Monday, November 5, 2012

Rajdeep On Deception Lane

There are principles of propaganda that Joseph Goebbels had laid out. Not sure if they were in an organised form but there is a writer, Leonard Doob, who has organised and listed Goebbels’ principles of propaganda very neatly. One can Google it and find those anywhere. There are at least two that Rajdeep Sardesai (RS) and his Hammam practice regularly and religiously:
Material from enemy propaganda may be utilized in operations when it helps diminish that enemy's prestige or lends support to the propagandist's own objective.
Who’s the enemy? Well, once again in the case of the spurious loan of 90 Crores by AICC to Associated Journals Ltd. (National Herald) it is clearly Subramanian Swamy. Here, he is the enemy of the Congress and the Gandhis. So Swamy’s own charges must be used to target and tarnish him to support the propagandist’s objective. Who’s the propagandist? That’s not hard to tell is it?
Propaganda must label events and people with distinctive phrases or slogans.
Bluff-master, muckraker, anarchist, fascist; you have all these titles and many more for Swamy from the Congress and the job of the propagandist is to further the agenda. Simple; eh? This is exactly what RS did on November 1 on his nightly show on CNN-IBN. He made a brilliant attempt at using charges made against Sonia and Rahul Gandhi (RG) by Swamy to tarnish Swamy rather than making an attempt to understand or explain the case for the viewers. Read the first principle of the propagandist I quoted above again. The very opening tagline of the show “Where is the fraud” gives the game away. The video of the discussion is available on Youtube (10.37)

Let’s hear Rajdeep’s mindless rant:

2.09: These are mere allegations; no quid pro quo has been shown.
Wilful ignorance doesn’t have a remedy. Young Indian is a company in which 76% shares are held by Sonia and Rahul Gandhi. Who benefits by transfer of National Herald to Young India?

4.05: RS claims having spoken to “sources” close to the Gandhi family who stated they are restructuring the entire National Herald company.
Really? Restructuring to what? First the Congress and the media touted the nonsense that Young India hopes to revive the National Herald newspaper. Then there was a clear statement by RG that there was no plan to revive the newspaper. Either RS must be blind or, once again, wilfully ignorant. The nonsense of RS goes on in that vein right through the show. But here’s the first clincher:

6.10 RS says the acquisition took place in April 2012 and it’s now November and that Swamy should have taken the case to the courts instead of making allegations.

That, for you, is stupidity personified. Consider this: It took the PM over two years to sack A. Raja and took him over 3 years to even reply to Swamy’s letter on 2G. ET article on Robert Vadra was in March 2011 but the news channels didn’t pick it up till there was an outrage in October 2012. And Rajdeep would have everyone believe that six months are too long for Swamy to wait to go to the courts. Where in the world will you find such a media propagandist?

Firstly, it’s Swamy’s business whether he wants to go to court or not. Secondly, RS completely ignores the fact that SS has written to both the Election Commission and the PM for action on this fraudulent donation of 90Crores by a political party to a regular company. SS is on record stating that if he doesn’t get a reply or action he will indeed go to court. I guess only misadventure enthusiasts like RS pick up documents and rush to court without exploring normal procedures of seeking action or inquiry. Whatever else RS can justify for his propaganda, not once does he bring up the question of a political party, which gets income tax exemptions, loaning 90 crores to a company. In all of this that issue is the crux of the whole argument of Swamy. So, SS is the guilty party for making the allegations, with documents that seriously need attention, and not going to courts. He is kicking up dust in the wind. See the propaganda principle number two that I stated at the beginning. Tarnish the enemy to protect your party.

Now, even the Congress first dismissed all of Swamy’s charges as baseless, motivated and utter rubbish. But by late evening on November 1, a somewhat agitated Janardhan Dwivedi, their spokesman, helplessly admitted that the AICC had indeed made a 90crore interest-free loan to National Herald. It doesn’t matter whether it was interest-free or if it was unsecured. Question remains; do political parties make such donations which they receive from the people? Are they lawfully allowed to? Out of 90 crores it is safe to say 27crores can be assessed as IT exemptions that the party has already received and that is public money that the party has used for the illegitimate loan to a company. None of these serious questions figured on Rajdeep’s show. Well, obviously the purpose of the show was to protect and serve. Then RS comes up with further nonsense of RahulG threatening defamation case against Swamy. If RS truly believed RahulG then he is clearly more gullible than I thought he was; hardly fit to be the “newsman” that he calls himself. Even ordinary folks didn’t believe RahulG’s silly threats.

