Sunday, December 30, 2012

Delhi's Broken Windows

(This maxi-post is in multiple parts but carried on single page)

From the poorest family in a slum to the richest in mansions, all Indian families share a common practice; we clean our house every single day. There can be those rare days which are exceptions but we do sweep and mop the floor every single day. We do this routine in our offices too. This is one of the routines of our lives as with other hygiene ones. It’s one thing common between the rich and the poor. If we don’t, dust accumulates. If dust accumulates disease follows or possessions rot. As simple as that! Crime prevention is not very different. Keeping cities free of crime is a daily routine. And when crime does happen we expect justice will follow and swiftly. The recent incident of the Gangrape of a 23-year old woman and her death brought people out on to the streets. The response of the govt and police merely indicate that they aren’t following the daily routines. Lathi-charges, water-cannons, shutting down metro-rail, buses and barricades are all responses in a ‘contagion’. Although this Gangrape acted as a trigger people weren’t really out in anger for that alone. Delhizens are simply fed up to their necks with the frequent crimes in the city-state. This is a long story, in multiple parts, and not to do with the media alone.

The ‘moment of truth’ as I call it is when a guest or visitor first comes in contact with a city or a service. When a flight is cancelled or delayed beyond tolerance, irate passengers don’t call up the Chairman of the airline to scream at; do they?  They usually crowd around the hapless check-in girl and give her a harrowing time (see image and also see video on Youtube). The poor girl has absolutely nothing to do with the aircraft, cancellation, delays or flights except checking you in. Yet, she is the one facing the brunt of public anger. She is the ‘window’ of the airline. She is the ‘moment of truth’, the first point of contact. For most visitors to Delhi that first moment of truth or point of contact is a Taxi or an Auto. The behaviour of some of them is quite uncivil and makes you feel unwelcome. To top it all they don’t run on meters even till this day; 65 years after independence. Isn’t it astonishing, that those who claim to be in charge of law and order, crime-prevention and justice haven’t managed to get taxis and autos run on simple meters? Why in the world should Delhi airport have a system of ‘prepaid’ fares for yellow taxis which should just flag down their meters? This is true for all metros with the exception of Mumbai and for most other large cities in India. Lately, private taxis run on meters and even issue receipts. Crime doesn’t start with tragic rape and murder cases. It starts with failure in daily house-keeping.

As frequent as eve-teasing has been in Delhi, this daily hygiene issue doesn’t seem to be getting the daily treatment in requires. In buses or on the streets, a woman being teased or molested doesn’t seem to be seen as a symptom. Like that poor airline check-in girl who is your first point of contact? Yeah, he’s the nearest cop on the street or at the police station. The lowest one in the rank! Do you want to meet this cop in your worst nightmare? Most people dread the experience and contact a policeman only in very compelling circumstances. If eve-teasing is allowed to pass, it becomes the dust that gathers into a contagion called rape. This poor cop, like the check-in girl, is the lowest rung of the ladder, the Police Commissioner is the lowest rung in the political order and currently the PM and the ministers are the lowest rung of the dynastic order. The same poor cop faces the brunt of public ire during protests. One of them collapsed and died. The pic of PM and his ministers lining up for a guard of honour usually reserved for PMs, Presidents or State-Heads says a lot. And where are you, the people? We are the lowest fish in the whole food chain. Ironically, you should be the BOSS! You are the ones who either vote these people and/or pay their salaries. Yet, you are in a system where you, as the customer, come last.

In Bangalore autos have a picture of the driver, his license details in a large enough frame behind the driver’s seat. It’s something every passenger can read and note and lodge a complaint if the driver breaks traffic rules, cheats or is lawless. It also tell you whether the license is valid and whether the real, licensed driver is the behind the wheel and not a proxy. Now, does that take some extraordinary intelligence or judicial panel to do? We don’t find this in Delhi or many other cities. Why should Delhi autos or taxis which don’t run on meters be on the streets? Why shouldn’t drivers of such vehicles have a deterrent of 5-10 years in prison if they don’t follow rules? Nothing! Unfortunately, it is one such bus which wasn’t street-worthy, which wasn’t licensed to be on the streets in which this terrible Gangrape happened. It’s that window through which the criminals sneaked in. That window wasn’t fixed.

