) as if to say that she represented the humane side of such decision making within the government.

    BAR motto was clear all along yesterday: Save the Dynasty. Blame only BJP. That was evident in all debates yesterday... I hope you cover it in your next post...Thx.

  22. Yes, Lutyens Delhi is very scared indeed. The recent Delhi lecture by NAMO has accelerated their movement towards a Para-drop without a parachute. Now, not only their continuance as journalists is in doubt, even their companies need to be investigated.
    Last heard, the babus in the central government have got unnerved and are taking things very cautiously fearing the imminent demise of the Nehru-Gandhi rule.

  23. Dear MC,

    What a Sunday! Sunlight is the best infectant & your light-beams are search-lighting the nether-regions of the crook-media like never before. Keep it up. More power to you! :-)


    Try this ""

    If you get the same message, then your service provider seems to have blocked it. I can access on Reliance. Either way, read the article. Enjoy. Cheers! :-)

  24. Just started reading the Article..came to this lines and came to comment section: [[When some members of the media mafia tell you that the Gujarat model will not work across India, this is exactly what they’re telling you.]]
    This is truth! nothing can be more pat as you put it in above lines. must Congratulate you the way you have articulated it.

  25. This jokers in the attire of Journalists cannot digest the fact that despite of so much hatred they have spread which was without any proof or without listening to their conscience they are being thrown back way behind what they were like 10 years back.
    so they have created a time machine fluctuation from which they can't go beyond the Year "2002".

    What makes me wonder is that why this journalistic goons never ever utter any single sh!t against the mal-practices of Congress party right from 1947 to 2012.
    They have successfully created a hoax around Narendra Modi before Social Media gave them the dose of their own Medicine and paralyzed them.

    They knew that Rahul Gandhi is neither a leader nor suitable bachelor who couldn't find a decent job even at the age of 43, relying on his mother's income.

    At one side there is Narendra Modi who has seen this country from the root. Who has learned the real essence of India. Who has done a Hard work to come up and do his duty willfully.
    On the other hand we have Rahul Gandhi who has done nothing till date. We don't know anything about there whereabouts even till today. RTI will not tell you that. Who has spent most of his child hood and adulthood outside India. Who don't even have a single Idea about the reality and diversity of this nation. Who is presented as next keen of Mahatma Gandhi but he is nowhere near or related to MK Gandhi.

    While typing this I just got news that MPSC will now issue question papers in Marathi as well as in Urdu.
    Look at the minority appeasement we are talking about.
    That means they don't wanna get out of their comfort beds, confronting the Government to bend the rules? what a height of absurdity.

    I am a non-Maharashtrian and can speak good Marathi and We all have to abide the rules n regulation to give examination. And this minority can now have their own cutoff and section selection criteria. That's very dubious.

    BTW who runs this country?.
    Are they trying to make the minority an upper hand in this country?
    Why can't they change their own views and try to balance the pace with today's environment rather than bending the rules to suit the 2000 year old tradition?
    Take the recent case of Maulavi's fatwa on Kashmiri Girl Band.
    If they don't want to change their thinking level is it the fault of others who are going ahead of them in every field?

    Ravinar You have put a very well balanced article to shut the stinky mouths of this crooks.
    Hats off to you buddy.

    1. nothing will change the present scenario if we don't cast out this corrupt pseudo secular congrass party.

  26. sir, the writing is absolutely brilliant. but i have one serious objection to it. permit me to take reference of your last article "the defense never rests". through that article you had raised a very very critical issue of a professional following a professional code of conduct and professional ethics against the his very emotions as an individual (where you rightly pointed out that a doctor had to treat kasab even if the human inside prevented him to do so).

    i for one refuse to accept that this media fraternity is unable to see something that the whole world is not only seeing, accepting, acknowledging and appreciating. does KaranT not know, deep down inside, who has a clear edge between rahul and modi. forget edge, he knows that modi is heads and shoulders above rahul, given any parameter, criteria or yardstick of comparison. and this is not just true for KaranT but for every individual in MSM.

    i was in ahemdabad for the last 3 days. i visit that place frequently, but my last visit was after quite some time (1st since modi took oath this time). and i dont have the slightest doubt in my mind that modi's confidence is trickled down into the face of each gujrati that i came across. since i'm a great modi admirer, might be its my illusion but i'm sure it isn't.

    coming to the gujrat model. anything thats good for the goose should be good for the gander as well. after all gujrat is not a state in some other country or from a different planet. when a model has worked in gujrat, theres no reason why it can't work in the rest of india. and i'm sure modi is smart enough to make subtle changes to his model to suit every region and state as per its requirements. but then again, this isn't any rocketscience to understand provided someone refuses to understand.

    as against the "gujrat model" which people have apprehensions let us talk about the tried and tested "congress model". if in 65 years this model has not worked, one needs to be stupidly optimistic that this model will eventually work.

