Thursday, January 24, 2013

How To Buy Friends & Influence Elections

No matter how rich Bill Gates is and how successful Microsoft is, it is widely known and acknowledged that he failed to read the Internet trend when it began. Early 1990s he couldn’t see it clearly and MS had to bundle Internet Explorer with Windows to combat Netscape. There are many other internet-applications companies that MS simply couldn’t catch up with. Even today Internet Explorer isn’t the No.1 browser. Others like Firefox, Chrome and so on have taken up a good bit of space. In business, it’s a huge advantage to be the first to take off. Everyone knows Neil Armstrong was the first but not many may be able to name the second man to set foot on the moon. (Are you wondering who?)

It’s a famous song by The Beatles: “Can’t buy me love” but I’ve got news for you. There’s also a movie of the same name titled “Can’t buy me love” in which the hero rents a girlfriend for $1000 for a month. Hmm! Are you available? If you are, you’re in luck! Someone’s just decided to buy a lot of friends on the Social Media. What do you do? Send in your profile to the guy who gave that “Badminton” speech on January 20. Here’s the good news:

According to reports, Kapil Sibal, the guy who earlier wanted to choke the internet and social media, the Congress party would need to spend 100 Crores to buy fraaands and influence votes through the social media. The other guy, foul-mouthed Digvijaya Singh, who ironically heads the party’s Communication Cell feels the BJP is leading on the social media front and Congress got left behind. The best part? Both these wiseguys have decided a strategy would be formed and presented to Rahul Gandhi, the “Badminton” boy. So essentially what they’re thinking is that the RSS invented social media, Narendra Modi nurtured it and the Hindu terrorists have overwhelming presence on it. Yeah! Move over Social Genius ‘Internet Hindus’ is now passé. After Sushil Shinde’s remark on Hindu Terror, the call-sign is now changed to “Internet Terrorists”. Except for the stray presence of Diggy on Twitter, the other guys don’t have any presence and still probably believe Al Gore invented the internet. Nothing to worry, help is always around.

Remember all those tweets you get promising to get you thousands of followers in just a few hours or days? That would be a good starting point for Congress. Of course, there are Twitter champions like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Bhupendra Chaubeji, Ashutosh, Nikhil Wagle and even Pankaj Pachauri, the PM’s media advisor. No, I haven’t forgotten! They also have Twitter Goddesses Sagarika Ghose and her protégé Pallavi Ghosh. With a whole team and these two ladies batting for Congress, a solid start is assured. So while these guys have been called PaidMedia for Congress so far, now there’s a new meaning to it; they will now be PaidSocialMedia. I hope the party also needs some bloggers (Hint! Hint!). Someone on Twitter has also suggested maybe the Congress should float a TwitterNREGA. Not a bad idea for a bunch of brain dead people who still don’t understand how SM works.

Diggy and the Congress still remain under the impression that the SM in India has been driven by RSS or Narendra Modi. Well, what can I say! If the doc diagnoses your common cold as cancer he is bound to make you spend 100 Crores. Hey, later on don’t complain if we make some noise about the ‘100Cr tag’ just like someone created serious heartburns with the ‘50Cr tag’. So how do we help the party spend the 100 crores? The first point is always those paid-follower sites which guarantee you millions of followers like this one:

There is a harsh truth behind the Congress’ SM plan. It’s that the MSM has failed to help the party’s fortunes. Despite their best attempts, channels like NDTV, CNN-IBN, Times Now and the gang don’t seem to have worked wonders for the party. All the Tulika ads during the Gujarat campaign haven’t paid off. In the print media, newspapers like Hindustan Times seem to have failed them. Remember, this is despite the fact that the last HT Summit was best funded by Govt PSUs. Social Media has now become a watchdog over the MSM; there can’t be any more doubts about it. All the lies, half-truths and propaganda by MSM have been successfully dismantled by SM. Congress feels the threat because there’s a forecast that by 2014 there will be 200 million internet users in India. Let’s try and examine some features influencing SM.

1) First and foremost most of the SM people who are successful in getting their message out are well-educated people. Historically, that is not the Congress vote-bank. In fact, I’d go a step further in stating that Congress thrives by keeping people uneducated and uninformed.
2) Being connected for serious participation on SM requires stable power supply. There’s hardly any Congress-ruled state that isn’t facing power problems. This is a failure that will affect not just their SM constituency but life in general.
3) Unlike MSM, SM is mostly “user-generated” content that comes out of genuine interest and beliefs. I doubt money can buy that. Sure, there are some people who can be bought but usually they are the ones who don’t really have thinking skills or writing skills that can have a great influence. You know, like the bimbo on Twitter who said villages in Maharashtra had internet connection in 1995.
4) The Congress foolishly thinks NaMo’s success is partly due to his presence on SM. Wrong! NaMo gained followers and admiration for “performance” and not for “presence”. By Congress logic Shashi Tharoor should be far more influential for the Congress as its SM brand ambassador. Doesn’t work like that!