The Broken Window

(This is an edited extract from the Wiki article about fighting crime through the theory of ‘Broken Window’ and how quickly it needs to be fixed). The broken windows theory was first introduced by social scientists James Q. Wilson and George L. Kelling, in an article titled "Broken Windows" and which appeared in the March 1982 edition of The Atlantic Monthly. The title comes from the following example:

Consider a building with a few broken windows. If the windows are not repaired, the tendency is for vandals to break a few more windows. Eventually, they may even break into the building, and if it's unoccupied, perhaps become squatters or light fires inside. Or consider a sidewalk. Some litter accumulates. Soon, more litter accumulates. Eventually, people even start leaving bags of trash from take-out restaurants there or even break into cars. Before the introduction of this, Philip Zimbardo, a Stanford psychologist, arranged an experiment testing the broken-window theory in 1969. Zimbardo arranged for an automobile with no license plates and the hood up to be parked idle in a Bronx neighbourhood (in New York City) and a second automobile in the same condition to be set up in Palo Alto, California.

The car in the Bronx was attacked by "vandals" within minutes of its "abandonment". Zimbardo noted that the first "vandals" to arrive was a family – a father, mother and a young son – who removed the radiator and battery. Within twenty four hours of its abandonment, everything of value had been stripped from the vehicle. After that, the car's windows were smashed in, parts torn, upholstery ripped, and children were using the car as a playground. At the same time, the vehicle sitting idle in Palo Alto, California sat untouched for more than a week. Then Zimbardo himself went up to the vehicle and deliberately smashed it with a sledgehammer. Soon after, people joined in for the destruction. It is believed that in a neighborhood such as the Bronx where the history of abandoned property and theft are more prevalent, vandalism occurs much more quickly as the community gives off a "no one cares" vibe. Similar events can occur in any civilized community when social barriers – the sense of mutual regard and obligations of civility – are lowered by actions that suggests "no one cares"

Broken Windows In Our Society

The theory of broken windows above quite explains the phenomenon of the crime culture in Delhi and neighbouring states. Ask yourself a question. If you leave your car in a public place in Delhi and another one in a public place in Ahmedabad, where do you think chances of it being stolen are higher? Anyone can easily guess. Rudy Guiliani and his police chiefs partly used the ‘broken window’ theory and test to fight crime in New York. Guiliani was successful in dramatically reducing crime in NY. How? He didn’t stop with thugs and Mafia-gangs; he also dealt with small offences like graffiti on public walls. Some crimes affect ordinary people directly some don’t. Insecurity in public places affects all. This is the reason Delhizens came out in numbers to protest. At the same time, not only Delhizens but people in many other cities in India do not demand performance from public service operators. The little auto mostly operates on a meter in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Bangalore. In Chennai the auto driver may run the meter but will have a pre-condition: “20 rupees extra Saar”. Now, that 20 extra varies, depending on the distance you travel. Auto drivers suddenly turn into crooks at most railway and bus stations in India. Some years ago when I was in Kolkatta, even the fully depreciated, run down Trams had two classes: first and second. I couldn’t really tell the difference between the two.

In Delhi it’s not just the public transport but every sphere of public life, be it medical shops, small restaurants, hotels, police stations, govt departments you will find it. Delhi also has the reputation of producing the most number of duplicates of branded products and even pirated IP products. There was a joke once that a Delhi trader was an outcast if he hadn’t bounced at least one cheque in a month. Encroachments, land smuggling, illegal extensions are all crimes and windows that are broken every single day in our cities. Rapes and murders are just a lot more dramatic; some more brutal than the others. Not surprisingly, when 9/11 happened, Rudy Guiliani was among the first-responders. He was with his people and his city. He was managing fire fighters on the ground and also talking to his citizens directly and through TV. In contrast, what did our leaders in Delhi do? They were mostly on TV and some were the ‘last responders’. Having gotten nowhere with justice for 26/11 (except for hanging the captured Kasab) our govt is now playing Cricket with Pakistan. That says a lot, doesn’t it?

Sheila Dikshit was tear-jerking on TV. Sushil Kumar Shinde was explaining why it makes no sense to meet protesters. Sonia Gandhi meets hand-picked ‘honey-bunnies’ in private. The PM makes a limp statement on TV days later to a comic finish with ‘Theek Hai’. Rahul Gandhi, the Congress party’s super-hero future PM, is the last responder with a typical text-book statement. And Oh, who was the first one with the soundbites? Of course, the intellectual bank of the party, Renuka Chaudhary. She was telling the world rapists shouldn’t be allowed to open bank accounts and shouldn’t be given insurance policies. I suppose banks and insurance companies can easily tell which customer is a potential rapist before opening an account. There are other MPs who found protesting women to be “dented and painted” and media morons who found “lumpens” among them.