  27. Hi,

    Today the DESH DROHI TV channel anchor was going overboard as to--
    ---Why afzal gurus’s wife was NOT informed prior to the execution
    ---Why the internet was shut down in Kashmir while in a democracy

    This foreign funded channel is openly anti national .

    After 2014 elections , NDTV , Barkha Dutt and Prannoy Roy will be held accountable for giving space to sedition mongers, unnecessary rabble rousing and opening healed wounds .

    Punch into google search THE KASHMIR CONFLICT VADAKAYIL

    Capt ajit vadakayil

    1. After 2014, Yes after that. And are these crooks can foresee that day? So are they doing anything to prevent it or in worst case if at all it appears, to handle it?
      Answer to these questions take my imagination to limit of horrors.
      I am sure there will be opening of dusted documents, un-archival of files, umpteen re-plays of videos hundreds of trials and reconstruction and extension of Tihar. There,Sir then and there we would need your and many other's presence.
      I wish the unison of all such forces.

      P.S. : I have always called her Barkha Drabu. Calling herself Barkha Dutt itself is an act of misleading the audience.

  28. In Hyderabad when a wall of mosque built in a prime and busy area breached the into the road illegally, the authorities ordered to destroy it.MIM made a big halla and said if anyone touches it rivers of blood will flow.Most of us don't know about it but look on the other side the so called "Merchant of Death" took action on illegal construction of temples.

  29. THis is such an inspired piece of writing, shredding the media mafia to pieces! This blog must be made a mandatory reading for all journalism students in Mass Media colleges!

  30. Excellent. Very well summed-up.What is true of media is equally true of the cronies in Congress who are still shedding tears after hearing Yuvraj's Jaipur speech.Like MMS, RahulG would also a front for the coterie who wants to perpetuate the present structure so corruption goes on unabated.

  31. Well written but I don't think our media celebs are capable of thinking and analyzing. They are leftiists but don't use the left side of he brain and use the right side for imaginative lies. MSM always reminds me of the emperor's new clothes. Modi is like
    the small boy who called the bluff. He has just been articulating fundamental principles of governance and development which any government should uphold. These basic principles have been forgotten in the decades of leftist nonsense.

    Governments have been systematically hijacked by self-serving intelligentsia who most of the times spout cliches and platitudes. It naturally frightens them when someone tells them about the real purpose of government. As you have pointed out this Gujarat model concept is pure drivel. It is basically a ploy to make Modi look sinister.

    Possibly you were too polite regarding the question on ignoring the largest 'minority'. It is time someone calls this bluff also and removes the word 'minority' from public discourse. Minority has to be told that they have been given more than 60 years to develop and if they still haven't they can never develop at all and there is no point wasting time. If one digs oneself a hole
    and refuses to come out even when a helping hand is held out but starts to blame the hand, the world will ignore them and let them sink into their holes.

    This continuous discourse and diatribe on 2002 riots and Modi's involvement should also be treated as a human rights violation. Has there been any comparable event in the world where a person, who is an elected leader of a state, has been subject to a continuous harangue under the guise of news and debate? This vilification has been continuous even when the matter has been
    taken up by the courts. Does not Modi qualify to be innocent till proven guilty? This proves that the MSM do not respect democratic processes and also believe that they are beyond all norms of decent public discourse. Dont you think as per definition they could very well be classified as fanatics?

    People like Guha should better write about ancient history which may not be contested. Possibly he could try comparing the development of Gujarat during Harappan times (by studying Dholavira) and under Modi and arrive at the obvious conclusion that Modi's Gujarat has not progressed. You cannot contest that :-))

  32. The Media will never admit it but they simply can't digest the fact that a man from a humble background, with no godfathers in politics has risen to the top on the virtue of merit. For them Modi is a 'low class person', who doesn't fit into their world of the elites. He didn't go to Stephens or JNU maybe that's why they don't like him.

