Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fixing Holes & Leaks

Ever since the Delhi Gangrape tragedy and the death of the victim almost everyone is talking about women. Er… let me correct that. Everyone is talking about Indian women. Not good enough; let me correct it again. Everyone is talking about ‘Hindu’ women. There’s only one group of women in India (or Bharat if you like) and that is “Hindu women”. From ‘Karwa Chauth’ to ‘Mangalsutra’ to ‘Clothing’ to ‘Marriage’ the Hindu woman has been analysed every which way. Sheela Bhatt on Rediff even wants us to answer a question: “Are you a 21st century man”? And I’m still checking the boxes in her questionnaire with hope that it doesn’t prove I’m from Jurassic Park. She also suggests the ‘Mangalsutra’ is a symbol of inferior status of Hindu women. Even Swami Vivekananda wasn’t spared for his “masculine pose” being somehow connected with the Gangrape or condition of women in general.

What was the response of our media to the entire episode? Well, it started with a report, then covered protests and before long it had predictably turned into a circus. Trust the creativity of our media folks. Even in tragedy our media editors (they have a union too) couldn’t get together and decide on one single ID for the victim. They wouldn’t use her real name since the law prohibits naming a victim. So TOI came up with ‘Nirbhaya’, someone else came up with ‘Braveheart’ and, of course, NDTV came up with the very secular ‘Amanat’. They didn’t stop there. Each one was trying to outdo the other with debates and campaigns. CNN-IBN started with “Stop this shame” and has now shifted to “Agenda for change”. NDTV did a run of old and new “We the Peepli” with previous victims and ran high on emotions. What about TimesNow? They even started searching: “Where is my India”? My naming a few channels doesn’t exempt others who haven’t been named. The people protesting in Delhi came up with a name too: “Damini”. That is from a 1993-movie about bringing rapists to justice. Funnily, Damini is not a “victim” in that movie. Since the incident and till the death of the victim and after, rapes have been reported by the dozen from everywhere. Some as gruesome as the incident in Delhi!  

While their theatrics continued, none from our media seriously bothered to even investigate the full and real story about the Delhi incident. Everyone was busy discussing patriarchal society, changing mind-sets, tougher laws… Blah, blah and another big blah! On January 2 Delhi CM Sheila Dikshit led a march with hundreds of women to Rajghat for “Women’s Dignity”. Heard anything more ironical? But the media let it pass. If some other party had done this our media would have screamed “let’s not politicise this”. There are answers to this. I recommend you read “Delhi’s Broken Windows” if you haven’t already. Every crime from the smallest offences to the most high-level corruption and criminal activities seem to be okay with some of our govts. Each time you come across an ordinary auto or taxi in these places it’s your ‘moment of truth’ with these broken windows. Even Delhizens put off their sorrow and turned up to watch the Indo-Pak cricket match on January 6. This included politicians and ordinary folks. I’m deliberately avoiding mentioning the bizarre utterances of some of our media folks.

Even in analysing rape-crimes it wasn’t any Indian media house but the WSJ’s IndiaRealtime that at least dug up the statistics and presented a graphic view of the crime zones. It won’t take an expert to understand that North India accounts for a big chunk of rape-crimes. There is no reason to believe it would be any different on other crimes. It’s not just rape-culture; it’s a general crime-culture that dangerously survives in the entire zone. East is another danger zone too. The other zones simply need to see this as a warning signal. As Al Capone would say: Life goes on!

Ajay Singh, Managing Editor of Governance Now, summed it up quite accurately in an article with the most accurate headline: “Media helping Govt replace Gangrape reality with mythology”. It couldn’t have been said better. Our media was, in fact, in a major cover-up operation of all the bungling and absolutely pathetic response to the victims and thereafter. The police arguing over jurisdiction, which hospital to take the victims to, public transport and citizens not helping. Do read the full article but the following excerpt sums it up:

On the other hand, the state, rattled by the outpouring of people's anger, took the shield of law and morality to prevent skeletons tumbling out of its cupboard. In fact, the fierceness with which the Delhi police have been trying to guard the identity of the victim and her friend is no match for its efficiency in tackling the crime. That is why the Delhi police are so shaken by the Zee News interview with the victim's friend. The friend’s narrative of the events on that dark night was in stark contrast to the myths woven around the victim by the state and a pliant media. The state's hideous face was exposed and its efforts to keep the ghastly incident "faceless" blown to bits. The cases filed against newspapers and journalists for revealing the true story is a panic reaction of the state whose project to efface the memory of the Delhi rape victim and replace it with a convenient mythical narrative through mainstream outlets was suddenly grounded. (Why is there no outrage at this sordid intimidation of the media?) One simple question, "whose interest does it serve to hide her identity even after her death?" The rape victim’s name and identity are known in her home town in Ballia and entire eastern UP. In Delhi, everybody who matters to the family knows the identity and there is no indication that the family is facing any trouble because of that. The family itself has said that they are not scared of revealing their identity or ashamed of living on as the family of a rape victim. It is only the state and a section of the mainstream media which are keen on perpetuating the myths to obliterate the reality”.

The first news-site to cover the story’s stark tragedy and the family’s extreme sorrow was, again, not from India. It was the UK’s Mirror. It revealed the name of the victim and the ordeal the family was and is still probably going through. Hiding behind pseudonyms given to the Gangrape victim the Indian media cleverly didn’t tell the real story at all. India Today was the first group to reveal the woman’s identity though on December 31 and also narrate the sorry tale of the timeline from the time the woman was taken to hospital to her death. Even her shift to Singapore sounds fishy as many suspect. The victim’s friend, Awindra Pandey, narrated his version of the story to Zee News and the Delhi police promptly decided to prosecute the channel. The rest of the media shamefully watched this atrocity of Delhi police and not a sound came out in support of Zee News except the India Today group who repeated the interview. The so-called moral brigade of TimesNow, CNN-IBN and NDTV simply buried the story. In another article called “The Unforgiven” India Today profiles the “Savage Six”. The one named “Rahul” was reportedly the most violent of the lot. If he turns out to be a minor he may get away lightly. No one is willing to address him with his “real” name. I wonder if the Youth Congress will burn India Today copies in protest.
While allotting pseudonyms to victim and narrating stories from the past it looks like our media was mostly busy with covering-up the truth behind the whole tragedy. They found useful idiots from politics and other fields to issue silly statements to divert from the issue as well. One has to wonder if the media is fixing the holes on behalf of the authorities. Are these channels people’s messengers or govt’s ‘plumbers’ fixing the leaks?


  1. Shameful from the media and expected from the government. There was a time in Delhi under the BJP when auto wallas would take you wherever you wanted to go, the general decay in law and order has everything to do with Sheila Dikshit government. I just hope her government gets thrown out this year.

    1. Excellent article Ravi. Since anti-Modi slogans did not work, Swami Vivekananda is the next target! Read about autorickshaw mafia in nyayabhoomi.org, describes role of Sandeep Dikshit.


    2. Forget Autowalas. Forget Sheela Bhatt or Dikshit. They are nothing now. Sorry Ravinar. But I must say here media is not even saying what the Govt. has proposed now on the new rape laws.


      1. Punishment for rape accused should be hanging till death, presently the death penalty stands only for rape and murder

      2. Chemical castration for accused

      3. Accused must prove that he has not committed the rape, the victim does not need to give any proof or even a medical test. The victim only has to claim that she has been raped and whoever she named will be arrested immediately and not get bail till the case is over, irrespective of how long it goes on

      4. As soon as the victim files the case, regardless of whether it is true or false, she will get a minimum of Rs 2 lakh with a first installment of Rs 50,000 available immediately

      5. A rape victim will get a government job

      6. In a marital dispute, the wife can file a rape charge on her husband along with Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code (Husband or relative of husband of a woman subjecting her to cruelty) and the husband will have no defence.

      7. There should be no punishment for women making false rape or gang rape charges.

      Do not believe. Of course you will not! I was like you before hit by 498A. So, here is one link for Times of India:


      In all probability you will not be seeing anywhere else, reason - check Ravinar's article on how TOI works.

      Do something before it is too late.

