Monday, January 28, 2013

A List of Hurt Sentiments of Muslim Groups

Some people should know what will offend and what will not but they never seem to learn. If you’re writing an article, a book or making a movie you should first make a list of all those who will be offended by it and then sanitise your work. This piece of sound advice is not from me but the Honourable Minister Shashi Tharoor. You see, Tharoor believes anything offending Hindus is a work of art and should be appreciated and applauded as such. But if you’re about to write anything or make any movie that has the remote chance of offending Muslims you should think twice. He established this doctrine of free speech in a debate with the late Christopher Hitchens. I quote Tharoor because his logic symbolises the entire left-liberal crap in the Indian socio-political system.

Poor Ashis Nandy! He made some comment about OBCs and Dalits being corrupt and he’s about to pay a price for it. This was during a discussion at the latest edition of the Jaipur Litterfest. Yes I call them Litterfests since they seem to have nothing to do with literature but more of a platform for political discussions. Last year the same Litterfest had to contend with protests against Salman Rushdie’s participation. Hmm! That guy had offended Muslims with ‘Satanic Verses’. This year the Muslims have taken preventive measures to ensure he doesn’t turn up. Then there are those ThinkFests by the Tehelka group of Tarun Tejpal which is tainted by accusations of extortion for ads from the Goa govt. Then again there was another Litterfest where Girish Karnad ranted against VS Naipaul at a function to honour the latter. While the Rajasthan govt was quick to file FIRs against Nandy they haven’t filed any FIR against Union Minister Sushil Shinde who spewed hatred with his “Hindu terror” speech. It took the AP govt months to act against the Owaisis who frequently indulge in filthy speeches.

Imagine, if Shinde had made the same statement about “Muslim Terror” his house probably would have been burned to the ground on the same day. He would have been lucky if there was no physical attack on him if he were to make such a statement. And for all this, super moron Shahrukh Khan believes he’s a “victim” in India. Both Shinde and SRK have now found a natural friend an admirer in ‘Shri’ Hafeez Saeed. I have written many times over that our media is simply scared of Islamic terror and that prevents them from honestly reporting the loutish and thuggish behaviour of certain Muslim groups. Every Muslim public figure has enhanced the “victimhood” feeling for Muslims despite some having achieved fame and fortune in India like SRK. NDTV even specialises on topics that claim Muslims are being “stereotyped”. Let’s see, if some Muslims are going to be angered and protest (often violently) so frequently over every silly thing who exactly is stereotyping them?

Then Muslims claim they don’t get enough job opportunities and aren’t accepted as part of the mainstream. Victimhood again! Hypothetically, supposing a Muslim was employed as a senior manager and one of his peers were to be promoted there is nothing to suggest he won’t claim being discriminated against because he’s a Muslim and won’t go to court. The behaviour and conduct of public figures from the Muslim community holds them to a prison where it seems they can’t lighten up. Jokes offend them, articles offend them, books offend them, music offends them, movies offend them; there isn’t much that doesn’t offend them. India makes them feel like victims! Is there anything that doesn’t offend them? Amitabh Bachchan had to live the taint of Bofors scam for 25 years but he didn’t claim he felt like a victim in India. SRK has faced nothing like that and yet claims he’s victimised because he’s a Muslim in India. The nonsense of SRK has been wonderfully exposed by Venky Vembu in Firstpost who appropriately calls it “King of Victimhood: Shah Rukh Khan bites the hand that fed him”.

Trust me, it doesn’t stop there. Three years ago when US president Barack Obama visited India some Muslims were up in arms. In that case the reason being a security dog from the Obama team was named “Khan”. Makes me wonder how many movies should have been banned, theatres burnt and actors attacked because domestic helps in Bollywood movies are often named “Ramu Kaka”. One of the greatest legal battles in the US over free speech was between Larry Flynt (Founder of porn magazine Hustler) and religious leader Jerry Falwell. Read about in Die Freedom. I quote from that post:

In the landmark case the US SC observed: "The fact that society may find speech offensive is not a sufficient reason for suppressing it. Indeed, if it is the speaker's opinion that gives offense, that consequence is a reason for according it constitutional protection. For it is a central tenet of the First Amendment that the government must remain neutral in the marketplace of ideas”.

