Sunday, January 13, 2013

Vibrant Gujarat & The Holocaust Deniers

A few years back I noticed a Post-it on a school principal’s desk with “CBSE HOTS” scribbled on it. I had no idea what it meant but I laughed inside and wondered what CBSE, a school education board, had to do with “HOTS”. So I asked the principal and she told me it stood for “Higher Order Thinking Skills” which the CBSE was introducing in schools and she asked me if I knew any teachers who could teach it. Naturally, I had to ask why a school with 70 odd teachers would have to search for someone to teach ‘thinking skills’. Aren’t school teachers supposed to possess thinking skills and be teaching it through regular subjects like Maths and Science on a daily basis? That is half the story. What CBSE or schools don’t teach about is ‘Perception’. The world outside schools operates on the principle of perception, yet it’s never taught in schools. It’s not taught as a specialised topic even in business schools. The entire marketing world operates in creating, sustaining and exploiting perceptions. This is just as true for politics and politicians. It is even truer for our media. Their entire game of the media is built on perceptions. The entire flow chart of some media debates concerning Gujarat can be explained as under.

This is a flow chart that is a rough indicator without going into greater details but is a fair sample of how some of our media’s political programmes are delivered. You could even call it “Inception” after the famous movie. Yes, that’s the job of media: “Inception” of “Perceptions”. This is a template for all major Dynasty-friendly media. Just before the Gujarat elections in December 2012 someone from the Congress party remarked “Narendra Modi is sending invitations for Vibrant Gujarat 2013 as if he is going to win the elections”. You can guess that the TV anchor hosting the debate won’t point out the stupidity in such a statement. Supposing Congress had won the elections are they suggesting they would scrap the Vibrant Gujarat summit? This loose flow chart I explained is the template for channels like NDTV and CNN-IBN, the masters at “inception”. While they will pick holes where there aren’t any when it comes to Gujarat and Narendra Modi, they will provide platforms for CMs like Sheila Dikshit to appear as a saint. The latest programme by Barkha Dutt in which she hosts SheilaD for an interaction with youth on NDTV is what I call classic “inception”. The brutal Gangrape that had Delhi protesting had tainted SheilaD but trust Barkha Dutt to try and alter the image and perception.

Unable to digest the success of Vibrant Gujarat 2013 (VG) NDTV predictably comes up with a debate to rubbish it. Vishnu Som brings up issues of malnutrition and famer suicides. The one independent panellist on the show, Ron Somers, the American head of US-IDC a development council, finished off the debate in one single sentence: “In the end we wish there were more CMs like Modi who were moving their states forward like Gujarat… the problems you mentioned and that of poverty exists in all states of India and even in the US”. Not a verbatim quote but that’s precisely what he stated and meant. Now, is VG supposed to handle issues of malnutrition and farmer suicide? Is VG the single-window solution to all problems of society? Only idiots like Vishnu Som and his colleagues in the media would imagine so. VG is a programme for investments and if those are coming in and creating more opportunities wouldn’t they solve many problems? Then they lament that all the MOUs signed at VG summits don’t materialise. What’s their problem? Even if 20-25% of the MOUs materialise the value in absolute terms is phenomenal. Do these morons ever sit down and analyse how many of promises in manifestos of political parties materialise in terms of delivery?

NDTV has to be categorised as a bunch of morons who don’t seem to get even the basics of VG. It’s an “investment and business” summit and more than that it opens up a state to a wide world that can bring opportunities to its people. So too CNN-IBN! The editors of both these channels follow a predictable flow chart and template when it comes to discussing Gujarat and Narendra Modi. Their anger and hatred stems from the fact that they weren’t able to destroy Modi with the perceptions they tried to create with the Gujarat 2002 riots. They are stuck there while Gujarat and Modi have moved far ahead. Gujjus know it and visitors to Gujarat know it. James Bevan, the UK High Commissioner, was moved enough to say “I too am a son of Gujarat”. But NDTV would like to compare Gujarat with Somalia.

As it happens, prodding them in their agenda are two Congress ministers. First KapilSibal says “People from foreign countries have come to India for business and then became rulers of the country. Today, they are again coming to do business here and divide us. We must be careful of them”. That’s a real laugh and it comes from a party that fought tooth and nail to bring in the FDI policy. Perhaps Sibal even forgets his party is the only one that is indeed being “ruled” by a woman of foreign origin who, according to public information, still holds her Italian citizenship. Of course, he also forgets other foreigners like Quattrochi who escaped Indian law for the Bofors scam. He also forgets his party allowed a safe-passage for Warren Anderson of Union Carbide which is responsible for the Bhopal tragedy. He forgets something else too. We will get there.

