Friday, October 12, 2012

NaMo Interview – Sardesai’s Sheer Incompetence

I haven’t seen too many gaffes from Narendra Modi while speaking to reporters. But it only proves he is as much a “mango man” like any of us. In his interview to Rajdeep Sardesai (at 15.58) NaMo called Rajdeep: “Sarkardesai” or “Sarkadardesai”. The audio cackles but I’m positive it’s one of those two words. That’s a welcome gaffe though. Rajdeep Sardesai (RS) is often fondly called “Turdesai”, “Slurdesai” or even “Sardardesai”. What is serious, though, is his interview with Modi is disappointing. Why? Because despite what borders on hate-campaign against Modi, be it when Rajdeep was in StarNews, NDTV or now in CNN-IBN, Modi has spoken to him quite often. It’s disappointing, also because RS had a great chance to ask some very valid and probing questions to Modi. He screwed up! Like a third rate reporter RS landed up in Modi’s campaign bus without much homework, without much fact-checking. He could get away with any other politician with this but when you get a rare chance to interview Modi you need to make the most of it. FAIL. (View the full interview and transcripts here).

RS, you see, is too used to mindless and meaningless debates and frequently interviewing guttermouths like Digivijay. In the process he has neither discovered nor practiced the skill of good interviewing. RS has for too long been talking to politicians full of trash and nonsense that makes Rajdeep look intelligent; people who dish out “Zero Loss” or “mother earth”. However, Modi, like a well-informed auditor seems to have facts, data and information on everything in Gujarat, including small districts, at his finger-tips. In contrast Rajdeep brings the same foolish style of interviewing as he would employ with a Diggy, Sibal, RenukaC or Teesta. I stated in an earlier post: “Those who are used to crumbs are not likely to possess the nose of a hound”. You can guess what RS is used to. So come along with me, let’s look at some bits and pieces from this shoddy interview (edited excerpts in blue).

RS: But Modiji, Swami Vivekanand was a saintly person… You are using his name to garner support amongst the people, that's what your opponents say.
NM: As I told you already, we are celebrating this year as the Yuva Varsh. And it was not I who decided that the 150th anniversary of Swami Vivekanand would fall this year. It was decided 150 years ago. So it's not my fault that it fell this year.

Peddling some “personal” rant as a question is the serious problem with our media crooks. This is a nation inspired by saints. So what exactly is Rajdeep’s problem? Morons who cannot raise a single question to the issue of over 450 schemes, projects, roads, monuments, metro stations named and used for electoral gains by the Nehru-Gandhi clan are so worried that Swami Vivekananda’s name is being used for political gains. See homework?

RS: But I am talking about now. Now that the elections are imminent, aren't you focusing more on Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh than on Swami Vivekanand?
Is Sonia Gandhi or MMS Rajdeep’s aunty or father in law that worries him? Umm.. let’s see is there an appropriate time or place to rake up issues on SoniaG or MMS? Will Rajdeep decide when the right is time to raise the questions? Who gave such a right to this divine comic? Incompetence!
RS: The PMO did clarify that only Rs 3 lakh were spent on Sonia Gandhi's foreign trips. You had offered to apologise if the figure you quoted - that of Rs 1880 crore - and the newspaper reports were proven wrong. That’s right, RS and his gang is so used to crumbs thrown to them by PMO or the govt (like zero loss or mother earth) that they don’t bother to check the accuracy of their statements. Would anyone really believe only 3 lakhs were spent on SG travels? Is RS such an irredeemable idiot? Has he ever asked which airline she uses, who provides her aircrafts for travels? In any case this is not interviewing, this is "phishing" for sound-bites and headlines.

RS: Modiji you have said that your election campaign will revolve around Swami Vivekanand and focus on development. So what made you attack Sonia Gandhi, nearly three months after the reports on expenditure incurred on her foreign visits were published? Question is, what stopped the media asking these questions. Why should it even take Modi to ask them? Cowards who prostrate in front of the Gandhi family now also want other parties and politicians to stop asking questions of SoniaG. Isn’t that lovely? The Vivekanand campaign ended on October 11, so should Modi stop his campaign? Does campaign on development mean not asking any question on wasteful expenditure or non-disclosures by the centre? Incompetence!

