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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Rooting For The Enemy - Part-2

First, here’s something to ponder: “Vir Sanghvi refers to the Congress as "we". He is not being disingenuous. Perhaps he should admit his preferences openly. It wouldn't be misconstrued”. And another one: “Barkha Dutt too has her political leanings. I have often jokingly taunted her as the "voice of the Hurriyat”. These are a few lines buried in history that should be recalled often and quite frequently. Why? Because it explains a lot of journalistic pursuits that are claimed under “independent and honest” as many do. Those lines aren’t mine. They come from a man who should know. That is Swapan Dasgupta writing about these characters from Radiagate. If one could go back to Kargil, Kandahar, Gujarat and the two subsequent general elections (and many others) it would explain a lot about the reporting of Barkha and Sanghvi. By now everyone knows they are practically Congress mouthpieces except they won’t be honest enough to admit it openly. It is not wrong to have political affiliations, after all journalists too are voters. But when it starts influencing your programmes and shows it should carry a disclaimer stating: “NDTV as a policy supports Congress”. 

So Kargil happened under the BJP/NDA govt, stands to reason why Rahul Gandhi feels his party obliged the nation by supporting the then govt on Kargil. Barkha Dutt wasn’t the only one to report about beheadings of Pak soldiers in Kargil. Someone else has written on it before her. So the so-called Kargil-heroine wasn’t the only reporting from Kargil. Shammy Baweja who was working with IndiaToday narrates the same incident in her book about Kargil. But before we get to Shammy let’s read the Nancy Drew, Enid Blyton type description by BD again:

I had to look three times to make sure I was seeing right. Balanced on one knee, in a tiny alley behind the army’s administrative offices, I was peering through a hole in a corrugated tin sheet. At first glance, all I could see were some leaves. I looked harder and amidst all the green, there was a hint of black—it looked like a moustache. “Look again,” said the army colonel, in a tone that betrayed suppressed excitement. This time, I finally saw. It was a head, the disembodied face of a slain soldier nailed onto a tree. “The boys got it as a gift for the brigade,” said the colonel, softly, but proudly”.

She was on one knee in a tiny alley and peeping through a hole. That does sound very dramatic doesn’t it? Here’s what I call it: Absolute balderdash. If there indeed was a head pinned to a tree it doesn’t seem like a big secret that BD discovered all of a sudden. It seems like journos were being given a guided tour if you go by what Shammy Baweja (SB) writes (again from Kafila):

We have their dead. And a head. The experiences of 18 Garhwal also show another side of the war. The frustration that has built up among our jawans and the thirst for revenge. Having captured Point 4700, not without significant casualties, their jawans went berserk. One of them took out his knife and slit the head of a Pakistani soldier in one stroke. The head was sent to the Brigade Headquarters at Drass and pinned to a tree trunk…. Maj Gen Puri came down from Mughalpura to see it. Other officers dropped in to Brigade Headquarters to take a look. So did some of the journalists who have been routinely visiting the Brigade Headquarters. It was there, pinned on the tree, for anyone who could bear to look at it. In fact, the reporters were shown the head with the warning they they won’t be able to sleep for the next three nights….”

SB’s story was published in 2000 and Barkha’s article in 2001. So even after SB published the story why was Barkha being so theatrical about it when many journos were allowed to see the head. I have only one explanation: Too much of “Alice in Wonderland”. Now, SB interestingly says the soldier slit the head of a soldier in one stroke. Amazing! From what I read, SB’s story doesn’t appear to be ‘first-hand’ but narrated by some soldiers. But she confirms she has seen it herself and was shown the head by army officers. If you read the excerpt from her book it doesn’t say she saw it as confidently as her tweet does. Maybe she would like to recheck whether she herself saw it or others saw it. And it’s even possible to believe BD picked up her story from SB’s version published earlier rather than her secretive ‘peeping-Tom’ account in 2001.

So when General V.P. Malik rejected Admiral Ramdas’ claim about beheadings why didn’t Barkha confirm the story instead of interrupting and distracting the discussion to arts and sports? I am fine with keeping discussions on a show focused on the chosen topic but surely such a serious issue can’t be brushed aside. So who do we trust Admiral Ramdas or Gen VP Malik? Who do Barkha and NDTV trust? For that we have to go back to a presser by Admiral Sureesh Mehta who again repeated the charge of a female reporter causing damage in Kargil. The reference was obviously to BD. Here are responses to that charge made by Admiral Mehta.