Now, being on SM is all about being “connected” with people. If the Congress were to really learn from Modi they’d have to learn that Modi “connects” everywhere. He connects on the SM and he connects with villagers in rural Gujarat. In contrast people like Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi are being booed when they visit Amethi or Rae Bareli. The duo had to beg Mulayam Singh for non-stop power supply in their constituencies as a favour. No villager has to beg NaMo for such a favour. Does that teach them anything? No! The Congress still believes money can buy fraaands.

The other thing is historically the communists and the MSM have perpetrated a fake history on Indians when it comes to the Mughals, the British and many other historic events. They have even turned patriots into villains. This correction of history is undertaken on the SM by many good writers and researchers and nobody pays them to do this. Their only drive is their love for their country and truth. The anti-Hindu MSM, similar to Shinde’s “Hindu Terror” comment, has always been biased against the Hindus. Many SM people make a strong effort in correcting this bias. They aren’t paid for this. The MSM may help sustain the Congress propaganda or campaign of half-truths but propaganda usually gets exposed and rejected on the SM. Lies and half-truths get destroyed on the SM. Every lie, deception, distortion and negligence by the MSM has been exposed by people on the SM. If Congress believes spending money will gain friends and influence votes they haven’t fathomed SM yet. That is why it appears they’re going for Chemotherapy to treat the common cold.

The Congress team for SM is going to be headed by Rahul Gandhi and assisted by the likes of Digvijay and Kapil Sibal. Two of them don’t have any presence worth the mention. The third, Diggy, is the comic relief on Twitter who gets ridiculed every step of the way. Modi was vilified by the MSM, he became a hero on the SM, that’s the reason his supporters have campaigned heavily for him without seeking any payment for it. Unlike the sycophants in the Congress party that fall at the feet of “Madamji” and the prince, SM doesn’t have a sycophant culture that can be bought. Seriously, you can’t pass 66A as law on one hand and hope to succeed on the SM.

Hard truth is that for over 60 years the Congress, the Commies and the MSM wiped out the Hindu voices from public discourse. Let me add that everything connected with Hindus, like the RSS, BJP or any party was painted as “Evil” by these political parties and the top media celebs to appease their favourite minority group. The Hindu practices and rituals were rubbished. Their temples were looted to pay out doles. Technology has this potential to destroy lies, distortions, deceptions and injustices. It is laughable that those who couldn’t do justice in the public domain are now seeking to redeem themselves on the SM. Take the case of displaced Kashmiri Pandits. Their voices were destroyed by the MSM but they’re being heard on the SM. You need to spend money to buy lies and propaganda. You don’t need money to buy truth. Too late the Social Hero!


  1. Nicely written as usual.the contents truly depict my take about our media. Of late, I must admit that I am waking up every morn to check your blog.
    Bye and carry on

  2. While the MSM, without any proofs, tried to spread lies that BJP/RSS has organized SM cells to spread propaganda on Internet. All of them are supporting jubilantly the open intent of the CONs to buy support. Constant exposure of their lies has tarnished their reputation beyond redemption. They must be looking towards these paid new abusers as their saviors lol. But I think these new paid band of follower will do much more damage and harm to congress rather than providing them any relief. You can buy people, you can't buy logic and can't hide the truth with it. The vitriol expected to be perpetrated by these new CONs will be there for all to see.

  3. If the MSM is going to eat out of the hands of the government, where is the question of 'fair' reporting. I for one have stopped reading newspapers or watching TV channels. They are the present day Goebbels. Only Goebbels was much more intelligent. To report for the MSM, no intelligence or any other skills are required. Money works wonders.

  4. "You don't need money to buy truth" Well said!

    I guess that in the end, the Congress Social Media strategy will turn into what is already scourge on the internet: astroturfing and impersonation.

    Just like the Sanjay Jha bots that used to paste the same comments everywhere, its consultants will use ghost accounts. Probably, this time around they may be used to showa following to Congress bosses instead of the people. Secondly, these people may also assume the moniker Of Internet Hindus and try to discredit popular SM personalities from the inside.

    However, my worst fear is that Congress will spend more money on surveillance and try to persecute the thorns in their side.

  5. The MSM is no better than Mohd Afroze. They are simply raping and killing India. Thank heavens for SM, the government is in check.