If Sibal is uttering nonsense can the other guy who could run a university of nonsense be far behind? Hell no! Manish Tiwari goes one better. He compares Narendra Modi with Hitler’s Nazi regime for corporate houses lining up at VG. This is the guy with both his feet permanently in his mouth. Who can forget his famous “corrupt from head to toe” statement for Anna Hazare? But his sound-bites are meant to be hints for NDTV and CNN-IBN to set their flow charts in order and carry out more ‘inceptions’. Here is a pic of Manmohan Singh, the SoniaG-appointed Prime Minister, with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian President. This Iranian guy is famous for denying the “holocaust” under Hitler ever happened. This guy is also famous for his statement of “wiping Israel off the map”. This guy’s regime is one of the “axis of evil” countries in the US book and a terrorist state. The wiping Israel off the map is a misquote by media though. Ahmadinejad wanted to make “occupiers of Jerusalem” (meaning Israel) a page removed from history and time. What a loveable couple they make, don’t they? They hug and shake hands and are all smiles. Now, by the logic of Sibal and ManishT, the GOI, the Congress party and Manmohan Singh support Ahmadinejad in denying the “holocaust” under Hitler. Because MMS hugs him and shakes hand they also agree to his wiping off the occupiers of Jerusalem.

All one has to do is replace MMS with Modi in the pics above and the Congress, NDTV and CNN-IBN would be left very confused. They wouldn’t know whether to call Modi a Nazi like Hitler or to call him a ‘holocaust’ denier. Remember, denying the holocaust is banned in many countries and in some countries it’s a crime. By the stupid logic of Manish Tiwari, many countries would have to prosecute MMS for hugging Ahmadinejad implying he supports his ideology and theories. By his logic Congress too would be an offender in many countries. Such is the moronery of some ministers and media channels. We do have a breed of politicians, activists and media channels that are now in the same league as the ‘holocaust’ deniers. They are busy in attempting to create perceptions of Gujarat being an evil state with an evil leader.

In “Gujarat – Breaking RulesPart-1 and Part-2 I had tried to explain what works with Narendra Modi and Gujarat. The media lives in denial. As with many other criminal, illogical activities of the media, their dishonest programmes on Gujarat or Vibrant Gujarat are not worth dealing with by logic or truth. They are, like the holocaust deniers, the “Gujarat Deniers”. Their hate and loathing of Gujarat may someday come to haunt them. 


  1. You forgot the Maino hitler connection!

  2. Sir, I think it's time we realised that media is not, repeat not, impartial. Everyone has their own agenda and will push it. Not against any law, just against our perception that media is expected to be neutral.

    The silver lining though is that audiences are not dumb, specially TV audiences. They are generally independent thinkers, intelligent enough to see through propaganda or concocted logic, like Vishnu Shom tried to pull off the other night .

    So while we have a lesson to learn in accepting bias in media, the media has a greater lesson to imbibe. That by trying to sway public opinion, through not so well concealed sleight of mouth, it is only fooling itself nobody else.

    1. Silver linings are very thin compared to the whole cloud...

  3. This article is an understatement on Media, Cong , Judiciary as axis of evil. In print media, The Hindu and TOI are bigger criminals. I do not call these with MainStreamMedai. I call them MainStreamCriminals(MNC) and in the context of recent LOC horror, I started calling them MainStreamJaichands (MSJ)
    Instead of rant, I do not have any solution except the power( rulers power) has to shift to nationalist parties or all parties become nationalist and bury secularism from Indian mental maps forever.

  4. Great Job, Ravi! What caught my attention was that cute Template. Wondering if this proven template was borrowed by UPA from Al-Qaeda, Taliban, LeT, JeM, LTTE etc. they use to indoctrinate their Suicide Bombers. UPA has deployed the same template to indoctrinate CNN-IBN and NDTV types and achieve the same purpose. One common definition that binds these Al-Qaeda and Indian Paid-Media is "Enemy of State" (or Non-State Actors ;)

  5. Great Ravi, Superb.

    The MSJaichands are like Raktabija demon. Kali had to drink their blood, to stop falling on ground, so that they do not multiply. Soon we will have to awaken Kali inside each us to kick start drinking blood of these Raktabijas.

