Saturday, January 26, 2013

India Rendered Incapable of Fighting Terror

The sentencing of David Headley in the 26/11 case by a Chicago court had Arnab Goswami up in verbal arms on January 25. He and his news channel went into a fit of hysteria screaming “America let us down” by not extraditing Headley to India for a trial. Arnab and TimesNow showered a hail of criticism on the US just stopping short of calling that country an enemy. Elsewhere, Salman Khurshid, the EAM, stated that if Headley were extradited to India he would have received a more stringent punishment. I had to laugh at this moronic statement coming from a man who once said: "When Sonia Gandhi saw pictures of the Batla House encounter, she had tears in her eyes”. He made this statement during an election campaign at Azamgarh, home to the terrorists killed at Batla House, before the UP elections of 2012. In another place where a ‘Littering’ festival is being held, bimbo panellist Suhel Seth condemned the move to deny some Pakistanis visas to attend this year’s Jaipur Litterfest as “reprehensible”. Mind you, the organiser of the festival, Sanjoy Roy, denies the Pakistanis were invited to speak and suggests they may be attending as visitors and not as invitees. A day after this month’s beheading incident at the LOC, Minister Shashi Tharoor was moderating an “Aman ki asha” debate with film actors and journalists from India and Pakistan. Do you think the US should have really extradited Headley to be handled by a bunch of jokers in this country?

A few days earlier Home Minister Sushil Shinde made the most atrocious statement at the Congress party’s Chintan Shivir at Jaipur: "Reports have come during investigation that BJP and RSS conduct terror training camps to spread terrorism..” adding that they stoked “Hindu terror”. This is not some off the cuff remark or a blooper. This was a carefully crafted speech. If indeed BJP is conducting terror training camps why is the party not banned? Why is such a party allowed to contest elections and have representatives in various Assemblies and also the Parliament? While our media morons debated Shinde’s Hindu terror comment they conveniently buried his comment about BJP and RSS promoting terrorism through their camps. In other words, the HM of this country called some of his colleagues in parliament “terror sponsors”. This is the grave danger of his moronery. It shouldn’t bother us much that “Shri” Hafeez Saeed picked up Shinde’s statement to demand declaring India a “terrorist state”. “Shri” Hafeez naturally finds a friend in Shinde and the Congress party.

It is not that all this load of rubbish that needs to be debated. But typically, our media folks even debate such nonsensical statements which deserve nothing but outright condemnation. And then jokers like Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai, who truly belong in a circus, debate the sentencing of David Headley. The US is not foolish to hand over terror suspects to a country like India where the killers of Rajiv Gandhi or the late CM Beant Singh are being protected by politicians. The US is not going to hand over Headley to a country where the Congress is protecting the terrorist who plotted the attack on our own parliament. The US is not going to hand over a terrorist to a country which has shown remarkable unwillingness to combat terrorism and prosecute terrorists.

The Congress govt at the centre has been in permanent denial over the true nature of terrorism. Wilfully so! This denial comes from the fountain of Indian history that denies that religious terrorism was brought to this country from Islamic invasions. Some of the brutal invaders are glorified by the communist historians who are natural allies of the Congress. Islamic terrorism had conquered much of Europe as well. Hinduism has such no such history of religious terrorism. The cases that Shinde cited; Samjhauta Express, Malegaon and Mecca Masjid are all spurious at best. S. Gurumurthy cites the record and background of these cases and how they are being muddied for political reasons in his article in the NIE. If at all some Hindus were involved in these attacks it still doesn’t make out a case for “Hindu terror” just as the Godhra train burning is not classified as an act of terror. And there is nothing that stops the govt from prosecuting and punishing those behind the cases Shinde refers to. Fact is, a few Hindus were arrested and no cases are being prosecuted. I am not sure there is even a valid charge sheet filed against those arrested in these cases.

I wonder how many people recall that after the July 2011 attacks in Mumbai PM Manmohan Singh had grandly stated that the terrorists “had the advantage of surprise”. Then Home Minister P. Chidambaram had stated that absence of intelligence is “not intelligence failure”. Do you seriously expect these people to be able to combat terrorism? Unfortunate truth is that India simply doesn’t have a policy on terrorism or how to combat it. Currently, SoniaG’s tears can decide what or who constitutes terrorism or does not. That’s our policy.