NDTV responds to a charge by Admiral Sureesh Mehta repeated during his presser after 26/11: In this context, there has also been an allegation that NDTV coverage during the Kargil conflict involved asking a Colonel to trigger a Bofors gun for the camera. NDTV wants to emphatically state that the allegation is a falsehood and no such incident ever occurred. It would be extraordinary to even presume that a senior army officer would commit such an act in a conflict situation at the behest of the media! There is an official acknowledgment of this motivated falsehood from those who supervised the 1999 conflict. NDTV has formally complained about and asked for an immediate retraction of comments that we believe amount to defamation.

BD‘s response to Admiral Mehta’s Kargil allegation was: “I would urge Admiral Mehta to read General V.P Malik's book on Kargil for further clarity. General Malik was the Army Chief during the operations and puts to rest any such controversy in his book. In a formal letter, NDTV has also asked for an immediate retraction from the Navy and officially complained that the comments amount to defamation”.

To my knowledge, there is no defamation case filed and no retraction by Admiral Mehta has been published so far. In which case we should rely on his story, right? NDTV says there is official acknowledgement from those who supervised the 1999 conflict and BD asks to refer to General VP Malik’s book. So when NDTV relies on the account of Gen Malik why shouldn’t we? If General Malik, who was the Army chief then, rejects the beheadings, we should take his word for it rather than Barkha’s or NDTV’s. In any case, BD was a rookie then and the people concerned in the Army and govt (BJP) should be questioned on why this rookie was allowed into a conflict zone in the first place.

Certain journalists, candle-light diners and arty-farty types from Bollywood seem hell-bent on muddying the waters in our relationship with a troubled and blood-thirsty enemy. This is not like boycotting French fries. The “useful idiots” in India who long for Pakistani artists or cricketers are no different from fringe elements or extremists who constantly create hurdles in dealing with an enemy. All this people-to-people nonsense can wait till Pakistan stabilises itself to a decent level of peace within. For that matter, even India isn’t at peace within. We have extremists in Kashmir, Maoists elsewhere so why spend so much time in building a bridge with a country that has sworn a thousand year jihad on us? Remember the post about Roman Agent? Seems there are many such agents in India who wish to keep Indians in constant conflict and division.

As for the beheading and the head on the tree during Kargil, the answer is neither difficult nor impossible. The only person, other than BD, to have mentioned it is SB. A third journalist, Sankarshan Thakur, has reported butchery and ill-treatment of Pak captives but doesn’t mention any head pinned to a tree. The answers are not hard to get. SB clearly mentions a Major General Puri who saw it. All that the govt, if it is honest, is question Maj Gen Puri and established the truth. A lot happens during a war and the truth about wars never really comes out. The recent beheadings of Indian soldiers hasn’t happened during war time. If a Pakistan soldier was beheaded or butchered that country would have screamed all the way to the UN. There is no such record or report of them complaining. Only those amongst us who root for the enemy can hand them stories to defend their butchery. Unless there is confirmation from a reliable Army source, like Maj Gen Puri himself, both Shammy’s and Barkha’s stories have to be dismissed as unreliable. They have written it and the onus is on them to prove their story is factual.


  1. Arty-Fartys love rooted by the enemy. Burqa Butt is no different than Arty-Fartys. She follows the doctrine of screwing enemies (Hindus and India are her real enemies). After all, is she not going out with a terrorist?

  2. A friend compiled this information. I second it completely.
    These people / organisations would do Jinnah proud. In fact they seem to be the true patriotic reps of the Paki nation. Keep an eye on them. They won’t prove us wrong.
    Politicians: Manmohan Singh (and his PMO), LK Advani, Jaswant Singh, Arun Jaitely, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Nitish Kumar, Rajiv Shukla, Mani Shankar Aiyar, SK ‘Saeedji’ Shinde, Digvijay ‘Obamaji’ Singh, Salman Khurshid.