    3. @warriorforjustice.
      Unfortunately, in present day india , you will have to help yourself. Nobody is going to do anything.
      so if you are concerned, you will have to question, file a case in court, raise awareness and resolve the issue. and if one cannot or does not or is not able to, then one will have to live with the consequences of the same.
      another way is to join forces with those that echo similar sentiments and work together to achieve intended goal
      the third is to make provocative meaningless irrational statements ( only these are the ones that get noticed ) and then convey ones concerns and hope and pray that someone of relevance notices the same and takes it forward.
      an asaram bapu made one provocative comment - everyone runs to criticise him; a sri sri ravishankar would have said something sensible - and nobody would even report it.
      Since indians are taking all this in stride, they deserve whatever consequences are manifesting for them

    4. @vijayraghav

      I think you are very lightly taking the repercussion on these kind of proposals.

      The mass hysteria created by many Indian Males for Death Penalty or mob justice...have just added to this chorus. Mostly not do not know that they are digging their own graves!

      For 498A no less than SC calls "Legal Terrorism" and have again & again severely criticized it. I explained with exact data from NCRB in my blog yesterday - how 80% false in trial courts only and over 90% in upper courts. Every 5 minutes, 1 Indian family is destroyed.

      DV Act 2005 brought in by Renuka Chowdhury (498A was not enough, so DV act and 498A is a clause inside DVA):

      In 2011, 9431 and 3 convicted.
      2009 – 7803 cases, 8 convicted.
      2010 – 11736 cases and 11 convicted.

      Of course no one will believe again. So let us see what Krishna Tirath has to say:
      Blame it on JMFCs. Oh, yes! They lack training!

      TADA, POTA came much later than 1983 and went out, as were too harsh! UAPA, less draconian than 498A - yes,in UAPA you do not pull in the entire family of an Afazal Guru when there is a complaint – but in 498A you can !

      And here I am talking of families, Indian families and these laws are cognizable, non-bailable and non-compoundable.

      If I talk of other laws such as IrBM or Protection of Women Aganist Sexual Harassment At Workplace (SHWB), it will make you shiver with gross scope of misuse. The later one is passed already by LS. Wiki just gives you tip of the iceberg info. And I am using the word gross, with full responsibility.

      With this new amendment proposals for rape due to mass hysteria created by Men (and women), expect, left and right you will find harassment/assault reports now. 2 Lakhs is of course a good motivation to at least start with? NO? Of course, no penalty for false cases. Lovable? Is not it?

    5. @warriorforjustice
      I am speaking the reality here. Many things have gone wrong and many things continue to go wrong. If one does not pick up the gauntlet and fight , nothing is going to change. You cannot even expect any support from any quarters. That is what I wanted to convey. Insofar as repercussions go, well is that not what we are all enduring ???
      India is considered as one of the most populous, polluted, dirty, dangerous , corrupted countries. and this has got built over a period of time. We indians never got together or got our act right ; individuals that were concerned fought thier battles - rest just took things in stride.
      If it had not been so, we would not have had charlatans, rougues, thugs, convoluted people at the helm of affairs/position of strength.
      Trust this clarifies

  2. Name of the juvenile accused is Md. Afroz...Now you know why MSM is fiercely protecting him....He is from a secular religion....

    I also feel that the crime culture which is prevalent in North India(more than the rest of India) is because of the brutal atrocities committed by the Mughals....Barbaric Mughals followed raped and killed anybody at will...Guess after years of suffering at their hands , north India has become numb .....

    1. I too, cam to know the name of Mohammad Afroz some 3 days back through Swamy_Sena tweet. Does anybody know, why name of that 17 year old "Ulti-Sandaas" is not being mentioned by any media? (Sorry Ravinar for my language...but i dont have better words to describe him) Is it banned by some ridiculous law of our land? I am sincerely interested in having this answer.

    2. You said it "@Darren J", the North Indian culture is full of corruption because of 1000 years islamic rule. Also this culture is spreading in other areas beacuse of politicians like Sharad Pawar, Karunanidhi, Reddy in AP. I was always wondering why North India is like this? I got the answer in the islamic rule of 1000 years in North. You see, in any islamic country you will always see the corruption at peak.