Flynt and the late Falwell later became friends and often had friendly debates. In one of those debates Flynt mentioned that in the monthly agenda meetings of Hustler the discussion was “Who haven’t we offended this month?” Haha! That requires constitutional protection. And he added “Time and Newsweek don’t need constitutional protection, it is people like us who offend who need the protection”.

So when Kamal Haasan’s latest movie “Vishwaroopam” was banned in Tamil Nadu it’s again because Muslims protested. I haven’t seen the movie but I hear it’s about a dance teacher who is also a Tamil-speaking Jihadi in Afghanistan. That in itself is laughable but more laughable is that some Muslims find it offensive, many may not even have seen the movie. Against a petition by KH to Madras HC to revoke the ban, the court actually told him to “discuss with the opposing members” to find a solution. This is what appeasement has brought India to. We may now have to negotiate solutions with those who break the law, the offenders. Who knows, in future a molestation victim may be asked to negotiate with the molester too.

I believe the Film Certification Board in India should be the last word on whether a film complies with the laws in India and if they have certified it then the movie shouldn’t be banned. If the FBC has overlooked any provisions of law, that should be contested only in a court and not on the streets. There was this joke floating on Twitter last evening about a devout Arab Muslim hiring a London Taxi.
It seems there is precious little that doesn’t offend certain groups of Muslims. I believe before Lokpal or any other law, our parliament should now make a comprehensive list of things that offends and hurts the sentiments of some Muslims. The rest of us can abide by such a list so that these frequent intolerant protests can stop. Alternatively, they should make a list of things that doesn’t offend such groups of Muslims. I believe that list would be much shorter and easier to understand and follow. If this offends you, I am willing to negotiate.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

India Rendered Incapable of Fighting Terror

The sentencing of David Headley in the 26/11 case by a Chicago court had Arnab Goswami up in verbal arms on January 25. He and his news channel went into a fit of hysteria screaming “America let us down” by not extraditing Headley to India for a trial. Arnab and TimesNow showered a hail of criticism on the US just stopping short of calling that country an enemy. Elsewhere, Salman Khurshid, the EAM, stated that if Headley were extradited to India he would have received a more stringent punishment. I had to laugh at this moronic statement coming from a man who once said: "When Sonia Gandhi saw pictures of the Batla House encounter, she had tears in her eyes”. He made this statement during an election campaign at Azamgarh, home to the terrorists killed at Batla House, before the UP elections of 2012. In another place where a ‘Littering’ festival is being held, bimbo panellist Suhel Seth condemned the move to deny some Pakistanis visas to attend this year’s Jaipur Litterfest as “reprehensible”. Mind you, the organiser of the festival, Sanjoy Roy, denies the Pakistanis were invited to speak and suggests they may be attending as visitors and not as invitees. A day after this month’s beheading incident at the LOC, Minister Shashi Tharoor was moderating an “Aman ki asha” debate with film actors and journalists from India and Pakistan. Do you think the US should have really extradited Headley to be handled by a bunch of jokers in this country?

A few days earlier Home Minister Sushil Shinde made the most atrocious statement at the Congress party’s Chintan Shivir at Jaipur: "Reports have come during investigation that BJP and RSS conduct terror training camps to spread terrorism..” adding that they stoked “Hindu terror”. This is not some off the cuff remark or a blooper. This was a carefully crafted speech. If indeed BJP is conducting terror training camps why is the party not banned? Why is such a party allowed to contest elections and have representatives in various Assemblies and also the Parliament? While our media morons debated Shinde’s Hindu terror comment they conveniently buried his comment about BJP and RSS promoting terrorism through their camps. In other words, the HM of this country called some of his colleagues in parliament “terror sponsors”. This is the grave danger of his moronery. It shouldn’t bother us much that “Shri” Hafeez Saeed picked up Shinde’s statement to demand declaring India a “terrorist state”. “Shri” Hafeez naturally finds a friend in Shinde and the Congress party.

