Tuesday, December 18, 2012

To Sir Creek, With Hand-In-Glove

A few days back I wrote about the Roman Agent in Gujarat. Yes, Gujarat is in the news and all over the place. Everyone’s talking about Gujarat elections, predictions, forecasts, exit polls, how Narendra Modi lost badly, how ‘sickular’ forces defeated this monster and so on. Umm… everyone, but NDTV. After elections closed on December 17 all the news channels were up with exit polls and endless discussions. For NDTV, who had campaigned so heavily in Gujarat, the state ceased to exist at 5pm on December 17 when voting closed. Someone was arguing with me about the elections and that the Gujjus were nothing more than “communal traders” and not a “secular” society etc. So, for this lady, I had to narrate to this story about a Gujju in the army and his “secular” trading skills. 

In the middle of the war our Gujju soldier got a telegram from his wife that there was an emergency and he should return home. On telegramming her back and forth he found she had broken her toe-nail and was in deep distress. Our Gujju soldier could feel the pain right through his war-torn body. So he put up an application with the General for leave. A furious General asked him to stop being “effete” and “vamoose”. But the guy was a persistent pest and kept pleading with the General. Frustrated and tired of the constant “trolling”, the General finally told him: “Okay, you can have your leave if you capture a Pakistani tank in 24 hours and bring it in”. The General knew well this was well beyond any soldier at that time let alone a Gujju. The Gujju soldier says “Alright, but stick to your promise and don’t cheat”. The General relaxed having gotten rid of the pest and not having to deal with him and his leave application again. But in less than 8 hours the man was riding to the General’s office in a Pakistani tank to the utter disbelief of all the other soldiers. The shock-and-awe-struck General couldn’t believe his eyes.

The thrilled and gleeful Gujju then put up his application for leave again and asked the General to sign. The stunned General responded: “Oh… your leave is fine but how did you do it? How did you capture a Paki tank in such a short time, what’s the secret?” The Gujju waved his hand and responded: “Oh that’s nothing, you see I have this arrangement, when those Paki soldiers want leave they borrow my tank”. 

But the war is long over and Pakistan wages war a lot more differently now. We also have our Track-2 diplomats who trade differently from the patriotic Gujju who at least fought in a war and risked his life. So when the GOI invited Pak Minister Rehman Malik around the Gujarat elections Narendra Modi raised this issue about ‘Sir Creek’. No, this Sir isn’t a knight of the little kingdom of the Queen but a small creek bordering Kutch in Gujarat and Pakistan. Modi created a storm by claiming the GOI was about to hand over Sir Creek to Pakistan. Such an issue rattled the Congress which was battling elections and was faced with what could snowball into a national scam. Giving off land has been a ritual with some of our politicians. Long back Aksai Chin was given off to China because “not a blade of grass grew there”. 

Recently some land was given off to Bangladesh or is about to be given off. Sir Creek was the last straw. PM Manmohan Singh strongly denied there was any such plan and the country was being misled and this was cheap politics by Modi. Yep, even news editors in print and on TV screamed murder by Modi. But trust people in the Social Media to be watchful as ever and bring out the truth. It seems the GOI did have a plan to hand over Sir Creek as a video would show. The video (at 18.20) has Barkha and other panellists discussing peace on a Pakistani channel and can be seen on Youtube. A short clip of the specific portion of the video is appended at the end of this post.

In the video Barkha Dutt, who knows quite a lot about Pakistan, clearly states that former Pakistan PM Yusuf Gilani indicated to her that the agreement on Sir Creek was ready and it could be signed during a visit of Manmohan Singh to Pakistan. One can be certain that the deal claimed by Barkha is not about Pakistan foregoing its claim on Sir Creek forever. So what Narendra Modi claimed wasn’t a lie and wasn’t fear mongering. Barkha, who was in knowledge of such a deal over Sir Creek and had inside information didn’t utter one word during all the noise over the issue in the last ten days. Manish Tiwari the I&B Minister and frequent spokesman for everything for the Congress daringly claimed “December 15 is here and Sir Creek is still with India”. One has enough evidence from what Barkha stated that it was still with India because Modi made all the noises. He probably ambushed the hand-over of Sir Creek to Pakistan. 

It is increasingly alarming what our supposed news media celebs are dealing in. They are certainly not trading tanks for leave applications. Read more here at BarbarIndian’s post on the media spins. It is not just Manish Tiwari, even our media’s bimbo editors went to town rubbishing Modi’s claims on Sir Creek without any serious investigation or fact-check. The denial by the Congress and the GOI doesn’t seem to be credible. They must come out with facts. Either that or Barkha has been lying on Pakistani TV and claiming balderdash that doesn’t exist. Sometime back a whole truck load of media celebs were listed as being on the menu-card of Ghulam Nabi Fai, the American-Kashmiri, who is lobbying for Azad Kashmir. Fai was being funded by the Pakistani ISI and was hosting many of our news traders and media scumbags to luxury trips and conventions on Kashmir. Fai is now in prison and we have to be surprised that none of the journos or social scientologists who were involved in his campaign are being investigated by the govt

Crooks in our media are the greatest danger to our democracy. We keep getting more and more evidence of it all too frequently. There is something truly sinister about this Sir Creek episode. I’ve heard of ‘To Sir, With Love’ but this sounds like ‘To Sir with Hand-in-Glove’. The Sir Creek episode does need more investigation and the title of this post would not make for a great movie.



  1. Now that Ravinar has blogged about this, i am satisfied ... thanks! as usual, right way of putting things across!!

  2. I had been posting this youtube link in all twitter,fb and comments section of so many blogs.. finally someone noticed!

