Thursday, November 15, 2012

Is CNN-IBN's FTN The Most Enduring Stupidity on TV?

Guy on the street says “over the years we celebrate it more for the sake of celebration than for any religious connotation”. He’s sort of explaining why Diwali is being celebrated. If you have an ignoramus anchoring a TV show you are bound to have a poor beat reporter (titled Smriti Advani) asking someone silly scripted questions. It’s a natural rule. Hinduism has been open to question and criticism down the ages. Hindu icons have also appeared in movie comedies and have been the subject of humour and jokes. But it takes an extreme moron like Sagarika Ghose to ask “Is the legend of Ram the most enduring in India, was Ram a bad husband”? (November 13). The journalistic-bimbo thought that would be a good question to ask on Diwali night on her show ‘FTN’ on CNN-IBN. I must, of course, mention that CNN-IBN and its editors have been traditional Hindu-haters. They fail to put up that disclaimer on their screen when they do shows like this. It didn’t occur to the Cacofonix that she’s asking the question after almost 6000 years of the Ram legend.  

In just the previous post (The holes in the mint) I talked about another extreme moron called Priya Ramani of Mint who has consistently abused Ram for no rhyme or reason. You know, I wouldn’t consider criticising, poking gentle fun, even ridiculing a bad thing but abuse and hatred for Ram or Hinduism seems to come naturally to these ladies. Sometime back the SocialGenius wondered if Ram was a “Divine encroacher”, so you know where she comes from. She also claimed she came from a devout Hindu family because her unkill joined the Ramakrishna Mission. I know of many of many idiots who say “geeze” in their conversations without knowing what that even means. It’s sort of hip. I am willing to bet these ladies say geeze quite often.

After the older guy, the beat-woman picks up a younger guy and asks him if Ramayana is relevant and she herself concludes “Ramayana is not so relevant for the younger generation”. What the younger guy did say was that Dusherra is like Diwali, when Ram destroys evil Raavan and Diwali is more of a family celebration. I know how the street specialists are picked by TV channels and so do most people watching the shows. And what triggered the question and discussions? Oh that Ram Jethmalani (RJ) said something like “Ram was a bad husband” for the way he treated Sita. Haha! That comes from a guy with two wives at the same time. Never mind. Does the comment of a mercurial lawyer, frequently hated by CNN-IBN for his defence of various characters, warrant a full-fledged discussion? No! But since it was something negative about Ram it’s like lighting the fuse for a bomb for the journalistic-bimbo.

Then the bimbo wonders if people know what Diwali is about or if they remember Ramayana or Ram’s story. No matter which faith you belong to in India it is unlikely that kids have never heard of Ramayana or Mahabharata. Being two epics it’s not possible for everyone to remember the epics from start to finish. Most remember the essence of the stories and probably many incidents from each. These epics have not just been widely discussed, told and retold in India but across many parts in the world. Ram’s life has been far more public and far more discussed than say a Gandhi or Nehru. So when Sagarika suggests Ramayan doesn’t resonate with the younger lot she is probably speaking from her own life experience. Maybe her parents didn’t tell her those stories or maybe her kids never heard those stories. Your guess is as good as mine.

So the discussion is all over a statement of RJ. Alright! This moron Sagarika is the same one who once interviewed RJ over his defence of Manu Sharma, the killer of Jessica Lal. Her absolute ignorance of law and legal procedures were total exposed by RJ. The bimbo believes if the media and public opinion holds a person guilty then no lawyer should defend that person. Trust me, there’s a moron like this born every minute in our media. The thrashing she got at the hands of RJ was far more severe than the off the cuff remark by RJ on Ram. He called her rant all “bullshit”. He called her a “chit of a girl” trying to advise him. Of course, she honestly carried a show on FTN with the question “Is Sagarika a chit of a girl & a load of bullshit”? You remember seeing that, don’t you? I do, and I remember 99.93% voters saying “YES”! The bimbo asks a lawyer if he is “defending the indefensible”. Forget the Ramayan, no school, no parents, no spouse, no unkill ever taught this extreme moron that every accused has not only the right to defence but a lawyer refusing to defend his client may be guilty of misconduct under the bar rules. If she can decide the case of Manu Sharma in her filthy studios you can imagine what trial Ram would go through on CNN-IBN in absentia. (See the RJ interview on Youtube)

RJ has often said quite a few things about others too. His most recent pearls of wisdom have frequently been on the one Great White Hope of our media morons; the one and only Rahul Gandhi. Yeah! He’s the same guy that CNN-IBN awarded “Indian of the year” in 2009. Even Ram doesn’t have such an award from that channel. So what did RJ have to say about RahulG? Let’s do a count:

* RahulG has black money stashed abroad (Here).
* RahulG is good for nothing! He is useless! (Here).
* There isn’t even a quotable quote from RahulG.
* RahulG is illiterate.