The American politicians, men and uniform are sworn in under an oath to serve and protect their nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The 9/11 attacks weren’t the first on the World Trade Center. Eight years prior in 1993 the WTC was bombed and the attackers were arrested, prosecuted and sentenced. The US since then has been regularly notifying terrorist organisations. Of the current list of 51 terrorist organisations named by the US State Department around 14 have some connection with attacks on India as the image below shows:

The media screams about Headley. The Indian govt begs and relies on the US to notify groups as terror organisations. Well, I don’t find the BJP and RSS in this list. Does Shinde, Digvijay or Congress find them? Not surprisingly, the only group with the name “Indian” tagged to it is Indian Mujahideen. Now, we can choose to believe this has nothing to do with religion and nothing to do with Islam. We can also choose to live in denial that members of IM don’t swear on the Quran to carry out their terrorists acts. Shinde’s admirers from LeT, JeM are also in the list. An MP who threatens “Muslim radicalisation” from the floor of the parliament also has friends like Hamas or Hizballah in the list.

The practice of minority appeasement has gone so far that they now even dictate who will be invited to our Litterfests. They will decide what movies can be screened or banned. In Bangalore the Kamal Hassan movie “Vishwaroopam” was interrupted midway as the police didn’t want to offend Muslims because of Eid-e-Milad. Nobody even knows or asks what exactly will not offend them anymore. They will decide what articles can be printed and what books can be published. And our govt watches all of this. In the documentary titled Fitna, Dutch MP Geert Wilders shows girls as young as 3 or 4 being taught to hate non-Muslims by their family, especially to hate Jews. This image currently circulating on the internet shows kids carrying posters seeking slaughter of those insulting Islam. What community asks kids to march with such posters? And these people in the rally certainly don’t look like Hondurans or citizens of Greenland.

If terrorism is a universal phenomenon and if at all there is universal agreement that there is religious terrorism then it doesn’t take an Einstein to find out what the colour of that terrorism is or members of which religion indulge in it. It’s only the Indian govt, particularly the Congress party that is still sleeping. Along with the Congress party we have deceptive liars and idiots in the MSM who neither possess any intelligence nor the willingness to speak the truth about terrorism. Well, I’m not so surprised about our media folks because many of them are funded directly or indirectly by ISI money and many others sleep with our enemies. Many of our media folks qualify to be “domestic enemies” who enjoy luxuries with funds provided by known enemies.

So when an idiot like Arnab Goswami and other media celebs go into a spin demanding Headley be extradited, patriotic Indians should say “No, Thank you”! Whatever Headley’s sentence maybe he will serve it for most of the rest of his life unless an appeal overturns or reduces it. The Americans take the killing of even one of their citizens anywhere very seriously. As for Indians they can die in any Bazar, at the LOC, at the high seas or any corner of the world. Nobody gives a shit! Certainly not a bunch of morons who are still debating the colour of terror. Most certainly not if the ruling party’s Boss is shedding tears over dead terrorists and Union Ministers believe that will get them votes.  


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  2. Deleted commented reposted:

    Yes. I have another problem. Why is Afroze, the Delhi rapist, known as "Raju". Everybody knowns he is Muslim. Why call him "Raju" and condemn an innocent community. Why not call him Salman or Shahrukh or Amir.

    Satyendra Sharma

    1. Extremely Correct! I am crying that @the top of my voice since i heard that from Subramaniam Swamy. I am not getting any answer as to why his real name is not mentioned in any of the media. which Law or Law&order situation STOPS naming him...

    2. Even swamy ji mentioned him as Raju in his 1st post...i tweeted him and from next post i saw Afroj...may be just an accident :D...
      (Please do not take in -ve sense, Subramaniam Swamy is most respected man for me...and i am just making myself happy thinking that it happened because of my tweet)

  3. Deleted commented reposted:

    I'm truly glad that Headley was not extradited to India. Our Govt would've given him five star treatment for the rest of his life. And they might've even used his sentence (if sentenced) in 2014 elections as an "Achievement"!!!