It is not that all this load of rubbish that needs to be debated. But typically, our media folks even debate such nonsensical statements which deserve nothing but outright condemnation. And then jokers like Arnab Goswami and Rajdeep Sardesai, who truly belong in a circus, debate the sentencing of David Headley. The US is not foolish to hand over terror suspects to a country like India where the killers of Rajiv Gandhi or the late CM Beant Singh are being protected by politicians. The US is not going to hand over Headley to a country where the Congress is protecting the terrorist who plotted the attack on our own parliament. The US is not going to hand over a terrorist to a country which has shown remarkable unwillingness to combat terrorism and prosecute terrorists.

The Congress govt at the centre has been in permanent denial over the true nature of terrorism. Wilfully so! This denial comes from the fountain of Indian history that denies that religious terrorism was brought to this country from Islamic invasions. Some of the brutal invaders are glorified by the communist historians who are natural allies of the Congress. Islamic terrorism had conquered much of Europe as well. Hinduism has such no such history of religious terrorism. The cases that Shinde cited; Samjhauta Express, Malegaon and Mecca Masjid are all spurious at best. S. Gurumurthy cites the record and background of these cases and how they are being muddied for political reasons in his article in the NIE. If at all some Hindus were involved in these attacks it still doesn’t make out a case for “Hindu terror” just as the Godhra train burning is not classified as an act of terror. And there is nothing that stops the govt from prosecuting and punishing those behind the cases Shinde refers to. Fact is, a few Hindus were arrested and no cases are being prosecuted. I am not sure there is even a valid charge sheet filed against those arrested in these cases.

I wonder how many people recall that after the July 2011 attacks in Mumbai PM Manmohan Singh had grandly stated that the terrorists “had the advantage of surprise”. Then Home Minister P. Chidambaram had stated that absence of intelligence is “not intelligence failure”. Do you seriously expect these people to be able to combat terrorism? Unfortunate truth is that India simply doesn’t have a policy on terrorism or how to combat it. Currently, SoniaG’s tears can decide what or who constitutes terrorism or does not. That’s our policy.

The American politicians, men and uniform are sworn in under an oath to serve and protect their nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The 9/11 attacks weren’t the first on the World Trade Center. Eight years prior in 1993 the WTC was bombed and the attackers were arrested, prosecuted and sentenced. The US since then has been regularly notifying terrorist organisations. Of the current list of 51 terrorist organisations named by the US State Department around 14 have some connection with attacks on India as the image below shows:

The media screams about Headley. The Indian govt begs and relies on the US to notify groups as terror organisations. Well, I don’t find the BJP and RSS in this list. Does Shinde, Digvijay or Congress find them? Not surprisingly, the only group with the name “Indian” tagged to it is Indian Mujahideen. Now, we can choose to believe this has nothing to do with religion and nothing to do with Islam. We can also choose to live in denial that members of IM don’t swear on the Quran to carry out their terrorists acts. Shinde’s admirers from LeT, JeM are also in the list. An MP who threatens “Muslim radicalisation” from the floor of the parliament also has friends like Hamas or Hizballah in the list.

The practice of minority appeasement has gone so far that they now even dictate who will be invited to our Litterfests. They will decide what movies can be screened or banned. In Bangalore the Kamal Hassan movie “Vishwaroopam” was interrupted midway as the police didn’t want to offend Muslims because of Eid-e-Milad. Nobody even knows or asks what exactly will not offend them anymore. They will decide what articles can be printed and what books can be published. And our govt watches all of this. In the documentary titled Fitna, Dutch MP Geert Wilders shows girls as young as 3 or 4 being taught to hate non-Muslims by their family, especially to hate Jews. This image currently circulating on the internet shows kids carrying posters seeking slaughter of those insulting Islam. What community asks kids to march with such posters? And these people in the rally certainly don’t look like Hondurans or citizens of Greenland.