It’s unlikely RJ’s epithets for RahulG is going to end there. Now, how many times have you seen CNN-IBN or Sagarika Ghose have a discussion or debate on these statements of RJ? Ummm.. I counted and it is ‘Zero’. It’s only when the old man had something negative to say about Ram that CNN-IBN has massive orgasms. You see Ram pays for the TV channels through serials which news channels can’t carry. But RahulG’s Congress is a paymaster for CNN-IBN all the time. So I doubt you’ll see a discussion titled “Is RahulG the enduring fool of Indian politics”? Quite unlikely!

What these “secular and fiberal” experts and Hindu-haters consistently demonstrate is their total lack of understanding of Hindu culture itself. Unlike Muslims or Christians the Hindus aren’t bound together by religion. The greatest Hindu scholar of recent history, Swami Vivekananda, told his American audience that in the West a ‘woman’ means the wife or girlfriend; to Hindus, a woman means mother. He also explained that Hindus aren’t bound as a community by religion but rather by social customs and traditions. Holi (which for Priya Ramani is a festival of “molestation”) is a festival of harvest and thanksgiving celebrations. So too is Pongal. A deeper look will tell everyone that kite-flying on Uttarayan or Makara Sankaranti has nothing to do with religion. And the shocker, even a Hindu wedding doesn’t have much to do with religion. New Year among Hindus varies with regions. Not much of it has anything to do with religion. Diwali too, has precious little to do with religion. It’s a celebration of return of the rightful king to his throne, a celebration of the victory of good over evil, the lights symbolise new beginnings, knowledge and celebration too. The only time these media celebs find the need for light is when they support a candle-march for some protest.

Hindus worship and adore light. Ask any of the media morons what darkness is, I’m sure the best answer is you will get is “absence of light”. That isn’t really an answer is it? That’s like saying hate is absence of love. Hate is the outcome of lifelong prejudice born out of value systems built by families among their children. The ones who discuss Ram or Hindus with so much hate need to wonder what values they were instilled with. Their hate comes from prejudices built over years. It’s not easy to define darkness but you can tell darkness when you see it. You can tell the prejudices of our TV hosts when you see them.

Forget Ram and Diwali for the moment. The right question for people would be “Is CNN-IBN’s FTN the most enduring stupidity on TV”? That’s a poll they won’t conduct but we will. So do cast your vote in this poll on the top right margin of this page. Happy new year


  1. Dear Ravinar u r bang on with this article. It is because the tolerance level of Hindus in India is so high these media morons talk all Bullshit about our Gods. Let them try a show ridiculing Jesus or Allah and i promise u, after 14 days, we will be eating at their chouthas...LOL! What can i say about Ms Ghose, she is just unfit to be a journalist.

    1. hahaha, lololo eating their chauthas. hahaha. what a wonderful remark :D

    2. Hahaha,HeHeHee,I agree I do I do.

    3. Seems funny, but it's also sadly true. Hindus are too often ridiculed for their tolerance. Sagarika wouldn't dare take on Jesus and Allah.

  2. Seriously Consider in a Muslim majority Nation some one talking bullshit for Mohammad...Why Muslim majority in India too can they dare to talk about Mohammad and day the head of these people would be gifted to heir family members ..It Seems like our tolerance is considered as our Weakness...I feel Now it is enough Hindus need to reply these filthy people back...These people dictate us on How to celebrate Diwali ,Holi, Ganpati Visarjan etc...but they go inside their hole when the Mass Slaughtering of Animals happen on Eid or Christmas...

  3. Bhai! Till when will you keep rubbing in the "GEEZ" thing?

  4. A+ again. You know Ravinar Sir, your blog has really become an addiction, especially for those who cannot vent their angst anywhere. I come at least 50 times a day on this page to see the comments. if 2 days pass without any new blog, it seems unbearable. By reading you blog and then seeing the videos which you mention; it looks every bit of the words are chosen and scripted in these shows. They definitely run on malicious agendas, which has now become clearer than crystal. You give us the eyes to create X-ray images of these morons. More power to your pen, God (Shree Ram) bless you.