  6. Ah ha you got it wrong this time Ravi...You credit the Congress with far too much civility to actually spend money on a positive campaign on the SM. Please read the words " The Congress party would require Rs 100 crore during the next 18 months - till the Lok Sabha elections - to counter the main opposition BJP in the field of social media". This means nurturing 66A kinda stuff...paying off cops and other admin for false arrests...MSM for planting seeds of doubt....etc. etc. arre bhai yeh sab activities ke liye paise chaiye.

  7. From 66A to 100 crores, Moron Sibal seems to have come a full circle!

  8. As the paid media proves paidsocialmedia will never work for the #Con

  9. naa desh bada na janta congress ke liye sabse bada rupaiyaa. Congress party had bought every thing in their favor from main stream media to courts but now there is really something which money can't buy(social media) hahahaha.

  10. As usual a gr8 blog. Every morning, before checking my mails, I read your blogs. We all know that Anybody can make a fool to a group of people for sometime but not for all time. Khangress is frustrated and they are trying all gimmicks.Well, I am ready to face this morons on SM.But that 100 crores will come from our taxpayers money only.

  11. Once upon a time there was a man with 10 heads who could probably take the Social Media Head-on,but sadly Congress can't employ him anymore because some "bad hubby" took his head off.
    Again that "bad hubby's" followers have become "Internet baddies" for they make Congress remember thier "daddies" :D LOL

  12. Great work Ravji....very very hard hitting. You said it....

    The Congies do not understand that content is the King on Social Media. And the Truth, honesty, and forward thinking prevails. If they do not have the content to connect with the people, no matter how much money they spend, they are not going to be successful. Only thing they will do is increase the garbage on internet. Congress need not worry about the garbage on internet. It is already there. If they want to increase it with another 100 crores. they are welcome.

    Because of the Social Media now the garbage of MSM is getting exposed. Earlier it was piling and stinking. The morons of MSM call themselves the guardians of wisdom and intellect, get exposed every now and then on Social Media, Despite having power of TV Channels.

    As regards Narendra Modi or, "Internet Hindus" they have something truthful to offer and that connects well with the people. Whether SM was there or not Namo has the content due to which he connects with the people.

    The CONGIES should read the history. Gandhiji could connect with the people when even phones were not there. He used to depend on post card or a letter to connect with the people. But he had a truth with him and a noble thought. That is why he could connect.

    Ravi, I really liked your master stroke TwitterNREGA. Congress is good at throwing peoples hard earned taxed/looted money at bottomless pit.

  13. If Social Media pressure was present during freedom struggle, Netaji SC Bose, not Gandhiji would have been our hero.

    1. Agree. And many more myths would have never existed.

  14. ROTFL! This piece already seem to have ticked off The Old Monk. The only grouse as I see is that he may not be part of that Motley #TeamClownGress and by God! he has a lot of sympathy for you. Save it. But when he has a go at you, it only endorses what everyone here knows, you are saying something TERRIBLY right. LOL!

    On the rest of the things, I only have to agree. Social Media is what it is today only because of the passion of Tweeps/FB not because there is any financial incentive. They got it terribly wrong if they think such passion can be bought by money. If NaMo or even Shashi Tharoor, have SM respectability it is only because of engagement here (not aloofness that is always on display with the Queen & Clown). And do they have it in him to engage logically on SM. A big NO! So Rs. 100 Crore after all maybe for activities beyond SM - maybe legal Thuggery, Supari etc ;) In the unlikely event they decide to engage, they will soon realize Sycophancy works with #PaidMedia but not on #SocialMedia and again back to Square One. Back to 66A, or DMCA take down notices.

  15. So true!!! brilliant as always!

  16. Thank you MediaCrooks ji for a hard hitting post, once again.

  17. if these cronies wants to succeed in SM they have to change their culture and attitude,the way narendra modi maintains his decency makes people to associate with him, personal i have experiences with diggi when i asked him abt the role in varies scams which r in public domain his arrogance came into light and he threatened me for defamation.if such attitudes r there then what is 100cr or 500cr all in vain

  18. In SM people like you n newslaundry have already exposed the nexus between MSM n congress govt., so even if they make fake accounts n buy people it wont make much of a difference.
    I have been reading your blogs for the past one year n it has really provided me an alternative to MSM,n helped me to look through the lies n misinformation being spread over the years.So keep the good work going.

    1. Making fake account doesn't give ability to write truth...these congies will never be able to do that.i pity on them :)LOL

  19. Excellent piece. SM has only given voice to the suppressed. You mentioned about those who tirelessly work for free to correct the wrong history fed by the Macaulayputras and Putris. I would just like to mention about Smt. jayasree saranathan (@jayasartn) who is doing a yeoman service to undo the wrong with her most informative blogs in English and Tamil.

