Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Delhi Protests - When Chickens Run To The Media

What do the protesters in Delhi over the Gang-rape incident want? Almost everybody wants death penalty for rapists. The only thing that doesn’t seem to fit is why they are protesting at Rashtrapati Bhawan. After all, the president doesn’t make laws, he just signs them. The previous president probably made the current one a victim by pardoning some brutal murderers and rapists. Grievance, whether real or imaginary, affects all of us. The protests were long overdue and it’s quite a surprise that none in the media ever mentioned the amazing “resilience” of Delhizens to so much crime all these years.

In times of crises leaders speak with people. They deliver reassurance and confidence to them. They can feel the pulse of the people. Instead, what were our folks from GOI doing? They were all talking to the media. Well, the one thing we did get to know is how many daughters some of our politicians have. Everyone who spoke in the media made sure they told us “I have 3 daughters, I have 2 daughters” and so on. Home Minister Sushil Shinde even told us the Delhi Police Commissioner has 2 daughters. They are checking with everyone on how many daughters they have before speaking to the media. Why should I be left behind? I checked with everyone I could chat with about how many daughters they had. Next time there’s a murder we may have to check how many murderers some politicians have. Oh don’t laugh, that’s not a joke. If you see this clip from MailOnline you will see why politicians are hesitant to talk to people. Over 200 people with rape cases contested elections it seems. Other reports mention at least 2 MPs and 6 MLAs from various states who have rape cases against them. This doesn’t include “petty” crimes like murder, kidnap or assault.

There is no harm in a statement or two to the media through a presser. But let’s do a roll-call of the sound-biters. We had RPN Singh, Manish Tiwari, Sandeep Diskhit, Ashwini Kumar, Sushma Swaraj, Sushil Shinde, Renuka Chaudhary (She spoke in Telugu too for added emotional effect). Then we had Sheila Dikshit using all TV channels as a weeping pillow. Er… that is all channels, but TimesNow. I’m sure she will face the full fury of Fastcourt Arnab sooner or later. Then, moment of the crises arrived, when Sonia Gandhi finally got down on her knees to speak with some protesters. Only, nobody knows who she spoke with. Naturally, some suspect these so-called protesters were hand-picked NSUI (Congress supported union) members chaperoned by RenukaC and others for a special audience with SoniaG. Take a look:

Who are these people? First, on Saturday night (Dec.22) SoniaG meets a few kids outside 10JP and then the next morning she meets six of them. TOI-Delhi headlined the story as “Delhi gang rape: Unknown six meet Sonia, Rahul for justice”. Unknown six is fine to begin with but even after a day they are still the ‘secret six’. This govt has a funny way of meeting people. I remember last year Manmohan Singh met the “secret five” editors in a closed-door, private meet. The TOI report further comically adds the response of the six:

They (Sonia, Rahul) have assured us that certain sections of law like 201 and 307 will be added to rape cases so that the accused are severely punished. They also told us that the law and order situation in the city will be improved so that women feel safe," said one of them. Renuka Chowdhury said that the same group of protesters was seen outside 10 Janpath on Saturday night when Sonia came out to meet them around 11pm. "Sonia had asked them to come and meet her this morning. None of the protesters knew each other and they all have different backgrounds," said Chowdhury. Another protester said, "Rahul said while it is natural for us to be emotional, we should not be irrational. They have also told us that capital punishment is being considered for this case and it is being slotted under the 'rarest of rare' category. We are now appealing to all protesters to maintain calm and continue protests non-violently.

What exactly is the need for RenukaC’s clarification on the ‘mix’ of protesters? And the clincher, of course, is from our fearless national leader, Rahul Gandhi. He is reported to have said: “capital punishment is being considered for this case”. Really? So the ‘game-changer’ with politics in his pants and shirts is going to have a law for “this particular case” or is he now Justice Gandhi? If RahulG advises protesters not to be “irrational” as the TOI report mentions then he should first start with himself. But well, that is too much to ask. Even so, if this was indeed the thinking of the Congress heads then what was the idea behind excessive police force, water cannons, lathi charges, beating up innocent protesters, injuring journalists? Doesn’t make sense! It doesn’t make sense because like some media “lumpens” the Congis were busy making absurd statements in the media.

Did I say lumpens? Hmm! The protests had started off peacefully but by the third day headlines started changing. All the media channels were now flashing “protests turn violent”. Frankly, none of the protesters, aged 5 to 91, looked like violent types. So the specialists came in to fulfil the prophecy of a known media charlatan. These were the nice guys who came far more prepared with stones, sticks and inflammables. There are many who suspect these sponsored “lumpens” were from the NSUI and word got around on Twitter and Facebook too. The picture of violence does not seem to be from students, men and women who started the protests. There were women of all ages, even some over 70. Many claimed to be house-wives or working mothers with daughters. So who sponsored the violence? There’s only party that can gain from disrupting the protests and that is not hard to guess. So while the sponsored violence happened on the ground the ministers continued to float on the air. Home minister Sushil Shinde was everywhere.