    Let us not miss that Jaggu of Firstpost is not far behind BD, AG, RS, Devout Hindu wife, The Tool, VS, Vir S and RK. He (Jaggu) had put a biased story on VG and Modi. I made a comment asking him to quote the values of Projects as well not only the numbers and not to create bias. I, sincerely, offered to teach him phases of Project development. Guess what? My comment was there only for 1 minute and quickly removed by one of his hanger ons or by himself. Hope he sees the light and contacts me for help.

  6. What I cry about it is how willing Congress is shoot down the well being, development, economic growth of 60 million people (and perhaps more) for it's own agenda, and how complicit the media is to demonise the people of Gujarat. The Americans, the British, the Danish, the Japanese, the 120 other countries have embraced Gujarat, but Congress and our media just have their own agenda. Congress and the mainstream media won't rest until Gujarat is grind down to dust and sent back to the stone age.
    I cry for India.

  7. That Kapil Sibal comment is outrageous! The BJP should demand from the PM that he must clarify his stand on foreign investments. On the one hand, they want to bring in FDI and on the other, one of his cabinet members "warns" against foreign investors

  8. Dear Ravinar,

    Hoping to see an extension of the flow chart backwards from Political agenda too :) . Who sets it , how it is funded , how it is delivered to platforms like NDTV and CNN IBN. Statements by Tiwari is just show off, deeper preparations are required to sell the message rt?


  9. An eye Opener Article

  10. @Ravinar

    Remember that pre-Gujarat elections Barkha Dutt's We The People show, the one of two only muslim person she asked question to was the US based Pakistani origin Zahir Janmohamed, his entire life is dedicated to being Anti-Modi, and yet he has never even lived in Gujarat post 2002.
    This the lengths the mainstream media had to dig up rubbish to find an iota of negative vocal that it pull someone from San Francisco.

  11. @ravinar farmer is spelled as 'famer' in 3rd paragraph,6th line and third word.

    1. :-) .... tats ok , hope every one on the blog is seeing the big picture I guess ....

  12. These CONgress stooges are really eating their hearts out. And not because of Modi but because of Gujarat's success under Modi. They would like nothing better than to see Gujarat as another impoverished state, the people forever beholden to the dynasty to chuck some crumbs to them now and then from the royal table. Gujarat's success amidst a crumbling national economy is an unending series of slaps in the bright pink socialist faces of all these pseudos. My advice to them is to change their colours; else rub vaseline on their mugs and be prepared for more.

  13. ravinar,

    you are making enemies...

    if i google mediacrooks why do i get 'remove' in my search box... i did the same for narendra modi twitter and got 'remove' in my google search box. something fishy!! i dont get the text 'remove' alongside when i do any other search...

    1. ED, nothing sinister....its a google search function....if you use a keyword more than 1 gets stored in your cache memory and google prompts you with that keyword and also gives you an option to delete it.

  14. There was a complete black out of Vibrant Gujarat coverage on national news channels. I don't think there was any live telecast. If there was, I missed out on it. I was looking for Vibrant Gujarat live pictures and I found Ceat cricket awards show and things like that. This is open hostility towards Modi and Gujarat. And by the way, Ravinar bhai - what's this famous Gujarat malnutrition thing all about ? I have never been to Gujarat, but my impression of Gujaratis is rich, rather too well fed people who should go on a diet and can afford some expensive fat loss treatments. I honestly cannot picture them as being undernourished. In fact even Congress could not picture them that way either - they used a picture of a malnourished child from Bangladesh or Sri Lanka or some other country to showcase severe malnutrition in Gujarat. I think Professor Arvind Panagriya of Columbia University has written extensively on the duplicity of these malnourishment stats. Modi should take this up promptly. Even data collection in India is manipulated to denigrate Modi.

    1. Like in every other state, backward classes exist in Gujarat too. Some of them are well educated and developed while some of them are really poor and not able to take benefit of the welfare schemes as they do not have any proof of identity. The only thing is that you will find very less of them in Gujarat compared to everywhere else in the country. Congress and opposition don't have anything substantial against Mr. Modi so they are just doing nonsense ho-hum...