    Internet Hindus are those who are striving hard to establish their Identity that has been grossly trespassed and trampled. But for SM the great works of Rajiv Malhotra would never have seen the light in India.

    Whether it is NaMo,RSS, MSM, cong or anyone, SM had neither spared anyone nor had failed to give their due. SM had never failed to correct its mistake too when pointed. Hence the reliance on SM by the educated Mass.

  20. All the paid MSM guys/gals are so much jostled and traumatized over the fact that their hegemony over their target audience has been shattered by the advent of SM like Twitter and FB.It is really a David vs. Goliath fight. The paid MSM with all their money might and their obvious advantage of the AV medium could not cut the ice with their target audience and hence their frustration shows up so is their master the CON's. As you rightly put it that it is the performance and not presence that matters. God only knows how these CON's and the paid MSM would have continued their mayhem had the SM not existed.

  21. Wait A Min, So You Mean To Say Every1 On Social Media Who Support Bjp Are All Educated And Well Aware And That None Is Being Paid To Do It? Funny , On The Internet I've Seen Several Screen Names Appear Again N Again Several Times On Newspaper Columns Again N Again . Do These,Guys,Have Absolutely nothin Else To Do ? Even When There Was,A District Election In Kerala The Social Media Guys Were Predicting Out N Out Victory For Bjp , The CandidateEnded Up 3rd ? Many educated people here in Kerala either support communists or Congress. The only people I've seem support bjp are those worth family members in the sangh parivar. So I find somewhat believable the some of it atleast has some sort of capital investment in it. Or some ideological warrior is fighting it out in several screen names

    1. Wait a min - where does Ravinar say everyone who support BJP in social media are educated and well-aware? None is being paid to do it....ahhh - so you are part of the sanjay jha enterprise and you want to narrate a false equivalent with congress propaganda machine. Beleive it or not dude - they arent getting paid- at least not yet. Nobody can say what will happen if NDA comes to power.

      I agree that almost none of them get analysis on Kerala correct.But to adress your rubbish that they are getting only 'Parivar' votes, BJP polled 37 lakh votes in Kerala in 2004 and 15 lakh in 2009 ( 10.4% and 6.3% of polled). And these are the votes when everybody is sure they will not win. Now thats a lot of , what you call 'uneducated parivar people' in kerala , eh :) ?

      Adressing your last rubbish - educated Hindu's in Kerala do not have medium or platform to express their political loyalties or convictions. The media and political institutions in Kerala are institutionalized by marxists to keep Hindu politics at arm's length and parivar publications are the only one which publish their views. Take that filter away and see how many 'educated' people in Kerala will support BJP.Whether there is anyone capable in BJP leadership to tap into this is, another matter.

      And the irony is, all this comment is about a state which then Chief Minister A.K.Antony said organized minorities are taking up more than their share of state's development pie - for which he was forced to resign and packed off to Delhi.

    2. To the question: So You Mean To Say Every1 On Social Media Who Support Bjp Are All Educated And Well Aware And That None Is Being Paid To Do It?

      NO ONE in SM is being paid for it. Shocked ? hehe !!

    3. Looks like disbursement of the 100 Cr project is on !

  22. As usual great blog.. thanks for an interesting read

  23. well written and i won't lie to you, i used to believe in those MSM liars before joining social media, i used to believe that how they portray other parties as hate mongers is true but let me tell you, my belief in them was not shattered by any "internet hindus" but by these intellectuals and 'seculars' themselves, when i saw those who brag most about hate mongering are so hateful themselves, you disagree with them on some point and they will tag you as communal, troll and then block you and later brag about their heroic accomplishment, at first it was a shock to me, those who cry so much about equality are so unfair themselves!! they can't hear a single thing about them, instead of debating they ridicule you, so greatest threat for 100 cr NREGA people is not "internet hindus" but their own mentality and bias without proof and it become so apparent when one talk directly to them, all their lies, dishonesty and fake liberal attitude get exposed all of a sudden and i think this new investment ultimately going to benefit "internet hindus" only

    1. Absolutely true. When Gadkari was condemned for comparing Vivekananda and Dawood, I genuinely believed that news channels were flashing the news because of lack of good English knowledge. cartoonistsatish in blogspot has posted some nice cartoons

  24. (IMHO)....Understanding SM is very simple, all like minded pseudo seculars, hindu apologists, minority appeasers, anti-modi groups can get their hunger satisfied very easily from MSM, & hence the rest of us had to take refuge in SM with the intention of getting the right information. Had our MSM been neutral & unbiased the SM wouldn't have appeared to be so right winged SO it is the MSM that is directly responsible for this. 100 crore budget will take them nowhere if they fail to understand this simple fact

  25. reading this, i'm speechless. the only point i'd like to make is that through this you have taken the skill and art of writing a couple of notches higher. great work. cheers

  26. Have come to this blog for the first time. It's mindblowing! True face of CONgress brought to forth.

    Loved it to read that 'CONgress thrives on uneducated and uninformed' - indeed, very true. This shitty CONgress party with a foreign face, her innocent & pretentious bachcha and fellow Indian sychophants are ruining this country through their dynastic rule for past 65 years. It would be a loss to our Indian democracy (which, to an aam aadmi, is a gift of this Nehru, not Gandhi, family) if we do not get Modi as our PM.

