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Friday, January 18, 2013

Rooting For The Enemy - Part-1

On the morning of September 12, 2001 the prominent French newspaper Le Monde headlined “We are all Americans”. This was to show solidarity, share the grief and anger over the 9/11 attacks on the US. Two years later when George Bush decided to attack Iraq, the French strongly opposed the US and weren’t part of the coalition that launched a war on Iraq. Protesting the French, two Republican Representatives ordered “French fries” in the canteens at Capitol Hill be renamed as “Freedom fries” (see pic of the menu). Soon the term “Freedom fries” became pop culture and a symbol of boycott of French products. That was jingoism at its best. By 2006 the stupidity was reversed and Americans were back to “French fries”. But the US and France have a long history of friendship. The French fought on the side of Americans for their independence from the British. It was the French who gave America the ‘Statue of Liberty’, which stands as a symbol of freedom. The statue holds a tablet in one hand with the date of American independence, July 4, 1776, inscribed on it. Friends often have minor tiffs but good friendships aren’t broken. Friends don’t go to war or attack each other.

When bimbos from Bollywood lament cancellation of shows of Pakistanis over the latest beheadings they reflect poor understanding of friendships. Blunt Truth: We DO NOT have a history of friendship with Pakistan. Period! NDTV reports Javed Akhtar (who else?) and Prasoon Joshi lamenting the situation about arts suffering. They don’t understand India, they don’t understand Pakistan and most of all they don’t understand friendship. India and Pakistan share a history but have never shared friendship and I dare say, they never will. Pakistan was created on the concept and in the belief that Muslims can’t live a just life with Hindus. Many of their leaders have vowed a 1000-year Jihad on India. So, for many “useful idiots” who keep thinking arts and sports should be kept out of the equation one can only imagine these idiots can’t see what ordinary Indians can see. Unfortunately, these useful idiots also happen to be prominent public celebrities. Seriously, what kind of morons worry about arts and sports when their soldiers are being beheaded? Only some in Bollywood and some in our MSM!

When your team plays you scream yourself hoarse supporting them, cheering them even against friendly opponents. A certain level of jingoism is not bad when it comes to backing your troops confronting an opponent who has sworn to treat your country as a ‘permanent’ enemy. In such a case anyone who professes deep yearning for Pakistani artists, their cuisine and all kinds of nonsense is bound to be seen as an oddball with suspicion. Why do we need Pakistani artists or anything from that country at all? We are much richer in every aspect of culture, creativity and productivity whereas Pakistan has been on a downward spiral to nowhere since it was born. Those who keep ranting about arts, sporting ties, trade ties, people to people hugs and kisses are almost a fifth column for the enemy. In the previous post I mentioned Shahrukh Khan flying the flag upside down. It’s no coincidence. This pic from a BBC report of 2009 (Thanks to @Ecophilo) showing a Muslim rally to protest torture of terror suspects tells a story. Sure, by all means protest, scream as hard as you want but why fly the national flag upside down? France may not have supported the US in the Iraq war but can you imagine France ever supporting a war against the Americans? If another country were to wage war against India which side do you think Pakistan will be on? Sorry! No prizes for guessing right.

Considering we may have many enemies within the country to first deal with, Pakistan should hardly be a priority for us. I repeat what I have said many times before; we need not seek war with Pakistan but at the same time we need not foolishly seek peace and friendship with them. They best belong in a cold storage till they make genuine efforts to stop terrorism, punish terrorists and set their house in order first. If Javed Akhtar and Prasoon Joshi miss Pakistani artists so much they are welcome to go to Pakistan and make their films. These “useful idiots” only help to derail our army and our national pride. We first need to deal with the ones who fly our flags upside down and wage war against India from within. Bollywood bimbos aren’t the only ones who selfishly make strange statements. Our MSM can beat them at that game any day.