RS: SoniaG, during her rally in Saurashtra, raised the issue of water supply. She said that the water of Narmada was yet to be made available to that region….
NM: You should be aware of a show that your channel ran two years ago on the amazing methods of water conservation and usage in Gujarat.
RS: Yes, yes… It was on dry land farming.
Again, SoniaG raised the issueSonia this, Sonia that! What is this guy? SoniaG’s broker or PR agent? Doesn’t he have any questions of his own? And even when he asks the question he forgets homework on a report his own channel had done. Incompetence!

RS: The Congress government leveled some charges regarding land allotments against you for which you set up the MB Shah Commission.
NM: See, Justice Shah is a respected SC judge. And he found out that one of the land allotments, that the Congress alleged was a Rs 65,000 crore scam, was made in 1983, when the Congress was in power. So the Shah Commission said that if this former Congress chief minister were to know the allegations leveled against him by his own party, he would be really disappointed.
Now, every time Manish Tiwari or Sibal screamed about land scam in Gujarat did RS ever ask them that this particular scam was under a Congress CM? Did he even read the Justice Shah report at all before asking such a stupid question? Stupid, because the Shah Commission has already cleared Modi of any wrong-doing. No homework, Incompetence! Slapped again!

RS: Sir how do you perceive SoniaG's attack on you in 2007 when she called you 'maut ka saudagar' referring to 2002 riots. You are still targeted because of this. How do you perceive such attacks?
NM: I give my best wishes to the RS, that he has been harping on this issue for the past 10 years, that he gets his daily bread by harping on this issue.
RS: No, there is nothing like that
NM: You have to listen.
This is where Modi told RS:“Sunna padega bhai.. tumhari roji roti mujhe gaali dene se chalti hai" . Translated: You have to listen.. you earn your daily bread by abusing me. Slapped, again!

RS: My final question. I know you don't like it but it is something that your opponents feel and talk about. I know you see me as your opponent. But I am a political analyst. (Haha! He forgot to add Numero Uno). My question is that people feel that Narendra Modi must apologise for the 2002 riots if he has to become the Prime Minister of the country. Your message to them… What would you like to say to those people?
NM: I said that those people who earn their daily bread out of criticising me, and are awarded for the same, they have my best wishes.
RS: I did receive the Padma Shri but that was for journalism. So you are not going to answer that question of mine? Regarding your apology for the 2002 riots.

Haha! I wish that were true. Yeah.. even Barkha Dutt has received a Padma Shri. Oh even Shekhar Gupta (the Army coup guy) has received one. What about that DLF guy? DLF is so much in the news lately. Even the head of DLF Kushalpal Singh received a Padma Bhushan. His terminology for bribing: “facilitate speedy disposal” to Shekhar Gupta is actually worthy of a Nobel Prize. RS received Padma Shri for journalism! Poonam Pandey is more honest about her pursuits. Post the interview RS held a debate, as usual, over his monumental achievement. One of the panellists said Narendra Modi holds many important portfolios and doesn’t delegate. RS should think about that, it actually applies more to him. Any given day, Anubha Bhonsle or Suhasini Haider would have conducted a much better interview. But the media celebs too live under the notion that only they are qualified to conduct such interviews. A miserable RS who can’t speak one coherent sentence without stuttering, stammering and without homework is hardly the right guy to interview a sharp politician.

In the entire interview RS had nothing to really ask, especially nothing that was not already discussed in the media for days and months. Not much about Gujarat, not much about development. Nothing! All he wanted like a broken record was talk about 2002, his personal wet dreams of “apology” and, of course, acting a broker for Sonia Gandhi. In a 23-minute interview (excluding other visuals) Sonia was mentioned 21 times because of RS’s questions. That’s almost once every minute! Was RS from CNN-IBN or Sonia’s stable? Students of journalism should definitely watch this interview video to learn what stupid things they should not do. To do their homework and to ask questions that really matter and not poke around with some personal agenda. In 10 years Rajdeep hasn’t been able to fool Narendra Modi. Worse, he hasn’t been able to fool the public either. I have modest advice for him: Stick to interviewing Digvijay and Teesta, you won’t get slapped and won’t have your moronery exposed. 


  1. Good Analysis by Ravi Jee as usual.. Short & sweet!! The Newsware houses of Sardesai's of the world run on the name like our humble 'MODI'Jee.. stark difference-- Modi treat everyone with Equity, yet he is a demon!! And SoniaG & her dynasty is mute and reserved, yet worshiped by IBN's of the world... Happens only in India!!!