What RS should have stated at the beginning of the segment he states at the end. He had asked Congress men to appear on the show and they refused. That says everything. Rajdeep doesn’t like his integrity being questioned. Nobody does! But I have to remind him again that he’s in a profession that has been acknowledged as dishonest long before he was even born; long before TV was invented. John Swinton, Chief of Staff of New York Times, was called the ‘Dean of his profession’ by the industry. This is a speech he made to the New York Press Club in the US in 1880:

"There is no such thing, at this date of the world's history, as an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for keeping my honest opinions out of the paper I am connected with. Others of you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be gone. The business of the journalist is to destroy the truth; to lie outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell the country for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and what folly is this toasting an independent press. We are the tools and vassals of the rich men behind the scenes. We are the jumping jacks, they pull the strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes”.

At the feet of Mammon! Even if Mammon represents greed, I could easily replace Mammon with another word. Rajdeep once used to have a segment called “Crossfire” on his shows. It used to be a full-fledged show on IBN’s US partner CNN. Once called on Crossfire, Jon Stewart, the satirist, blasted the hosts for their divisive program and said: "Now, don’t you think that, for people watching at home, that’s kind of a drag; that you’re literally walking to a place called deception lane”? Following the beating that the CNN hosts took on that episode ‘Crossfire’ was permanently pulled off the air. It was dumped. Rajdeep may not face the same fate for his spin but there is no doubt he knows quite well which direction he’s headed when he walks that Deception Lane. 


  1. Crooked media will use every means to keep crooked politicians in power. A good govt. is bad for business, as far as crooks are concerned.

  2. Stone RS to death, he is nothing but a cheap and filthy egg head in Indian Media.

  3. Antony: Last time we did Big Bang reforms, today we assemble here for a Big Bang cabinet reshuffle.
    Zero Sibal: Antony Sab Big Bang or not, at least our paid media channels projected it like a Big Bang reforms.
    Chitambaram: Of course zero sibal, we slept for 8 years and now we took some measures to regain lost vote share and our paid media channels agreed to market it as a big bang reform.
    Anand: Why not chiddu sahib, we have made many of these media editors millionaires and some have received Bharat ratan or some other crapy civilian award. which we give to our loyal dogs, I mean loyal citizens for their services.
    Rahul: Enough of this discussion, I am leaving as i have a flight to europe in next 3 hours.
    Sonia: Yes please excuse Rahul baba, he needs to spend next 2 months in europe because of this endemic Dengu fever, you know I don't want him to be bit by those filthy desi mosquitos.
    Antony: Can we now officially begin discussion on Big Bang cabinet reshuffle?
    Abhishek: Who just said BANG!! No one can Bang like me.
    Antony: I said Big Bang reshhh(Interrupted by Abhishek).
    Abhishek: Yes Yes Big Bang, I am the Big Bang Guy.
    Zero Sibal: Cool it down Singhivi sahib, this is cabinet reshuffle and not your typical friday night bang parties.
    Abhishek: Oh, I was under the impression that we are creating a new cabinet position…Big Bang ministry.
    Shashi Tharoor: Mind it Abhishek, you can't talk like this, we all have priceless wives back at home.
    Abhishek: You mean Rs 0 wife or infinitely priced, still in both cases its a price.
    Shashi Tharoor: You know Mr Bang, I used her as a front to collect 70 crore from Kochi IPL team owners in exchange of earning them a IPL slot. Last month I withdrew all 70 crore from Suganda's account, now you know why I called her priceless?
    Sonia: Enough!! We have decided to promote Manish tiwari as it has become unbearable even for us to listen him vomiting crap on news channels. We have decided to bring back Abhishek ji as our spokes person.
    Abhisehk: Please call me Big Bang spoke person.
    Sonia: only if you promise you will stop making those porn CDs, you can do anything without going on record.
    Abhsiehk: I swear my basic instincts, no camera anymore.
    Sonia: Ok, this meeting is over. any questions.
    Manmohan: Ma'am any orders for me?
    Sonia: like always please shut the fuck up.