    Journalists: Barkha Dutt, Kuldip Nayyar, Rajdeep Sardesai, Arnab Goswami, Seema Mustafa, S Vardarajan

    Media: NDTV, CNN-IBN, Times Now, TOI, Hindustan Times, India Today Group

    Bollywood: Mahesh ‘Headley’ Bhatt, Shabana Azmi, Javed Akhtar

    Military: L Ramdas, SP Tyagi (and his Track 2 Bunch), Ajai Shukla (failed soldier and struggling journalist)

    Diplomats: G Pathasarathy, Baba KC Singh

    Sports: Dhoni and his 10

    NGO: Teesta Setalvad

    Organisations: BCCI

    1. Few additions to the above list - Dileep Padgaonkar, Arundhati Roy.

      The list is unending. We will get tired of counting, but the list wont end.

    2. Many of these India-haters are probably funded by the ISI. It would require an investigation to learn why these traitors are drawn to the Pakis like a bee is to honey. What draws these shameless people towards a war criminal like Musharraf who is himself running away from Paki Law.

    3. I dont understand the situation at all. Maybe because I was 12 at the time of the Kargil conflict. So if Barkha had published an article claiming she saw a Pak soldier's head which means that the Indian army had committed such a brutal act, why was she silent during this interview? Is it out of a sense of patriotism (or jingoism according to the pseudo-secularists ) that she did not want to point out the fact that Indian soldiers had committed such atrocities as well? Or the fact that she knew her story to be false and fabricated and was afraid that someone would call her out on it? I strongly suspect the latter. Because if we had indeed committed such an act, a. It would have been mostly because "they" started it, as is the trend usually in these matters. and also b. Pak would have cried hoarse and would have taken to the International tribunal. Something seems fishy here. The media's connections and leanings and biases should be investigated. Though I dont know who is responsible enough to do so..

    4. Dear Mr Satyam Sharma,

      Although everyone would agree Barkha Dutt is amongst the many planted Paki agents to discredit India & Hindus, we should also realize why she was allowed to visit Kargil war-zone by NDA government. The few reasons which I came up :
      After Atalji was sworn PM for 3rd time, BJP was trying hard to replace Congress as permanent power centre. This resulted in offering favours to many un-deserving Media, Bollywodd,entities etc. Infact Atalji's visit to Pakistan was a part of BJP's Congress replacement project. Unfortunately what the BJP did not realise is they were actually cutting a deal with the Devil. The rotten Media would never have allowed NDA to return back to power in 2004. The Media stood rock solid with Congress throught the Tehelka scam, Kandhar fiasco & Gujarat riots. Hope BJP learn some lesson from this history & avoid falling into Media trap before the next General elections by boycotting atleast the axis of Evil : CNN-IBN, NDTV & Hindustan times.It will be a hard slap on many Paki agents in Media.

  3. If Na Mo wins and becomes Prime Minister, he should take proper care of these enemies within. BJP was foolish in allowing these enemies within, to enter in a war zone. Once Burkha was allowed, she made full use of the opportunity to defend BOFORS guns deals showing that they are useful and hence all allegations and all cases in this regard were false. Congress too claimed that. Subsequently they took Catrochi to be off hook. The point here is not whether Bofors guns were useful or not. They were useful that is why they were shortlisted in the top suppliers. Now after that qualification, have they offered money to finally tilt the deal in their favour. This is the mainquestion in the Bofors case. Not that whether guns are useful or not.

    Secondly once journalists were allowed, the enemies within like Burkha and Shame(y) Baweja came up with this cooked story of beheading of Pak Soldier, which even Pakistan has never protested anywhere on any forum. Now this story is handy tool for Pakistan to blame India in TV studios which is viewed by millions.

    During 26/11 Burkha's reporting helped terrorist in the control room across the border in blood thirsty enemy Pakistan.

    Certainly we should understand thoroughly this enemy within. The first among all enemies are the journalists in main stream media. They have tremendous ability to brainwash masses and spread lies.

    Here I remember, the leaders like Lokmany Tilak, Gopal Krishna Gokhale used this same tool of journalism and writing (pen) to educate the masses and move towards freedom. Today these so called journalists in main stream English Media are using a pen to destroy India from within.