And our media? Oh they get all types to give us a running commentary with strange people. They even bring in Bollywood divas. Shabana Azmi was on TV from 6am in the morning on December 29 till about 10 in the night. The most pathetic and filthy response was, obviously, from the filthy ubiquitous Bollywood spokesman in the media, Mahesh Bhatt. He wants temples to be shut down. This comes from a man who regularly produces soft-porn movies and lip-kisses his own daughter. This is the broken window in Bollywood and our media. The response of Kartikeya Tanna (who often writes for FirstPost) quite sums up Bhatt’s stupidity. Even in a tragic crime of rape and murder Mahesh Bhatt spews hatred for Hindu culture or religion. And these are the guttermouths leading protests. You know where security and justice is headed.

Duct-Taping Broken Windows

On the night of December 27, Thursday the Delhi govt suddenly decided to shift the rape victim to Singapore for better treatment. The news broke around midnight and naturally people were suspicious. The woman was critical all through and chances of survival seemed thin. So it was indeed surprising why such a decision was taken. The media was cleared from the Safdurjang hospital. However, around midnight only one media celeb was allowed to report from the hospital area; not hard to guess who. There are now reports that the victim was in an irreversible coma and I personally believe doctors may not have given her long to survive. It just seems the govt didn’t want her to die on their “turf”. That would have turned a calamity into a complete disaster. So they shipped her off to Singapore, brought her dead body back and cremated her quietly in a hush-hush manner. These tweets from Minhaz Merchant, a media consultant and regular columnist, say it all. Instead of handling the truth and showing the courage to face people with reality, our govt was fixing the broken window with duct-tape. How long will that Band-Aid last?

The only person I could see who made any sense in the clutter was Harish Salve, the noted lawyer. He mentioned strongly that there was no need for new laws but that laws simply needed implementation and justice delivered faster. He stated that the punishments need to be the fullest under the law. The media even got former president Pratibha Patil to lament. She is the one who commuted the death sentence of around 35 criminals, some of whom were sentenced to death for rape and murder. Some of their victims were as young as 5-6 year old girls. The police rounded up the rapists in the current case within 48 hours. Compare with Durai Dayanidhi who was absconding for months in a Granite scam case before a court granted him bail. He mysteriously surfaced after he got bail. Compare the Gopal Kanda airhostess suicide case where a witness has jumped bail and disappeared. The political parties are yet to sack any of their MPs/MLAs who have rape or murder cases against them to prove to the people they are willing to act. RPN Singh, the very honourable minister, stated GOI will create a database of rape convicts. I wonder what he will do with it. Aren’t rape convicts anyway supposed to be in jail? All it needs is to sentence for longer terms or to death, if there is murder as well.

Sheila Dikshit blamed immigrants for increased crime in Delhi. P. Chidambaram had made a similar comment in the past. Whether immigrants or not, how they license buses and drivers is Delhi’s own turf. This is not a question of law or making more laws. It’s about really turning public servants to ACT as public servants. They need to do the daily sweeping and mopping to clean the dust. Windows will be broken every day and will need to be fixed every single day. Every politician in the govt who spoke after the Gangrape has shown absolutely no real intelligence on how they are going to clean up Delhi. Nothing! Except for changing the distress call number to 181, which was reportedly busy during a mishap this morning. This is also true for other cities and not Delhi alone. Carried away with all the attention and TRP-getting shows, the media too won’t honestly assess the crime situation. None even protested Manish Tiwari’s threat to curb telecast of the protests. A govt that has been too busy with scams and at election-time dishes out the regular doles is not going to fix much. Duct-taping can only hold for a while. Appeasement of Some and justice for None!


  1. Cant agree more... Indian nation ruled by Media crooks, Political crooks, Bureaucratic crooks... & these all flourish & sustain in Indian nation because of LETHARGIC INDIANS....

  2. when sheila dikshit blames immigrants for crime happening in delhi,it becomes smooth ride for media not take seriously but when same thing BT or raj speak same kind in mumbai they r attacked in media houses,why this difference in attitudes?

    1. well its well known media crook's attitude ....

    2. Because BT and Raj are well known goondas and extortionists that hold India's Financial and Commercial capital hostage at their whim.

  3. I think sometimes, some windows need permanent change in fittings or even redesigns, because if you look carefully, you find that many windows were installed about 100-150 years ago by British who were not really lovers of this place or of nature. They just wanted this as a rented house to enjoy in. They didn't care for it as they cared for their homes in London.