  5. I was waiting to see this post! der aye durust aye.. with your permission below is the link where i jolt down my frustration...

  6. Congrats great you have put things open before the society people should known about this crooks and expose them

  7. koi fatwa type jaari karo is aurat pe..hindu fatwa type.. chudail dayan besharm aurat.. hindustan pe kalank..hinduo pe kalankini..

    1. Outstanding post, understood why our media is so shameless & indifferent to our valid riposte. It is their anti suicide survival strategy!!

    2. No no, let her burn herself like Bhasmasur. Her bad karma will soon catch up with her.

    3. Best will be to get her kids read these posts...that will be her biggest punishment...Im sure teh bimbo and her bastrad husband has a "no-internet" policy for their kids at home

  8. Ravinar,

    You have used the word 'Moron' too many times in this article... Does not match your usual style..

    You seemed to have taken this too much to heart...

    Take care... Keep up the good work

  9. A film namely "Thuppaki" starring Vijay has been released this diwali in Tamil that I suppose (not seen)depicts some terrorists. Today in FB you have all muslims going hammer and Tongs abusing the director and actor for showing terrorists as muslims. They don't want to buy the balance act that shows a friend of the hero as a good muslim.

    Here we are, who at best call these hate mongers morons and move on. where was this Rajdeep's program on green house gas emission due to slaughter. I'm sure he probably would have not seen the light to conduct the program on "Noiseless Diwali."

    As far as the bimbo is concerned my upbringing is too soft and hence would replay the RJ interview as many times to compensate. I loved it though.

    It is our tradition to attribute any important day to god, so that people don't forget it. If it is Ram in one part of the globe its Krishna on the other, while it is lakshmi some where else. Down south it is mandatory to have oil bath before sun rise. The point to be noted is that normally oil bath should not be taken before Sun rise and particularly on Amavasya day. but it is exempt only on the day of Diwali for pure scientific reasons that has to do with the position of Sun which is the source of Pro Vit D for our body.

    Instead of questioning the legend there could have been a quest to decipher the significance of our festivals. It would do a lot good to our future generation and prevent them from shying away of their great tradition and values like the CCD moron "Andy" whose ashamed of his original name "Arun."

    Or May be that exactly is the design and agenda of these crooks like the "Satan reciting the Vedas."

    1. deciphering the significance of our festivals or for that matter any news item would require some research and analysis that these highly paid high profile 'hit and run' media personalities are simply incapable of.

      It is easier for them to attack some sitting ducks like Hindus in this case and move on without the fear of reproach- so you have health and safety messages for Holi, Vinayak Chathurthi and Diwali to avoid air, water and noise pollution (read: don't celebrate)as if they are used to very high HSE standards in their daily life. If they were really environmentally-conscious,they would focus on the garbage crisis in every city in the country (and not limit it to Bangalore)

  10. "Is CNN-IBN's FTN The Most Enduring Stupidity on TV?", YES...!!!!!

  11. Where is VHP,RSS? Why are they not protesting this?

    1. Dear Harinee,

      I will tell you why RSS, VHP is not protesting this. It would rather surprise you but RSS & VHP have outsmarted & outgrown these Media idiots many decades ago ! If you think such childish anti hindu rhetoric would make RSS-VHP to protest & take up arms, its not going to happen. The simple reason is that such anti-hindu rants are specifically targetted to antagonise hindus & divert attention from real issues. Secondly, if their is violence by hindus the same MSM would then cry out how Hindus are anti 4th pillar of democracy blah-blah. Why waste energy on idiots when there are many like us who daily criticize the MSM with reality dose ?

    2. Who said that RSS and VHP stand up for Hinduism? They are "Goonda" outfits to say the least.

    3. Goonda - yes for those who debase hindus & hinduism.

  12. I usually don't use abusive words but FTN rather brings F*** The Nation on my mind!

    1. :D :D :D , that was better than 'unkill'

    2. It does!! It does!!
      And i thought i was the only one who read it that way. :P

  13. @mediacrooks u have forget some of ram jethamalani remarks about islma please do check these links

    1. @ColdBlood

      Although you deleted your subsequent comments complaining of deletion of your comments, let me inform you that if I delete comments (which is rare) I do inform the commenter with reason.

      In your case the comment simply went into spam which was restored. (Sometimes Google does that automatically)

  14. The number of time Cacophonic Journalistic Bimbo appears here, I am slowly falling in love with her. And she will not let us down. She will come out with more.

