Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Holes In The Mint

At the height of Beatlemania in March 1966 John Lennon was quoted as saying the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus”. This was enough to cause a world-wide Christian outrage. Beatles’ concerts were threatened, their records burned in southern US, Mexico, South Africa, Spain. Later, Lennon did express regret to pacify the Christians. Lennon had only responded to a question on the decline of Christianity which was being widely discussed at that time. His actual statement was: “Christianity will go. It will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue about that; I'm right and I'll be proved right. We're more popular than Jesus now; I don't know which will go first—rock 'n' roll or Christianity. Jesus was all right but his disciples were thick and ordinary. It's them twisting it that ruins it for me”. Factually, Lennon was right; Beatles were popular in every corner of the world (beyond Christians) and had more influence on kids and youth. The Pope even chose to forgive Lennon years after he was killed as if anybody gave a damn. Frankly, the Vatican has more to apologise for than Lennon, as later events have shown. Lennon didn’t really ‘abuse’ Jesus in any way for so much outrage. Can you imagine Hindus outraging like that? Lennon did have the choicest words to frequently describe the “establishment cronies” and even returned the MBE awarded by the Queen in protest of some war. 

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve said there are two Rajdeep Sardesais. One is the guy on TV and the other is off it. On TV is the man driven by compulsions of business and the ‘agenda’. Off TV the man is often thoughtful in his writings and quite introspective when he tweets. So on November 10 when he tweeted seeking to understand how to make up with Twitterati it was amazing to see someone seeking vicarious pleasure in hunting down certain people and informing their workplace. Haha! I’m surprised why this bitchy woman didn’t go a step further and seek to write a complaint to moms and dads of some Tweeple. I honestly didn’t know much about Priya Ramani before but I learn that she runs something called Mint-Lounge, a section of Mint, a paper that Hindustan Trolls tries to sell. Now what exactly is Mint Lounge? It’s one of those extras for women with money and nothing to do. It shows them the philosophical way of ‘baking a Pizza’ at home or how SRK doesn’t want to be a lover-boy, art of the grotesque and so on.

What does strike me is not that Ramani wants to hunt down these “persnarltees”. She figured in an earlier post of mine (From my inbox to Fiberals) on her mindless rant against NitiCentral and the 499 crores of Rajesh Jain. In that post I had shared how some journalists feel about their work. It makes me wonder how the people working around Ramani really feel. Forget the persnarltees on Twitter or SM, those around Ramani may be on constant surveillance for every word and sentence they utter everywhere. Ramani probably spies on all her co-workers and employees of Lounge to make sure they’re behaving. I wonder if she reports every silly tweet of her co-workers to their parents or their spouses.  Who knows, she might even add a note on how to spank such people. I wonder if online behaviour is a factor for salary hikes or cuts at Lounge or Mint itself. Come to think of it they might even have an annexure to the appraisal form where an employee's good and bad behaviour instances are listed. Like, you know, number of accolades for Ramani might get +10 each, and number of times the employee calls her a bitch gets a -20. Damn! This woman could truly revolutionise behaviour assessment in media outlets.

We’ll get back to Ramani’s extraordinary brilliance but in the meantime I would like you to find out what Balvenie is. I’ve often said that certain TV channels and magazines are meant only for those with a ‘Mini-bar’ at home. You can pronounce Balvenie as ‘Bal-when-ee’ or ‘Bal-ween-ee’. Both are acceptable. See? I’m learning, why don’t you start too?

More Mint! On November 8 Madhu Trehan was at a debate at the World Economic Forum hosted on NDTV. She was battling ‘Nothing’! I mean she was battling Kapil Sibal over Internet freedom, hooliganism and stuff like that. Doing a running commentary, Mint put out these two tweets attributing statements to Madhu. Turns out both statements were absolute LIES. It sounds like the Mint editor, Suku, was playing Sudoku. So he quietly deletes the tweets and privately apologises to Madhu. Mint value system: Tar in public and apologise in private. Most companies have that in reverse, don’t they? The tweets were to public at large and there was no apology to readers for misleading them. Many tweeple were not very kind to Madhu after reading the Livemint tweets. Worse, Mint stupidly deletes those tweets hoping the crime will disappear. I guess they are yet to learn that not even Kapil Sibal can wipe the footprints off the internet.

Then there are other writers at Mint. There is one Aakar Patel who writes mostly about nothing but Narendra Modi. This one is not sure whether he’s in love with Modi or not. Er. somewhat like those “he loves me, he loves me not” games with clover leaves. Modi has been called a lot of names but it’s only Aakar Patel who finds him a “sex symbol”. Some call it an obsession and some call it infatuation with Modi. One hopes AakTel will someday make a confession. Then there’s Samar Halarnkar (actually with Hindustan Trolls) and he is accused of plagiarising the works of Frances Moore Lappé in his articles on fighting hunger and food shortages. Ah, I think that had something to do with Brazil. I guess guy doesn’t know even Wiki has an entry on him to that effect. It’s a long story that will take up too much space. What’s the short story? Samar is also reportedly the husband of Priya Ramani. Yeah, the one that wants to hunt down people. In all the posts so far I’ve never found the need to use any expletives. I think I can be bad enough without the use of those. I once used the ‘f’ word but that was an actual tweet of Rajdeep I quoted. This Ramani takes it further than hatred can possibly take anyone. She calls Lord Ram a loser. Her friend calls him a “C***” and typically, like the American woman she is, she corrects him: It’s “D***”. Ramani is not alone. She has a sister-in-arms in Sagarika Ghose who frequently abuses Ram and Hinduism.