  4. Deleted commented reposted:

    Soniaji ko mat dikhaana - unke aasun phoot padega - So I have been on a bucket collection spree to make it availavble for her. And more... also remember those are are real power weilder (not those are entrusted by Public) say 99% of terror is prevented (wonder where) and cannot help about 1% which is more than 3 Terror attack provisioned per day. Demonstrates their capability. Add media Celeb - The Cacafonix who gave us an epic Orange colored Flag which she was proud of.
    Amidst all these it is our Politicians with the Media who brought us down to Pakistan level. (Or elevate Pakis to our level?, CONgis never to anything elevating, so I guess it can be ruled out)

    Somewher tucked as a reply to the comment, I saw a great news - About the book - Eagerly waiting.


  5. Deleted comment reposted:


    If anyone remember correctly, when India has asked for the most wanted 20 from Pakistan what response we got? They have asked for L.K Advani in their 20 list. So, I guess Mr.Shinde might have inspired by that list. Mr.Shinde why not extradite LKA to pakistan as they have asked?

    Shame on you, and shame on us as he is still the Home Minister of India.

    Congress had long history of appointing sycophants of Gandhi family as H.M. Remember Sivraj Patil, Chidambaram and now Shinde.


  6. Deleted comment reposted:

    The effects of UPA's misgovernance and turning a matter of national security into a vote seeking political game has lethal consequences.

    Unfortunately, even elements within the NDA are succumbing to this antinational way. The akalis in cahoots with SGPC protect and nurture khalistani elements in punjab. The author mentions about the killers of Beant Singh being protected. The attack on Lt.Gen Brar in london, the honoring of khalistani secessionists(terrorists) by SGPC in complicity with the akalis... is putting it mildly, a worrisome situation.

    Even if the NDA comes to power, they will be embarrassed continuously by their allies such as the akalis on a continuous basis.

    The India and the indian leader of my dreams exist only in Gujarat. But, who can do anything if the majority do not wish to turn it into a national political will?

    India is clearly determined to go down the pakistani way!

    VR Shenoy

  7. Deleted comment reposted:

    We have traditionally valued veerya and shaurya.. Our sciptures call for invoking the valour in us when faced with problems. But the common man's apparent indifference is stemmed by the fact that the message is not reaching out to them with 'true & fair view'. Obvious culprits are our #PaidMedia in collusion with the perpetrators.
    Looking fwd to your book.


  8. Deleted comment reposted:

    This is a pity in this country that in the name of democracy so called secular politicians are appeasing minorities for the sake of votes.

    we can only recommend awards & appease minorities in the name of democracy on these auspicious days.

    Our politicians can not take strict actions against criminals as most of them are from those minority community.

    our HM & other loyalists should be extradited to our neighbors.

    Shreekant Charria

  9. Deleted comment reposted:

    This govt has survived not on its performance.Its greatest asset is its policy of minority appeasment ,Hindu bashing.

    BK Chowla

  10. Deleted comment reposted:

    The whole world knows that India is a soft state and our 'leaders' are beyond principles and can be bought. Same applies to their handmaidens in the media. Good thing Hadley was not extradiated. When one thinks about why our leaders and MSM don't standup for what is right for the nation, in addition to the funding bit and vote banks, fear may play an important role. Why put one's life on the line when one can buy peace and prosperity easily? Fatwas can be issued making life difficult. So it is easier to resort to Hindu bashing. Since you are posting very regularly it would definitely be a good idea to publish translations in the vernacular press so that people become aware of Delhi conspiracies.


  11. Deleted comment reposted:

    A very hard hitting and pertinent article . A suggestion ( which has been made by many others as well ) . Group some of these articles ( along the subject matter ) and publish them as books ( including translations into various Indian languages ). I am sure there will be some that will even be interested / supportive of making this possible

    Vijayraghav Rao

    1. Hi Ravi,

      I am software developer and have good experience in developing web applications. I can design/develop/host for free. Let me know if any kind of contribution needed to fight for our country through web channel.
      I will be happy to help and contribute in my best possible way.

    2. @Umesh

      Thanks for offering to help. I shall keep this is mind. You could send some info to


  12. Edmund Burke rightly said "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." The only difference between India & other countries is the inaction of our leaders & intellectuals. We somehow continue to believe that some day our enemies will realize how good we Indians & Hindus are & will start loving us all of a so very ignorant we have become. We'll probably wake up only when our houses are looted & our women are dragged out.

