Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Hindu - Of Baggages & Queens

Guy even sold out on Jesus for 30 pieces. “Judas Iscariot agreed he would hand over Jesus to the priests for 30 pieces of silver”. Thus writes Jyoti Malhotra (JM) in The Hindu (TH) on October 23, a day after James Bevan, UK High Commissioner, met Narendra Modi to regularise ties between UK and Gujarat which were cut off since 2002 happened. JM quotes the New Testament. Nice! Except that JM won’t tell you that by records available the New Testament was written anywhere from 50 to 200+ years after Jesus died. Definitely not by actual witnesses. Not that it matters. In a different way the story of Gujarat 2002 is also written by many with extra-ordinarily fertile imagination. Given the corruptions in our history written by Commies, in 200 years you can expect to read how Modi himself chopped off the heads of Muslims and danced over their dead bodies. Far-fetched? Leave a note for your great grand-kids to check. They might be the ones to read the baggage of history of lies left behind.

TH, which carried JM’s article titled “Embracing the darkness”, and its editor S. Varadarajan (I fondly refer to him as Vardabhai) are not exactly great admirers of Modi. So TH, as with many other media dealers, goes way overboard in the crap they have peddled over a foreign govt’s decision to right a historic wrong. In ‘The Insider’, tobacco industry whistle-blower Jeffrey Wigand wonderfully describes a cigarette as a “delivery vehicle for nicotine”. You see, most of our MSM, including TH, are not very different from cigarettes. They are delivery vehicles for “nicotine of a different kind”. There will, hopefully, come a time when the MSM papers and TV channels will have to carry a ‘statutory warning’ on the toxic material they deliver like cigarette packs. JM first wrote on her anguish over UK’s ‘new best fraand’ in the Business Standard (BS). That had a lot to do with the UK’s economy, stats and so on. But when TH hired her to write on the same topic it soon turned to human rights and 2 UK muslims who were killed in the 2002 riots. Like a Bollywood masala TH probably laid out the formula: Human rights, emotions, Muslims killed, money over people and, of course, laced with the usual ‘pogrom’ classification. Vardabhai likes!  

Unlike the rants of JM and TH over human rights and their prejudices, nations act mostly on the basis of their national interest. This is what James Bevan said too, that UK’s dealings with Gujarat and therefore with Modi are purely in the interest of Britain’s national interest. Since JM, and many others, wail over human rights, killings and pogroms let us ask them a few questions. In the pic is MMS affectionately hugging Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmedinejad (often joked about as Ahmed-in-a-Jihad). This is the guy who denies the holocaust which saw the death of millions of Jews. This is the guy who heads a govt that brutally kills opposition members and dissenters. Iran is a nation that doesn’t have any record of human rights worth the mention. So why should India even have relations with Iran? Can JM and TH explain? The UN approved a resolution condemning an alleged plot by Iran, to assassinate Saudi envoy to Washington. India abstained! Law? Human rights? In 2010 the same UN passed resolutions condemning human rights violations in Iran, North Korea and Myanmar. India abstained! What say Jyoti? What say Vardabhai? Should we believe that in the eyes of Jyoti and Vardabhai Iran is a paragon of human rights for India to deal with that country?

Let’s move on. Here’s a pic of MMS with the Saudi King Al Saud. Looks nice, doesn’t it? Of course, Saudi Arabia is another paragon of moral uprightness when it comes to human rights, religious freedoms, women’s rights. There is no way JM or Vardabhai can disagree with that. Can they? Er.. it’s just that very frequently they have this unusual practice of beheading people in public as punishments. Hmm! See the pic below MMS and the Saudi King and read this from the Indian Express (June 9, 2012):  “A Pakistani man convicted of drug trafficking has reportedly been beheaded in Saudi Arabia…. The latest beheading brings to 31 the total number of executions in the conservative kingdom so far this year… According to the report, nearly 76 people were beheaded in 2011, while rights group Amnesty International put the number of executions last year at 79”. I suppose this falls within the moral nonsense of JM and TH for India to have relations with Saudi Arabia. I guess it does!