  4. Btw very good research work and nice post.

  5. I have heard that rajdeep has been awarded NT Award for the best news anchor? here is link """""

    1. In a race of donkeys, one donkey will definitely emerge as a winner. Our News media are those donkeys.

  6. There seems to be dozens RS in the circuit. Today I saw the ABP a.k.a. star news cursing Gadkari- where he had said that Swami Vivekanand used all his intelligence in nation-building on the other hand Dawood use his intelligence for destruction. He then appealed to his audience to behave like Vivekanand. Now this has become a 'breaking news'- 'Gadkari insults swami Vivekanand','Gadkari insults India'etc.. Now I am sure this propaganda will continue till the Gujarat elections. This is the reality of MSM today.

  7. If the so called NGOs for justice, atleast few of them have worked even a little bit like Swamy, exposing the Government's misdeeds, we would have been in a better state.

    Everyone is hand in glove to receive benefits and loot the nation except a few fools here and there.

  8. Ravi, Can anyone take Rajdeep to the court and screwed him, compiling coverage he has done so far is surely an alibi to screwed him up...Rajdeep is and will remain jerk forever..

  9. No wonder he needs Old Monk, or more, every night!
    The best part is, he has to put his opinion out there on every issue effecting the indefensible establishment. That makes him easy meat.
    Every govt. championing freedom in WWII turned against their own people within a decade of the end of that war.
    We now have a Patriot Act in the US which is actually destroying that freedom, openly, on grounds of "security".
    The earliest source on "journalists" and their ilk is George Gurdjieff. He writes that journalists are scoundrels,lowlifes with very low intelligence or credibility.The entire group of people attracted to this new profession were the scum of society.
    Raj Thackeray asks: Who are you? What gives you the right to pontificate? Do you have even basic knowledge? Are you aware of the myriad problems at ground level? Have you ever gone out of the studio to check things for yourself?
    Arnav was stupefied.
    It is clear that no channel with integrity exists today.

  10. Rajdeep and his bunch of losers need to be taken off air first. Let them try and fight it out on the web based on their skills and not on the basis of some 'investments'.

    I mean, almost every one of the hacks on the channel spouts rubbish as if they are directly working for the Congress spokespersons. Pallavi Ghosh is an unabashed admirer of the Congress. Objective reporting is the last thing one can expect from her. The US regularly sent journalists to the battlefields in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. These 'embedded' reporters were given access to what the US wanted them to see. Pallavi Ghosh is CNN IBN's embedded reporter in the Congress. And she has been embedded so deep that she now genuinely believes herself to be a part of the Congress, mouthing their propoganda, cheering them on. It is pathetic. But then, that is perhaps the price CNN IBN has to pay for selling its soul to the devil.

    Unlike the Congress, I believe in the freedom of speech and expression, and the media. If I did not, I'd demand that the next government yank CNN IBN's license.

    So I bet another company called Young Indians 2 is coming up. To 'invest' in some needy English channels, officially this time.

  11. Ravi, Tucker Carlson introduces Joe Stewart as 'the most trusted name in fake news!'(Crossfire interview that you cited above). Methinks he was introducing RS to Joe!

  12. RS even wrote a detailed post on Firstpost defending the allegations using RSS-BJP relationship... When things dont go your way, use RSS to deny everything...

  13. somebody coined the term "desi sherlock holmes "for shreenivasan jain for his detective skills in gadkari's case..By similar logic RS must be called "desi joseph goebbels " for his great propaganda skills to serve his mistress

  14. I wonder if VIlasrao Deshmukh's business interests will be investigated by the great Rajdeep. Or Sharad Pawar's. Gadkari is going to look like a small shopkeeper in comparison. Show us your investigative balls, RS!

