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Friday, December 21, 2012

NaMo's Victory - Media's Amazing Disgrace

No matter how good the map of a place and how good a map-reader one is, it’s not the same as being there. This is worse if you have the wrong map or a subjective map. What would you expect of me if I told you I am travelling to Rajasthan but only had the map of a spot in Ajmer? What would you expect of me if I told you I am travelling to Karnataka but only had the map of Cottonpet in Bangalore? Yeah, you’re right! I would probably describe Rajasthan a place full of Dargahs which Ajmer is famous for and Karnataka a place full of Muslim ghettos which Cottonpet is. So when Barkha Dutt travelled to Gujarat all she had was a map of Juhapura in Ahmedabad. Sagarika Ghose travelled to Gujarat too but all she had in her map of the ‘golden corridor’ from Ahmedabad to Surat were Muslim localities. So their stories had nothing but Muslims and their supposed sufferings. Their stories were not about Gujarat. As Stephen Covey puts it in ‘7 Habits’: “Individuals may look at their own lives in terms of paradigms or maps emerging out of their experience and conditioning, these maps are not the territory. They are a ‘subjective reality’, only an attempt to describe the territory”. This is the reason most media celebs fail to read Gujarat.

Even Rajdeep Sardesai, who claims to be born in Ahmedabad, sees mutual fund hoardings dominating the streets in Ahmedabad. This is a lie. He sees what he wants to see and not reality. To my surprise the only media person to have really travelled across various parts of Gujarat and learned about the state and its people is Shekhar Gupta. Surprise, considering his main interest appears to be real estate in NCR. The fact that Gupta travelled widely comes across quite well in his last few articles about Gujarat and also his statements on TV on December 20 during discussions of the election results. Apart from roads, power and other experiences Gupta narrates the story of a widowed woman farmer, Kamalaben, around the Godhra area who is doing splendidly well on her own. She has managed irrigation, gets power, is an expert on cricket like all of us and catches up with the world on her TV. And she’s a traditional Congress supporter who acknowledges Narendra Modi’s work and may have voted differently this time. This is the ‘experience’ I narrated in ‘Gujarat – Breaking rules; here’s an excerpt:

These people are reading newspapers… They are reading poll analysis… You know, like the ones by Rajdeep Sardesai, Yogendra Yadav, Prannoy Roy or India Today and many other pundits. They are also analysing the GDP figures of all the states, poverty figures of all states…. They sit around and analyse all the figures, manifestos, claims and other stuff put out by the govt and media before they decide who to vote for. No? Well, all that stuff is good for debates and policy making. Ordinary people know it in their gut. Whether the economy is good or bad, they know it in their gut. The same “experience” that draws them back to a restaurant or airline also draws them to a politician or makes them reject him. People feel good at visible development and experience it but they also vote based on the intangible, non-visible experience. The more connected a politician is the better the experience. Narendra Modi knows to connect.

Kamalaben, unlike Rahul Gandhi’s Kalawati, has a different experience. She feels development in her ‘gut’. Narendra Modi connects with her. So, on December 20 when the Gujarat election results started pouring in our TV panellists and anchors weren’t surprised but were hoping Modi’s run would somehow be dented with a lower-margin victory. Collectively, most channels and panellists put up the most pathetic display of their lives in election analysis. The few exceptions were the saving grace. Be it NDTV, CNN-IBN, Times Now, Headlines Today, ABPNews or any other Delhi channel. They simply disgraced themselves. Leading the disgrace, of course, was Barkha Dutt. As results started pouring in and early signs were slow for BJP she remarked “Modi is down but not out”. That is not analysis; that is hope in disguise. Hope that Modi would sink. And she had nothing but more queries for her guests on Muslims in Gujarat.

All the usual suspects were there. Yogendra Yadav was there too. He is still toying with his ‘idea of India’. Yadav and RahulG are similar. Yadav is inventing the ‘idea’ of India and RahulG has ‘no idea’ of India. And all the morons who pass off as anchors had very common questions. They wondered if Modi had built a ‘personality cult’. Umm… let’s see! Barkha, Arnab, Rajdeep (the lowest BAR in Indian TV journalism) woke up early in the morning.  They did their Agarbattis or Namaz and rushed to the studio. They hogged their TV channels from around 7am till 10pm in the night as if no one else exists in their channel. Rajdeep only let up for moments when his Dubiousity Editor, the Social Genius, filled in. And these morons are worried about personality cult? After having made their own channels a pathetic reflection of their pathetic personality, can they even ask this question about anyone on earth? They should listen to Michael Jackson’s “Man in the mirror” at least once a day and once before going to bed. And they all had the usual spinners, from Shabnam Hashmi, Swaminathan Aiyar right down to the Modi-infatuated Aakar Patel. Lately, with the Delhi Gangrape incident some are talking about ‘Chemical Castration’ of rapists. Maybe Aakar Patel could do with a similar chemical castration of his head for excessive obsession with one man.