Why exactly does India want relations with the Saudis? Surely, it can’t be money or national interests, eh? We love their human rights record, don’t we? We are fraands with Iran and Saudi Arabia. Tragically, unlike these nations who have a history of human rights abuse Gujarat 2002 is an unfortunate tragedy that is not an everyday feature. That apart, UK might have realised its decisions, on Gujarat in the past, may have been as influenced by writings and petitions of filthy minds that abound in our MSM. Their prejudice and hatred for Modi is bent upon making Gujarat appear to be a monster much larger than Libya even. And with no evidence, legal or moral, they will continue to scam Modi with their lies no matter what. JM argues in her article, with the help of a BBC report, that the Gujarat violence was state sponsored. Hard to refute, the BBC is the final word of God. Where Gujarat is concerned the BBC relies on as much evidence as their prejudiced ground reporters, made up of the JM types, who are persuaded by the same prejudices. They will not ever rely on our SITs or Judiciary. Who knows, this might even qualify JM and TH to write another testament.

But hey, what’s this got to do with Saudi Arabia and Iran? This is about UK, isn’t it? So let’s talk about UK instead. That should make our media morons more comfortable. Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi was dragged through the streets and brutally killed by his own people. Britain didn’t have diplomatic relations with Libya since 1984 and then Gaddafi owned up to the Lockerbie Pan-Am bombing of 1988. Read the entire timeline of UK-Libya relations on this page by The Telegraph. (I recommend you do). In 2004 PM Tony Blair visited Tripoli to normalise relations with Libya. Nothing but pure “national interests” drove the Blair govt to normalise relations. I’m sure many in our MSM would love to see Modi being equated with Gaddafi and see him meet a similar fate. Unfortunately, that doesn’t hold the truth as they themselves would know. Modi, in contrast, is revered by a large population and his model of governance and corruption-free govt inspires many others in India as well as the world. The lies of our MSM weren’t meant to last forever. They never do!

As against the lies about Gujarat and Modi peddled by our MSM, especially some very motivated players, India does deal with many tyrannical countries in the world. We do so for our own national interests. We do not possess the power or the right to intervene in all of their problems. 

India refused to even vote against Burma’s human rights situation in the UN. So the trash that Jyoti Malhotra and Vardabhai peddle is just another episode in the long campaign of vilification of Modi and Gujarat. Our MSM may be dumb, the UK and many other govts aren’t so. UK had slipped to 7th in economic standings 2011 and by 2020 is expected to fall to 8. If the slide is not arrested UK may not even figure in the top 10 in the decade after 2020.

If justice were the only concern for the likes of Jyoti Malhotra then they ignore the fact that while our judiciary moves slowly it surely has brought many criminals of 2002 to justice. This is unparalleled in the history of communal riots in India. But it is not, and never was, about justice. It was and will always remain political and about hanging Narendra Modi. Those who started the vicious campaign against Modi can never get past their baggage. It has become a ball and chain at their ankle. Some people in our country can be fooled by our MSM. Govts too get fooled but recover sooner than later. JM and The Hindu can carry their lament to their graves. The world will neither lament nor stop for them. I know of a lady who likes to frequently borrow from Alice. Oh yeah! But in this case there are no Cabbages, the Walrus tells a different story. It’s about the The Hindu and their Baggages and Queens.


  1. Let truth and logic prevail !! MSM has lost its conscience and will do anything to make India a more of Libya.
    Happy Vijayadashmi.

  2. Hah! I dare SV to reply to that. Also on India abstaining on Syria resolution in UNGA. And should their logic also extend to Pakistan, whose acts of terrorism have directly and indirectly killed what must number into several thousands of Indians? Should we not completely break off relations with them, prevent their leaders from coming to our country, etc, etc? What about other countries that aid and abet our enemies?