  15. He will be dumped if quality programs come up and audience moves on. But, who will bell the cat ?

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Dont know if you watched "tool" thapar interview Dr. Swamy on the same the next day...Dr. Swamy bitch-slapped the "tool" by saying: "your ignorance is profound" :D

  18. Very Informative article, revealing the real dirty faces hidden under the garb of ethical journalism and with some very good references ...good one

  19. Not sure if it got published, but, need to say this again.
    It was so disgusting to see our "patriot" Arnab so shamelessly bring in a guy from Chennai to talk about Swamy himself. Arnab's question: Why Swamy goes against Congress folks and not Gadkari for example?
    How stupid a question to debate!! But when Swamy and others have such an open and shut case to nail the you-know-who of Indian politics, of course such deviations are required. Perhaps, Arnab will now want the Padma Bhushan or some other award for valiantly defending the indefensible.

  20. the fact is most people in general life don't really give a shit to what media persons are doing,even if you tell them they are not interested,barring few thousand who are hyper active all over social media,in fact corruption is not a problem for people who earn reasonably well,corruption makes life easy,the poor at very bottom have very little access or have other important priorities like food

  21. By far, all of these media clan belong to that blasphemous commitment which their political paymasters dictate. When some days it is CNNIBN, other days are shared by NDTV or TIMESNOW. They all share the same dias but on a schedule that does not overlap each other. The tone and tenacity of their preposterous assumptions are set by a cantankerous think tank within the Congress Party. These are mere loud mouth pieces who follow a script predetermined by their lords. The common agenda in any of these channels, you will notice, is ridicule the opposition and praise the lord, here, praise the lord mother! Investigative journalism goes to every nook and corner of the world in pursuit of sensationalism except, except from gates just across their door step in 10JP where the largest loot, biggest scam, filthiest political connivance, derogatory religious shearing, criminal contortionists protection so on and so forth are safely sheltered. None dare open those gates. None dare speak against them. None dare pursue allegations against them. None dare debate issues pertaining to them. The Diplomatic Immunity bestowed on *them* by the foolish people of India under the garb of "First Family" is not questioned by these so called loud mouthed bellicose chauvinists who claim to be the moral gate keepers of media ethics and practices. Rajdeep Sardesai is but one of the stooges amongst these pack of jokers whom we have to endure day in day out....sadly. Do we have a choice - yes, stop watching them and switch to regional channels. Thankfully, they are hypocritical by half in comparison and till now, tolerable.

    Good one mate. Keep it up.

  22. On Times Now :
    Arnab to AMS :- You have to take a position Mr Singhvi.

  23. I am expecting Rajdeep Sardesai either to comment here. Or, step down for his blatant misuse of his position. Acts like his are damaging to democracy and help the corrupt become more brazen.

  24. Hey, Have you happened to check this out

  25. Yesterday, I saw Karan Thapar talking with Nalin Kohali of BJP. There was not a single person from Congress on the show. Nalin claimed that when we left the government in 2004 the Economy was in good shape inflation at 3 % and the robust foreign exchange reserves. I was surprised Karan Thapar snapped him as if he is the spoke person of the Congress...."Congress then took the growth from your 5.5 % growth to 9 %" This is typical of congress propaganda. They gave us 9% growth at 6 % inflation.Congress exactly doubled the inflation and now we are facing stagflation.

    In case of the above Rajdeep's show with Subramnaim Swami, Congress was not present.

    I think Congress now thinks that it is not necessary to be on the TV talk show. Their paid anchors will do the job...

  26. The recent Gadkari comment about Swami Vivekananda and Dawood Ibrahim is, in my opinion, the absolute depth to which our media can twist any statement the way they want it!

    I mean - wasn't that statement a recorded one? Couldnt they have played it?

    I read the transcript and its very clear what Gadkari was trying to say. How come the media cant understand - is it such a profound thing? One can understand the Congress trying to twist it beyond reach, but atleast the media should have not stretched the point.

  27. people should realize S swamy was is & will be on dark side but innocent Hindus supporting him are unknown of his deeds..
    plz listen and you will know drama of SubramanianSwamy...
    he was is & probably remain bluffmaster...
    innocent Hindus must know him who follow him blindly..
    Hazare Kejriwal and SS will finally take you toward dark side....

    Joining Ramdev that the biggest golden option left for true patriots....
    "don't tag me as congressi"


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