    We have understood their design.

    Ravi, thanks for giving words to my feelings. As always.

    1. bro! bofors are in no way inferior or sub standard, just like recent Tatra trucks. they are great machines.

      they way thy were acquired and cost involved were shady

    2. Yes bro....exactly. Nobody is saying that Bofors or Tatra. They are great machine....The only questions was whether they paid bribe to tilt the final deal in their favour or the price agreed was right. I agree with you.

  4. Nice one Ravi ..... keep it going

  5. This, as always, is excellent analysis. What probably requires deliberation is the motive/s of these journos. I suspect it couldn't be just a love and affection for CONgress. There is obviously more to see. They got to be benefitting in some ways to do what they have been doing with such impunity. Apart from Rajya Sabha seats and foreign junkets, there have been random reports from time to time about journos acquiring property, and who knows may be cash too. The details clearly remain sketchy. Perhaps, the cleaner journalists are too scared to act as whistle blowers against their colleagues.
    In any case, it remains amazing how these people have been taking the public for a ride. And, this, in this day and age. Shudder to imagine what it may have been like before there was social media acting as the watchdog.

  6. Great work Ravinar. Main Stream Media (electronic and paper) needs to be exposed till every Indian stops watching these channels and stops buying these newspapers.

  7. Keep it up, Ravi. This blog should also focus on the regionalism prevalent in the media. There are many in the media who have reached senior positions only due to the support they got from their same-region or same-community bosses. And there are many whose careers were destroyed or slowed down due to this favouritism. We often talk about lack of professionalism in the media but always avoid discussing this specific point. It is sad and frustrating to realize that increments and promotions are decided on the basis of where one comes from.

  8. Great Post Ravi.
    Now kargil is discussed as a war between India and Pakistan.
    By the way, During the kargil days, Pakistan didnt even admit that its army was in war. They were keep saying that it is the miscreants who are fighting with India. So where is the arguement of Indian army beheading pakistani soldiers. During the Kargil time, it was a clash between Indian soldiers and miscreants. When they didnt even admit they were in war, how can they talk about behading. The beheading (even if it was done) was on stateless actors.

    1. You are right sir. I am sure that Burqa Butt must have seen head of one of her ancestor, who tried to attack and capture Kargil. As a brilliant $$$$$$$e she immediately recognized him. So yes there was a head, not of Paki soldier, but Ms. Butt's terrorist ancestor.

    2. Agree completely. There was no Indo-Pak war in Kargil (as per Paki govt.). So, where do these useless BD & SB stand now?

  9. We can live with beheading in 1999 kargil conflict. as Pakis themselves have said openly on record no regular military were involved. ;)

    so our soldier if they did the act did the right thing to trespassers.

  10. Excellent dissection of the beheading episode. Barkha's reluctance to not to press for a confirmation from Army is indeed curious. However, I believe, rather than demanding/requesting dubious Pak to return the head of our soldier, India needs to retaliate with force and vengeance. That is a better tribute to the soldier than pleading with a ruthless neighbor. During "conflict & war", ghastly & gory encounters may happen between soldiers! It is a war crime if a captured/surrendered soldier is beheaded. If what Barkha reports indeed is true, then the truth about when the beheading happened need to be brought out!

  11. if modi comes to power, this blog should have a makeover to news channel and expose the india haters thoroughly.

  12. Excellent post, Ravinar!!!
    If only all this information can be passed onto every single citizen of the country.....

    You should probably tie up with Zee to have a news program of your own....
    I sincerely hope you have some plans to expand :)))

    1. Dear Darren J,

      Why tie up with Zee ? If expansion means losing out on quality then its much better tearing the Media through this blog itself. Instead I would like to see some tie-up between Ravinar & NAMO's media management cell. I firmly believe NAMO would require serious Media management in coming years to take the corrupt MSM head on. If NAMO succeds in building a group of selfless & investigative journalists, then his future politics would become much more cracking.

    2. Is Modi the answer to India's all problems? Probably not. However, he is definitely a million times better than the Italian Mafia and media crooks.

      Also, these crooks are shit scared of him. Modi is definitely worth a try.