Did we hear Gang-rape? Then we must be in Delhi. From the Shabbos to the Sonias, there is hardly any opponent of Modi who hasn’t wailed about the condition of women in Gujarat. A UN observer might hear them and imagine Gujarat is the worst place on earth for women. And yet, the most atrocities on women come from right under the noses of the GOI and Delhi govt headed by women. It’s on Barkha’s NDTV show that the Imam Bukhari called Shabana Azmi a “naachne waali, gaane wali” woman. A Congress moron, Sanjay Nirupam, repeated a similar offence by calling Smriti Irani a woman who “wiggled her body on TV for money” (translation from Hindi) on ABPNews on Dec.20. It was NDTV who refused to name and shame the Delhi politician who treated their reporter, Sunetra Chaudhary, to sexual innuendos. Take a look at the pic. It has people protesting the horrible gang-rape and near murder of a woman. How many such scenes have you seen from Gujarat? Then the police water-cannons protesters! How many such scenes have you seen from Gujarat? And there’s a small crowd celebrating Modi’s victory which is so offensive to his political and media opponents. The height of media hypocrisy is accepting a man who was indulging in sex in his office chambers in a court complex. The Congress may condone Abhishek Singhvi’s nonsense but is the media obliged to accept him as their guest? In all this, there hasn’t been one word from the Prime Minister on the Delhi rape incident.

Oh hell! Did we say Prime Minister? Now that’s a permanent obsession with our media, isn’t it? Modi is performing or doing things not because they deserve being done but he has PM ambitions. So, like I said in the post about ‘Breaking rules’, the media celebs go around asking every idiot they can find if Modi is fit to be PM. Barkha even drops her Congress garb and invokes the inclusive nature of ABVajpayee to make a point about Modi not being good enough for PM. Not everyone in India is obsessed with whether Modi becomes PM or not. But seriously, these discussions are being held when the PM of the country is a man who has never won a public election. Manmohan Singh is being called a puppet, a poodle and many names. I suppose in the eyes of our media MMS fits the bill as PM for the sole reason that he has no spine. In the context of MMS being “appointed” a PM it is even shameful for these media celebs to be discussing anyone else’s worthiness as PM candidate. Doesn’t matter!

When Mayawati won an election 5 years ago and later Obama won the presidency in the US, our media fanatics were quick to declare she could be the first Dalit PM in India. Not a bad thought but where is Mayawati now? Counting her elephants? So who fits the bill? Rahul Gandhi? The man who knows nothing about India? P. Chidambaram, the media’s darling? The man whose last election is in dispute in a court? AK Antony who, as Defence Minister, has the army in conflict with govt? Why so much worry and distress over who the opposition party’s PM candidate is when they can live with a poodle for a PM? The question of whether Modi is fit to be PM is not so much a question about Modi. It is the fears that lurk inside the media of having a PM who doesn’t give a damn about the media. Modi did not spend a single soiled rupee on the MSM-TV of Delhi in his election campaign. That’s a first in India. The unholy trinity of media can’t find the courage or honesty to admit that a NaMo is any day better as a PM than the trio of Sonia-Rahul-MMS. A trio who can’t string together one sentence without someone helping with them with a script. Sonia even reads her Hindi speeches from Roman scripts. Oh! Did you say Hindi?
There! Now the chronic LIARS like Barkha, Sagarika, Rajdeep and their mafia even have a problem with NaMo speaking in Hindi. Whoa! So when Modi addressed his supporters on December 20 in Hindi these bimbos were up in arms suggesting his choice of Hindi meant PM ambitions and he was “addressing Delhi”.  They joined the rank of Idionaire Renuka Chaudhary who asked the same question. Not only are these Idionaires, the new term for idiotic millionaires, chronic liars they are even pathetic at their deception. Here’s a short clip from Modi’s victory speech in December 2007 (Courtesy Deshgujarat.Com):

Well? What did he speak in? Italian? Modi has a history of often speaking in Hindi when he speaks in Ahmedabad. It is also probably because Modi knows that when he speaks in Ahmedabad there’s more national media focus at all times. Now what’s so new about that? Did our media morons forget the Sadbhavna Mission in September 2011? Here’s Modi’s speech on Youtube at the Sadbhavna gathering. Again, what language did he speak in? The language of deception that Barkha and Sagarika use? So what was special about his victory speech on December 20 in Hindi? Nothing! But as with all the other lies about Modi, our media just invented one more.