If terrorism is a universal phenomenon and if at all there is universal agreement that there is religious terrorism then it doesn’t take an Einstein to find out what the colour of that terrorism is or members of which religion indulge in it. It’s only the Indian govt, particularly the Congress party that is still sleeping. Along with the Congress party we have deceptive liars and idiots in the MSM who neither possess any intelligence nor the willingness to speak the truth about terrorism. Well, I’m not so surprised about our media folks because many of them are funded directly or indirectly by ISI money and many others sleep with our enemies. Many of our media folks qualify to be “domestic enemies” who enjoy luxuries with funds provided by known enemies.

So when an idiot like Arnab Goswami and other media celebs go into a spin demanding Headley be extradited, patriotic Indians should say “No, Thank you”! Whatever Headley’s sentence maybe he will serve it for most of the rest of his life unless an appeal overturns or reduces it. The Americans take the killing of even one of their citizens anywhere very seriously. As for Indians they can die in any Bazar, at the LOC, at the high seas or any corner of the world. Nobody gives a shit! Certainly not a bunch of morons who are still debating the colour of terror. Most certainly not if the ruling party’s Boss is shedding tears over dead terrorists and Union Ministers believe that will get them votes.  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

How To Buy Friends & Influence Elections

No matter how rich Bill Gates is and how successful Microsoft is, it is widely known and acknowledged that he failed to read the Internet trend when it began. Early 1990s he couldn’t see it clearly and MS had to bundle Internet Explorer with Windows to combat Netscape. There are many other internet-applications companies that MS simply couldn’t catch up with. Even today Internet Explorer isn’t the No.1 browser. Others like Firefox, Chrome and so on have taken up a good bit of space. In business, it’s a huge advantage to be the first to take off. Everyone knows Neil Armstrong was the first but not many may be able to name the second man to set foot on the moon. (Are you wondering who?)

It’s a famous song by The Beatles: “Can’t buy me love” but I’ve got news for you. There’s also a movie of the same name titled “Can’t buy me love” in which the hero rents a girlfriend for $1000 for a month. Hmm! Are you available? If you are, you’re in luck! Someone’s just decided to buy a lot of friends on the Social Media. What do you do? Send in your profile to the guy who gave that “Badminton” speech on January 20. Here’s the good news:

According to reports, Kapil Sibal, the guy who earlier wanted to choke the internet and social media, the Congress party would need to spend 100 Crores to buy fraaands and influence votes through the social media. The other guy, foul-mouthed Digvijaya Singh, who ironically heads the party’s Communication Cell feels the BJP is leading on the social media front and Congress got left behind. The best part? Both these wiseguys have decided a strategy would be formed and presented to Rahul Gandhi, the “Badminton” boy. So essentially what they’re thinking is that the RSS invented social media, Narendra Modi nurtured it and the Hindu terrorists have overwhelming presence on it. Yeah! Move over Social Genius ‘Internet Hindus’ is now passé. After Sushil Shinde’s remark on Hindu Terror, the call-sign is now changed to “Internet Terrorists”. Except for the stray presence of Diggy on Twitter, the other guys don’t have any presence and still probably believe Al Gore invented the internet. Nothing to worry, help is always around.

Remember all those tweets you get promising to get you thousands of followers in just a few hours or days? That would be a good starting point for Congress. Of course, there are Twitter champions like Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai, Bhupendra Chaubeji, Ashutosh, Nikhil Wagle and even Pankaj Pachauri, the PM’s media advisor. No, I haven’t forgotten! They also have Twitter Goddesses Sagarika Ghose and her protégé Pallavi Ghosh. With a whole team and these two ladies batting for Congress, a solid start is assured. So while these guys have been called PaidMedia for Congress so far, now there’s a new meaning to it; they will now be PaidSocialMedia. I hope the party also needs some bloggers (Hint! Hint!). Someone on Twitter has also suggested maybe the Congress should float a TwitterNREGA. Not a bad idea for a bunch of brain dead people who still don’t understand how SM works.

