Monday, December 17, 2012

Trolling Hearts

They used to say that the girl is tough as nails
In every way she kept her heart as guarded as a jail
Now things have changed, She feels so old
Like any troll could drag her heart across the coals

She was always there in the thick of things
She always had the heart of every Pseudo on a string
The danger shone from her eyes
It seems like every inch she lost became a mile

It's not the night reaching in and touching her
It's just that trolling hearts ain't what it used to be
It seems that time has killed that cheap streak in her
And trolling hearts ain't what it used to be

It's not the light shining in and catching her
It's just that trolling hearts ain't what it used to be
But time has come and cast a spell on her
And trolling hearts ain't what it used to be

And now she knows what lonely means
She used to give so little and gain everything
The darkest part of every day
Is the shadow of another Man as she turns and walks away

Can't say we blame her, for being hurt
After all she treated each and every one like dirt
Who wants a heart that's already sold
She faces the facts and locks herself into a life alone

..It’s not the night… 

Adapted from Elton John's "Breaking Hearts"..


  1. Wondering who could this be???
    Just Guessing: Is it Barkha Dutt???

  2. post LIE METER (bar chart) below total viewers, and update it daily. it will be for all crooks (BAR) & their prominent siblings.......

  3. Who else can best put it in the form of a poem for dear Barkha Dutt than our @mediacrooks .
    Also she is been hounding the #internet hindus day in and day out.
    This is the richest tribute definitely!!!

    1. LOL, how can a dumb ass like burkha can hound so called internet Hindus, who are mostly highly educated and come from professions as diverse as Engineer, research, medicine,defense, Pharma and many others. These jamia millia islamia pumpkin heads lack grey matter to debate with Internet Hindus.

  4. I believe it is non other than Antonia Maino..

  5. I guess she is barakha dutt, she is very frustrate these days.

  6. bravo Ravi i want to sing with joy Let the music begin and we shall all sing our heart out. Just splendid !!!!


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