Where does such hatred and loathing of a Hindu icon come from? That too with no particular provocation! Ah, for that we’ll have to go back two years to an article Ramani wrote in the same Mint. That was called: “I may not be an Indian” (June 2010). Yeah.. you leave us in no doubt about that. She hates being Indian, she hates Ram for being a loser; in short she hates everything about herself. Technically, for all her stupid utterances Ramani could well be charged with sections 294, 295 and 295A for deliberately insulting religious sentiments under the Indian Penal Code. A glimpse of her self-hate can be seen in the image from her article. She hates Diwali, she thinks Holi is a time for ‘molestation’

I believe it would be easier to make a list of things she doesn’t hate about India or Indians. That would probably equal to ‘Sibal’. And then, this stupid moron claims she is a victim of abuse on Twitter. Who in his right mind would want to abuse her when she abuses herself so much? She is probably one of those failed journalists or writers who couldn’t make it to the top like Chetan Bhagat. She probably wonders why she had to be born Indian. I have lived abroad for a short while and have seen western culture too. I love many of their good practices but don’t hate them for what could be called bad practices. We are here because India isn’t perfect. Some people take that imperfection as a chance to correct our faults. Some people simply choose to hate the country and her people. Ramani leaves us in no doubt which category she belongs to. But hey, sure as hell, she can probably tell you how to bake a cake with her magazine. And you can guess her favourite drink: Balvenie! The single-malt Scotch whiskey which probably inspires her writings and tweets!

There are many interpretations to Lord Ram’s response to the utterances of a washer-man. That is not even important here. Ram could have slashed the man’s head, imprisoned him, maybe he put his people above family. It can go on and on. What do you know, if Ram were with us today all he would have to do is send an email to Kapil Sibal and the washer-man would be in prison under 66A in a flash. But it would most certainly take an extreme moron to call him a loser or a D*** or C***.

Some wonder what would happen if Ramani were to make similar statements about Islam or Islamic icons. Not just her, the entire bunch of media morons wouldn’t dare. I’ve no doubt the swords would be out, her family would be dead and her house burned to the ground. But that’s hardly the issue here. Even Christians outraged over Lennon’s largely innocuous remark. My answer to this particular moron who passes as Priya Ramani is this: You didn’t become who you are all by yourself. The self-hate and loathing didn’t come to you all by yourself. No one said it better than John Adams: “Our individuality we so, so revere is not entirely our own… We ARE, who we WERE”. So I’m in no doubt those with such extreme hatred didn’t get it all by themselves. They are, who they were. Their forefathers, ancestors, friends, family and co-workers probably invested in them with such hatred. Hindus will no doubt be angered but they’re definitely not going to draw swords.

Most of us “Are who we Were”. Most Hindus are brought up with some spiritual principles and tolerance. That is the foundation of this country. I have travelled to the smallest corners of India. In many rural towns life is terrible. In a bus for 22 they usually pack a 100 and even add another 50 sacks of vegetables and grains. While I did find it alarming and discomforting, I don’t regret living the lives of those people and with them for a while. They didn’t choose that life and live in hope things will change for their children. The uncouth, uncivilised aren’t the ones who only spit or litter. The Ramanis can sip their Balvenie and keep hating Ram and India. John Lennon said to an audience once: “Will the people in the cheaper seats clap your hands? All the rest of you, if you'll just rattle your jewellery”. So why do I have write about these idiots at Mint? That’s a good question. Let me again quote the last verse from a song Lennon-McCartney wrote many years ago (A day in the life – One can find it easily on Youtube):

“I read the news today oh boy
Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire
And though the holes were rather small
They had to count them all
Now they know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall.
I'd love to turn you on” ....

Well, the song was banned for radio play because the British establishment thought the phrase “turn you on” alluded to drugs. But they totally missed something else. It is known that the 4000 holes refer to the potholes in Blackburn’s streets with relevance to a council election. But what’s the reference to those holes filling the Royal Albert Hall? There are many interpretations and one of them is of decaying flesh and another is assholes in the system. That’s the reason I had to count all the morons at Mint. Now we know how many holes there are in the Mint.   


  1. Scathing. I know our media has more than a few morons, but for the first time, thanks to you and your article I have come across a total retard. Her rightful place should not be in our country which has been graced in the past and at present by more than a handful of great saints and personalities, but in the middle of a senile colony where she is the lone tenant.