    I noticed that a lot of the English media tried to get the UK to justify their actions against an Indian, but do not bother asking for justifications from the Indian government for their continued contact with and support to countries that may actively be hurting India, or India's relationships with dictators and thugs in other countries.

  3. On 23 Oct Hindu carried two articles in Op-Ed. The other one was regarding mob violence in Mumbai on August 11. That is a different goose. This one by JM had me with a dropped jaw at the kind of lies being peddled, sweet coated too.

    What left me totally aghast was the concluding line :"Yusuf Dawood may have been betrayed by his own government, but India will remember and one day, avenge the injustice."

    What? Vengeance? Ms JM wants to do a Qaddafi on NaMo for sure. Her desire is all too visible and commented upon by vardabhai as : "The British decision to end its decade-long boycott of Narendra Modi speaks volumes of how human rights are so easily sacrificed at the altar of commerce."

    Perhaps vardabhai has forgotten the very basics of human interaction.

  4. Excellent Ravi. Hats off for you exposing TH. i stopped reading that crapxx paper almost 6 months back. JM can go wherever she wants, say whatever she says because she is also another sheep in the paddock. You keep acting like sheep dog and keep these bast$$$$ and bi$$$$$ straight.

    Let these MSM demons meet fiery end today, and burn with Ravana and his clan, metaphorically. The day they will die physically will be when mafia ilady and her clan leave India.

    By the way why no enquiry how the Queen Bee has become 4th. Richest woman in the world. World would like to know, in addition to her travel expenses, what she sold and what she bought. Her dealings in what commodity. At least we can be sure that it was any intellectual property she was dealing in, so dealing in what?

  5. Dear Ravi

    Great post as always. Had become a silent admirer for last few posts. Read the responses you got and it seems that you have quite a following.

    What will these MSM be if they were to leave their Anti-Modi agenda. Finances, resources, contacts everything will dry up. It is for survival that they can go to any lengths. Shekhar Gupta involved Army into the mess, so paise ke liye kuchh bhi karega..

    Hope you saw yesterday's debate or whatever it may be called, on NDTV 24x7, about property fair for Muslims held and its success and the usual garbage of Muslims being persecuted singularly on properties etc. Could not see the full show, saw only last 5-7 minutes and could judge the tenor very easily. If you can find it on net, an article from you will be great.

    Also, you see how suddenly Congress found more evidences against Gadkari when Kejriwal failed. What will congress do to bury Vadra's debate, may be a few bomb blasts and the usual "guilty will not be spared" rhetoric followed by terrorists are not Muslims stuff.

    Keep the flag flying..

    Wish I had a lot of money, would have made you part of a TV News Channel team headed by Arun Shourie...

  6. In last three days The Hindu published these type of articles praising minority rights. Here is another one published on 22 oct, 2012

    I read the above one and thought it would be about Indian Police condition. However, what it turned out to be a Jamia Teachers Solidarity Association sponsored highly communal toned article doing their propaganda work. In the same article, under heading EVIDENCE OF BIAS the author PRAVEEN SWAMI described Gujarat as "highly communalised Gujarat". WTF? Even the first comment the article received mentions the communal exclusively for Gujarat. Narendra Modi is the CM so the state should be described as communalised? In addition, the author smartly disguised the information by putting % data. For example--17.74 per cent of the 125,789 convicts in the country’s prisons were Muslims — somewhat higher than their share of population, which the 2001 census put at 13 per cent, and is now estimated to be over 14 per cent.

    What is the author saying here by comparing the population of all Muslims in India with convict muslims!! Crores vs thousands? Read the article and see how numbers are played.

    When I read the "Embracing the darkness" article I simply said no comments after reading the entire content. It is well known that nations follow their national interest first everywhere. Even USA who distanced himself from Myanmar is actively engaging with it for the sake of USA national interests.