The media, like Modi’s political opponents, wanted him to lose. Didn’t happen! Sorry, buy yourself another beer at Congress’ expense. Nobody described the media’s feeling than their darling Chidambaram himself. Like a clown he said “we have restricted Modi to under 117 so it’s a Congress victory”. Well, the media would have liked a result even better but the Gujjus didn’t oblige. Two strong NDTV features, Shekhar Gupta and Dushyant Dave, finally accepted that there is a big difference in the way Gujarat is managed and that Narendra Modi does make a difference to the state’s governance. In the end Barkha, Rajdeep and his Dubiousity Editor (She’s funnily designated as Deputy editor) maybe the only ones living in permanent hatred, prejudice and bigotry. Their hatred runs so deep that they let their hatred for Modi get transferred to Gujarat and Gujjus even.

Christians say grace before every meal or thanksgiving. It’s a good practice to thank the Lord for what he gives. They also use the poem ‘Amazing grace’ containing a message that forgiveness and redemption are possible regardless of sins committed for funerals of the dearly departed. That even dead people receive God’s mercy and forgiveness. For some of the criminals in our media whose integrity and conscience is dead I doubt a poem of grace can be written. If they don’t change, someone someday may write the song ‘Amazing Disgrace’ in dishonour of their deeds.  


  1. Ravinar bhai, just a comment on the page views for mediacrooks.... just a couple of months back you celebrated your 1 millionth page view, and today that number is almost 1.4 million....bhai, I think mediacrooks.com is fast becoming very big and very important :)

  2. its strange that many so called intellectuals who are regular on these crooks panel have suddenly changed their "narrative"... may b fear of NaMo at center.. afterall what else can we expect from "suckers" of the power that be...

  3. As Modi says, its not worth to think about such losers but look forward in doing the right things. The idiotic trio will never learn and hopefully, a better media would emerge .

  4. I have said it enough times that whatever u write strikes the right chord with me....hats off! Yesterday Barbarian Indian RT a video on Youtube which was shot after Modi's election victory..I don't know whether u saw it or not...here it is if u haven't


    Wud like ur opinion on this?

    1. Hats of to modi having to deal with such ppl and still dont loose his focus ......

  5. Excellent Ravi, I am having this question about who will be the PM candidate from Congress for 2014 for so long and also tweeted to you. Why worry about BJP, instead these morons should ask congress who would be their PM candidate.

    For God's sake Burkha should have controlled her emotions on TV during the initial phase of counting when BJP was down by 6. She might have animosity towards NaMo and wishing that he wins with thin margin. But she should have maintained the dignity on TV concealing her expressions and gloating. (Tavleen sing used this word. I wonder what she learned by going to Brown University on sabbbatical.

  6. These paid buffoons remind me of John Lennon's Eleonor Rigby.


    Ah, look at all the lonely people........

    1. Good one...!!! 'Ahh...Look at all these lonely people...'

  7. a great analysis of the English media on the results day of Gujarat elections, was also very shocking the media continued to spit venom against Modi throughout the day, only the presence of Mr.Swapan Dasgupta brought some sanity into these discussions.

  8. As rightly put, after MMS any retard has the qualification to become a PM in India and that includes Rahul Gandhi. In this debate we should not involve NaMo since he is over qualified. Well written article. I thought you would have couple of lines for fixer "Vir Sanghvi" in HT which in my opinion was the worst panelist across all channels.

  9. And here is link on SN on Smriti. And notice he did not stop just there - http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=HaIp9_phznY#t=46373s

  10. These Channels have become famous for "Arm-twisting" the facts. Modi's "development approach" has changed the mindset of the people. Modi is Modi NOT because he is a Hindutva wadi or a Hardliner.

    He has earned this "mass support" because he has translated his talks into walks of "development agenda".

    Congress may not like the fact but still Modi stands apart and above all "Rajneeti".(still one can expect this from an opposition party but NOT the MSM where they give one-sided retarded views instead of healthy and balanced criticism )

    People don't expect MSM to behave as Party stooges which they "actually" do.This irks most of the "liberal" people -hope I too was among them :) - who changed into "Modi Hardliner" or better say "Hindutva-wadi" :D.
    These people who criticize him and the followers as "Hindutva-wadi" must know that constant bickering and willful blindness towards his "walk the talk model" is one of the main -if not the only- reason for people becoming more Hardline supporter for Modi.

    "Hate politics/caste politics" these are the garb that Congis chamcha blabber day in and out without realizing that they themselves are deluded into Hate/Communal Mongering.Communal Mongering is not the one-way-path.If being Hindu and being "proud" of it is "communal" so also is being Muslim.Being "Secular" doesn't means being Anti-Majority-Pro-Minority,it means being Pro-Majority-Pro-Minority.
    Still have not lost the hope for MSM but its depleting day-by-day.At the end of the day what matters is the "people" and not MSM.Let these imposter-secularist dance,people will dance their own dance.We will see who's dance was better in 2014 :D

  11. The MSM journalists were hopeless but even worse was Congi Manish Tiwari. He was just UNBEARABLE, asking Ravi Shankar Prasad to be magnanimous blah blah blah. In Kannada we have a saying, "Bidru meese maNNu aglilla". I almost got sick, watching his derisive smile on TimesNow. YUCK.

