Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Thank You..

It’s over two and a half years since this blog started. It is with a sense of happiness and satisfaction that I note this blog crossed One Million views on October 16.2012. For a small blog in some corner of the world I consider it a decent accomplishment. I would consider it an even greater accomplishment if it manages to push many more to write. I have, of course, been inspired by many wonderful writers on the net; writers whose names would make a very long list. They aren’t from the regular media. All of them had something in common which I learned: They weren’t just bold, but in writing, they were never afraid of being wrong, they took the opportunity to say what they believed or assessed to be right. In this post I will share a few personal notes.

Like many, I have observed news media for a long time, national and some international. It was a thrill to see TV news channels adopt a strong adversarial role with the govt in the late 90s. It was only in 1999 during the Kandahar episode that I felt something wasn’t really right. Then, it was in 2002 during and after the Gujarat riots that I sensed the channels had gone far beyond reporting. They were actually concocting lies and fake stories. Naturally, most of it was quite shocking and disturbing. Program after program reported over 2000 deaths, 3000 deaths, mass rapes, foetuses ripped apart with no authentic evidence for anything. By 2004 it was pretty much clear that these news channels were not in the news business but in politics. Some NGOs joined hands with the media too. People we thought were social activists were actually “paid political hacktivists”.

I had a TV in a small office from where my partner and I operated an online business. I was mostly alone in the office and hardly watched but had the sound on to catch any sensible news. Then we got to watch the Cash4Votes in 2008 and that too brought outrage but passed. That year the US presidential election was also interesting with the possibility of a black man becoming a president for the first time. So that got a lot of attention. It was soon after that election, on November 26, that late at night I caught some report on terrorist attacks in Mumbai. This went on and on and I watched till 4am next morning before quitting. At home next morning I thought it would all be over but when I got back to office I saw things had gotten worse. On the evening of November 27 I tried calling a TV channel at least 3 times to complain about their terrible coverage of the attacks but couldn’t get through. In the following months I watched the Chetanya Kunte–Barkha Dutt episode over “shoddy journalism” on the net and that was disgusting to say the least. It was evident that media celebs had a clear contempt for social media and bloggers.

In March 2009 I registered the website MediaCrooks.Com but still didn’t write for a long time. At first we wanted to focus on the ‘financial’ channels but then the stock markets had already crashed since October 2008 and there wasn’t much to write. There were many blogs and sites that wrote about politics, religion, history, ideology etc; most of them great ones. Thus the thought of writing about news channels and only about news channels, be it print or electronic. I had no idea what to write other than what would read like complaint letters to a newspaper. The other idea was to write “reviews” of programs but that would have sounded like movie critics. The first post was made on February 2010 and for about 9 months there was hardly any readership for the site. I recall the readership count till November 2010 was around 400 or thereabouts.

It was then on November 18, 2010 that Radiagate broke and when Open magazine crashed, this site carried all the tapes in a single file without interruption. Since then there has been steady increase in readership. MediaCrooks is intended to be a critique of media without meaning to be merely a serious academic exercise. Without sacrificing accuracy and facts it was always and still is meant to be fun-reading.

Among many stories that inspire, one is definitely the story of Bob Woodward (Of Watergate). People may or may not know but Woodward was sent to cover the hearing of the Watergate burglary not because he was a great journalist but because he was an average journalist. His supervising editor even referred to him as a “Schmuck” who could have been fired. Even his newspaper, Washington Post, had initially considered Watergate just an ordinary burglary which is why they sent a ‘schmuck’. The rest is history. Their meticulous research and inquiries should have inspired many of our real journalists. They didn’t use call-girls, prostitutes and spy-cameras for “sting” operations or entrapment. Does it sound a lot like our very own J. Gopikrishnan of 2G fame? I also rely on the P&G principle: “Facts count, Opinions don’t. What is right is more important than who is”. Even in medical situations an opinion is usually a ‘considered assessment’.

In the current context the media will have us believe that corruption fighters like Anna Hazare or Arvind Kejriwal have come up because politicians have become unaccountable or have decimated our institutions. Only partly true. This is an outrageous half-truth that is being spread. Their spurious argument is that these activists have taken the place of the Opposition in a democracy. This is as far from the truth as Russian is from Tamil. These activists have come up because our media has failed. Our media has stopped being a watchdog. Whatever IndiaToday unearthed about Khurshid may have been possible with all other scams too. Our media failed. Whatever other scams were unearthed by CAG could have been done by the media too. How many times have media used RTI to expose govt misdeeds? Why should a country even need specialist “RTI activists” as they call them? If a small journal like The Pioneer and J. Gopikrishnan could expose the 2G scam what does it say about other news media with greater muscle and influence?