  13. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. You seem to be posting the same cooment for almost the posts here. If truth and facts happen to be on the side of BJP, so be it...
      Instead of screaming bias towards BJP , can you rebut any of the articles here point by point , if you feel there is a bias towards BJP....

      I have a feeling you must be Burqa or Razdeep or one of those clones

    2. Abhijit, the fact of the matter is that you are being a complete and total idiot. The reason Ravinar mostly posts about the Congress linked media, is because the current media has prostituted itself to the Congress and people like you are part and parcel of the idiotic system that supports the prostitution. Instead of saying A is bad, lets stop A and focusing on that, fools like you insist that B be dragged into the conversation at every opportunity. If the BJP had a stranglehold on the Indian media and was consistently using these paid journalists to sell its anti national antics, like the Congress routinely does, Ravinar would attack them as well. He has not pulled any punches against the BJP either in terms of Jaitley attending IndoPak matches when the relations between the 2 nations remain serious and such silly behaviour should be stopped.

      All said and done, idiots like you define the so called educated Indian elite today. You equate the rapist with the victim, and your attitude is defined as those of the Asaram Bapus of the world, who want blame to be distributed equally no matter the gravity of the sin and its distribution in reality, otherwise it is "bias". A hack thoo at you, to use the Indian expression and your entire ilk.

    3. @Abhijit

      Stick to the topic of the post. And yes you are starting to become "spam". There is no reason to carry your comments if you continue to argue endlessly as youve done in the previous post. As for bias, theres nothing wrong in it if admitted honourably. As for my bias, I will let you know when I run a news channel.

    4. Well said Ravinar. I find this asinine insistence to constantly bring in extraneous issues by the likes of Abhijit to be shamefully hypocritical. So if we get angry at rapists, do we have to be "balanced" by attacking the victim as well? So if we oppose corruption, must we "understand" the need of the dalals like Burkha Dutt as well? These idiots like Abhijit have ruined Hinduism and the country. Hinduism is NOT about tolerance of anything and everything - it stands for dharma, and the Mahabharat teaches that if dharma and its protection demands so, one must even sacrifice ones own self in the process. Our Indian state should protect the innocent and attack the guilty. Instead, thanks to such confused idiots like Abhijit, the Indian state attacks protestors in Delhi and does #theekhai when it comes to third rate politicians. Shame on such dimwits and the state they have reduced India to. Idiots who go to brothels and then visit temples thinking all is well. Idiots who vote in corrupt thugs to appear liberal and sacrifice the efforts of those who protect us on the border. Shame on such people and their "liberalism".

  14. Dear Abhijit,

    Your comments are becoming too repetative & almost like a spam. If you read some earlier posts, you will realise that Ravinar has already answered the same questions on many occasions.

    1) The blog owner has never tried to conceal his pride for his Hindu heritage. I would rather give him my compliments for the same. Atleast someone has the balls !!!!
    2) Coming to BJP - Can you pin-point any Media houses or channels who are Pro-BJP ?? Some may say Times is, but I am dead sure that its just a bit more independant than others due to financial might & hence it reports Congress failures slso also along with BJP. But it's certainly not pro-BJP,
    3) In many past articles, the blog-owner has exposed BJP's hypocricy in trying to ape the Congress party in regards with Media management,
    4) If anyone compares the Congress & BJP, it certainly will find BJP to be more pro-Hindu, Nationalist. Although the Hindus themselves ane not happy with BJP for its lack of strong ideological standing,
    5) Tomorrow if BJP comes to power at centre & continues the Anti-national & anti-Hindu policies, then Ravinar would certainly love to bang-up them too.
    6) So lastly yes, the author is Pro-Saffron but not Pro-BJP. Yes the Author is Pro-Modi but not pro-BJP. His support is value based & is not driven by any self serving interests unlike most of Main stream media celebrities on NDTV & CNN-IBN, Express group & TV 18, etc.