  2. i am astounded how senseless and filled with hatred her comments are..i wonder can she tell this to any other religion other then hindus..lets see if she tells it to muslims or christians,its because people like her we as a religion or a community are taken lightly and nobody cares about our sentiments..no where in the world i have seen so many pseudo secularists..hindu bashers as in india itself..i am sure even other religions will never say something this low and shameful about any hindu gods..

  3. ?????
    Somebody actually reads Mint Lounge??!

    1. Well just to have a taste of one more moron I did went to MintLounge site ..... thanks to Ravinar ..... and yes that MintLounge is D*** and C***

  4. Sometimes i feel its time hindus take Krishna seriously.. I mean take up arms ..your tolerance is seen as cowardice..giving strength to adharmis.. look up to krishna and take up arms and punish.. btw did not even Ram punish the scoundrals?? as their followers why you wait for the great leader or avataar to emerge...

  5. Of the several invaluable contributions of the Great Sri C Rajagopalachari , two books simply stand out. His clear, but insightful , books- one on Ramayana and the other on Mahabharatha. Originally written in Tamil,released by Sri KM Munshi of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, was later translated into english by Rajaji and has had several reprints till now.

    Each time a person reads and re-reads the books , different perspectives, dimensions , greatness of the characters ,situations, follies, ( including that of the baddies ! and the vanquished) emerge. Several questions of so called superficial interpretations of the actions of Lord Rama , is explained in a very subtle way, ( eg . Killing of Vaali etc.)

    C Rajagopalachari has tried to address the issues in his version of the Ramayana - let's quote what he had to say –
    “Let those who find faults in Rama see faults, and if these critics faultlessly pursue dharma and avoid in their own
    lives the flaws they discover in Rama, the bhaktas of Sri Rama will indeed welcome it with joy. If they exhibit the virtues of
    Rama and add to these more virtues and greater flawlessness, who can complain? “

    Practising the virtues extolled by Sri Rama himself ,and the singular pursuit of Dharma , makes one qualified enough to even think of commenting on Him.

    1. :-) well said .... and Thanks for introducing me to "C Rajagopalachari" ji :-)

    2. I am happy someone else also has the same feeling about reading Rajaji's rendering of Ramayana/Mahabarata. Unfortunate that though I am a familiar I cannot read Tamil. Nevertheless Rajaji's rendering of Mahabarata takes the epic to another level. Portions of the book moved me at a different level. Should be inducted into our education system in school as rapid reader.

  6. Happy Deepawali to you Sir; you made mine already. Ram never did any 'Agni-Pariksha' of Sita, Sita had not cross any fire, it's only a hearsay. When ShreeRam met Sita after a war which was an impossible to win, he said I had lost hope to see you alive. Sita said " You have done impossible to save me from Asuras, and world will remember your fight with Raavana". On which Shree Ram said " No dear, you have done a greater task of passing through such an "Agni-Pariksha" (i.e. saving your life and dignity in the land of Asuras). ShreeRam has never done any wrong in his life, that's why we the Hindus call him 'maryada-purushottam'and worship him as God.
    The same way many a things in the Ramayana were grossly misinterpreted. But we are still what we were, because Hindutva invites you to ask questions, questions your beliefs, shed those which are not feasible and embrace those which make you feel good.

    1. Very well said, this was exactly what I wanted to say.

  7. It was heart-breaking to see the senseless comments on Twitter yesterday. But we are secular so anybody can trash any Hindu God and get away with it.
    To appreciate the greatness of Ram one should put themselves in his shoes and imagine the choices he made.
    How many people can throw away a comfortable life as royalty and go and live in a forest with nothing? We cannot imagine a life without electricity.
    Ask these sickular people to say something against Jesus or the founder of Islam and let us see how long they live to see the reaction.

  8. Hello RAVI! Happy Diwali. With the sensible fireworks...you almost make each of 365 days of your readers - A Happy Diwali. No doubt about that. So, I do not wish to spoil my Diwali Happiness by commenting further upon these inconsequential self-proclaimed experts. Let them hate Lord Ram or misinterprete Lord Krishna...it's their sweet will, for I know any of it does not affect Ram or Krishna or our collective faith in their legacy. Thanks for a nice one as ever. Happy Diwali yet again. Regards - K R Vaishampayan

  9. Link for Rajaji's Ramayana book : http://sanjeev.sabhlokcity.com/Misc/Rajaji-Ramayana.pdf

    Chapter 76 - Epilogue - page 198 onwards says it all .



    1. Thanks a lot for posting this URL. I haven't read it fully, but a glimpse of it is telling me to read *NOW*.

      Coming back to Ramani... She described Ram as C*** & D***... Since we have "Ram" in "Ramani" that makes her a "C***ani"... or "D***ani"... LoL...

      An excerpt from Rajaji-Ramayana.pdf above:

      "God seeks and pursues the human soul till He secures it. He is eager to save us. It is enough if we just do not obstruct or resist."

      Unfortunately, the ilks of Ramani & Karthik are still obstructing & resisting... We can only pray to Lord Ram that He give them strength to get rid of that obstructance or resistance...