Diggy and the Congress still remain under the impression that the SM in India has been driven by RSS or Narendra Modi. Well, what can I say! If the doc diagnoses your common cold as cancer he is bound to make you spend 100 Crores. Hey, later on don’t complain if we make some noise about the ‘100Cr tag’ just like someone created serious heartburns with the ‘50Cr tag’. So how do we help the party spend the 100 crores? The first point is always those paid-follower sites which guarantee you millions of followers like this one:

There is a harsh truth behind the Congress’ SM plan. It’s that the MSM has failed to help the party’s fortunes. Despite their best attempts, channels like NDTV, CNN-IBN, Times Now and the gang don’t seem to have worked wonders for the party. All the Tulika ads during the Gujarat campaign haven’t paid off. In the print media, newspapers like Hindustan Times seem to have failed them. Remember, this is despite the fact that the last HT Summit was best funded by Govt PSUs. Social Media has now become a watchdog over the MSM; there can’t be any more doubts about it. All the lies, half-truths and propaganda by MSM have been successfully dismantled by SM. Congress feels the threat because there’s a forecast that by 2014 there will be 200 million internet users in India. Let’s try and examine some features influencing SM.

1) First and foremost most of the SM people who are successful in getting their message out are well-educated people. Historically, that is not the Congress vote-bank. In fact, I’d go a step further in stating that Congress thrives by keeping people uneducated and uninformed.
2) Being connected for serious participation on SM requires stable power supply. There’s hardly any Congress-ruled state that isn’t facing power problems. This is a failure that will affect not just their SM constituency but life in general.
3) Unlike MSM, SM is mostly “user-generated” content that comes out of genuine interest and beliefs. I doubt money can buy that. Sure, there are some people who can be bought but usually they are the ones who don’t really have thinking skills or writing skills that can have a great influence. You know, like the bimbo on Twitter who said villages in Maharashtra had internet connection in 1995.
4) The Congress foolishly thinks NaMo’s success is partly due to his presence on SM. Wrong! NaMo gained followers and admiration for “performance” and not for “presence”. By Congress logic Shashi Tharoor should be far more influential for the Congress as its SM brand ambassador. Doesn’t work like that!

Now, being on SM is all about being “connected” with people. If the Congress were to really learn from Modi they’d have to learn that Modi “connects” everywhere. He connects on the SM and he connects with villagers in rural Gujarat. In contrast people like Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi are being booed when they visit Amethi or Rae Bareli. The duo had to beg Mulayam Singh for non-stop power supply in their constituencies as a favour. No villager has to beg NaMo for such a favour. Does that teach them anything? No! The Congress still believes money can buy fraaands.

The other thing is historically the communists and the MSM have perpetrated a fake history on Indians when it comes to the Mughals, the British and many other historic events. They have even turned patriots into villains. This correction of history is undertaken on the SM by many good writers and researchers and nobody pays them to do this. Their only drive is their love for their country and truth. The anti-Hindu MSM, similar to Shinde’s “Hindu Terror” comment, has always been biased against the Hindus. Many SM people make a strong effort in correcting this bias. They aren’t paid for this. The MSM may help sustain the Congress propaganda or campaign of half-truths but propaganda usually gets exposed and rejected on the SM. Lies and half-truths get destroyed on the SM. Every lie, deception, distortion and negligence by the MSM has been exposed by people on the SM. If Congress believes spending money will gain friends and influence votes they haven’t fathomed SM yet. That is why it appears they’re going for Chemotherapy to treat the common cold.

The Congress team for SM is going to be headed by Rahul Gandhi and assisted by the likes of Digvijay and Kapil Sibal. Two of them don’t have any presence worth the mention. The third, Diggy, is the comic relief on Twitter who gets ridiculed every step of the way. Modi was vilified by the MSM, he became a hero on the SM, that’s the reason his supporters have campaigned heavily for him without seeking any payment for it. Unlike the sycophants in the Congress party that fall at the feet of “Madamji” and the prince, SM doesn’t have a sycophant culture that can be bought. Seriously, you can’t pass 66A as law on one hand and hope to succeed on the SM.