    1. Our ancestors woke up, but we forgot them. We forgot the torture our men and women suffered for the better days of us. We did not learn anything and kept living in ignorance. Perhaps we are waiting for worse to happen to our culture and country, men and women, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters.
      Even I am not the exception. Typing on keyboard is not going to work much. All this written on pages needs to go in public and very common man to understand the conspiracy and unite for the existence of a beautiful country, culture and race.

  13. and there are a few journos who have dual faces, one for twitter and the other for the national television. one such moron is shiv aroor from headlines today. yesterday he tweeted "Andhra cops ask theatres not to show #Vishwaroopam in 'sensitive areas' of Hyd for now. What's 'sensitive area'? Where medieval idiots live?" i felt like asking me if, whether he or his channel has the balls of asking the same question on national television

    1. @Rishi, rightly said, I would say these are the fence sitters, the confused lot, basically victims of decades of conditioning of a particular way of thinking but somewhere inside they know what they are doing isn't right, there are quite a few of this category. hope they'll realize the truth soon.

  14. What a breakthrough article.
    Simply brilliant.
    No one can express the feelings of the common man better than you.
    It is indeed a very big conspiracy going on to give boost to Extremism for vote bank and money from outside the country.

  15. he has gotten 35 yrs no less and after that he would still be having supervised released ( if at all he is still alive ), Not like Afzal Guru . What an Irony Headley is in US had he been in India he would have been alive for the rest of his life due to Vote Bank Politics.

    Hail the American Judiciary and the Judge who was surely convinced that headley never had any real Remorse for his Action.

    1. i want afzal guru to walk free so he can complete what he set out to do - clean the entire indian parliament and free this country yet again!!!!!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Why cant we? Till when we will keep seeking someone to do our job? Now one thing is clear - In Kalyug, TERROR PAYS.
      Be a terrorist (instead of defending) and these media/politician will start defending you, seriously it works... It's Hindus call now - Terrorise or be ready to get daily dose of mental and physical terror. Period.

  16. "Idiots like Arnab" ..... so much other words can be attributed to these MSM ppl and if done the whole blog will be filled with only attributes only ..... for now "Idiots" is enough and we will assume the left out ones ....

    Striking one Ravi .... keep up the good work.

  17. Guys,

    I see a perfect design in raising the temperature and minority appeasement. Not hanging Afzal Guru, Rahul telling about Hindu Terror to American ambassador when his party is in power. Owasi hate speech, Postponing Pakistan home minister's visit so that Kasab could be hanged. Then allowing him to make 26/11 or Babri Masjid in the same breath on Indian soil. Then the LOC beheading of Indian soldiers, Then Shinde talks about BJP and RSS, Terror camps in Congress's Chintan shibir. Some group protesting about the release of film "Vishwaroopam". Arnab like morons in India doing hysteric debates, is all but a one plan of weakening Indian from within running for last 8 years. You can not think them as separate incidences. This is by design.

    They have already ruined the Economy from within.

    See Pakistan, Congress, Minority politics weakening of Indian Economy by Economics literate Maunmohan Sing, Howard Graduate Chidu, everything is linked and they support each other. Now it is proven by Hafeez Said's agreement with Mr. Shinde. and UPA's Pakistan friendship projects.

    I am telling you if BJP gets advantage or Narendra Modi manages to emerge as front runner, you will see even greater attack on Hindus. Remember Kandhahar, Kargil like situation are not ruled out in future if NDA comes to power with BJP Narendra Modi at the center.

    1. Hi Vishnu,

      I agree with you, and would like to see that as a likely possibility(as mentioned in ur last sentences).

      I desperately wish bjp comes into power n modi becomes pm .... hoping this wish comes true we the Internet Hindus(terrorists? :-) )should become more and more active ..... like Ravi has taken big responsibility of exposing the Idiots of MSM .... I am reading and following the blog hoping it accounts for sharing at least a littleeeeeee bit of responsibility of Ravis work .... now got to think how to take this to next level .... right now tats all I can think from my side .....

    2. first attempt to unite ALL hindus coz in india all hindus are D-I-V-I-D-E-D. period!

  18. Very apt and hard hitting article. We should thank USA Govt for not handing over Headley to India. Our govt would never have punished him for his sins. Our Govt would probably have fabricated evidence to show that all the crimes perpetrated by Headley were acts of Sangh parivar. So GOI would have Headley off the hook easily and made him member of parliament also. Who knows?
    So let MSM rant about Headley as much as they want. I am sure nobody will pay any attention to them.