  15. What would she be called if that Bimbo (SG) colors her hair blonde.??

  16. The events clearly indicate the importance of shaktipradarshan and some dand puja on these anti- hindu, anti-national elements. Though there will be less change in their mindset but it will definitely expose their pseudo secular actions... let us revive the same kind of action that happened exactly 20 years ago in UP..this time on media send the strong signal to them..

    November 15, 2012 4:06 PM

  17. The comments made by SagarikaGhose r interesting, like Indian men r very ugly, of-course just look at her husband he looks like a mango seller.And about Lord Ram, i think she is a victim of abuse and harassment from her husband,which makes her hate men. After all we don't know what happens inside their home.Her surroundings has made her highly Stupid.My sympathy to her. 'YES' CNN-IBN's FTN The Most Enduring Stupidity on TV.

  18. Hindus have been too tolerant, hence MSM in India dare to carry out such nonsense against hindu Gods and Goddesses and other great Hindu personalities.
    Hindus must get rid of their apathy and react to this in following ways:
    1. Protest and express their dislike about such programs. Negate their claims rationally, logically and explain hindu traditions, philosophy with reasons (at least this will educate ignorant younger generation)
    2. Boycott these programs on TV channels and let the TRP of such programs drop down to zero.

  19. Brilliant article as usual!! The media is powerful enough to change the course of a nation but unfortunate for us - our media is more interested in being loyal to its paymasters. I do not remember the last time there was a honest discussion on a leader, a honest acknowledgement about the IQ of our leaders, a clear view of what they see.... it is always colored !!! secularism is not about running down Hindus who form the majority nor is it supporting/hiding/covering up/spinning or blatantly denying what the minorities do under the guise of being a secular.

    True and ethical reporting takes guts, reporting conveniently is a characteristic of the lazy, ill informed and ignorant reporter and some internet bimbos are perfect examples of that!!

    I am a proud Hindu, have some awesome muslim and christian friends and do not brush all with one brush!!! I am secular!! not SG/RS or BD - the most famous pseudo secular journos!

  20. Hahahaha! Your poll is giving these unscrupulous channels a dose of their own medicine. It is 99% "yes" at the time of writing. Still wondering where thae 1% "Noes" came from (it ain't mine, i know). Teach these channels to ask, "Do you still eat s***?" type of questions.

    I got a good chuckle from your write-up and subsequent poll, where the results could be expected to hit about 80% "yes". But 99%? Oh the humanity.

    1. That 1 vote might be from Sagarika!! LOL

    2. Ha ha I was thinking the same thing too!!

  21. Dear Ravi! You are having a ball with so many bimbos out on tv now!There seems to be a surfeit of Mints with a hole on tv! Happy hunting!

  22. I went to attend a conference in Pakistan, yes you read it right because I wanted to see the other side. I spoke to guys/gals there. English speaking Pakis with an American Accent. Ladies with their heads covered and no handshake with men. No men-women sitting together in buses, unless they are husband-wife, I am not sure about bro-sis. We have air-hostesses, they have volvo-bus-hostesses (with their heads covered, sitting with the driver (ustaad) in the front).

    And when asked about purdah and population explosion in Pakistan, the elite and educated Youth said that ours is not a nation of tolerance, anything we say that makes sense but if it goes against the religion, we, and our families are doomed.

    This lady is discussing this issue because she is in India. She has the liberty because Hnduism gives her that liberty, it doesn't matter if she is a hindu or not, she has the fucking liberty.

    And she is abusing it. What a shame! I wonder what does she has to say about the Catholic Abortion Laws. And population explosion in Muslim Dominated regions. What a shame!

    1. Just curious, how easy is it to get a Pakistani visa?

  23. Hello Ravinar,

    I am new to Twitter, I tweet when I feel I should, and was referred to your blog by my cousin who lives in Toronto. I am so hooked to your writings and started reading all the old articles (going backwards), now I am in 2009!! You have extraordinary brilliance, you are very shrewd and witty. I feel that you are now confined to a small arena with increasing number of hits to your blog and I am sure, you will soon come to the limelight!!

    As regards this particular issue, it’s so sickening the way some popular TV channels intentionally hurt the sentiments of the Hindus. This stupid Sagarika ‘Goose’ is at her best when she does that.

    Though I never watch movies (the last one was 19 years back), I came across this news. In a recently released Tamil movie, Vairamuthu had used Biblical verses while writing the lyrics for the film ‘Neerparavai’. However, some Christian organizations took exception to a few lines in the song. It was a mild protest that too in a news paper. The Director immediately agreed to remove the objected lines from the song.

