Tuesday, October 16, 2012

NDTV Needs A Lie-Detector

Looks like Digvijaya Singh (DS) was out of order or away for a few days for some reason. That’s why the nation was shocked that our news channels weren’t rushing to him for first comments over Robert Vadra scam or Salman Khurshid scam. Rest your fears, he’s back and in good form. Here’s what I wrote in the post ‘Stenographers & stray dogs’:

Whenever a political turn or event happens who do our reporters run to most? You guessed it – Digvijaya Singh. And what does he offer them? Nothing but filthy utterances against others and mindless statements that aren’t even fact-checked. His own party is on record stating that his statements are not “authorised”. Yet, DS with no political position or responsibility and clearly over-the-hill, is the Guru for most TV editors. The reporters seek his comments like Stenographers and faithfully relay it. By evening, on many occasions, based on his silly utterances, you will find DS doing a full-fledged interview with Barkha Dutt, Rajdeep Sardesai or Rahul Kanwal. It’s a well-planned and organised routine…”

Okay, good old Diggy is back but Barkha Dutt is away on a “sabbatical”. Poor Sunetra Chowdhury (SC), who often stands-in for BD, had to be the ‘bakra’ that had to interview DS. Somewhere Sunetra has mentioned in the past that she was disappointed at not getting to interview Rahul Gandhi, who she is supposed to cover. Never mind! Rahul’s mentor Diggy is not a bad substitute. You can view the interview and the summary on NDTV’s website which appears under the title: “Never attack family: Digvijaya Singh's lesson on political ethics toArvind Kejriwal”. Hmm! Lately, with all the corruption and scams the moment some public figure mentions “family” the only family I can think of is the “mafia family”.

So SC probably landed up with a scripted set of questions for DS. Nothing wrong in that, it’s always good to do some homework. True to form, DS also gave what looked like scripted answers. There’s only one more thing I wish NDTV had added; a polygraph machine with DS’s hand wired to it (Something like with Tyra Banks in the pic). And NDTV could have shown images of the live action on the polygraph when DS gave answers. Haha! I hope that dream of mine comes true one day. Here’s something from the interview by DS:

"He (Arvind Kejriwal) came to me in 2005 or 2006 with Swami Agnivesh and requested me that I should promote his name to become a member of the NAC. Probably Soniaji was wiser than me, so she refused," Mr Singh told NDTV. It’s possible Kejriwal aspired to a seat on NAC but not because DS says it but because AK has quite a few of his colleagues on the NAC and maybe he aspired to it. But I seriously doubt even AK would run to “kiss and tell” kind of guy like DS. I credit him with greater intelligence. AK’s friends on the NAC would have had greater influence with SoniaG than DS in that decision. AK hasn’t so far denied Diggy’s claim so let’s leave it there. The more interesting comment is this one:

Mr Singh, speaking to NDTV said, "There are ethics in politics. Never attack family. The Congress never attacked (former PM) Atal Bihar Vajpayee's son-in-law Ranjan Bhattacharya or (senior BJP leader) L K Advani's son and daughter. Have we ever said a word against them? They have a private life of their own." Really? See, this is my problem with NDTV and their fake reporting. It’s one thing to do an interview and report it verbatim like a stenographer but altogether a different thing to fact-check what was said. Over and over again NDTV, and other channels too, have peddled DS’s nonsense without a qualifier or a fact-check of their own. This is why it appears that they are peddling lies.

Now here’s something interesting from a news report. I wonder if you can call it a news report though. This is from the Congress party’s mouth-piece called “Congress Sandesh”. It’s a report from their wonderful activities in April 2001. This is a screen shot from that report:

Yeah! On March 25, 2001 the Congress proudly observed “Dhikar Diwas” as reported. And along with PM Vajpayee they also burned effigy of Ranjan Bhattacharya. This is the “family” that DS is referring to in his interview with Sunetra. So I can safely call DS a liar when he claims Congress never attacked “family”. Now, I don’t find anything wrong if an adult member of a political family is attacked for any wrong-doing. On what grounds is DS crying over the attacks on Robert Vadra for attacks on him over land scams?

The principle of not targeting family members is informally practiced in US politics. Generally, that is applicable to private “affairs”, sexual misconducts, divorces, drug addiction etc. This does not apply to corruption through use of govt offices or accumulating wealth through corrupt means. This is where NDTV fails. They interview Diggy frequently and reproduce his trash without stating the facts. For the sake of argument if family members are to be exempt as political targets why didn’t DS condemn Priyanka Vadra for using even her kids as political leverage? Look at the pic! Not only did she get her minor kids on stage there are sycophants garlanding them. The kids look amused and uncomfortable. Clearly, Priyanka using her kids for “emotional” appeals to voters is fine but targeting family members for corruption is wrong? Who the hell is DS to make these stupid rules anyway? For the record, his own party mouthpiece proves him wrong. Will NDTV now nail his lies?