    These windows don't bring in as much light as they should. With today's technology, some can now also be made so as to keep mosquitoes out (and so prevent malaria and dengue of angry/armed revolt, female infanticide, corruption, etc)

    So I have 3 new window design modifications to suggest for this - these make sense because they are based on new technology or newly discovered science - something we didnt know was real.

    1. All rape cases where victims are women must be handled by women police officers, women doctors, and women lawyers.

    2. Physical castration can be a strong deterrent as well as an appropriate punishment. Testicles = testosterone = aggression. Look it up in medical journals and papers, not just wikipedia.

    3. Right of rape victim to record on her own electronic device, the entire interaction of reporting rape in the police station or Govt office.

    What do you say about these new window designs?

    1. 1. If all case has to be handled by women, then by your logic the women should only read in women school, colleges, travel in separate compartment and live in women only societies.
      2. "testosterone = aggression". Why not remove the testicles when a male child is born. There wont be any aggression in society. After all prevention is better than cure!

      3. What about the fake case?
      Any fake case proved, the woman has to be publicly hanged also.
      All those 65 percent women who have already misused the various sections draconian women protection laws has to be stoned to death.

      This should prove as strong deterrent for legal misuse.
      4. What about woman using her body from centuries till today for her better life? What are your suggestions.

    2. @Apprentice:
      Well, please don't be offended, but you definitely haven't thought through what you have written.

      I'm a young man who loves his manhood and has a list of complaints about a few things women do.

      However, I can tell you this much - sitting in school, college, travel in trains, and live in society - all these are very different from reporting a rape committed on you.

      Please give it some thought.

      Did I suggest castration for everyone or for convicted rapists only?
      Funny thing is, in all the countries we generally call advanced, Chemical Castration is already being used -

      Fake cases are simple in theory - if it is proved that it is a fake case, the lady who filed a fake case must be given the punishment that she tried to give her supposed attacker - so if she framed a man for rape, and it is *proven beyond doubt* that she was framing him (Proof is a big thing, remember, not easy), then she gets the punishment the rapist was supposed to get.
      But this is easier said than done, because all men will always claim, in every rape case, that it is a fake case.

      Women using their body for centuries for better life is their choice and men's stupidity.
      If you let a woman seduce you and end up paying her money or marrying her, then its your bad decision, no?
      You should know how to control your mind and body and stay away from women. Isn't that obvious?

      Now if you talk about film stars wearing skimpy clothes and fashion models and people like Rakhi Sawant, then I'm open to thoughtful complaints.

      They have substance on them, even though you should know that it is very much men who force women to display vulgarity on screen, most of the time.

      It's the film makers, ad makers, photographers and media bosses you should be after.
      Successful "beautiful" women need to put their foot down and refuse any vulgar shoots.

      You can always choose to turn off your TV, use AdBlock on the internet and not purchase newspapers and magazines and get all your information from online news channels.
      Print media are anyway heavily biased and quite useless, frankly.

      The best of TOI / IE / DNA / HT supplements are as packaging paper, and cheap tissue paper to wipe hands or clean dirt :-)

    3. With Madam G ruling center, Sheila ruling Delhi, Mayawati ruling UP (till a few months ago), Jayalalitha, Mamta Banerjee at top posts, if they together haven't made strong laws for crimes against women, you think the women police, doctors and lawyers would be true to their profession. You have high hopes my friend///
      Whats required are officials who are capable and have the will to clean the dirt on a daily basis. Whether its a man or woman or none, it doesn't matter

    4. People should now start taking responsibility for the actions they do and less rely on outer situations as far as possible ..... to the context of this blog people should start protecting/fixing their windows form all the corners first, after all its their windows , and in turn this should fix the bigger windows which they are part of .... wise person from karnataka said "one has to just concentrate on lighting ones own house which is under his/her control (and that itself is a huge responsibility), dont bother about lighting the whole world"

      Nice one Ravi, keep it up.

  4. @MS nice suggestions, in wake of UPA's misrule do you think these suggestions would ever come out of some govt. appointed committee? This is the work for the govt. and if itself is blindsided by its own Ego of a superior being than you can't help but see those suggestions on a piece of paper stacked in a file in some govt. office.

    1. Well, see, Gandhi got the British out (thank Hitler also) by talking to the British.

      Let's see how bad these guys are.

    2. Dear MS,

      I hope after another 50 years, we would thanks only Hitler for our freedom. British would never have left India if Nazi's would not attack & destroy most of England in world war 2. Gandhi was just a puppet for the British to keep Indians from getting armed & united for a violent confrontation for Independence. Jiska khudka nahi uthata woh doosare ko kya Uthayega ??