  12. Media resistance and hatred towards modi is anticipated. Can you imagine what would happen to their paychecks when modi becomes the PM in 2014? Though they will still be running as a mouthpiece of the opposition party (congress), there will always be this fear of having being investigated and charged

  13. People of Mahrashtra, Rajasthan, Haryana Uttarakhand, even J&K and Punjab are well versed in spoken Hindi, almost the same way as in their native languages. So by speaking in Hindi NaMo sends his messages not only to Gujaratis but also to those Indians (UPites, Biharis, MPites) who are always eager to hear Modi. Many a times I get disappointed when Shri Modi speaks in Gujarati. It's always a treat to hear Modi in Hindi. In 2014 elections if 5 states, UP, MP, Bihar, Rajasthan and Punjab (Gujarat will vote for him by default) vote in favor of Modi, he will get a convincing Majority in Loksabha, mind it.

  14. 1st of all there is a deep satisfaction for NaMo's victory. fasted for the day and broke my fast only after the victory was consolidated. That kind of emotions ran through me. and Lo! My surroundings have even Pakistani colleagues and many muslims in office where I work in Dubai in a multinational. they all know that I am a die hard supporter of NaMo.
    Ravinar Bhai, I was watching NDTV Online y'day night I am *very hugely* surprised to see Barakha dutt and Vikram chandra's attitude towards NaMo. I saw glimpses of changes...positivity althogh only a bit but it was there. and for the 1st time in my life I saw Barkha countering negativity of congress against Namo. Please check out and judge yourself: http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/ndtv-special-ndtv-24x7/modi-s-victory-lap-ahmedabad-to-delhi/259051

    It is my gut feeling that Barakha have started to change her attitued for good. anyways, time only will tell if this nearly impossible phenominan can happen.
    Lastly, Man...I salute you...Koti vandan for the tirade you have started against falsehood of MSM. - Utpal

    1. My 2 paise bet :D she will never change. At least the money will keep on rolling which she will not endanger!

    2. Bhai Saa'b paise shaayad bahot kama liye honge....ab thodi gayi hui ijjat vapas lene ko shayad khayal jaagaa ho :D

    3. Shaayad use modi se pyaar ho gaya hoga :P

  15. MediaCrooks.com is becoming very popular. Everyone I have mentioned MediaCrooks to, as an evangelist, already knows about it already!

    Great going, sir! Keep it up!

  16. Personality cult? A vapid nincompoop cum parasite has a 'ticket' to lead the nation on the basis of dynasty but an achiever and patriot wins only by his personality cult! Great logic! Media has taken an extra-judicial decision to apply a closure on the 2002 riots – alas it no longer the cash cow it (never) was.

  17. Ok..I agree with you on the mediacrooks and their obsessive hatred for conservative ideology but I think they are right in reading the signals of NaMo speech in Hindi(though they read it in an unhappy tone)..Yes he often speaks in Hindi & nothing wrong in that..but when he addressed in Hindi yesterday, it indeed was an address to the nation, not just for Gujarat, and I am happy for that...

    1. I agree! It was indeed an address to the Nation and It was a perfect timing to do so. NaMo ka dimaag aur unke advisors ka dimaag perfect thikane pe hai :)

  18. Waah Waah Waah! It didn't occur to me to check 2007 speech w.r.t those Hindi tweets by Deputy Editor and DButt :D

    And there you are, everything prepared inside your head already. Man this was brilliant!!

  19. Great one Ravi. I did watch Times Now yesterday as I had no choice, unfortunately the other we get is NDTV totally unbearable. Loudmouth was flying everywhere, as usual obnoxious. Yadav, what loser after Manish top to toe. The only people who made sense were Navika. Smiriti was great to watch.

    It was great to see humble Modi interacting with his mother, touching feet of Keshubhai. No wonder he is true son of India. His shout of Bharat Mata ki Jai and Bande Mataram is now going to shake the foundation of Psuedo Gandhis. I sincerely hope that NaMo fulfills the last wish of MK Gandhi I.e. disband the present anti-national, corrupt, divisive Congress Party. Jai Hind.

    1. """"I sincerely hope that NaMo fulfills the last wish of MK Gandhi I.e. disband the present anti-national, corrupt, divisive Congress Party. Jai Hind.""""

      that will happen very soon.

