Thursday, November 1, 2012

Walking The Dog

The theory that dogs resemble their masters or vice-versa has been around for a long time. I have no idea why. It’s possible that people look around for pet dogs that look like them but that again is a theory. Maybe stray dogs somehow find their way to houses of people resembling them but that again is a theory. Whatever the reason, there seems to be some valid logic for such theories. Look at these pics and I think you’ll find it hard to deny that there is some secret or divine resemblance dogs have to their masters:
No matter how far you drive a dog away it has this uncanny but natural ability to find its way back to its master. Is the dog biased? Sure it is! It is biased beyond reason and will remain faithful no matter what. It does not tolerate any reason, question or logic against its master; which is why it’s called a man’s best friend. (Is it sexist to say just ‘man’ anymore? Should I say a person’s best friend?)

There has always been a question on many people’s minds: “Are our judges really unbiased”? The answer is a simple but emphatic “No”. Judges are as human as you and I and have their biases, opinions and preferences on almost all issues that come to their courts. In an unusual incident a former judge, Justice SM Soni, even wrote to the SC to keep Justice Aftab Alam away from Gujarat related cases due to his “communal mindset”. If you have heard the frequent statements by Justice Katju it won’t be hard to see that he has very strong views on almost every issue that surrounds us. The reason why judges are able to rise above their biases is because they are trained long years to interpret the letter and spirit of the law and go by facts and evidence. In higher courts it is rare to find a single judge deciding a case. It’s usually a bench of two or even more judges. Also, for their judgements they are accountable to the Law, the Constitution and their conscience and no other master. Beyond that, there is also a system of appeals that includes seeking a review of an SC judgement and can go right up to the President. What are our options with the media?

So when the eternal journalistic-bimbo announced her FTN show “Is Narendra Modi PM material?” you naturally wonder if she is even fit to discuss the topic given her hatred and bias. No, don’t take my word for it. Look at her tweet and look at the response she got from noted journalist Swapan Dasgupta (SD). Now I have to tell you, I have rarely seen SD being so blunt about anything. He is usually direct but with a lot of subtlety but in his tweet he directly charges the Social Genius not with bias but with “hatred” of Modi. Just a few weeks back Modi had sarcastically asked Rajdeep Sardesai, the ‘Numero Uno political analyst’ according to the Social Genius, if the people had assigned the task of finding a PM to the media. What SD asks is a very pertinent question. Many of our media celebs have made their fortunes not based on their bias but based on their “hatred” for Modi. In doing so, some have been as faithful as dogs are to their masters. Naturally, some even speak and bark like their masters do. They have come to resemble them in their discourses.

I strongly recommend that you read all the responses to that tweet of Swapan Dasgupta. Some are quite interesting and I reproduce a few:

One asks: @Swapan55 that just Paradoxically displays ur love for Modi!!! @sagarikaghose #FreedomofSpeech anyone?

This guy probably doesn’t realise the difference between being a biased journalist or commentator and being an anchor. He forgets that the anchor is supposed to be a moderator and not let her own opinions, bias and hatred dictate the course of the debate. SD’s sympathies for BJP or Modi are not a big secret. He does not pretend to be an “independent observer” like Sagarika or Rajdeep. More importantly, SD doesn’t allow his bias to condone lies, untruths and outright misdeeds by the BJP. The tweeter even overlooks the fact that SD is being invited for the very reason of his sympathies for Modi. SD further tweets that owing to her hatred of Modi, Sagarika should be a panellist and not the moderator. That would have been fairer.

Here’s another one from a regular moron on Twitter: @swapan55 Ouch. Clearly @sagarikaghose didnt invite you on the panel :p

Haha! This moron tends to speak before actual events. Little did he realise that when the show actually took place SD would indeed be on the panel. Perhaps it didn’t even occur to him that SD may have tweeted for the precise reason that he knew he was on that panel. Of course, ‘scoop and break’ specialist of CNN-IBN wasn’t to be left behind so he tweeted thus:

Bhupendra Chaube: @swapan55 ha ha, where is that anchor swapan?