    3. I fully agree about reason why BIMARU states are like this.. I held same opinion built out of my analysis. No one told me. I am amazed how many others hold exactly same view . Entire history, culture, traditions in this Hindi land are largely lost to Islamic/English culture when Brahmans and Pshtriya out of fear colluded with rulers with either conversion to Islamic/English culture ( Jinnah's ilk) or subservient to Islamic/English culture. In fact freedom movement was yearning of this axis of Islamic rulers, Pshtriya and Brahmins to get back the rule. Cong is manifestation of this clubbing of these forces post 47. Real India never got free from rulers. Now Modi,BRD,Uma who are free of such legacy are challanging this class called Cong. Let us see if they can get freedom to Bharat from India

    4. Agreed....MSM has the nerve to hold discussion on magalsutra , vivekananda's pose etc etc , but none of them will ever quetsion or debate the impact of 1000+ years of islamic rule in india.....
      Mughal rule is the worst period in the history of India. Bharat mata was raped to the core , literally and otherwise...

  3. Why isn't anybody in the media asking the right questions - such as - how was the bus allowed to ply on Delhi roads in the night (this was a school bus), how are non DTC buses allowed to take on passengers, how were the windows allowed to be covered in black film and curtained even though there is a ruling which specifically forbids it, why isn't the transport dept being asked how the owner inspite of giving a false address was given a license/registration to use the bus? Or probably this entire media exercise is to divert the public from thinking along these lines and asking the tight questions

    1. because nobody wants a solution; the mainstream media is just interested in hype, distraction, 'fixing' information for government. If that had not been the case, there probably would not have been this site

  4. excellent article once again, this whole incident has shown law and order problem in delhi and media is doing their best to cover up, i even came across some of the 'secular' brigade who are even targeting girl's friend as his interview will be dangerous for case and blame will shift to delhi police instead and he will be the one to blame, i don't know what to do with those soulless fellas..

    1. I think,Accused's lawyer argue in court that girl's life could have been saved if police had taken her to hospital on right time. He can also argue that police were discussing "thana" while girl was bleeding on road for nearly 30 min. In this case section (302) imposed on accused for murder of girl would be weaken. what you say?

  5. Excellent as always!! The more I read you the more I hate MSM.( or as you accurately said- govt’s ‘plumbers’) . I am loving this RN FACT AGENCY...:)

  6. MSM discussed everything from BigB's jumma chumma, bollywood item songs, mangal sutra, vivekanad instead of focussing on one thing that ultimately matters = police and law. Some of them did discuss the need for fast track courts but thats it. What about central government and home ministry failing in all aspects of law keeping. Why not aks dixit to resign? Next you will hear bunch of dacoits in MP killing innocent villagers and MSM blaming sholay? Bizzare!!

  7. MUHAMMAD AFROZ alias RAHUL.... the most violent one. You know why they hiding his name. Same people who rejected General's plea to confirm his DoB from school records... will now confirm Afroz juvenile status from school records. You get it?

  8. You've hit the bull's eye - media (cong) is diverting things to hide their stripped arses. Crafted phrases like damini, braveheart, etc. are shouted by paid channels thus riding an emotive sentiment in people's mind & is deliberately not throwing light on real issues of vigilant policing & requirement of ethical, strong administration / governance. Similar succesful telecasting of candle marches, barking of big-mouth stooges was bombarded by these channels during 26/11 mumbai attacks. The core issues of poor police, failure of intelligence, inefective Home ministry, weak external affairs, shameless CM (taking film director RGV with him to Taj) were conveniently buried by piles of blah blah on "Martyrs", "United India against terrorist strike", & usual weak statements like "condemn heinous act" by our PM, HM, CM, etc.

  9. As much as I enjoy your articles for the good way you scrutinise the media. I cannot but ignore the fact that you are sympathetic towards the BJP and the Hindu religion. Why have not seen a single word from you about the utterances of Mohan Bhagwat or Asaram Bapu? Do you feel their statements are not worth commenting or do you silently agree with them?