Far from exposing, many in the news media have, in fact, been operating as defence lawyers for the criminals in the govt and politics. With most media celebs swarming around NCR like insects attracted to the honeypot, they fail to acknowledge most crimes have happened right under their own noses. Much of the news media is also now a “political party” that is part of the crime. The anti-corruption activists have replaced not politicians or Oppositions but the news media which is too busy with Bollywood, Saas-Bahu stories, silly Cricketainment and Tamasha in general. At a time like this investigative journalism should have peaked but in India it’s practically dead. That is why I consider a corrupt media the first and biggest threat to our democracy more than politicians.

Many posts on MediaCrooks have been based on readers’ comments. Many have come through emails that I receive. Where possible they have been acknowledged. There are many individuals who have recommended the blog through Twitter, Facebook, SocialMedia forum and even in private circles. Many SM sites have reproduced posts from here. There are professional online news sites that have used content from here. Even IAC has prominently featured some posts on their site. I would love to thank every individual and entity that helped to spread the blog and its message. Naming each of them would make a very long list and run into many posts long.

I would just like to thank all of you for reading and for supporting this site. It is more than I ever expected. I also hope many more such sites come up and many more write about issues that concern all of us in general.


  1. I wish that you expose more MEdia Crooks..As per me, Media & Journos are the biggest terrorists..Please continue the good work.

    Also to take these to next level, request you to please start Doing Sting operations on expose them further..what i call Mediacrooks 2.0

  2. That was so humble of you to Thank your readers. Rather, I would say, we all readers of your blog must thank you, for providing us facts and truths about a single perpective we would otherwise have had, if we followed just the news channels.


    1. I second what $u)hir has written.

      My best wishes for health and happiness of Ravinar.

  3. Touching and Inspiring !! My heartiest greeting to you. May God, this site touches billions of views (and not only that, hope it inspires as it has inspired us). I have become more awaken than the time I first visited your site. A true teacher (Guru) is required to learn things. I have found one.
    I also want to be a writer & thinker like you and hope every citizen of this country aspires to be like you. Ultimately, it's our duty to make our place clutter free. And you have opened a great chapter in the direction.
    Thanks a lot for being with Us.

  4. We should say thank you to you... Thank you a lot...

    When I first stumbled upon your blog, I was hooked. I kept on reading your posts one by one.

    I realized that I have been cheated all these years by our main stream media. Some of your posts almost made me cry.

    Hope your blog gets even more awareness and spawn many others to write.

  5. Dear Media Crooks, we must thank YOU for putting up this blog which is a breath of fresh air! Keep up the good work sir and all the best in your journey to reveal the truth about corrupt Indian media!

  6. Thanks a lot for writing and writing so wonderfully. I am delighted to know that so many people have visited your blogs and naturally I am proud to be counted among those similarly inclined people. Congratulations!!!!

  7. More power to you sir. You have done a stupendous job in showing mirror to the holier than thou media celebs who now know they are going to get exposed if they continue to peddle lies and concocted stories.

  8. Wow!!!!!!. A million and counting. Have had a few peeks at the hits counter in the last few days. I was hoping to see it hit a million soon. I was wrong. It did much sooner than I thought it would. A fantastic achievement Ravinar.. Hats off to you. It has not been that long since I started to read your posts,but have thoroughly enjoyed reading each and every post that you have so meticulosly written. If I might say so, your site has been sort of an eye opener for me. I'm certain that many of your readers would second me on that.

    Thank you for catching the crooks while they r at it... THANK YOU.

  9. No Ravi, "Thank you" for all the good work you've been doing. Thank you for bringing us all like minded people here and Thank you for inspiring.
    Can we expect a Google Hangout or something similar to mark this milestone in the near future?

  10. Thanks to you too. I have been addictive to your post. Thank you for the awareness you are spreading through this blog. Congratulations for such a success not only to you, to all of us.