    Second, Star Vijay’s “Neeya Naanaa” program anchored by Gopinath is a popular one. Few months back, shooting for the debate topic, “Is it necessary to wear burka by Muslim women?” was completed and trailers started appearing in the channel announcing the date of the telecast. You know the way our Muslim friends behave even at the slightest provocation. All hell broke loose and Gopinath as well as the channel got threatening mails and phone calls. Believe me, that episode was not shown at all.

    Another incident is about the film Thuppakki, as mentioned by one of readers above. Now, actor Vijay’s house has been protected with lot of police personnel. There are numerous cases like this and you know better than me.

    We Hindus don’t react to such tirades the way others do and simply write letters to Editors and sharing our feelings in various Blogs. There ends our protest. People like Sagarika and Guha provoke us and when we react in the Social Media, they claim victimhood!

    When will this nonsense end?

    Vijay Iyengar

  24. I am so stupid to have voted saying yes so imagine the kind of stupidity would be the show LOL :)

  25. Great Article Ravi. See that you are getting belligerent proportional to expression of brazen stupidity of media morons like Cacofonix.

    Only on the subject of the RamJet comment. "Ram is a bad husband" ; in my opinion too. But thats actually very positive because

    "Ram had to decide as a King and not as a husband" , that infact was Dharma. Everyone is going hammer and tongs as if RamJet is anti-hindu but he is the only Lawyer in BJP speaking our language.

    We should not fall for Diverse opinion become Divisions like RamJets Ram comment inviting his 2 wife commentary from you. That does not make him sikular or anyless Bhakta of Ram

    1. By the way, the original narrative writting by Valmiki the original author never mentions of the pyre that sita has to take literally. It says Rama sees Sita walking into the fires but coming out unhurt in a virtual imagination Ram to correct any suspicions the rest of the Army in his group had.
      While the story of Abandoning Sita is mere heresay as the Ramayana by Valmiki ends with Ram returning with Sita from Lanka.

  26. Hahaha! Finally a poll with results that someone with Pagalika's intelligence will also be able predict. By the way, I always thought FTN stood for Fuck The Nation.


  27. I think there is too much focus on spouse couple although they too dont stop their antics and keep inflaming passions. but seriously there is need to focus on Hindi & Business News channels also.

  28. You wrote "after almost 6000 years of the Ram legend"..
    For the first time, I saw some thing incorrect in your columns :-) yes, incorrectness, on a tangential view point. (it is a very very minor point :-) not pertinent to the topic..still I feel like writing about this and so will go on :-))..Before I comment further on the time of Ram..

    I have been reading your columns regularly for the last 6-7 months and almost every day look forward to a new piece. Great articles..And I am disappointed when I don't see a new piece..This is the first time I am posting some thing here, and as I said earlier, not directly connected to the topic..After all, there are better things to talk about, than SG :-)

    Coming back to the topic of Rama's time line...When it comes to quoting timelines, in the context of Hindu Gods, majority of the Indian population seem to quote totally random numbers..

    Before talking abour Ram, let me point out that, what every one thinks (or is taught in schools) as the approximate timeline of vedic period/vedic age is totally incorrect. For example, this wikipedia link says "the Rigveda, the oldest of the Vedas, was composed roughly between 1700 and 1100 BCE, also referred to as the early Vedic period"..Incorrect.

    According to me, vedas have been existing from the time minus infinity . They are as old as Supreme Lord (Vishnu) him self. Vedas came from him. Regarding time of Ram avatar - We are currently in the 28th Maha Yuga in the current yuga cycle (manvantara). (each Maha Yuga i.e krita yuga + treta yuga + dwapara yuga + kali yuga = 4,320,000 years..see the link . And Ram Avatar happened in the treta yuga of an earlier cycle. So it happened a few (tens of) lakh years ago. And that also means, the Lanka referred in ramayana is not the current Srilanka..The whole earth looked different few hundreds of thousands of years ago (all continents were together before they started going apart). So we don;t know where that Lanka is today ("lanka" any way means "island"). And the avatar of Narasimha, it is said, happened at a much earlier cycle of yugas. And that is crores of years old.. What is also said is that avatar of krishna happened at the end of dwapara yuga of current (28th) cycle. And that was JUST 5000+ years is some 5000+ years since kaliyuga started.So, if you look at the time line with Narasimha avatar and Ram avatar and Krishna avatar, you see that we missed meeting God Krishna by a whisker !! Just 5K years ago..that is way too close... And vedas existed all through these avatars..So they are not just as old as some 1700 BCE. If you look at this scale of time, suddenly you feel small, in the scheme of things..