  2. Salman Khurshid. Minister of Law & Justice, Minority Affairs. Appeared for SIMI (Students Islamic Movement of India) as their defence lawyer. Appealed against banning this terrorist organization. Tried to bring minority based quota in education. Still, he is called Secular by Congressi people...

    Narendra Modi. Chief Minister of Gujarat. Made Gujarat one of the finest states in India, in all aspects. Opponents often blame him for alleged involvement in Godhra riots, 2002. So many SITs were formed, so many committees submitted their reports. None of them has convicted Modi Ji. Still, the opponents keep on barking. And yeah, by the way, they call this man 'a communal leader'..!

    Congress really needs to do something with its think tank. Non-Hindus from Gujarat themselves say Narendra Modi is the greatest. 10 years have passed, Congress has done nothing but to blame Modi Ji. Pathetic, isn't it...?

    Modi Ji is all set to be the Chief Minister for the third successive time, and Congress can do nothing about it. Especially after one of the MPs of Congress got captured on CCTV, pointing a rifle at a toll booth official, Gujarat Congress may need to hide their faces after elections...

    All I can say about Narendra Modi Ji:

    Haathi Chale Baazar,
    Kutte Bhonke Hazaar..! :D

  3. It hurts to see that RD wants Modi to apologize for something that even the SIT have found him NOT guilty of. At the end of the day, its Modi whose popularity has grown so much over the last 10 years to become the greatest CM in the country while RJ makes it to mediacrooks worst journo list yet again. Both of them are deserving of their respective achievements. Point Taken!!!

  4. Dear sir,

    I seriously think your blog should be a part of curriculum of every journalism courses, especially in India. Enlightening , as always.
    Best Regards and wishes.

    1. Dear Ravinar ji,
      I'm in no way related to Journalism but after reading your articles I have to agree with Rajib Singha ji your blog should be made a part of curriculum of journalism courses in India.

    2. Dear Dc4..!!!!

      Glad that you agree, m aint related to Journalism whatsoever, but m sure there are so many pple who would agree with us.
      Peace out..!!!!
      Media Crooks sucks..!!! literally..!!


  5. shahid siddqui did 100 times better job than Mr. sardesai. listen to that and compare with this .zameen aasmaan ka antar hai

  6. Sir, I was waiting for your analysis of this interview and by default excellent one. I also posted the comment in previous post-- Hush puppies-- and raised same Q which you thoroughly exposed in this post like 2002 riot apology. Seriously, what kind of job is in RS? He got a chance to speak to Modi and he failed badly because of ranting 10 year old agenda. No homework, no technical Q about development just 2002 and SoniaG!!!Disgusting enough said. However, why RS misses every plane or bus in which RahulG, SoniaG, RobertG, and PriyankaG travels. In last 10 years, he always missed every plane like other media houses and their celebrity mutual understanding at work! Good hard hitting for this crap work --RS interviewing NaMo.

  7. I watched this full interview. I was surprised to see that RS did not appear more than a fool.

  8. Brilliant analysis. You are doing a commendable job mediacrooks. keep it up. Best wishes.

  9. I Knew it....I Knew it...The minute I saw this interview I knew this analysis was impending.....RS if you read this ( And I am sure you do) know that you should have followed in your fathers footsteps and although you may never be as good you would have ended up coaching some children in some far off maidan or school in some distant suburb of Mumbai instead of being completely out of your league/depth with Modiji....Know this...I have this on competent authority that Modiji lets you inteview him precisely because you are a moron and will ask such stupid questions

  10. I Knew it....I Knew it...The minute I saw this interview I knew this analysis was impending.....RS if you read this ( And I am sure you do) know that you should have followed in your fathers footsteps and although you may never be as good you would have ended up coaching some children in some far off maidan or school in some distant suburb of Mumbai instead of being completely out of your league/depth with Modiji....Know this...I have this on competent authority that Modiji lets you inteview him precisely because you are a moron and will ask such stupid questions

  11. Fantastic analysis. Thank you.

  12. when i watched this interview on CNN, i was 100% sure that ravinar would make a blog on this issue and here it comes.

  13. RS is incompetent and corrupt.I challenge him to take a IQ test opposite my 12 year old nephew, RS will end up as Big Looser.Said that, I think its a shame that we have editors like RS,Shekhar G and BD in media, these people are biased and always on sale.There IQ level is so low that sometimes I feel like breaking TV screen.One thing consistent across them is that daily they pose on screen as shameless people.