Here’s a tweet from Barkha Dutt. (Who else would this come from, eh?) To a rhetorical tweet by Shammy Baweja (Harinder), a journalist with the IndiaToday group, she responds, expectedly, with a nonsensical estimate about communal riots before war. A very insightful and observant Tweeter (@BhaskarChat) drew an “experience” from this tweet of hers. He mentioned that when India stacked up its army on the border after the December 2001 attack on Parliament it resulted in some “anti-India” elements igniting the incident at Godhra in February 2002. This resulted in the burning of a train and 59 passengers and then led to a backlash leading to communal riots. Is that what Barkha predicts? And what is all this hate about? Most of it is being fuelled by idiotic statements and actions by the media. What kind of people hold “Candle Light” debates immediately after news of the recent beheadings? Yeah, you got that right: only people from MSM and Bollywood. Who’s moderating the debate? A minister from the UPA govt which is struggling to handle the situation! And the lady has also handed ammunition to the Pakis to deny/defend the beheadings. It’s from a story that now needs a thorough investigation. I would even demand a military inquiry or an SIT.

One of Barkha’s favourite characters is Alice. Yep, that’s Alice from “Alice in wonderland” the famous fairy tale and one of great literary imagination. She often draws analogies to current situations and affairs from Alice. Barkha’s writings too are sprinkled with an abundance of literary flair and imagination. On January 17, Zafar Hilaly, a former Pak diplomat, held up a newspaper on Headlines Today and quoted an article by Barkha Dutt where she had mentioned Indian Army had beheaded a Pak soldier during the Kargil war. Now, this Hilaly has been on many TV channels for a week over the Pak beheading incident but it’s only on January 17 he claimed Indians too had beheaded Pak soldiers in the past. Where did he get his hint and inspiration from? Let me just reproduce this edited excerpt from Kafila (This is about BD’s program “Indo-Pak Tipping Point” on January 15 on NDTV)

Around 21:15 into the programme, Admiral Ramdas says, “Beheading of Troops has been going on from both sides has been for some time, I mean there is evidence of this…”
Barkha Dutt, eager to change the subject, nervously interjects and says ‘I want you to comment, Sir, on Sporting and Cultural ties, because that is what has been hit today…’.  
Gen. V.P. Malik says (around 24:40) “…And I don’t agree with Admiral (Ram) Das that both sides have been doing this, I would like to see anybody give me one instance where this kind of inhuman act has been done by the Indian army… I know that with great respect, we not only buried their bodies with great respect… we returned any body that they asked for.”
Barkha Dutt knows what Admiral Ramdas was talking about… she has written about it (the decapitation of Pakistani soldiers by the Indian army during the Kargil conflict in the summer of 1999) herself in Himal magazine (June, 2001).

I had to look three times to make sure I was seeing right. Balanced on one knee, in a tiny alley behind the army’s administrative offices, I was peering through a hole in a corrugated tin sheet. At first glance, all I could see were some leaves. I looked harder and amidst all the green, there was a hint of black—it looked like a moustache. “Look again,” said the army colonel, in a tone that betrayed suppressed excitement. This time, I finally saw. It was a head, the disembodied face of a slain soldier nailed onto a tree. “The boys got it as a gift for the brigade,” said the colonel, softly, but proudly.

So that is an instance where ‘this kind of inhuman act’ did happen. So why did she not say so to Gen. Malik. She is not ‘anybody’, she was there, and this is an issue that is being discussed on a show that she is anchoring. How long can it be before she gets called out for the gross irresponsibility of her reticence on this very crucial matter. Was she lying in 2001, or, is she concealing the truth now?

So when Admiral Ramdas brought up the issue what did Barkha try to do? She tried to distract him with the same Sports and Bollywood stuff that Javed Akhtar and Prasoon Joshi wail about. As if that’s the biggest concern staring at us right now. So, did Barkha write a first-hand account of what she really saw? Is she telling the truth? Should we trust Admiral Ramdas or General Malik? More importantly, who do Barkha and NDTV trust? We’ll seek some answers in part-2.

Await Part-2.


  1. Another fine piece ravi ji...

    Piece of India what pak wants. And on part of India, its foolishness to believe their lies and that too believing since 66 years... They keep on betraying, we keep on starting new facilities for this failed terrorist state. Bus service, train service, trade, visa norms, cricket matches, reality shows, singers, actors, models. In population of 120 crores we have enough of artists. Need to stop this bullshit completely. High time to realize we CAN NEVER be friends..

    & MSM, especially Barkha.. i think no one will be surprised.