    1. The fact that Ravinar is proud of his Hindu heritage is itself bias in the minds of dhimmi, deracinated idiots like this Abhijit character. They have no clue of what being a Hindu means. In their puerile Childish minds, a Hindu is the melange of attitudes inculcated in them by the media & their oh so liberal western role models, wherein Hinduism is all about constantly turning the other cheek, about tolerance (which is what has resulted in any and every evil being tolerated in India today as "chalta hain") and any attempt to stop the rubbish is promptly sabotaged (by saffron wearing frauds who are actually leftist - like that Agnivesh crook). The end result, people who are proud of being Hindu, feel for their fellow Hindus are unfashionable "CommunAL bigots", whereas muslims who riot at the drop of a hat when it comes to anything islam related, or christians who openly and proudly politically campaign for their religion - well, gee, these guys are a poor minority. Idiots like Abhijit, are perfectly ok with the genocide of their fellow hindus, their own community being disenfranchised under the guise of a socialist "democracy", the rampant dumbing down of their faith and religion, the misattribution of all indian problems to the Hindu faith...as long as their self belief about a "liberal India" represented by the Congress is held.
      What complete idiots.
      The Congress looted the nation for 60 years, has mutilated and ravaged the Hindu faith by spreading and popularizing the menace of casteism as versus reducing it, has made democracy a tribute to bigoted votebanks where aggressive, bigoted minorities bait and constantly attack the majority...but all this is fine.
      Please Ravinar, dont attack the INC attack the BJP too. Dont be biased. And Abhijeet calls himself a Hindu.
      Perhaps the Hindu faith and India do deserve to be destroyed, a cesspool which produces such cretins, deserves the Darwin award and needs to be destroyed. Perhaps that is why Pralay comes and resets the clock.

    2. You have crystallised so many emotions here. Well said Ricks.

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. "All I'm asking for is that MC openly claims that it supports BJP and will not criticise BJP no matter what just the way MC wants the MSM channels to do. "

      Why should MC dance to your tunes? Who are you to ask for this? If you are not asking CNN IBN or NDTV to do so with regards to the Congress and openly stating their intentions, what is your locus standi in asking for MC to openly align itself with ANY political party, when it is not?

      As can be seen clearly from your rather selective brazen attempt to force your agenda (attack the BJP) on this site, you are least bothered about the congress stranglehold on the current mainstream media. You only wish for Media crooks to divert its focus by bringing in the BJP without any merit!

      In short, it appears Media crooks focus on the evils of the Congress-MSM bed sharing, is making you uncomfortable!

      >>Being pro-some religion is still tolerable but why should any party be anti-any religion? Then what is the point of being a democracy?

      You should ask this question from your mai-baap, the Congress which is all agog about hindu terror but refuses to even address pakistani terror!!

      Your hypocrisy is increazingly bizarre.

    2. Very well reply to this Abhijit charecter... It seems he is "Present Body with Absent Mind" LOL :)

    3. Dear Mr Abhijit,


  16. Abhijit, Ravi's posts are attempts to expose the bias in MSM that are detrimental to the interests of our nation. He does not take on any specific political party directly. What to do, it always turns out to be the same political party staring at him being the root cause, in the analysis of every MSM cover up.

    To get outraged, act responsibly, at least feel for the nation or escape to a BDutt / Sagarika post for solace is your choice. Why do you expect Ravi to balance every blame with a matching BJP blame? Instead, you can dissect his analysis with valid arguments, establish the righteousness of MSM and prove Ravinar to be a BJP stooge !

    But you may not have time any more. Your very comment must have by now earned you a jurist position in a BDutt / Sagarika / Arnab court. Best Wishes !

  17. Who will support secular India ?

    1. What is secular India? An India which tolerates any and every communal behaviour from any community as long as it attacks the majority, and can bring in votes? This is secular India? In which case, to heck with secular India. In the guise of being liberals, the so called elite running this country, and the fools who align with them out of caste/creed considerations like the maulanas and assorted bishops, are actually the biggest Taliban crooks around!

  18. An Excellent Article

    I would also like to draw fellow readers Attention to an excellent article today in Niti Central on Hindu Terrorism


    Viraat Singh

    1. The Congress is praying day and night that by constantly bringing up the topic of Hindu terror, impassioned Hindu youth actually respond with violence. Then the congress scum can ban the RSS and attack any Hindu consolidation using the might of the state. That is their gameplan


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