  5. you just put in to the writing what was in my heart, i'm getting addicted to your blogs, may you always write like this and someday truth may prevail

  6. Your incisive analysis(as always) of the Delhi/North India ethos is amazing. I challenge the Police Commissioner of Delhi to come incognito to any of the Railway Stations and hire an Auto, without having to pay extortionist charges. My enquiries have revealed a Mafia of the Police and Auto Drivers. So who will you complain to? Till the Thanas are stopped from being "hafta centres" nothing is going to change. I fail to understand the demand for women Police Officers to deal with women complaints, does any one really think they will be any different from their brother officers? You must be joking, they all come from the same cess pool of our system. I once asked a cop why do they take "hafta" ? Arre neta log letain hain to aap kuch nahi kehete!!!. Everyone knows the fixed 'rate' collected from Tempos/Autos/Taxi/Private Buses by the cops. Most of these Autos,Taxis Buses are owned(benami) by Police Officers/netas through their relatives family. About the distress call line the less said the better they are the biggest farce.We cannot wait for the government to come and clean up the system, we the people have to make a beginning. Where are the "Six Protesters" who had an audience with the "Madam"???? Hope some body is tracking them down and expose them for what they were NSUI goons.

  7. One of the best articles on the whole issue. Another good one was by R Jagannathan(on firstpost) titled 2013 should be teh year of the boy child....

    Anyways , with the current corrupt Congress Govt , I don't expect anything to happen...Nirbhaya will become just another statistic...

    Our courts are useless too...I believe the rape victim and her family should take it upon themselves to get the rapist killed and make it seem like an accident....easier said than done..but I dont think there is any other choice to curb this menace....

  8. If a law is violated and if the violation is not taken note off and acted upon, over a period of time the violation becomes the law.
    There is nothing wrong with most laws existing, most problems are due to not implementing the existing law

  9. Wonderful article Ravi! Madam Sheila Dikshit seems to keep forgetting she is the CM of Delhi hence responsible for the present situation.
    Mahesh Bhatt and Shabana Azmi are completely silent when Salman Rushdie is not let in ,when Owaisi speaks rubbish or when a memorial in Mumbai is destroyed by Raza Academy.

  10. Amazing post! Spot on and hit on the head! Man, you deserve a bow...I think as you have a pulse as you have traveled across India. Very few have.

    Will suggest you also visit the small towns in India and see the decay ...much more rampant than the bigger ones...and of course some villages if you can...stunning revelations you will find and how most of the people you have mentioned, especially from the film industry, the ad industry (recently added to that is the IPL with glorification of everything other than cricket) have a last damaging impact on them.

    The fraud talk on castration or death penalty is getting louder (first it is flawed and imagine the industry that it will spawn with the kind of corruption we have in India – profession of law now seems to be shortest and quickest to reach into 1st level in politics). As the GOI is pushed back and Delhi is slipping away, some proposals are going to be highly dangerous with serious lack of accountability of many in the system, rampant corruption, incessant corrupt lobbying, snail pace process, and the mirage that we are a true democracy.

    I will not be surprised now if the age old practices by the Roman rulers are followed – the coliseum of cricket has already started and the crowd is lapping it up and next very much in line is some hanging to be shown to the public to satiate. The crowd will roar in approval!

  11. Excellent Analysis. Sums up the whole system and the remedies. The final remedy is with the voter. Not to allow the crooks to devide and rule us on basis of caste and religion, the election year bribes(cash doles).

  12. excellent article as usual. u r amazing. this menace doesnt require
    new laws,in my view we as a country need police and judicial reforms. which are pending for so many years. and u know who is the
    cm which is among many opposing police reforms ? its your (mine too) favourite narender modi. what do u have to say about this ? and will u write about it ?bcoz its people like u and other social media which r creating awareness about the issues. we shud point out to namo that there r still some broken windows left in otherwise formidable building of namo. bcoz we need initiative frm somebody to change things,we need a leader not puppets who look like robots. namo shud take initiative to implement police reforms in his state. do omething new and imaginative.
    and one suggestion for u also. start writing in hindi too. to make urself more effective.

  13. In HP a newly elected congress MLA is facing non-bailable warrant in murder charge of a girl and he is absconding for more than a month.But no media makes it as news and seek justice.

  14. I am Just Speechless ............

  15. Now, the corrupt have become so powerful that they can retain the power and can come in the way of anything that can repair or fix the broken windows in India.

    Only a divine intervention can save our land from these demons.