  2. As always a terrific and hard hitting article. Revealing many facts.

  3. As always a terrific and hard hitting article. Revealing many facts.

  4. Absolutely brilliant this one is!! Can a PIL be filed against this scum for misreporting and putting India's interest into danger?

  5. Barkha loves Pakistan and Muslims so much, you should have advised her also to go and live there, she will really know the difference between India and Pakistan.

  6. one of your best. i've been reading you for donkeys years now. permit me to make an observation which makes reading you the most interesting (for me). you generally start with an event or an example and then connect it to the context. through france and america, you've defined friendship beautifully. and as you have rightly pointed out, india and pak were never friends, and they can never be no matter who says what. we are countries and people with different priorities, focus and agenda. anxiously waiting for the next part. cheers.

  7. I wonder what she (and other MSM )really benefits from acting as a stooge for Pakistan.. I mean , supporting against your own country..
    How could anyone be like that!!
    Even for a leach like her, this is very horrible...

    1. "Even for a leach like her,...." , This is a new one.Liked it.:)

    2. Don't say that - there will be a communal riot :)

  8. God bless you!! Bit by bit that lady should be sucked into the swamp of her own muck.The 3rd last para looked like some Enid Blyton famous Five quote.And this when it concerns the sons of this nation.Shame on that lady/NDTV and shame on HT for that debate which disrespected our soldiers.Want facts to spread and people to understand.

  9. Once again rightly said, the main problem with people like akhtar, Bhatt & an entire section of our society is that they will never considered India as their home, it'll always be Pakistan, & I can bet just b'cos the condition in Pak is bad these people are still here wearing a secular liberal mask..... but the real tragedy is with people like us for such a long time we have failed to "see the elephant in the room" ... @mahnooj

  10. Wish Admiral Ramdas would have shown some "Useful Idiots" & Fai's Darbari's Head to our soldiers...

  11. regarding barkha dutt, I just fail to understand this lady, had this been any other country she would have been silenced forever for speaking against the military, absolute treason, by now she would have lost her job a 100 times anywhere else in the world...& amazingly the entire msm is silent on this.... @mahnooj

  12. "If another country were to wage war against India which side do you think Pakistan will be on?" ...Awesome...Hope Barkha reads this...Good job Ravinar

  13. Could someone in this forum comment on a character called Nirupama Subramaniam who writes in "The Hindu"? A distinct pro-Pakistan slant in her articles. Any information will be welcome.

    1. Kannan my brother,"The Hindu" had posted this lady to report from Pak.That's where the love for Pakis come from.And FYI "The Hindu" is the only print media from India(other than PTI)to have resident reporter in Pak.So you can imagine the network.

  14. Why was Pakistan created? Why are the Muslims still here? Islam has been around for 1200 years. Hinduism for more than 5000 years. So which is the parent religion?

    This is what the Aussie PM had to tell the Muslim Migrants – “This is OUR COUNTRY, OUR LAND, and OUR LIFESTYLE, and we will allow you every opportunity to enjoy all this. But once you are done complaining, whining, and griping about Our Flag, Our Pledge, Our Christian beliefs, or Our Way of Life, I highly encourage you take advantage of one other great Australian freedom, THE RIGHT TO LEAVE.
    If you aren’t happy here then LEAVE. We didn’t force you to come here. You asked to be here. So accept the country YOU accepted.”

    It’s high time the Hindus gave the Muslims and the Pro Paki Indians an opportunity to leave.

    1. Well said buddy. Going by current down-hill speed at which this country is hurtling, it seems this choice will be exercised sooner rather than later. It would be a blessing for the next generation of patriotic Indians.

    2. This message is a hoax actually. Partly true but a hoax nevertheless.

    3. This is true, not hoax. John Howard did tell the Islamic community that. He did also tell them that they are are under constant watch.

    4. SP is absolutely right.

    5. a news piece appeared in 'the pioneer' today
      So hoax or no hoax,it makes perfect sense for them to be advised such.

  15. Though its 100% true that India doesn't need any cultural ties with Pakistan, but lets understand that babysteps like these would actually lead to lasting peace.

    Having said that we shouldn't be a mute spectator when our own soldiers are being killed mercilessly by most inhuman manner.