    There was one person who wrote a blog (on ibnlive.com) in the form of an open letter to Mohan Bhagwat regarding his comments. However, I have not seen any blog or open letter from him to Owaisi for this hate speech against Hindus. So, you see Muslims will not write anything openly against Islamists and Hindus(supposedly) will not write anything which can be perceived as going against the Hindu religious leaders. I feel you too fall under the same category of that blogger on ibnlive.

    You have often written on your blog that these media houses should drop the charade of being unbiased and openly proclaim that they support Congress. Going by the same standards don't you think you should have a note on your website mentioning that you support BJP and are against the Congress?

    For close to 3 days now, the name of the accused minor rapist in the Delhi gangrape case has been reported to be one Afroz alias Raju. How you came to the conclusion that his name was Rahul? Has your hatred for Congress lead you to report something which is wrong? I share your hatred for Congress but then why should we allow that spread worng info?


    1. Abhijit you have mistakenly said that MC concluded his name is Rahul. Read again carefully : In another article called “The Unforgiven” India Today profiles the “Savage Six”. The one named “Rahul” was reportedly the most violent of the lot. If he turns out to be a minor he may get away lightly. No one is willing to address him with his “real” name.
      This name Rahul was NOT given by MC but by India Today. MC has clearly asked why no one addresses him by his real name whihc is Mhd Afroze.

      About Mohan Bhagwat controversy pl read this http://www.newslaundry.com/2013/01/snide-and-prejudiced/. Bhagwat has been liberally and wilfully misquoted by the English media.

    2. @Abhijit

      I came to the "conclusion" that his name was Rahul? The IndiaToday pic is posted exactly for your information and the article is being referred. Shed your own prejudices before you comment blindly.

    3. @Ravinar,

      Agree to your comment and I take back my comment about Rahul. I misunderstood. I would still like to know your views on Mohan Bhagwat's and Asaram Bapu's comments. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of those who will consider someone secular only if they bash their own religion. Still I am yet to see anything from you which criticises BJP (which I feel is an equally bad party if not worse than the Congress).

      I would like to see something unbiased from you.


    4. Abhijit, there any many people from different religions who gave silly comments. The blog is not about opinion people like these hold or any religion specific blog. It's completely about the Media and it's role. Coz you wouldn't hear directly from any person, you hear through Media in way they want to present.

    5. Dear Mr Abhijit,

      1) I read the blog on ibnlive.com but I felt the blogger (Nadim Asrar) tried to equate Islamic terrorism with Hindus venting their anger online, or Mr Bhagwat's statements on root cause of rapes in India. Very Silly!!
      2) I did not understand How do you come to conclusion that Hindus would not write anything against fellow hindus, when most of Media editors & anchors with Hindu names ridicule Hindu organizations, culture & leaders all the time ? Why don't we see Muslims condemning their leaders, culture & faith ????,
      3) This blog is about Media & not about Hindus & Muslims. Unfortunately when the whole India Media has turned out to be Political puppets of Congress party & Anti-Hindu, many a times the subject of discussion is bound to revolve around it.

    6. Abhijit,

      Just for your information,apologies have started coming to Mohan Bhagawatji from big shots of media including Social Genius ( you know who she is if you are a regular mediacrooker :-))for twisting what he told and blasting around. I have proof about Social Geniuses tweet apologizing to Mohan Bhagawat ji. It is really sad that in-spite of being a regular mediacrooks visitor you chose to jump the gun trusting the reports from those pea-brained media jerks.

      I don't care about Asaram Bapu. Never heard of him before. He may be another person waiting for a chance to hog limelight.

    7. Abhijeet....Get your facts right before you jump to conclusion --

      1. Aasaram bapu(btw who the hell is he) made a stupid insensitive comment , entire MSM and social media is criticizing him , and rightfully so. Btw , he is not a politician or MP or MLA, that we need to give so much attention to his statements. Besides what he said , while insensitive , does not amount to any offence(He is in the same league as Pigvijay)
      So whats left for Ravinar to write on this(Note that Ravinar highlights media's double standards)

      2. Bhagwat's comments -- Again media has twisted his speech out of context and even otheriwise, his comment was just old fashioned thought and does not amount to anything serious. As expected MSM took the opportunity to pounce on him and what not. What do you expect MC to write on this?