That’s probably a dig Chaubeji wanted to take at someone. We know that lately Chaubeji is at the receiving end of some internal politics at his channel’s office and his bosses seem to be running a cheeky rivalry between him and Pallavi Ghosh in public through their tweets. All in good fun, one hopes. There are some other silly tweets like one asking if SD is being “paid” by Modi which don’t really warrant any comment.

As for the debate itself, there was Modi sympathiser Dasgupta, Modi critic Yogendra Yadav and Modi-haters Javed Anand and Sagarika Ghose. Yogendra Yadav has made a gentle shift from a “jholawalla” to politician recently. Javed Anand, husband of the washing machine of justice Teesta Setalvad, is as much a Modi-hater as Sagarika herself. So it’s 3 against 1 so you can imagine how the dice is loaded, loaded.

So let’s ask the same question we asked about judges. Can we expect media celebs to rise above their biases? Absolutely not! Especially not when it borders on hatred as has been over the years. Sagarika, Rajdeep, Barkha, Vir Sanghvi, Vinod Mehta, Vinod Sharma are not driven by bias. They follow a political agenda set by their masters. In the absence of independent moderators these media celebs automatically become the voices and barks of their political masters. By pitting 3 against 1 CNN-IBN has already skewed the time-share that would be available to each participant in the debate. This is the simple reason that the US presidential debates now have a clock running on the screen for viewers to see if both candidates are getting a fair timeshare.

Even in pointing out non-threatening PMs in the coalition era the SocialGenius reels off names to compare what she calls a “polarising” candidate in Modi: MMS, Narasimha Rao, IK Gujral, Deve Gowda. Oops.. the most assertive and yet a non-threatening PM in the recent past would have to be Atal Behari Vajpayee. Reminder: No matter how far you drive a dog away it has this uncanny but natural ability to find its way back to its master. It’s not only unconscious it is second-nature for dogs. As for threatening, who exactly does Modi really threaten? India? The idea of India? (As the social scientologist kept mentioning), the minorities, the media? Looks like Modi threatens the very Macaulay Putras and Putris who have so far lived a life of luxury and entitlement. He threatens the very masters of this class who hate anything that is likely to challenge the status quo.

After years of an insipid, lack-lustre, puppet PM like MMS it is only natural that many would like to see an assertive and decisive PM. Modi need not be the only candidate who fits that bill but there isn’t anyone else who's standing up yet. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that the Cong-UPA under MMS (or Sonia if you like) has figuratively burned down mission-India and many dreams and houses. As for the dogs, even if their masters literally burn down the mission and the house, I leave it to you to wonder who they will still follow. Seems their masters walk them well.


  1. Seems that I've done well to stop watching TV (post 26/11) except for the occasional movie. So I wouldn't recognize most of the personalities you've mentioned other than Sardesai and Barkha. But I do read the papers and nowadays TOI has got rid of any pretense of neutrality. The camouflage netting is off and the hang BJP - bury coalgate - bury jijajigate - promote Congress agendas are all out there in the open in full glory (pardon the purple prose).

    1. Well, you should watch the primetime panel debates. They are just like saas bahu serials, but with less class. The courts of CNN IBN with Justice Ghose and Sardesai, and Times Now with Justice Goswami make for good viewing.

      Sagarika, Rajdeep and Arnab: you could atleast dress up like the British judges of yore. That will certainly liven up proceedings. A hammer and other props like Jim Cramer too. Your panelists are getting rather dull these days.

      Also, in your courts. you could install a statue of 'Madam' in place of the blindfolded Lady Justice, holding the strings to puppet Maunmohan in one hand and Pranab in another.

    2. With that kind of setup my firiend, an orgasm of epic proportion may be experienced by our elite judges.

  2. The most stupid moment of the year 2012 when she utters IK Gujaral and Devegovda. For both Print and Visual Media, I believe the programs, the questions, the panels everything looks to be decided by Manish Tewari/Kapil Zero/Manu Shighavi and Doggy or they might have appointed few mindless creatures..Today almost every Media house are nothing but congress propaganda machinery

  3. Even in case of Sashi Tharoor, who was sacked because vary reason of corruption he was involved in, uses women to syphoned money, when caught got married to her., wow….suddenly out of the blue, corrupt Shashi got ministry and the same women who is 3rd wife of his 3rd husband became priceless and modern.
    Mind it, the money was syphoned to Dubai, and I am sure cricket, money and women, Dawood have got to do something with it...