  20. With the stones thrown at him[by MSM] Modi has built his strong democratic edifice. Why worry then, Modi will continue to progress even better when he faces hostile situation from MSM and politicians.This brings the best out from him. The people of the country are the judge and jury. Just wait and watch.

  21. Hello RAVI! As always, you are spot on. To dismay of the BAR and their ilk on MSM, they cannot wipe out Modi's victory with theiruncalled for wierd 'qualifications'attched to Modi's victory. These English yapping stupids have plumbed depths of indecency and moronery beyond any definition. Ditto for absurd theories and silly face saving arguments of Congress spokespersones and what can I say of the so-called Intelligent observers, commentators or anylysists? Nothing said the better. Fact remains, these worthies are not worried at whit about the lies, untruths and half-truths of our History being peddled all these years. On the contrary, these worthies pride themselves on building on this muck. Modi may be the beginning of the 'change' that majority of Indians wish for. Let his opponents and haters pine away while Modi rides to higher glory. Regards - KRV

  22. Dear Ravinar,

    Yesterday the sleveless bimbo was trying to suggest that NAMO had been always trying to get a stamp of approval from the liberal establishment(read Congress led Media establishment). I laughed for a few minutes & hoped that someday the same liberal establishment would beg to NAMO for forgiveness.

    1. Yes Abhijeet I also hope that someday the same liberal establishment would beg to NAMO for forgiveness. But do they qualify for mercy.

      Without teaching them a lesson or without punishing them for their misdeeds no mercy to them.

  23. Congress has made MSM an organised industry for its promotion by giving them huge amounts of money by means of advertisements and other favours ( like sponsorship by PSU). MSM fears Modi not because of 2002 but because they know that all this easy money will go once person like Modi becomes PM . Thats why they are all out discrediting him and trying to invoke fear in other BJP leaders that naming Modi as PM candidate will harm them. MSM dont want BJP to win and perticularly Modi to loose and Congress to continue so that they keep getting there share

  24. Dear Ravinar,

    Very well said about ‘personality cult’, these BAR are hogging their channels from morning to night and they are calling NaMo's victory as ‘personality cult’, shame on u MM (Media Morons).

    And as far as PM candidature of NaMo is concerned why BJP has to be defensive on this when these MMs are asking who will be ur PM candidate in 2014, why they are not asking who do u think will be PM candidate of Congis?

    Why they are not questioning about the candidature of Virbhadra Singh for CM in HP? He is having a case registered for corruption in court. Why now Gadkari/BJP are silent on this issue?

  25. Politics corrupts! Yogender Yadav was biggest disappointment for me. He is repeating the same 'Idea of India' everywhere. It is obvious he is keeping the options open for 'aam aadmi' to have chance to join next congress government at center.....

    I believe this 'Idea of India' not something evolved but imposed on diverse sections of this land. Time has come to rethink on this idea, if not shed it totally.

  26. Ravi, Brilliant piece once again... the choice of words is superb and the piecing together of how MSM has disgraced itself - you deserve our applause... The title of Media-crooks is sure sending shivers down the spine of the crooks in the media.. who are in cohorts with the corrupt Delhi CONG leadership. Great work... may your tribe increase.

  27. Do we know the troika reads this? If they do, hey will get a heart attack for sure. This is a mirror on their faces....!

  28. Media heros might have missed thier orgasms due to election results in Gujarat.

    But the Media never retires and they keep coming back, in a way it is only good, since it will help Modi to grow even bigger than he is now. His personality cult is developed by the media itself, and is out their reach and they are acting like cry babies.

    The Media babies should realize their mistakes and change their methods. But realization is a rare event in the lives of Idionaries so life goes on.

  29. Extraordinary piece, this one... I absolutely love your work.

  30. swapandas gupta best describes that why these media morons hate modi and dont want him to get delhi throne.

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. Brilliant as always!
    Tavleen Singh slammed Barkha on her show itself. (Maybe hosting Left, Right and Centre would be more appropriate after that!) She minced no words to tell her that she shouldn't have been gloating with the early morning trends, and should learn to keep her personal hatred for Modi aside! (Trying to find the video link, in case anyone has it, pls fwd).
    Rajdeep mentioned how Modi did give him an interview but by making him sit on the cleaner's seat, and Barkha expressed hope that one day Modi will agree to speak to NDTV!
    The fact is that Modi and his idea of governance (will not say India yet :)) is a threat to their very existence in the form they have become used to, and no one knows it better than them. Their hatred and prejudice has long been overtaken by insecurity and fear, and is there for all to see!

    1. MSM and congress has taken people to the cleaners. Modi fittingly made Rajdeep sit in the seat he deserves

  33. Ravinar, great article. But, one thing I want to highlight, the silencer (PM) did mention his one liner about Delhi Rape incident.