    1. Dear they dont like him for exactly the reason pointed out by Ravinar. Modi doesnt dole to media. Most in Gujarat know that why big news papers like Gujarat Samachar/Sandesh in Gujarat are against Modi. He doesnt take special care of media.

  33. Media seems to have discovered one more character (like Dutta from Assam). His name is Aakar Patel. He probably earn his living by writing articles 'only' on Modi. He curse Modi in his every article, latest one in DNA he was cribbing because- there is prohibition in Gujarat and there are less non-veg restaurants in Gujarat.He also appears on secular channels to spread his 'Modi-gyan'.

  34. You are doing a good job Buddy. Even by a conservative estimte of 7000 hits a day, your webpage will cross 4 million by the end of the year. Thats a lot!!!

  35. rajiv ji rox.the media is only cementing the views of modi fans towards him

  36. 18 lakh page views!!!!! awesome.

  37. Every Indian voter should read and understand this article. And ask himself (or herself) if there is any backbone and self-respect still remains with the voters in this country, and if so, show it in the next elections. Come out to vote in large numbers like the Gujarat voters or even better. Make your vote count! Let India get a new freedom.

  38. Ravinar,
    Brilliant piece, I have even promoted this site to all my friends and asked them to read it. I had a question though, why we need to login through some account to post any comment. Cant it be free fro all?

    1. Yes , ravinar should change to disqus....then comments will start raining here on mediacrooks.....

    2. Better leave it to people who are serious about comments or it will be like firstpost. Apart from 2-3 good comments , just noise........

  39. I was waiting to read this........ Brilliant as always! every talk of Modi's speech and the meeting with EU, on almost each channel was just pathetic . no logic, no reasoning .. nothing ... they all seemed quite baffled! :).. It's high time they stop seeing "the larger picture" with their "narrow mind" !
    I am requesting all my young nephews and nieces (young voters)to read your blog and try to learn to use logic and reason whatever they read or listen from/about politics and politicians.. Best wishes to you!

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Wow what a great article. Though media is already exposed in eyes of Gujaratis including Muslims long before, it is time that people out of Gujarat also know reality of propaganda carried by Congress, corrupt Media, NGO and also some analysts and journalists working abroad for foreign publications. Though many people outside Gujarat love Modi, it is really sad the way some of people outside Gujarat show their ignorance while commenting on Modi and riots in Gujarat. They are convinced by stories being fixed into their mind by corrupt combination of Anti Indian Govts. (Including Congress in India), corrupt NGO, corrupt Media. I as a Gujarati has lost trust in Media long time before.

  42. Great article Ravinar. Tavleen singh has said the same thing in an article in Niticentral in Dec.

    She being an insider in Delhi media scene, what she says has great credibility too.

  43. Would like a article from you on the Afzal Guru hanging. There has been lot of queries in media questioning it. I do not appreciate the fact that SC verdict is being questioned, why do people assume they are smarter and know more about a case than a SC judge. Would really love your analysis on same if possible.

  44. Agree with all your views except the one on Ramachandra Guha. His article had raised serious issues about development in Gujarat. What are your views on those points ?

  45. Every person should read this and understand. Congress' time has come. The end is near. Hope India will be decisive and vote for NDA. Ek hi vikalp. Modi.

  46. Ha ha superb article Ravi... All this just by listening to one of his public addressing. Had they seen his speeches on Youtube then Im sure they would be in coma by now... ROFL....

  47. First, you are merchant of death. Didn't work.
    Second, you are anti muslim. Rejected by voters
    Third, Gujrat was already developed, proven false.
    Fourth, SIT. He is absolved.
    Fifth, Gujrat is not developed the data is made up. Rejected loudly by voters. Yet again.
    Sixth, your politics isn't inclusive. He rose beyond all expectations.

    Why are crooks not able to see it? Harder you try mightier will he become.At least Britain and EU are able to see the future. Why can't you? The brigade of shouting Arnab, smarty pant Thapar, sleevless riot, Barkha Drabu ( yes it's her real name and she is muslim)and frustrated Desai. Why can't you see it?
    There is still some time. Correct it while you still have chance.