    Ravi, got to see amazing analysis on above event

    1. By the way, NDTV seems to be turning agony aunt to outed people. Sunanda was on last night. Nitin Gadkari, and others earlier too. Since NDTV has completely forgotten what journalism is all about, this is a good potential niche you guys can fill.

      The moment some scammer gets outed, invite them for a tete a tete with an anchor like the one 'interviewing' Sunanda. And run this stuff ALL day. Or start another channel, called NDTV (Those were) Good Times, exclusively for these folk. I am guessing you will feature our good old Congress members here mostly. So locate the studio near 10 Janpath.

    2. You know , one good thing in NDTV is they have gone beyond pretentions. Today's tagline is 'RSS plays safe on Gadkari". What RSS said is there will be no soft corners for someone involved in corruption. So thats 'playing safe' rather than a 'principled stand' :) .

  4. from wikipedia - In English, the dogs of war is a phrase from Act 3, Scene 1, line 273 of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar: "Cry 'Havoc!', and let slip the dogs of war" - there is severe panic and anxiety amongst some 'worthies' about a modi coming to power and as a consequence the kennel doors have been opened and 'the dogs of war' - the mercenaries are let loose .

  5. Hello RAVI. The way you manage to hit the nails in right place and with the right intensity is amazing. Facts is: The Wonder that is raised on distorted history to create Mecaulay Putras and Putris and we are witnessing how deep the malaise is. Can we expect anything remotely Indian in true sense of the term; or pride of India? Answer is plain NO. Because, as a Nation state, India has come to this pass "as designed by our former rulers", who are now ruling us by proxy. So...we have to live with hypocricy and the proponents of the hypocricy like SG, SD, AG, YY and countless other apologists from Media, Politics...or any other walk of life. The saving grace Ravi is: people like you who keep your views on record on daily basis. Thanks for your daily updates. K R Vaishampayan

  6. Ravinar bhai, a young industrialist faces 3 years of imprisonment for a tweet against Chidu Jnr where he said Chidu Jnr has amassed more wealth than Robert Vadhra . His twitter link is >

    He is no celebrity with massive following, only has 100 odd followers. Law is being used to hound him. The entire 24/7 media is
    deliberately silent. I bring this to the notice of your readers so that they understand the full extent of the evil we are up against.

    And Sagarika Ghosh playing agony aunt to Sunanda bhabhi...30 minute interview demonizing Modi as a hater of womankind, without a single mention of the 50 crore / 100 crore IPL "sweat equity" scandal which husband and wife were a part of and because of which hubby dearest had to resign. There was lot of gushing talk about how perfect Shashi Tharoor is, how different he is from evil misogynist semi-literate Indian men (read Modi)... how Sunanda Bhabhi is the ideal Modern Indian Woman and a role model for all the young women of India and hubby dear a role model for whole of Indian youth.... how Indians should learn to show more PDA.. how evil BJP is against Tharoor love birds because they are really cute and pretty together and have a lot of sex..... basically the idea was to paint hubby as Shri Ram and bhabhi as a modern Sita Mata....and Modi as rapist wannabe evil rakshash Ravan..... and there was a great unity of purpose among various media houses to achieve this goal.

    These two incidents, unrelated, should tell you and your readers what we are up against.

    1. You should have watched the Sunanda Pushkar interview by Rahul Kanwal of Headlines Today. It sounded like two Page 3 women gossipping and tut-tutting about how those people from that BJP, Modi and Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi etc, have no decency towards women blah blah....

      Of course, one didnt expect Ms(!) Rahul Kanwal to go into any depth on the IPL matter which cost Shashi Tharoor his job (briefly)!

  7. Lately I have a few debates moderated by Mr.Tim Sebastian(Bloomberg and headlines Today) and I found them quite interesting. The moderator was decent enough to allow the speakers and put their points of views. Overall the show is better compared to other debates.

