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Don't Mess With Hindus

One of the greatest modern-day astronomers, the late Carl Sagan stated: "Vedic Cosmology is the only one in which the time scales correspond to those of modern scientific cosmology”. Sagan was an atheist, so religion didn’t influence his findings. Another astronomer corroborated the accuracy of the Vedas by stating that the movements of the stars calculated 4,500 years ago, does not differ by a minute from the tables of today. While scientists have growingly come to acknowledge the Vedas, the basis of Hinduism and Hindu culture, it is our own ‘Fiberal’ Social Scientologists and the ‘Fiberals’ in the media who often heap the most abuse on Hindus and Hindu culture. Some are even ignorant which “invented” religions started the concept of killing for their faith.

Rajdeep Sardesai is a family-man. Like any parent he wants his kids to grow up in an India where no one kills in the name of religion. It’s a nice thought. John Lennon did ask to “Imagine no religion”. But what does Rajdeep have to say to parents who often shower abuse in public with statements like calling Lord Ram a “Divine Encroacher”? What does it teach children when someone calls “Indian males ugly”? What does Rajdeep say when a fellow media crook calls Ram a D***? What does it say about an Editorialist who runs an anti-Hindu channel? What does it say about Editorialists who didn’t report a single communal riot of the NINE in UP in the last 6 months? If Rajdeep wants an India free of religious violence he and his friends in the media must acknowledge that religious-violence wasn’t invented in India. It came from foreign deserts. Rajdeep’s deputy called people on SM “Internet Hindus” as a derogatory term. What does Rajdeep have to say? Well, far from feeling offended Hindus now wear that term as a proud badge much to her annoyance.

This post is not directed at Rajdeep but draws his attention to what he can correct without any help from anywhere. And now Hindus on the net and on the ground are starting to say “enough is enough”. People on Twitter, often called ‘Tweeple’ are now frequently gathering to discuss the media and other social and economic issues. One such meet was held in Bangalore on December 2, 2012 and promoted under the tag #SouthPTC. Prominent speakers were Subramanian Swamy (SS), S. Gurumurty (SG), Prof. R. Vaidyanathan (RV) and MR Venkatesh (MRV). These gentlemen are well-known, well-respected and frequently appear on TV panel discussions. They were also joined by many Tweeple in making presentations. Here’s a report on the meet sent in by N. Suresh (@Surnell). The report is in Suresh’s own words and I have only edited it for length. Invite you to read:

Gurumurthy (speaking), Seated: R.Vaidyanathan, S.Swamy
SS delivered the opening address (full speech on Youtube). Reclaiming and revival of the empowerment of educated classes made possible by the power and reach of Internet was the dominant theme of the address. An important point made was about the value system of India that everyone aspires and subscribes to, to be known as “Educated Class” He further acknowledged the power of this educated intellectual class who are quite knowledgeable and data hungry. With this knowledgeable crowd, India can progress enormously if right policies are in place. He emphasized that it is wrong to refer India’s Growth rate as Hindu rate of growth whereas it actually should be called Communist rate of Growth since we followed Soviet model. He added that when they said 3.5% is the best we can achieve, a policy change through economic reforms resulted in 9.5% growth. It is not enough to be educated, we need to have spine too. It is not about numbers, not about being strong, “It is all an issue of Mindset, which is the whole idea of this Conference – The Mindset, the Mindset required to make India Great once again”.