    Cultural ties may be pursued at some other time but right now lets not forget that Pakistan is not also a hotbed of terrorism but a nuclear powered irresponsible state - just keeping silent will make them all the more brazen

    1. Roshan, this is exactly the problem with we Indians, never take a decisive stand, always do a balancing act, neither this nor that, on one hand condemn the killings on the other take baby steps on cultural ties....plz understand pakistan is not a country but a military establishment with a political wing drawing energy from jihadi ideology....just imagine a mulla takes control of pak's nuke control room with a few buttons & a map in front of him, will he be thinking of ghazals & cricket..... @mahnooj

    2. @Roshan
      The only solution to the problem called Pakistan is SPLIT it into 4 pieces i.e. Balochistan,Sindh,Pashtunistan,Punjab.We should take PoK into our stride.
      As our sages said
      meaning:Non-violence is the ultimate Dharma,So too is violence(Force)in service of Dharma.

  16. These useful idiots "Politicians and media morons" are shameless to say any thing.... They must be sent to Pakistan permanently.... to be fu**ed by Pakies...

    These media goons are just propagandists of politicians, that's why they are talking about relations with Pak every time, instead of stopping all the relations with "Gurter Chhap" Pak. Shameful....

    Jai Hind.

  17. Ravinar,

    For last few days the issue of Pakistan has completely gone out of Window! Govt. is clueless and so is any political party and that is where the situation is being exploited. Opposition, after the some 10:1 rhetoric has vanished.

    Why the incident happened in the first place? Why the system broke down from top to bottom - when we know for last 65 years what has happened?

    Yesterday, entire media went hysteric on Pakistan backed off! What backed off? Where they backed off? They butchered, mutilated 2 men and one head is missing. It is complete humiliation, abject surrender.

    In the entire episode, India lost - more shamefully entire India stood humiliated. It is nowhere to be seen in the media other than "Oornab"'s ranting - perhaps to whitewash the Aman Ki Tamaha debacle.

    The entire media has been now calling Bollywood, Models, Socialists, Novel Writers (only 1 left is Cricket) to talk on Delhi Rape Case now, What Women should wear or not and so on - again back to the agenda of terming every men in India as rapist, or molester (if not ALL as some are putting it now!).

  18. Brilliant.....Looking forward to part 2
    Even in a marriage it hurts most when you give or given the cold shoulder....So instead of all this raving, ranting, whining and threatening that we are doing against Paki's I suggest just bloody give them the arctic freeze I assure you this will get the dog to heel.
    The greatest sacrifice that a human being or his family can give is to stand the wall in defense of one nation...these current beheading's are not the only incidents where we as a nation have shown callousness regarding our armed forces.
    I think this attitude comes from the fact that most of us especially Ravi's "useful idiots" have a patronizing attitude which stems from the belief that my job pays more, so, I am more important, and hence what I say should have more value that some two bit Jawan who is paid a meager few thousand rupees and hence is not worth disrupting cultural shows or sports events worth millions….
    As long as we as a society are guided by the western philosophy that a man’s status is decided by money and not by the Hindu philosophy of sacrifice to the nation we shall continue to care two hoots for such brave men and their families….the last such man of sacrifice revered by this nation unconditionally was Gandhiji.
    These “Useful Idiots” cast aspirations on even Anna Hazare.

  19. If Pak's soldiers were beheaded then why they haven't protested and gone to the so called International community till now.
    These Javed Akhtar types are hypocrites who haven't uttered a word against the barbaric act by naPak.I think its right time to give the Javed Akhtar types a tight "Aman Ki Tamaacha".

  20. Nice and hardhitting article. Barkha Dutt is a Padma Shri. Her Padma award should be revoked if she doesnt satisfactorily explain this. Yesterday, Sri B.Raman had tweeted that while International Human Rights agencies have documented beheadings by Pak Army, no such documentation of instances by Indian Army exists. He further tweeted that except for two or three Indian journalists, there is no evidence of such acts by our Army.

  21. The tweets by Shri B.Raman which I have referred to:


    Shri. B.Raman is of the opinion that this seems to be an attempt to discredit Indian Army. Needs further probe.