    US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, visited Burma in November–December 2011. In this visit, the first by a Secretary of State since 1955, Clinton met with the President of Burma, Thein Sein, in the capital Naypyidaw, and later met with democracy activist Aung San Suu Kyi in Yangon. The US announced a relaxation of curbs on aid and raised the possibility of an exchange of ambassadors.--source wikipedia--

    In which disney land the author Jyoti Malhotra is living. Oh yes --Modi bashing land. Actually, MSM is scared and so is congress. They are attacking everywhere from BJP chief to Narendra Modi through MSM and others. Having known that RahulG is proved to be a failure till date for 2014. I assume after Gujarat election they would run the Priyanka Gandhi (in election times) campaign at full throttle. The Hindu considered to be must read for wanna be bureaucrats i.e our IAS aspirants doing good work.

  7. Don't these guys realise Modi is elected by the people of his state? And by questioning UK they indirectly insult the people of Gujarat and the democracy of India. Modi has been elected by a fair poll conducted by the Election Commission of India and its highly reprehensible to project him in such a way to a foreign nation.Whats the message being conveyed that you have no faith in your election commission or people's choice.

  8. Whenevr there is danger to a dharm, I take birth and destroy the evil.. Shri Bhagwad Gita says is what i hope for my country today more than ever...let some "destroyer of evil" rise in this system and cleanse it. it is a strange wish but it is equally strange to see your country being raped each passing day and you can do nothing except hope against hope for some "Soldier" to fight these evils..

    Very thought provoking writing Mr Ravinar.

  9. Excellent post....Its about time you start a Mediacrooks TV channel!!

  10. Superb post... Jyoti Malhotra and TH's varda should read this and learn something about journalism.

  11. Is it possible for you to put a "like" button against each comment? There are so many good comments that I relate to and I feel like appreciating those comments will go a long way in making this comment section more interactive.

  12. This post is sheer brilliance. I hope Varadabhai will get a chance to read this to redeem himself if possible. Pakistan possibly ranks at the top, in the list of nations known for human rights abuses and persecution of religious minority Hindus, Christians and Sikhs. It specializes and sponsors terrorism across the world. This varadabhai and his TheHindu are in the forefront demanding normalization of relations with Pakistan. Thanks for the outstanding post.

  13. In what can be termed as a Dasara miracle, The Hindu published only the dissenting voices in their Letters column today!! All letters were critical of this brain-dead piece!



  14. I am taking the liberty of copy pasting the voices of dissent from the readers of 'The Hindu'with reference to Sudhir's 'DasaraMiracle' link provided above.

    I disagree with Jyoti Malhotra (“Embracing the darkness,” Oct. 13) that in deciding to do business with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, “Britain’s got it all wrong”. Whatever Mr. Modi’s role in the terrible events of 2002, it is a fact that foreign economic participation in Gujarat will benefit the State and, indeed, the rest of India. Just because Mr. Modi is its Chief Minister, should Gujarat be blacklisted?

    That Mr. Modi is the elected leader of the State shows people want him to continue because, as an administrator, he has been more than proactive in developing Gujarat. Have the people of Gujarat also “got it all wrong”?

    Ramji Narayanan,


    For long, I have been at a loss to understand some self-styled opinion-makers’ criticism of industrialists’ embrace of Gujarat. Should the entire State of Gujarat be boycotted because Mr. Modi was allegedly responsible for the 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom? Gujarat has a democratically elected government of which Mr. Modi is the head. Does India not have economic, trade, people-to-people ties with Pakistan, which has been involved in proxy wars and perpetrating terror here?

    V. Viswanath,


    Should India have any ties with Britain which was responsible for the Jallianwala bagh massacre? After the war with China in 1962, why do we continue to have relations with that country? Should we stop talking to Pakistan with which we have fought so many wars and which foments terrorism in our country? I wonder why the author singles out Mr. Modi who has been convicted only by the media.

    G. Loganathan,


    Mr. Modi is the only person who has been judged by many as responsible for the 2002 Gujarat riots, notwithstanding the fact that he has not been charge sheeted in any of the cases; he has been democratically elected twice as Chief Minister of Gujarat; and under his leadership Gujarat has become the most developed State in the country.