The main part of the address focussed on various dimensions of Politics viz Votebank issues, Religion, Law and Order, Economic issues, International Issues and others. He dwelt in detail on the threat to National Security due to Influx of Bangladeshis which is changing religious composition in districts of Assam.  Dr Swamy then dealt with issues facing the Nation starting with Corruption – the overriding issue today. Every problem India faces today can be traced to corruption and then other issues like National Security and Lopsided Investment priorities

SG (Full speech on Youtube) then addressed the gathering on Culture, Values and Development where he focussed on how India and China were the leading economy in 1750s (together >50% of Global output) and US was just 0.1% of the Global GDP. India’s share crashed from around 25% to 1.8 and China’s to 6%  Even Japan then fastest growing economy had to import spinning technology from India as late as 1880s. During peak economic crisis when Government almost lost hopes on the economy, banks lost hopes, travelling across various Industrial clusters of India – it was realized that our economic strength was not in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta or other big cities. Highest per capita income was not in these places including Bangalore (which has recently caught up with Global economic forces). It was in Gujarat which has achieved it year after year for last 2 decades. He says “In 10 years my economic ideas, social idea, relation between Society-Economics, Culture-Economics and People-Economics underwent complete change”. In reference to a speech in IIT-Mumbai, he expressed regret that Institutes of Higher Learning that produces these Intellectual leadership of India who interface with the world has minimal understanding of India and Indian Society which has impacted our Economic, social, political and academic thinking which calls for a shift in our mindset. 

He quoted reputed rating agencies criteria for India’s growth potential – Family Savings which accounts for 18-20% of our GDP. Dr Jagadish Bhagawati a reputed Economist advised Dr Manmohan Singh, FM during 1992-93 crises that the only way to emerge out of this crisis is to dip into this Family savings and get families to spend more – in short convert miserly women in the families into spenders instead of savers. Though Government obliged the real India did not oblige, they maintained the culture of saving, traditions, morals and values because that is how for centuries we have been trained, that is how our literature, culture and spirituality are.

Prof RV (full speech on Youtube) then addressed the Tweeple on the Way forward and actions thereof post Conference. He broadly touched upon 3 areas – Academic Institutions, Media and Global Finance for immediate focus. The Academic Institutions have lost out due to influence of a Left leaning Minister for HRD during 1973 period set up 14 Research Centres across India to serve as feeder centre for all major universities of the country.  The effect of that action is being felt today in the Universities where a close knit group of left liberal thinkers – a no-entry to outsiders kind of a mutual admiration society dictate the sociology and history of what forms academics of University (for instance Historian Ramachandra Guha’s India after Gandhi doesn’t even mention Sardar Patel and similarly in his latest book says SP Mukherjee is solely responsible for Kashmir issue).

It is essential to create think-tanks across the country on various specialized topics like Defence, Foreign Affairs who can then become thought leaders and pressure groups in due course. Unlike other professional bodies like Medicine, Accountancy etc there are no regulatory bodies to regulate Social Scientists.  Retrieving Social Science studies to reflect the right history, culture and tradition is the first focus task. Coming to next focus point which is Media that includes Visual, Print and Social Media. Social media has a fairly significant presence of Patriots, reason why the Main Stream Media is jittery and feeling insecure by these 140 character assault from Social media. In order to make a presence and impact, RV stated Gurumurthy is working towards establishment of a Visual Media. The other focus area is to compel the Government to open up Radio Medium. The final focus is on recreating Global Financial Architecture.

There were presentations from Tweeple groups on various Subjects. 1) “What ails Indian Media” 2) Women-Right or Respect 3) Section 66A of IT Act – Its implications and 4) Dharma/Spirituality. Q&A followed every presentation. See Tweeple’s presentation here

The Tweeple team, Bangalore, December 2, 2012
MRV (full speech on Youtube) then took the podium to address on FDI/FII – Implications for India. He demonstrated how the whole investment was not from foreign sources from our 36% household savings which is also drove the Macro-level Economic growth. The FDI/FII that has come so far is less than 2% and Goldman Sachs studies say Indian Investments in infrastructure predominantly comes from Indians. In the list leaked by the Ex-Employees of HSBC, Zurich - 700 are Indians which most probably would have got settled in Settlement Commissions of IT Department.  Agreeing with Kerjiwal who said it is easier to transact in HSBC, Zurich than Operating in SBI. Despite HSBC being considered a rogue bank by every country, RBI Governor’s silence is baffling. More damning was the complicity of Mauritius route for money laundering where a residence certificate or registering a company is possible with low investment on paper.