    2. nobody will tell you when they speak of malnourushment. u c malnourishment has different grades. eg grade 1 2 3 and when we classify the malnourushment problem, almost 100% of children of age 1 to 5 fall under grade 1 which is the mildest grade.but techically they are why this happens because of not so hi fi parental upbringng regarding food habits in rural folks and lower middle class in our country but what you hear is pure stastistics and you guys begin to think that evry child looks like the one on sri lankan poster cover.i am not saying that literally famished children arnt their but given the exploding population of our country it is hell of a job to upgrade the nutrition status in india. and this problem is universal. these media guys sound like there are nil poverty and ill nourishment in delhi.adn regarding the growing children as i was telling you,as they grow older, their eating habits begin to cover up for the lost growth and eventually they achieve more or less the required target of nourishment.
      And you know, obesity is a type of malnutrition. so this means kapil sibal is malnourished.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.


  15. I recently bought two books on Gujarat : "Gujarat: Governance for Growth and Development" by India's #1 resident economist Bibek Debroy and "India's tryst with destiny" by the greatest ever Indian economist Jagdish Bhagwati and his protege Arvind Panagriya. I haven't read them yet, but the impression I get from reviews and a cursory glance is that Bibek convincingly proves with use of facts and statistics how Modi's rule has done wonders for Gujarat...... the same point is also made by Bhagwati and Panagriya about how Gujarat is far ahead of even Kerala as far as even social indicators are concerned.

    Bhagwati and Amartya Sen have been great rivals, they represent two entirely different ways of looking at economics. Bhagwati is in the mould of Milton Friedman and FA Hayek....has been a brilliant votary of free market capitalism of the Chicago School..... while Amartya Sen is the biggest intellectual supporter of Nehruvian socialism......... in India, we give importance to Sen because he has won the Nobel prize...but fact is, his theories have failed every time they have been put into practise....Sen idolises Kerala mode of development for India. If you have been to will know that Kerala has 100% literacy but no means of production of revenue as in industry or services or even agriculture.... they are completely dependent on income they receive by exporting their only marketable "resource", their people, to Gulf and rest of India. Gujarat on the other hand is highly industrialised, has 4% of India's population but produces 22% of India's export earnings, and 18% of India's manufacturing...........Gujarat follows Bhagwati's economics and Kerala and much of India follows Amartya Sen. Facts are there for all to see which mode of development has succeeded and which has failed.

  16. Lastly, is it not amazing that you have a Kannadiga from Bangalore like me who is totally obsessed with and in love with Gujarat despite never having been to Gujarat, and not even having a single Gujarati acquaintance ? In fact, its not just me. Ask any random person on Bangalore streets. He or she will not know the name of Karnataka's current CM.... but he or she has definitely heard of Narendra Modi of Gujarat, and chances are that he or she wants Modi as India's PM. Everybody in India has heard of Modi. Many hate him. But many love and admire him as well. Everybody talks of the Internet Hindus - Modi's Army on internet. How many of these people are actually based in Gujarat or are of Gujarati ethnicity ? Under 5%. Most are like me - never been to Gujarat. Guess Gujarat is to us hindus how Israel is to American Jews.... we may never have been there, but it is in our heart all the time.... Gujarat is our Karma Bhoomi. And was this the case even 7-8 years back ? Gujarat was then just another state in the union. Why is it different now ? It is called The Modi Effect. As Modi said in his speech, he takes every stone that is thrown at him and makes a staircase out of it. Establishment media tries to demonize him, demolish him, using every trick possible....and what has happened ? Modi for PM !!!

  17. Oh goodness...! Such a fantastic piece of writing! You absolutely nailed it my dear friend!!

    And it happens that yesterday, I was saying the same thing to my mom, that even if 15-20% of MOUs materialise it's no less of a feat for Mr. Modi. Various firms and organizations criticize the Union govt. for the 'policy paralysis' and our PM gets to be called an 'underachiever' too! So under the hood name of 'reforms' they are passing half-baked legislations to boost the economy with no results. It will be utter shame and loss for the nation is Mr. Modi is not able to reach the centre.