    PS - I'm not a supporter of BJP, but am a staunch supporter of Shri Narendra Modi ji.

    1. Welcome (on behalf of Ravi) and read all previous posts too. Really great site


  27. Your blogs are regularly viewed by me and lot of my friends. Very critical analysis, facts and figures, and stories of events ocuured more than 100 years, are always found in your blogs. Your writings are sharper than double edged sword. However, you reach only to internet savvy ppl. Hope you sooner become a columnist like S Gurumurthy and Mr Pratap simha. Your exposes, future paths of so called seculars and commies, Inept handling of situations by ruling and incapability to exploit situations given on a platter to opposition parties are eye openers to the General Public. Would like to see ur articles in news papers also.

    all the best, and best regards

    1. It reminds me of a dialogue from a telugu movie (Leader)-- Will MLAs agree to pass a bill that will potentially book them only?

      Same way.. Will MSM (be it print or TV) will entertain articles that's exposing their crookery ? It will be suicidal for them.

  28. such a wonderful piece of writing. Congress only want followers not leaders.

  29. It takes guts to expose the lies of those who are propagating against, Hindus, SM, BJP/RSS & NaMo. You are truly a man of steel and we need more & more soldiers of truth to carry forward your legacy. Keep exposing the retards and gutter snipes of MSM & Congress with your in-depth analysis. infinite Hats off to you Sir. Keep going we are with you.

  30. Congrats Ravi......... its truly wonder full as always, that end punch was amazing "You need to spend money to buy lies and propaganda. You don’t need money to buy truth" great words from a great writer. 1000 crores is not enough to stop a writer like you.

  31. Dear Ravinar,

    Agree with suggestions about you to broaden your base. Please publish your writings in newspapers and thru a book. Believe me, these will be too hot to handle. Our best wishes are always with you and all those who fight for the truth.

  32. Brilliant Man!! Zimbly Brilliant!!! Although there are a Number of other excellent posts, this is a personal best for me!! Let the SM crush the evil forces of the MSM !!!

  33. Ravi this is all fine and written very pointedly. my worry is who will educate the masses? the rural folk who dont have access to any media and are paid for their votes? they constitute 60 pc of the votes polled. who will change their opinion against khangress which will pay them a 1000 cr for their votes??

    1. Ashish, as they say "when God be with you - who can succeed against you". The Supreme Lord is with NaMo & BJP (despite their horrible Opposition to Congress & UPA), and more importantly, the Hindus and right thinking & nationalist people. So, 2014 would be the beginning of India's redemption.

  34. Superb article. I have been reading your article & your writing is getting better by the day. I think you have been cut out for this task, that's why it has the kind of effect that it has on us. I agree with what you have said in this article. As a Russian short story says 'God sees the truth but waits,' may be, he gave a very very long rope to evil doers.

  35. So what right inclined & culturally nationalist people having their ideals like Vivekanand , Subhash babu, Sardar, Tilak Maharaj, Shivaji etc...and active on SM have to do? They have to do their bit i.e. mobilization of people not 'connected' to net and hugely exposed to MSM. Make them aware about the new Renaissance and awakening...this moment has not yet institutionalization but for sure started.

    And there are thousand ways to do this. Utishtha Bharat...

    Jayatu Bharati...

  36. "You need to spend money to buy lies and propaganda. You don’t need money to buy truth." ... very true. Very hard hitting article.

    Congress has been buying the votes of poor, uneducated people since last 65 years and unfortunately succeeding in it.

    Yes, it is the responsibility of us (educated Indians) to make the masses aware of Congress strategy (conspiracies) of winning elections and the fact that Congress will keep them uneducated and poor to maintain and broaden its base. So the best thing for them will be to get educated and understand facts.

  37. I did this awesome twitter conference on uber-cool something that I called "democratization of information" and yet you leave me behind....sonia aunty see they didnt write about me in the article, I might not be as big a liar as Diggy but I still did well, didnt I aunty ?...
    -- Sam Pitroda

  38. Also, money may get you a seat in Cambridge or Harvard, but not the wisdom ;).
    Who will give them scripts to post on twitter ?? Prepared tweets .. paid tweets ?? hehehe..