    However, it was again like 'I condemn' thing after a blast and doesn't appeared he really cared or made a point that he will deal exclusively with law to implement new measures. I thought he holds the most powerful chair but behaves as a puppet. At least am glad he made 2 words and not his traditional silence, else I've for sure assumed this man is so disgusting that he wasn't moved by the victim's plight and still silent.

    The MSM may also been frustrated at the fact that NaMo didn't approached them with money to get rid of his constant maligning and instead made his own platform to reach out to people. It's kind of revenue loss to them and they hate any competition or critics as they think they are the only stake holders of news and decide what should go in public and what not. That's why they hate social media as well.

    On the article, Ravinar, as always, it's an excellent piece and am pretty sure you are inspiring many people today who can end up good journalist in future.

  34. Ravi ji great post.
    Just want to add if I remember correctly Imam Bukhari even called Shabana Azmi "Tawayaf" on the same NDTV show.Disgusting Bukhari.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  36. I think Mr.Narendra Modi should thoroughly train some 28 people about "How to make development and be people's choice in elections without giving away sarees or tv's" and send each one of them to individual states of India!!!!

  37. Chidambaram's comment is in line with the title of your previous post - "You Win, You Win... You Lose, You Still Win.."..

    Regarding Singhvi..I have a big problem dealing with his come back on TV..I just swap the channel just to avoid seeing him on TV (even though I might be loosing out on some good debate). Feels yuck...

    Of course he was more tolerable among the spokespersons of UPA. But today, even when he says "2+2 = 4", I have a problem to stay tuned in.

  38. Dear Ravinar,

    I want to bring something to everyone's notice. In the situation where Modi actually does become the PM's candidate from BJP, what should be his strengths on which he will garner votes ??
    The answer to that is that although the Urban liberal Hindus want him to become PM for his governance, the rural voters are still locked in the caste based politics of Mulayam & Mayavati. In such a situation he has to use his caste card effectively for the rural voters who may support him only through the OBC caste factor. So unfortunately it must be a 2 prong strategy for Modi of pulling urban voter on basis of performance & rural voter on basis of caste. Whether someone like it or not.

  39. It was fun watching the BARS with their usuall BAR tenders ...... I dont want to see B face on TV anymore so didnt watch NDTV, R and S hmmm its insult to myself to listen to their arguments so with little but no other choice I had to stick on to A ..... Loved the way Smitri Irani kicked the bar owner and bar tenders right and left .....
    Good work Ravi .... keep it up .....
    and ya very very happy to see the page count going on(but i guess its only number of hits to the page may not be number of individuals .... any way I wish this blog spreads like fire)

  40. In timesnow, yogendra yadav described Modi's win as a black day for democracy. I thought Aam Aaadmi party was not for any currently existing political party and some how his comments indicated that he wanted Congress to win. This made me think and I noticed that Kejriwal has been awfully silent and hidden somewhere from the public and media after Khurshid's episode. The so called Aaam Aadmi party that caters to Aam Aadmi issues was no where in the public to air their views on the FDI bill (that will impact aam aadmi directly) that was passed merely by CBI threats. My doubt is that by connecting Yogendra yadav's comments and Kejriwal and co missing from the limelight, has Aam Aaadmi party quitely merged with Congress party like Chiranjeevi's party?

  41. Dear Ravinar,

    Modi's clamour will keep growing even outside Gujarat as long as he continues as CM of Gujarat. The moment NAMO resigns as CM of Gujarat, he will loose the momentum he has gained as a performer & task master. Hence Its going to be an extremely tough & dangerous decision. I hope he does not move to national politics till 2014 & then take the leap only if NDA comes to power. No point in becoming a scapegoat for sake of it.

    1. I'm sure he'll step down only when guaranteed full support of BJP (not NDA) before polls.

  42. Great post Ravi

    Had planned to put a comment regarding Smriti episode yesterday. Had it been by a BJP member, news channels would have gone in overdrive mode.

    But this was a BJP lady hence he went away scot free.

    Glad to see you captured it and so many other things as well. Your blog is becoming a source of lot of information now with all participants giving their views and share information.

    1. Correct. Whenever congress party is caught red handed (this happens on the weekly basis) these corrupt morons give lecture that " don't politicize","all parties are corrupt". Today they are shedding false tears for Delhi rape case but why no mention of Nirupam ,just because he is from congress?

  43. Ravi Bhai, almost everyday i refer your site to my students and other ignorant souls..your reach is proportional to welare for the country...god bless you...