    I am sure for almost every one who read this, it is difficult to digest..

    Keep writing great articles...

  29. Ravikiran,

    What is the basis for your timeline of "crores of years" and "lakhs of years" old, etc? So if we don't even know where the Lanka of Ramayana is on today's map of the earth, then the Ram Setu is actually Adam's bridge and Karunanidhi is right?

    Please provide more substantial evidence to say that Vedas have existed since "minus infinity"... but first please also prove that minus infinity is a real concept.


    1. Its Adams bridge for U and MK, as long as yo are in a denial mode, and believe in Bible - Adam , and also its other howlers - sun revolves round the earth , denial of evolution et al.

    2. Denial is believing without proof that the vedas are lakhs and crores of years old instead of thousands of years old. This is why MK has the guts to question Rama's existence.

    3. That Lakhs or crores of years is not the core issue U had raised, but digression to MK justifying Adam as the person who built Ram's bridge of shoals.

      "Prove the exact date of vedas - else I will believe Adam / Bible / even MK" is yr line of argument.

      Go on - beleive in that book - earth sun revolves around the earth, world was built in 7 days, God created eve fom Adam's ribs- if those impress your intellect.

      Why question the age of another book which you arent in agreement with ? Do your own research on age of vedas or consult sites of experts - Kak / elst/Rajaram et al, & dispute their theories if U can instead of acting like an alter ego of MK.

    4. switch and bait

      1.An adherent of the S&B asks a question about a widely-known fact ( eg. Vedas and its age ) or makes an assertion of a similar nature on something that someone has written( MKs theory on Rams bridge ).
      2.People respond to him saying that it’s widely known, that enough material about it is available, and that if he doesn’t know, he must make the effort to read it.
      3.He ignores the part about it being a well-known fact. He also ignores the bit about asking him to read up and repeats his question.
      4.When people repeat the same response as in #2, he tells them that the actual fact is merely the claim of the responders ( ie MK ). Switch.
      5.By now, people are obviously put off .
      6.He in turn responds by repeating the same question again and what’s more, tells the responders that they’re being evasive. Bait

    5. Why the hyperventilation? The age of the Vedas IS the core issue. Talk about fanatics like you scoring self goals. If according to you we don't even know on today's map where is Lanka that is mentioned in the Ramayana and IF today's Sri Lanka is not Ramayana's Lanka... then does it matter if it's Adam's bridge or just a lump of rocks?

      You probably also need to understand the concept of sarcasm.

      Since you don't yet, here goes.

      I believe today's Sri Lanka is Ramayana's Lanka, so if you want to claim otherwise then prove the "lakhs and crores" of years timeline along with the mind-boggling minus-infinity time.

      Jai Shri Ram

    6. If indeed the age of the Vedas IS the core issue, and U dont believe in the age of vedas ,kindly prove your contentions.

      Switch and bait wont work .

    7. It's not switch and bait you ignoramus. It's bait and switch.

      What's today's word of the day for you?

    8. My todays' word(s) for you !! :

      Please do your home work,
      dipute research of experts else accept them
      or better still , switch bait / bait switch - like MK .

      "" If according to you we don't even know on today's map where is Lanka that is mentioned in the Ramayana and IF today's Sri Lanka is not Ramayana's Lanka... then does it matter if it's Adam's bridge or just a lump of rocks? "" has been well settled in Sup Court by Swamy , inspite of your mentors MK & TR Baalu's greed and hatred.

      Dont expose that you are the ignoramous one. We already know about your mentors.

    9. Sorry to have made "fiddler on the roof" handle criticism on my part. Feeling bad for him. Sorry "fiddler on the roof". Wasn't connected to the Internet for a while (huwawei modem behaved strangely over the week-end and my cell phone is not a great tool to type all this).

      Here is what I want to say..I got this concept of time scale from Bhagavatam. Now the next question is, is that a fictitious work or real. That I can't prove. But I like reading it and I believe in it..And regarding the Q - "did vedas exist in that time scale..?" Again, I have no proof.. I don't even want to spend time proving..Will try giving one link though and leave it up to people to accept ( But my logic was based on point that yagnas (havans)/vedic rituals etc happened for ages and can't think of them happening without vedic mantras. If AK thinks I am wrong, that is ok. I have no problem.... At least I am happy he gives them an age of few thousands of years..