  48. A best read for ignited minds. Thanks Ravi!!!

  49. Being in Gujarat, still Guj govt takes action on illegal temples and Dargahs, colonies, slums etc. Last week there was a video clip in local channel where municipality rolled bulldozer over an illegal temple. In Gujarat we know that making temples on road is not the cause of religion nor it is a social cause and most dont mind removal of illegal structures. One can not encroach land of public use by such tactics. Most forward thinking people of Gujarat support this acts of Guj govt.

  50. All of us should stop watching CNN/IBN et al....When their TRPs drop their bossess will automatically shut down these lousy news programs....I for one have already stopped....

    1. Absolutely. I have personally stopped watching both NDTV and IBN. Useless both are.

    2. Absolutely agree... Firstly great articles here by Ravi... brilliant! I dont know how many people noticed. Nidhi Razdan was hosting a show last week, think thursday or Friday where as always they were bashing NaMo...this was right after his brilliant speech in SRCC. They invited a student who honestly supported Modi and said " whatever said and done by all you guys of his past, he is the one who can take India forward according the youth...The student was weel educated and completely aligned to Modi's vision and his progress story...But what was shocking was Nidhi kept on challening the poor student saying how can we say he is progressive and our future when he has blood in his hands? The student tried again to answer but she kept pushing him on against the wall to say that what she or her channel prescribes to... Glad the student, how looked visbily cornered by Nidhi and some panelist, maintained his stance.... Now that is mafigiri!!! How can an anchor post her/his views on participant and smirk and laugh???
      I cant seem to understand NDTV and IBN journalism anymore... They are so visibly pro Congress!!! they are now trying their best to look and sound fair but its just not working....

  51. Dear Mr Ravinar, A wonderful insight on how much of 100s of crores ( Social Media Budget ) budget have been spent by Khangres to publish only favourable news and anti Modi tirade has been brought out without mention of that money aspect or purchase aspect. Narration is superb.

    There is a journalist in Kannada Prabha, who writes passionately, without prejudice, named PRATAP SIMHA. He has published several books ( collection of all his writings in a column " BETTALE PRAPANCHA " in kannada prabha news paper ) ( Naked World is the word by word transaltion in english of bettale prapancha ).

    Suggest that the same way you can put all your articles and publish.... It will be a part of History Texts in schools after couple of years.

    Wish to read many articles from you in future and eagerly waiting for the same....

  52. Dear Ravinar,

    I have calculated a simple logic which if turned correct we may never have a Congress Govt after 2014. It works like this :

    1) Congress was in Power from 1947 to 1977 - 30 Years continuously,

    2) Congress was in power from 1978 to 1998 - 20 Years continuously,

    3) Congress is in Power from 2004 to 2014 - 10 Years Continuously.

    Now considering that Congress was thrown out of Power three times in our free India, with a gap of exactly 30 , 20 , & 10 years it may never succeed coming back to power after 2014 by simple math logic.

  53. A brilliant article once again.
    It is very annoying to see the argument “Gujarat growth model might not work across India”.

    Why on earth anybody thinks that Modi will copy paste the same approach?
    Does the doctor give the same medicine for whatever disease you have?

    India’s problem is different so his approach to India’s problem will be different. He has proved himself in the context of Gujarat so I believe he can prove himself in Indian context.

    I don’t think he will dig a river in every city just to replicate Sabarmati Riverfront.

  54. Expellant, educative, inspiring write-ups. Thanks.
    Here is an interesting and rare speech by Modiji about 2 years back in Chennai for people who might have missed.

  55. brilliant.. agree with ur assessment of BS editor bhattacharya. the paper is deteriorating.. see the quality of its oped writers! mediocre!


  56. @Raviji
    Brilliant ..!!!
    Shat Shat Naman!

    May God Give More Power To You....


  57. wow, great article!! media militancy exposed.

  58. too good an article , so balanced and exposing the anti gujrat , anti hindu and anti NAMO.....gangs

  59. I am not qualified enough to grade this article.Its simply brilliant.
    But,it would make me feel happy if it is directly sent to RahulG,Sagarika,Nidhi for them to know as to where does MSM stand in public eyes

  60. @ BK Chawla
    "if it is directly sent to RahulG,Sagarika,Nidhi for them to know as to where does MSM stand in public eyes"

    well said..