  10. Brilliant Ravi. Have a great Deepawalli and New Year. Let Bhagwan Ram show us the way.

    Guess, what I found - Priya does not have a c$$$, but three a$$es and Karthik does wear his D$$$ on his head. I am bit worried about Social Geinous these days. I believed that she was a devout Hindu, as her uncle went to RK Mission, her husband eats daily imported beef, paid by whom? She must have gone senile by now, so much contradiction in her life. She tries to be Sita, but ends more like Rakhi, you know who!

    Sorry, some of the readers may find it offensive, but I am sure that Priya, Karthik and SG would love it.

  11. if this karthik and priya - children of unmarried parents had testicles ( then karthik would be a man and priya would be a hermaphrodite of course ) - they should have done a rushdie . of course we would have been referring to them in the past tense by now.

  12. I've often wondered about the motivations people like Priya Ramani, Sagarika Ghose and others have to deride Hinduism specifically, while not daring to write about other flawed faiths.

    For example, not much has been written about casteist divisions even in Muslims, Buddhists and Christians in India among converted folk. These are faiths that promised freedom to converts from the caste system in India, but are only ending up perpetuating them within their own religions. Seeing the opportunity to split these votebanks up within those faiths for themselves, now you have politicians wanting to cement these caste divisions even within these religions. You won't hear much from Sagarika on this. That ivory tower up there makes it impossible to see such issues. And they may have an agenda that such issues will hardly further.

    Perhaps their dislike is for the hypocrisy within Hinduism and the morons who have become the voice of Hinduism in India. Perhaps it is the fact that much of the Hindu priestdom has not yet made its entry into the modern world, and is stuck in a place where the portly brahmin priest no longer lives a life of learning, austerity and sacrifice, and conducts his priestly duties with little dignity and sincerity. And don't expect the priest to be a learned fellow by any means these days. Most of them are utterly clueless imposters bent on protecting their business more than their faith.

    Perhaps it is the mushrooming of scumbag babas who command little respect but run massive business empires and orgies in the name of religion. Look at the babas who have grabbed massive tracts of extremely valuable land in Haridwar and other religious places and run ornate Ashrams. This itself is worth a good scam or two. You should see the amount of money paid to the 'pravachan channels' by these babas to become famous faces. Hinduism is big business, and the upper castes (yes, I am part of the 'upper caste' too) want to keep this business to themselves. Can't have the lower castes dragging this market, can we?

    Perhaps Priya and Sagarika dislike the fact that is no mechanism that will clean this scum away, and keep the image of the religion respectable, clean and worthy of wanting to be a follower of. There is much to learn from Christianity, Buddhism and perhaps even Islam in this sense. Yes, all religions have their black sheep too. I am sure people will say that Hinduism has survived for thousands of years despite all this. But they are wrong. Things have dramatically changed in the past 100-200 years.

    But organistions like RSS and extremist idiots like the VHP, busy badmouthing other religions, do not seem to have the time or the inclination to cleanse Hinduism itself. The upper caste coterie in the RSS, BJP and VHP zealously guard their fiefdoms and there is very little room for debate and reform in the way they think and work. You are seeing the results over the past few days. Make no mistake, this is one of the reasons turning people away from Hinduism and into Buddhism or Christianity. Where I live, I see it all around me everyday. (Part 2 in next comment – Google limits comments to 4096 characters)

    1. In which century do you live how much hatred for VHP and RSS..I am from a dalit community My education till 7th to 10th standard was Sponsored by RSS..Do you really think in the Age of Privatization Castism really matters...Come to my village in Haryana...here people convert to christianity ..because they give them money..Not to escape castism as they are going to have different Churches few of my friend converted but they never leave their castes...Ever visit Nuh,Haryana here burning of low caste muslims Masjids by high caste muslim is a day to day thing ..In overall image Haryana appeared to be Castist place..but I can tell you There I don't find a single temple in Haryana who barred my entry because I am from Dalit community...Newspaper ask about Rapes..but they tells upper caste raped Dalit..but they never tell whether Christian upper caste,Muslim Upper Caste or Hindu Upper Caste..because by only writing uppercaste you have thrown total blame on hinduism however rape was done by christian upper caste....People also forget AryaSamaj has biggest base in Haryana....I don't know what actually people think about me but I never faced any issue till now after my School, colledge due to my caste...now people just don't want to get in to that they have moved from it...Caste is now only the language of Politicians and Media..

    2. I can show you a far bigger number of dalits who have converted to Buddhism, despite no money being offered in return.

      Yes, Christian missionaries offer money, but not to everyone. Money is not free even for well funded missionaries. But if that money leads to a relatively better life for the convertee, what is so wrong? It is not as if Hindus are going out of their way to look after such people, are they? And they won't convert even for money if they felt secure and included in the community in their existing circumstances. Put yourself in their situation and think over this.

      I dislike the VHP. They have done great disservice to the religion through the loudmouths who take over as their heads. The RSS on the other hand enjoys its clout through the work that they have done on the ground. But the ideologically driven and motivated volunteers are declining because of the lack of good leadership at the top. Look at the current bunch of RSS top leaders sitting in Nagpur.