  19. Super post!!!!
    Minority appeasement is a tradition followed by congress. The Home Minister of country calls protesting people as maoists and terrorists as 'shri' the current External affairs minister is accused of swalloing money of physically handicap's and also is a lawyer for SIMI organisation, our PM who should act tough on these issues remains silent and Kerala CM arrives to bangalore to discuss health of bangalore blast accused:

    wah! wah!

  20. I request every reader to read an article "JOURNALISM OF CHICANERY" at the following link:

  21. Simply outstanding. You are spot on Ravi. With lovers of Osamajee, Hafeez Saheb ruling the country, Sonia shedding billion gallons of tears upon seeing picture of dead terrorists, make you cringe. If Hedley comes to India and tried for 26/11, no judge will have guts to pass death sentence, because either they are on payroll of ISI via Congress party or shit scared of their own life. Cowards they are, just see about Justice Varma's report. He is scared to bring death sentence to rapist. Poor judge can not conceive that raping a woman is nothing short of giving her death sentence. Now assuming Headley, SoB, is given death sentence by Rarest of Rare Judge, whole Community of Anti-National forces will have 10000 Azad maidens show arranged within 5 mts. Burning of trains, cars, molesting women police, throwing bombs, bottles full of petro wiil be enacted. There will be MSM, Arnav, Beefeater, Burqa Butt, Devout Hindu Wife, Choubeyjee with his whole clan, the Tool, 24*7 on the blowers condemning Hindoos for creating this situation. Blame for 26/11 will be apportioned fully to Hindoos, RSS and BJP. Happy RAPE-A-PUBLIC day fellow Indians,

  22. if daood gilani aka headley had been extradited he wud have become the next bollywood celebrity !!

  23. "India fell when the policy of 'light (good) triumphs over darkness (evil)' doctrine was changed to 'convert evil to good' philosophy" wrote Cinemarasik in April 2009. Thankfully countries like US have not succumbed completely like us probably owing to the means they used to win freedom. Greatness of Gandhi's philosophy cannot be understood by all. Shri Krishna's commands to Arjun to act is relevant today

  24. Once again a brilliant post. "Nobody even knows or asks what exactly will not offend them anymore." -- Sad but true, a statement which needs to be asked by everyone and thought about. As Pat Condell says it has become " perpetually offended" . I shudder in disgust thinking about what/where will this lead to? Can't imagine a world living in fear, without any freedom of thought/expression/art/science/philosophy in divergence of a particular community's belief's. It's unfortunate that nobody knows or has a solution to this menace.

  25. First of all, it is the US investigations that first revealed the existence of Headly and his role in 26/11 terror attack. To this day, the Indian investigators have not got beyond the foot ‘soldiers’ (who executed the terror plot) to the actual conspirators.

    For e.g., nobody knows whether Rahul Bhatt’s role (who seems to have played host to Headly on his multiple visits to India) was ever investigated seriously thanks to his father, Mahesh Bhatt’s close connections with congress party.

    His father and sister had then raised a holy fuss from every available MSM channel about how he was wronged and effectively managed to block any further probe into the matter. Today, Bhatt junior piously writes a book about his friendship with Headly and how the latter was a father figure to him.

    If US investigators had turned in Headly to their Indian counterparts, Headly would have patronizingly co-authored the book and embarked on making more such “gullible” friends for new terror missions.

  26. Brilliant post ! as always.

    "Well, I’m not so surprised about our media folks because many of them are funded directly or indirectly by ISI money and many others sleep with our enemies"

    I understand that the media houses hold unaccounted wealth and the Congress pays back for the pro-regime propaganda by not probing them. But this is something I haven't heard before though it doesn't surprise me.

    Could we read more on this, maybe here or elsewhere ?
    Did Dr. Swamy speak on this ?