  61. One of the reasons I abandoned journalism school mid-way as it's stalwarts are so corrupt and pompous. Subsidized newsprint, government advertisements, subsidized housing or some allotments in "journalist colonies," blackmailing, junket tours, paid for trips, aur kya...why even list it out, I realized these so-called pen pushers are pushing some agenda or the other always and there is no such thing as "fair" and "balanced" unless in a miniscule part of the press. I went to this press conference when I was a rookie journo and they started to dole out monies in white envelopes and I was like "Holy Cow, are they paying me to be nice to them?" That sort of removed the blinkers from my eyes about this fourth estate and this so called pristine "ethics" of journalism in practice.

  62. Brilliant!! Though you have blocked me in twitter, I enjoy reading your views in this site.

    Your explanation of Gujarat model is something that needs to be etched in stone and kept outside parliament, for the stupid MPs to read and understand!

    Again, fab writing! keep them coming


  63. Dude, NaMo had said the same thing in Nov 4 2002 on Gujarat riots what he assured to EU >> You should have nailed javed's propaganda paddling.


  64. The Bharatiya Janata Party has created history with Chief Minister Narendra Modi having won a election...

    narendra modi biography

  65. Excellent article..... I sometimes think that if the Congimen had same loyalty to the country as they show to the party, India would have been much more advanced. Same applies to these congress agent journalists who sold their souls to Congress than surrendering to country or god.

  66. Though I read this article late but better late than never. Its just excellent. You have literally exposed the Modi hater. As the Modi chorus getting louder day by day the fears are looming large in these people's mind. Congratulations and expect many more like this.

  67. Modi is the next person of India.

  68. Almost all the anti-Modi tribe are products from Catholic educational institutions which are spreading like wild fire across the country.Hindu students from these schools and colleges are infused with inferiority complex to be proud of their Hindu background.Now the CBCI which is going all out to bring Rahul Gandhi as the permanent ruler,to Christianise India,like it has been achieved in Nepal in just ten years,is using these former students of their institutions to go wholehog to decimate Narendra Modi,feared to be the stumbling block for Rahul Gandhi to ascend the throne.The list is too long but Nidhi Razdan and Sagarika Ghse take the cake.Nirmala Sitaraman,Meenakshi Lekhi are indeed striving their best to the Christian/Congress liars in their place.

  69. its an eye opener...every citizen of this country who so blindly beleive in the media should read this...i am a doctor in mumbai but i can cast my vote from ranchi, coz dats my hometown...n its a resolution watever the circumstances are m gonna go n cast my vote for BJP coz i beleive wat has happened in gujarat can happen to the whole nation...or even more

  70. WOW!!! Simply fantastic. BTW Modi vs Proxies - Proxies includes even CONgressmen, don't they. There are no real congressmen worth their salt. It is just Queen Bee and none else in the whole Beehive - The Drone Pappu also seems to have vanished into Oblivion. Tucked in between and surprisingly the most Defining line in the post (especially in the Election Season)
    Quote - appeasing the “biggest minority” is the only way to succeed in Indian politics. AB Vajpayee tried that route in 2004 and failed - Unquote
    Yes as much as Media drives the debate into you have to pamper the Muslims, NaMo did nothing - forget appeasing Muslims, appeasement of none at all (not even those in Media). Demolished them, their myth as much as he demolished even Temples built illegally. That is the man NaMo is made up of. And even during Sadbhavana yatras he did not fall into the trap of doing something that he doesn't believe in just to please - "wearing that skull cap". Here is a person who first believes and does what he believes. No surreptitious back door tweeting, let lie run the course and later come and clarify (NaMo doesn't stay back to take question - Ok! here is the clarification...line) And this comes from someone who bluffed telling she could not make it to #ThinkIndia summit because a former British PM passed away. Yes I take that!
    As each of your post points out, not so subtly - the biggest danger to this nation is Media and corrupt Politician (and in the same order)
    Wonderful post, Ravi and wish you and your family a very happy new year. More powers to you in this relentless pursuit in exposing the Media Goons

  71. The only constant is change..and Modi brings a positive change in governance...why resist it so much? I always fail to understand. Should personal hatred for a man ride over overall good for governance? Like Gordon Gekko in Wall Street says "it's not always the popular guy who gets the job done." But we need to fix India's problems asap!


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