      That and their perceived extremist stance is finding fewer takers in most educated youth. How many of the commenters or readers of the blog are RSS members? I am betting a very very small percentage. And that is the problem. There is no point in the RSS being full of half-pant wearing fat old men. Compare Golwalkar Guruji and the leaders of yore with Gadkari and Mohan Bhagwat. Is this the bunch that you would want to follow?

      The BJP also knows that much of its strength on the ground comes due to RSS members. But the fact that the RSS has not been able to whip the BJP into shape and its leaders haven't fallen in line shows that the RSS's clout is indeed declining. A tougher RSS leadership would have tossed out Gadkari. This one caved in to him.

    3. Seems like you are insensible toward the tricks these Missionaries Plays to convert people..and there are people like who even justifies that...they are exploiting the poors....they fills hatred toward there own culture..This is a crime worst then murder....RSS also supports many people like me which are Not all Hindus ..but they never asked them to convert their faith just because they are helping them.....The conversion destroys the culture of the region...Why you hate VHP..only organisation who is raising voice for Hindus...so what do you think in what way VHP should react..today 4 Temples are Vandalized in Hyderabad. by Mullahs...Congress Govt is Anti hindus...so what response you are expecting...VHP should has to be aggressive as the overwhelming amount of Human Right Violations are happening against Hindus in India..In Alone UP 8 Riots in 7 Months of SP Rule by Mullahs....and that is NOT true where ever there are RSS center they get overwhelming support from locals...issue is that they don't have too many centers..People go their willingly in-spite of so much hate propaganda against RSS by Media...

  13. Part 2

    And consider the extremist Hindu voices that speak out loudly against equal treatment of women, lower castes, etc. It is quite hard for many to digest this stuff anymore. Sushma Swaraj is more interested in stuff like banning Fashion TV, cribbing about using 'Radha' in movies, than she is about real reform. Her holier than thou attitude despite her unforgivable support of the Reddy brothers in Andhra has irked many too. And Priya is right about Holi, you know. Males do seem to think that Holi is when anything goes. Molesting of women by relatives and friends and perhaps even family under the guise of Holi celebrations is widespread. It is pathetic really.

    This is stuff an educated younger generation no longer likes about Hinduism and is gradually turning agnostic or atheist. I am sure the likes of Priya Ramani and Sagarika like all this even less. Because most of them are madly in love with a 'secular' party that can do no wrong, and whose votes come precisely from appeasement politics. Wearing the 'secular' badge on their sleeves gives them access to the upper class club that has carefully cultivated the image that believing in Hinduism is a symptom of a backward, illiterate mentality. So, violent religions like Islam are given a free pass because speaking against the problems in Islam in India automatically makes you a Muslim hater and therefore, a Hindu zealot.

    But these guys want so badly to be part of that powerful club, without having done much to get there apart from posing as journalists (who generally get free entry everywhere), that they try to walk the walk, and talk the talk, just to delude themselves that they belong to that club, and are not there just because they are good for nothing journalists, most of whom lack the intelligence or the skill to be a low level peon forget a pen pusher.

    Long, unedited ramble. More than enough for now. Let me go celebrate Diwali now :-)

    1. Surely a long ramble.

      You have (un)knowingly blamed entire

      *so called "hypocrisy" within Hinduism
      *morons who have become the voice of Hinduism
      *portly brahmin priest
      *religious places and run ornate Ashrams
      *scumbag babas
      *RSS and extremist idiots like the VHP
      *extremist Hindu voices
      *Priya is right about Holi

      for the mindset of SG & PR ., and probably yours too , which looks like another rant from SG / PR themselves.

    2. Expected and typical response. Do you really believe that Hinduism is absolutely perfect and no scope for reform?

    3. Nothing in this world is perfect. Perfection is a relative measure.

      What is meant by reform ?? Why is it needed ? If at all needed, we should first realise that Hindusism is a way of life, and everybody can adapt the way they wish to seek God- and there are no dearth of them - unlike abrahamic religions - which beleive in ekta.

      That I will abuse Hinduism , just because "I" -beleive it is not perfect , and I need some "reforms" is just a ruse for blaming the roots of our culure and heritage.

      Why dont somebody initiate talks on reforms in other religions ?? !! too.

      Hindism gives the freedom to practice the way an individual wants. Pl note in the 18 siddanthas- even Naastika vaada is an accepted philosophical sect- within hindism !!. Which other religion can boast of such freedom ?

      So much for the freedom / reforms it has undergone., with the agies of Adi Sankara / Madvacharya / Ramanuja / Chaitanya nd all other saints, over centuries and yugas.