    Posting those famous verses from Gita, where Lord assures us of his interference when Dharma dips:

    यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्नानिर्भवति भारत अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् ।।
    परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृतामं धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ।।

    My prayer: Time is ripe for you Lord, to take an avatar (yet again) and cleanse the political system and bring some orderliness to this great Land.

    Power to all those who work for this cause.

  16. nicely written piece sir. our broken windows are a plenty. At the level of the common citizen the politicisation of the police is the biggest hurdle in the implementation of criminal laws.

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  19. Thank you Ravi,
    Thank you for speaking on behalf of millions of us.

  20. An excellent post Ravi. But then, at the end of the day, the system will not change and I wont be surprized if the incompetent govt comes back to power again..

  21. very well written, touching the ground reality, we really need to clean from ground, petty crimes then only we can reach to all level.

  22. Perfect. But the larger problem is the whole system of getting the right people to fix the windows - whether it be for law and order or for delivery of any public service. We all know how the system of appointing window fixers works - thro influence peddlers and pay offs. So how will the window fixer have any motivation to fix or even attempt to clean any window? Their first response will be to see what he/she can gain by not fixing or cleaning the window, which suits the government. When people protest, for sometime they will tape the window as u say since they know that the window will crack open in other places. U had mentioned Chennai autos. It is known that most of the autos are owned either directly or indirectly by police personnel. So where is the wilingness to fix auto fares when customers can be fleeced. Since all the take is in cash it is an ideal investment opportunity for the take that comes from not fixing the window. In every sphere of public service this is happening today. In earlier times it was easy to cover up. Now it is becoming impossible and nitwits toy around with the idea of controlling the information flow so that broken windows are not advertised. Because of improper maintenance - both breakdown and preventive - the whole structure has collapsed and needs to be rebuilt. Fixing windows is not going to help anymore.

  23. The immigrants argument is hare-brained! There are immigrants from the same places - Bihar and UP - in Kar, AP, TN. Assaults on women do happen in these states as well. But the crimes by them is not on rise of high?

    Finding easy way has been a great arrow in INC's quiver for long!

  24. Brilliant!!!! I have also become a fan of your twitter a/c for the real news.

  25. Ravinar,

    excellent comment on event of the fortnight.

    Harish Salve was just helpless and later stopped appearing.
    Every single moderator on MSM started 'demanding'.
    They were forcing the panelists say what they want rather than what to debate.
    Now they are even setting agenda for government:-)

    Everyone people, media and even now you at MC missed one aspect altogether. I feel it is deliberate.
    Nobody discussed it from the crime perspective and back ground of such incidents occurring repeatedly.
    Everyone simply declared it as PATRIARCHAL MINDSET.
    Shabanaa thinks Singapore safer than India. Fine! She could have migrated.

    * HT (I think on 17th night) brought one psychologist but he was not even allowed speak by 5 ladies on the panel.

    I still support Abhijit Mukherjis view. Yes those in protests are 'dented and painted' middle class.
    Of late this class making big money but lost all kind of moral supports.
    No family support, gold-coated friendships, one-up man colleagues. Above all no appeasing and pampering by government.
    Now they are trying to find a family on the streets to rely on. But it will not work.
    This candle light generation is the 'doom' of this nation.
    It has money and anger but no vision, no maturity.

    Believe me they will achieve nothing even if they protest for a decade on Delhi streets.
    Simply because they do not know what they want.

    BTW, chennai progressed well! Twenty years ago it was "rendu roppa extra" (two rupees extra) now it is 10 times.

    1. Excellent and well researched article. See the article on autorickshaw service in about Sheila Dikshit son's involvement in Delhi. Tells us why change does not happen. I am unable to understand why we must blame the people for the state of the city or country. At the most, people can vote every five years. What do you do in the meantime? Many speak about 'vigilance.' Honestly, can people run their lives half the time and run the government in the other half? Are not MLAs and MPs paid public servants to do this work? The 'candle light generation' does send a warning for the government to mend its ways. The only thing people can do is choose a good government. If the same turns into a wolf in sheep's clothing, only the next election can change anything.

    2. As Ravinar put it is HOUSE KEEPING. There is no escape from it. You have to do it daily. Otherwise it gathers dust. You cannot complain about dust when you fall ill.
      "MLAs and MPs paid....." this is where the democracy has fooled Indians. No! their are neither servants nor gods. They are playing an important role in running the country. But they are not everything. We are lazy, we did not understand the democracy that was IMPOSED on us. We invested all the power with executive and expected they will WORK AS SERVANTS. But we did not realize that a POWERFUL servant is dangerous....
      Finally... you know what this 'candle light generation' does.. This time they vote for somebody like AAP. But democracy is sheer arithmetic. The anti-establishment vote will be split very badly and same people will rule country even in 2014. Politicians too can play bigger games with people.