  44. it fills my heart with great satisfaction that at least on the web there is a chance for someone to expose the depraved media of this nation ... who was that joker who joked about the fourth pillar of democracy ? ... yeah fourth pillar which is in a secluded corner so that street dogs can piss on it ...

    there are so many choicest epithets that come to my mind ... muh khul gaya to danga ho jayega

  45. This was one brilliantly written article! Thank You so much Ravinar for exposing our biased media!


  46. जब श्री नरेन्द्र मोदी जी ने एक भ्रष्ट महिला (सुनंदा पुष्कर) की को भ्रष्ट कहा था तो दोगली मीडिया कई दिनों तक इस खबर को भुनाती रही और कहती रही की मोदी जी ने नारी जाती का अपमान किया है।

    लेकिन जब आज संजय निरुपम ने श्रीमती स्मृति ईरानी का अपमान किया। तो खोजने से भी खबर नहीं मिल पा रही है। यही है दोगले कांग्रेसी मीडिया का चरित्र।

  47. Thank you for blogging and bringing forth the English media's biases in their language (English) through this blog. I am very happy NaMo won and I am crossing my fingers and toes for his participation in general elections and win as PM. It is time for our great nation to have a great Indian leader.
    More power to you.
    Keep on blogging.

  48. Hello Ravi,

    Wonderful write-up, as usual!

    Unfortunately, I could watch only the Nefarious Design TV (NDTV) over here to get the Gujarat election updates.

    The elation and glee were written in bold and double strike all over on her face whenever she announced the 'change' number! It was so brazen and blatant!! The way she conducted herself on 20th is final proof that NDTV in general and Barkha in particular are in the pay roll of the Congress.

    Barkha told Ravishankar at the end that Modi would talk to us after a decade. Why should Modi talk to this hack? He knows where to keep the broom in the house! Shame on her, let her first bring Sonia/Rahul/Robert to her studio, question them about the numerous corruption charges and then talk about Modi.

    My new year resolution is to stop paying subscription to NDTV!

    Vijay Iyengar

  49. The best place for muslims to live is in India. Find one another (secular) country where they would have more freedom, more chances of growth irrespective of their religion, where their women have freedom to do what they want to do. Yes there are some communally sensitive areas everywhere and some riots occur everywhere and these things have been happening forever but the way "secular" English language media talks about these things and labels them as "pograms" and talk about it and keep it alive in minds of people while the kashmir hindus are rotting in delhi ghettos or hindu minority continally escape from Pakistan, items that are stale and not news worthy the way NaMo is. If he was not such a success as CM, no one would have vilified him or continued to talk about this one event that occurred during his term as CM.
    I hope your blog is converted in many indian languages and published in various newspapers and I hope you syndicate your articles and publish it in various (language) newpapers.

  50. I have compiled a list of the best Morons of the day on 20th Dec ie the Election result day.

    1. Yogendra Yadav - Moron no 1 - On his comments of the Idea of India

    2. Barkha - Moron no 2 - On her quick leap of faith that Modi will end at 95-100 early in the day

    3. Shiv Viswanathan - Moron no 3- Pseudo Intellectual that he is , he was distinctly unhappy and irritated on Headlines Today

    4. Shankarshan Thakur - Moron no 4- For having criticized Gujaratis who voted NaMo in ,

    5. Shabnam - Moron no 5 , permanent sulker on TV

    6. Aakar Patel - Moron no 6- The resident rebel Patel on IBNLIVE

    7. Chidambaram - Moron no 7 - for his clownish comments on having contained Modi.

    8. Sibal - Moron no 8 - for his comments on Modi's 2D victory

    9. Sanjay Nirupam - Moron no 9 for his comments on Smriti

    10. Mani Shankar Iyer (God bless him, he is related to me) - Moron no 10 - for his squirming and hatred spouting on Headlines Today

    1. Blow to CNNIBN!! old monk and Saggy missing from the list !

    2. These Congress morons esp. Chiddu do not realize the shame of losing for straight 6th time in Gujarat elections.

  51. thak you for this delightful piece. grind these morons to dust. all the power to you sir!

  52. Another Steven R Covey's habit - Think first to understand and then to be understood !

    So, I understand (;-)), MSM planned for a tea (or loo) break anticipating NaMo's victory speech in Gujarati. But, desperation got the better and Murphy's law prevailed and NaMo spoke in Hindi, and MSM couldn't resist the idea of skipping it.
    There you see the Rant !

  53. Ravi,
    I switch TV channel if I see manu sighvi. TV viewership can not be taken for granted. I do not feel I miss the best part of the discussion. It may be negligible way of protest but drops make ocean...