Shinde said he met protesters on a Sunday. On Sabbath? He’s lucky some Jewish Rabbi didn’t hear that.  He asked if 100 Adivasis were killed in Gadichiroli should the govt rush there. No sir, definitely not; the GOI should go to Kudankulam, there’s no Congress govt there. Then he warned that if the govt met students today they’d have to meet Maoists tomorrow. Come on! That’s not true. The govt does meet Maoists whenever they kidnap people and hold hostages. I wonder if Shinde was secretly suggesting students too should start holding hostages. This guy would have made a great VP for George W. Bush. “We failed in Afghanistan. So what? Let’s go bomb Iraq”! In defence of Shinde I must mention that he is not a complicated man but making some genuine points but with some bad analogies. His act followed the wailing Sheila Dikshit who wetted our screens through CNN-IBN and NDTV. It’s unfortunate SheilaD is in politics. She could have been a great replacement for the late Meena Kumari, the tragedy queen. She told everyone how helpless she was and how she had no guts to even go and meet the rape victim. These are the Ministers people elect and then complain.

So when Shinde and Sheila failed to conquer through the media, the Congress pulled out its most powerful WMD; Weapon of Mass Delusion. They sent Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. I doubt anyone, other than media stenographers, even remembers what MMS mumbled in the few minutes that he read from a POP (Piece of paper). But to his credit MMS did leave the whole nation in good cheer and stomach-cramping laughter as he looked up from his POP at the end of his mumbling and asked “Theek Hai?” (Is it okay?). Debates are still on over FB and on Twitter as to who MMS was asking that question to. Some say the cameraman, some say SoniaG, some say Barkha Dutt, who desperately yearned for his speech. I even thought he was asking the national guest for the day, Vladimir Putin.

It amazes me that seasoned politicians don’t learn that media is made up of scavengers who live off bad situations and victims. Manish Tiwari’s I&B Ministry even sent a threatening advisory to curb the media showing ugly pictures and reports (read Google-translated version on Bhadas4Media). They say politics is the last resort for a scoundrel. They forgot to add that for headless chickens who have lost touch with people the first and last resort is a corrupt media. Instead of talking with people they were doing photo-ops and interviews in the media. Imagine how they are going to handle law and order.


  1. Wow Ravi. It was great to see new Meena Kumari on screen. Probably Mrs. Dickshit would have won an Oscar for best acting in foreign film category had it been a movie. My hear goes to the girl and her family. I pray for this girl. Heart cries for this girl and Mango People.

    Feel sad! feel angry! The question is "Do want this India?" it is time for revolution. Let our generation and next go through hardship and suffer for a better India. Feel like killing a lot of Police Officers and Politicians to get true Justice. These polies are still living in British Raj. We never got true independence in 1947. Gandhi, Nehru, Ambedkar fed us shit then instead of food. Down with this Republic!

    1. Excellent post as usual. The work of exposing corruption, incompetence, irresponsibility and overall failure of the government which Ravi is doing through this website has to reach especially the people devoid of internet. Sadly, the opposition instead of doing all this is unusually silent on all issues. Prithviraj Chauhan pardoned Muhammad Ghori after defeating him but the later when Ghori won the second battle, he had Chauhan blinded and subsequently killed. The difference between the congress and the BJP is such. BJP has neither an aggressive attitude nor is seen taking problems of national importance to the people through public meetings, briefings etc whereas the congress manages to blow out of proportion, distort any news related to the BJP. Rather than distancing ourselves from the mainstream by starting revolutions and killing someone, we need to be a part of the mainstream and bring changes from within. I understand these protests as a no confidence motion against the government rather than as a loss of faith in our laws or judiciary

  2. You put words to my own perspective. Always. Superb eloquence.

  3. KOC RahulG is the best, coz till now I was thinking MMS was funny.
    On the serious note, its a very well written article. You always have your facts right. Day by day I'm getting more distraught about this nations future, as we are ruled by these criminals.