      We are only giving lame excuses for siding with pseudos & aping the west - Running with the hare, hunting with the hounds.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. I believe that no one is prefect not even you even after writing such long paragraphs to show us..our..' true colour '..lol..blame it all on the hindus..thats all your point is right..you sound like a typical..' powdered face 'wannabe gori madam..of our country..like those so called celebrities ranting on TV and twitter that they won't burst crackers and would..' donate '..to poor kids..lol..i find it funny they talk of air and noise pollution..the whole of diwali in india constitutes to lesser pollution then a single 24 hour pollution constituted by vehicles in our country..just for the sake of publicity they say lets celebrate diwali without crackers..they say..lets donate..i say why do u need an occasion to donate clothes and distribute sweets..why only on diwali and if you are such a good samaritan then stop using your fuel guzzling SUVs and start taking public transport..stop smoking and donate..stop drinking and donate..the money you would spend on cocktail parties..drinks..foreign tours..etc..etc..they just want an occasion to berate our traditions and customs..to show the world and our..pseudo secular '..media that how modern and ethically well behaved they are..ha ha..these same guys won't have a qualm celebrating 4rth of july and the chinese new year bursting crackers..lol..

      P.S: you say their is no segregation in Buddhism ha ha that made me laugh..do u know how the mahayana and theravada sects oppose each other,do you know how mainland indian sub continental Buddhists are treated inferiorly with respect to the Tibetan,northeast indian Buddhists..please first go through the facts before blaming all on the hindus..HAPPY DIWALI TO YOU.. :)

    6. You have obviously not read the second paragraph where I said exactly this and how it was completely being ignored by the geniuses in the secular media. Perhaps that is because some commenters here went blind with rage the moment I suggested that Hinduism needs more work and couldn't read what I said about the third rate people staffing the 'secular' media.

    7. so who wrote the first paragraph was it you or someone else?

      see again you are trying to make anyone who is against your view..sound like a ..' fundamental hooligan '..if you keep this much prejudiced view towards people who don't necessarily agree with you on everything..then what do you expect..that we all should say how brave you are for..showing us the..' true face '..of hinduism..as i read carefully and understand some of your points..you also please go through our posts and do the same..thats all i am saying.. :)

    8. Let me start by saying that I am a what may be termed as a "practising" Hindu. I read my Ramayan daily and try to understand the lost wisdom that has been taken away from us by years of "raj" (raj= mogul and british)followed by years of "appeasement".

      To an extent, there is truth in what mediabuyer writes. Whenever possible, I visit the local temple as well as holy shrines. The places where conversion is rampant are places where the image of a hindu priest is exactly that of one described by mediabuyer.

      I think, it is fair to assume that every human being, when not being atheist, needs its daily dose of spirituality or a Godly figure to look up to. This is the area where Hinduism failed miserably. God was taken away from the so called lower castes when religion became a thriving business. This void of a missing deity was fulfilled by the missionaries with added lure of a God that would bring monies too. No wonder reformers like Adi Shankracharya and Vivekanand tried to bring the God back to every human being.

      Hinduism is an all sustaining and all encompassing faith system that will survive despite the inner as well as outer onslaught due its very inclusive and assimilative nature, Ramani and Karthik notwithstanding. Presently, however, there is a concerted onslaught by the converters to reap as many souls as possible and Hindu organisations will do well to concentrate more on bringing spirituality to masses rather than turning Hinduism into a set of rules and regulations that make it sound like a closed theological canon.

      About Ramani behenji ;) and karthik, there is another Beatle song that describes them: All these lonely people, where do they all come from.

  14. Great response. Very civil and considered response. If Ramani see this article, I am sure, she would be saying **** and more ****, that it. But Ravi, you made my diwali with ur article that there is hope that narrative of public discourse will be truely secular one day instead of current only Hindu bashing,Muslim-Xchian praising. Power to your pen.

  15. Ha ha ha! Excellent piece. But what caught my attention is Media Buyer who seem to have literally bought every word from the "Secular Media"
    Is there no scope for reform in Hinduism - Oh yes! when you see it as a Religion like that Abrahamic ones you see it only as a Religion. Why blame Holi for the way you celebrate holi that way. Sorry friend, we celebrate it with utmost respect and the way it should be. If that is how it is celebrated in your family, why shout about it here! And easiest way out after provocation is saying "Expected and Typical Response and wriggle out. Was this guy expecting people to applaud those ranting efforts?

    This para defines the mindset of this guy - "Perhaps Priya and Sagarika dislike the fact that is no mechanism that will clean this scum away, and keep the image of the religion respectable, clean and worthy of wanting to be a follower of. There is much to learn from Christianity, Buddhism and perhaps even Islam in this sense" ROTFL!

  16. doodh ka dood paani ka paani here it goes from the days of old -- vomit if you like -- I like the evidence put forward h t t p:/ /www.eng.chauthiduniya.com/black-sheep-of-indian-journlism-exposed/ why are we sleeping till now? media-hawks have graduated to something more monstrous now with digital TRP sensor that will be pushed into all homes - no need of portable radars as was in UK a decade ago to eavesdrop onto the TRP viewership.