  22. I was watching NDTV yesterday (yes! - actually watch more after hitting this site! - best way to know how India can be divided and confused). And the entire prime time was filled up with these - some school drama Private school/Govt. School, Shahrukh Khan and then women cloth culture, if they go naked will they be raped and so on by Barkha dutt. Before Pronoy Roy said khan is a champion in "academic and sports". Khan, himself I remember in filmfare magazine in nineties said - "He was selected for IIT as well, but choose not to join". Well! Why the crowd will not believe you anyway when Roy says you were an academic champ and now cricket champ??? Then Barkha Dutta with Priyanka Chopra on their rights to walk naked on streets and in what way it promotes rape?

    Entire media as if has gone hush-hush one day and gush-gush one day on this issue. I'll not be surprised at all if another set of men are killed inside or outside the same manner. I fail to understand why so much silence on it - what exactly our defense policy is? Where is the Defense minister?

    On the other hand,

    Jay Panda tweeted - "Pak army crosses LOC, beheads Indian jawan; Pak SC crosses legal boundaries (so say PakTweeple) & beheads its own govt".

    This is after Sushma Swaraj's comment on 10 Pak men's heads for 1 Indian men head. I fail to understand when soldiers are themselves feeling raged being "goalkeepers in the penalty shootout", in what perspective this comment was made?

    Rajeev C., another MP, tweeted - "I raise this point as in many countries there is deep ambivalence abt military action no matter the cause"- Barack Obama Nobel Speech Dec09"

    I have respect for some of these leaders. But I fail to understand why violence on men is so glamorous? Why death race or killing sports on men should to be promoted in the name of nationalism? Why violence on men so beautiful and violence on women means tear? Why violence on men so glorious and to be promoted, whereas violence on women means more tough laws on men?

    What exactly these people are playing with? I am really yet to get a proper hand on it. Ravi, Hope one day you will write on it. You do write very clearly on many topics.

  23. HI Ravi.. I read almost all the articles in this website.. Many of them good, some very good,, but this one is Brilliant....
    I am astounded by the information you possess and the references you make....
    You are really Great!!!

  24. Brilliant stuff. Can't decode why these. People have to constantly talk bout peace and how majority Pakistanis are peace loving. I grew up in the uae . And had many Pakistanis friends and not once did they ever trust India completely. Have a serious political debate with them and how they keep telling India always schemes to divide them vis a vis 1971

  25. Greatly appreciate your post. As if by fate, I came across another site http://cinemarasik.com/2009/04/10/when-did-indian-society-lose-its-attitude-our-answer-might-surprise-you.aspx#comment-18668234

  26. All the Arty F$$$y uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters can go and get $$$$ed in country of their love. Just leave the mango people in peace, please.

    No wonder Hillaly did say Burqa Dutt first then said Barkha. I think he was right first time, truth is hard to hide. So dear So called Barkha Dutt is in fact Burqa Butt.

    God save mother India from creatures like these arty f$$$y people.

  27. These journos have forgotten that culture and tradition in India comes from the same Hindu dharma they all love to hate.

  28. Sir,
    'Useful' - yes.
    'Idiots'? - definitely no.
    Akhtar, Burkah, Bhat, 'The Hindu', all these charlatans are in the service of Pakistan.
    - Thiru

  29. interesting. but who is enemy? laden or who created laden or creates ladens. pakistan or those who created pakistan by dividing india. 200 years- india ruled by british with the help of indians; divided india with the help of indians. still ready to be ruled by 'gore log'. what a nation. in democracy people get the government they deserve. and media, judiciary- two pillars of democracy will be of same nature-no wonder.spineless-p sycophants.

  30. This looks like a cooked up allegation. While searching for the next part you might also look into whether there have been any allegations against Indian Army ever doing any such acts like there is record for Pakistan. Another thing - from the Kafila quoted paragraph the hypothetical colonel never says what the thing was. The reporter through a hole in a corrugated tin sheet first sees a hint of black looking like a moustache and then sees a head. Of course no photographs or other corroborative evidence exists and we are supposed to take the reporter's word.

    1. Even if this had actually happened, the Paki establishment would never be able to claim it did, precisely because they have maintained that the Kargil conflict was between India and irregulars / militants from PoK, and not he Pakistani military.