    1. Good job man,every single effort to save nation on facebook or any other stag should be count as firing bullet on enemy.

  3. Excellent, Ravi. You nailed the ever denial sickular media ConGreese goons with the facts. It's shame on us that Rehman Malik comes and spit on all our faces by not just denying Captain Saurabh Kalia's murder and also equating Babri Masjid with 26/11.

    After watching the video at 18:30, I couldn't believe myself that B.D can stooge to such level by mediating a deal on giving sir creek to Pak in order to enhance mutual trust between India and Pakistan. Trust with Pakistan!! This is the joke if millennium.

  4. Now it is totally established that BurkhaD is CONgressi agent and CONgress has always f***d the nationalism of Indian (Hindu) people.
    CONgress sold everything to pakistan.

    Now every Indian should only follow NaMo and BJP even if it is corrupt (it will still be better than CONgress).

  5. Thanks...posted it in my FB so it reaches more people I know.
    What do we call these people who care a damn for those shaheeds who were tortured, humiliated and made to suffer in the hands of colonialists to get back every inch of bharth varsh.

  6. I am totally shocked!! What the f##k is going on in this country? Who is she??? bloody second grade tv reporter negotiating with prime minsters ....

  7. This Burqa woman is such a thick-skinned b**ch...She got caught red-handed in teh Radia gate episode and she still continues brokering for Cong , now with pakistan???? Disgusting woman...
    The images from the video should be published in all newspapers , that too on the front page....

    There was also a good article on FP by Jaggi on Sir Creek issue...Had Modi not raised teh issue , Sir Creek would be with Pak now......

  8. Many years ago, PAF transport planes flying over Sir Creek were gunned down by IAF fighters stationed in Bhuj, one plane crashed killing PAF personnel on board. I am sure Khangies will be receiving some under-the-table cash (to stash in their swiss tijori in the Gandhi's account) for Sir Creek, especially as there is supposed to be shale gas underneath. Recently, it appears to me that media is projecting Modi as an evil giant-sized ogre, as a juggernaut whose momentum can't be checked.

  9. Our fourth estate has turned into fifth columnists with our PM in lead. Falsehood has become so profitable that conscience has become just a word in the dictionary listed under the letter C

  10. Media crook is becoming NaMo of world of Journalism. no mincing of words. he says what people would be needing to know.

  11. Ravinar another great article, thums up for you!btw what you think Read here Why Did India/Congress Invite Rehman MalikThose in this country that speak of peace with Pakistan (the flag-bearers of Aman ki Asha) have not the faintest notion of Pakistan’s founding ideology, the Two-Nation Theory of Hindus and Muslims being never able to co-exist, which has put Pakistan forever in violent competition and confrontation mode with India, whose by-products are terrorist leaders such as Hafiz Mohammed Sayeed. Rehman Malik, who controversially visited India last week, is merely a buffoonish sample of Establishment Pakistan’s dyed-in-the-wool India baiters.Pakistan is not ready for peace with India. It does not want peace. Peace with India militates against its founding ideology. if you don't mind then h've a look on it too or share your views
    Why Did India Invite Rehman Malik

  12. Very true!! couldn't agree more on one word you used 'Sickular' :)

  13. It is true that if Modi had not screamed,some talks could have lead to embarrassment for India .
    Now we need someone to keep raising issues of.

  14. Good show Ravi...For the life of me I can't understand why we even talk to this failed nation, let alone doing deals with them.

  15. If interested do please listen to patriotic speech on Sir Creek by Narendra Modi.

    Listen here:http://deshgujarat.com/2012/12/12/modi-warns-pm-on-attempt-to-hand-over-sir-creek-to-pakistan/

    In Times of India article today, Radha Kumar plays down Modi thus:"The Track II Aman Ki Asha proposal on Sir Creek offered another such possibility. Unfortunately, Narendra Modi dragged it into the Gujarat election campaign, and in the process, mutilated it. It was suggested that the two countries disaggregate the dispute by working on its doable aspects and setting the rest aside for further negotiation...."

    Narendra Modi has emphatically stated that as a concerned State, Gujarat must be consulted in all the negotiations concerning Sir Creek. What is wrong about it?

  16. I am totally shocked... even though I have been following your blog for quite sometime now... Every time I think likes of BD cannot stoop lower, they do...

    Its unbelievable that our media is hand-in-glove in the process of selling off our country.. God save our country

  17. As usual the SICKULAR comments..
    Modi won because of TINA ( There is No Alternative)...
    Actually it is MITA (MODI is THE ALTERNATIVE !!)

  18. Appears that Siddharth Varadarajan of "The Hindu" has teamed up with Barkha Dutt on this:

  19. I did notice this too (of NDTV not paying attention). They just want to down play it probably.

    But should Modi loose, NDTV will be totally active.

    I still remember the interview Roy did with Nitish Kumar (after Nitish won the election in Bihar, last year or the year before). He repeatedly kept asking Nitish if he will accept Modi as a PM etc. The second and third time this question was asked, Nitish got restless and said some thing to the extent that he doesn't like that idea (of Modi being projected as PM candidate), much to the happiness of Roy.

    I liked your statement in some other article (that these days elections don't arouse him too and that he is happy eating kababs some where :-))

  20. "news traders and media scumbags" is apt and subset of words to describe Barkha, Rajdeep, Sagarika, NDTV and CNN-IBN.

  21. What a Bitch, shoot her point blank, there is no place for traitors in this country....Shit shit what these bastards are doing to my country India!! This congress and Manmohan will gift India for peanuts to Pakistan or china.

  22. If you lift the burqa of Barkha you will sing She is a Devil woman .....


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