When Politicians, Ministers and reputed Banks indulge in such acts silence of finance ministry is worrisome. Drawing a parallel to a verse in Bhagavad Gita where Lord Krishna describes the immortal soul says, Weapons cannot cut me, Fire cannot burn me, Water cannot drench me and Wind cannot dry me – the same is the case with Hawala money– IT Commissioner cannot touch me, ED cannot issue notice to me, RBI cannot question me,  SEBI will not know anything about me. Money laundering is canonised by Media and the FDI proponents as item of huge reverence. On the ruins of the West India will rise. World crumbling is an opportunity, India not rising enough is the challenge. We have a challenge and responsibility to educate and ensure that discourse and debate on FDI/FII is based on facts.

Prof Vaidyanthan stated the Abrahamic faiths have originated from desert whereas our culture is River-bank based. He continues “from being a reactive to agenda set by others, we should set the agenda and get MSM to respond to us”. He concluded by saying “These Internet Hindus or Cyber Hindus are united by a larger national concern and not paid groups” and hence they are unstoppable, will multiply and flourish and send a clear message: Don’t Mess With Hindus

No entity less than the Supreme Court, in February 2011, observed the prejudice and discrimination by the so-called “sickular” govts when it said: “…Government's attempts to reform personal laws don't go beyond Hindus who have been more tolerant of such initiatives”. (Read the full report)

Don’t mess with Hindus” is not a call to arms. It’s not a “3rd wave” call like that of Owaisi’s. It just warns the social scientologists, anti-Hindu media, Eminent Historians who faked and lied about Indian history and the Macaulay Putras and Putris to stop abusing Hindus and Hinduism. It’s a message not to take the ‘tolerance’ that the SC observes for granted. 


  1. Reminds one of the old saying: Beware the anger of a patient man.

  2. Reminds one of the old saying: Beware the anger of a patient man.

  3. Very timely and good one Ravi.
    Hindu and anything Hindu bashing is norm by Sickular MSM, Politicians. The Hindu Civilization is at crossroads at the moment. Need for right thinking people is to propogate the Hindu values. The brain washing by MSM and convent educated morons is harming the nation's youth. Need strong teachings of Hindu values to stop this. Need a non-political institution for this. Really what India needs is Modi as PM and someone of stature of Aadi Guru Shankara to come on stage.

  4. Hi, permit me to reproduce an excerpt from Carl Sagan's : Pale Blue Dot - " ..........Universe is many billions of years old - despite the confident assertions of revered theologists (he quotes St. Augustine in a footnote)that a world so old directly contradicts the word of God....these lines of evidence would have to be manufactured by a deceptive and malicious diety - unless the world is much older than the literalists in the Judeo-Chritian-Islamic (notice the hyphen) religion suppose. Of course, no such problem arises for those many religious people who treat the Bible and the Qur'an as historical and moral guides and great literature (notice the scathing attack that he makes)........The immense interval of time between the origin of the Universe and our epoch was two-thirds over and before the Earth came to be....But in Genesis, chapter 1, verse 1, the Universe and the Earth are created on the same day. The Hindu-Buddhist-Jain religion tends not to confound the two events.."

    As for Rajdeep, clearly his kids should grow up in Delhi protected by the butchers of 1984.


  5. Thank you so much, Ravi for this gesture. I feel so privileged to be mentioned here (leave alone being able to contribute here). As you rightly stated, the majority community has been cornered and felt pushed too much "Enough is Enough" We are not going to let this happen anymore (maybe not averse to start the real first wave ;)Tolerance is being considered a sign of weakness and I recall one of your earlier post

    "Unlimited tolerance must lead to the disappearance of tolerance. If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them… We should therefore claim, in the name of tolerance, the right not to tolerate the intolerant. We should claim that any movement preaching intolerance places itself outside the law, and we should consider incitement to intolerance and persecution as criminal, in the same way as we should consider incitement to murder, or to kidnapping, or to the revival of the slave trade, as criminal.” Unquote. This just about summarizes what "Don't Mess with Hindus" is all about.