  11. hi, happy 1st million, may this become 1000 million soon.. I remember starting to read it when it was about 500,000 or slightly less page views maybe. i had quite stumbled up on it and then became a regular reader...hats off to you, your courage and unbiased approach and thank you for verbalising all that we know, think and feel..Jai Hind!!

  12. thanks to you,before having experienced your site I used to search for truth from different sources that too in unorganized experience with TV media has told me that there is something wrong in this business and my vies on the issue were scattered here there in my mind,but after reading your site they got shape of complete thank you again.

  13. You have set very high standards for independent bloggers. I have started blog recently inspired by your work. The benchmarks you have set will push many to not only write but churn out quality uncompromising stuffs! This is a million (apart from dollar)club, many will strive for.

  14. Heartiest congrats to you Ravi. You are doing an outstanding job. This blog site is a cornucopia of facts ! Hats off to you ! Thanks a ton !

  15. Dear Ravinar,

    May god bless you with health Wealth & readership for long time. . You may not realise it but you are like a beacon of hope for many like me.
    What makes your blog more special is that you expose the crooks in Media without being melodramatic, arrogant or slanderous. This simplicity along with extensive research is what makes the readers understand every point made by you.
    I wanted to make a point in regards with today's widely publisised planned expose of Kejriwal against Nitin Gadkari. If they have any proof against Mr Gadkari they should just declare them, No one should support him if he is found guilty. But instead they will create all the hype & ho haalah for publicity stunt & then come up with something like an SMS sent to Mr Gadkari as a proof. Hope they come up with something more substantial.

  16. Where is the party Ravinar, you are a millionaire now :). No doubt its the best site that I have come across till date. God bless you and your family.

  17. Your blog has been an eye opener and the key to unlock the mystery that surrounded our MSM, which we always knew that something is seriously wrong with the MSM but we were (I was) not sure of.

    So Thanks for your good efforts. I have been hooked to your blog ever since I read your post.

  18. Thank you Ravi.You are so generous .Its our good luck that we found you .I also used to write a blog here and there and that too when very disturbed and happy . But as and when i found your blog and start interacting with you there was no need to write on those issues .Since i think you say it all which we feel and think like and i have found no person better than you to express our feelings and emotions ready to explode seeing the blatant display of bias and agenda by these celeb journos and channels .Their bias towards a particular political party and a religion and their attempt to place themselves on a higher pedestal by rebuking and abusing a certain political party and in turn rebuking and abusing a certain religion which is affiliated to natural citizens of this country .And with the introduction of your blog , i have got access to many excellent articles and writers since you give links to those in your posts and tweets .So its win win situation for us .You have urged others to write but as far as i am concerned i used to write to drain out my frustrations and deep anguish on my blog .But now dont feel need to do so since i pour this by commenting on your posts or by tweeting .My expressions needed a platform and that i have found on your blog and tweeter . Just for an example if one go by the tweets exchanged yesterday between barkha, sunetra and sadanand dhume it is just obvious that diva has placed herself above mango man and put her in celeb circle.Her tweets show her arrogance and she seems to be far hurt than vadra and gandhi family on their expose .

    Thanks again for acknowledging us .BTW i make it a point to go thru your all tweets daily since these constitute a post in 140 characters itself .God bless and take care ..

  19. Thanks for providing a nice reading experience.
    Keep writing and keep sharing.

  20. Congrats to you sir. I am a regular reader of meidacrooks say from last 1 year. Whenever i am free i read articles from here.
    I cant understand why am getting this message on twitter "You have been blocked from following this account at the request of the user." Please fix it dude.I thought its twitter bug but today i noticed this message.

  21. Congratulations for achievement of 1 million viewers. Since I first came across this site few months back, I am a regular reader of this blog.
    Thank you very much for providing extremely good reading experience.
    I wish you great success and hope your blog reaches 1 crore views very soon.

  22. Thank you so much for opening our eyes and the continuous high quality education you are providing to us for free

  23. Congrats Ravinar. Thanks for all the hardwork. It was a real pleasure and releif to read you.

    BUT, WE WANT MORE !!!!!!

  24. Ravinar,

    Infact we should thank you for providing us with such incisive articles, day after day!

  25. You have truly lived up to the name - exposing media crooks .. every democracy needs the media to play the role of the conscience and this group in India has forgotten what it means to be fair!!! have heard that during one incident that happened at a luxury car manufacturer, one of the news editors called the CEO and asked him to pay money to the channel if he wanted the news to be kept off the media!!! that is the level they have stooped to!!!