  17. Enjoyed reading this blog and also the previous one.

  18. If something about Hinduism does not go down well with you, by all means, go ahead and express your views. But these very people will NEVER speak in the same vein about Islam or Christianity (as they do about Hinduism). Why? Do people like Priya Ramani, and Sagarika Ghose think that Islam and Christianity are perfect religions? If no, then why is only Hinduism targeted each time? If they can dare, let them speak in the same vein about Islam and Christianity, as they do about Hinduism. Otherwise, it only shows what kind of cowards these people are. If these people can judge Ram by 21st century standards, why don't they ever accuse Muslims of animal cruelty during Bakri-Id? By the way, Holi celebrations do NOT mean that girls should be molested. Some boys feel that they can behave the way they want to. So, why blame a whole festival (and religion) for it?

    New definition of secularism in India (NOT given in the Constitution of India) = Abuse Hinduism to the maximum possible extent so that other religions/agnostics/atheists feel appeased. And if Hindus abuse other religions, all hell breaks loose.

    God help this country.

    1. Nope .... lets help ourselves to help this country .... let this site be a step towards it ......

  19. Extremely good article as usual. Thanks Ravinar for making my day happy. Wishing Happy Diwali to all readers of Mediacrooks.

  20. Srivatsa Krishna while engaging with me on twitter went to my LinkedIn profile, got my company's name, got CEO's name and used it in his tweet to threaten me. Our so called celebrity have such a dark corner in their heart that only people on social media can find out. I guess this is a common thinking from our high profile but disgusting people to use employer reference to threaten folks on twitter.

    1. That C*** ...... Srivatsa Krishna(I dont know who the hell you are but if you are reading this blog, and what Raj is saying is true then its a very very cowardly act from you).

  21. Ramani, Ghose & their types behave like fresh converts who tend to deride their ancestral faith hoping for more "incentives" from the new handlers. But Ravinar Ji, there's a limit. I find it tough to tolerate such obscene language against my religion anymore......

  22. i'm an atheist neither me nor my parents practiced any kind of religion in our whole life, so i'm telling what i observed, i find your article more secular then these so called "secular media" can ever be!! good luck!

    1. Thanks you (on behalf of Ravinar) ..... :-)

  23. when ever your new post comes, i have a habit of reading the overlay, the heading, tweet image shots, and images. and i grab the page to read/comment it later.

    and i was literally angered after seeing Madhu trehan's so called tweet. i follow her laundry series regularly as yours.

    thats the power of lies. one should do something about these idiots.

  24. Happy Diwali to all. As usual, good analysis. But as you said 'Who in his right mind would want to abuse her when she abuses herself so much?' Therefore, I don't watch or read any of these media news that abuse Hinduism. Their intention is clear in black & white to everyone now.
    If Lord Ram were now the king of Bharat, he might have forgiven them since they would have figured as his citizens. But as the saying goes, 'love begets love,' the same applies for hate. Their hatred for their past will disintegrate them & their persona. They are 'psychological & socially impaired' people as they continue to remain Hindus despite abusing it. Money-wise, they gain a lot by their screaming & writing but it will do them no good in the long run. I wonder what their parents & children think about them.
    And yes, I blame their upbringing for their hatred towards their own religion & country. They should take a leaf from Sonia Gandhi, actually.

  25. How dare that Bitch Ramani and that bastard Karthik abused Ram. Ramani is nothing but a 10th fail bitch who passed out from a third rated university.Why Hindus tolerate such people, they deserve to be lynched in public..enough is enough.That bastard Karthink think he is an intelectual if he calls Ram chu**. These types of bastards and bitches are curse to Indian society, we should hunt them down in front of their families and we should even hunt down their families so no DNA is left to pass down and create more bastards and bitches.I have never felt so much angry and urge to shoot some pigs in the head.

    1. Agree with you completely....Such moron should be allowed to pass on their DNAs

  26. A persons character is a reflection of his/her tolerance towards others beliefs. How difficult it is not to disrespect somebody else's religious beliefs. People easily confuse between freedom of speech and hate speech. And then these people have the courage to write how one should be hounded for tweeter comments. How is a person of such shallow intellect associated even remotely with a national newspaper. Beats me!!

  27. Dear Ravinar,
    Happy Deepavali !
    As usual your writing is immaculate & impressive !
    You have the amazing ability to connect the dots !Keep up the great work !

    Just found this link which fellow commentators might like to read :

  28. Thanks Ravinar for the article. Never read mint news feed even though it popped up in google news search several times , since the headings are itself ridiculous. Now I know even better. As long as the person identifies him/herself as a hindu hater (or an india hater ) i guess he/she can call Lord Ram whatever they want in this country ( and as long as they know the right people , penal codes can be sibalised). It is the 'i am so secular' hindu haters that really pisses one off.

  29. Dear Ravinar,

    Thanks for the article. Actually I expected something in regards to comments made by Mr Vaidya in his blog. Its really disgusting how a private blog of an individual is glorified by the entire media only to misuse it for embarrasing NAMO.Seriously sick.

    As far as obnoxious comments by Ramani is concerned, they need not be taken seriously because the whole elitist anti hindu journalists in India are getting exposed regularly.

    About the comments made by Media Buyer, he seems to reading from some material used by missionaries. The fact that RSS has grown in last 80 years in all castes & creeds of hindu community inspite of evry dirty trick by Congis & commies is enough to answer his nonsense.