    Thanks a lot for this piece

  6. Having read it in its entirety and gone back to it time and again, you are factually incorrect about India After Gandhi not mentioning Sardar Patel. Can give you exact page numbers when am with the book. But very vividly recall that he does mention him and give due credit for Junagarh, Hyderabad and the ideas he proposed for Kashmir too. He mentions Dr. Ambedkar and even Swami Karpatri Ji of Gau-Raksha Andolan, so not biased at least on facts. His Nehvruvian affection might make him draw not-so-appropriate conclusions. But he mentions all who mattered and in that sense, has done a great service with this book

    1. Agree with you here. For all his flaws, with whom can I compare Guha's works to ? I am not aware of any other across the board obesrvation of post partition India - may be excpet M J AKbar on specific issues. Guha's dislike for the right makes him write utter rubbish about the Sangh , Jan Sangh and Hindu Mahasabha - you know, that marxist theory that these nasty hindus grouped together just because of 'intolerance' and nothing else :)

  7. Hey! since u quoted Carl Sagan and Vedic Time calc.. pls read this & share! I made dis based Vishnu Puran!

    1. Google URL Shortner says "this URL has been disabled"... Post the correct one...

    2. Vedic Time Travel by Vinay Mangal

  8. Good compilation. It is heartening, going by this brief report, that many upright people have their hearts in the right place.

    One important matter that was touched upon was Hawala,and the unwillingness of the establishment to touch it. I would like to add that even the Opposition does not mention it.

    I have been saying often that our gems and jewellery export businesses are
    the prime routes of cross-border Hawala. Especially those with a presence in Dubai. Some big jewellery companies are said to be money laundering and Hawala fronts for big politicians.

    I have a suspicion that the HSBC leak named some big jewellers, who were raided by IT and were rumoured to be absconding for some days. Not much is known about what happened next.

    These very people also cheat shareholders and banks through dubious deals, but are never investigated by SEBI or ED.

    Further, there is some belief that dubious cross- border M&A deals by these people and some large infra companies have also been instances when large sums of ill-gotten wealth were sent abroad or rerouted on behalf of politicians.

    If we ever get an honest and strong government, I hope we will see these people investigated and prosecuted.

    /End of rant.

  9. Aptly timed piece and aptly named. Every family law in India is designed to break the family more than to keep it together. Everyone knows Muslim and Christian Laws are different. What is worse they are passing more and more laws as if Indian families are criminals. On other hand, pass laws like that of Shah Bano case and what a name - Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act - which actually makes actually more and more truly economically poor women being destitute. All in the name of minority appeasement!

    Supreme Court has ruled a marriage null and void between Christian and Hindu as per HMA - case of Bandaru Pavani and Gullipilli Sowria Raj case. Also, Supreme Court has very recently asked Center if Hindu law can cover Sikhs, Buddhist and Jains (Nov, 2012) before issuing notice to the Center via attorney general G E Vahanvati - Birendra Kaur case. Get ready for another crooked view, if the Govt. does not act properly on national interest.

    TADA has gone. POTA has gone. UAPA can not pass the amendment in Parliament in this session as well. It looks Hindu Families are more of a threat than terrorism and various forms of Terror outside and inside of this country. Unbelievably sick laws and fraud mechanisms in place, which is destroying the fabric - many family laws are becoming cognizable and non-bailable.

    Without naming anyone, perhaps the previous leaders (and so also some current ones) and prime ministers of this country, who choose to covert to Islam or Christian, married under different rites or different countries (and again covert back and fool the public here with another set of rites!) - knew well how to circumvent the law.

    Must say that checked on the video of Sri Subramaniam Swamy and factually verified. The man, as usual, is mostly correct and above all, the man is a great patriot, without question. We need to protect, honor and standby man of such caliber and patriotism.