  18. To all those who are keep enchanting that Gujarat has always been a developed
    sate; probably are oblivious to the fact that Gujarat was marred by Catastrophic
    Earthquake in January 2001, which affected 20,000 odd lives and the State
    Economy was pulled back by 10 yrs. All the funds from infrastructure development
    were routed to compensation schemes to the victims as decided by then Union and
    State Govt. This was followed by 2002 communal riots, triggered by burning 59
    karsevaks alive, which further exacerbated the state economy.
    Now, what we see the different performance indices of Gujarat by various Union
    Govt agencies, planning commission, Rajeev Gandhi Foundation etc, should be
    seen, analysed and reproduced in the backdrop of factoring in back to back
    Natural Calamity and communal riots.
    Here comes the charismatic leadership of Narendra Modi, who had successfully
    brought out the otherwise gloomy state economy to the most investment friendly
    developed state.
    The section of media, hired mourners of Gujarat riots and deniers of Gujarat
    Development story might get some oxygen and their survival might extend for some
    more time by such prevarication, specious logic and disingenuous arguments.
    IGNORANCE can be BLISSFUL, but definitely not ADMISSIBLE FACT !!

  19. I saw media's aversion to Gujarat's success in a TV show on GDP and India's growth story (NDTV hosted by Vikram Chandra). While one panelist said that growth is a state subject too...everyone agreed but what was hilarious was that Gujarat was not mentioned..when even a school kid in a debate would give Guj as example of growth due to state policies. In this case it's the perception of ignorance that's laughable!

  20. The Corrupt JawaharKhan-Maino-Kangress-Delhi-Sultanate drives me to Poetry, and the following Limericks are the result.

    A Truthsayer

    Wiki-Limericks : MMS, PC, Madam and the Klown-Prince of Italy

    Tragic Comedy

    There once was an "Economics-Genius" named MMS
    Who was servile to Famiglia-Maino in excess
    He lost sleep when the man held in Oz
    Turned out to be an Indian Moz
    EVMs, CEC & Vote-Banks gave MMS election-success.

    The Nation's resources MMS gave to the Minority-Community
    Denying the Majority the Right to have Equal-Opportunity
    To any who probed, loftily he did declare :
    " Of not one single scam am I even aware,
    And as Caesar's-Wife, I have Diplomatic-Immunity."

    Protest his innocence loudly though he might
    As MMS assures the Nation that all is right
    Clearly, no clothes does our Emperor wear
    Even as he clings to the Royal-Chair
    From which the Nation wishes he would alight.

    There once was an erudite gentleman named PC
    Any mention of 'Sivaganga' made him very queasy
    Thrice-counted were the Votes, to ensure Error
    Wherever he looked, he saw only "Saffron-Terror"
    Wonder what he’s hiding under his Veshti !

    There once was a lady named Antonia
    Who fancied herself Queen of India
    She could barely speak Hindi
    Yet claimed to be a Gandhi
    Which made Indians forget she was a Phony-ia.

    Antonia broke her little toe-nail, and grew very afraid
    Then flew off to the US to get American Medical Aid
    Fumed Dr. MMS, "I could have fixed her toe-nail for free
    For I am a Real-Doctor, does our Madam not trust me ?
    All it would have taken me is a 5-Rupee-Band-Aid."

    There once was a lad named Raoul Maino
    Who was less Indian and more Italiano
    He never studied or worked at any job
    For he had the backing of the Eyetalian Mob
    And his Bofors-Billions safe with Uncle Ottavio.

    A Right-Royal Dunce is this our mediocre Amul-Baby
    Fit only to be Klown-Prince of Mafiosi Sicily & Italy
    But his great-grand-dad, then his grandma Indira
    And then his dad, all jumped onto the Throne of India
    So, now we're stuck with the Amul-Baby and its Mommy !

  21. Read in Niti Central, article by Sandhya Jain,
    Look down in the Comments, a fairly long comment by one Mr Sampath R. He has compiled a rogue's gallery of media crooks. Don't know how much is correct, but it rings true.

  22. i had seen that program on NDTV about vibrant gujarat summit.what i saw in that program was except one, all the panelists was in favour of modi if not completely and the host idiot (vishnu som) trying everything to paint gujarat bad and he even compare to somalia.But the programme only last for 15 minutes because i think the discussion was leaning against their(NDTVs)views. NDTV thinks that we viewers are fools,they must realize that the one who watch English news channels have some knowledge about what is happening around and they cannot close our eyes. I am watching this channel because i have no other option as this is the only English channel available on my cable network.


  23. 1. Hindustan Times – Shobhna Bhartia, owner and editor-in-chief of Hindustan Times is a Congress MP from Rajya Sabha.