  4. Excellent!These guys always seem to come with ideas in the middle of the night!Easy to manipulate when the world is sleeping as in even in ramdevji's case.Its funny how we have been lapping up all their lies for so many years.:((.Need likes of you to open up people's mind.Thanx!Gen.attitude is people dont want to read heavy,serious articles.But you make it so interesting with your small doses of humour that the purpose is served :)

  5. Ravinar, i think you have missed out what shinde said about Sonia Gandhi meeting the protestors, and how they should be happy about it and Sagarika's take on Shinde (Where i personally sensed a class bias),

  6. Shinde...I met hem even though it was a Sunday..says HM
    What a disaster this govt has been.
    Congress has lost contact with reality

  7. Since the accused threw the the girl and the friend out of the moving bus, the crime itself comes under sec 307 IPC ie attempt to murder. Washing the bus after the crime comes under sec 201 IPC. ie Destruction of evidence.
    The accused would be charged under 376(Rape) 307 201 IPC and so on Thats the law.

    Wonder what RahulBaba was trying to suggest ?

    1. Time to revive RG and Suykanya Kumari case.

  8. Surely some goons sponsored by govt have initiated this violence. Again divide and rule policy from dynasty.With the death of Constable the agitation has met it's fate like others.

  9. hah 'theek hai' - you are now sentenced to listen to sanjay jha 24/7 for the rest of your life

  10. any sensible person who has voted for the congress should regret this most moronic deeds, congis have so very well given an opportunity to all of us to see how cunning, inefficient & ugly they are, can't believe there are still supporters for these bas####s... once again very well put across Ravinar... hope someday a similar uprising will happen against elements in the media.

  11. don't know if any of you noticed, one of the so called students who met the Congress leadership bowed down and touched the feet of RPM Singh, is this not an insult to all the protesters and the girl who is fighting for her life..sad, sad, sad. as mentioned above no need to further investigate who these student delegates were....probably bas####s of ND Tiwari and manusinghvi.

  12. Have we all forgot RG and Sukanya case.


  13. @ u r Absolutely right ,protester with whom sonia gandhi met were actually NSUI students ,people on facebook sending reports and details about them,one is here please check it.............http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=316177085165269&set=a.214329212016724.47174.214240438692268&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf

    1. Great work.Keep exposing the buggers.

  14. It amazes me that seasoned politicians don’t learn that media is made up of scavengers who live off bad situations and victims. Manish Tiwari’s I&B Ministry even sent a threatening advisory to curb the media showing ugly pictures and reports (read Google-translated version on Bhadas4Media). They say politics is the last resort for a scoundrel. They forgot to add that for headless chickens who have lost touch with people the first and last resort is a corrupt media. Instead of talking with people they were doing photo-ops and interviews in the media. Imagine how they are going to handle law and order.

    Well said and well analysed.

  15. Is Spreading Awareness enough to stop women molestation?
    We, the students of Central Institute of Education (University of Delhi) gathered together yesterday to discuss about what all measures could be adopted to attain a sustainable solution against the molestation of women. And the major point that emerged in the discussion was "Creating Awareness in the society and work to improve upon the mentality of Male-Oriented society".
    Is Spreading Awareness enough to stop women molestation?


  16. What India's youth must realize is violence has no gender...crime has no gender...it is both against men and women...

    When gender laws gets passed, when politicians try to create vote banks, when the corrupt media try to incite minds with TRP, ad money, the youth of today must know what actually is the agenda behind all these.

    Is not Renuka C who carries a gun (one of the many women MPs who carry a gun in Delhi) and shout for protection for women? Is not the same Suhashini Ali who rubbishes any progressive idea and want to pull in useless laws in every discussion? Young people must open their eyes and know the truth in all cases.

    When the police men (and a father, a brother, a sole bread earner of the family died) today in line of duty trying to ensure peace...will the same brain washed people also ask for Death Penalty or at least protest?

    When crime is 95% against men and over 85% violent crime are against women, why no protest happen?

    Though it is a gen-X or later, who came highest in numbers in Delhi protest and even though you were instigated many times by false data – still will they consider their Father (or somebody else) to be equally important as their Girlfriend, will they consider their Brother equally important as their office female colleague, and will they consider their Sons to be equally be cared for as theirs Daughters, if not more?


    1. As per NCRB data over 95% crime are against men and less than 4% against women.

      Again as per NCRB data, over 85% violent crime are against men (not women - typo above). Why no one tells that? When a father dies, a man is accused falsely on many accounts, families get destroyed due to laws passed by the likes of Ranuka C, why the same men shy away? Why when the victim and her male friend thrown away on Delhi road for 20 minutes, nobody came to help them?

      I have personally seen in Delhi in 2000, a man lying on pool of blood and other men and women just passing by and giving a curious look!!!

    2. Dear the warriorforjustice,

      Your comments seem to have lost focus on the real problem of crime against women in Delhi. Although a crime is a crime but a crime against a women is much more serious simply because people who do not respect its women, cannot create a mature society. It can only be called a fuedal society where decisions are made based on who owns more guns. Delhi being a Capital & surrounded by Fuedal minded states faces much more crime against women while police are pressurised by political/ Bureaucratic class to look the other way.