  26. One of the right approaches in making India better is to make the Police and the CBI independent from the politicians. Right now our politicians have no accountability and hence the "broken window" theory is being proved so many times across India.

  27. Well if Shiela and PC make the statements regarding immigrants, do you think Raj Thackeray is shouting at a wrong tree then?

  28. Sadly these politicians are the ones who make laws :(

    And we the hopeless HOPE for a better India .

  29. Sadly these politicians are the ones who make laws :(

    And we the hopeless HOPE for a better India .

  30. "And where are you, the people? We are the lowest fish in the whole food chain." ~ Media Crooks

    'Third Fisherman: Master, I marvel how the fishes live in the sea.
    First Fisherman: Why, as men do a-land: the great ones eat up the little ones?'
    Pericles, act 2. scene1~ William Shakespeare

  31. As long as the people are selling themselves, like whores, for money or favours, there is no way things will improve. Indian society has been completely white anted by corruption, from top to toe. Nothing will change. I am very pessimistic about future of India. Only a big shock of unimaginable proportions can only wake us up. I personally believe in droning the parliament and system, root of all corruption.

    Ravi excellent blog. You are simply brilliant.

  32. Can not tell you how elated I feel when I see the picture of Poodle and his hanger ons lined up to greet madam! Is that not wonderful? Dogs surely doing their best to attract attention of mistress. Where the F$$$ all protocols gone? Hoisting the national flag on 15th. August is PM's day, sp why undue attention to this lady? Probably on 26th January, we will see her taking the salute instead of Mukharjee Babu, another?

  33. Thanks for writing. Far more deep and worthy article than the rubbish in propaganda medium. And all said , difficult to do until voters start voting on basis of broken windows and not their caste or religion.But of all the places, i have a hope that this might happen in Delhi.

    p.s : Btw, one thing to say is about the mention on autos in Bangalore. They do not run on meters and heavily overcharge. Personal experience over 5 years. Detest them so much that i walk upto distances of 3km to avoid taking an auto !!!!

  34. One of the very well written article. Ravinar, every time I read your blog, i wish other media celebs were like you. Alas. Nevertheless, keep up the good work. Kudos !

  35. Hi,
    UN-accountable WTE ( waitress turned empress ) spins her wheels , and burns spectacular rubber only , when it comes to begging for votes, or when maneuvering to install AKD ( akkal ka dushman ) on the chair of Prime Minister.

    She has abhiSEX manu singhvi as her spokesperson!

    Punch into google search RAPE AND RACISM- VADAKAYIL.

    Hey, all ye Indian men— better to know about the flip side of chemical castration laws , now itself.

    Do NOT allow foreign funded NGOs and media sponsored , DIVIDE AND RULE inside indian homes.

    Capt ajit vadakayil

  36. Dear Ravinar,

    We are running out of superlatives to describe your posts.

    All the media crooks you mention are also broken windows and need to be fixed. Over the years they have gone unchecked and thus flourish now. Their lies have profound moral implications, as they bring the Indian mindset and India itself closer to tyranny & lawlessness.



  38. Dear Ravinar,

    An extremely sick feeling comes to my Gut when I imagine millions & millions of Indians drinking & merrying on 31st night. Just 2 days after the death of the Gang-Raped victim. Are we even a society ???? What are we ????

  39. Things change when it is " inevitable". Make it possible by bringing Modi to the centre as PM asap.

  40. "I am completely out of time. Just one last word..." a typical way of winding up a debate. Gives me a great funny feeling. MSM resolve national issues of great importance with great number of great panelists just in 30 minutes. Wow! Make them government secretaries, India will be haven in no time.

    Hope Ravinar had something on this pattern in MSM. If not I request for one.....

  41. your post is also duct tape repair. the time has come to throw this govt, not talk with them

  42. Niti Central carried an article by Tavleen Singh on crooks of media, NGO types and others.
    This might have been written by Ravinaar; only diff being that Tavleen has refrained from naming names.

  43. Dear Ravi,

    Great job as usual. If you would have noticed (I am sure you would have) how all the channels have started showing that Sonia Gandhi is now taking personal interest to ensure that new rules and laws are put into place. Not the Government but Congress President is more concerned.