  27. Take this forward ( part 1 )
    there is a lot of talent , zeal , patriotism and righteousness amongst those that visit this site / follow the blogs / comments and add their own comments / share their thoughts . But one thing that stands out prominent is that everyone knows that the enemy is congress , pseudos , sikulars , mainstream media and have varied methods of tackling them . But why is this not transforming into something concrete and substantive ?. I am listing below some thoughts
    a) we are mostly reactive ; we have not yet been able to seize the initiative
    b) we allow our mind space to be sold for free and we allow wrong thoughts to be 'incepted' into our minds very easily
    c ) we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed with information and everyday events instead of tackling the problems which we are already aware of
    d) we perhaps ourselves do not know what Hinduism and hindustan/Bharat stands for or should represent .
    e) most of us are participating as hobby / pass time ( or even assuming that it is pwith patriotism , zeal , self drive ) but sadly do not get suitably incentivized or even basic success to keep the motivation going ( whereas in the case of MSM it is not so . They make money also they celebrate their own deemed success or even failures as success )

    One can list down more . But my intent is only to make all of us take a breather and think .

    This may seem a distraction - but it is not . A lot of pertinent points get raised in this site and unless each of us takes it upon oneself to take some of these up - we are unlikely to bring about a difference . Therefore this suggestion .

    In this article itself ( and its comments ) there are so many printers viz
    Journalists / media with ISI /Pakistani link
    Batla house hypocrisy
    Governement filled with nincompoops who address even terrorists with respect
    Links of the bhatts / Seth's with people inimical to interest of Bharat
    So why should we not do something about it ?

  28. Take this forward ( part 2)

    We need to seize the initiative back in public discourse and become prominent , relevant , strong.
    towards that end I am sharing a few ideas which each of us can appropriately contemplate and take forward
    a) latch on to existing leaders( in social media with whom one is able to connect in terms of thoughts , relevance , proximity , locality ) and form strong cohesive groups. There would be hundreds of good ones - find one which is suitable / appealing to oneself and strengthen that group
    Work out some basic common agenda and focus only on items that are relevant in that context and in order of priority ( and not every issue under the sun )
    Start one in ones own locality / neighborhood ( if there is non group that appeals to one and one wants to do something on .
    Everyone has to make a beginning . How it will turn out is entirely upto forces of nature .
    Work on converting some of these sites content into local languages on net as also print/hard copy .
    Agree on a order of priority viz Hinduism , Bharat , environment , language , region , locality , family or whatever other order that one agrees with
    Adopt certain common themes / methods for example
    Henceforth call india as 'Bharat' in all interactions;
    adopt methods like boycott ( economic boycott ) of adversarial , irrational , inimical entities ( why buy a newspaper which is anti-Hindu ?? Why advertise in a TV channel which is anti-Indian ?? Why watch channels which make ones blood boil ?? ) boycotting is a very powerful and sensible tool ;
    try as much as possible to adopt swadeshi ( if choices are available ) in every walk of life . Move towards wearing traditional clothes and appearances .

    Most importantly
    Always evaluate the impact of any stance that one takes vis a vis how it would impact the items in ones agenda and priorities . And this is very important as also controversial . Per this actually many of us should not be allowing our energies to be dissipated in issues which weaken Hinduism or Hindu unity . There are many instances in recent past where many of us would not have been able to see thru the ploy of the MSM and would have easily got distracted And harmed interests of hinduism / hindu unity .We need to have clarity on our agenda and our priorities . And not be dictated to by others . If only you respect your priorities can you abide by them and strengthen them - and make these priorities matter .

    I can go on and on . But my intent here is only to instigate thinking in all of us . we are all blessed creatures to be born in bharat and be blessed with the faith and wisdom of Hindu religion . Many of us have been groomed on Bhagwad Gita and its pristine thoughts . We need to know out strengths and play only to our strengths and not just be reactive / concerned over everything that someone in the media throws up to distract , confuse , overwhelm , complicate matters . Rather each of us should focus on the area that is of relevance and significance to oneself and work towards getting the solution which one seems as optimal / desirable . So it starts with knowing oneself ( not ones soul but ones individuality ) and knowing what one wants and set up modest goals / targets and acheive them one step at a time . listen to some of the old film songs which are full of patriotism and pride as also which encourage one to be action oriented , ethical , sensible .

  29. Ravinar we all need to work very hard through word of mouth and whichever way possible to get the larger message across INDIA, to vote for NARENDRA MODI(BJP) so that NaMo can take over the reigns of MOTHERLAND INDIA and thereby get everything in order, INDIA at the moment is suffering from dangerous conspiracy of CONGRESS in its blind glory of supporting the MUSLIMS and constantly defaming, abusing and insulting the majority HINDU community of INDIA, India is a land of HINDUS and we as INDIANS cannot just sit and do nothing when CONGRESS is pretty much chickened out to PAKISTAN, the day would not be far when PAKISTAN attacks INDIA due to the cowardliness of this mother and son duo of Sonia and Rahul and their servants in Congress (Barking Dog - Manish Tewari, Pakistani agent - Mani Shankar Aiyar, Ugly face - Diggy Bulldog and pumpkin head - Kapil Sibal), INDIAN wake up and save our country from CONGRESS, lets vote for NaMo in 2014 elections, JAI HIND.