    They need a kick!! ty for doing that with grace and with facts!!

  26. Well well I was taken by surprise- this melodramatic "Thank You" article scared a hell out of me -- read till the last but my fear was unfounded -- well I was fearing about you signing off this blog following this epoch "Thank YOU". Well neigh, keep up the blog. I like reading this for news analysis and have recommended them to some of my friends.

  27. I came to know about MediaCrooks website exactly an year ago. Since then i have been a regular reader. As i said you the other day, i am somewhat addicted to this site :-) I've shared many of your blogposts in Facebook. I've got great responses to some of the posts. And guess what! some of my friends were asking whether there is an App for this site so that they can read it easily!! :)

    You are doing a great job in rising the awareness level about the media. At least among the people who are internet savvy. And it's just not serious analysis. It has taunts, sarcasms, anectdotes. It makes the site all the more interesting. So, let the good work continue. Hope someday we'll get to know your identity. Let the P & G rule be dammed :-) !!

  28. We should Thank You Crusader. Your effort is much more than praiseworthy. My humble Namskar to you. Let Bhagwan fulfill all your wishes. Thank you so much.

  29. Wish you keep on writing and exposing the crooks. It is so frustrating to read newspaper or to watch a TV where every news is compromised and paid for! Your blog is so refreshing that i check once a day for new post. Keep up the good work.

  30. Congratulations for reaching one million mark. Thank you for providing such a good reading on MSM and exposing their lies regularly. I gave up on MSM after radiagate. Adding salt to injury NDTV arranged a debate for BD to give herself clean chit on her channel! That was bye bye MSM moment for many people.

  31. I never watched much media in the first place but this blog completely changed whatever little perception I had of them. The clarity and analysis in your writing is phenomenal.
    You are right media has become lazy with no drive for investigation. A classic example today is "Special Coverage Saif-Kareena wedding" in TOI today.2 people getting married is so important that you have special coverage on it. I cant think of anything more low for a national newspaper.

  32. Awesome.........!!!
    Many many thanks.......!!

  33. Thanks to you too Ravi.. After Savukku's explosive articles about atrocities of DMK govt in TN, your blogs are the next best thing I ever stumbled up on.. The benchmark set by you in the quality of analyzing/criticizing the media crooks without crossing the line really worth for million and more new readers not just views!!! More power to your words and I will pray to God for your good health.. Hope you find time to write blogs in future as well balancing your family/work..

    Thanks again :)

  34. I will say thanks to you Ravi. I don't write comments on this blog but I do read each and every post. Thanks to you for giving me a new direction, a new view and and different way of thinking. I started hating news channels from kargil war days and as you felt, during Mumbai attack, i actually started taking them as terrorists. I saw them poking in the blasts sites in Delhi, destroying useful evidence by roaming freely in a Noida home after twin murders (Arushi Talwar) and finally I stopped watching news channels at all. Your blog keeps me informed and justified in not adding to their viewership numbers.
    I am sure you are used to hearing it, but you write wonderfully well. With facts and figures. Thanks again, with all sincerity.

    by the way, I share links of some of the posts on my FB page, does that require a permission? Note, I do not reproduce it, I just share the link.

    - Priyavrat

  35. congratulations Ravi!! your blogs are addictive and an absolute joy to read!! I look forward to many more ..Wishing you life's best & here's to the next million!! :)

  36. hi ravainar i'm happy to read your blogs every day.Before and all i used to fed up with the aggressive compagins by English media journos against Hindhus& their thing i dont understand is why we have only leftwing channels in india.................even doordarshan being govt channel is giving importance to sonia gandhi and her family why cannot any one(BJP or any Right wing party) start a Right wing channels to expose this congrees NDTV,CNN IBN......etc like what in USA Where they have both leftist and right wing channels......i think its the right time for BJP to start a channel of its own or atleast become a share holder of a channel so that it will provide counter active defence against this congress boot lickers...........