    2. Vinod Sharma, HT Political Affairs editor, is essentially a Congress spokesman on all TV panel discussions, because once his boss’ term gets over, he will be looking out for her RS seat next :-)

    3. Barkha Dutt and Vir Sanghvi, famous Congress stooges (and intermediaries for UPA allies) who were exposed in the Radiagate scandal, and are virtual Congress spokespersons in their capacities as electronic media personalities, are the ones who write opinion and op-ed columns most frequently (once every week) on the editorial pages of HT. In return, Barkha and Sanghvi are rewarded with Padma Shris and other monetary compensation by the Nehru dynasty or Congress party.

    4. NDTV’s promoters are Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy. Radhika’s sister Brinda Karat is a famous CPM leader (well known for anti-Baba Ramdev views) and Brinda’s husband Prakash Karat is the CPM Politburo General Secretary (well known for preferring Congress over BJP). And Prannoy Roy’s first cousin is the famous far-leftist pro-Maoist-Naxalite pro-Kashmiri-terrorists “intellectual” Arundhati Suzanna Roy.

    5. NDTV’s Barkha Dutt’s reality has already been exposed by me in above section.

    6. NDTV’s Sonia Singh is the wife of Uttar Pradesh Congress MP, Union minister and ex-princely state ruler, Mr. R. P. N. Singh, who is one of the fastest rising stars in the Congress party. If you remember, Sonia Singh is a very high-profile anchor on NDTV whose pro-Congress anti-BJP bias is legendary.

    7. NDTV’s Nidhi Razdan (high-profile anchor of Left Right Centre) is the current girlfriend of J&K CM Omar Abdullah (after Omar recently divorced his wife of several years and mother of his two children, Payal). Nidhi Razdan is also famous for her legendary pro-Congress and anti-BJP bias.

    8. CNN-IBN : Rajdeep Sardesai’s wife and co-promoter of CNN-IBN, Sagarika Ghose, who anchors Face the Nation and is famous journalist of CNN-IBN (well, her hubby is the owner-editor-in-chief after all) are famous Congress stooges.

    9. Sagarika’s father Bhaskar Ghose was a famous sarkari babu and was made the chief of Prasar Bharati (Doordarshan) during Indira and Rajiv regimes. Bhaskar Ghose was well-known for personal loyalty to the Nehru dynasty, and now his daughter and son-in-law are rewarded with their own channel to do Congress propaganda.

    10. In fact Sagarika’s extended family even consists of her aunts Ruma Pal (former Supreme Court justice and a close friend of the Nehru family) and Arundhati Ghose (former diplomat and Indian ambassador to various countries, predictably, under Congress regimes).

    11. Let’s now come to another famous CNN-IBN media personality who also writes columns frequently for Hindustan Times — Karan Thapar. What you may not know is that the Nehru family itself is related, through blood and marriages, to the high-profile Thapar family. India’s Army chief during the 1962 debacle against China, Gen. P. N. Thapar, is brother-in-law of Nayantara Sehgal, the daughter of Vijaylakshmi Pandit and niece of Jawaharlal Nehru. Gen. Thapar’s son is pro-Congress journalist Karan Thapar. Gen. Thapar’s sister is Romila Thapar, a famous “top” typical JNU Nehruvian communist ideologue historian, who gets to write our textbooks and pollute them with pro-Congress Marxist propaganda.

    12. The HIndu – The Worst – N. Ram, owner and editor-in-chief (till February 2012) of The Hindu, was once a vice president of the Students Federation of India. SFI is the students’ wing of the CPM.

    Copied from -

  24. 13. P. Sainath of the The Hindu (acclaimed journalist well known for his, again, unsurprisingly, typical left-wing Nehruvian communism ideology), is the nephew of Congress politician V. Shankar Giri and the grandson of V. V. Giri, ex-President of India and famous Congress politician. Giri was especially known to be one of the first few staunch loyalists of Indira, and whom Indira fielded for President elections against her own party’s Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy, and who ultimately became the cause of the first high-profile split in the Indian National Congress into Congress (O) and Congress (I) — almost all the pre-independence regional stalwarts split away to join Congress (O) or form their own state parties, and the rest including Giri (all the loyalists of the Nehru family staying on with Indira).

    Or even what about little known News24 Hindi media channel? Owned by ex-journalist and editor Rajiv Shukla, famous Congress MP in Rajya Sabha, Union minister, industrialist, BCCI vice president and IPL chairman.

    Or even what about little known Lokmat (and IBN Lokmat) that is Marathi newspaper (and channel) in Maharashtra? Owner and editors-in-chief are the brothers Vijay Darda (Congress MP) and Rajendra Darda (Congress MLA in Maharashtra, and minister in state govt).