  8. If there is one thing I cannot stand is a woman crying to the media and playing victim simply to attract more sympathy. Women behave in such an immature manner and expect to be called 'strong' and 'independent'. Pathetic. And yes, I am a woman myself (such kind of behavior makes me ashamed to be a woman sometimes). So Barkha, Sagarika, Rajdeep, Arnab, call me sexist if you like. And these idiots forget that they themselves were the same people who ran a slander campaign against her when her sweat equity was first revealed for the Kochi IPL team (and now, she's crying on their shoulders). And one question to Sunanada: Does Shashi Tharoor consider to you to be a 'nayee patni' or a 'puraani patni' (since he's been married before as well)? I am asking this question since your own husband's party colleague had made that brilliant 'puraani patni' observation and the MSM and yourself seem to have completely forgotten it now.

  9. ROTFL!!! Sagarika,Rajdeep,Barkha,Ashutosh et al benchmark of Exceptional Journalism. So IK Gujral,MMS,PVN,Deve Gowda benchmark of PM material is undertandable
    Swapan Dasgupta and Ghose exchange was a David-Goliath stuff on IQ scale.

  10. I watched the show and as always my opinion resonates with yours....

    SG and her fellows YY and JA kept flanking Swapan with all irrelevant questions and opinion and whenever SD tried to make a logically correct statement SG would jump in with another irrational question thus muting what SD was saying.....

    The moment I saw this programme aired I was waiting for your post, infact came here all day yesterday expecting a post.....

    Infact I was also hoping an article about the 'Monk's show' which aired just before SG's

  11. Without even going through responses to the SD tweet, I couldn't help guessing the moron who who would have tweeted: "@swapan55 Ouch. Clearly @sagarikaghose didnt invite you on the panel :p"
    I could guess only 2 names @gsurya & ubiqutous Jhajee..seems like our dear Suryajee never fail to redeem himself by one superior moronity after other..

  12. In ideal world, media would have repeatedly highlighted the development achievements under Modi, and critically questioned other politicians on why the same cannot be achieved in their state / ministry... That would have raised awareness in the public outside of Gujarat, on what is possible and what our politician are missing on...

    Unfortunately, its completely the opposite.. Corrupt people suddenly become good guys, just because Modi has criticised them...

    Very sad state of the Indian media :(

  13. I read one article how Media is hyping this 2002 Godhra riots .. (though this article twists at end, i liked the beginning which i have pasted below).

    Part copied from this article -
    At one end, India is one of the proudest secular countries in the world. At the other end of the spectrum is the horrifyingly tragic communal rioting that takes place frequently.

    Take a look at the cases from 1980 onwards…

    In 1980, the Moradabad riots claimed an estimated 1500 victims. In 1983 in Nellie in Assam, the toll was in the thousands. In 1989 in rioting in Bhagalpur, more than a 1000 were killed. The Mumbai riots of 1992-93 also saw the toll crossing 1000.

    Now a quick question: Who were the chief ministers of these states at the time of the rioting? You could be forgiven for not knowing any of them.

    Incidentally, most of them were from the Congress and they just moved on with their political lives.

    There are the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 that may have seen up to 3000 dead and more than 50,000 displaced. The Congress leaders accused of leading the rioters were rewarded with plum posts and Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi made the infamous statement: 'When a big tree falls, the earth shakes.' Insensitiveness personified.

    Rajiv also shook that incident and moved on without him being troubled by it till the end of his life.

    Now let’s come to Godhra: The moment you say it, 10/10 people think of Chief Minister Narendra Modi. He has been hounded by the entire press. He has been called a Hitler and a mass murderer and has been accused of genocide even though there have been bigger riots. This regardless of the fact that one-fourth of those killed were Hindus.

  14. After reading this blog I watched the FTN show “Is Narendra Modi PM material? It looked to me the same old drama.

    Invite guests, one who supports NaMo and others as usual Modi Bashers including the anchor of the show.

    First they showed some comments made by NaMo and labeled them as cheap or -ve comments like 50cr girlfriend.

    Next they showed\tried to show him as dictator. A new word for NaMo doing buzz in MSM these days. He is the CM of a state. He has to take decisions in his everyday affairs. What is the reason for labeling him as dictator? If some of his decisions turned to be a disaster then he should be responsible for the same.