Hard truth is that for over 60 years the Congress, the Commies and the MSM wiped out the Hindu voices from public discourse. Let me add that everything connected with Hindus, like the RSS, BJP or any party was painted as “Evil” by these political parties and the top media celebs to appease their favourite minority group. The Hindu practices and rituals were rubbished. Their temples were looted to pay out doles. Technology has this potential to destroy lies, distortions, deceptions and injustices. It is laughable that those who couldn’t do justice in the public domain are now seeking to redeem themselves on the SM. Take the case of displaced Kashmiri Pandits. Their voices were destroyed by the MSM but they’re being heard on the SM. You need to spend money to buy lies and propaganda. You don’t need money to buy truth. Too late the Social Hero!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Anna Hazare's Speech At Chintan Shivir - Jaipur

The former army driver and prominent social activist, Anna Hazare, made an appearance at the Congress Chintan Shivir at Jaipur on January 20. We have come to know Anna to campaign for better governance, a Lokpal bill and empowering the people, especially the poor. He has also frequently made appeals to make Gram Panchayats have a more influential role in governance. I would like to quote some statements verbatim. Note: While I quote verbatim I had to correct a few grammatical errors that were in the original text. (Quotes in blue and are numbered for reference)

1) The voices of the billion Indians are today that they want to greater say in government, in politics and in administration. This can’t be decided by hand full of people behind closed doors who are not fully accountable to them. They are telling us that India’s governmental system is stuck in the past it is become a system that robs people of their voice, a system that dis-empowers instead of empowering. But why we are in this situation, why is it I ask you, that our ministries do the work of Panchayats.

2) Why is it that the Supreme Court handles the load of lower houses of justice?

3) Power is grossly centralized in our country we only empower people at the top of a system. We
don’t believe in empowering people all the way to bottom. Every single day I meet people who
have tremendous understanding deep insight and no voice and all of us meet them, they are very
where. But almost always they are kept outside ours systems, no one can their voice, no matter
how much they try to speak no one listens. And then I meet people holding high positions with
tremendous voice but no understanding for the issues at hand.

4) Why is our youth angry... why are they out on the street...? They are angry because they
are alienated… They are excluded from the political class. They watch from the side-lines... as
the powerful drive around in their Lal Battis… Why are the women suffering... because their
voice is being trampled upon by people who have arbitrary powers over their lives. Why are the
poor confined to powerlessness and poverty...

5) RTI allows every single Indian to personally take on the battle against corruption.

6) People who are corrupt stand up and talk about eradicating corruption… and then people
who disrespect women everyday over day of their life… talk about women rights.

I could go on and on but I’m sure you can search online for the full text of the speech and read it on many sites. So what was the response to Anna’s speech? Predictably, NDTV, CNN-IBN and all similar channels were singing praises like they were Lady Gaga themselves. Well, as you guessed, the speech was harsh and slamming the govt and the Congress party for all their ills. This social champion had specially descended from heaven or flown down from United Nations to offer his expert observations on all that is ailing India. One newspaper, Free Press Journal, though didn’t seem to agree with the Barkhas, Sagarikas, Pallavis and Chaubejis:

Only a dimwit would be fooled about the real objective of the Jaipur Shivir. The entire charade was enacted to serenade the Congress’s not-so-young Prince. All else was peripheral to the exercise. Mani Shankar Aiyar, who otherwise makes much to-do about being a modern intellectual, did not see anything wrong in beseeching Rahul Gandhi to take his `rightful place’ at the head of the party.

Well, well, the speech that Rahul Gandhi gave could have come from any activist agitating at Jantar Mantar. Even Arvind Kejriwal could have given this speech. It seems all these years Rahul Gandhi was neither part of the Congress nor handling any issue related to the govt that he criticises. A man whose record of even the minor routine of attending parliament is dubious to say the least is now talking from a written script about what ails govt, our systems and the party. Shameless sycophants like Jairam Ramesh and Mani Shankar Aiyar then call his speech an “Obama moment”. Two people echoing the same statement is clearly a well thought out sound-bite for the media after the speech. Our local hero, who is mostly abroad, has nothing to show for his life except showing up once in a while here and there. The only other achievement in his life is probably being born in the Gandhi family.