    1. I am 99% sure that the tweets of the Bimbo from CNN-IBN belong to this category. Barkha dutt is more authentic - at least in her emotional retorts :)

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. ""4) The Congress foolishly thinks NaMo’s success is partly due to his presence on SM. Wrong! NaMo gained followers and admiration for “performance” and not for “presence”. By Congress logic Shashi Tharoor should be far more influential for the Congress as its SM brand ambassador. Doesn’t work like that!""

    This is it! This is the so called secrete that probably does not get in to the brains of Khangress! SM is just evaluating performance and character of Politicians, Governments, MSM and other prominent social personalities and then giving their opinion...and Boy! THAT opinion of SM is now changing the course of India's public affairs. MSM changes their headlines, even the contents, uses the catchword from SM (remember the word "Lumpens" which Ravinar highlighted in his blogs & Tweets and then Arnab used that word to take potshot at Barkha in one of his related program). I am following the trends closely and I can say with Confidence that It was Only & Only due to SM's whistle blowing and relentless pressure on MSM & Government, Owaisis are booked. I laughed my heart out when i saw NDTV's Sonia Singh, on one of her Owaisi debate, in lame-duck & quick tone, gave a most laughable excuse saying that they did not rack up the issue for so many days because they (NDTV) did not want to ignite the communal tension in the country wow :-)! Such shameless & dangerously anti-national crooks they are.

    Coming back to subject- Perform for the betterment of Nation, remove the Vote-bank mentality, Anti-Hindu bias, strive for International respectability and standing, make Bharat Proud and SM will sing your Bhajans - Un-paid Bhajans. untill then, keep making sinister design with 100cr for defeating SM, "PunyaPrakop" of SM is out to burn down every falsehood and striving relentlessly to uncover truth which will shine like Saffron, Like Blazing Sun.
    To Ravinar and other like minded people, my Namaskaar for your effective nationalism.

  41. For a guy who is projected as a youth icon and wants to connect with youth, he is not reachable by anyone on Facebook or Twitter. Facebook and Twitter are the best medium to connect with educated young people. Doesn't cost a penny.How does he expect to understand the pulse of the generation surrounded by security and sycophants?

  42. Some of us on SM actually should be grateful to MSM.Had they not falling in category of #paidmedia,SM may not have found its footing.
    As for congress,itsnot worth talking of some names you quote

  43. I have a different perspective on this

    Advantage Congress in 2014 and beyond
    Why ?
    Ignorant / amnesic voters
    electorate divided on caste and religion
    no NDA presence in Andhra Pradesh , Orissa , West Bengal , Kerala , Tamil Nadu , Assam , haryana and northeast
    Difficult days ahead for NDA in Maharashtra and Karnataka
    There is the naveen chawla factor and suspect EVM working in favour of congress and allies
    Lackadaisical and bumbling BJP ( in many states including the recently lost HP and UP)
    Bihar has its own complications
    It is a clash between Hindutva vs the rest ; and this rest could be disparate as left and SP on one side ; Kerala congress and Muslim league on another .
    Disjointed Hindu forces ( the internet Hindus just make a lot of noise in their cocoons ) , they have not been able to combine forces to take decisive action on any one item / to demonstrate a show of strength.

    Even if Rajasthan , Gujarat , Madhya Pradesh , punjab , chhatisgarh , jharkhand and to some extent Maharashtra vote decisively for NDA - it just about may touch 180 .
    Plus mainstream media will continue to do its bit in influencing the fence sitters against NDA .
    So it is a hopeless equation .
    Congress wins and rules because this country is foolish and hopelessly mediocre .
    When the north seeks a change , the south may choose status quo ; when the west votes for hindutva , the east may vote for left / socialism .

    It is the mainstream media and congress government that continues to hold the initiative and dictate the public discourse
    Nitin gadkari was pressurized to exit ; but Robert vadra is unscathed
    Yedyurappa has been demonized ; whereas one hardly hears any discussion on associated journal or coal scam
    P chidambaram is still home minister - many attempts to dislodge him by Subramanian swamy not withstanding .
    Sushil shinde speaks nonsense and manages to distract attention from the border rage .
    So how relevant is SM . At best in a few pockets and that too isolated in its own ghettos .
    What the shrewd sibal is stating is that even this presence ( for whatever irritation is causes Congress ) can be countered by spending 100 crores .
    Manmohan Singh continues to be PM and UPA in power despite inflation , corruption , lack of transparency .
    And yes, AMS is also back despite his sex MMS .
    What could the social media do ???
    Get real . Either unite , collaborate and co-operate in a very focussed and action oriented manner or continue to be on the fringe even in 2014 taking some perverse happiness out of the minor goofs of the mainstream media . After all Barkha and co still continue despite 26/11 and radiagate !!!
    NDTV , CNN-IBN , The Hindu , IE , HT is still operational
    Rajdeep - sagarika - Shekar guptas of the world continue to amass wealth .
    They get slapped occasionally by a Narendra Modi - but then how many battles can that poor chap fight ? And how many fronts ??