      3. Owaisi's hate speech -- Have you gone through the 2 hour long speech???Here is a gist for you ---

      1) He refers to Ajmal Kasab as 'baccha' (child).
      2) He justifies the Mumbai bomb blasts as a reaction against the Babri Masjid demolition.
      3) He calls the police and the Hindus as impotent and calls for a civil war in the country. 25 cr Muslims can wipe out 100cr Hindus if police does not intervene for 15 min.
      4) He says that if former PM P.V Narsihama Rao had not died he would have killed him.
      5) He insults Hindu beliefs by joking against Sri Ram's birth place and the Hindu ritual of cremation after death.
      6) He jokes against and insults the current CM of Andhra.
      7) He jokes about slaughtering of cows and Hindu gods/goddess'
      8) He wants Modi to be hanged

      Did you hear any of MSM condemn this hate speech , which is the mother of all ate speeches...HELL NO!!!!

    8. @Abhijit,

      I am not sure BJP or any other party is the one running GOI or the Delhi Govt. (Which is why I didnt bother answering this Q earlier, since I believed it was obvious to you). It also depends which party the media wrongly and whole-heartedly defends.. overtly or covertly.

  10. That is the question though posed a million times to MSM on every social media- there has been no answer at all..stillness , complete avoidance. The sad part is too many ppl are still fooled by the written word, TV newsetyc... wl take time for social media to be everywhere... by which time they wl pass draconian laws to ensure news does not reach everywhere!!! or there wl soon be a civil disobedience movement!!

  11. Excellent analysis again. But I have a feeling that you somehow leave ‘Times Now’ out of your scathing criticism of the media.

    //One simple question, "whose interest does it serve to hide her identity even after her death?"//

    Shashi Tharoor has just said the same thing what you said here. But Times now made as if how dare he can even ask for something like this

    If only had this been said by a BJP spokesperson and if NDTV made fun of this I am sure the next day you would tear them in your site.

    1. Totally agree with this comment!

    2. You guys should have asked this Q at least some other time.. You're asking this especially when T/Now is mentioned, includuing their "where is my India" line.

  12. Dear Ravinar,

    I hope you could fix this problem of double identity arising from another Abhijit commenting on this blog. Incidently until now their weren't 2 people of same name commenting. This could create a mis-communication. Is it possible that if I comment on your blog then someone else could not use the same name. Can you please fix it ?

    1. You should just sign under the comment with your full name or some other reference which will make sure you arent confused with another.

    2. Gottcchha. I sincerely hope your blogs are & will be read by all & everyone in this country. Thanks for being a torch bearer.

      Your Friendly Neighborhood Abhijeet

  13. Although not related to this topic, but just want to update something really interesting about MSM. This is for those people who try to find fault with this blog and says NDTV etc are always criticized. Now check your facts.


    An hour ago, point # 10 was reported as "Complaint was filed by few private individuals affiliated to BJP" and now it's completely changed. I do not have a screen shot but reporting it immediately so that someone who has seen it today can verify it.

    Another example are 'Dhule Riots' and the complete silence of media. I bet, few may not even know that Dhule is going through riots. Regarding Dhule riots, I would like to share something I read as a comment somewhere "the dhule riots are complete silence in MSM for the fact that they cannot blame Modi for obvious reasons, neither they can blame Shiv Sena as BT has died".


    If you go through the article, acid bottles and bombs were used. This is something horrible going on there. Still no MSM is taking it actively.

    1. Hope Ravinar will write on Dhule riots soon...MSM silence is saddening though not surprising...When the rioters are from the religion of peace , MSM is bound to keep quiet....
      Its also funny how they are not letteing the Aasaram bapu controversy to die down.....He has again made some stupid statement ....and religion-of-peace folks are comparing owaisi with Aasaram bapu , Bhagwat etc etc....

  14. One story MSM may have missed in spite of their Gujarat fixation is the low incidence there. Lowest among all the big states & surely per-capita too. Good stories from Gujarat don't count?