    Nobody is even asking a simple question that it was not the first rape in the country and why it takes so many people to come out on the street for the party ruling country for over 55yrs (direct or with outside support) to "look like taking measures" to ensure that the justice was delivered swiftly. I was listening to Ravi Shankar Prasad the other day and he said that issues relating to time period between hearings etc could be done by executive order issuing changes to CRPC and lo behold we have MSM not questioning Khangress on this simple procedural change that can be done overnight.

    It is the invisible ball bearings in a cycle which ensures smooth running of the cycle but no one cares in the government about it.

    We have seen enough pics of Jaya Bachchan crying on the television. She is a fine actress and her tears may be true as well but will she go and demand from Mulayam Singh Yadav that he expels all criminal elements from the party. No one will ask that question.

    The Government is trying to make the right noises and wait for storm to wither away with a divine belief in short term memory.

  44. "Time is ripe for YOU Lord..."
    This is not the right interpretation of this verse.
    Lord doesn't come down to fight our issues. Lord came down (Whether JC or Krishna or Buddha) to show us the way.
    The correct way to interpret this verse then is: if you YOU were to rise up to fight evil (righteous cause)...God will be with YOU.
    So the onus is on us...not on do the fighting.

  45. I agree that we do need some new windows as well...desperately. The govt cannot be accountable and laws are on paper but not implemented.
    I point to finger (index/middle) towards my eyes to my kids, back and forth to indicate "I-AM-WATCHING-YOU". This much is more than enough to keep them getting into any mischief.
    If there are cameras (hidden) and print warning pasted on buses "YOU ARE ON CAMERA AND BEING WATCHED" then even with disfunctional cameras, the eve teasing will be prevented in buses all over country.
    Secondly those who are caught eve-teasing, should have it placed on their employment records and should be punishable act (e.g. get fired from job or placed on probation).
    Another window: Since Indian male cannot be trusted for last 50+ years, we need ladies buses with lady bus driver/conducter and a military commando who should be armed, at all times.
    In the regular buses too, there should be women only areas for boarding/seating with women conductors.
    These are also band-aid solutions for the people (men) should be trustworthy and should not eve-tease or rape lonely women, day or night. However these are the only long-term ideal solutions where indian male species exist.

  46. Ravi,

    This is your master piece article and You have hit the nail on the head. Corruption has penetrated every sphere of life and this is helping every crime in a simple fashion. If the system has functioned as expected then those accused rapists would dare not have taken a BUS on Sunday and taken Passengers (both being illegal), not sure even after this incident will there be any qualitative change in acting on law breakers, unless this is fixed no protests or new laws can save Aam Aadmi of this country.
    Ganesh R

  47. Very true that "Crime doesn’t start with tragic rape and murder cases. It starts with failure in daily house-keeping" !! Truthful writing.

  48. Though the rules are there, the ultimate onus is on we the people. In Calcutta you cannot litter in the subway, the calcuttans won't let you. They are very protective of their subway and its cleanliness. Govt. cannot come an enforce every individual who spits. Here in USA, around indian grocery stores, the desi junta spits and there are red paan stains on the sidewalks. THe govt. cannot come and monitor but if we see someone doing it, it becomes our duty to complain/yell/scold etc. If an indian man sees someone getting eve-teased in bus, the bus driver driving with daru etc, they NEED TO TAKE A STAND!!! End of story. Our (male) is so spineless that he stands and watches and has "hamey kya" attitude. The last plane couldn't crash into white house (or whatever its target was) because the men and the air hostess fought. They didn't care that they lost their lives (that was foregone conclusion anyway and is always in the hijack). They instantly took decision based on reports from their relatives on their cell phones as to what had happened with other planes. They attacked the terrorist and foiled his attempt and saved thousands of other lives.
    Had this been a desi plane, it would have been a foregone conclusion! Terrorist would have won and had their been many more attacks (continued), terrorist would have attacked all day long and killed thousands of more lives/buildings all day long. Indians and indian males is ball-less among all its species!

  49. One small correction to set the record right. In Chennai Autos do not use the meter. NEVER. The passengers get fleeced like anything as the auto drivers charge nothing less than Rs.25 per kilometer - sometimes more.

  50. Great piece of writing, right on the money. Congress in general is good at finding excuses for anything. What's even more horrifying is they are not ready to take corrective measures, they don't even seem like they care. It's more like we got VIP security morons, do whatever you can do, we don't care. If you come close to us, we are going to send platoons of cops towards you.

  51. An illustration would be: If your present home windows are metal, and have a 3"- 8" ledge inside encompassing whole home window, this would be a metal prime window.California Solar


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