    Yes , it will be a great tragedy for India if non-BJP combine were to get another 5 year term - but then do even Indians care for India ?? a 100 rupee note will make them all forget and vote for any candidate- Even if he/she is corrupt , criminal , exploitative , mediocre .

    SM will have to first come together . There is a lot of talent but going waste .
    Make some joint decisions and take some decisive actions .
    Set modest expectations to start with and then take gigantic leaps .
    Should join forces within as also with the likes of swami Ramdev ( he has some hold on the rural front ) and he should be told to not speak too much and remain focused on a few issues .
    Only If social media is able to start and galvanize a revolution which is able to successfully bring back a non congress , non left , non sikular non muslim front - would it be a time for celebration . Otherwise we are all also just adding to the noise and settling for crumbs .

    1. you are absolutely right, we are getting delusional with SM too, we have to get real, BJP leadership must take strong steps, they must learn to keep media on their toe and not to fall on their feet, very very tough fight ahead and despite so much effort from social media its unlikely to NDA to come to the power again, serious measures must be taken by central BJP leadership, a lot of work has to be done in south and NE areas and yes stay united, congress as a single party is not doing very good but their greatest strength is their allies, BJP must do their work on that area too, if they play wisely they can easily win AP and karnataka, make work on allies and as MSM is doing their best to malign BJP, now they must stay united and they must act strict towards media

      with media hypocrisy so obvious and now any one can see that BJP leadership must counter question them on their hypocrisy, SM efforts combined with BJP leadership can give some hope but it's a lot to ask from BJP, they have no clue what they should do, absolutely nothing, SM is just euphoric for supporters

    2. Very true!!!
      Unless BJP gets its act together , we will see UPA3 in 2014....
      Despite monumental corruption by Congress , it managed to retain its seat count in a state like Gujrat and came back to power in HP....This means there are still crores of stupid Hindus who still vote for Congress...Muslims will vote will Congress or Congress like parties(SP , BSP , MIMetc etc), come what may....

      Problem with BJP is its leaders are too lazy , they like to give out statements from their AC rooms...BJP needs to go to every single village town and spread awareness about Cong's misgovernance and communal politics.....
      Only modi seems to be doing this.....
      MSM is completely sold out to Cong , BJP will need to get a credible MSM alternative...

    3. You hit the right note Rao saab. Its going to cost me much, but come the election and I am going home to vote.

    4. Well said. Totally agree. After all , SM is good to make a point, not to win votes. Guess thats what Ravinar says in the article too. Without a credible presence in AP, West Bengal and UP - BJP is no match for congress. And the way things are going, we will see a UPA-3 like UPA-1 - left or Mulayam/Mayawati supported. I can see from media that congress have a game plan for ofsetting losses in AP by gains in Karnataka. And BJP doesnt appear to have a game or a plan .

    5. Dearest Mr Rao,

      Agree to all of your points unconditionally. I would like to take your comments a little further & explain what should be done to take the cause to masses. Although currently the internet Hindus just make a lot of noise only on SM we can & must make take it forward.
      1)During Anna Hazare Jana-Lokpal agitation a few simple but effective methods of Assembly-wise co-ordination between workers provided huge results because the common public quickly realised & appreciated the tone of truth & urgency coming from inspired non-political youths.
      2) Activate a website for storing the movement details in regards with immediate action,
      3) Collect an assembly-wise data base of inspired youths. Project a team leader for planning & co-ordination purpose. Make sure they meet the common man in shanties & chawls to present a strong case for making Modi PM of this country. This will have a ripple effect & pave way.

    6. Mr. Vijayraghav Rao is absolutely right. Online protesting of SM is not adequate. SM will have to come on road and fight collectively but lawfully.
      I have few suggestions for social media, along the same lines.
      1. Social media members must form groups in each city, even multiple groups in a city
      2. Whenever any anti-national anti-hindu activity happens in the group's locality, oppose legitimately but collectively
      a. Lodge police complaint
      b. Hold protest march (but no destruction of any property)
      c. Make people aware of the situation

      Unless we Hindus unite and fight, we will remain easy targets for all anti-national anti-hindu secularists, leftists and prevalent Government of India.

  44. This article is truly a celebration of SM but one must not lose sight of the fact that the major chunk of the Indian voting populace still remains unconnected to this modern-day nemesis.