  15. @Abhijeet Your guidance to MC is unwarranted. You cannot guide a person to write according to your wish. If his blog fails to attract you, criticize it objectively without advising him not to spare asharam bapu, mohan bhagwat or bjp. However, if you find any substance worth supprting MC's arguments, please do so unequivocally. The banner of MC clarifies what he is to write for what cause. There are very few who are brave enough to challenge the ruling dispensation or MSM crooks. MC stands head above shoulders. He requires full support of like minded citizens.

  16. Media is great opinion former anywhere in the world.
    Pity,our media is actually harming the country by not reporting facts or manufacturing news to suit a particular party

  17. There is no reason to hide this thug's name. If he is mohamed afroze so be it. why to use a fake name? who they are afraid of? media and the political parties are giving special weightage to islam more than the other. it is neither good for the country or for islam. this culprit should be given more punishment than the others.

  18. @Abhijit, You remind me of our media and politicians, they are masters in doing the balancing act especially when it is about BJP, or anything related to saffron, any straight question asked these guys speak of the opposite a 100 times and neutralize the entire debate and even worse end up bashing the saffron guys ...LOL..it seems you have got effected by that...MediaCrooks genuinely attempts in helping us see thru this smoke... So kindly do not force others to do that balancing act, let us leave it to the experts in the media, politics, and a whole group of so called seculars and liberals...OK.


  19. @Abhijit: buck always stops at BJP :-) Here is most recent example. AP congress chief was first to make so-called medieval statement. He is also a minister in AP cabinet. Nobody asked his removal. When a Minister in MP cabinet made Laxman rekha remark, your dear Arnab started demanding why he is not removed from cabinet.

  20. Soft pedaling on Muslim mischief makers to create Hindu versus Muslim anger is the Italian's intention although Muslims themselves want no part of it. Congress is obsessed with promoting dichotomy in the society. Keeping Muslims enslaved through fear psychosis and preventing them from being a part of the mainstream has been the only success story of the Congress. The means to this end is the mainstream media. Muslims need to protest against mollycoddling as it is hurting them badly

  21. You got it wrong Badri. Muslims will never caome to mainstream. It is illusion created be Congi, Siculars, MSM etc. The nature of this religion is different. They start demanding privileges if they grow to 10% of population they will demand a separate land if their population goes more than 25% and if they become majority they do the ethnic cleansing, pogrom, genocide of the minorities (eg. Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt to name a few).

    The Muslim population of any Muslim country is 95-100%.

    1. Agree sir fully agree !!

      At the time of independence a lot of blunders were committed like allowing muslims to stay here, not getting all hindus in pakistan and bangladesh to come here.

      Allowing conversions freely etc

  22. Dear Ravinar,

    W.r.t. the rape map of India, my daily (Dainik Jagran) reported filing of 10 cases in Delhi yesterday for charges of Gang Rape, Rape & Eve-teasing. Also more & more such cases are being reported from all over. It seems the authorities, the police and the MSM have been sweeping things under the carpet till now. It wouldn't be a bad guess to say that the incidence of rape is at least 10 times than reported, which probably makes:

    1. India, the #1 RAPE COUNTRY and
    2. Delhi, its RAPE CAPITAL.

    What an achievement!

  23. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/indiahome/indianews/article-2259222/Rape-victims-village-spruced-chief-ministers-visit-UP-government-spends-Rs-30-lakh-building-areas-road--And-theyre-planning-helipad-next.html

    I have always got much better or independent Perspective from this news paper .

    As u mentioned this was the Website site which had Mentioned the Victims name as Jyoti.

  24. Dear Ravinar,

    Thanks a lot for your blogs .
    I would request you to write a book on 'Eminent Journalist' and 'Eminent Social Activists' , similar to the book by Mr. Arun Shourie ( 'Eminent Historians' )

    Also can you please recommend some blogs on socialactivistcrooks .

    The link “Twenty yards of dead bodies” is not working ( 'h' from http is missing in the url )

    Best Regards,

  25. You concentrate only on grey celled 'English' channels.. Damini was name given by India TV!


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