Like I mentioned it would be good fun to interview DS with a polygraph wired to his hand. But hey, on second thoughts I feel even NDTV needs a polygraph machine when they report or use sound-bites from these interviews. I’m sure once NDTV earns some money they can buy a lie-detector and have it wired to their telecasts for the benefit of viewers. 


  1. Where else is this unwritten code of not to attack each other's family members? Yeah, of course, in underworld. So, Diggy has admitted that the Family is truly running a mafia syndicate of the highest order. NDTV plays role consigliere in the family.

    1. Spot on! The rule of not attacking family members usually limits itself to personal and victimless vices, not to millions and billions made off power of the politician, or getting away scot free with murder and other crimes.

      Why do these TV anchors think people join political parties? It is not for ideology. It is for the power that comes from being close to someone who gets elected to office. And if someone not personally close to the politician can benefit from the politician's influence, family is far better positioned, and in most cases directly supported by the neta.

      Heck, why do so many scrupulous people want to become journalists in the first place? It is the power that radiates from the 'Press' badge and makes people fawn over the losers.

      Take a close look at the families of most CMs, Union Ministers, State Ministers, etc. Even if the personal wealth of the elected politician has not increased, his family does see a huge spurt in income.

      The Election Commission ought to ask for income details of every immediate blood relative to get the complete picture. But this is a nice little loophole that continues to exist. And don't expect politicians to bring this up anytime soon.

  2. if one goes by Diggy then if he has evidence against any political family then why should not he charged with concealing evidence and not considered as a partner in crime .As far as my common sense goes and i dont claim to be expert in laws but it is assumed that one is a party in crime if it is with held from law . NaMo has openly started a channel .Why dont congress declare ndtv as its official broadcaster .And as terms A and B teams are the flavors of season why not announce ndtv as its B team and cnnibn as its C team

  3. Ha ha ha .. Diggy is a funny guy .. this so called family will do anything and other people can't speak out their names too? why we shouldn't accuse them!! So i can say NDTV is the 'family' news channel :-)

  4. And to add to this now only Diggy is not saying about this family thing, one congress spokesperson even said that Congress never attacked Atal ji's family. So reply to this from BJP spokesperson was -
    First thing - congress was not having any proofs so they didn't speak out
    And secondly if congress had proofs then they didn't played their role with responsibility :-)
    Great answer .. wht say?

  5. Digvijay Singh should be awarded Italian Ratna, because of his immeasurable services to the Sonia-Raul duo with full loyalty, that even a dog is doubtful to show towards its owner.

    What is still not clear is the tactic of this Kejriwal, instead of completing one well and taking out water, he his making so many incomplete wells and may be in the end complain there is no water in the ground.

    1. Exactly, first it was electricity bill that did not go any where, then it was Daamad-G, and now SK, the son-in-law minister. Before that it has been the Abhishek Verma case and the Lungi-man. None of these cases went anywhere, so far.

    2. Now justice kejriwal declares Afzal guru Innocent.

      I think the judiciary is a waste of taxpayers money, Better to outsource the judicial system, and investigative agency work to the media outlets who can give much faster verdict.

  6. You very rightly said that whole interview of Diggy is a scripted. You see, he lies from his first line in the interview. Robert was in country, so we defended him; but Salman was abroad (fact is both were abroad at the time of revelations). The second point was of NBA & Justice Verma, "that don't be judgmental" (and Sunetra says, point taken). Media along with DS and fiberal, has been judgmental to all others except them. They have been judgmental in case of Modi, Talwars, Barkha (+vely), Bhushans, Gadakari and so on. But please don't be judgemental on Sonia, Rahul, Vadra ( and me), that's what DS want to convery via a well scripted interview. But who cares about what DS says.

  7. Just avoid these channels.Almost every educated person( just a few do exist in India that is Bharat)knows about our press and media.We are doomed as a nation ,no chance to escpae.

  8. Sir, I don’t buy this assumption—“ His own party is on record stating that his statements are not “authorised””. What is authorized or not what is the yardstick for judging that? The party itself decides this is not authorized acting as judge in its own case!! In my view, he is used as the person who speaks what Congress doesn’t want to speak “officially”. Whenever he speaks, after that (important here after that) party says that comments were his own views. In layman language, party distances itself from him when the message is conveyed to the concerned audience. His regular comments on BJP as RSS front clearly points out what Congress wants to convey the message to minority especially Muslims. He successfully portrayed BJP as Hindutva, saffron, communal party all alone among masses by his statements. Now a days BSP and SP are also helping him.