  14. Agree with everything.... that RS is an AH or even a MFin' AH, Ravinar. But "stuttering/stammering" is irrelevant to stupidity and evil. It's a sort of hhhhhandicap, which ummm...many other ggggggood pupup-people are ...umm...also ah-sssuffering from. - Rajach

  15. Delighted, I was checking ur blog every minute to read this. I have never seen such an absurd like RS. If he happen to be in US(!!!), he would be behind bar for misguided new rants with almost entire earning as penalty. Nonetheless, Modiji have rightly treated this b@st@rd demon: we all should do the same.
    Ravinar, Hearty request:
    How on earth Union Law Minister who says, I will teach Kejariwal a lesion/I will see him/ is still in the office and not behind the bar. Please cover in details.

  16. any self respecting journalist would not have agreed with the position provided for interview. anybody, worth little of the common sense, would have understood that NaMo was eating him alive and sardesai was not able to do anything. Next Barkha should be served for his next meal.

  17. Considering the fact that NaMo gives rare interviews, RS really blew up this opportunity!

    He could have shown a pathbreaking move by refusing to touch upon anything related to 2002 and could have said so upfront! Probably could have focussed on the developmental work! E.g.
    What are his plans for Gujarat in future?
    What is his vision for Gujarat and for India?
    Can the Gujarat developmental model be replicated in other states? How does he address rehabilitation of people who have lost land to development and industry?
    What are his views on criticism levelled against Gujarat on poor Human Development Index? etc
    What is his view regarding a weak opposition in the state - from the point of view of having a healthy democracy?

    That sort of an interview could have propelled him to a completely different league of interviewers! Unfortunately he fell prey to the same old theme..... and came out a BIG FLOP!

  18. Also, did anyone notice how feeble the coverage on the Salman Khurshid scam as well as the police crackdown on Kejriwal and his differently abled supporters yesterday was, on all channels except the TV Today group?

    It was a fairly significant event and to merely brush it to the last page just because a competitor channel has exposed the scam, is dishonest reporting.

    BTW, I hear Salman Khurshid has filed a defamation suit against the TV Today group! Talk about intimidation.....

  19. RS had screwed up as usual. He is fit to interview Renuka who will ask him what did you ask after listening to him for 30 minutes.

    RS goes on to tell NMji that he got Padma for journalism. This brings out the STANDARD AND COMPETANCE of people who decides Padma award for journalism.
    Even Teesta, Sanjiv Bhatt all have ran away. Only circusdesai and BARKha Dutt follow that. I understand its really difficult to stop milking the Buffalo which was feeding them with money, padma awards and RS nomination.

    This blog can be added as a lesson in the journalism college as a case study how an interview could not be conducted and the following critical analysis. Good job done Ravinarji.

  20. I wish RS has the temerity and courage to line up in his channel a similar interview with RAHUL Gandhi projected as PM hopeful from Congress and analyses his past failures with so much repetition as he has done in this interview.

  21. Just One word in this piece, got me hooked. RenukaC ROTFL!!! Joke apart, I sincerely hope he reads this thoroughly, frames it and reads again everyday - for his own good. (Let's allow him to DM someone that you are paid to write against Media ;)
    NaMo's reply to that exploiting Swami Vivekananda was superb one. If at all it is being used at this time - blame 2 people. One Swami Vivekananda for having born and Two, Election commission who announced election in 150th year of celebrations.
    With all drawbacks, give me Arnab anyday over this Over-rated "Journalist (or did I use it wrongly?)

  22. When are we getting an interview from the leader of "Youth", the idiot who claims over 30% unemployed under 26 are India's great strength of "human resources".

    When are we going to get a grilling of Rahul Gandhi, the biggest monstrous and barbaric foreign invader India has had to endure ever!

  23. I couldn't wait to read this, was checking your blog every minute since the interview came out. Amazing analysis as always. Great job, Ravinar.

  24. The epic part of the interview : after that question on 2007 maut ka saudagar part and NaMo starts giving the answer, RS interrupts him ( nothing unusual). Notice that steely gaze of NaMo when he says "sunna padega bhai ".. RS total chup !!

  25. Great site. I think we need more voices like Media Crooks. These news channels really act like they are representatives of the public which is not so. They shout & yell as if they are on an endless strike. I have done MA in journalism & have been a working journalist. News does not mean causing panic among people. Its all targeted at getting more ad revenue by sensationalising every thing.