      They still pretend that the Pakistani Army had no role to play in the incursion into Kargil, and this is too invested a position to give away. So even if it was a Pakistani soldier, he will remain unsung.

    2. They can't still pretend this after they said this in 2010: http://www.telegraphindia.com/1101119/jsp/frontpage/story_13195550.jsp

    3. As Gen Malik said in the same interview on 15th January we have either respectfully buried or returned any Pakistani soldier they asked for. How come the hypothetical head from her narrative (that even in her story nobody else but her identifies as such) never got reported missing?


    4. Guys,

      The fact that ir appeared in Kafila or EPW should be reason enough that the story is discredited - don't you think ?

  31. I Have just heard there is no holiday for Diwali in Kashmir.

    Is this true?

    If it is true then it is an absolute shame and disgrace on the central government to allow such polices to enforced.

  32. The way you pwn her everytime... she must be breaking stuff at the NDTV studios!

  33. Why we Need enemies when we have DIVA's like Barkha Dutt. Morons like her can utter all the non sense without any credibility and responsibility. SHAME ON BARKHA DUTT.

  34. Great work...just a suggestion you can compile all of your work and make it in the form of a book and publish..let it penetrate deep into the masses and people know the real color of our Main Stream Media..EXPOSE THEM TOTALLY..ITS THE NEED OF THE HOUR

  35. Yesterday Musharaf categorically said that beheading of Indian soldiers was a lie and was being promoted by Indian Army to decredit the Pak Army. He denied everything and said that it is a propganda by the Indians...........and our Mr. Arnab was thanking him for his outbursts on the National TV. We should be ashamed of ourselves, if MSM acts like this...........Bhaskar Biswas

  36. Dear Ravinar,

    Given their slant towards Pakistan and hatred of India/Hindus, why don't we start calling these channels and their crooks as PAKI Channel # 1, #2, etc., and these crooks as PAKI Reporter #1, #2, etc.

    Won't be surprised if one day ISI and some Chinese funding is traced to some of these MSM.

    These crooks have no ethics. Are any Indian media persons putting the Indian viewpoint (if any & what) across on Pakistan's own channels? Do they have such guts?

    Got to agree with Robert Vadra on one thing: It really is a banana republic.

  37. These media celebs like Burqa think they can utter any non-sense and get away with it....not anymore with social media...
    Folks on twitter should question her what she meant by indian soldiers beheading Pakis??????
    We need more Harvinders who can give a tight slap to these anti-natinonal bitches and sobs...

  38. Excellent piece again. Dear Ravi please also praise some efforts of genuine media. Just saw a piece of Times Now program "Line of Duty" on Siachen and anchoring was done by none other than my favorite Maroof Raza. It was an excellent program and Times Now and Maroof should be praised for it.

  39. hi,

    well what do you know?

    france has ALWAYS played the DOUBLE AGENT role under zionist remote control.

    they did that in Libya with Jew sarkozy -


    today we want to name tipu sultan university?

    want to know how the entire gold of kerala temples landed up in rothschild's underground coffers?

    punch into google search TIPU SULTAN UNMASKED VADAKAYIL.

    -- here also france played their DOUBLE AGENT game, as tipu sultan's ally.

    capt ajit vadakayil

  40. This chap Javed Akhtar is a good filmy poet. Period! Nothing more. But these pricks think it's their god-ordained duty to comment on anything and everything even in the areas in which they have least knowledge about.
    This prick perhaps thinks he's Christopher Hitchens of India when he claims he is a rationalist. I saw the arrogance of this old-timer in India Today conclave and Tehelka's 'Think' conference when he made some idiotic statements about spirituality with supreme confidence.
    He's a moderate Muslim? LOL! that's an oxymoron :-) To his credit, he's not as rabid as his fellow RoP brother Mahesh BUTT.

  41. Dear Ravinar, Mr. Prasoon Joshi is a paid celebrity....this guy has written NDTV's tagline & do most of the work via close contacts of NDTV. Due to his contacts, he is getting work for his agency Mccann erickson e.g CWG ads, Delhi govt. ads....that's why he will speak biased paid truth..


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