    For example, recalling Osama as OsamaG by him created an outrage in other parties. The trap was set and everyone got trapped by giving weight age to his statement. Everyone cried and Congress successfully portrayed their message that we are the only who cares for minorities especially Muslims. Another example, Salman Khurshid said SoniaG was in tears after seeing batla encounter pictures. After that party backtracked and said that was SK thinking!! However, message was delivered just before the UP elections. But SK is a union minister having law portfolio so need to be protected and others like him say Sibal. Therefore, Congress officially gave -the good to go and speak whatever ticket -to someone like DS who holds no position just party secretary. His statements would not affect party position on any matter. However, message would be conveyed successfully.

    Every time he speaks, concerned audience falls in his trap. This is the only reason media crooks want his bites at first place from Congress party on every issue later Manish Tiwari enjoys debates. They know very well what officially congress wants to say but would label it unofficial or some person personal comments. They rally his comments infinitely for purpose to get some response from the targeted audience. One can see the no. of comments on social media or media house websites sums upto thousands on his statement. What this implies—everyone noticed what Congress, virtually he, said unofficially.

    Regarding his claim of not to attack family as ethics of politics is not to attack Gandhi family. The photo of PGV and explanation sums up everything about his tall claim.

    1. @Justsomelines..

      Im responding only to your first line on "assumption". This blog does not make statements based on "assumptions". You should have verified yourself before concluding "assumptions":

      AICC is on record for this:

      "Digvijaya Singh is not officially authorized to speak on behalf of the party," said the AICC in a media release.


      Read the same press release here at Hindustan Times:

      As to whether DS's statements are politically thrown in by his party as a deliberate ploy is another issue and it's not an issue in the post.


    2. @Ravinar

      I read that media release already. It was wrong to use the word "assumption" I agree. I am not saying that this blog is based on assumptions. It was wrong choice of the word thanks for pointing out that. It would help in writing. Thanks again.

    3. @Justsomelines

      Fair enough.. I know you didnt mean it in any wrong way...

    4. JSL: I think you are on the DOT. This is an old trick in any negotiation. However, once Muslims understand this, it will backfire! I think it has already happened in Gujarath!

  9. Hi Ravi,

    Awesome work and blog!!!! I was eagerly expecting your point by point pennings dripping with that so delectable sarcasm to SG's last week's bimboish rants and FTN on the same topic and also, her yesterday's FTN. I know, I know, am being too greedy for the sheer pleasure of reading your satirical comments especially on morons and airheads like SG. It gets to your goat that just such an incomptent and shrillish anchor is getting primetime slots to air her zilch-baked opinions and views.

    Hopefully you will consider my request and give me the treat!!!!

  10. Sorry, please read my previous comment along with this sentence "last week's rants in HT about some imaginary dhartiputras and macaulayputras or whatever".

  11. PigVijay Singh or Dogvijay as he popularly known is a potty mouth whose sole job in the Congress party to is to slander. When congress cannot corner somebody in a civilized way, they unleash Dogvijay who loyally goes out to his favorite playground (NDTV) and drools and barks all over the place to divert attention from the main topic. Only like minded lunatics appreciate what he has to say. He will be shortly seen in Karan baba-suit Thapar'show called "Devil's advocate" (quite aptly named) answering stupid biased questions solely aimed at stroking congress party genitals.

  12. One million page views man.....Congratulations keep up the good work...
    I write this as I watch the Khemka fiasco....I wonder if this guy gets whacked will there be a revolution in this country....
    Do we have the balls or the courage to come out on the streets and bring this government down....Maybe we shall leave this to our neighbor….Nehru must surely have been a visionary….did he know the legacy he was leaving us?
    A state where the elected can do what they want and say what they want but the electorate shall put up and shut up for the next five years while they and theirs suck our nation dry.

  13. Seeing Digvijay's antics for the past few years i've come to the conclusion that he sees himself as Jeeves to Rahul Gandhi's Bertie Wooster, even though they are actually a sinister pair of jokers as compared to the original ones. See how this works: Jeeves can't be PM but the airheaded Bertie is to the manor born and stands a chance. So he keeps harping on making him PM. When Bertie does become PM, guess who actually runs the show? Why, the faithful Jeeves of course. Digvijay might not be as stupid as he pretends.

  14. Seeing Digvijay's antics for the past few years i've come to the conclusion that he sees himself as Jeeves to Rahul Gandhi's Bertie Wooster, even though they are actually a sinister pair of jokers as compared to the original ones. See how this works: Jeeves can't be PM but the airheaded Bertie is to the manor born and stands a chance. So he keeps harping on making him PM. When Bertie does become PM, guess who actually runs the show? Why, the faithful Jeeves of course. Digvijay might not be as stupid as he pretends.

  15. I would pay to see Digvijay Singh talk ....

    ... with a lie detector on that administers a 1000V jolt every time it catches him.

  16. how badly Digvijay Fails Fails Polygraph Test.. Check this video, it shows how badly Digvijay Fails Fails Polygraph Test..

    Special Thanks to:- Ravinar for daily sharing valuable views on happenings...


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