    But looks like congress is losing its grip over this vote bank – hence its new found interest in SM -this sure is a good sign!

  45. Mr. VijayRaghav Rao, I second you. The in-fighting in the BJP will definitely be a loss for them in the upcoming elections. Also I am quite sure they will lose Karnataka too in the state elections which will be held shortly. Quite a pathetic situation for BJP!!

  46. Indians please open your eyes and mind and vote for NaMo, India needs Narendra Modi to save her, JAI HIND

  47. Ravinar,
    Just a suggestion....When protests against "My name is khan" movie were on , our dear MSM played teh news 24*7 , bashing Shiv Sena et al, but now ban against Vishwaroopam is just another news debates whatsoever....

    My recommendation is to have a POLL for teh TOP 10 minority(read Muslim) appeasement acts of UPA during their tenure

    Here is my list
    1. Not just treating Bangladeshi influx with kid gloves , but encouraging it as well(but some 200 odd Hindu families from pakistan , suffering persecution there will not be given citizenship in India

    2. Azad Maidan riots -- It was our cops who molested , kicked and beaten. No action on the guy who desrecated amar jawan memorial???(On the other hand poor Rajbala had to give up her life)

    3. Akbar owaisi Speech -- It took them 20+ days to have him arrested , but the Hindu Swami was areested within days of his speech, which was just a protest speech

    4. Hindu terror comment by HM Shinde , when the cases are still not proven and if it they are proven teh casualty in such cases will eb 0.000001% of ehat it is from the "Green terror:

    5. NE folks mass exodus from cities like Bangalore/Chennai/Hyderabad , no report on who started the rumours and what caused it??Obviously it was from teh religion of peace

    6. 9+ riots in UP last year alone , absolutely no NEWS of it in MSM ...Who started the riots and how many are dead??

    7. Hyderabad ram navami riots /Dhule riots -- blank out by MSM

    8. Jaipur Literary Fest -- Blackmail by Muslims Orgs to not let Rushdie attend the festival and the Cong Rajasthan Govt agreed to it

    9. Sujata Patil episdode -- She forced to give an apology for daring to speak the truth

    10. RTE act exempt for minority Instituitions --- While most of the eduactional inst will have to bear the burden to Govt's RTE act , why are the minority Inst. exempted from it???

    1. You hindu terrorist you :) . Now wait for Kapil Sibal and Sushil Shinde to make a personal visit to your place.

  48. Here is a petition being filed for disqualifying an illegitimate legislator in Hyderabad -

    it has information about HC order and what is illegitimate about the legislator.

  49. wanted to make a small point, though late. it was only through sm and youtube in particular, that the "raj dharm" myth involving sri atal bihari and modi got busted. msm never played the last couple of words that sri vajpayee said "aur woh uska paalan kar rahe hain", describing modi's actions during gujrat riots.

  50. Media took a great advantage of Vajpayee's inability in fluent speech of old age. He used to get lost in-between sentences. He took a great deal of time to say "Aur Ve yah kar rahe hain" and that too after goaded by NaMo. IMHO Vajpayee was also one of the BIG Tool which MSM & most politician used to malign NaMo. ABV did not stand firmly behind NaMo IMHO.

  51. I will start with saying I am not a supporter of Congress nor of BJP.
    I believe in voting for a person and not to party.

    These days Congress bashing is common. People feel great when they speak against Congress, and Narendra Modi is THE GOD, he can do no wrong, he is supreme. Namo the man with midas touch, ha haha haa, Even if Modi spends crores of rupees on 3d campaign no one questions that, all the RTI applications in Gujarath are pending who cares. And yes the Growth story of Gujarath, Maharashtra is far larger state than Gujarat, with much more population and is able to achieve better growth, buttttt no Modi so thats not Growth. I think the way the picture is drawn is once u cross the border from MH to Guj it feels as if you are in CA, the weather changes, you start feeling as if you are in a developed country, ha haha haa...

    Congress is corrupt but they too have taken some good decisions. Kasab was hanged, FDI they pushed, the India growth story has continued. By the way I love Vajpayee he did some wonderful things for our country, and I would like to see either Nitish Kumar or Arun Jaitley as our PM, not Modi not Rahul...

    Don't get carried away by Modi's aura, he is a great orator but shrewd manipulator as well. I have no doubt about his intentions but his methods are of a dictator, which in long run will bring this country down. Think what is best for the country and not for a a particular caste/race/religion/region.

    1. Dear Indian First, if you are Indian, than first get the spelling of Gujarat correct. Once you get the spelling correct, you will get the correct picture as well ;)

  52. Indian First.. Do some justice to your user name. You are not Indian First.. You are Kejri's AAP first and that is clearly visible. Thanks to SM :)


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