    3. Dear Abhijeet,

      Good that you asked. A woman should have actually asked. But, I do not blame you, as there is huge myth floating around - called the myth of male power(to protect women), which is non-existent today. But alas, many men do not know.

      Do you know the highest rate of violent crime is reported (2011) is in Kerala, considered to a matriarchal society? Do you know highest crime against women reported is in West Bengal? Do you know Andrha reports the highest harassment cases against women (above 42%)? Do you know highest no. of domestic violence cases come from MH, TN and AP?

      Which of these states surround Delhi?

      Again coming to Delhi, with a woman chief minister, with a woman as the president of the largest party, with woman as the leader of the opposition, with woman as the speaker of LS, with a woman till recently as the Prez, and around 12-15% MPs in parl. - why these things are happening?

      Expectations of rights, rights and rights without any responsibilities have to end. Women should take responsibilities. Spa jobs, receptionist jobs, beautician jobs, air conditioned jobs are fine....but they must take responsibility in other jobs mentioned before, which men have historically taken up.
      1. Why do not they join police more in numbers and do night patrolling?
      2. Why no women cab drives, bus drivers and auto drivers...can not they do that?
      Our media goes berserk on Sunnny Leone and Sherlyn Chopra and make them inspirations for many. But how about these jobs? (I can count countries where they exist and crime is less there)
      3. Why no women CRPF personnel want to work at railway stations at night?
      4. Why no women security guards want to work at night even with a group of women?
      ....and many more

      Women will say those places are the worst for women or they have nobody to talk to there. Okay, join them. Will they? A Big No. They want just more laws and laws (only rights), which have been done many times and it is now a 1 billion dollar industry for many lawyers, police and judges - and only succeeds for them. Interestingly, many rogue feminists have been able to just do that and we men still think they are right!

    4. I do not have first hand knowledge of why women dont join these professions (and I suspect you don't either)
      but I think they do not because, as many other things with India, they are not sure of the adequacy of the training and protective gears they will be given.

    5. Dear Subha,

      Did I not say just before that woman will say that - safety, protection, adequacy of training? Is it not people change things than expecting things to change?

      At the risk of dragging this discussion (and very thankful to Ravinar for being kind to me for commenting), I must say:

      1. I have spent enough years of life working with men in death professions (started my career there) and understand the daily trauma a common Indian men go through. I have seen first hand their exploitation, frustration, assaults and cry. But, they have nowhere to go to, no law to support specifically. No one listens to man's plight at all, but laugh it off.

      2. Do you think the person like Saurav Kalia who goes on to patrol on border thinking that - it is safe, have enough training and protection? No. Still men do.

      Why - nation is more important than self, responsibilities are more important than rights, saving and feeding a family are more important than protest for passing gender biased laws for false empowerment. Will women think of the same for once?

      3. I'll stand for a father as well as a mother, a brother as well as sister and a son as well as a daughter? Will you?

      Will you ever oppose all the gender biased laws that are passed so far - IPC 354, 509, 376, 497, 498, 498A, GWA, DV Act, HMA - the list is becoming endless now. Unfortunately, many men do not know on this at all.

      Coming to main topic of Ravinar of chickens - can you believe your eyes when a Abhishek Manu Singhi talking of women's protection (of CD fame) or a Ranjana Kumari going for empowerment (she will put any man into concentration camp if she could)...but both come again and again on various TV channels...today on Dec 26 also on Timenow!

      I am not against woman anyway. But, hope you understand how these kind of people, laws, many media channels are destroying the very fabric and values that are so uniquely Indian.

  17. Amazing report as is your wont. Hats off to you ! Without a doubt we're being governed by a bunch of people who make a mockery of everything and the media is at their beck and call. To pet or perish at the feet that feeds them! Makes me sick !!

  18. why mr.katju has not been asked for his opinion on this, big mistake. He would have given the stats in percentages of how many were from NSUI, ABVP, AAP and how many were common people....etc etc.

  19. See the latest article of Harish khare and I bet you would puke after reading it. His ass-licking of the establishment seems to have no bounds.

  20. I do not have first hand knowledge of why women dont join these professions (and I suspect you don't either)
    but I think they do not because, as many other things with India, they are not sure of the adequacy of the training and protective gears they will be given.

  21. I remember, Every other editor pretended to be in Manmohan's secret 5 on the other day!!!
    Kumar Ketkar was one of them...

  22. I checked it online and felt like the "Theek Hai" was meant to someone qho framed the entire drama for the media. or possible PM had an ear piece which was connected to someone who is remotely controlling him, and he asked for their approval if the message was good enough for the people of India. In any case, PM did it.


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