    1. Spot on sir, could not agree more. Earlier the Congi mob is eliminated better will be for the country. Also should go all anti- national parties like BSP, SP, NCP, RJD and CPM, who are either serving the enemies (Pakistan and China) or filling their pockets. What India needs is complete change of constitution. We have seen how the dogs (politicians and Goondas) have been exploiting the mass. Had Naxals had some honesty millions of people would have joined them. Time has come for next revolution. Throw this RAPE-A-PUBLIC out.

  30. This CONgress govt. is ridiculously indecisive. These bastards are only good at giving stupid statements against the opposition and at pretending (through SONIA's tears and RAHUL's badminton anecdotes) that they're truly concerned about the poors of the society, but the fact is that they don't give a shit about this country and that they just long to remain in power. It's highly frustrating to see that despite so many expose against this thoroughy corrupt CONgress govt., somehow they managed to retain their seats in Gujarat Elections - I don't know how people of this country elect them to power - people who do so, I believe, are the real traitors of this country. These foreigners - mother son duo - with their shameless sycophants, should be kicked out of this country and real patriots such as Modi & Subramaniam Swamy should lead our country.

    1. Freebies, many of these voters are lifetime guaranteed voters.

      In the case of CONgress voters in Gujarat, many were given free land and housing, several decades back.

      Hence they would always vote Congress regardless if Crooks are running CONgress.

  31. 'He and his news channel went into a fit of hysteria screaming “America let us down” by not extraditing Headley to India for a trial. Arnab and TimesNow showered a hail of criticism on the US just stopping short of calling that country an enemy.'

    US is completely on the wrong side and certainly be ridiculed on this.
    It does not matter if our current political system or judiciary is considered as being 'lenient' towards terrorists.
    From what ever is public on this, it should be very clear to anyone that US is 'hiding' their agent and their involvement in this. Times Now & Arnab is entirely correct on this partcular issue.


    1. Spot on! Headley was a double, triple agent & a valuable asset for US intel & drug enforcement agency. Though aware of his Pak terror links (mom & wife/gf complained), they let him roam free for selfish reasons as he was still providing them some useful intel. US will never extradite one of its agents.

      That said, he also had bollywood, media & possible political connections in India. So extraditing and trying him in India may not have resulted in harsher sentence, unless sickular vote bloc numbers don't add up and it becomes imperative that they need to appease 'communals' to stay in power. It is possible Afzal is reserved for this, as we approach election.

  32. Not related to this particular subject but since Aman ki aasha guys are mentioned here, this is what i read on FB from Maj Gen Gagandeep Bakshi
    It is shameful to see some of our media channels maligning Serving soldiers, especially those who are engaged in guarding our borders with Pakistan.The recent attack on Gen KT Parnaik is particulary reprehensible because it comes in retaliation for his principled stand on the AFSPA in J&K and his attempts not to buckle down on the LOC. This seems to have enraged the official Aman ki asha Brigade- and hence the attempt to malign him and bring down his credibility, to make him fall in line.
    The whole case against him is baseless and trying to take advantage of bureacratic loopholes. Gen Parnaik got then YSM ( yuddha Seva Medal) in 2003 Jan for his contributions during Op Parakram in 2001-02. For this he was entitled to cash award and land from the state Govt of Rajasthan. It is noteworthy that the Gens mother was a teacher in Saink School Chittorgargh for nearly 30 years. His father was in the IAF and had a house in Jaipur till 2002. The Gen is shown in his service records as domicile of Rajasthan state. As such he was fully entitled for that land.. The channel does not seem to understand that during their careers Soldiers get kicked around from Siachen to Silchar to Kanya kumari. Does that mean that this will be taken advantage of to deny them whatever little paltry dues the state govts are required to give.The attempt to make the GOC Northen Command fall in line with the peace with Pakistan Brigade is shameful. even more shameful are the methods being used.


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