    Vijay Shivram Menon


    Abandoning commerce with Gujarat will not serve any purpose. It will only alienate the State, and its people may start identifying themselves more as Gujaratis than Indians.

    G. Bhanu Pratap,


    Keywords: Gujarat-U.K. ties, Narendra Modi government, Jyoti Malhotra article

  15. Dear Ravinar:

    Let us not call SV as Varda Bhai.. The original Varda Bhai - of mumbai - varadaraja mudaliar - was a don who supported lot of poor people.

    In Tamil - VARATTI means Cow Dung.. Let us address SV as Varatti Bhai.. it will be more appropriate...

    N Ramesh

  16. Our main problem in this democracy, as rightly pointed out by Ravinar through this blog, is the Paid News Media of this country. Unless these communal, anti-democratic, intentionally biased sections of the media stop their act of spreading hate and misinformation, we will never be able to get rid of the many ills that exist in our society. Most of us are conditioned NOT to believe what politicians have to say but at the same time blindly believe what's written or said in the news media. This is something the corporate media has taken full advantage of in the past few years.

    Paid Media: You are a no less than those paid mercenaries, the terrorists, we as Indians need to fight against in addition to our foreign enemies. You guys have no soul. Wonder how you go back home and look at your kids in the eye knowing that you are destroying the same future that they are going to live in a few years.

    1. Couldn't agree more.

      Natural Born Liars. They must feel very proud of their deeds, feel sorry for their kids.

  17. Long ago, I “disembarrassed the darkness”, named “The Hindu “for its unabashed biased and double standard news and opinion .To their credit they are faithfully upholding their dubious traditions till date. And with regard to the opinion by the angel of human rights, Joythi Malhotra, I wish to know from her, whether in her wisdom, only British Muslims or only Muslims have human rights or it is also for those who were massacred by the Pakistan terrorists aided and abetted by Pakistan establishment in Mumbai. Would she explain why “the paragons of human rights “in, “the Hindu “, often urge India to normalize relationship with Pakistan, in spite of refusal by Pakistan to act against the killers of innocent victims in Mumbai and why “The Hindu” does not consider engaging with Pakistan as “embrace the darkness”. Is it because, the victims are non muslims,as such they don’t deserve any human rights consideration.And,if you have any sense of fairness you should explain, why you did not considered ,those nations, which proclaims themselves as a “Lord of the human rights “ have had not already “embraced the darkness”, by virtue of being continued their relationship with Rajiv Gandhi regime, which organized and presided over anti Sikhs pogrom, where, more than 3000 innocent people were butchered by the congress goons, as such, your description of British engagement with Gujarat government as “embrace the darkness “ is ridiculously redundant. Victims of 1984 riots are yet to get justice even under the present regime, which has been controlled and owned by a family members who owe their position on account of their lineage to Rajiv Gandhi.Atleast in case of Gujarat several people were convicted and host of other case are under trail. Nothing like that in case of 1984 riots, But, still to defame Gujarat government some of the domestic human rights champions like javed anand pop up on TV and pronounce that all those conviction are all on account of Supreme Court. What this moron and his ilk’s forgot completely is that, there was Supreme Court in the country even during 1984 and still no one has been punishment till date.

    1. May be JM some where has deep itching which needs to be cut for permanent solution, fingering will not solve the problem of JM which she is trying to get from RG/INCians.

  18. "Yusuf Dawood may have been betrayed by his own government, but India will remember and one day, avenge the injustice." From Jyoti Malhotra's article.

    It's sickening statement by an Indian journalist. It makes you wonder where is this darkness coming from this so called journalist.
    Day by day these journalists are creating contempt amongst the general public about Mainstream Media. It's a proper state sponsored brainwash.

  19. Most of the comments more or less vented out the same ire I had, after reading that stupid article. I won't consider it more than any other of those Modi-bashing ones ..