The choreography was even better. He gives his speech like a college boy driven by idealism and Sheila Dikshit is moved enough to hug him and kiss Sonia Gandhi’s hand. There’s nothing wrong there. What exactly was the substance of the speech? Nothing really! The whole exercise of the so called Chintan Shivir was not to accept drawbacks, crimes and improve but glorify the Gandhis again and make the elevation of RahulG to VP some celestial event. Their spokie comes out and declares RahulG is now No.2 in the party. If the media and other Congress members really thought that called for a statement then I don’t think I can imagine bigger idiots on earth. When was the Gandhi less than No.2 or No.1 anyway? Like it or not Priyanka Vadra, (who becomes Gandhi when needed) is any day No.3 so maybe these guys will hold another ceremony for her someday.

Sure, the playing badminton with Indira Gandhi’s guards, deaths in the family provides an emotional touch and tear-jerking for some. But what was the context or relevance other than emotional appeal for his own party members? Weren’t they already slaves anyway? All the numbered quotes reflect on evils that have been brought about by none other than the Congress party itself. Let’s take it point-wise on his quotes:

1) He talks about people running systems behind closed doors. Has he ever looked at his own PM? MMS is a guy who even runs his press meetings behind closed doors. What kind of PM does that? RahulG himself is a pathetic hide and seek player who invited the press to a secret breakfast meet during the UP election campaign in March 2012. Who exactly is hiding behind closed doors?

2)  If the SC handles lower courts issues it’s simply because unless the SC is moved the corrupt ministers in the Congress and UPA don’t seem to be prosecuted by natural law. Even today, most of the corrupt from the party are gleefully in top positions and free. Is it any surprise the speech could have been drafted for Anna Hazare?

3) Youth is angry? They’re out on streets? Well, where were you hiding when they were out during the Lokpal agitation? Where were you when they were agitating over the Delhi Gangrape incident? Where do you normally celebrate your birthdays while your faithful slaves cut the cake and feed it to your posters? Why are women suffering? What happened to Kalawati, probably the only woman you ever met and promised to solve her problems? Why are women molested and raped right under your own nose in Delhi? Any answers? You’re lucky that the 300 journalists you ferried to Jaipur and paid for their hotel and food aren’t going to ask you these questions. You’re lucky none of your sycophants are going to ask you these questions.

4) RTI battles corruption? Okay, let us know why your own travel information is not being revealed for years against RTI applications. Let us know why travel expense information of SoniaG is not being revealed under RTI. Who is going to answer for the strange and curious deals and funds over the National Herald that you and Sonia Gandhi are directly involved in? Will a lower court handle it or will it again take the Supreme Court?

5) People who are corrupt are talking about eradicating corruption? Which people? Did you take a closer look at some among those who applauded you or hugged you? This Congress-UPA govt has come to be known as the most corrupt govt ever in the history of Indian democracy. You or Sonia Gandhi are angels and have nothing to answer for? All this is “some other people”? Bravo!

That gentle touch of playing badminton or Mom coming into the room and crying is fine. Rediff reports that Priyanka Vadra parachuted into Jaipur and altered the script in the speech to accommodate these emotional lines. Really nice! If one were to ask some intelligent men and women in the Congress to speak the truth I have no doubts they will admit that Rahul Gandhi is no leader material but they have no choice but to use the Gandhi name for votes. Nothing less, nothing more! And this guy wants to develop others as leaders. This guy who has lived a life bloopers so far. Someone who calls voters “beggars” and even clarifies that it’s not metaphor. On the same day as this speech, Sushil Shinde made the most stupid speech about “Hindu terror”. At the heart of the Congress, such men who hate Hindus are the ministers. Chintan indeed! I’m not sure if Justice Katju is right in calling 90% Indians fools, but I’m damn sure the Congress definitely thinks so.

Lastly, “I woke up this morning in the night, it was dark outside and I found I was writing this post last night. It was an emotional moment”. If you’re a follower of Rahul Gandhi, that is not very hard to do.