      In general, modern day thinking of all is - "I have some mental framework and I like to believe in certain things my way, as supported by my framework"..

      Tomorrow some one will fix 500AD (some random date) or yesterday as start of vedic period and again, I have no problem with it.. But I have my own date.. There are better things to debate in life :-)

      Before finishing, I want to provide a link (but then why should we believe this link? that illustrates the drift of continents, for the benefit of some of those who haven't heard of this (I know this is not the theory we are disputing..but for the benefit of some who do not know about this)...

      Finally as some one said on the Internet, the exact time of Rama avatar is less relevant than the qualities that he possessed. Ofcourse Ram Jethmalani and co may not have appreciation for those qualities..And I have no problem with it too..:-)

      I am hoping this is the last post on this topic I had started..Let us not hijack the theme of this web site any further (me being the principal hijacker)..:-) I am already worried Ravinar will loose patience and delete our stuff.

      Let us follow main action on this site...

    10. Forgot to respond on minus infitity..
      For some guy X, minus infinity = -67
      For some guy y, minus infinity = -6700000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
      For me, at this movement (down to the nano second), it is = (-6700000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000) to the power of 10) and it is changing all the time..:-)

  30. Excellent article on the dumbest bitch on TV.How sick mind sagarika has, you can reach this conclusion by looking at the timing of her show(Diwali Night).I am sure she needs medical treatment as she has a condition.She and her family has no morals, no ethics.I am wondering how people can work in this sick channel.No doubt Hindus have become coward and they accept any BS against them, this cowardness was cultivated by centuries of Mughal and british rule and was polished by non violence philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi and impotence of Nehru.What we need is just 1/2 public lynching of these bastards and everyone will fall in line.

  31. Ms. "Internet Buddhu" -

    You should realize that only in a Hindu majority nation like ours you are able to discuss a useless and insignificant topic as this without people vandalizing your set or causing riots. I see no difference between you and the California producer who made a useless film on the Prophet of Islam. "Internet Buddhus" like you should not given much attention or significance.

  32. YESS!!!...finally found a 'flaw' in ur otherwise exceptional articles...u used the word 'zero'...i thought 'zero' had been completedly replaced by 'Sibal' in ur posts!!

  33. Had the comments of sagarika would have been against the prophet she would have been lynched like ThasleemaNasreen. kudos for the tolerance of the Hindus idiots like the lawyers and proffessors and journalists concerned are surviving in this country.had it been any muslim country i wonder their fate. kudos to RANVEER. he had done great service better than the RSS,SHIVSAINIKS AND BHAJRANGIS who have become spineless and toothless

  34. Should Sagarika Ghose be Christianed as Senileka Ghose?

  35. Pagalika and Razdeep need to be given an award for their thick skins...Im sure both the bimbo and teh bastrad are reading every single article here and the comments , but still continue with their "way-too-obvious" anti-Hindu rant. Guess the benefits of it are hard to let go.

  36. Teasing Hindus is on the rise, of late.

    Hindu teasers are the modern soothsayers foretelling the doomsday of Hinduism. May be it is considered to be a sophisticated, modern outlook. May be a desperate plea,to be recognized as ‘Progressive’, to the westerners for whom a psychiatrist is part of their monthly provisions!

    Or a deliberate ploy to short circuit Hindus’ emotions and defuse their psyche.

    Laughing at or critically reviewing one’s own follies or customs is healthy.Hindu customs are interspersed with such behavioural remedies.Yet,we,Hindus,prefer to give them up to go ‘Up’!

    Chasing material pleasure is a no holds barred game. This a la carte for self destruction appears to have unwound us,Hindus, spiritually and weakened us morally.

    This has also deteriorated in to an over developed sense of spiritual democracy among us, Hindus. We now license the loafers and ogres to ridicule Hinduism with impunity and, what is worse, often reward them !


  37. Ranveer, i am a fan of you blog. I too desist these bimbos and so called seculars but sometime i feel you criticise just for sake of. In the said episode of FTN i don't see any haterd on Sagrika's part for the Ram. Infact she intruppted Kanch illeya many time. She said some good point when she said Ram is a tragic hero. I find her in the Ram's side in this episode. I am against her in many issue but in this show i will say again She didn't attacked Ram like that C+*& Priya Ramani who has a whole for so many D*$Ks. You can't deny that there are many aspect there upon them Ram can be criticise. But yes i agree on Vox pop part. I too work with leading hindi channal with 11 years of expeirence so i knew how they get Vox pop on particular issue.