    But it is sad though, to read it in 'The Hindu', a newspaper which was known for it's unbiased Journalism - not just reporting news. I can see the clear change after the Editorial handover to SV from N.Ram (actually I liked the name Vardhabhai ;), but I won't infringe upon your copyrights :) ) .... anyways, if a newspaper is destined to be doomed, so be it.

    I would like to point out another thing, in case anyone noticed or not. The article available online @ has just a single comment ! I am almost sure rest all were 'moderated' - rather removed, including mine. I in fact noticed something interesting : there are 'Topics' listed on the webpage hosting this arcticle viz. crime, murder, politics. I expected them to be 'tag words' from the article. I did a Ctrl+F on the page but COULD NOT find these three words in the article at all !

  20. Just see a connection the day N.ram's name pop up in famous land grab case and afterwards...the newspaper trying to be in limelight this media barons got many things to hide who knows dirty tricks department is threatening or feeding them...
    And here too Hindus are always at the receiving end as all these journos are baptized in missionary run school they feel like human rights meant only for minority community ...Am waiting for that moment where print media will taken over by digital media and all these newspaper will be past where the consumer going be a king and will be having many options what to read and turn down as crap..As we are made to believe that Words can be used to change the course of river...
    And without doubt technology has changed the way people consume media and here without all that advertisemnt stuff newspaper going to be a luxury only few can afford...The day will come the slave journos who write for their masters will have to face the music of time..

  21. I totally agree with your analysis.

    Just don't forget why the British do things. Is it similar to Greeks bearing gifts? What did they do to Gaddafi once they got him under control?

    Why are some of us ecstatic over their approval or censure of Indian leaders? Slavery has spread beyond the Nehruites, into the hindu nationalists as well, IMHO. This is why our erstwhile Masters win, as they have repeatedly shown. When will we stop caring what they say?

  22. Ravinar, you may want to write something on this. I saw this on NDTV the other day. Ahmedabad recently had a Muslim Realty Expo and the NDTV conducted a debate on this. They were talking about ghettoisation of Muslims and I found it ridiculous that instead looking towards the positive side of this, they all were whining in debate.

    Sorry, I am posting it here as I tried to email you but it did not work out.

  23. I find this whole issue so embarrassing for Indians as a whole. Why should it matter either way? Whether or not the UK government "ratifies" Modi or Manmohon meets the Saudi royal family does not concern a majority of Indians. Yet, the media (and this blogger) seems obsessed over whether Modi is acceptable to western governments or not. This would not be the first time that the UK government has done a U-turn based on its economic interests and it would not be the last. Get over it.

  24. It seems Times-Now (Chief Justice Arnab Goswami one of the (only) two honest persons in 1.2 Billion Indian population,the other one ofcourse is Kejriwal),CNN-IBN,NDTV,Times Of India and Hindustan-Times(Vinod Sharma fame) have gone berserk after Gadkari,it looks as if given an opportunity they would not hesitate to lynch the poor guy in the Taliban style.What happened to lakhs of crores of scams done by ministers? what has happened to Vadra?

  25. Great Article ravinar,
    I always like your in-depth knowledge and you represent the exact thoughts and thinking of us in your crisp and to-the-point words.
    Unlike some people, who unfortunately are gujarati, write against Modi whenever they get a chance.
    they don't realize what they are writing (even thought they would love to think that they are un-baised).

    If you know gujarati, please visit the fool's site:-


  26. “Who knows for certain?
    Who shall here declare it?
    Whence was it born, whence came creation?
    The gods are later than
    this world's formation;
    Who then can know the origins of the world?
    None knows whence creation arose;
    And whether he has or has not made it;
    He who surveys it from the lofty skies.
    Only he knows-
    or perhaps he knows not.”

  27. Simple , dump Hindu and go to Firstpost - there , you can easily differentiate propaganda batshit and real news. The Hindu hasnt changed much from N Ram's times and it isnt worth wasting my time anymore. Hard decision after 15 years of reading it. I learned my English from stretching that newspaper on the floor and reading it from corner to corner - it was a real sad decision to stop reading. Their Bangalore edition , by far, takes the cake.


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