    Or even the other bigger and smaller media houses, such as The Times of India and Indian Express, where the Nehru dynasty has managed to infiltrate its loyalists such as Dileep Padgaonkar and Shekhar Gupta, who are essentially paid stooges of the Congress party.

    The Congress (in fact just the one single family — the Nehru dynasty) has been in power for 56 of the last 65 years of independence. This matters a LOT. Personal relationships have been built, blackmail-worthy secrets have been spied, monumental wealth has been accumulated … all by the one single Nehru dynasty (and its family-business-cum-political-party aka Congress) that helps it maintain its tight irongrip over not just the entire Indian mainstream media, but also deep into our bureaucracy, our governmental institutions, and even our journalism and mass media colleges and grad schools.

    We have probably not even scratched the surface of the network of family and personal relationships through which the Nehru dynasty has completely dominated and controlled the entire intellectual, historian and journalist landscape of India. And we haven’t even talked about the monumental wealth or the blackmailing secrets. All because the one single dynasty got to rule over India for 60 years uninterrupted. As I said, it matters a LOT.

    The typical JNU Nehruvian communist left-libbers ideologues have really perpetrated some kind of stranglehold on India’s journalism, media and intellectual space. Almost all pro-BJP (or even centre-right ideologues) journalists have been slowly thrown out of their jobs due to pressure from the Congress and the Nehru family. Even the great venerable Ramnath Goenka, frustrated and broken by repeated I-T raids and ED investigations ultimately had to fire Arun Shourie twice from the Indian Express, which was once the best Indian newspaper in the 1970s and 80s. That was the team — Goenka the owner, Shourie the editor, and S. Gurumurthy the fearless journalist, that brought political heavyweights like Indira Gandhi down on her knees and even took on corporate honchos like Dhirubhai Ambani. (Ramnath Goenka inspired the Mithun Chakraborty character and S. Gurumurthy inspired the R. Madhavan character in the Ambani biopic “Guru”.) But very few centre-right ideologues are left in India’s media space today, that too in minor publications like The Pioneer. Almost all the mainstream media houses have been thoroughly infiltrated and coerced into towing the Congress’ line, sometimes just through ideology and relationships, and not even money power.

    The Congress party essentially owns and controls every single mainstream media house in India, including Hindustan Times, The Times of India, NDTV, CNN-IBN, The Hindu, Tehelka, Outlook, etc

  25. Very good.
    Try,you might find Nazi connections too

  26. Excellent article.
    Let us hope that media morons fall into their own graves that they are digging. More things like Delhi incident and Owaisis are going to hit them on their face, and they end up in defense more than counter attacking the genuine Leaders.

    Time.. Time.. Time..
    We have been ruled enough by the morons..
    Enough of the "patience" stress test..
    Praying for the cosmic justice to prevail..
    Hope you play a good part in getting to that justice..

  27. i am a regular reader of your column. i appreciate your crusade against corruption in media which is as widespread as in other sphere of life. i just want to say something which i think should be interpreted. as you are well aware of media and their tricks to fool people with hefty payment from almost all political parties. can you bring some light on one thing.. who is most benefited from the recent attack on indian soldiers? Pakistan....NO. Pakistan government...NO. Hafiz sayed....NO. India....NO. UPA government......YES. all attention has been successfully diverted when in every front whether it is economy, social justice, law & order you just name it.and it happens every time when indian government is in total mess. i just want to clear my doubts....!!!

  28. Gujarat has prospered under Modi is not something Media has created but it comes out of word of mouth of ordinary persons who travel through Gujarat or live there.But the Psychopancy revealed by Indian Big Fat cats especially Ambanies during the summit was also very sickening.He was even equating Dhribhai and Modi to Mahathma gandhi and Sardar patel. The foreign guests were much more dignified than our India fat cats.

  29. Dear Sir,

    I am commenting for the first time, and this extremly stupid article in an international paper, the article is so absurd that i cannot determine whether to get angry or pity the writer. It compares Gujarat with the Delhi rape, two wholly unconnected topics. The lengths to which people go !!! Even the Indian MSM so rightly nomenclated "crook" has not been able to go that low.
    Here is the link :

  30. I just couldn't leave your website before telling you that I truly enjoyed the top quality info you present to your visitors? Will be back again frequently to check up on new posts.


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