  38. I want to give my name. What should i do ?

  39. Dear Ravinarji, Your articles are really eye openers for us. I am new to your blog. I started reading your comments on media reporters and anchors for last two months only. I am now too addicted to your blog and started sharing your rich line of thinking with many of my friends. Thanks very much. keep it up.

    T S Jaykumar

  40. I watched the show and people who were discussing this foolish topic were so bad that I felt I could have done better! And then Rajdeep twitted "Hinduism is great because we can discuss on our god". I don't have ant doubts about greatness of Hinduism but as long as there are people like Sagarika and Rajdeep who wouldn't dare to discuss on topic of god of any other religion we don't have any other option to watch such foolish shows with foolish topics. Pathetic !!!

  41. Dear Readers,

    If anyone of you is a lawyer, please file a case against Mint and CNN-IBN and I was told in my chartered bus today that Aaj Tak also organised such a programme regarding Goddess Lakshmi and undermining the beliefs.

    From our side it will only your investment of time. Rest as a lawyer you wont have any other related expenses (I guess).

    I wish I was a lawyer. None in my friend circle is a lawyer otherwise I could have persuaded them to take these jokers to court to define freedom of expression.

  42. Hinduism or Sanatan Dharma for some - is a religion of various cultures flourishing together without any danger to other's existence, a religion which gives every individual freedom to reason and enlighten, gives freedom to question it's own legend, Gods and lord. But these moron like SG and RS will never understand the true meaning of this freedom. This freedom is given to every individual so that you can take this freedom to evolve this religion over the time. But they take this to ridicule their own existence and dharma.
    Because of this freedom so many faith system exists and flourish over the time. One can see a great example of this in "Kumbha", where people come, meet, pray and discuss their own progress on the path of dharma and spirituality.
    Believes and practices of dharma change over time, evolve into new rituals and celebrations, but the essence remain same - Knowing and discovering the truth by your own and never relying on any doctorine or organized religion.

  43. Hello Ravi. As usual spot on with yet another piece with clinical analysis. But why make it such a big deal when Ram Jethmalani [as is his wont]says Ram being a “bad husband” for sending his wife to exile after reacting to “some fisherman [washerman in fact]saying something”??? Why our MSM is going overboard to malign Ram and relegating Ramayan into forced irrelevance? I am tempted to ask...
    Will Ram Jethmalani say that "MKG was a bad husband?". Here are some of the wellknown facts that easily make MKG a Bad Husband.
    # MKG left Kasturba to stay with his Bedroom Mate Kallenbach.
    # Made her do menial work and teated her almost as an object.
    # Denied Peniciline treatment to Kasturba while she weathered Heart Attacks and suffered from fatal Bronchial Pneumonia in Pune; insisted on Ayurvedic medicines and Prayer to God...and as a result of this lack of right treatment at right time...Kasturba died.
    # But couple of weeks after Kasturba's demise, when MKG himself was down with Maleria...he had no qualms in treating himself with the Alopathic treatment.
    # What Kasturba must have felt about MKG's "My Experiments with Truth" or his various liasons with other women?
    Lord Ram sent Sita Maa in exile at the provocation of some Washerman. But WHAT & WHO provoked MKG to treat Kasturba as badly?
    Can Ram Jethmalani call MKG - A Bad Husband? or Can our MSM talk about such inconvenient facts? Not a slim chance. And that's what makes our India...The Largest Secular Democracy!
    Thanks and regards - K R Vaishampayan

    1. I am delighted with your args. MKG is was a sick mentality, and congress inherits his qualities in form of Nhr and family.
      MKG sucks.

  44. Ravi,

    There is a huge difference between educated and intellectual. Our media people are educated enough to rattle on on TV and get paid.

    Thanks very much for doing what you are doing.

    Lord Ram and his Dharma will be relevant for thousands of years to come. The media has already become irrelevant in a span of just 10 years.

  45. I was wondering what is the point of arguement of the '5' people who said No to the poll.....

  46. hi,

    every indian must know this--

    punch into google search




    gandhi was a rothschild stooge -- rothschild was the owner of british east india company-- gandhi imported to india from south africa using gokhale to recruit soldiers for WW1 -- and to end the cult of violence which forced the british to shift the capital from calcutta to new delhi ( bagha jatin ) ..

    1.11 lakh indian soldiers died in WW1 and 2.43 lakhs died in WW2.

    capt ajit vadakayil


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