  54. Good one.....but it is a little too much for us to expect these people to change. It is no surprise that they dislike Modi a lot becos he exhibits traits that they can never have. Courage to challenge the status quo and change it cannot be accepted by people whose very survival depends on mediocrity and non-performance. The strangest question bandied about is whether Modi is fit to be PM? I always thought that to be a PM one had to be a citizen of India, one had to win an election and the party has to elect the person as the parliamentary leader. If other qualifications are required, then among the other aspirants for this job, Modi is the only one who will qualify-he is capable of governing a state, he seems to have a vision, he can communicate, corruption free and he shows spine. So he is a true leader. What more is needed? MSM have got so used to seeing wimps being foisted as leaders they have lost their ability to recognize capability, energy and dynamism. This is bound to happen if one sits in a TV studio the whole time surrounded by yes men and listening to one's own voice :-)

  55. NDTV is going the Doordarshan way. Just like Doordarshan lost it's relevence once satelite televison reach india, NDTV and other such channel are facing the same plight once social media reached India.

    My take on Modi and media's opposition to him


  56. 'News Broadcasters Association' (nba) of india. what is it role? the website is http://nbanewdelhi.com
    The NBA has presently 21 leading news and current affairs broadcasters (comprising 40 news and current affairs channels) as its members.
    interestingly the members are.. ''NDTV, Times Global Broadcasting, TV Today Network, TV18 Group, Zee News, Media Content and Communicaiton Services, Independent News Service''....etc.

    incidentally these are the channels which seems to be most biased and always in favour ( for last 1 year) of main political party.

    the Board of Directors of nba include its PresidentMr K.V. L. Narayan Rao.

    the profile of K.V. L. Narayan Rao-

    ''Mr. Narayan Rao Executive Vice Chairperson, New Delhi Television Ltd., joined the Company as General Manager in January 1995. He was invited to join the Board of the Company in 1998 and has been its Executive Director since then; appointed Group CEO in 2007. As Group CEO, he is responsible for ensuring that the aspirations of the group are met and that NDTV becomes a global Indian media brand, recognized all over the world for its ethics, high standards and achievements. Narayan oversees the businesses of the NDTV Group in India and worldwide and the implementation of a Common Code of Conduct across the group companies and ensures that the group adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance. He played a critical role in the transition and growth of NDTV from a production house to a broadcaster. Prior to joining NDTV, Narayan was with the Indian Revenue Service and has held important appointments during his tenure from 1979-1994 . He began his career as a journalist with the Indian Express. Narayan is also on the Board of the Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF), and the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA). He is also a Member of the Task Force set up by the Ministry of I&B to look at Broadcasting regulations in India.''

    top to bottom............this is the story.

  57. all the Modi baiter fools got up early in the morning and came to studio without bath(they won't get up so early for personal work and not sure they had enough breakfast) and speak pig shit. Their voice tells how scared they are of NaMo. NaMo should charge 100crores (copy rights) for his interview with filthy english channels after-all shit speaking khans take dog biscuits from these channels

  58. the recent he annual report of NBA is saying....''In the process of managing its policy environment, NBA draws constantly on the goodwill of the
    government. During the year under review, the NBA took up issues that concern news broadcasters
    with the government from time to time. The Board Members/Secretary General called on the
    following officials in the government:
    Mrs. Ambika Soni, Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting
    Mrs. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi
    Mr. Prithviraj Chavan, Chief Minister of Maharashtra
    Mr. Pulok Chatterji, Principal Secretary to Prime Minister of India
    Mr. Rajiv Takru, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting
    Dr. Rahul Khullar, Chairperson, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)
    Dr. J.S. Sarma, the then Chairperson, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)
    Mr. B. Brahma, Chairman, Empanelment Advisory Committee & Additional Secretary &
    Economic Advisor - Ministry of I&B
    Mr. A.P. Frank Noronha, Director General, Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity

    surprisingly no one from opposition political party....so how it will be ensured that all msm under NBA will be neutral?

  59. Dear Ravinar Ji,
    This is one more trash which has been on non other than our Pathetic ConAss'i mouth piece http://www.ndtv.com/article/india/in-india-a-dangerous-and-divisive-technocrat-309131?pfrom=home-topstories

    I don't know whether should I laugh or feel pity for these poor mentality clowns.

  60. I agree...
    I totally Agree what NaMo said...Don't look at barking dogs...Elephant's job is to keep walking...

    Since few years, there are many non-Indian powers spreading a movement in Maharashtra using Oily money to devide prominent Hindu communities...

    I used to answer each and every baseless statement they used to make on web...

    But then I realized, rathar than answering them, let's keep spreading the thought that we Got as our glorious heritage! and trust me! today I get 10 times more hits than what these so called reformers get on their websites!

    Elephant must keep walking!!!!!!!!!

  61. I m fan of you. I think this site has to reach more and more urban youth ! Please suggest readers how can we do it?

  62. The amazing grace of media is still going on as expected: see now this kind of article started floating in NDTV, Economic Times, TOI etc...


    But what is noteworthy is one comment by certain "Ash Jha" which summerises everything"


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