  37. My friend circle consists of people who are professionally very capable but they have no interest in current affairs. On the other hand I am very much interested in Indian politics. I feel like there should be someone with whom I can share my feelings and frustrations. Joining twitter was my first step in venting my emotions (without abusing) - although I got blocked by Sagarika Ghosh, Tavleen Singh and Nikhil Wagle. Then I came across your site last year. I remember the first blog that I read was about how our media is scared of Sonia Gandhi and never criticized her for the obvious failures that I saw in our country. That blog just stuck with me and then I followed you on twitter. After that I regularly visited this site and every time I read I learn something new. Especially the Jon Stewart critique of Crossfire, about watergate and of course our "free" media and media celebrity. I would encourage you to keep writing just like what you are doing right now. Your post has become a channel for me to release my bottled up anger. Although being said that I feel you and me have different perception about Arvind Kejriwal. I feel he is doing a good job of exposing corrupt people.

  38. Dear Ravinarji,
    Initially when i saw the Thank You post i thought you are taking a break. Then after reading it i found to my delight its not so.
    I salute your service to the nation in exposing DynastyBootLicking/Sycophant/Traitor #PaidPervertedPress.
    Not many can put in words what one wants to convey though they might have all the facts. But you are able to write in a way where every one who reads it understands. its God given gift to you and hope you continue to serve the nation as ever.
    If they had not been exposed we would have to see some media anCHOR telling us "I am GOD"
    Thanks to you all these Chors have been shown their place
    Keep up your good work

  39. congratulations.for the last one year i am trying to be the first one to read your new writing,alas I am always beaten by someone even with comments. It is so popular that I think readers are waiting for the new entry. Good luck.

  40. When I saw your blog for the first time, there were some 65 - 70 followers, and I had absolutely no clue that media houses were such crooks. I believed everything they said. Don't know how I stumbled across your blog, I am just glad I did :) Congratulations and I hope the good work reaches millions more!

  41. Congratulations! All the power to you and your pen.Great research,investigation,inquiry,in-depth analysis,high quality writing are the hall marks of this wonderful blog.Hence a
    great place to be for every budding journalist.Ravi my friend I take a bow and say Job Well Done!

  42. Hi Ravi,

    Congratulations for the millions ahead.

    One milestone has been reached many more ahead.

  43. No. Thank you! You have taken the anguish and despondency felt by lakhs of people and were able to put it out coherently and cogently. We all are thankful to the service you are doing for us all. You are right about the fact that media has become the biggest threat to democracy.

  44. Great going.. My best wishes:-)

  45. Dear Ravinar,
    I came to mediacrooks only a fewdays back and I ended up reading many of posts throughout the night.
    you have given me a lens throuhg which i can look at national media.
    I just want to bring in Tamil, the leading news channel was Sun News due to it sheer muscle. Listening to Sun and Jaya news will make the ears bleed. Nowdays we have nice alternative, "Puthiya Thalamurai" meaning new generartion. They have been very balanced and gained very good marktshare and has beaten the viewrship of other channels.

  46. For the last so many months, every morning I check whether you have written something new. It has become a habbit now. I would like your views on so called expose on Gadkari, which was rather a damp squib. cnn-ibn,times-now and NDTV hindi and english etc. I thought were trying to villify Gadkari. Digvijaya who was hopping from channel to channel seemed to be supervising this operation.

  47. Hi Ravinar,

    it has become a habit for me, that i verify almost every day, whether there is any FIR filed by you against the criminals in CNN-IBN or NDTV, in Media crooks. -)

    Though i had a vague idea that, what ever being shown or written was not correct, but had no way to prove it to myself. You have opened up an innovative and very effective channel, no anti-channel news service, that now i can even debate with friends on how the MSM misguides the public. Thank you for making me a genius :).

    You have written all the blogs with the right background studies, i was really surprised that you could bring up the news about a congress protest against AB Vajpayee's son-in-law, on comment by Dig Bwaaaaaah singh ( Pammal bwaaaaa Sambandham style ).

    Now as expectations are at the highest peak with this blog and it will start becoming difficult to satisfy it as time goes. I am eager to know how you will, which i am sure you will match up with the expectation. I some times felt whether you have gone a bit out of focus from being only a media critic, but that is NOT a CRIME at all considering the coverage you do. But as you have explained in one of the blogs, please do not let the focus go away from the blog.

    My warmest and heartfelt congratulations for hitting the 1 billion hits, and i wish you all the very best and looking forward for more funny, informative and educative anti MSM blogs...

    with warm regards
    Tampere, Finland.