  26. Great analysis of the interview. While I am a fan of Narendra Modi and how he has administered his state so far, I would have been tough on him in the interview in a fair sense as opposed to how RS acts as an agent of Congress. For example, despite all the development in Gujarat so far, the tribal population in Gujarat remains largely left out of this progress. They are largely poor and illiterate. RS could have asked tough questions about how he plans to make growth inclusive for such people. But every question was about Sonia Gandhi, the riots and nothing about his development plans. Shame on RS and his method of journalism.

  27. Hi Ravi,
    I Have been following your blog lately and I am mesmerized by your analysis of the loop holes in the current day journalism. MSM are boot licking INC, MMS, SG with the help of so called "Elite Panelists" of their media houses. BARKha Dutt, Social Genius, Rajdeep Sarkardesai proclaim themselves liberal and at any give opportunity would love to interview Salman Rushdie. These so called Secular Liberals have completely failed in their job of understanding SR's views. I have come across some piece of info on the internet (SR's blog) which I would love to share with numerous co-followers.
    My dear brothrs and sisters of my beloved Bharat please relieve your selves from the clutches of FAKE LIBERALISM AND FAKE SECULARISM these Media houses want to force upon us

  28. Just simply, plain fantastic. RS lives on Sonia's crumbs so he can't help run her PR campaign. This country's media is just so moronic, and to take the cake, the more Dynasty-ass one kisses, the more 'Padma Shris' they are awarded. Even these so called awards have lost their meaning... what a shame.

  29. Ravi Ur wrong,......and i will tell u where

    1)just picking some of the points of that idiotic interview and mere fabrication with ur own words, u can get cheers from few people but not from all. i do agree that journalism is run by business houses but a country is grappled from top to bottom in un ethical use of politics how can this industry will get out from its clutches. i can name n number of journalist in other countries are also biased like Christiane Amanpour and mishel Hussein but still they bring out the fact to us .

    2) if u are a real journalist as u call yourself then u must know that journalism is reporting and not bringing conclusion of its own like u considare about modi.form ur stance on modi i can also call u a pro modi journalist what u call to others a treatment of ur own medicine.

    3)do u only watch TV for finding loopholes or read and watch some substantiating news which is need of the hour for country like in the same prime time a report of gorakhpur and children dying of encephalitis are also covered..many other news of this sort also .

    4)its up to u to pick good news and make us aware of that.not just finding black and white in debates.this is my piece of advice

    1. @Prem

      Just a few things:

      1. The name of this site is MediaCrooks. The purpose is not "unstated". It is meant to be a critique of media.

      2. I do watch TV or read newspapers and critique the wrong doings. These are increasingly higher in instances.

      3. I am laughing that you state I've called myself a "real journalist". I haven't done so and I am not a journalist. A "Journalist at large" is a sarcastic mention like a "crook at large".

      4. Your advice is welcome. I am sure people can tell good news easily but the flip side needs exposure. If you want to hear of those or children dying there are certainly plenty of sites for it, this is not one. This site was neither created for it nor meant to report "news". It doesnt create or report ANY news of its own.

      And yes, do criticise the post or the site for what is written or any deviation from its stated purpose. Not because others "cheer" as you mention.


    2. @Prem
      Ravinar ji already made a point by point rebuttal of yours.

      Let me tell you from an ordinary citizen of India(Me) point of view,if you ask me about Mainstream Media 4-5 years ago I would have believed whatever they said cause we(ordinary citizens) don't know how to measure the truth that MSM is projecting.After the likes of Ravinar ji exposed them now we are able do decipher what their intentions of conducting Theatrical debates and news.MSM has done great damage to the country.This blog quoted SC's slap on MSM "Indian media are the greatest danger to our democracy",that sums it all.

  30. It was very clear from outset that RS was going to pin down Modi on the qustions his handlers had given him. Alas, NaMo is too smart and cleaver than Burqa waving lady or Beefeater. Seriously, Ravi did you expect RS, paid media operator, to ask any sensible question? But, the Congress handlers must thank him for not asking unscripted questions. Just a passing comment on MPA of RS. Had it been higher he would have been working with BBC or Al-Zazira not crappy IBN-CNN.

  31. Hey good article as always. But why dont you start watching local news channels. As you mentioned earlier you know marathi, you can see the crooks in regional media too. IBN Lokmat is one of them. Please start reporting on their news, headlines and debates. Actually speaking regional channels have a large impact on their respective people.

    Hope u consider this. Sorry for bad english :P

  32. just simply superb post! no words to say!

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    Please visit to review and sign this petition.


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