  30. Sita was a person she can never be. Respect and understanding for each other is a basis of relationship between husband and wife. That is why she says herself 'I can not understand why Sita did not leave Ram'. For understanding this one needs culture, character and ofcourse thinking capability.

  31. Good one ! Hope this will get that demented Priya Ramani to shut up forever. She is a known retard on the blogosphere and the most common comment on most of her articles has been "Dear Priya, please go see a shrink" Hope that is what she is doing right now...

    It's also disgraceful to the brand Balvenie that someone like her gets to drink it. From her demeanor seen on Social Media, I think she should be limited to having local hooch only...

  32. Priya Armani -a Mint with a hole!

  33. if she could abuse deity then wat would be situation of her husband. he must be living as a Joru ka gulaam. i pity her husband.

  34. Thank you Ravinar for shining the light on Priya Ramani's sad and bitter personality.

  35. For decades now the children of India have been taught (and are still being taught) that Rama and Krishna and all the other gods of the Hindu pantheon are MYTHOLOGICAL characters from works of mythology. And if people like Ramani and Jethmalani are agonizing over Rama and his supposedly wretched actions, it means that they believe him to be a real historical king who lived and ruled India!

  36. If she hates Ram, then she should remove the Ram from Ramani

  37. Feel sad for our country and religion such b****** and b******* exist in our motherland. These morons do not understand the rich hetitage of our culture. I think its time for us to stop being tolerant.

  38. Great article Ravinar!! It is sad that the management of HT are quite in this matter. Are they not aware of these tweets or the article? or are they happy to publish/propogate articles/tweets of anti-hindu. For morons like Priya Ramani free-speech means only to abuse and criticize India, its culture and festivals. They will never work for the betterment of society or atleast write few good things on it.

  39. Slightly off-topic, some Vikar Patel gems.

    1. The Indian is an opportunist—in traffic, in queues, in avoiding process, in littering, in avoiding taxes. Where he can find advantage, he will take it (see note 1). He doesn’t see this as wrong. This is why he must be constantly policed—because he hasn’t internalized common good.

    2. Where his countrymen are damaged by his individual action—through illegal immigration—the Indian will choose himself over India. Embassies observe and record national behaviour. Violations by Indians over decades, not racism, have made visa access restrictive, quite rightly, to all Indians.
    In Australia the Indian youth behaves as he does in India, and then complains of racism when society objects and punishes him.

    3. Is Shri Ram’s murder of Vali and his treatment of Sita moral? Is Shri Krishna’s advice to Arjun on Karna moral? Is his action on Jayadrath moral? Is Acharya Drona’s behaviour with Eklavya moral? Our texts say: “Yes.” They are right according to dharma (if the question is asked in an Indian language). But they are wrong morally. Dharma is opportunistic, while morals are not.

    4. Hinduism recognizes that the world is irredeemable: It is what it is. Perhaps this is where the Hindu gets his world view—which is zero-sum—from. We might say that he takes the pessimistic view of society and of his fellow man. But why?

    The Hindu devotee’s relationship with god is transactional: I give you this, you give me that. God must be petitioned and placated to swing the universe’s blessings towards you. God gives you something not through the miracle, and this is what makes Hinduism different, but by swinging that something away from someone else. This is the primary lesson of the Vedic fire sacrifice. There is no benefit to one without loss to another. Religion is about bending god’s influence towards you through pleas, and appeasement, through offerings.

    5. The British left in 1947, and they left too soon. We celebrate Independence Day, but another six decades of dependence as Great Britain’s colony would have been good for us. We could have learnt how to run cities. No harm in admitting what is obvious for all to see: We cannot even manage traffic.

    6. Europeans, of course, told us who and what we were. After 3,000 years of illiteracy, we learnt of the existence of the Indus Valley civilization from John Marshall in 1924.

    7. We have a transactional culture while civilized nations don’t. We haven’t learnt to trust one another as Europeans have. Indians do not buy the theory that we can all rise if each of us behaves morally, because that is not the message of our faith.Our faith assures us that God will deliver for us individually, but we must deliver to him too.

    8. The British talent was building cities. They gave the Chinese Hong Kong and Singapore, they gave the Lankans Colombo, they gave the Burmese Rangoon, they gave the Kenyans Nairobi. To us they gifted Bombay, Madras, Calcutta, Bangalore and New Delhi, the five greatest cities of the subcontinent. The Indian talent is renaming things others built. We gave the world Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and Bengaluru.

    9. As I heard Ali Khan sing Shikwa after having a few drinks, I want to mount my horse and charge at the infidels.

  40. There is no need to get worked up at these silly issues of religion.What matter here is how a somewhat public figure in a public space abuse a religious deity and the establishment can let her get away with it.Secular democracy only caters to minority these days.

    I totally agree with her on Ram's behavior of suspecting Sita. Time change,society changes and so the words written in a book should not be taken to seriously. ( Any book )

    Hinduism just like a democracy allows you to protest and disagree with it within its space.That is great.Its a dynamic religion,lets you change with times.

  41. A finite mind cannot fully comprehend the INFINITE


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