  10. Hinduism, in ancient time was a religion of philosophical and scientific research, with several sects, school of thoughts,opinions, research papers and books. Every human was free to do research, publish papers, put forth his opinions, hypotheses and theories. Majority of theoretical works including advance astronomical calculations, space-time travel and quantum phenomena were, probably 10,000 BC or earlier, compiled into Vedas, by a group of highly qualified, intelligent and knowledgeable professors collectively called as Veda-vyasas. Proceedings, which were slightly less theoretical and less advanced were published in the form of Upanishads and Purana. Coming to the point, those who were called Hindus were actually students of science and technology, ecology, Ayurveda, astronomy and several others branches of science. A researcher always tries to find the logic behind anything; if it is logical, it is believable, if not, don't care. So if somebody bashes Hindus based on some books written by any T, D and H..just say I don't believe in rubbishes. I am a true Hindu and I believe in research, I believe in Science I believe in peace, conservation of ecosystem and I believe in God that's it. Whatever, logically scientifically and theoretically seems to be true is acceptable to me, otherwise mind your business.

  11. Concept of Time:

  12. Sagan continues after the given quote & says it was just by accident that the values are so close.

  13. My way of expressing comments may be crude.
    There are those who swear by religion,but,wont take a split second to kill for religion.
    Few names can be drawn without much effort

  14. Loved the article .... felt like connected to those elite people personally ........ felt good by the remarks ...."These Internet Hindus or Cyber Hindus are united by a larger national concern and not paid groups” and hence they are unstoppable, will multiply and flourish and send a clear message: Don’t Mess With Hindus”

    Keep it up Ravi .....

  15. During the FDI debate Laloo took a dig on MM Joshi for trying to introduce Astrology as a lesson and our Netas laughed their hearts content. In an era where we look up to western approval for every step of our modern scientific research, Astrological, astronomical, geological and medical contributions of our forefathers is our saving grace to establish our supremacy.
    The rise of internet hindus and growing awareness of the real history, thanks to the web world and some great researchers and bloggers like Jayasree Saranathan (@jayasartn), I hope the future netas are forced to change our education system and thus enabling all children including that of Rajdeep's to grow with pride and not prejudice.

  16. Ravinar...look at below post in FP today..

    Looks like Congress stooge Akshaya Mishra wrote that post after reading this post of
    Or could be Guj election fever too

  17. I read this post at least 100 times & wanna read it again. Truth has a new name - Mediacrooks. Thanks Ravi. Prabhu Jagannath Bless.

  18. Quote " In order to make a presence and impact, RV stated Gurumurthy is working towards establishment of a Visual Media". Ok, thats good news and gives me some hope. His treatment by the media for the Gadkari issue should serve as the final wake up call. Being honest is not enough in this media environment.

  19. I agree with Raahul, it is incorrect to say that Mr. Ramchandra Guha did not mention Sardar Vallabhai Patel in India After Gandhi. I just finished the book and he gave very due credit for a number of reform measures that Mr. Patel undertook towards unification of India and even bringing about a uniform civil code in India

  20. Just want to thank .. nothing else !! What a post .. your best till i started reading this space ..

  21. Whoever you are, you're doing a great job. Continue so.

  22. excellent.. yes, these pseudosecular journalists would have thought that we would get offended by the term internet hindus.. but far from it, I am really proud of the fact.. gud one.. I remember a video from Youtube where sagarika ghosh, subramaniam swamy debate about internet hindus.. in a foreign news channel..

  23. Dude/dudette you have really swept me off as all this strikes a chord with me.But you have not put the spotlight in Swamy and his meglomania. Please do.

  24. hi,

    the western world is coming back to hindusim-- thanks to the FREE internet.

    punch into google search-


    capt ajit vadakayil

  25. Carl Sagan wasn't an athiest. He was agnostic.


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