    At last not least, usual punchline of MSM--he should say sorry to people of India for 2002 riots. A little glimpse of 1984 sikh riots. In addition, dividing the country on Muslim Hindu votes by showing % of communities ready to accept Modi as PM.

    Where is the debate in the show? What is the PM material CNN IBN should first have told this to the audience.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I won't talk of the WEEKLY Slut Parade FTA of Italian Bastards Network (IBN) of Suwar kaa Gosht(Sorry Sagarika Ghosh) and Raandeep Suwardesai (THIS is a common media occurance under sonia dispensation)closely follwed by likes of Toilet of Italy (TOI), neither waste my breath on the Vagina Monolouges of these Corrupt filthy pretenders,(everybody knows tha 2G angle of Burqaa Duut and her Gulf connections).The unknown facet of this duo is How they came into being. Till Jan 2005 nobody knew who they were, they were just some gutter newsreaders maybe. In Jan 2005(Jan 25th ??) there was a news item on Channel 7JTV (Jaagran TV network)that Rajiv Gandhi assasination report was out and was so explosive that the erstwhile law minister (the nefarious and evil HR Bhardwaj) himself went there to suppress that also reported was that Volekar's report selected portions were "stolen" from most protected area in the world, the South Block. HRB refused to answer any question. By the way that news was never repeated again that evening. Next day Channel 7 JTV was bought Lock stock and barrel by a unknown begger Suardesai and merged with Italian Bastards Network, which promptly did a fake sting of Rs 1,00,000 on B. Laxman of BJP and no mention was made anywhere about the reports
    Where did a begger duo get a Lottery in a single night?? Any guesses?

    1. @Dravid

      Just stating: The B.Laxman sting was made during NDA regime not around 2005 as you mention. That involved Tehelka and IBN wasnt around then.

  17. Ravi, you can add sanjay jha to those list of morons. Subramaniam swamy gave him a good whack saying that he was unprepared for the debate & asked Justice Arnab to have got another learned panellist.

  18. Brilliant article!! These poodles in media are so faithful to gandhi's that they have suppressed corruption debate and stories.It's not surprising that almost all english media invited Mrs Tharoor for same annoying interview with one motive to belittle Modi.Not a single corruption related questions were asked.

    After doing shit dogs usually try to cover it with the mud or sand and moves on, and this is what our media personalities does, they dish out shit to viewers every day, cover it with lies and non sense and moves on as if nothing happened.

  19. Excellent Ravi.
    Do not we have a saying that dog's tail can never be straightened even after years of attempt. It is, very true that the MSM journos today are nothing but dogs. Just two observations MMS is a Poodle Puppet not only a puppet. He licks Madam's feet day and night. The second observation is why you have not mentioned Pritish, Burqa and Karan "The Tool" in third last para? They are also big suckers, are not they?

  20. Ravinar,
    Can't stop laughing after reading this article..."After years of an insipid, lack-lustre, puppet PM like MMS" fine and elegant lines and the last one "I leave it to you to wonder who they will still follow" I say this is beautiful.
    After reading this post and when I watch their faces on TV i can't stop laughing. And by reading this post:

    I was rolling on the floor laughing "God particle is not secular"

  21. This is why I have left watching English/Hindi news channels and stopped subscribing to magazines and also
    reading newspapers(except 1 or 2). Today one of our local news channels(TV9) in Bangalore was airing a
    program. The story was a small time TV actress dog was missing!!!. They briefed how she was intimate with that
    dog and shared photos of it, she used to sit, walk, talk, dance, sing, eat, pray etc etc.....
    And to support that, her friends and family were also interviewed who described the good times with that dog
    for complete one hour. Such a heart breaking story it was. And by the way the dog's name is GOOCH(not Graham Gooch).

    Hi TV9 kannada,
    Just now we saw TV show i.e 'Gooch' related to Nayana on 1-NOV-12.
    Its the worst ever show, which we saw in TV9 kannada that too on Kannada Rajyotsava day. And also it has been shown as suspense way. Its all about DOG missing and shown in suspense way and as a important news.
    Please avoid telecasting such shows which is of no use to public. Please telecast important and useful shows.
    You are famous and popular for good news and useful news for public.


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