Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Frameless Head On Nameless Wall

She was reportedly set for marriage in February 2013. The 23-year old Damini died early morning on December 29, 2012. ‘Damini’ is the name given to her by the people who were protesting. Some media houses came up with other names: ‘Amanat’, ‘Nirbhaya’. Another newspaper called her Jyoti, which maybe her real name but no one can really confirm. After the tragedy she suffered there is no reason for her to die in anonymity. Her dreams lie crushed and broken and this is a tribute to her:

If the GOI or Delhi Govt means it when they tell the world her death “will not be in vain” one hopes they will act and clean up Delhi for a start. The least they can do is name the street in Munirka, the area in Delhi where she was attacked by beasts, after her. That tribute would a small apology and a permanent reminder for everyone.

*The tribute is a verse from Don McLean’s ‘Vincent’ (Van Gogh) – Paintings in the video are impressions of his work.


  1. A touching beginning to 2013. May (y)our resolve to fight injustice strengthen. A very happy, productive, prosperous and peaceful new year 2013 for all.

  2. A real tribute would be to name the tougher law after her. Naming the street is meaningless.

    1. In the future, someone else might rename the street. As such, politicians are more interested in re-naming places. Then again, I don't even expect the law to be named after her. Each party gives tickets to rapist MPs and MLAs. Will they dare to pass a law named after her, since they themselves indulge in such acts?

      By the way, are our sexist and misogynistic lawmakers even interested in making tougher laws for women's safety? If a special session of Parliament were indeed to be held, I can bet that they would end up passing the quota promotion bill (& all other bills which would guarantee them vote-banks), instead of focussing on women's safety.

    2. What is needed is the proper implementation of the existing laws and cleaning of the system, else , more tougher laws will just deviate the issue, become more tools for corruption.

  3. Let this moment mark the begining of our successful quest for governance.

  4. a raymond foss poem on reading the latest NH Supreme Court opinion, 2006-258, LONDONDERRY SCHOOL DISTRICT SAU #12 v. STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE, September 8. 2006.- eerily similar to our present sorry state - With these words, the majority opinion ends
    How sad, they are, how ignoble an assessment
    of failure on an awful scale
    years and years of unmet obligation,
    education squandered, lost, opportunities
    frittered away, in the sands of time
    the hot air of debate, the green-eye shades
    of regulations, schema, rules, codes
    adequate, enough, a concept to be measured
    this much we must do, the rest is your choice
    a concept lost in the minutiae, the blather
    the wrangling of state responsibility,
    local control, local bureaucracy
    weak kneed legislation
    callous calculations,
    real consequences still, as fifteen years ago
    at the beginning of the process
    from Claremont to Concord
    a peel of the bells, the hollow gong
    of loss, of inadequate resolve
    and greed

  5. This one case has opened eyes of youth...

    I would like to give one sincere suggestion,

    if you are not mentally strong, stop watching bollywood movies...

    Very few are the movies where Hero doesn't chase heroine and make her Love him, or rarer are the movies where Heroines doesn't oppose Hero and still become his partner for ever...

    these may sound small and weird thoughts but they do teach light minded people that Girls, even if say NO it is actually YES and it is OK to tease a girl and scrap like that...

    What is the take away by a common man from this Famous Movie shloley's famous song?

    "Koi Haseena jab rooth jaati hai, aur bhi haseen ho jati hai.."

    Is this the way to behave in public? is this our image of a Hero?

    Wake up!!!!!!

  6. a really moving reference, Vincent.

    "this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you"

  7. What wud Steinbeck write abt our Delhi mandarins and " society" ?

  8. Which poem or paean bud u recommend for pricking our joint memory of Sadvi Pragya?

  9. Read this:


    It mentions Lee Kuan Yew’s policy in Singapore : Zero tolerance for corruption. Who can provide this zero tolerance in India?

    Heinous incidents like the Damini case occur because we useless Indians are tolerating all the wrong things: corruption, terrorism, mis-governance, frauds, murders, exploitation, you know them all.

    Is there any hope for such people?

    1. we are gulping loads of movie filth and porny shit. and ofcourse not tolerating them, we are feasting on these.

  10. Dear Shri Ravinar, wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. By doing our bit, keeping in mind the development of country and safety & freedom of its citizens, we take our resolution for the new year " we will change".

  11. An fine touching work. Forced to pause, think, pray and pledge.

    Happy new year!

  12. Imagine a scene.
    A mother goes with daughter to jantar mantar to protest for the rape victim tragedy.
    In turn she and her daughter are groped and "eve-teased".
    How ironical!
    This is desi junta for you.
    Thode morchey, naray bolengay..thodey din...then it would all go back to "normal".
    The onus is on Indian junta and particularly on MALE desi junta.
    There used to be a show on T.V. 2 decades ago. Called "Ragni" with Priya Tendulkar. Ragini would go fighting causes in each episodes. Someday against corruption, someday against eve teasing. She would speak against injustice. If EVERYONE of us would be in "morcha-nara" mode EVERY SINGLE DAY in India, then the change will come QUICKLY. As soon as someone is seen eve teasing, that person should be removed from bus and beaten up too!!!! Public humiliation would be a good deterrant!
    Though the rules are there, the ultimate onus is on we the people. In Calcutta you cannot litter in the subway, the calcuttans won't let you. They are very protective of their subway and its cleanliness. Govt. cannot come an enforce every individual who spits. Here in USA, around indian grocery stores, the desi junta spits and there are red paan stains on the sidewalks. THe govt. cannot come and monitor but if we see someone doing it, it becomes our duty to complain/yell/scold etc. If an indian man sees someone getting eve-teased in bus, the bus driver driving with daru etc, they NEED TO TAKE A STAND!!! End of story. Our (male) is so spineless that he stands and watches and has "hamey kya" attitude. The last plane couldn't crash into white house (or whatever its target was) because the men and the air hostess fought. They didn't care that they lost their lives (that was foregone conclusion anyway and is always in the hijack). They instantly took decision based on reports from their relatives on their cell phones as to what had happened with other planes. They attacked the terrorist and foiled his attempt and saved thousands of other lives.
    Had this been a desi plane, it would have been a foregone conclusion! Terrorist would have won and had their been many more attacks (continued), terrorist would have attacked all day long and killed thousands of more lives/buildings all day long. Indians and indian males is ball-less among all its species!

  13. The marraige bit is media cooked story (per "interview" of Damini's father which could also be a cooked one for all I know!)

  14. Prayers are with her and her family....
    May she rest in peace.

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