  48. Need a special thanx to shobha de as the indias worst journalist poll was featured on her blog.. Came to know about your website thru that blog..'keep up the good work

  49. We need to say thanks to you.You are exposing these Paid Media Agents..Thanks Again.Keep Writing I am addicted of your blog..

  50. hi ravinar, had a addiction of reading toi , n watching mediacrooks and ranting here n there. thanks to which does not get blocked from any office, can be accessed and almost nothing else is needed for right perspective of news. Enjoy the way you rip them aprt keep going, million peoples feelings are expressed by you clinically n professionally. Let the right facts replace the perverted MSM. waiting for the day Bark, Rajdeep, ketkar n their ilk running out of business and actually in jail; on that day of glory your selfless work will be truly be cherished...keep going

  51. Thank You. Prabhu Jagannath Bless.

  52. Thank you for exposing Scums,Douchebags,Retards,Ignorant bastards,illiterates,Self proclaimed Experts,Pseudo-Secularists, Sycophants in both electronic and print media, specially English Media who is always ready to dish out shit with a blink of an eye.

  53. Dear Ravinar:
    Congratulations on crossing the million milestone. Came to this blog thru a post of yours on the aviation scam, since then have been hooked.
    As this is Navratri may Ma Durga bless you and help you in yr endeavors to further expose and shame these crooks who are tearing apart our Bharat Ma.

  54. Thank you Ravi, for taking up a just cause and motivating a million!

    The entire forum needs to be congratulated for rallying behind Ravinar. Augurs well for the society.

    Looking forward to a population explosion in this site !

  55. Happy Navratri to you Ravinar, we need to thank you. My limited vocabulary can not describe you but I can only say you "Thank you" for taking the side of Truth. Sometime you might have been mistaken. Reading the Mediacrook is always like unfolding the truth of our so called mainstream media. Thank you again to write anguish of millions in a blog.

  56. thank you sir for enlightening us ........ carry on the light

  57. Congratulations on crossing the million mark.
    I should thank my cousin for introducing me to your site. Your blogs are inspiring, addictive and fun to read.Thank you for all this. And if you ever distribute your writing skills I'll be the first in the queue.

  58. I distinctly remember having come across your site when #AMS was trending on twitter. The site used to have library shelf as back ground image and was some where near 5L page views. You have quickly reached 10L from there and it's all attributed to your sharp writing.
    Thanks for articles, congratulations on 1m views and best of luck for reaching 10m soon.

  59. This comment has been removed by the author.

  60. thanx to you people are getting to know what the real media and reporting is all about. this blog has some of the most prolific writing that i have seen on the issue of media criticism. you have been able to get the point across.... period. am a great fan of your blog....despite being in mainstream media. thanx for getting these facts out in the public and keep up the good work.

  61. Great Job Ravi !
    Thanks for your untiring & sincere efforts to educate & enlighten fellow citizens !
    May the trickle from a million turn to a flood of a billion soon !!

  62. Congratulations for achieving a million viewership. Your style of presentation is uniquely attractive. I am addicted to this blog. I doubt if we can come across a site which combines Forthrightness, fearlessness, with "fact and satire", as you do in your blog. Your satire and frankness makes no exception, & treats all journos similarly irrespective of their celebrity status. I believe your work is very important to all Indians, as it shakes them out of their slumber and make them aware of the threat posed by a collusive and partisan media. Thank you for very much, and wish this site reach many more millions!

  63. You're welcome and we thank you too for your articles, they are far better than what we read in newspapers and magazines. I like to read a lot and be informed but i fail to find the right content several times, yours along with few more blogs makes it up. Thank you so much RaviNar.

    Keep up the good work.

    Manoj Ramchandani

  64. Dear Ravinar,

    Go! Go! Go!

    Way to go.

    A million thanks for your efforts.

    Best wishes.

  65. my hearty congratulation to you Ravi. Keep up good work..

  66. Thank you Ravinar Bhai for giving a voice to people like me, frustrated citizens who cannot do anything about an establishment ruled by a dynasty which is systematically destroying our country.

  67. Hi Ravi,

    Wish your blog to have a more wider audience by next year (3 or 4 times than the current readership).
    As you have already pointed by continuously sticking to facts can help you scale to that level.

    Ganesh R

  68. A very useful site. Quite addicted to your blog. Thanks.

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